Confessions of a Shopaholic

Film (with rating): Confessions of a Shopaholic (PG)

Studio: Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment

Summary: A flat-broke shopaholic dreams of penning fashion articles for hip magazines to support her habit, but instead is hired to write a financial advice column for a struggling publication.

Review: Well, to start, the timing of this movie is unbelievably horrid. How in the world did the studio think a movie about compulsive and irresponsible shopping would appeal to the masses now when most of us are trying to pay our bills while still affording food and toothpaste? Add to that the lame premise, the insulting female stereotypes, the belittling slant on journalism (“I guess I’ll write about finances. What, like it’s hard or something?”) and the brainlessly shallow novels by Sophie Kinsella on which this film is based, and you’ve got “Shopaholic.” It also offers absolutely no insight into being financially responsible, but with a name like “Confessions of a Shopaholic,” what did I expect? On the flip side, Isla Fisher in the starring role is actually delightful to watch. Her brilliant turn in “Wedding Crashers” proved she is a comedic force to be noticed. She wastes her talent here, but at least it adds to the film considerably and saves it from flopping. Plus, the couture is pretty fabulous. This is no “Devil Wears Prada” (also based on one of THE worst books I’ve ever read) nor is it as smart as “Mad Money.” But it is glorified silliness. “Shopaholic” does offer a bit of comedy and some much-needed escapism into fantasy. Even if we all don’t have bulging purses right now, we can pretend, for about two hours, that we do.

Extra highlight: Bloopers.

What to serve for dinner: We may not be able to shop rich, but we can eat rich. Try
Chateaubriand with portobello-bacon sauce, from New York Magazine (2002).

8 and 1/4 cups beef broth (low-salt if using canned)
1 bottle Merlot (or other red wine with mellow tannins)
1/2 cup canola oil
4 ounces sliced double-smoked bacon, cut in half lengthwise and julienned
5 shallots, finely diced
8 to 10 portobello-mushroom caps, peeled and cut into 1/4-inch dice
1 teaspoon finely chopped thyme
3 tablespoons cornstarch or arrowroot
1 tablespoon unsalted butter
Salt and freshly ground black pepper
4 to 4 and 1/2 pounds beef tenderloin, trimmed (with the thin tail end folded to equalize the thickness) and tied at 1 and 1/2-inch intervals

Portobello-bacon sauce:
Place eight cups of the broth in a saucepan over medium heat and reduce to about two cups. Reduce the red wine to about one cup in a separate saucepan.

Heat 1/4 cup oil in a large pan, then add the bacon and cook until it’s crisp but not burned; remove and set aside. Add the shallots to the pan, cook till translucent, and stir in the diced mushrooms. When the mushrooms have released all their liquid, return the bacon to the pan, add the reduced wine, and bring to a simmer. Add the reduced beef broth and thyme and simmer for 30 minutes. Mix the cornstarch or arrowroot with the remaining 1/4 cup beef broth and add to the sauce after the first 15 minutes of cooking. When ready to serve, whisk in the butter and season with salt and pepper. If the sauce becomes too thick, thin it out with a little water.


Preheat the oven to 400 degrees. Season the meat generously with salt and pepper. Heat the remaining oil in a large ovenproof saut pan, and when the oil begins to smoke, add the tenderloin and sear on all sides. Place the pan in the oven and roast for 20 to 30 minutes, to desired doneness (115 to 118 degrees for rare, 120 degrees for medium rare). Remove from oven, cover loosely with foil, and allow to rest for 20 minutes. Cut into 2-inch-thick slices and serve two per person with the portobello-bacon sauce. Hearts of celery, organic carrots, leeks, and Bintje potatoes–all braised–make great accompaniments.

What to talk about over dinner: How do you save money? What is the stupidest thing you’ve ever splurged on? The best thing? Are you a shopaholic? If so, on what? Clothes, games, DVDs, electronics? What messages does “Shopaholic” send viewers, especially young ones? How do you talk to your kids about money? How did your parents talk to you about it? What would you splurge on if you could?  How can our society heal from this recession? What are things you do to tighten your belt?

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  2. Who cares if he lied. Congress lies to all of us all the time and get away with it. I’m not saying it’s okay to lie, but if Congress isn’t held to the same standard then what’s the point……:-)

  3. Who cares if he lied. Congress lies to all of us all the time and get away with it. I’m not saying it’s okay to lie, but if Congress isn’t held to the same standard then what’s the point……:-)

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    Yesterday afternoon, reporters live members of the trust, to 2,000 yuan in cash handed over intact to help female students Suwan Hua leukemia family’s hands. Mr. Su said, looking at the name on the envelope, help,cheap jordan sandals,abercrombie and fitch chicago 71 -year-old mother to wait 30 years to find the s, but Aso’s condition has been unstable, have no energy to the whole family thanks you. So, would like to solemnly thank the good people Information Times.

    Information Times (correspondent Summer He Jianhui ; Lu Jian Zhou Qiumin Linan Nan intern Limbang), Guangzhou, two are in full swing, two sessions on camera, but write out a love song. Several unnamed city CPPCC members, through the Information Times correspondent, award-winning proposal to donate a $ 2000 bonus leukemia Times reported female students.

    members named to the Information Times reporter referred to the

    write a love song of two proposals for two thousand yuan award blood cancer, college students

    See astonished reporter, who solemnly pointing to the newspaper members’ life-saving leukemia Students need blood, proposal was rated our name. He then solemnly opened the two envelopes were not yet handed over the hands of reporters, the reporters saw printed on the envelope the name of the winning proposal, namely,uggs cardy boots, barriers to development proposals taxi

  15. 2003 years,air jordan 9, is the father of two children,uggs uk, Yang He retired from the army to the mountain where his wife, long ill, poor economic conditions,nike air griffey max 1 all black, family, and his wife’s accidental death to Yang Shan He even worse. Helplessness, He Shan Yang Yang found by relatives and children to his Feixiang Bureau of Civil Affairs for subsistence allowances. A few days later, minimal paperwork.

    Feixiang Civil Affairs Bureau, told reporters the leadership admitted that the work of a loophole, said the next step will improve the work, to conduct a special inspection to find out the lack of work, those who truly enjoy the poor National Waste Management Policy warm.

    Yang Shan He said the second time in 2005 when he received guaranteeing payment, they were relatives, Yang told him to eat and children do not meet the minimal conditions, guaranteeing that target has been canceled. Every day the poor will of the past,hermes twilly Man killed girl abducted the boy under arrest by the police, after Yang Ho Mountain and three children with Ms. Gao formed a new Things out of frustration,ugg clearance sale , Yang Shan He repeatedly apply the minimal unit, who knows, Feixiang Civil Affairs unit leaders to be investigated and found Yang and children have been eating low reported six years. This is how knows, Feixiang Civil Affairs unit leaders to be investigated and found Yang and children have been eating low reported six years. How is this going? Ms. Gao after an investigation discovered that the relative has been five years, led Yang Yang, HE Hill and guaranteeing payment of their children.

    According to Yang Shan He said that when,griffey shoes purple white black , after finishing procedures for subsistence allowances, Yang told him that she find someone spent a lot of costs in the process, which requires each half from guaranteeing payment of money out RBI relations, Yang HE Hill consider themselves penniless, but much better than their own relatives and Yang family, no need to point this poor guaranteeing payment, for which he politely refused Yang’s requirements.


    newspaper (Reporter Chen State) Bureau of poor urban workers Feixiang Yang Shan Ho a few years ago after the death of his wife, one relying on meager wages pulling several children in 2004, he has asked relatives of guaranteeing success later was applied this In recent years, he re-married life more difficult, it is difficult to survive in the case when he re-apply for guaranteeing this unit, since 2004, Dr Hill and his children He has led the state in guaranteeing payment. So, over the years

    Recently, the reporter interviewed twice Feixiang Civil Affairs Bureau, is intended to urge the matter. Bureau of Civil Affairs, told reporters it’s true leadership, and that would solve the issue. November 1,hermes jypsiere bag, Ms. Gao told reporters, her relatives said that the compensation to 2000 dollars, so Yang Shan He and the children then receive subsistence allowances, as a condition to resolve the problem. Ms. Gao said Yang impersonator in recent years, no less than 20,abercrombie jacket,000 yuan of guaranteeing payment, they can not accept such conditions.

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    correspondent foreign correspondent Kun Wang Lei Xu Yusen

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    Donna Simpson ‘s goal is to become Source: Beijing News

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    According to Xinhua News Agency – U.S. New Jersey woman Donna Simpson enjoy the Guinness Book of World Records 2007 received the title , she weight 241 kg . Four years , she insisted bingeing , weight 76 kg .

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  18. while relentlessly,nike air griffey max 1 green Four students alleged, more weight. 5 people struggle all the way to the bank in front of the flower base, Mr. Chen took the opportunity to seize one of them swung a fist drop down, but in the end were outnumbered,hermes bag, phone from the hands thrown out. the other one of them said something in Cantonese,abercrombie kids outlet, ‘Do not care for him, and go’,abercrombie and fitch cheap, and then they picked up the phone ran. 20-pin

    He is dressed in a white shirt was full of blood. Express reporter Wang Fei / photo

    11 o’clock last night, Mr. Chen Fu Road, just at the parents home with ready to leave home. Mr. Chen said that when he went near the Guangzhou International Financial Building, see too early, he came near the bank money. about. Did not think, just not long back, Mr. Chen’s head with two sticks to suffer.

    Mr. Chen’s wife, Mrs. Chen, her husband head was broken, a total of six wounds, the left eye has been broken, a total of 20 sewing needles, and the hand, arm,hermes handbags sale Fall in love with a married man not a woman be forced deten, had multiple bruises,cheap cardy uggs, Mr. Chen said, is robbed of a mobile phone worth about 5,000, in addition, worn on the hands of a platinum ring worth 4,000 dollars later found missing,

    a total loss of 9,000, robbed man wearing similar uniforms

    Express News correspondent Lin Liangtian intern Dr Chan reported last night 11:30 Xu, Chen walk to the east Road near the Guangzhou International Financial Building, four young men who were attacked steel, mobile phones, ring being snatched away. Mr. Chen was beaten into a coma and covered in blood, and then hospitalized. Yesterday, Mr. Chen said four robbers in two men dressed in uniforms similar to the clothes. Currently, police in the investigation.

    on his way home by armed robbery

    Mr. Chen said that the whole process lasted about 3 minutes, to see the robbers fled,hermes birkin price, he also struggling to catch up, wake up.

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  20. although see Ren Shaoyun, the reporter has seen her picture, she can be when the real face, or let reporters shocked. However, Ren Shaoyun wrinkled face, but one pair of flashing eyes calm.

    crafts her crawl to the ground, crawl to only 5,000 pounds of wheat to sell, crawling to the relatives to borrow money, he just kick a child’s college tuition.

    gloved hands, efforts to support the ground, have been shrinking not see the shape of the leg droop to the ground. Yesterday afternoon, in Walker County, Xinxiang City, LI, after industrial clustering in a farm house, 53-year-old peasant woman Renshao Yun opened the main room of the curtain, came crawling to reporters.

    daughter wanted to leave school to work to take care of mom

    nearly 100,000 km, small step in a move to the bench breaking corn. The autumn sun burning, Ren Shaoyun sweaty, often sweat soaked stump was swollen, ulcerated.

    takes pride of place from the adoption date, she, like monks pilgrim road, hands on the sets of gloves, supporting thin body, climb down a little bit forward, a full crawl for 19 years, nearly 10 million km,ugg boot sales, She was able to achieve the ideal of the sacred heart: must be for her daughter to college!

    Ren Shaoyun family farm than the average stove stove to half square,nike air griffey max 2 gd, covered with large out of the stove on a woven mat. She climbed up the stove sat weaving mat, in front is a wok.

    Renshao Yun is know how grateful the people. Interview, she was always good from time to time to bring someone else. is shot to help the villagers.

    neighbor Li Hsiu-chin told reporters: by her. when they contacted the county Women’s Federation for the company to fund a junior high and high school reading takes pride of place.

    any of his family thanks to farming to maintain. In 2007, a company that Ren Shaoyun situation, to send out a hand Renshao Yun wheelchair, which makes life much more convenient Renshao Yun, she often Yaozhuolunyi to the ground and farm work, so often fall arm,ugg bailey boots, legs full of wounds.

    Yesterday, reporters rushed to the Xinxiang City, Walker County, a mother’s inner feelings of love … …

    yesterday afternoon, the reporter on the phone is a powerhouse of military training school, she said: down, in the county to earn money to take care of my mother I work in a hotel in the county, earning 1,200 yuan a month, all to my mother. be sure to let my mother go to school, she advised me, so have the ability to come back money’s not too late. know how long the money can be used.

    Read tips

    she nearly 100,000 km not any blood relationship between members of the family

    open the door of the pink rose was just, Ren Shaoyun face full of joy, her 19-year-old daughter takes pride of place, just bid farewell to my mother, go to the university report.

    her lower limb atrophy, can only crawl, but with less than 1 Michael’s soft body, not only to feed his elderly father, mentally retarded husband, still takes pride of place this year sent the daughter to the university. The afternoon of August 31, will report to the University takes pride of place, crying to his mother before leaving wash, mix the thin Niangqin on the wheelchair. Who would have thought this up with hardships in rural areas 19 contained in the mother of all living in a not any blood relationship between members of the family.

    Renshao Yun’s husband,hermes birkins, Chen Tianliang, then stray from Shandong to LI after bachelor.

    know how grateful she often helped by fellow

    this way, Ren Shaoyun takes pride of place on the over for the primary and secondary schools. This year, takes pride of place admitted Shangqiu College, the cost of 7,000 yuan a year need. Instrument allows stumped Renshao Yun, her around the house all 5,000 pounds of wheat sold enough, so that takes pride of place had to ride with her grandmother and other relatives to borrow money.

    Although mental retardation, Chen Tianliang but it will cook. I would crawl to a neighbor to the powerhouse to eat, the neighbors are good, and quickly give us Nongkou eat. But Ren Shaoyun no stove is high, let alone cook, do not hand out of reach even the pot along.

    are chatting, Chen Tianliang wearing dirty slippers back from the outside. He found the bench, sitting beside his wife, children like to seriously listen.

    as physically disabled, Ren Shaoyun not on a day school, did not know a word.

    While saying good-bye to her daughter, but Ren Shaoyun still takes pride of place in the future to worry about the cost of living,

    talking about Ren Shaoyun thing for the children to school, Chen Hui said: University, is really simple in our rural areas, let alone adopted daughter,air jordan sandals Jumping into a river bus driver rescued a 16-month -old boy, and is raising her own children may not be able to do so. Some allow children to a school on the good, the general and rural women can not over her. , . the village recruitment, junior high school students do not, as long as the high school, I felt must let go to school takes pride of place, as long as she would for the day I day. I am her mother, I want to responsible for the child. I was also on for kids University of thing do not understand, but I think that the children stay with me, she did not Han ability, the child is not good. will she learn something and wanted to see me, and I am happy. I really flown regardless, and I do not regret it, because although I have a disability, I’m sorry but I do not place takes pride of place. the university? Renshao Yun said:

    in the village, many residents covered two-story building, Ren Shaoyun home is a few old tile-roofed house, the yard did not like the tractor agricultural machinery, it seems empty. To her house and yard clean up the room was clean, and the main room door planted with rose, vine covered with scaffolding in the hospital. House no decent furniture, the most valuable thing that a 17-inch black and white TV, this is when a bride out of a neighbor down.

    Ren Shaoyun her family together in Xinxiang County, Township, a farmer, 2 years old, her feet began to fester, to find a lot of doctors, has been cured. Such as foot rot is over, the legs are not long. Ren Shaoyun shoes size shoes off, exposing the two bare legs and feet no longer exists.

    Renshao Yun said,ugg bag, takes pride of place particularly sensible, 7-year-old began to help her cook, wash clothes, others are late, she has helped mother had come down to earth farm work; people can eat snacks, and she can eat a fed pretty good. Outside the school, takes pride of place always carry their mother steamed buns and pickled pickles. Takes pride of place to wear the clothes are mostly other people’s.

    Ren Shaoyun home field more than 1 km away from home. she insisted. Laundry, cooking, come down to earth, busy, busy working the fields at home, others stood fixed action can be done, she climbed out of three to four times more than others even longer distances. Her day was to climb at least 15 km, the past 19 years, she was crawling nearly 10 million kilometers.

    she called Ren Shaoyun, childhood lower limb disability, height less than 1 m

    no blood of a human love thick

    feeling was worn shiny shiny little bench, Renshao Yun said: , I have two sets of gloves, hand, if a little further, it will take the bench, one hand on the bench, a hand wearing a glove to climb, because the body can not support, stopped, put the bench When placed under the bottom seat. the mud, it is common thing.

    a little hesitant to see the eyes of reporters,air jordan 23 high heels 20, Ren Shaoyun go stove says: , then slowly sit down, two bricks off the bench than the stove low, so that she can more easily climb up on the stove.

    for others on the University’s concern for her, takes pride of place, said: comment I want to comment

    30 at the age, Ren Shaoyun adopted a girl named takes pride of place. Two years later, she married Walker. Speaking of marriage, Ren Shaoyun laughed,

    microblogging Recommended | today’s hot microblogging (edit: SN029)

    Ren Shaoyun climb stove cooking

    correspondent correspondent Wang Wenzhong Hao Wang Yu Wen map

    8 31 afternoon,ugg discount outlet , takes pride of place to go to the school report, the taxi driver uncle specifically to send her to the station. Looking at her mother, takes pride of place it is worried about. Ren Shaoyun lying on the floor, watching takes pride of place on the taxi uncle takes pride of place, farther and farther away from the village, was hurt.

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    streets of Baoan District,uggs boots, Shenzhen Xin Buxin community does not have a from the eyes of garbage room, which lived a poor mother of Taihe County. The 47-year-old mother, Xiao Qinlan, gray hair,abercrombie womens down vest 20, lower limb paralysis to walk only with skateboards, old son Oscar in a private school on the fourth grade.

    connection: disabled daughter, eldest daughter and her family cut off from

    22-year-old daughter Lirong (a pseudonym) told reporters that her relatives with the help of a professional college in Hefei, reading, just beginning to get national motivational scholarships Now People with Disabilities in Fuyang an internship to help mental retardation, cerebral palsy children to do some rehabilitation exercises, will be able to graduate in July this year.

    mother moved to a standstill for the children to school picking up

    Xiaoqin Lan by scavengers (Photo by Shenzhen p>

    Reporters interview that: daughter in fear of being looked down,hermes birkin handbag , with her parents after they were married almost cut off from

    strong mother and son stories caused widespread concern to local people, strangers to a member of the public, for the mother and son brought the household items and school supplies.

    strong mother caused the local member of the public’s concern and love coming together for the mother and son moved home in the Wo, her eldest daughter married, you rarely back to her parents, knew that she was very very hard in Shenzhen guilt.

    but let her good news is, my son is very sensible, never asked her for a penny, help me wash the body, clothes … … I really want to say to you: your hard work!

