How do you say “orange” in Japanese?

Why, it’s Mikan, of course!

How do I know this?

Am I fluent in Japanese?


I read David Cohen’s review of the restaurant of that name at the corner of Pearl and Eureka streets (at the end of the eastbound Orange Street offramp of I-10…how appropriate).

He seemed to like it well enough, except for the loud, tipsy folks who came down from the upstairs bar to dine.

I have yet to dine at Mikan, but in general, I find most of the Inland Empire Japanese restaurants a little samey.

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Somebody finally took us up on the offer

So, the fine folks at the Redlands Daily Facts finally heeded the word of Dine 909 and went to the Mill Creek Cattle Co.

Well, I’m not exactly sure that they heeded the word of Dine 909, but they did head over to Mill Creek, and according to Managing Editor Jennifer Dobbs’ review, had a pretty good meal.

Hats off to Mill Creek for updating their Web site to include the menu for the new drive through restaurant.

One discrepancy, though, the review mentions sweet potato fries, and the online menu does not. Funny, Bren and I were both craving sweet potato fries just the other day…I think it’s worth heading over to see if they have them or not.

Elsewhere, resident compulsive David Allen has conquered all 144 items at the Mix Bowl Cafe in Pomona. Read all about the sordid tale here.

And in reviews, Elaine Lehman also heads to Redlands to check out someplace I’ve seen many a time, but never visited…McDuff’s. Now I know why. They only serve breakfast and lunch. Guess I’m not usually in Redlands early in the day. I may have to make an effort. Read her review of the long-established eatery here.

Also, David Cohen enjoyed some Indian food at Taal, which took over the spot formerly occupied by Bamboo Garden, in San Bernardino. Read about it here.

Eat here and get gas

Yeah, I know it’s an old joke, but I just had to do it.

But there is some validity to it…Allan Borgen’s review this week is for the Mexican restaurant Picante, which is located inside a Shell gas station at Base Line and Cherry Avenue in Fontana.

The Mega Breakfast Burrito sounds delicious. I may have to stop by next time I visit my friend, who lives (way) down the street.

Click here to read Allan’s review.

Also, Elaine “Lunch with ‘Lainey” Lehman visits San Biagio’s Pizza in Upland. I’d gone to San Biagio’s a while back. After reading Diana Sholley rave about it in her column, I had to try it. It’s authentic and really good…maybe not as good as my Italian grandmother’s pizza, but really good.

I think it’s time to pay them another visit.

Click here to read Elaine’s review.

Playing catch-up, again

So it’s Christmas Eve and I’ve got a few minutes squeezed in-between holiday preparations to play catch-up from the week’s Inland Empire food news.

First of all, we’ve got a pair of food reviews, as usual, from the Bulletin and the Sun. David Cohen traveled to Temecula to dine at Creekside Grille, located at Wilson Creek Winery. Elaine Lehman traveled to Yucaipa to have lunch at the Beach Cafe. I don’t get down to Temecula very often, but next time I’m in Yucaipa, I may seek out the Beach Cafe. It sounds right up my alley.

Read David’s review here. Read Elaine’s review here.

Next up, from David Allen’s blog, we read that Connal’s has replaced the old Mi Taco at 1226 W. 7th St. in Upland. The Connal’s chain, which was established in Pasadena 50 years ago, has doubled in size with the new location.

That’s right…after 50 years, they now have two locations to serve you!

David also notes that Connal’s is very generous with its portions. In his column, David recounts a little bit of the history of Connal’s, and hinted at the possiblility of adding Mi Taco’s signature Matador Salad (of which David has the recipe) to their menu.

If you are a fan of Mi Taco’s Matador Salad, David might even share that recipe with you if you ask politely. You can email him here.
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Friday’s IE food news on Monday

OK, so sometimes we’re not in the swift program here at Dine 909.

But, better late than never, I always say!

Friday’s Sun and Daily Bulletin brought us reviews of Riverside’s Dona Timo’s Cascada and Cafe Calato in Rancho Cucamonga.

While I haven’t been to either of those eateries, I have been to the Dona Timo’s on Sierra Avenue Fontana and from what I remember, it was quite good. At one time, there was a Dona Timo’s on Highland Avenue in San Bernardino, but I think it has since closed.

To read Allen Borgen’s review of Dona Timo’s Cascada, click here.

To read Elaine Lehman’s review of Cafe Calato, click here.

Catching up with the Sun and the Daily Bulletin

Since the Redlands Daily FactsBurritoQuest seems to have folded (Get it? Folded…like a burrito! Heh.), I’m glad we at least still get to have Lunch With ‘Lainey. This week Elaine travels south of the border (of San Bernardino County) to explore uncharted territory…Riverside. She ends up at Tummy Stuffer on Iowa Avenue (near Columbia Avenue).

I don’t know that much about Tummy Stuffer other than the fact that I’ve passed by the one in Anaheim on La Palma Avenue dozens of times on the way to check out the gizmos at Fry’s Electronics. Elaine seems to be OK with it, and that’s OK with me.

Also, David Cohen reviews new offerings at Riverside’s Sevilla restaurant here.

BurritoQuest and Moe’s, take two

Dine 909 always looks forward to Fridays — well, because they’re Fridays — and because that means a new BurritoQuest!

This week Jesse B. Gill investigates Mi Tortilla in Redlands. Mi Tortilla is a small chain that’s an offshoot of Jose’s, which is a slightly larger chain. In total, there’s 11 restaurants split between the two chains.

I’ve only been to Mi Tortilla once, to their Riverside location, and I wasn’t really impressed. Of course that was before the Redlands location was a twinkle in Jose’s eye.

Click here to read Jesse’s opinion of Mi Tortilla or click here to catch up on the BurritoQuest saga.

And for those of you in the West Valley, there’s Daily Bulletin reporter Elaine Lehman’s take on Moe’s Chicken & Waffles in Fontana, which was reviewed earlier this month by Let’s Dine Out food critic Allan Borgen.

Click here to see how Lunch with ‘Lainey turned out.

Panera for lunch, Moe’s Chicken & Waffles for dinner

The Daily Bulletin‘s Elaine Lehman has done a lunch review for Panera Bread, which has bakery-cafs throughout the Inland Empire: Riverside, Rancho Cucamonga, Fontana, San Bernardino, Redlands, Corona and Chino Hills.

Read Elaine’s review here.

Sun/Daily Bulletin/Let’s Dine Out food critic Allan Borgen has reviewed Moe’s Chicken & Waffles in Fontana. Always good to have a chicken & waffle place nearby!

Read Allan’s review here.