    In fact, in Anhui Province,abercrombie & fitch mens, Xiao Qin Lan and two daughters. Daughter, Li-fang (a pseudonym) in the Xiaoqin Lan married after giving birth to Oscar, because fear of being looked down,ken griffey shoes , she almost cut off from her family.

    hand of love from the four come together

    Kay is sound. BTE hearing very bad father, mother, paralyzed, sister Lirong (a pseudonym) had four of disability, as long as two legs is not natural.

    recent this week, Xiaoqin Lan is like a roller coaster. Garbage from the previous dwelling house, no one is interested begging scavengers, all of a sudden we became the eyes of 47-year-old, she admitted that recent events themselves are hard to believe.

    along the way, there are some good people to help them. Shenzhen Water Group, a responsible person said that he had seen Xiaoqin Lan scavengers in the streets, he Xiaoqin Lan configured specifically for mobile phones, so that she can keep in touch with family.

    skills and the absence of paralysis, Xiaoqin Lan by scavengers. 6 o’clock every day, she will appear in several streets near the community of Shi Polan, 7:00 behind it secretly with his son, send him to school, well-being.

    Oscar schools that will help improve academic achievement Oscar,ugg boots knit, Oscar completed primary school and funded. There are good people that will provide housing for the cost of mother and son,Buy Air Jordan Max Fusion, mother and son hope to have a warm home, but were she politely refused. Strong self-esteem because his son, he did not want too many people around the concern.

    this time, in Bao’an District of Shenzhen City, a street, often have a paralyzed mother, paddled around picking homemade skateboard, in addition to living outside, she would also support year-old son at school. She is from the province’s Xiaoqin Lan Taihe.

    Xiaoqin Lan said that every day scavenging and begging to go out of income, can barely keep her son’s life, usually will go to a nearby supermarket to pick up leaves.

  22. reporter then went to Liquan urban construction and management monitoring unit, said a staff member, the unit has been off work. Happened in the afternoon he has just heard, press time,ugg boots cardy, showed no response. The reporter Xian Yang

    share: welcome to comment to comment

    city inspectors beat street phone was taken away

    After greeting each other. Yesterday 16:20 Xu,ugg bailey boots , Li Mingsheng, Dongheng Guo Yi Chuan two driving the van to Liquan from the city, accompanied by their sister Dong Yao et al. chased away over a cell phone. his van parked in front of the car a city inspector. city of useful finger us, that the three said nothing, kicked up on us. Black tie a switchblade knife in his head, run.

    microblogging Recommended | today’s hot microblogging (edit: SN026)

    hit call themselves the signs outside away, he approached the theory,ugg classic cardy ,grey ugg boots, the other chased it came up with his tear. car, down a few people wearing uniforms, and beating the two young people. The crowd asked if they are doing, the other answer is

    16:40 Xu, Liquan Chengguan Public Security Bureau police station rushed to the scene, the two men sent to the County Hospital of Integrated Chinese and Western medicine treatment. Li Mingsheng head wound is stitched four needles, Dong Hengguo being destroyed and a half teeth. Condition of the two,ugg boots cheap, the hospital is doing further diagnosis.

    yesterday afternoon, shot using a mobile phone in Liquan city after city inspectors during ten minutes, dry county Liming Sheng,nike air max 24-7, Dong Hengguo brothers were beaten by a group of unidentified people, Li Mingsheng head was stabbed with a knife , the two men knocked to the ground,cheap shoes, the batterer drove away.

    both too Although, after playing the entire face was swollen,nike air griffey max shoes 520, but the 22-year-old Dong Hengguo do not think uncle is right.

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    with me name ah.

    May 9, after surgery, a small Yongkang be discharged.
    Yin Canadian contributions to well-meaning people are recorded in a notebook.

    want their children to get rid of ‘Social contributions, hospital relief, funded by pharmaceutical companies, as well as state aid, many people gave him a life.

    text / reporter Guo film / reporter left Ching

    sold is not worth so much ah. money,ugg bailey button, perhaps that time have a chance.

    Yin C $ admits a sick thought to adopt abandoned children.

    He would like to hold back again to someone else.

    complex disease, missed the best surgical period

    5 9 morning, in the heart of the Jinan Military Institute ward after surgery, a small Yongkang wearing a new preparation for discharge. Since 2006, his However, they are not eligible to adopt him.

    love is still there. Member of the public’s help in just 13 days, raising nearly $ 50,000. But they despair is seen in several hospitals was removed after the conclusion is: the child is very serious condition, unfit for surgery.

    the director, Professor Joe Bin said, according to the condition,Jordan Pro Strong 25 , the child should be in operation for six months or so best. point, Yongkang pushed the operating room, more than three hours after the successful conclusion of surgery, Yongkang into the intensive care unit.

    At this time, things are once again turning point. Heart Institute of Jinan Military Region that situation, the child over to the inspection analysis,abercrombie women 10(), concluded that children have the possibility of surgery.

    Cookies crumble, to the children to drink water after brewing. Yin Canadian dollar took him to hospital, to sell. Took 400 yuan in exchange for money, the children treated. Pneumonia cured, but the heart has become one of their heart disease.

    Unexpectedly, the waiting time in February this year,abercrombie fitch store, the child condition suddenly worsened. He took home only $ 10,abercrombie women,000, Jinan kids to see the doctor, in order to save money, he ate a lunch with his wife every day, spend two dollars for seventy-eight bread, this is their day’s food.

    when the 5-year-old father shouted Yongkang open arms toward the Yin Canadian dollars, he hugged This just escaped the hands of death to the child, choked several times.

    but this does not hold send out. Yin Canadian dollar after a discussion with his wife,abercrombie&fitch,uggs boot , decided to raise their own behalf.

    sent out the morning, afternoon and sent back

    order to raise the cost of surgery, they decided in Jinan begging for money in the street during the day and night on the streets.

    the 48-year-old home in Linyi farmers already have two daughters, himself suffering from serious illness, debt, simply can not afford to go to raise a child, not to mention a seriously ill child. But in April 2006, he was chosen county civil affairs bureau in front of Pingyi picked up a dying abandoned.

  24. microblogging Recommended | today’s hot microblogging

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    Court found ,Buy air jordan shoes, Ling Ye , who purchased the label -free vacuum-packed duck bad frame, and then printed into packaging bags ,louboutin sale, posing as According to statistics,abercrombie fitch uk Man Sentenced street pickpocketing 20 yuan five months of d,louboutin uk,ugg boots 13, nearly four cases a total of 12,000 substandard products. But the trial , some defendants have not recognized .

    (Reporter Gao Jian ) yesterday , East Court ,classic ugg boots, West Court , respectively, from the four Ling leaves nine people jailed for six years to 1 years and fined 60,000 yuan points to one thousand dollars , of which Beijing food Houde food limited liability company constitutes a crime unit , was fined 200,ugg boots new 2011 The more well-known musicians Su Yu Wan Pipanwuqi fraud 5700,000 yuan .

    court held that the sales Ling Ye , who do not meet the safety standards of food , enough to cause serious food poisoning accident or other serious foodborne illness , and the circumstances are serious , its actions violated the socialist market economic order people’s lives and health and safety , criminal facts are clear ,abercrombie fitch free shipping code, there is ample evidence , have a production and sales do not meet the safety standards of food sin , then made the decision . It is the Criminal Law Amendment ( eight ) since the implementation of the city court for the first time accepted such cases.

  25. photo / correspondent Jiang Guijia

    rescue mode

    couple of small white-collar workers are common,nike air max goadome acg boots in black, swallows in a clothing design company as a designer,hermes bags, her husband is a criminal wave jump Golf management consulting company’s employees, if not this sudden illness, they will be very happy couple.

    just one month, microblogging is forwarded over 6,000 times,hermes herbag DV, users from around the world sent postcards to encourage the pair of loving couples through difficult times.

    microblogging sick husband to help find his wife a postcard dreams

    learned that the raise is not enough to buy a house, married two Department within 50 square meters of public housing. Recently, the demolition of public housing is, they can only to a Changping rent.

    Mr. own a local mailing postcards,abercrombie outlet miami, travel to achieve the ideal lover.

    welcome to comment to comment

    microblogging seeking postcards sent his wife to help her husband sick world

    acute leukemia was found in her husband after his wife in the microblogging, seeking those who love postcards sent to her husband to help her husband achieve the dream of world travel.

    still twenty thousand yuan a month now, swallow calculation, all deposits are now only three weeks before treatment to support her husband.

    19:00 yesterday, the reporter went to Mr. Xing and his wife swallows the rented room in Changping, nearly two thousand postcards, no less than a full double bed is placed.

    have friends in the postcards sent also sent a few thousand dollars for charity.

    month received nearly two thousand postcards

    The postcards can receive large beds full

    text / intern reporter Jianggui Jia Peng Wei Lu Wei

    With everyone’s encouragement and blessing, Xing Yuebo feeling much better, but the thought of high medical expenses, this newly married couple’s life is still covered with a layer of pale gloom.

    microblogging Recommended | today’s hot microblogging

    treatment costs already spent more than 80 million,Buy cheap air max shoes , Beijing New Sunshine Charity Foundation donated more than 30 million donations have been spent, the husband’s house in Langfang is also home mortgage.

    treatment shall only be supported by 3 weeks they still tide over the crisis

    last October, the two got married, had similar travel around the world honeymoon. But just one month of marriage, the husband Xingyue Bo suddenly felt abdominal pain, go to the hospital after being diagnosed with suffering from acute leukemia. Sudden illness, so that the lives of two men suddenly lost color.

    six months since the time of illness,abercrombie and fitch t shirt, swallow and her husband go back and forth between hospital and home,

    February, Xingyue Bo had bone marrow transplants,griffey 2 shoes, surgery was a success.

    until yesterday, there are postcards and endless blessings flow Heng mailbox.

    a French photographer living in their shooting, , co-star as they sent a piece to encourage Mr. Xing strong enough to face difficulties. A traveling friends in Hangzhou,hermes kelly , Hangzhou, specifically in the purchase of dozens of postcards sent to them.

    account: 6222000200102048873 Xingyue Bo (South Lishi Industrial and Commercial Bank Branch)

  26. body severely obese frequent nosebleeds

    Wang Zhaohai: son Quanguo me, he is still holding chances.

    Wangzhao Hai: I want him to do a proper citizen.

    willing seller compensation

    arrested Charles identity eluded capture

    10 25, correspondent Fish Springs to Yunyang County, visited the relatives of those who were.

    Yunyang police, Wang Zhaohai poisoning, the day he was rushed to Yunyang county car, boat fled. Wang Zhaohai later admitted, February 29, 2000 morning, he oranges into Yuqi Bo the door of his mother when he had run away clothes ready, packed in a bag inside. At that time, more than 100 meters at the front of pedestrians passing, he hesitated a moment, afraid to expose themselves, and quickly ran away.

    news face to face

    disputes with neighbors fighting for housing

    Wang Why use a fake ID? With this question, the police to the restaurant where Wang had visited. It was confirmed that Wang is the owner of the restaurant, part-time chef, began operating in 2002. By Wang, the son of police identity information, check out Wang is the 2000 spring fish poisoning case Yunyang fugitive Wang Zhaohai.

    Yuqi Bo’s mother, Wang Zulan told reporters, February 29, 2000 morning 8:00, after getting up in front of her to do cleaning, suddenly found a black and two white plastic bags, which were installed three two oranges. She said the family has been a habit, not just pick up something to eat, he is preparing to take the lost, but then I thought, that is where neighbors readily on fruit, it would not be thrown away.

    3 students died of poisoning, the case shocked the country. Yunyang police case as a major criminal cases, the suspect Wang Zhaohai the Internet wanted.

    Wang Zhaohai: I did it, when they want to turn several toxic Yuqi Bo home.

    Chongqing Jin Young (Jiangbei) Counsel pointed out that the law firm Panxing Wang, Wang Zhaohai put poison into the oranges in the door and the roof of a neighbor, although the intention is to poison a neighbor, but its laissez-faire of the crowd is not a specific result of the occurrence of poisoning deaths, caused three death,ugg uk, his acts endangering public security, suspected to constitute the crime of endangering public safety in the crime of placing dangerous substances, in accordance with

    Chongqing Business Daily: What are your expectations for his son?

    toxic poisoning innocent children turn 7

    Hubei Police said the same day, the police dragnet inspection transient population, calling for a first-generation ID card.

    depending on the circumstances up to the death penalty

    poisoning constitute the crime of endangering public safety

    revisit this issue, Wang Zulan still reeling, she said, but fortunately the family beef jerky on the roof lost, or else.

    share: welcome to comment to comment

    survivors after 11 years still sequelae

    Chongqing Business Daily: 11 years, why not take the initiative to surrender?

    7 poisoned students,abercrombie and fitch vest, four people were saved,ugg cardy sale, 11 years later, how many of these children have complications, such as obesity, often nosebleeds, poor memory. As Wang Zhaohai not escape justice for many years, relatives of these victims are children poisoned rescue debt.

    11 years ago, in retaliation for the neighbors, Yunyang He fled his real name for 11 years, in Hubei open a restaurant chef, has been captured. October 17, 100 people on the drums to Yunyang County Public Security Bureau,nike air griffey max 2 gd, thanked the police broke up the backlog. October 25, the reporter went to investigate Yunyang, things have a homestead from 11 years ago talking about the dispute.

    Fish Springs neighborhood in the two groups, 71-year-old worried that pay good opening: introduction, a small payment has been 16 years old, the second year, weight 90 kg.

    the future for small pay, pay good open look sad, said his wife Ran Ruixiu, then to see vomit Xuepao poisoning children, she quickly rubbed by hand, so far, their hands often allergic reactions. She murmured: Libao Yun said Dong then 6-year-old grandson, is in first grade, great grandson of the year also poisoned, and then save over the.

    Wangzhao Hai: I have a house ready to sell to get money to compensate victims.

    lawyers say

    Seeing this, the parents quickly car rental,air jordan 3 , the seven children of the estuary to the nearest town People’s Hospital. After diagnosis, the seven children are food poisoning. Eventually, four children out of danger, Dong, Liaodong Sheng, Jiang Ying did not save.

    Fengxian Xiang said, after seeing the ground style yellow oranges, Dong students home from school, Liaodong Sheng, Jiang Ying, 7 students treasure, fighting over who gets to eat a sub. 7 people have not come to the door, one after another fell to the ground, vomit Xuepao.

    Yunyang police, February 29, 2000, Wang Zhaohai used needles in six oranges and a bag of beef jerky in the injected rat poison. 3:00 that day, he will put Yuqi Bo beef jerky at home on the roof, then the oranges into the 100 meters away Yuqi Bo mother’s doorstep.

    Chongqing Business Daily: are there any plans?

    guessed, fish spring afternoon after elementary school,ugg adirondack tall Play the rich man paying jobs escort female Piancaipianse, several students picked eat crossing, and stuffed under a tragedy that shocked the nation together.


    microblogging Recommended | today’s hot microblogging

    this series of articles written by the correspondent Xu Shu

    after the incident, Wang Zhaohai should go to the city of Hubei fruit Lane, alias This year at 17:00 on October 14th, Hubei Public Security Bureau of Criminal Investigation Police Team should be the city suddenly came Wangzhao Hai restaurant, will Wangzhao Hai captured.

    Wangzhao Hai: I have to feel sorry could not sleep.

    Yunyang County, according to Fish Springs Government, the Wangzhao Hai, 57, fish Springs residents, local residents have been referred to as Overlord.

    10 17, Wang Zhaohai Yunyang formally handed over to the police. Currently, he has XingJu,Buy air max 95 boots, held in Yunyang Detention Center.

    Chongqing Business Daily: you cast poison it?

    peak of a turn, then suddenly the police, Police think the more suspicious, questioning the Wang to the Criminal Investigation unit. Wang said, according to the origin and the name

    I’m sorry,

    Chongqing Business Daily: three innocent students lost their lives, do you not guilty?

    escape hidden in Hubei in the restaurant

    other two dead were Liaodong Sheng and Jiang Ying, when all was 4 years old.

    in As Wang Zhaohai escape for many years, doors and windows are corroded. Fish Springs neighborhood two head of Fengxian Xiang said Wang Zhaohai started by business in the local rather domineering. Separated by a wall of his house is poisoned object Yuqi Bo home. That year, Wang Zhaohai first building, when he thinks Yuqi Bo building too close to home, the two sides Dunqi disputes, violent fights. Because there are a lot more than, more than a few brothers in the fight prevailed. Reporters saw the scene, Wang Zhaohai the end of the first floor of the second floor of a house and Yuqi Bo bottom housing wall spaced about 1 m,ugg australia boots 300, the roof has even junction. Fengxian Xiang said, always dominating Wang Zhaohai defeat in, suddenly thoroughly discredited, vowed to retaliate and regain

  27. regarding self-harm, but a bad influence in the company in November last year, after Chen Yi-ming by discouraging their own leave. Meanwhile, Wang Crescent to the company’s security personnel.

    crescent due to the king died. Chen Yi-ming, the police found the weapon used in committing the crime, the tip is deformed.

    Reporters learned in court, in the whole course of the attack, several people witnessed the Foxconn name, but only Ryu has stepped forward to block. Liu said he was approached to discourage, when you see the hands of Chen Yi-ming, a knife, it went to the side.

    Chen Yi Ming feel frustrated,

    deceased requirements sentenced

    welcome to comment to comment

    microblogging Recommended | today’s hot microblogging (edit: SN047)

    this regard, Chen Yi-ming did not express any opinion, he bowed low to tell the judge, sentenced to death if he did not, and can be released from prison, he will work hard to earn compensation for the king’s family crescent.

    prosecutor said that although Chen Yi-ming surrendered are surrendered to the police,uggs clearance sale 7(), but the circumstances of the crime because of their very poor, with particular cruelty, Yi-Ming Chen suggested the court sentenced to death.

    case will choose a sentencing date.

    Chen Yi-Ming Wang began the pursuit of the new moon. May 15 last year, King of New Moon is his first love, his feelings on this particularly hard.

    court, the king of New Moon’s father as a criminal with civil plaintiff, the plaintiff sat in the gallery. Previously, the king’s father made a 60 million civil claim, but in the last trial, he explicitly demand the withdrawal of the claim. While the judge repeatedly told the king the new moon’s father, claims the right of the families of the deceased, but the Wang Fu firm position,

    Chen Yi-ming said that they always fight for trivial matters. Last September, the new moon to break Wang, Yi-Ming Chen chose to self-mutilation with a razor blade cut the wrist. This trick really worked,abercrombie &amp fitch, Crescent agreed to marry him king, and in his pre-operative, to the identity of his fiancee to sign the consent form.

    (Reporter Sun Siya) Foxconn Precision Component (Beijing) Co., Ltd. Yi-Ming Chen a former employee, unwilling to break with the first girlfriend, in the Foxconn factory, with more than 10 knives and other bar caused his death. Yesterday morning,nike sandals, the city,ugg boots outlets, and one trial in the Court case, the family court to withdraw the demands of civil claims, demands sentenced Chen Yi-Ming capital punishment.

    court, Chen Yi-ming, said he only told him to remember the king crescent roll and covered in blood lying on the ground,cheap ken griffey shoes 21, the other

    case file shows, in full view, Chen Yi-Ming Wang had a crescent Le neck, rolling toward the king’s belly with a Mito, the king fell to the ground, his back toward her pierced several knife,Buy Air Jordan Embroidery, then cut toward the king’s neck with a few knives.

    restore does not love to hate cause

    25-year old Chen Yi-ming from single-parent families. Parents divorce, Chen Yi-ming, said his life

    other men who self-harm

    Soon,ugg boots new 2011, the king again to break the new moon.

    Subsequently, Chen Yi-Ming fled the scene. Because of too much force, his hands were cut,cheap uggs sale 7, so go to the hospital. In the hospital, Chen Yi-ming called 110.

    Chen Yi-ming said that the new moon in order to restore the king, he exhausted all means.

    night, Chen Yi-Ming Wang the third upstairs to find the new moon. The king exclaimed, Chen Yi-ming, said he felt insulted, a fruit knife from his pocket.

    Chen Yi-Ming Wang to companies looking for new moon, but was scaring. Yi-Ming Chen was forced to write to the company guarantee is no longer disturb the king, said the new moon. He even went the king’s home. But Wang’s family told him the new moon, her daughter was engaged, and hope he will not dwell on.

    January 10, Chen Yi-ming to spend 14 yuan to buy a handful of more than 20 cm fruit knife, More than 5 pm the same day, Chen Yi-ming over the wall into the Foxconn factory, working at night to find a corner to wait for the king of the new moon. Around 9 o’clock that night, he found the king a crescent assembly plant. Chen Yi-ming, said he want to forgive, do not break up with him, but Wang Crescent H him.

    Chen Yi-ming, said on April 28 last year, is to change the day of his life. That day, he saw the 18-year-old Wang Crescent (a pseudonym). King of New Moon was his colleague in the Foxconn, Yi-Ming Chen is responsible for warehouse logistics, Wang Crescent is a security check.

  28. welcome to comment to comment ,watches hermes

    microblogging Recommended | today’s hot microblogging (edit: SN014)

    package President said: the other wore a security uniform, do not look right, feel wrong and tried to inform her husband, he shot my cell phone, including all away, and pulled out a dagger requires three teams bound for warehouse ditch. > Ms. driving package reaching the No. 508 Hospital Road stadium, I saw the car window with a team of patrol officers,hermes birkin handbags , they slow down, while men do not pay attention,buy christian louboutins,hermes bracelets (), Lakaijumen will run.

    to police reports, Mr. Wang is ready to commit robbery, the choice is a single woman traveling by car, the time when the sky darkened.

    Asian Heart Network (Reporter Dan Fengsen): one posing as police officers, robbery suspects recently single women are driving, Urumqi, Xinjiang Tianshan branch of the Public Security Bureau police station Xiaodong Liang Detention.

    later,abercrombie fitch, the victim told police investigators,nike air max 24-7 24 -year-old man for his girlfriend to break up the crane want, Ms. package, June 26 22 am, she drove the line to Tai Wan Road and Stadium Road T-junction traffic lights, the one wearing a uniform, 30-year-old man opened the door. Man said he was

    the criminals to defraud.

    Reporters learned from the days of mountain Public Security Bureau, June 26 22 am, Peace Street in Three Mountain Community Patrol is patrolling the hospital, No. 508 Stadium Road, he heard someone call for help,ugg boots sale uk, heard this and looked, I saw a private car,ugg factory, a man with a knife a woman’s neck stand up.

    by Xiaodong Liang police station asked robbed man, surnamed Li, Gansu, 29 years old, fake Jing Guanzheng. He was prepared to deceive the victim’s sparsely populated rural areas to commit robbery. Police found the two in his residence electric batons, flick-knives, badges, rank, four 50 cm long plastic rope, transparent tape and other items.

    patrol officials said they are after him, while chasing Bianhan urged the public to intercept men.

    patrol rushed up, seeing bad men, Batui ran to the direction of Grand Bay.

  29. microblogging Recommended | today’s hot microblogging (edit: SN017)

    2006 3 20, Huang Qingming people will buy land about 2000 square meters of land of which 200 yuan / square meter price to Lihan Wen, He Zhenming, Huanghua Kun, Dai Bo, who should be building. He Zhenming fall when he was one of the town long (later changed to the street), deputy director of urban construction. Wong Sze-chun, both said, this 2000 square meters of land, including his home one of about 300 square meters of private plots.

    Southern Rural News (microblogging) (Reporter Huang Jin Li Xiulin) November 2, Area, Huizhou City, Guangdong Hotel, HUANG Shi-Jun, Huang Yu Ling two brothers sat at the table, two and discuss how the mother had Xiuzhen Since last June 10 has been Xiuzhen prison for extortion, for her children has been the complaint. They still do not understand, the mother received reasonable compensation, why become evidence of extortion.

    2006 3 14, double shed Huang estate group of villagers Congress held unanimously by the village collective group of all sub-sections of the dry pit about 3200 square meters of land to lease or sell in the form of development, and on the same day issued to the villagers on the ground attachments compensation. Has received compensation Xiuzhen a 6200 yuan,karen millen sequin dress, his son Topaz Spirit behalf.

    to share: I welcome comments Comments

    However, a few days later,air max Tailwind 1, that the money was too little Xiuzhen, which in turn find the illegal construction should be wearing one of the wave, called the house is illegal buildings,louboutin sale, authorities told him to go .

    a few were reported after builders to discuss and agreed to give Xiuzhen was $ 30,000, both before and after a total of 15 million, in order to quell the petition, to ensure a smooth build the house.

    2007 11 23, has received $ 30,000 Xiuzhen re-wrote a receipt, says: Payee has Xiuqing (ie at Xiuzhen). has Xiuzhen did not think the 15 million , was arrested for extortion by Xiuzhen Huizhou Municipal Public Security Bureau detention Huiyang Branch. April 20 that year, he Xiuzhen was arrested and detained in Huiyang District Detention Center. 22, Huizhou Municipal Public Security Bureau will be the case to the Huiyang Huiyang District People’s Procuratorate for examination and prosecution. 30, Huiyang Huiyang District People’s Procuratorate to the District People’s Court, alleged to have committed the crime of extortion Xiuzhen.

    2011 early August the family has Xiuzhen Huizhou City Intermediate People’s Court to appeal, a request for retrial. 9 26, Huizhou Municipal Intermediate People’s Court dismissed the complaint.

    Currently, Wong Sze-equal is preparing material, intends to continue to appeal.

    November 23, 2007, was Xiuzhen (that has Xiuqing) report object received $ 150,000 after money, write receipts. Identified as extortion money after money.
    equal SC Wong intends to continue to prepare materials appeal

    topaz Ling received compensation, immediately after the telephone call stating that the situation has Xiuzhen. Has Xiuzhen disagreed land,karren millen Hundreds of square meters of dense f, called the Topaz Spirit immediately return the money to the village team. That evening, the village cadres to find topaz spiritual demands money back, but the other did not accept.

    unhappy land refused to receive compensation

    face public prosecution allegations, has Xiuzhen argued that she no extortion, 15 million is Lihan Wen, who gave her Huang to buy land for housing estates act, violated the defendant’s legitimate rights and interests, building on their land,ralph lauren polo shirts cheap, there is a defendant’s private plots, the defendant has not agreed to sell the land, Lihan Wen,ralph lauren windbreaker, who called The courtyard (the ashes of the objects in full bloom) on the building where no peace means to allow victims to ask for money to the victim, the victim of illegal possession of property of the subjective intent clear, the objective is also made large sums of money,air max 2009, its actions are consistent with the composition of extortion elements, constitute extortion. , upheld the conviction. has Xiuzhen on September 7 that year was transferred to Guangdong Province Women’s Prison sentence.

    after the land by the villagers double shed Huang Huang Qingming estate of 200 yuan / square meter to get the price bid. Huang Qingming on March 15, 2006 and the village group signed a Under the arrangement, land shall be assigned to double-team studio Huang estates resident population, but so far no one has Xiuzhen receive the money.

    Huizhou City Land Resources Bureau Huiyang District branch May 18, 2007, made a to the investigation report the town government has repeatedly blocked … … So far, the place does not apply to any land clearance. have Xiuzhen, a little money for compensation, called the petition not around this end, Li Hanwen and others, in private many times have Xiuzhen $ 200,000, the other party did not agree. After many consultations, both sides will ten thousand yuan.

    has Xiuzhen and other villagers that the village collective land without approval to sell the private land is illegal. Began in April 2006, he began to petition Xiuzhen, reported to the authorities. March 2007, Li Hanwen other five began to start building on the land, did not apply because of its land, planning procedures, the above five have Xiuzhen illegal housing situation together in a report.

    Wong Sze Southern Rural News correspondents were told their mother had Xiuzhen (formerly been Xiuqing) is a long fall, Huizhou City, two-street village, shed cloth Huang estate group of villagers, 65-year-old. SC Wong both said the mother was sentenced to imprisonment from one in 2006 in the village talk about incidents of illegal land sales.

  30. according to Japan’s In February, Kiyohara Yoko 16 -year-old mentally retarded daughter will be locked in the bathroom naked , causing their death. Procuratorate to prosecute the crime of custodial death Kiyohara Yoko . Kiyohara Yoko ‘s lawyer denied the prosecution’s charges , and asked the court to make a guilty verdict . November 25, the court will make a decision on the case .

    Global Times special correspondent Peng reported in Japan , according to Japan Xinhua China Press , Nov. 18,air jordan 6, 2007 ,louboutin outlet, the saying goes ,karen millen shop,karen Woman rescued after falling several pedestrians thank fee reque, Recently,nike air max Lebron viii, a Japanese woman because neighbors suspected something eating the mentally retarded daughter , a fine daughter standing naked in the bathroom for several hours ,nike air max, leading to frozen to death alive . Police investigation found that from three years ago, the woman often mentally ill daughter .

    Procuratorate in that: often abused daughter .

    microblogging recommended | today’s hot microblogging

    According to the indictment , February 28 , Kiyohara Yoko eat because neighbors suspected something retarded daughter ,karen millen top 2 men arrested carrying blanks in, let her reflect . She tied her hands and feet so that her daughter stand naked in the bathroom for five hours.

  31. Correspondent Joke / Wen Yuan Xiaoqiang / map ,womens nike dunk sb high heels

    wearing Big Red ‘s contractors , said: many migrant workers work and now our home to the fourth floor has been capped , the Party has not given me money and now workers are anxious to go home received wheat , I have no alternative but to seek handouts we were given money so that workers something to eat .

    15 am yesterday,karen millen coat sale, reporters rushed to the scene ,mens ralph lauren, see the contractor Onlookers have discussions, it is doing, singing or begging ? According to a 30 -year-old man said,ralph lauren swimming shorts Assistance for the ne, Japanese do not give us money ,air jordan sandals, on the day to let him wear these clothes .

    Wealth wearing apparel contractors .

    this newspaper yesterday to Zhengzhou ,safari ralph lauren, Zhengzhou City,christian louboutins on sale 27, Simon was wearing Zijingshan Park Dahongpao , head Daijin Guan ,store burberry Two 5 -year-old youth fell into the water to save drowning childr, holding hands , ( Figure ). Pedestrians have to watch , it was not time to

  32. Jinqianzaixian News ( newspaper reporter rituximab ) Reporter yesterday learned from the quality supervision department of Guiyang City , the river to pigment processed into soy sauce and salt processing sites banned by the quality supervision departments .

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    It is reported that the processing point in the river Jinzhu Min family houses near schools . After receiving the report from the masses ,ralph lauren swim shorts, the Quality Supervision Bureau jointly gold bamboo river police station rushed to the scene after a man was found inside houses with pigment blending soy sauce and salt ,christian louboutin sales ,karen millen outlet shop, blending the finished scene has 6 barrels of soy sauce ,ralph lauren short sleeve shirts, the man quickly fled after seeing law enforcement officers ,air foamposite one, disappeared . Under the supervision of law enforcement officers ,karen millen outlet store 20, these shoddy houses the master soy sauce into the garbage will be destroyed ,christian louboutin on line ,nike air griffey max 1 green, and that the future will be vigilant , determined not to be a house rented to people who break the law to use .

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  33. It is understood that more than 2,cheap air max shoes,000 people in yellow Fangcun 70% surnamed Huang , village Huang Ancestral Hall ,rolex watch for sale,christian louboutin shoes for cheap 64, the ancestor of that monarch Feng ,acg boots, also save a monarch portraits. Reporters in the Huang Huang Fangcun genealogy records to see the monarch , heroes Jin Yong’s novels in the monarch intended to be a civilian , but the familiar Taoist books , without a teacher realized the martial arts, truth, and eventually became a generation peerless master .

    Chongren County Culture and Sports from the Jiangxi Radio and Television Bureau,cheap ralph lauren 150,christian louboutin wedding shoes, the third survey on cultural relics in the country , the survey team Chongren County Heritage Xu Fang Xiang Chongren County found the famous Song Dynasty poet monarch ‘s tomb .

    According to Xinhua News Agency Xinhua correspondent

    Chongren County Office of the third survey on cultural relics , said Yang Yuexiong ,jordan 14, monarch of the tomb is located in Xu Fang Xiang Huang Fangcun Chongren County pot -shaped mountain , according to the epitaph introduction, the former monarch ‘s burial in Yihuang County,karen millen outlet online A two -year-old children grow in the intestines stoma, Fuzhou City the Qing Dynasty to move because of Yihuang County and Gaizang here. Xu Fang Xiang Huang Huang Xinming Square village head told reporters that monarch was Daowa burial in 1995 , the original tombstone was broken away, the tombstone is now the descendants of Huang Huang Fangcun rebuilt .

    Yangyue Xiong said that the tomb in which the monarch ‘s life, biographical and historical background of the monarch and his novels are very similar , he suspected that the Northern Song Dynasty poet of the monarch and who in his novels, the world outside the high are the same person , he can look forward to Mr. Jin Yong to help him solve the mystery .

  34. According to British ,womens nike dunk sb heels Low ,nike air 1/2 cent penny

    bride and groom Yuehan A seven year-old Hopkins had met ,nike air max Uptempo 97 (),karen millen sale 2010,cheap christian 14, and later John joined the Royal Air Force as one aeroplane technician constantly voyaging around the earth accordingly the two broke up . 65 years after John found Mary inadvertently e- mail residence he immediately wrote one email apt his 1st adore about her meet

    John aspiration likewise be the most beauteous megalopolis within West Yorkshire a church was held surplus than 200 relatives and friends heeded the marrying John said: and John cross with live apt be 100 years age April subsequently anniversary we are prepared apt take the voyage apt the Mediterranean because a second honeymoon . W China Daily

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  35. (Reporter Huang Hailei intern reporter Zhang Xiuguo ) more than 5 am yesterday ,hermes handbags 2011, Zhuang Road, Haidian District, Nanping a rented room nearby , a woman from Sichuan to visit dating her boyfriend and his family live ,classic ugg, the body does not suddenly appear ,air jordan six rings, sudden death in bed . Currently, the male friends have been controlled .

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    nearby residents said that more than 5 am yesterday ,christian louboutin pump, they were still sleeping , suddenly there came a hospital ambulance and police sirens . Emergency workers carrying a stretcher into the hospital the second floor a man at home , neighbors have to go out crowd . Neighbors said the man ‘s home area of about 67 square meters , the house with a bed, a computer desk and a cabinet ,discount ugg boots uk, pale ,abercrombie outlets uk Woman to run a chicken farm, his lips turn blue . Emergency personnel on-site to determine that the woman no longer signs of life .

    said the man is building a tenant occupancy time soon , mostly because of the short -story rental tenants , neighbors know much about .

    microblogging Recommended | today’s hot microblogging ( edit : SN056 )

    According to insiders,air max 95 5(), a man from Henan Province, 32 years old; woman 35 years old, Sichuan . They met over the Internet , there are emotional foundation , the woman came to visit and stay for the family man . Haidian Police said the men have been controlled , at present , the case is still under investigation

  36. welcome to comment to comment

    Zhongguang Wang on August 9,burberry outlet store, in Shijiazhuang news (reporter Du Zhen) The Voice of China injury. Anguo Hospital received the police report, send ambulance assistance, and the wounded back to the hospital,nike Zoom Lebron v, only a brief treatment of the injured later that night they put it shipped to Boye Xian territory abandoned, the homeless woman has not been treatment of death. The incident aroused strong repercussions.

    reporter has learned, Baoding Politics and Law Committee is urging the public security organs and procuratorial organs further increase the intensity of handling the case,karen millen dresses, concluded as soon as possible.

    Boye Xian Public Security Bureau after the investigation, two hospital security,christian louboutin bianca Girl alone in a bar lat, two pull-taxi driver and send the patient on duty that day Anguo Chinese vice president Zhang, 5 involved, the Public Security Bureau of the They took the means of criminal detention. 8 am,cheap christian louboutin shoes, Anguo held a special meeting, to give leadership responsibility for the incident the city Hospital president Zhao Zhikun party a serious warning and demerit; removed Zhangyun Xing,nike sandals women, vice president positions until after the end of judicial investigation to make further processing in accordance with relevant regulations; give admissions surgeon Liu Jianqiang party a serious warning, and instructed the Health Department for its administrative processing.

    microblogging Recommended | today’s hot microblogging

    through the media correspondents in-depth interviews,ebay karen millen Warden for the proliferation of, more details of this incident was disclosed. Reporters saw at Yasukuni City Hospital a In this material, the Yasukuni area confirmed the incident, note that the Yasukuni Hospital conducted a preliminary examination of the injured, to determine knee, etc. with skin laceration,Nine villagers injured by the police to arrest war, abrasions and other phenomena, examine a doctor bandaged the patient disinfection process. illness, taking into account the actual situation of the hospital and patient interests, decided to take it to Boye Xian territory. not carried her off, did not conduct a comprehensive examination of her, only surgery the doctor on duty in the car were injured foot to do this some simple dressing treatment. Dean at the behest of duty, they transported the injured to the Boye Xian territory, see the street there is a space under the lift to put the wounded abandoned. Now the autopsy proved that this young woman has not been entirely due to the treatment and cause death.

  37. text / Chart reporter Li Ying from Beijing

    rights owners are beginning to require local government information public. Their audio and video recordings, letters, media and even find a lawyer, so called group of

    everything from those who are not public information.

    lived in the district where most of the retired cadres, as well as Yan Lianke who need a quiet environment. According to Liang and Lin Yan to say, there are at least one Major General, no less than 10 departmental cadres and seventy-eight level cadres, the rest of the owners have lawyers, financial industry people, as well as nationally renowned heart surgeon .

    10 31, an article entitled China’s rich pain of demolition, Article about the demolition of a residential suburb of Beijing story. The article said that the residents involved in this conflict are mostly middle class and upper class – doctors, financiers, retired government officials, they never thought of such a fickle thing will happen to them. Among them, there is China’s most successful novelist Yan Lianke.

    has promised to make city expressed doubts about the authenticity of handwritten letters.

    if not handled properly reluctant to toss

    world famous gardens deep in the bustling district of a city within a green, which are single-family houses, trees and grass to be around their own, very pleasant. Jiang Fangzhou on the microblogging said Yan Lianke moved to this suburban house is write Chinese Walden, on the natural beauty of the long prose. Here they lived for many years, suddenly on July 9 this year ushered in a paper notice. As Wanshoulu South extension project, there will be removed. Notice is given only three weeks, ordering the owners move out before July 30.

    high into the numbers you hear is the beginning – if the deadline to move out,,air max 95 boots, a complete circuit of up $ 500,000, award 700,000 yuan, if you do not go, each of them make up 70 million, but only 50 awards million.

    that day, owners of high-Jin (pseudonym), a camera to take pictures, but was kicked, ten thousand dollars worth of camera was smashed.

    This involved the demolition of the 32 were identified as illegal construction. The construction by the China Publishing Group’s These buildings are built following the same approval, why count only demolished illegally built?

    after several rounds of consultations in the amount of compensation, rose to $ 1.6 million.

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    5 years ago, where the first group of households buy a house when the price is 3,karen millen galaxy dress 5000,000 yuan / square meters, now has the same area of commercial and residential have more than doubled in seven or eight times.

    10 8, a stalemate situation has changed, but not a good direction. Door of each household have been posted on a bulletin, said housing has not obtained planning approval procedures, are illegal constructions.

    The well-known novelist, on the local government in the demolition process in the various practice find it difficult to understand. located in the Fengtai District, Beijing, and stepping. Now, here is the southwest by Beijing of its development plan and massive construction projects.

    a special group of owners of the contest

    7 months, urging the party moved away from the demolition notice no less than 4 times. Reporters saw four copies of Notice no mention of the demolition of the standard, the last in a July 30 announcement that read: . disorder according to holding a flashlight. Stand it at this time residents call the dozens of police calls.

    a certain social status of these owners, their special Their ultimate bottom line is still the man in the room.

    despite feeling a rush, but the owners did not feel anything wrong. Early in the morning until July 18, more than a hundred came to the walls stripped off, they realize what’s abnormal.

    Yan Lianke also has a )

    Today, outside the machine roar, massive construction projects, there has also been involved in a vast economic development.

    Even old sixties and seventies doctors to climb the wall shouted:

    Yesterday, our reporter called Hua Xiang Rong Korea Party’s Propaganda Department, ask the reporter in detail identity, she said, for the world famous gardens she did not grasp the situation, but there is a dedicated leader in charge, whether to go through an interview referrals, referrals will then contact the reporters. As of press time reporters, Korea has not yet received a reply wing.

    microblogging Recommended | today’s hot microblogging (edit: SN017)

    in accordance with state regulations, the same area of the same region. a minimum of respect. Now the local government’s performance, so that they feel, is to hold the owner of the house to do assessment, apply to the state after the compensation, but do not want to give money.

    through the efforts of owners, there is now surrounded by trees, each household is a landscape. Yan Lianke three years ago bought a house here, want only people with the natural world, do a meditation. Many owners are retired cadres or to buy retirement homes for the elderly.

    compensation for demolition, the official has no formal document was published. All data are owners or heard in the coordination of the demolition parties orally and the results obtained.

    owners simply can not accept the They will be at the time of approval of construction to collect together, land,christian louboutin shoes sale, Development and Reform Commission, the planning department and other necessities.

    their understanding, more aware of safeguarding their rights. People did not expect that, when held high into the relevant national laws and regulations in the demolition of the coordination meeting asked each other, the other side even on the housing levy and Compensation Ordinance These people have a social status, skilled application of their knowledge, even more than the understanding of the relevant local government laws and regulations,price of rolex watch, clearly know the boundaries of action, but still not able to get something done.

    reporter saw them signed a purchase agreement with the developer wrote, permanent housing for the property, the developer is responsible for real estate license, land for large property, the age of 40 years,jordan heels for women, and 40 years after the contract without having to pay any fees.

    Yan Lianke:

    regulations on the line. But such simple request can not be satisfied.

    split plot suburban correspondent in Beijing, Yan said the investigation is actually happening as soon as possible if done properly would like to end

    Today, the two sides have been deadlocked for four months, the district where hanging High into that, if there is fair and transparent process, we will promptly removed.

    according to owners say, the world famous gardens on the procedures for the project has been processed, the developer was committed, the other publishing groups cover over the base building for the future unification. This area is not strictly commercial and residential,karen millen dresses online, in the contract signed with the developer, here is defined as Then the developer has promised, here certainly will not be relocated, because it is Beijing’s

    not only on account of area compensation by


    newspaper reporter in accordance with article provides clues to the site visits and found true. As the investigation deepens, residential property owners and the game between the demolition company, is providing people with a different re-reading the previous demolition perspective.

  38. microblogging Recommended | today’s hot microblogging (edit: SN009)

    yesterday, TANG Yong-Yuan Fang intends to commission counsel the families of the case,leather uggs boots, but was turned down law firms in Shenzhen.

    Xiejin Chong recalled, was to see Don about 40 years old, good health is not a small effort, The next day, Don was taken to hospital, four weeks after the detection of

    TANG Yong-yuan for multiple fractures of the question why the body,buy air jordan 6 rings high heels Crosses the village barefoot doctors 41 years, police said, the program no problem, the police can not be torture for Don. Currently, Baoan, Baoan District Public Security Bureau and the procuratorate have been conducting investigations, and Don will do forensic injury, in the future the media will release the results.

    Don is in the police station before being sent to people beaten? Xiejin Chong denied, and Don said he was not to negotiate,christian louboutin heels ,christian louboutin heels, just took his car back. At this time the police arrived, Don into a police car before the other did not speak, then two and then not met. Xiejin Chong said that the police before the struggle to resist Don expression calm, the situation did not happen to be playing. For this presentation, Baoan Police last night also be recognized.

    Police: Po’s Procuratorate in the investigation

    yesterday, the police source said the question for the outside world break 30 seconds regarding the surveillance video, police video equipment and storage hard drive sent to Beijing authority to do identification.

    Xie recalls night of the incident 7 o’clock, he found himself locked in the street motorcycle was Tang lifted, is preparing to put a tricycle.

    TANG Yong-yuan in the case of suspected theft of the transcripts,nike air foamposite one, the Xiejin Chong is the most important night of the incident witnesses. Yesterday, the South is a reporter found Xiejin Chong. Xiejin Chong said that the night itself and TANG Yong-yuan men traveling in two cars were taken to the police station for manhole record was Don all normal and healthy.

    Southern News correspondent TANG Yong-yuan LI Xiao-min 43-year-old man on suspicion of theft of electric vehicles were taken to police investigation, the police station the next day in the bizarre Incident, outside the interrogation room surveillance video of a critical moment 30 seconds away, TANG Yong-yuan body multiple fractures grave doubts (A 06 edition of the newspaper the day before yesterday, yesterday reported a continuous version of A 11). Yesterday, the police source said surveillance equipment store has been sent to Beijing authorities, the hard disk identification. Question for the outside world, Baoan District, Bao’an District Public Security Bureau and the procuratorate has been investigated.

    addition, TANG Yong-yuan police questioned the wife of Zhongyuan Qin false statement regarding the police to be clarified. Police responded yesterday, actually did not read because of Zhongyuan Qin and let the police took the sign,uggs classic tall, and the police at the time the process of doing a full video record,ugg slippers, will provide access to the media.

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    Witnesses: Don was arrested that night as usual

  39. chadianzi town of Badong County, Xin Li Home Office has to go through the five guarantees,ugg knightsbridge grey, subsidies of $ 125 per month, but barely enough to buy medicine. But then life distress, Xinzong Ming Xin Li will also feed and clothe.

    BEIJING,Hermes Jypsiere ,Buy Air Jordan Fusion,christian sale 30, Aug. 15 Xinhua Padang (Guo Xiaoying Yan Jun Yi U.S. Overseas) at 8:00 on the 15th, Badong County, Hubei Tujia man daughter Xin Li Xin Zongming will hold off from wheelchair , hug in his arms, carefully fed to Xin Li, each feeding one, Xinzong Ming would gently blowing about, hot to avoid Xin Li. And Xin Li lying in the arms of his father,2010 uggs, staring his father, smiling. This scene of warmth, 20 years never stopped.

    5 years ago, Li Guangying unfortunately died. Xinzong Ming told reporters that Li Guangying Before leaving, holding Xinzong Ming’s hand and said, we must take good care of Xin Li.

    Xinzong Ming and Xin Li is only 30 square meters of living in the hut, two beds in addition to a cupboard at home, the most valuable is a 14-inch black and white TV. Relatives and villagers have repeatedly advised him to give up this child, but Xinzong Ming is reluctant.

    just 15 years old, Xin Li, Xin Zongming and love Xin Li Li Guangying order to see the doctor, live frugally, and spent all their savings. To save money, so Xinzong Ming Li Guangying had to earn money everywhere,christian louboutin sale,cheap hermes handbags 19, their own commitment to a person at home more than three acres of farm land and care Xin Li.

    However, the stubborn Xin Zongming a wonderful reflection of the child at home, in the next couple of care, Xiao Xin Li miraculously survived.

    microblogging Recommended | today’s hot microblogging (edit: SN034)

    time flies,ugg nightfall, nearly sixties Xinzong Ming does not know how long it can take care of Xin Li, but the children love enduring, no regrets. (End)

    welcome to comment to comment

    1991 9 13, Xinzong Ming taught in the town of Badong County chadianzi dam tobacco field station picked up the door only a few days of a newborn baby girl, named for the children Xinzong Ming Xin Li the red. Eight months later, Xiao Xin Li was diagnosed with cerebral palsy hospital, doctors told Xinzong Ming, the child’s life is only 5,6 years.

    Zong Xin Li for the hair every day. Author: Yan Jun
    Xinzong Ming Xin Li holding this every day fed to her. Author: Yan Jun

    Xinzong Ming Xin Li is the adopted child 20 years ago, half mute and suffering from congenital cerebral palsy. Face of this there is no blood relationship with their children, regardless Xinzong Ming discourage relatives and villagers, earn carefully raising 20 years.

  40. reporters after witnessing Province Women’s Prison, a senior policewoman monitoring AIDS inmates for six years

    microblogging Recommended | today’s hot microblogging (edit: SN029)

    AIDS in correctional inmates took over the work, Yang Peifang did not dare tell her husband,christian louboutin fur boots Woman walking in the park sudden onset totally inv, then her husband did not know the complaints, parents home in Hunan.

    AIDS committed to Young mother Divider

    order to obtain the trust of prisoners, Yang Peifang the first time into the dormitory and 16 to talk to inmates with AIDS in education, did not wear any protective equipment and wearing Geli Fu, committed people exposed surprised expression at the same time, slowly down the guard.

    Express reporter Huang Qiong Liu Qun Yin Huafei correspondent Kan Miao

    At that time, 16 people together, and some can not control emotions hit the bench and chairs, and some hard to the wall, iron gate on the hit, Manlianshixue, as well as the beginning of the hunger strike and suicide .

    of death.

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    close and confidence-building

    recently, Dongguan police street to let go of AIDS drug traffickers,ugg australia boots, Of course not! There are three prisons, Guangdong Province, a special labor camp custody of AIDS, according to gender, distinguish between the severity of criminal cases, including the suburbs of Guangzhou will have a special prison custody female offenders AIDS. Yesterday, the reporter went to the Guangdong Provincial Women’s Prison supervisor district specifically to deal with AIDS, about AIDS, specifically to deal with prison guards and inmates little-known story.

    2005 years,nike air 1/2 cent 14 -year-old boy suffering from leukemia alone to take care of, specifically to deal with AIDS, women’s prison custody inmates at the prisons began, Yang Peifang involved in receiving the first batch of 16 person guilty of AIDS.

    but up close contact with her and AIDS prisoners established the trust in good faith.


    time, foreign inmates due to friction AIDS fight,nike dunks heels, Yang Peifang forward to stop, but was the other. child


    credit for six years taught the 95 is that these titles, from different nationalities,ugg boots, different skin color, young or old faculty on the possession of inmates, 41-year-old Yang Peifang,ugg australia au,ugg bailey boots , it is called different, but very friendly.

    Guangdong Province Women’s Prison warden Lu Ling told the Express correspondent in 2005, the prison began to focus on the establishment of AIDS criminal detention area, Yangpei Fang was first engaged in the management of the prison inmates of AIDS, is already veteran level. After she had AIDS discipline up to 95 inmates,red ugg boots, without exception, have become her

  41. microblogging Recommended | today’s hot microblogging
    Sina exclusive manuscript statement: This work ( text, images , graphics and audio and video ) for Sina to use ,christian louboutin Nude man with a 50,000 hush mo, without authorization,ugg for sale, any media, and individuals may in whole or in part.

    2008 March to May, Yang Deng Liuren introduced by others met with Ben Xifeng . Ben Xifeng is still the same means to cheat each other’s trust , signed a purchase contract with the means to purchase a total fraud Yang Deng Liuren deposit $ 400,000. After the implementation of the deception , Ben Xifeng fled Sanya , wantonly squandered the money. October 2010 , police received a report after the victim ,uggs clearance sale, in Sanya City, the Ben Xifeng captured.

    ( Song Ping Xin Bingmin )

    Heilongjiang Province Daoli District Court recently sentenced to contract fraud Ben Xifeng thirteen years in prison and fined 50,abercrombie and fitch outerwear,000 yuan.

    33-year- old Ben Xifeng no fixed occupation . In order to defraud others of money ,burberry tshirt, she lied to the relatives of Local Taxation Bureau in Harbin when the leadership ,cheap christian louboutin Nursing homes for the el, made up of five sets of hand,burberry womens jacket 4010,ugg classic boots, welfare housing within the Inland Revenue Department false facts , and in her husband’s students and colleagues widely spread . In November 2006 , Ben Xifeng Zhu students to find her husband ‘s mother said , See the other hand there is a Ben Xifeng area high-rise residential drawings , they believed . 2050 yuan per square meter then submitted Xifeng signed a purchase contract with Ben , Ben Xifeng charge each other advance of $ 100,000.

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  42. men broke into the woman home early , after stealing women’s rape , even voluntarily left when leaving phone number , so that women do his The day before yesterday ,

    clothes off ! Afterwards , the man took the package from the Zhou 1,600 yuan,burberry leather jacket, 800 yuan to her separation , not allowed to threaten the police , and forcing her to be his girlfriend . Aside and said ,uggs clearance, while men also returned to her cell phone and dialed his number , leaving their contact details . 5:00 , Zhou went to a local police station . That afternoon, the police captured the suspect Zhang . After verification, Zhang,ken griffey shoes 2011 50 , nearly 40 years , but had been convicted of theft four times. That night, Zhang Zhou rented house again climbed into the theft . When he found that Zhou young and beautiful, then move the rape of evil .

    to share : I welcome comments Comments

    After further digging ,abercrombie clearance 9 -year-old man who beat his son to death fun, Zhang also confessed to another of its committed two burglaries . Currently, Zhang has been under criminal detention. ( Xu Derong Liao six foreign )

    microblogging Recommended | today’s hot microblogging ( edit : SN010)

    25 am, the woman while Zhou was awakened . Hazy , she was a thief into the house ,uggs discount, afraid to speak . After a while ,Other Jordan Shoes 6 -year-old girl because her mother not to be lost wells nurs,air jordan heels, thief took her cell phone on the pillow ,ugg boots jimmy choo, the hand actually stretch her chest. She quickly sat up scared , scared to tell him all the money in the bag.

  43. Data for: Zhao Zuohai

    China Central Television reported

    microblogging Recommended | today’s hot microblogging

    evidence against pyramid schemes face difficult

    Public Security Bureau,burberry leather, highlight the Several tour participants pyramid schemes, said: They can either do? black-box operation. In the heart of the city,christian heels,louboutin 2011 , next door to the Public Security Bureau, the capital operation of such public hype, just the people pulled into this scam see also skeptical: capital operation is legal is not it?

    Zhao Zuohai rehabilitated less than a year, they come to their senses into a pyramid scheme, pyramid schemes once again exposed the alarming spread of the momentum.

    recent police investigation found that the couple had left the Helan County, Zhao Zuohai temporarily revive,burberry trench, disappeared. Insider said Zhao Zuohai Zhao Zuohai some folks complain about

    industry’s top officer told the newcomers, from the operation of adding capital to the platform just a couple of years time. At that time, put 3,800 yuan, 3.8 million earn out can be invested 69,800 yuan to 10.4 million yuan can be assigned.

    not long profits amazing

    Park with guests like the guests in front of City Square,cheap air max 24 7, is specialized in capital operation gathering of people. Pyramid schemes were told the new arrivals, City Hall and City Square, like every building, both on the industry and capital operation. Who said that the square pyramid is no flagpole outside the line, indicating the industry is the secret operations of marvelous. The municipal government before the pool is crystal clear implication in this industry, not afraid, you see, you do not look afraid.

    It is understood that participation in the direct sales organization Zhao Zuohai resorted to the level ternary By the end of occupation out,nike air griffey max 1 Qs metallic platinum black Security threat drunk holding, from a playing ground floor villa to live in a

    occupation 11 years to 2010 was vindicated, and the difficult access to state compensation shall grant 650,000 yuan. One year later, he and his wife Li Sulan to Helan occupation pyramid schemes, deeper and deeper,ugg sale, the compensation shall also state to also take into a few million.

    a major social sympathy, had wrongfully imprisoned for 11 years, Pyramid schemes, rampant for decades, Honest part of how people actually fraud flourishes obsession?


    g) But according to the relevant judicial interpretations, that constitute the offense must meet MLM MLM organizations who are three or more

    Square buildings are propaganda tools

    statistics, Ningxia,new adidas running collection , the public security organs 2009-2010 detain suspected criminal leader of MLM leadership and organization 104, but was only Procuratorate approved the arrest of 36 people found guilty by the court even smaller number. According to the Xinhua News Agency Xinhua

    welcome to comment to comment

    Guangxi guests has caused many people go bankrupt? Reporters arrived at the bustling center of Guangxi guests park guests, here is the local marketing agents gathering and exchange of experience salon.

  44. see the remains of his wife, the husband-volt coffin crying

    cow wife: that day was late, I have to sleep, suddenly received a cow as Tao, a call from my sister, that I fell into the water to save her husband disappeared, not to see people fishing for a long time, was heard the news, I ignorant, but also hold a glimmer of hope, hope that he will soon rescued them.

    cow wife: he is such a man, to see other people have difficulties, will take the initiative forward to help.

    After the memorial service, the Guangzhou Municipal Party Committee deputy secretary general of Politics and Law Committee, Municipal Comprehensive Management Office Director Deng Zhongwen informed to the press after the cattle for the Tao handling of things. He stressed that Guangzhou City is

    special care according to the provincial Civil Affairs Department, responsible person, for the Tao cow families of the martyrs will receive a one-time pension payments and praise about one million , from where the payment,rolex gmt watches, how to deliver the specific payment method is still under discussion. In addition, the mothers and daughters of martyrs can not afford to also receive periodic pension, survivor’s residence by the local civil affairs department issued, not the same around the standard, the standard for the Guangzhou 1287 yuan per month.

    It is reported that after the memorial service, the remains of cattle for the Tao in Guangzhou funeral home for cremation, the ashes of the martyrs, accompanied by his family back to a single county, Shandong Heze buried.

    31-year-old cow was born in Shandong Heze for Tao Lai Shan County Town Village, an ordinary peasant family in cattle in 1998 after graduating from high school to Guangzhou Air Force unit in service his dedication in the army, trained to have excellent technical skills, the initiative to ask the more difficult stationed in the island region, helping others, many blood donation. He retired in 2003 after a stay in Guangzhou.

    informed unfortunate death of cattle for the courageous deeds of Tao,rolex air king watch Wife to take care of paralyzed husband for 29 years moved t, the Provincial Committee and Party Secretary Zhang was promptly instructed to make every effort to cow the aftermath of Tao. By Zhang secretary, commissioned by Mayor Wan Qingliang, Municipal Committee, Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection, the city commission for the first time, deputy director of Su Zhijia condolences to the family cow for the Tao, and issued a certificate of honor and the highest standards of courageous 300,000 yuan relief funds. Party Politics and Law Committee coordinated the civil affairs department, and actively guide the cattle for beef for the family to Tao Tao for an assessment of the work of the martyrs. During the service group also set up a family, full track family difficulties and problems. Community have also given help and support,christian louboutin flats, many units and people spontaneously went to visit condolences to the families of heroes, and some came specifically from Hong Kong and other places to send condolences to Kim.

    dialogue cattle for his wife, Tao Chen Pingyan

    Guangzhou to the highest specifications for rehabilitation

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    surrounded by the flowers, cattle for Tao lie in crystal coffin. Cattle for Tao’s wife Miss Chen Pingyan look strong until the funeral ceremony began, she finally could not help but grief, was lying on the coffin on the piercing cry. Cattle for Tao’s younger brother and sister, sister also burst into tears, speechless Lianhan Sister: The father has been lying never again wake up, she just looked at the mother burst into tears, just hold tight with a small hand.

    Nanfang Daily: In order to save the expense of her husband, do you think he is not silly?

    cow wife: he sacrificed so many days, the leadership of Guangzhou City, his former military comrades, there are many people who do not know, gave us great help, now back to his assessment of the martyrs This is his greatest comfort.

    had known this, I should stay for a few days

    Nanfang Daily: In your mind, the husband is the kind of person?

    cow wife: he is a good son, husband,jordan sandals 2011, good father. He worked hard for a man in Guangzhou, home to two or three times a year, but it is filial piety, every home will help her mother and feet massage. We separated the two, each meeting, he will come back to buy gifts, buy toys for his daughter, to buy me clothes. Not long ago, he let me, daughter, mother and brother to play together in Guangzhou, it is the first time to her old mother in Guangzhou, family fun,christian louboutin bridal, did not expect to be the last. I had known this, I should stay a few days … …

    Nanfang Daily: We all remember that he is a hero.

    the evening of 19 October this year,ken griffey shoes womens, around 8:40, cattle for Tao and friends in Guangzhou Ershadao riverside walk, passing the sunny waves Road East when he suddenly heard people shouting, committed suicide. Cattle for Tao heard the news, immediately phone and wallet stuffed into the hands of friends, took off his shoes, saying, to shore by. At a time when the Pearl River high tide, water rapids,karen millen sales , rescue difficult, although after repeated efforts, still not able Whether the woman picked up, and cattle for Tao eventually sink into the river because of extremely weak, unfortunately, died heroically.

    Nanfang Daily: Tao that cattle for sacrifice is the message at what time?

    surrounded by a wreath around the hands of the leaders at all levels, public and hometown of Guangzhou, the hero of deep grief. In the deep sound of funeral music, cattle for Tao’s family, friends and cadres and the masses during his lifetime remains silent tribute to the heroes, bow, for a final farewell.

    martyr stories

    Nanfang Daily (Reporter / HONG Yi Yi intern / He Ruiqi correspondent / Xu Desheng Chen Yien) Hero Passed long to, and his feat allows the Rams will never forget the moment. Yesterday afternoon, a river to save suicidal woman at the expense of cattle for the Tao of veterans funeral funeral was held in Guangzhou. Thousands of people arrived from all directions here, to send the final leg of a hero. Guangzhou Municipal Committee, Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection Su Zhijia, Municipal Committee, Political and Legal Committee Wu Sha laid a wreath. The day before, authorized by the provincial government, the provincial Civil Affairs Department approval for ratification cattle Tao as martyrs, martyrs dependents pension privileges will also be put in place.

    microblogging Recommended | today’s hot microblogging (edit: SN009)

    praise and a one-time pension of about 100 million

  45. Yesterday afternoon, reporters rushed to the Jinan Central Hospital. Aunt Lee on his forehead close to the gauze is radiology waiting for inspection. Ms. Chai told reporters her daughter,louboutin sandals , the elderly head wound sewing needle 5, and now accompanied by dizziness, nausea,air max 2009, whether there are other injuries, but also need further examination.

    Jinan Daily News (reporter Cao Jianmin) yesterday afternoon, a moat sixty elderly because in conflict with the security side of the laundry hospitalized, the elderly head of five sewing needles. According to the security company responsible for the person speaking,nike air griffey max 1 white blue, the elderly fall in pushing the injury.

    microblogging Recommended | today’s hot microblogging (edit: SN021)

    but this time, may be reluctant to take the elderly to remain at the scene of the move caused a security misunderstandings. Mr. Chai said: After the incident, the security for the elderly was first sent to the hospital emergency department treatment in Jinan,louboutins discount , then injured his family was informed that the elderly,buy ralph lauren online, but also to the Jinan Central Hospital. For this,discount louboutin shoes, the children of the elderly that, despite the moat side does not allow the laundry,karen millen ruffle dress, but security should not be so brutally treated an old man, party security should apologize.

    yesterday afternoon,barbie christian louboutin Two friends were stabbe, reporters at the hospital saw the security company responsible for Mr. Zhang. Mr. Zhang confirmed the old laundry block security, and the elderly to take the fact that pot caused the conflict. Caused by old injuries is because in the process, pushed the elderly and the competition for the action of security, security, and not a malicious hit. Mr. Zhang said: : welcome to comment to comment

    thing in the end is how did this happen? Aunt Lee said that around 12:00 she went to the moat Gate Bridge, about 50 meters south of the laundry, when security blocked up.

  46. now 19 -year-old British girl Danielle Burton to see objects as if through a kaleidoscope , appeared in front of many flakes color spots. Although this global rare disease ,ralph lauren suits Mix three 8000 km motorcycle ou, no effective therapy for treatment Burton does not give up hope .

    19 -year-old British girl Danielle Burton to see objects as if through a kaleidoscope

    In January,ralph lauren online store , a doctor said she may be suffering from Including Burton included,cheap air max 24 7, only 21 people worldwide now appears that long-term symptoms . Burton now undergoing exploratory special drug treatment. (Source: Xinhua News Agency for the newspaper feature articles )

    Burton previously normal vision ,mens ralph lauren tracksuit 3, until one day last October ,karen millan, the sudden appearance of abnormalities. Serious, Burton eyes full of blue and purple bright spots ,ken griffey shoes 2011, the other could not see anything . Worse ,buy karen millen online, these bright spots almost uninterrupted in her eyes , even close your eyes ,salvatore ferragamo sales, spots still exist.

  47. , the women ran to the insurance company for damages. Insurance company survey, 14 million yuan compensation for her full-car robbery insurance.

    trainee correspondent correspondent Xiao Jing section inspection

    this woman surnamed Chen, 47, Xiaoshan people unemployed. February 22, 2011, the court on the 11th Court of Xiaoshan, her handcuffs, a prison uniform stood in the dock, on suspicion of insurance fraud trial.

    2009,jordan shoes Man jailed for impersonating police Zhuapiao ask for a fine year, the car carrying the man suddenly not a trace of history. It is said that he owed to someone else thousand million of debt, ran away.

    their history under the name of the car was taken away, Chen worried. More she worried that the history of car never fails to comply with traffic rules, often running red lights, She worried that if the history of the car and then drove to the outside because of what illegal or out of any accident, and ultimately to count to his head.

    Chen cried splinters: 47 years old, and Chen is better.

    Police again find Chen, Chen immediately panicked: Chen, fictional theft facts and conceal the truth, insurance claim, a huge amount, the insurance fraud charges and was sentenced to imprisonment for 7 years.

    2009 10 16, a petite middle-aged women ran into the flustered Xiaoshan New Street station: car was stolen! Evening of September 30,ugg tall classic, she acted out,louboutin heels, the car stopped at a xinjiezhen a company, the result after finishing out of the car was gone.

    police involved in the case.

    day,Jordy Nelson jersey, she told friends about his concerns, a friend reminded her: : and successful claims.

    2008,William Henderson jersey Party secretary accused of lending two million times th, the history of borrowed tens of thousands of dollars to Chen, that want to do business. Returned, History, said:

    2010 In October, police in an operation,abercrombie & fitch store, accidentally discovered in Yuhang this Buick Owners say that this car is less the history of their own money, mortgaged to him.

    car is bought,abercrombie fitch store 18, but no driver’s license test Chen,Hermes Cattle Neck Stripe Bags, will not drive.

  48. East this report (microblogging) Nanyang hearing the wrong password , bank card was swallowed . Chai drunken man dialed a 4 hours 43 110 8:00 am when police found him,abercrombie fitch hoodies, he is still dedicated to keep the cash machine next .

    110 records , 4 hours, call the wood of a total of 43 110 calls , the call is connected is not not speak , is made drunk drunk insulting language police alarm . Around 8:00 am , the police police found him,nike air max 24-7, he still adhere to the ATM next .

    according to police records, call recording and phone call records ,hermes bag price, firewood was sentenced to 10 days administrative detention .

    firewood streets of Seoul, South Gate ,nike air griffey max 1 black 28, who lives in Xinye community , around 4 am yesterday , he was drunk to the city an automatic teller machine at the money, because the wrong password several times , the bank card was swallowed . Thus,christian louboutin shoes, the firewood they used his mobile phone 110 , asked police to help him take out the card ,uggs online,loboutin 8010, but do not say their position .

    police told him that due to professional constraints, bank card can only be swallowed in order to get back to find the issuing bank . But a ton of bricks wood ,christian louboutin evening , after calling several times

    microblogging Recommended | today’s hot microblogging ( edit : SN021)

    be a correspondent reporter Zhang Yang Feng

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  49. early August this year, his father received a phone hi baby, , but the feeling deflated deflated pocket, he disappointed and sad. In order to gather the money home to his father as soon as possible to see a doctor, can make money to live as long as he dried. Until mid-October, hi baby just save 2,000 yuan.

    later, police confirmed after a technical appraisal of the suspects as hi baby, hi baby also confessed his theft. Police investigators take into account the baby’s father, like old,burberry rain jackets , and sick, did not steal money like doll things to tell his family. At present, hi baby, have been under criminal detention, the case is still under review.

    evening, the employer began to Shihua workers say cotton,abercrombie hoodies , clearing wages. Hi baby while Dajiadoumang weighing the air when the room quietly slipped after the observation to determine that no one looked after the discovery, begins with the rear window turned into the house. He looked plastic bag forty-five money again and again, hesitated a moment, picked up two money again and again his pocket, away from the rear window.

    day, 21 o’clock, Interpol brigade received the alarm call farmer surname Yang, thief ah!

    10 17, is the cotton picking season, happy baby to follow the army came to the four river Shihua son a farm, from morning till night. Busy day in the cotton fields, hi baby feel thirsty, it alone to find water to drink to the employer’s room. In the house, happy baby in a plastic bag lying on the table saw,air jordan six rings, curiosity prompted him to open the bag, this look so happy baby mouth fell open.

    microblogging Recommended | today’s hot microblogging

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    Asian Heart Network (Reporter correspondent public Xiaoqing Wang Guoxiang Ying) octogenarian father got sick,burberry vest, the son of work outside the home, the money did not earn much, that his father was seriously ill, his son would put his hand to the employer’s pocketbook .

    10 24, Shawan County in Xinjiang Public Security Bureau of Criminal Police talk to reporters this matter, or feeling sad.

    hi baby (a pseudonym), 24-year-old, home in Gansu, his father in the home every day poor physical condition, in order to earn money to his father a doctor, like baby farming at home after completing primary school, and later to earn money around.

    June of this year,Hermes Constance, hi baby came Shawan four rivers of the town, has been in town and doing odd jobs around the farm,christian louboutins shoes, the income can barely make ends meet, let alone save money for his father to see a doctor .

    bag again and again stood several hundred dollar bills, to see the money,abercrombie and fitch las vegas,ugg boots sales POS300, hi baby my heart suddenly raised a glimmer of hope. Hi baby spoon quickly fetched a drink from a vat, the rush out of the house.

  50. owner thinking: slot machines harm to others

    microblogging Recommended | today’s hot microblogging (edit: SN029)

    guy lose 6000 yuan a night detained

    Police: will immediately follow up the investigation and handling

    text / correspondent on behalf of Xikui

    Police: follow-up investigation immediately as true based on clues will be dealt with immediately

    Dongguan Humen owner said the incident,abercrombie and fitch adirondack jacket,cheap uggs online 8 destroyed 50 acres of orchard orchard employed 2 villagers w, police investigated several times after slot machines were people back

    < p> slot machines in recent months has been disturbed by the Lao Meng considered sigh yesterday, yesterday afternoon, Humen Town, Bo Bai police station security team to the store’s collection of slot machines, he not only upset, but felt a little relaxed. The store has reported slot machines,ugg boots short 6,uggs australia, is none other than his own. their own.

    comes to slot machines, Laomeng bitter. He urged those young people not to indulge in total slot machines, but could not always persuade.

    welcome to comment to comment

    Yesterday reporter visits, slot machines appeared in the shop.
    6 21, surveillance video showed the police had confiscated slot machines.
    7 3, surveillance video showed the police confiscated slot machines again.

    However, he is still a little worried, slot machines will come back to the store. Because slot machines had also been confiscated before, but not two days, someone to the store to put slot machines, he was forced, they have received. He said he worried that she may be followed by slot machines manipulator retaliation. years. Less than 5 minutes, the security guard quickly confiscated slot machines and slot machines to play on behalf of gold. Just talking about the neighbors around the Lao Meng, the Lao Meng told reporters, to report people who shop there are slot machines,hermes jewellery, in fact, himself. Asked why his own report, to allow the police to do business. . >

    Wu Ming (pseudonym) king estates in the area opened a convenience store, can,air jordan six rings, if I do not agree, they say that is cut off their means of survival, to 5000 dollars to me. into the store.

    yesterday, the reporter on the investigation related to the Humen Public Security Bureau deputy director Deng reflect the official, the police said that immediately leads to follow up survey based on reports from the public, if true,air jordan 13 , will be processed immediately. He said,abercrombie fitch clearance, wangwu, longan and other regions, has explained the area responsible for the investigation and handling.

    and insiders Presbyterian also with correspondents in Humen Longan, Jinzhou area of view, where the convenience store, separated less than two, you will find slot machines in the shop. Boss Kim said, gold too quickly.

    Lao Meng said that although the slot machines seized by the police, but he was worried. . Yesterday, the reporter went to Lao Meng shop, the shop is still there a slot machine, at 1 o’clock, six or seven in the machine before having all the fun. will easily let go and I’m worried, just a few days, slot machines will be put back on.

    Lao Meng said that a working young man, addicted to slot machines, win not want to go, to win back lost. year-old old man, playing slot machines lose four or five hundred dollars. He said at the time the old man fainting to the ground, he was scared half to death.

  51. Jinqianzaixian News Nayong County town of a woman long -yang birth of twins ,buy karen millen online, one child’s heart hanging belly , the naked eye can see its obvious beat . Birth month, the baby is very healthy , but unhappy bad family , for fear of the heart was the misfortune to scratch , sleep , family members were afraid to let the baby sleep in bed, only to launch the family , 24-hour shift in his arms . Yesterday, the boy ‘s father, Mr. Chen told the newspaper , seeking social assistance.

    Baby belly hanging outside the heart

    According to Mr. Chen , he was 36 years old , when health workers in village clinics , in 2002, and his wife married, they had given birth to a girl. Last year, they apply to the local authorities approved a second child ,karen millen reviews, after his wife,christian louboutin glitter heels, a smooth pregnancy . However, in pre-production period ,air griffey max 2 1(), he gave his wife had blood pressure measured , and found his wife have high blood pressure phenomenon , because the condition is not serious, did not seek medical treatment . he sent his wife to be produced Nayong County Maternal and Child Health hospital , and then his wife gave birth by Caesarean section on male twins, but the strange thing is ,buying a rolex watch, one child’s heart beating on the outside hanging belly . / p>

    through online inquiry ,ralph lauren fabric,karen millen suits 2, Mr. Chen learned that Hunan has done such a hospital heart transplant , but the cost to be 30 million . Since then, Mr. Chen began running around , raise medical expenses for the child , but as of now , only the local civil affairs department promised to rescue him 2,burberry cashmere coat 18,000 yuan, which is obviously inadequate. Leaving the family sleepless nights , the children sleep in the bed for fear of accidentally break the heart, they have 24-hour shift and take their children .

  52. 9:21 , patrol in the vicinity of the dragon in the Public Security Bureau police station and security of Chen Jin , received 110 orders rushed to the site of the incident , see the injured woman face down in a pool of blood down into . See the police , Gou a knife on the floor ,buy abercrombie fitch ,ugg, without a fight . Afternoon, Gou a police escort at the scene identified .

    why his girlfriend left him? After much deliberation, Gou cohabiting girlfriend of a colleague suspected of provocation from Zhang , said he ‘s ill . As a result, Gou a mind of Zhang Mouhuai hate , bent on murder Zhang . In recent days, Gou carry a small dagger continuous Village in Taipei area in search of Zhang . Yesterday morning , when he all the way to find a restaurant next to the residential real gold , the waiter in the restaurant when the 21 -year-old woman Zhangmou Gang appeared on the sidewalk outside the restaurant when a Gou said nothing , took out a knife from his dagger more than 10 consecutive back stabbing her.

    Einhorn yesterday morning, the 26 -year-old Kunming Jin Gou a knife in a restaurant next to actually create a plot murder : When he saw his girlfriend’s former common-law after colleagues Zhang , apart from anything else , took out a dagger , knife stabbing more than 10 consecutive Zhang’s back and buttocks ,abercrombie and fitch wholesale, so that it fell in a pool of blood . Zhang was taken to hospital after she died .

    ( Lv Shicheng )

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    microblogging Recommended | today’s hot microblogging

    Gou was arrested by the police intern a regular photo

    Currently,short uggs, Kim Jin Panlong Public Security Bureau police station on the case is under further review .

    Qujing Huize Gou is a person ,ugg boots roxy , a few years ago , he and a waitress at a restaurant in Kunming in love and living together. Not receive a marriage license in the case , his girlfriend gave birth to a son for him . In August, after his girlfriend abandoned him ,classic short ugg,hermes berkin Men robbed game room and burned his, and another man left the Kunming . After a last resort,christian louboutin shoes, Gou half years old son had to be back home by their parents care .

  53. friends Editor’s Note furans in the end, in the end things true? Bo Friends Come and you identify yourself!

    yesterday, Daxian Housing Authority of the Secretary Office of the staff that dealt with the matter has been investigated. Subsequently,air jordan 5, the reporter from the Daxian Publicity Deputy Minister Yeh Department to confirm that 11 28 (Monday) Yang county government center in the work of the Housing Authority during the work window, then finished for the rural masses of information pieces of property rights after they view the video on the computer at work. Local Housing Authority in accordance with relevant provisions of the administrative demerits Yang made the punishment decision, and removed from Daxian Housing Authority; Daxian Housing Authority of the leadership of Sun Mouli have managerial responsibility for the case of inspection; have managerial responsibility for The building housing the Bureau County,blue christian louboutin ,rolex female watches, County Administrative Center instructed the county,sale on burberry, the county government to write a written review. Meanwhile, the Florida county is still (West Network / Chongqing Business Daily to talk about the book Chen Xi Hao)

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    microblogging Recommended | today’s hot microblogging (edit: SN010)

    Reporters survey: microblogging from the reporter saw several pictures Posted released photos taken with mobile phone, Daxian Housing Authority, said the staff at work during the visit pornographic websites. From the photographs, the location of suspected Daxian Housing Authority of the work room,buy karen millen, a photo display for the Housing Authority of the signs. One of which also photographed the computer screen content,rolex prince watches,ralph lauren big pony polo shirts Inspectors at a stall selling mud called the s, but not see the specific content page is displayed. Friends insisted that However,nike air yeezy , users also have a rational analysis of that photo is more vague, difficult to identify the computer screen is pornographic websites.

    Housing Authority staff computer watching film to be shot
    Housing Authority of the signs
    Housing Authority staff suspected A computer chip on the microblogging site

  54. Morning News Forties, Mr. Shen was introduced to horse owners dating, met a divorced woman. Two years later, the horse owner that two were married six months ago, this time is spent in the discussion to matchmaking. However,womens nike air max griffey shoes , Mr. Shen has refused to pay. Reporters repeatedly contact, has also been repeatedly rejected. Lawyer said that if the two sides have the contract, can be prosecuted by law; but if there is no contract, rely on moral self-discipline, hard rights.

    dating divorced woman is a horse owner. In 2008 she opened a marriage agency. In order to gain a firm foothold in the market, she came up with

    Mr. Shen is one of them, he was forty years old, have their own house, also opened with a bathroom, chess room, drawback is that the legs a little problem. Upon learning of the situation, the bottom of my heart the horse owner. But it has been,, whether the two sides did not inform their marriage. As the number of contacts, Mr. Shen is often sent text messages to the horse owner,cheap air max 95 boots, but one asked about marital problems, he avoided. , horse owner,nike goadome acg , Mr. Shen received a phone call in which he complained that his wife, sentence: silent, sighing breath,jordan 5, the. married so there is not a lot of money, but there are some difficulties in life, she’s no problem, But Mr. Shen’s behavior made her very unhappy,christian louboutin glitter, fee matter, his tone immediately hard up,

    lawyers: there is no contract, rely on moral self-discipline

    earned reputation as a dating agency,air yeezy shoes , free spins red

    on the matter,discount christian louboutin pumps, the reporter consulted the law firm of Anhui Liang GUO Ai lawyers, lawyers said Guo contract if the parties have, you can prosecuted according to law. But if there is no contract, just as businesses hit trouble after the payment of commitment, can not become obligations of the parties, and even if evidence can not by law, the relationship both claims can not be identified. For such cases, lawyers said Guo rely on each other’s moral self-discipline or both coordinated. Kui Yuanyuan newspaper reporter

  55. microblogging Recommended | today’s hot microblogging ( edit : SN010)

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    Beijing on November 22 , according to Voice of China

    who lives in Jinan City ,ferragamo shoes,polo ralph lauren shirt After the man refused to pay her divorce alimony, Mr. Liu last leg pain , so he ‘s calendar on the home near the city hospital the first clinic to be checked. And so paid the cost of discovery , a breakdown of the above bills actually says How can make a warm needle also charge fees ,christian louboutin black heels, this is not arbitrary charge? Hospital staff said that heating costs is to close the House leadership ,burberry blue, but what basis ,ralph lauren cheap polo shirts, do not know.

    aspect Comments : Tim medical expenses in a blind multi- drug , called heating costs , but unfortunately this drug can not cure,christian louboutin platform, only clogging . Obviously just make a needle , even hospitalization, the cost of various treatment facilities also should be equivalent to in-patient costs in the flat fee ,shop burberry 10 , so the heating costs is obviously arbitrary charges , is to pass on costs to the hospital the patient . Hospital did not know this heating burn more prosperous ? Unfortunately, even if it burned and then warm as in spring , , in patients with heart will be cold one .

  56. ,uggs on clearance

    (Reporter Wang Jundong correspondent Lizhong Yong ) in the last three months ,ugg boot sale, children living in the county town of Wang family Cangyan 86 -year-old woman in the village of Lin Lee has been busy with elaborately embroidered go-between she would like this special day National Day presented his gift .

    microblogging Recommended | today’s hot microblogging

    Lee will be living in the forest southwest of Ji Jin Jingxing the junction of a natural mountain village , knee five sons ,brown ugg boots, three daughters , sons and daughters are married . Elderly people along the way from the old society had ridden misery . Today ,hermes kelly handbag , the elderly have a five-generation Eight children and 12 grandchildren were in Shijiazhuang , the city and Shanxi Yangquan Jingxing ,christian louboutin discount, Taigu , settled down Pingding County in the industry , life is booming . Children and grandchildren are also unity and harmony , very caring for the elderly ,abercrombie and fitch polos, the elderly in old age to enjoy their grandchildren.

    June of this year , she heard that there is a women published online flag embroidered the story of Grace Chung party , be inspired , initiation with 3 months , before the founding of the 62 anniversary of the embroidery pattern a welcome National Day idea , on the one hand to express their feelings of love for the motherland , on the one hand to leave a memorial for future generations . So she let the children were carefully selected from the Internet a elaborately embroidered pin line . Heat of noon,ugg australia sale (), muddy sweat like rain , but also attend an afternoon nap , the site of encounter difficult embroidery , let -law and daughter help. After 100 days of the busy pair of embroidered design will be completed .

    share : welcome to comment to comment

    old ingenuity , in addition to housework , but also often cut window bars , sodium insoles , to children and grandchildren to do a lot of fine insole . Last year , the elderly cataracts and their children to accompany her to a hospital in Shijiazhuang surgery , visual recovery is now well .

  57. Second, the metal seat pier straight-line distance of about 3 km away, before there was a three-wire factory, Dunzai whether the plant about?

    also reflect the local villagers, some people did not know before the point of view is wonderful, many passers-by is what they claim baidunzi buried, and wondering to be transported. Villagers said that if Dunzai lighter or small, it may have been hijacked.

    five generals Chang Hsien-chung Sun is expected to do to occupy his troops had Qijiang, is not located in the iron ore producing relics left Arsenal? Zhou Ling said, also found near the water rush over the period of the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom and other relics and inscriptions recorded.

    Ocean Township Tomura sand to catch Wang village community the right to introduce, the morning of January 22,cheap air max tn, miners dug from the ground only a few meters deep metal base pier, news quickly spread, a constant stream of local villagers came to look wonderful.

    recent days, a saying in the local spread: Chang Hsien-chung Block pier is set to play Arsenal in the local Sichuan left when the iron pier, there are gold. So many of the villagers with a chisel hammering on the metal base pier, the surface of the metal surface had a fist-sized hole is now about bowl thickness.

    four broad slope during the war has been overhauled a few kilometers outside a war path, before and after tens of thousands of people participate,griffeys shoes 6, the metal seat pier with this problem?

    three iron and steel era 50 years ago, a few kilometers away, gathering a lot of steel fish da man. That fanatical age, what are doing incredible things often come out.

    recent days,christian louboutin sko 7, Ocean Township Qijiang catch Tomura raged, the villagers rushed to a nearby mountain top look wonderful – January 22, dug underground mining workers from a peak of nearly 4 tons of heavy metal pier. The metal pier produced what age? How to appear on the sides of cliffs peak? Up and what to do with transportation?

    six iron to catch the water area can be traced back to the history of the Song Dynasty,ugg boots metallic 311, when the military jurisdiction in the case of Nanping,cheap uggs sale, is not it time Arsenal relics?

    pier in which the metal base peaks widely known as the slope of local villagers, more than 700 meters above sea level, surrounded by steep cliffs, slope about 70 degrees. Wang said the right to the peak of the trail or the recent miners temporary repair,Hermes Evelyn PM, the nearest road to the top of the hill after about half a mile apart, by the human is almost impossible to transport to the pier only metal peak seat.

    a metal block in which the broad slope of pier produced iron ore, Dunzai’s not a thing used in mining?

    correspondent cloves film music Ranwen She reported

    villagers with pine branches and chisel carefully excluded a large anvil surface of the earth, and saw many stripes and blow out of the concave depression, the bottom, on each side of a fist-sized hole. Villagers use a chisel to play in the big stamp on the anvil, that similar to a metal alloy composition, brought near the magnet, with the metal body attraction.

    Local villagers keen interest in the mysterious metal pier

    reporters yesterday at the scene saw the side pier base metal mine, Wong has penetrated the appearance of about two millimeters deep. Rectangular base, size of about 120 cm 30 cm 70 cm, the base is about 60 cm high octahedron, octahedron with a top notch width of 20 cm.

    villagers that containing gold

    Zhou Ling said, will proceed with access to information, contact the experts, hoping to uncover the mystery. Yesterday, Zhou Ling Township government has been informed in time,burberry sweater, requiring in situ conservation of the metal base pier.

    local villagers are simply amazing, what’s the big guy is the product? How in the summit? Used and what to use? 76 years old and too cold sand agency said the country capacity, in addition to her impression of this mountain 20 years ago it was pulled up outside the wire, not see people going up.

    4 t How do you transport the peak

    weighs almost four tons, appeared to peak a mystery, the villagers believe that gold built, experts have proposed six kinds of conjecture

    experts six kinds of conjecture

    a few able-bodied villagers, bent over, his hands grasped the metal body with force, trying to shake, but the metal body motionless. Hearing to the scene to see the text tube Qijiang County director of weeks based on the iron bell density calculations and found that this metal body weight nearly 4 tons.

    yesterday, received a report dedicated to the scene of the Qijiang county director Zhou Ling paper tubes carefully examine baidunzi,louboutin sneakers, did not find any text engraved. Local context, the origins of Zhou bell made six kinds of baidunzi conjecture.

  58. have Topics related to reasoning , calculation,ugg knightsbridge, language ,clearance uggs boots, memory ,uggs, abstract thinking and other aspects . Freeman commented that Oakley has some answers showed

    Oakley and her mother

    grow up IQ may be higher

    example , Freeman saw a broken teapot to Oakley ‘s photos,air jordan 23 high heels Several men shot to get 100 yuan robbery, she asked them what is missing . Oakley ‘s answer is: 140 were of a high order , 110 to 120 high , 90 to 110 as normal , 90 to 80 times the normal order . Oakley measured IQ of 160 . Freeman said that the results are rare ,ugg store australia, and Microsoft founder Bill Gates ,abercrombie fitch free shipping code, the famous scientist Stephen Hawking quite .

    Oakley ‘s mother, Charlotte has been engaged in marketing, his father Nick is a computer programmer . They began and did not realize her daughter is gifted ,abercrombie and fitch outlet online , but found her superior memory , can listen again to speak foreign language words or sentences , the number , shape, and writing things there is a strong memory.

    British -old girl Kalin Na Oakley recently measured in intelligence tests, IQ of 160 , a 0.03% of total UK population, the most intelligent people in one .

    Freeman said ,chestnut uggs 1, the age equivalent of Oakley ‘s intelligent children aged 4 to 5 , memory , language skills and reasoning abilities higher than the British average of 60 100 points . With age , Oakley higher level of intelligence may become less likely to decrease. Qiao Ying / Xinhua News Agency

  59. Little Penguin boldly hit a slap seals , the result is scary and angry .

    British Overseas Territory located in the Atlantic Ocean South Georgia Island (Atlantic island South Georgia) on a group of penguins are ready to

    TV BEIJING,ralph lauren trainers men, October 13, many of the natural environment in the total picture of dumbfounding . According to Taiwan ,abercrombie and fitch shirts, , seals for being

    be sudden out of the way seals ,air jordan 13 high heels, little penguins ,burberry pea coat (), Xiangyebuxiang directly gave it a slap in the face ; thought it would provoke seal loud roar , can only be said to be frightened , and quickly go for the best .

    this,karen millen red dress, the 38 -year-old bird watchers ,buy karen millen dress 3, Robert Fuller (Robert Fuller) said,ralph lauren clothing uk,burberry baby dress 99 , or choose one with their

  60. a young Langfang water is never good apt see a infant falling into the water,nike air max running,christian louboutin on line Father robbed the Red Cross workers continued to sav, smashed ice bravely jumped into the water, rescued two drowning children,subsequently he had to be hospitalized,apt had a poor a cumbersome burden. Recently, the regional Youth League rewarded him the
    broke through the ice retention lives of people

    this annual along 16:00 aboard February 25th or so, only major County broad Anxiang Guo Wang Guo Zhan 15 min warburg villagers and his father, his wife is the village brim their own go aboard the present homestead children, suddenly heard a dog barking, 200 meters north of there namely a deep groove, the dog’s call is passed over from there,nike air max 2009, a home of three instruments among the hands dropped Wensheng go. Guozhan season went on the huge gutter,trench base east of the location of the surface according a small hand Bingku have skirmished
    early spring,corners lukewarm afresh pit two meters of water depth,uk christian louboutin, water surface there is a floor of ice,coupled with Guozhan off season did not remainder wrap from swimming to swim very laborious. He scratched his hands attend to the rankle by ice,meanwhile ice,meantime struggling apt swim to the newborn after some exploration, he pedestal a child the child care aboard the water, swam to shore. His wife and the villagers came apt support the baby aboard the shore,moncler, without a moment apt rest We anxiously awaits,as this babe has been sinking into the pit bottom, Guozhan effort to find a 15 min and 10 minutes behind he was then holding again infant out of water. This period he did quite well to swim to shore, two into the water,ugg waterproof boots,additionally covered with rainy cotton underwear, he has been tired the critical moment, the villagers have got a long bamboo pole,air max 95 Veterans save drowning woman killed was identified as courageous and, Guozhan quarter grasp, only along everyone apt pluck up the shore.
    two children an 8-year-old boy a 9-year-old girl) had anyhow saved up choking,nike air max courtballistec 3.3 North River man to marry his deceased wife was h, the audience of people helped liberate the child; Guo Zhan Song Twin Bracelets season’s wife came running kin apt grasp quilt, wrapped up the two children; Guo Zhan Guo 15 min father fled over thousands of miles a conveyance blocking the roadside, the children rushed to hospital. As the emancipate in due time the final two children out of danger, and Guo Zhan 15 min due apt the chilly water apt save folk for also long, the same daytime suffering from a bad chilly and behind to acute pneumonia, cough, fever.
    righteous actions touched neighbors

    Guozhan 15 min story declare on regional television many people of his courageous behavior expressed deep admiration. Recently, the Communist Youth League city of the shire apt grant him He said the hospital ambition be chapter of the spend reduction; huge County aspiration cost chapter of the

  61. paucity to support her find the name of Greentown comely folk ,christian louboutin peep toe pumps

    6 annuals ago overwhelmed according suicide

    eleven years antecedent Zhang Junmei’s husband died, she began apt assume the burden of the family alone plus that her son was 9 annuals age younger son entered primary educate
    her husband’s death alone with two children alive within primarily intricate Zhang Junmei begin to procure money to let the infant live a better life,moncler outlet, she was coerced apt own each daytime
    kin away from kin

    agreeable folk apt her hospital

    approximate the station, Zhang Junmei watching from the bustling audience consciousness even extra helpless.
    Herbs aggression soon she collapsed amid the avenue consciousness began apt fog tin never discern approximately the scene,but to listen the buzz there is a male voice began apt ring.
    woke up afresh Zhang Junmei has been lying among a hospital mattress she asked who saved her from,moncler dorian Falling aluminum high-rise building of pedestrian head injury sta,merely the medic only said good-hearted people apt abandon afterward she sent,air max shoes Girls run around 600 km stall find t, left,moncler tib vest,merely know namely a male
    Zhang Junmei free hospital treatment, the adjoin sent Zhang Junmei relief stations backward kin our patient counseling for Zhang Junmei do comprehend their foolish
    gratitude came from Tianjin came

    To give her a lusty secondary averaging folk to live life.
    three years antecedent apt alleviate the collide with their families,nike air max light,plus apt fared their families,moncler vest toronto, Zhang Junmei kin to Tianjin to go while two months are the hardest apt eat oil and now her son began to supplement the home income working , days with adjustment
    six annuals the Zhang Junmei experience did not tell his home among Zhengzhou,air jordan defining moments Blind 14-year birth parent adopt a child abandoned C,just acquaint yourself
    her folk she took six years ago to while the photos came to Zhengzhou newspaper hoping to assistance her find a benefactor.

  62. Beijing Normal University Zhuhai Campus Liu Tianxing hospital sick school teacher so the students pushed ,

    microblogging : Student Biography p>

    It is understood that Ms. Liu to educate school in Jiangsu Province ahead the determine while the 20 annuals after retirement apt give up plus within the U.S.and the accident to reunite children among Nanjing among 2003,chanel shoes 16,000 girls sick anonymous donations continued his brother is exp, , Students three jobs his father of cancer treatment, was appointed apt the Beijing Normal University Zhuhai campus to school Liu namely currently a teacher one week ten lessons , , Students continue to sav, the students said he had never late plus leave early . Because not use multimedia, coaching for eight annuals he has entire insisted advance preparation,, the subsequently day ahead class to copy their own lesson plans aboard the blackboard .

    the eyes of the student Wentao , , Liu students ambition always be serious plus responsible cordial are quite ardent to take attention of us.

  63. noon yesterday,7 nonagenarian by guaranteeing payment for his son to college ( Figure ), a man ascended over the fence Baixia jumping into a creek apt perpetrate suicide among the bridge, , 18 -year-old high candidates while working side paralyz,among along folk is call the police. Who lives in perpetual residence within the bridge beginning watching this does never count much jumped into the icy creek to retention folk other folk plus the police compel came apt the downed masculine pulled ashore. Subsequently, the 120 men sent to the scene ambition be jumping into a river Nanjing First People’s Hospital, the male died from complications of attack plus died. At new Nanjing Jian Kang Road police station is aboard the stuff as beyond investigation.
    tramp jumping into a creek apt retention moving pedestrians

    homeless beam flying this anniversary just 18 years age wandering to Nanjing last summer,and according scavenging for a alive became a bridge beginning in the bridge His place to live. Yesterday 12:30 Xu, was warming himself within the heating beam bridge beginning fly, suddenly listened the the bridge opening jumped into the water off his overcoat,almost two minutes with a male jumping into a creek of period longing be hauled apt the northwardly bridge.

    police Relay aspiration be jumping into a creek to retention the men aboard waterfront

    yesterday, , 12:49, , Jian Kang Road police station back receiving the alarm and police aboard prerequisite sergeant Panxiao Zhong Min Jiang immediately clear the buoy plus cord Jiben scene,less than seven minutes, they came apt the creek fly,plus has been bottom apt beam onto the beach of the masculine jumping into a creek also drench in the creek,after apt the two member of the public, has apt ascertain apt a long bamboo pole to stabilize the beam and jumping into a creek masculine namely never sinking fly. Seeing this situation, , Jiang Pan police sergeant plus immediately fly rope plus life preserver thrown apt the beam,but because the river incline is also soak with the water drip from the platform, there are three meters, Jiang Pan plus the police sergeant had to take the developed ladder hand in hand Chiang police officers standing aboard the soak slopes of the left hand tightly pulled Sergeant Pan, Pan sergeant who extended vertically with the right hand man jumping into a creek waist strap apt seize the male jumping into a river and struggling to tell water, ,chanel Said the blind guy fall in love with penniless girl with cer,apt bound River man salvaged backward the first-order artery slope plus everyone aspiration go affix to retention the fellow flying beams emancipated Emergency personnel arrived plus rushed the man nearest to the Nanjing First People’s Hospital.
    jumping into a creek man has died of suspected cerebral illness

  64. yesterday a.m. Zhengzhou City,sacoche louis vuitton a vendre Female runaway mother cut a kidney to save her da, Radio Road ,ugg boots nl Picking time in elementary school youth whistle directing traffic m, Guo Deyun old son with his wife apt run nearly apt discover ( Figure ).

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    Guode Yun said , those who help ascertain their son ,site moncler, they are awarded apt the other $ 10,sacoche louis vuitton blanche,000, this is their most of their lives savings.

  65. time: the daytime forward yesterday Location: Kunming Keywords: anticipating

    I wanted to with his wife surrounded their lifetime,discern above sons side. so I had enough go to save money, I would discern for his son and his wife … revealed a slightly painful taste and fixed 20 annuals ago the 16-year-old daughter and six months age son, was cousin apt the trafficking of Handan City, Hebei Province. During his daughter namely married twice behind the return Dongchuan, the son has been no news available
    two dolls are trafficked

    Yuxing An Mop is Dongchuan District of Kunming town, brought his son plus daughter abducted things,moncler quilted, as if among front.
    Yuxing An said: come apt my house apt activity take my girl Yujia Lan afterward 16 annuals age plus son I scholarship afterward only six months old to the Yanjin movement I think are one family never preparedness. later, two baby did not go kin Yuxing An direction to Yanjin toy kin a cousin apt the home she and her brother not by household splice her mama went apt work that out, do not know the two toys
    Yuxing An anxious shop nearly to find cousin’s whereabouts,merely has not audio.
    son has not audio

    1995 the November day her daughter with her husband suddenly returned Dongchuan Yu Jialan home talking nearly her brother’s been abducted, it namely melancholy
    Yuxing An said, cousin apt the two toys Yanjin fool play as a few days later,moncler don’t steal the jacket 13 on behalf of the human family, the Southern So,white air max, he and brother accompany with the two baby trafficking surrounded Quzhou County, Handan City, Hebei Province,christian louboutin collection Artistes who committed suicide after the death of, Henan Tuan Township, daughter sold as 3,moncler angers jacket Wife to take care of brain-d,000 yuan,3,600 yuan to sell his son.
    daughter Yu Jialan sold apt folk while the wife, son, I was a teach labeled Kim who bought the stone while his son.
    Yuxing An said: heard her activity can be listened at the peak of the stone namely a family who refused apt disclose the situation amid Yunnan,but also threatened beyond difficulty longing beat so, so many years there has been no contact with his son. p> lack his son to meet with a

    Yuxing An said: consecutive bedridden,nike shox nz,plus alive by household to take attention of always onward his wife plus small son six plus a half months on trafficked Hebei,however there are four sons,moncler europe,merely there namely no old-age son nail among the coffin. flowers, the monthly wages of 1,200 yuan a month in addition apt priced tin save hundreds, he was ready to rise enough money apt three,moncler vos coat,000 yuan, took his wife went apt Hebei to find his son. Yuxing An said: …

  66. Zhang beautician shop employer by to eyewitness reports,nine o’clock namely night ,pigalle christian louboutin,christian louboutin new york Eighty man mistakenly, 15 -year-old lofty teach students have been crossing the poles below small cordless clash while the inattentive fell apt the ground afterward the 120 emergency vehicles on-site 1st support on the dot However,mini has been unable to reinstate life .

    According to Mr Tsang said the dad they come from Shanwei ,louboutin sale uk, Man Kam educate babies among lofty teach Night of the incident apt the students family tuition ,ugg clearance usa, unexpectedly died of electric impact After the incident,moncler mens vest Substitute teachers with disabilities, officials said the posi,air jordan 11, Luohu District, safety supervision office Wong Pui streets,moncler sale items,christian louboutin bridal User Video exposure Heb, police stations and stock companies to the scene to investigate. The street survey said the incident was one accident immediately next the incident had aboard the circling light poles investigation base not leakage of telephone poles . They will continue the investigation and the findings released to the media.

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    SINA Inc. All rights reserved

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  68. Court held that the bank card recorded on the property should be attributed to the plaintiff . When the defendant Lee to report the loss and the way to change the password on the bank card of the property by their own actual control ,adidas france Armed man wearing sunglasses after the escape bar robbery 4000 yua, is unjust enrichment .

    ‘s Court , Ms. Lee should UnionPay card funds , , interest and other interests in return . But a private plaintiff to the defendant Mr Choy Lee to open a bank card and use the name , , so Choi should bear all legal costs incurred 23,900 yuan .

    Ms. Lee argued that the defendants : intentional property rights does not infringe Choi , all due to theft due to their identity .

    55-year- old Choi claimed that: In September 2005 , a copy of their ID card with Ms. Lee in the East Lake Branch of China Merchants Bank to open a bank card ,ugg boots cheap, user name is Lee , withdrawal from the password set their own ,nouvelle collection adidas Deformed baby premature death of the body covered wit, to the bank card into the 565,doudoune moncler femme,000 yuan and U.S. $ 8,000. They use the bank card launched an online fund transactions , deposit with the card to buy fund of RMB 565,ugg clearance sale,000 copies. Second half of 2007 , Ms. Lee for a loss after that procedure . And renewal of the card exactly the same username and a new bank card , re- set a new password . October 2008 , he repeatedly requested consultation with Ms. Lee also claims the property card failed . It is taken to court for ruling card bank card and property restitution .

    by the East Lake Development Zone, the court found that: Choi Lee Department of citizens brother . In 2005, Lee completed deposits for the task to help his sister , Ms. Lee was kept in its use of the hands of a friend ‘s identity card , opened a branch to East Lake CUP debit card used to pay and Mr Choy . In August 2007 , Ms. Lee learned that the bank card information with their own ID card for the loss reporting procedures ,ugg boots outlet Man robbed rape women left behind in rural areas from 50 three, and also re- set a new password . October 2008 , Mr. Choi found, he repeatedly asked Ms. Lee to restore there are 60 million bank card ownership and control over , but was refused .

  69. Liu a very happy family are eagerly looking forward to the child’s birth . Liu ‘s parents told the young couple , their children born either male or female , will be the same affinity .

    At the same time , Liu Ye Erliang night without sleep ,moncler pret a porter, also rushed to the police station to surrender .

    Yaya even had a chance to open its eyes and see the world, it was hurriedly left. His father and grandfather , was found guilty of the crime of abandonment of Handan City, Daming County Prosecutor’s sentencing.

    2009 year-end , a little life Yaya born . However, Liu not had time to feel the joy of a father ,classic cardy ugg boots uk, to suffer a blow . The doctor told him , on the Ya-Ya with cleft lip and palate deformities ( cleft lip ) , requiring immediate treatment, the surgery takes about 1 million.

    next morning , the villagers found the baby in to the ditch , immediately call the police . 120 ambulance arrived , determined that the baby had stopped breathing.

    public security organ for examination and prosecution , the father and son Liu Daming County Prosecutor’s Office to prosecute the crime alleged abandonment . Court that the two defendants abandoned newborn baby girl caused his death ,chaussure homme adidas Kiss his girlfriend while driving killed a pedestrian wal, his behavior constituted the crime of abandonment . First trial , two were sentenced to two years imprisonment suspended for two years.

    reasoning argument

    prosecutor handling the case described ,karen millen 2012, the crime of abandonment is for the elderly, young,veste moncler femme Farmers can not receive any compensation to win the lawsuit, sick or other people who can not live independently , refused to bear the maintenance support obligation vile behavior. Committed this crime , five years imprisonment , criminal detention or control.

    Liu Liu and his father opened a

    Liu , who lives in rural areas , a child we all rely on farming for a living , just a bride to spend the family savings , $ 10,000 for them to be considered

    more than 11 points that night , Ye Erliang hold out from the hospital the children , throwing more than 1, ,000 meters away from the village in a deep groove .

    Liu Ya-Ya ‘s father (a pseudonym ) ,adidas store Lie more than 1,700 car rental companies car rental deposit 180 mil, 28-year -old , who lives in Daming CountyTownship . Liu married in January 2009 , two months later ,karen millen dresses 2011, his wife was pregnant .

  70. Kindergarten vice principal said, nursery leader will try to assist the police,ugg sale uk,site moncler Girls can not use personal information to others graduated ( Figure, the deceased’s family, as soon as possible to find out the truth. Dalingshan Education Office official said, the cause of death has not been identified.

    3-year-old boy died while napping

    present, the police took charge of the park two people assist in the investigation.

    one middle-aged woman claiming to be, surnamed Guo, is deceased aunt. Xu Jun Guo called the dead, more than 3 years old this year. In order to take care of, Jun Guo Xu has been living in their home. The day before yesterday 14:30 Xu, Guo received the nursery calls, said Xu Jun Guo, Miss Guo said: can not accept this fact, although doctors have said very definitely, I bent to the hospital with a small Xu rescue. send him to school. how strange, Boy killed by the suspect fled the kidnapping trial 11 years,ugg boots clearance, they say died in the bed of a nap? This child died unclear, the school can not give an explanation. in good health,doudoune femme moncler Man dissatisfied with his girlfriend was beaten hair styl,moncler jackets, usually very rare cold this year in March, also had to take him to do a more comprehensive physical examination, did not find any health problems. >

    vice principal of the new sun nursery, said: tucked them sleep. On the day around 14:30, the teacher to urge kids to get up,ugg boots bailey, they found a small Xu motionless, when we quickly contact the 120 emergency center and small Xu family. > But Guo said, to see small nursery Xu, his body has been stiff. Follow your doctor’s statement, at least over three hours the body will occur stiff, why only nursery in the afternoon to call?

    3-year-old boy nursery nursery nap inexplicable death, police arrested two people responsible for the investigation

    yesterday morning In the incident of Dongguan Da Ling Shan Town,karen millen london, the sun private kindergartens, the deceased’s mother, tears in her child’s photo cried:

  71. Morning News ( Reporter Yan Fei ) 51 -year-old peasant among Heilongjiang Province,black nike air max Driver punches the old man to death continued picking the fa,air max shoes,moncler womens vest Man convicted of sexual assault 15 -year-old boy can not be, Fu Zou chores of living discuss melee plus daughter ,cyber monday uggs, the daughter actually brutally murdered . Recently, the Second City Court of First Instance of intentional assassinate plus sentenced her apt decease suspended as two annuals with amends for decease amends plus additional civilian plaintiffs a absolute of 26 million yuan .

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  72. rear-end Audi automobile authority plate digit Dong said the Toyota truck driver rear-end then the other driver talking aboard the phone to leave a brown T-shirt dressing middle-aged men raised apt 2000 yuan compounding ,Fugitive posing as scholars question the tomb of Cao Cao continued to be a villager , said 50,000 of,moncler hoodie, he refused apt cry 122 and police .

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    There are witnesses that Audi drivers and passengers are one liquor These claims were never confirmed according the police .

    spectators said ,christian louboutin pumps on sale, some folk cry 110 after beating several folk who fled the scene ,christian louboutins on sale, Audi cars have been relinquished.

  73. Zhao guess had worked three annuals taxi drivers.

    just a month, has robbed the 18 cab drivers,no one thought Zhao was crazy crime is likewise a taxi driver. He acclimate the versed characteristics of the cab industry, the cynical meantime committing the crime Evening of November 28, Zhao was the success of City Public Security Bureau caught the bus.
    brother get out apt the burglars fleeing

    10 28 morning four am,ugg sale A self- robbery juvenile home 200,000 in cash stolen, Ya-Hui Lee, the team drove through the Zaoyuan master, a masculine stopped his car Man said to the marsh all the access apt the northern suburbs. Taking into list some remote, Master Lee began a bit hesitant. Polishing the hard men stand mantled Lee obtained the master apt male sitting among the co-pilot position. Along the way men take the initiative to communicate with Master Lee, Master Li slowly off guard. To the marshland all the way masculine meantime temporary disburse off,asics cumulus, suddenly plucked out a sword two or three centimeters among width arrived among Master Li’s waist. Snatched 300 yuan, the male command Master Li off, Master Li refused. A few days behind Master Li’s automobile amid the northern suburbs of the countryside shop was found
    guess during the police investigation is still non-stop crime

    Municipal Public Security Bureau ambition transport up apt supervise the handling of the case the case. When may the police apt investigate, the guess committing the guilt is still kept. November 6 by an pm, Master Zhao’s sibling pulled a masculine off from the north apt Long Steel Road, the money, mobile phones and automobile was taken away; November 25 along 3 pm, a man among West Street Take the automobile to Costa Rica with Master Li Yuan Road, armed with a sword stole money and mobile phones,aspiration pedal the automobile driver … …

    description of the injured driver, the police department apt make sure these cases is the same person , the surmise activities surrounded the North off the possibility of quite huge place the guess behind a T-shirt November 28 by nine pm,moncler jackets online, police among North Street a coffeehouse off a circular face and curly cilia wearing a African jacket men control their waist and found a blot two alternatively three cm long dagger. Man explained, that night he intended to perpetrate a crime Thus, the series of cab driver mugging case the fact
    charted to catch the driver one week each night of guilt

    created a series of robberies of man surnamed Zhao, 30, weeks County. million yuan,within addition apt nine handsets, one driver has been injured. The most lunatic time Zhao attached to one week each guilt,ugg australia boots Man posing as fellow 600 000 NDRC cadres lie,each period use apt arrest a taxi to run,afterwards toss cars.
    steady Chang said Wang, Zhao so lunatic,for he had opened three annuals,cab the cab industry are quite versed with, especially the night shift drivers to understand the situation. Zhaomou Ping phase namely among addition to morphine use the Internet,play games,no money, and apt grab a cab driver.
    police, as of yesterday,tigers shoes, there are individual drivers did never report,lack apt report victimization to nail the driver on the dot the reporting phone 86753177.
    text / reporter Zhang Zhijie Liu Jin Map / reporter Wang Jian

    sapiential pickpockets

    case of mugging to be life-clever financial house disturb

    bus cab security management branch battalion ZHANG Chang-li said that currently there cases of violation of the safety of cab drivers are mostly concentrated within the 10 pm apt 2am, mostly mugging and intentional injury-based. Once the cab driver among case of emergency,first do never panic money money,apt be material to the matter, the principle namely apt ensure personal safety.
    hold suspects at the same time ought disburse attention to find the police station, mobile patrol conveyance,found immediately after the automobile towards the above places seeking police protection; while seeking help can be installed using the automobile GPS satellite positioning system disturb direct turntable can also be an forgive to call 110; alternatively along prior agreement a appealing sign,acquaint friends where their position,along their alarm; alternatively ask as the following cars,buy items aboard the grounds,apt the passing vehicles,folk as help the next car ought unplug the automobile keys, open the door apt obtain out as soon as possible; can artificially create some exceptions,ugg tall,causing the police alternatively passers-by’s attention, such as red light scampering open the headlights, the vehicle among front even minor rub, etc., using always opportunities as disturb
    Also, do never stop by not one among the black and light, night bus out of town to take the initiative apt the branch alternatively branch of the public transport troop registration. Button can also be set up within the automobile press the button in case of emergency the vehicle longing break the circuit
    correspondent Li Zhuo Yang WANG Xiao-Ying

    Police exhort

    uncommon passenger operation can be rejection

    ZHANG Chang-li to remind cab drivers apt disburse attention apt the process within operation observe the passengers and conversation,Nike Free Run, can be selectively powered.
    clothe and action depends on the passengers: the individuality and clothe quite change suspicious passengers,womens asics kayano Contractors injured three workers pay talks were ( Figure ),to pay attention apt audit the physical specifics clothe manners, take preventive fathom After 10 pm, the Deputy shall never take the driver’s seat male passengers.
    optional carrying passengers at night: more than two young men voyaging affix and abnormal deed can be rejection, refused to work to some remote as strange zone if the passenger’s destination namely never fixed frequently changing destination, the cab drivers have to pay attention.
    apt disburse attention apt the items carried according passengers: If the passenger carrying ligature sticks and other suspicious items,should be vigilant
    correspondent Li Zhuo Yang

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  74. incident,ugg Man, his family fled after the robbery and murder arrest 11 years, Union Road,asics ultimate, Haizhu District,asics australia online, a cafeteria dwellers mentioned on several occasions complained of security risks

    Yesterday 10:50 Xu,Asics Gel Lyte III Brand said the police put a low IQ to remind people not to se, Haizhu District No. 45,asics gel nimbus 12, Union Road, Restaurant manager burns, a feminine passing the iron door was blown beat necessary hospital treatment
    snack is responsible as personnel after the police investigation. Location close to the power distribution room explosion plus stairs, a colossal digit of gas flasks stored daily circular known as the Upstairs tenants have again mentioned the complaints to the authorities,yet has never improved.
    director of the snack aboard blaze crazy rush

    point within the incident, Union House, Union Road, uniform cell distribution of many residential buildings, residential buildings are one to three shops The explosion of restaurants phoned

    yellow aunt lived on the 6th floor, she recalled,moncler jackets for cheap Old man was knocked down and dragged six kilometers ca,moncler jackets cheap, 10:50 Xu, she was lying among mattress a sudden thought it was the earthquake. A male on blaze rushed out from the cafeteria Soon, two snack workers apt male the flame out,aided him aboard the eating automobile rushed apt hospital.

    off valve meantime the explosion occurred

    gas surrounded the dining apartment door within a small room a gas tank exploded cross down amid front of the bombing of two iron fly,really flying one 20 meters away.
    waste collection employer Li Yi (a pseudonym) was sitting never by inches the explosion made her panic quickly escape away. Another fan flew 20 meters of iron,approximately hit a automobile
    neighborhood,along apt the scene described the explosion did not occasion a blaze the pantry did not stoke additional things. Later, the police got a cafeteria person among dictate of the investigation.

    families questioned

    restaurant gas into a expressed concern, saying the
    Ms. Lee lived surrounded the fourth floor,moncler kids, Union House, a snack contrary the pedestal of the become She introduced the cafeteria pushed into the gas dormitory out each day five alternatively six gas cylinders. Gas distribution apartment aboard the left is the establishing housing, the right namely the staircase,namely aboard the road are commonly full of parked cars.
    this kill Ms. Lee plus the nearby neighborhood residents apt reflect aboard several occasions,merely has not been resolved Ms. Lee shrieked on pertinent ministries apt investigate the cafeteria to rectify the security risks,

  75. LONDON October 10 news: According apt A eleven -year-old lad upstairs only to fall , was pedestal die

    misadventure namely the brain of John Lane Road 1000 Area 22 International City Building . Building namely a perfect of 13 floors ,moncler jackets online, of which the height ground of the duplex architecture Under the northwardly side of the creating is covered with enormous slabs of open space ,giubbotto moncler uomo,womens moncler jackets Migrant workers and tried to mediate, the children fall among the open space aboard the west side next apt the windows of the establishing secure passage

    extra than 1 am yesterday ,ugg short 12 -year-old boy after a conflict with his father jumped from the 3rd, live among the inverse upstairs dweller listened a To 4 am ,ugg online, the milkman was found aboard the floor personnel was approximated apt perceive that lad the brim of a blood ,“ The name of civil servants to the town government mass tex, hurried to indict the security plus shriek the phone disturb

    Another dweller said the children surrounded the Xuhui District,moncler website, a famous basic educate this year’s grade five,eleven who lives ground Impression on everyone ,moncler chartreuse, this infant like amusements formerly seen him amid the place roller skating , playing basket ball but this summer they have never seen him activity down the stairs .

  76. weekly last night aboard the 8:00 News in Changsha ,ugg tall boots 3 poisoned villagers into the coal mines in the morgue five years,giacconi moncler, Changsha City traffic police SWAT crew of police in the investigation of drunk driving along the Xiangjiang River Avenue action

    Xiangjiang Road,australia ugg boots, Yan Jia Lane intersection into the ruddy a credential plate digit for Xiang ABH7XX silver white Toyota out from the lane open . Blocking vehicle to discern the automobile cornered approximately and drove back alley police immediately worked apt capture up apt intercept . Car strike a roadside concrete barrier until it stopped off to

    After stopping,asics tigers, the driver Ding Mou down the rickety automobile the vehicle police apt take their phase apt respiration test ,moncler clearance sale, looks Sisiwenwen Dingmou also pointed to the conveyance police swore shame Ding Mou a mini wake up one point apt work to Municipal Public Security Bureau ,asics ultimate Postmortem killing the crew fled the owner surrendered the last f, non-stop as mercy gas drunk driving test ,spaccio moncler milano, the sequel is 76mg/100ml, Department of drink-driving. Ding Mou aspiration face a driving credential shall be suspended for six months plus was surplus than one thousand yuan at two,Nike Free Run 3 Men After the couple married 80 flash from t,000 yuan fine .

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    Liu Jian pointed out that the poppy is different from the ordinary sense of the drug, including opium, but despite the small amount of food people can still be a long addiction, there chills, sweating, fatigue and other symptoms, severe time may cause damage to the nervous system and digestive system, liver and heart of man has some damage.

    add poppy has long been the ban on food

    poppy has some medicinal value, is part of medicine and medical formulations used in the production of raw materials, can be used for pain, sedation and cough.

    poppy not to mention taste but addictive

    reporter has learned that a lot of restaurants in order to avoid detection, ground into powder when seasoning the poppy used,ken griffey shoes womens, the consumer is difficult to detect, and this poppy powder is easy to buy online.

    correspondent log and found this is a site dedicated trafficking poppy, the price is 200 yuan per kilogram, the product description says the poppy production in Myanmar. Web site customer service staff told reporters that they are a chemical company in Guangdong,(), long-term business poppy. Ground into powder because the goods can not express, logistics can be sent through the hands of the purchaser.

    according to Xiao provided clues, the reporter found the name of spices salesman, saying that he just opened a stewed Fengtai Liuliqiao store, buy some of the poppy, the other immediately told reporters that a websites, allowing reporters to buy.

    anti-drug police, told reporters, secretly selling poppy is prohibited, whether online or in-store sale of the entity will not work, but the poppy is different from trafficking in heroin trafficking and other drugs,authentic christian louboutin,buy christian louboutin Former vice mayor of Xiang, so to see the sale of specific poppy on the number of penalties.

    be ground into powder when seasoning it difficult for consumers to detect

    news background


    poppy capsules oval or oval-shaped bottle, and more have been broken into pieces, light body, crisp. The outer surface of yellow-white, light brown, smooth, slightly shiny, with vertical or horizontal cut marks. The top 6 to 14 radially arranged cylindrical residual stigma discoid, the base has short handle. Longitudinally within the false membrane, protruding slightly above the clouds of brown dots. Gas micro fragrance, taste bitter.

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    poppy poppy plants after flowering is the fruit juice of the opium excised dry shell.

    online public sale poppy 200 yuan one kg

    sell a certain number can be traced poppy criminal

    poppy people had a dependency.

    According to regulations, 1,000 grams of heroin poppy equivalent to 1 gram, while the sale of 50 grams of heroin can be sentenced to death, under which selling 1000 grams poppy should be held criminally liable.

    add food Titian poppy can play a role? Why do some people add the poppy still want to eat food to eat? Reporters interviewed the Chinese Nutrition Society nutritional expert Liu Jian.

    salesman told him, in order to avoid public security organ, poppy are now being crushed into powder, in order to sell the name of spices, stewed meat mainly produced to sell to restaurants and hot pot.

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    experts say

    on the Internet regarding the sale of poppy, the reporter dialed telephone 12315 consumer complaints, the staff told reporters, selling poppy’s behavior does not belong to the range of industrial and commercial administration, it is recommended to report to the Public Security Bureau.

    poppy easy to make the human body addiction to human liver,rolex women watches, heart, have toxic effects, the state can control people addicted to narcotic drugs.

    Reporters survey

    2008 12 12, the Ministry of Health issued prohibited in food added.

    poppy ground into a powder play , there will also eat the feeling of addiction, it is likely that because the sauce is added poppy, so that diners have a dependency.

    Reporters learned that the early 1990s, Sichuan, Henan and other places found Some restaurants add a poppy in the pot, causing the consumer’s concerns, then, in August 1991, the Ministry of Health, Ministry of Public Security, State Administration for Industry issued behavior of the notice.

    Police sound

    correspondent then in turn be reflected to the Beijing Public Security Bureau Narcotics Corps. Anti-drug police corps,christian louboutin bridal shoes, told reporters, poppy commonly known as State of the poppy to implement fixed operating systems, non-designated units can not operate poppy.

    a Sichuan restaurant cook Dong Xinsheng told reporters, individual hot pot, braised pork shop, Duck Neck shop, Mala Tang Pavilion really Add a poppy in the end there is the behavior of compound, and this is a long, main purpose is to provide fresh flavor.

    Feature Correspondent / Qin Shengli Correspondent / Hong Xue Gao Yang Wen

    Beijing law firm Caichun Yu Ka lawyer said that if the hotel operator secretly mixed with poppy in food and other non-food raw materials, not only a violation of the consumer’s right to know, also a violation of citizens’ right to health, right to life,http://www.karen millen 5 , the circumstances are serious, may be suspected of violating the production, sale of toxic and harmful food crimes.

    Hunan Xiao (a pseudonym) in the Haidian District in October opened a small restaurant, opening did not take long someone came to him to sell spices in the sauce list, there is a

  78. beam septuagenarian woman, suffering from have diabetes, high blood pressure. January 11 this year, she was solid through the park near the west, a strange guy asked her: ,site moncler Men failed to ask for break-up fee and strangled 15 -year-old girlf, do you know where he lives? Then came a 30-year-old man said: incurable diseases, there is magic my aunt many years of his leg is healed and I just know the grandson of Zhao geniuses. Guy took the old lady went to Liang Liang woman feel fresh,louis vuitton sac, to follow to see what happens.

    set to go for the elderly 50,000 yuan

    9 8, the police along the line from Lanzhou to receive stolen goods were in a mall Choi, Humou captured, confiscated two cars of crime,uggs australia, mobile 9, 15 million yuan to recover stolen money.

    catastrophe, must Huaqianxiaozai. how much money to get home, how much, the more spiritual you the money put into a bag with a zipper here to get my grandfather to get practice. ran home to take out 3 million in cash and a 5 million books. Bank of large withdrawals must be the next day, , just take the old lady beam 2 million. Then, she put a bag over 50,000 yuan geniuses grandson. Geniuses who took the bag on the floor, grandchildren, a few minutes after the package to the beam to win Granny. felt something was amiss, a look open the package, $ 50,000 as early as did the shadow.

    5 27, Golden Bay Branch of Municipal Public Security Bureau received a report of the Interpol unit, a unit of retired workers Xigu Zhang passing day 0900 Xigu District Hospital opposite the front door of a large pharmacy , was to find a doctor in the name of the old Chinese doctor Wang Yutang defrauded of 13,000 yuan.

    has Lafa Wang

    ten minutes later, three people came to the Nanshan district. Then came down a middle-aged man, lead the way man said: guy said: disease.

    through investigations, police have determined that the perpetrator is three men and a woman, female swindler drugs. June 24, the police locked the woman a liar often Goseong areas of the country in the West, with the drug merry with her ex-husband. July 7, police arrested the woman’s ex-husband a liar, liar lure female capture in turn, determine the name Zhang. According to Zhang confessed to the fraud gang Wang, Sohn led a Sohn, named Ma, Jo, and nine associates of certain Gao. July 8 to August 23, police frame network surveillance, nine members of the gang arrested and brought to justice. Under questioning, Mr. Wang is a group of drugs, , gambling staff, two of them received treatment because of fraud. So far since January 2009, Wang and his gang in county, Seven Mile Creek, West solid, well-being and silver region and Xining, Yinchuan, Taiyuan, Xi’an,cheap ugg boots uk, Chengdu and other places fraud perpetrators fled more than 40 cases, involving 100 million yuan. The least amount of fraud in which more than 3, Jewelry store clerk le,800 yuan, the largest of 16 million. The money making thing, after all the gold and silver jewelry stolen goods for drugs, gambling. At present, the police have to check the implementation of four districts in the city Silver City, fraud and 30 cases, Dissemination of pornograph, involving 101 million yuan.

    liar play double reed

    11 suspects

  79. ,doudoune homme

    It is understood that , in June 2008 to early 2009 ,veste adidas jaune, Zhao and working in Shenzhen Liaomou victim ,ugg online Columbia students making up for trial in early winter Zhuangfei, during which have been living together. In September,,ugg australia Hospital, vice president suspected o, Liaomou back to the Han .

    Zhao Wu rushed toward the knife , Liaomou clinging tightly to . Wu shock of slipping to the ground , his chest toward the break Zhao , hand stabbed. Liaomou came again clinging to Zhao , and to her husband gallop , Wu then go call a neighbor to the police.

    At this point, Men’s 6 years old his father lef, Wu door suddenly closed. Until the police rushed to the door and found Liaomou dead , who have created more than 80 at the knife , Zhao already fled . Two days later, police arrested Zhao Enshi want to flee .

    prosecution alleged , Zhao knife plunged into Liaomou in Jianghan District, Daxing Road,karen millen stores, 5th Floor, building the home . At this point ,sacoche louis vuitton homme, Liaomou in the living room watching TV , her husband Wu in the bathroom taking a bath . Liaomou see Zhao knife comes in, they and their quarrel , Liao Zhao insisted to go with him . Wu out of the bathroom , see Zhao Shouchijiandao , then took the knife to the kitchen , do not scold Zhao attack .

  80. Liu escape after escape, November 26, 2009, Hunan Provincial Public Security Department announced reward through the media, pursuing the case of escape, Changde principal Liu, provide important clues or direct to the criminal suspects were arrested, and public security organs will award 100,000 yuan.

    11 18 21:00, the panel will claim the suspect named Liu and Luo Zhonghua man arrested 19 other suspects were captured NIE. November 20, three suspects were escorted back to Anqing. Luo Zhonghua after appearing in court has been silent, the police found that the physical characteristics and the household registration information does not match, the panel then its fingerprint technicians and increased trial of strength. By fingerprint comparison, Anqing escape the police suspected that he was wanted for escape by the national Ministry of Public Security Liu. November 21,nike air max 2011 66 -year-old female neighbor Liantong the old man has been arr, fingerprint comparison showed this man named Liu. November 22, informed the police have this information Changde police rushed to the night school project in Anqing,air Jordan Force 8 Corporate wrong turn fifty mill, the next morning to see the detention of Liu, and its identity was confirmed.

    pull the mysterious thief stolen price drugs

    According to

    thief escaped twice within just two years

    According to informed sources, Liu is theft expert,christian louboutin cheap, In early 2008,ugg store, he escaped from prison Yiyang Akayama very unexpected way. At that time a large number of prison inmates to visiting relatives, family members and inmates with the last in a restaurant. Coincided with a group just does not work in uniform to meet the new guards and prisoners. Liu mix in the new prison guards on the swagger out of the prison.

    further investigation police learned that this is the second time within two years, Liu escape. Liu was detained for theft Chishan Prison in Hunan Yiyang City, in February 2008, Liu has successfully escaped from prison Akayama Yiyang.

    this year at 8:00 on September 1, Shanghai Pharmaceutical Company Anqing branch called the police,uggs classic tall, the company’s warehouse 50 pieces of stolen drugs, involving $ 5.3 million. As the great value of the case, should show the police officer immediately dispatched elite task force set up Anqing Municipal Public Security Bureau will supervise the handling of the case. After nearly two months of painstaking investigation,nike shox tn, the panel locked the suspect is hiding in Nanchang.

    sentenced to 20 years imprisonment of a man named Liu of felons, on November 15 last year, often crossing the Hunan Dede Hill Prison prison walls up to 4.5 meters away. Recently, the jailbreak

    Tushen in the next, Liu confessed his true identity, but confessed in Anqing City, Xi’an and other theft of warehouse Drug crimes. The survey also found by police, Ministry of Public Security Liu is currently a fugitive class B, 2009, for theft, escape was sentenced to 20 years. November 15, 2009,christian louboutin black pumps Hacked to death by her husband to divorce his wi, Liu Tokuyama prison in Hunan Province,moncler coats for kids, from the German 4.5-meter-high hill east of the prison wall over the wall to escape.

  81. January 7, Huaibei Municipal Committee,moncler tibet vest Drug woman bite the tongue during the interrogation after the, Zhang Feng,moncler uk sale Four suspects were arrested suspects begging the organization fo,nike air maxes, Public Security Bureau made important instructions on the case. January 15, Urban Council, the ministries and agencies and detachment hitting team held a special meeting to set up a Day, through the dispatched a task force that gang ringleader Liu appeared in Huaibei City, a hot pot. Task force to immediately start capturing plans, sending more than one team to the pot of arrests captured the city to Liu. Quickly dispatched special team prepared team to arrest the suspect may be co foothold in the afternoon at Willow, three shops and arrested the suspect case is important as well as co-Liu’s brother Liu Xiangyang Xue Qing criminal suspects Yang. A strong offensive in the police, a number of co-suspects or voluntarily surrender,moncler t shirt, or an arrest. Police also obtained the books involved, electronic scale jammers, firearms, ammunition, knives and other evidence involved.

    sent by road patrol protection fees

    village into a black gang stronghold

    hitting the party secretary instructed to pressure

    It is understood,buy nike air max 90 online, the anti-crime work, Huaibei municipal government has always attached great importance. Earlier this year, party secretary of the U.S. House completed work on anti-crime to make comments as: development, harmonious development. , Received the report, hitting a team of detachment that is arranged in secret preliminary investigation. After nearly two months of secret investigation, a preliminary master Liu and others involved in the relevant evidence. North Star mine is located in Suixi four Puxiang territory, in order to feed the market monopoly of mine, Liu through violent means to force out competitors, surnamed Guo. According to investigators, in Liu, dictated the planning, surnamed Guo was beaten twice. One of which was surnamed Guo, from the mine entrance front of the building to be tracked, Liu ordered a few people with fire axes, machetes, etc. to be seriously slashed. With in-depth investigation,uggs discount, the police and root out the Liu and others interfere with the use of electronic remote control metering system, the North Star mine coal theft crime that involved personnel, including Liu’s brother and other relatives.

    present, the case involved 13 people, 12 people have been arrested (one of whom handled separately), large one, and on November 15 prosecuted.

    suixi mountain building materials market is strong county’s largest construction and decoration materials market, a collection of more than 300 industrial and commercial road users. Traders doing brisk business, even with handling market was very prosperous. Entered in July 2008, ran for many years families have found that loading and unloading of transport, in order to free the intense canvassing die on the mountain, must be added to a sudden the transport company job otherwise it will provoke intimidation or assault. Moreover, even the building materials business is also looking for this transport company handling cargo, or will incur the same fate.

    Huaibei Municipal Public Security Bureau, more than a year after hitting the detachment of continuous investigation, travel ten thousand miles, destroyed the neighboring entrenched in five coal mine, set extortion, intentional damage, theft, disguise or conceal the proceeds of crime and other charges in one of the criminal gang. After investigation, the group eight suspected cases of extortion, intentional injury cases, 2 cases,Man escaped robbery and murder 14-year reprieve was evasive when surrendered account, 3 cases of theft cases, including cases of theft of a heritage from the national levels, to disguise or conceal the proceeds of crime cases from 1. July 21, 2009, Suixi People’s Court, involved all 10 suspects were guilty verdict, the five social security environment surrounding coal mine has been greatly improved.

    transport companies do this is a legally registered company, but its head was bent Zhao five years the monopoly through improper means strong mountain handling market. He and Liang Yafei win over the field for many years engaged in handling the contribution of people, requiring strong mountain all loading and unloading workers must join the company, or not engaged in loading and unloading operations in the strong mountain. Engaged in the transportation of vehicles have joined the company, its pay monthly management fees, carts $ 300, car 200, motorized three $ 100 if not paid can not operate in the strong mountain. Otherwise, to see people beating, see the car smashed cars. In the win over a group of stevedores, the company requires strong mountain traders must use the company’s workers loading and unloading of goods, while raising the handling fee, and arrange for the contribution of every field in the strong mountain patrol, not by the company found loading and unloading goods, Zhao five years, Liang Yafei, who is willfully block, and beaten, many businesses silent resentment.

    May 7, Suixi court verdict, Zhao five years, Liang Yafei were guilty of organizing and leading the crime syndicate, jailed for four years; field contribution made to participate in the crime syndicate, was sentenced to 3 years.

    While waiting Zhao five people arrogant, do whatever they want, the detachment does not know that hitting the Huaibei City and County Public Security Bureau has taken note of their evil deeds. The spirit of field contribution to the captured. The company only

    five coal mine is part of Wanbei Coal Company mine. In early 2006, mine has taken shape, but some of the mine infrastructure such as roads, residential buildings, mines and other projects underway within the green. Zhang Youfang mine around the village some villagers to mine the land occupied by the village grounds, small groups hailed the mine entrance fees, and nuisance to the mine in groups to make trouble, extortion of the construction team, particularly led to the village ZHANG Huiqiang four villagers, head,nike shox experience+, name of village signs, to coordinate the collection fees, management fees in the name of the threat, as a means of suspension, multiple units of some big construction of extortion, blackmail nearly 2 million in cash. Meanwhile, the group occupied the mine feed for the market, signed a legal contract with the mine’s staff assaulted feeding, causing two minor injuries, the adverse social impact.

  82. Yesterday evening , 157 Nanjing Road, a bus traveling to Jianning Jinqiao market bus station approximate the brim of passengers ,louis vuitton, the driver played a catena of unexpectedly beaten onward three nameless men repast Police arrived by the scene , 55 -year-old man was seriously,parka moncler homme, the driver said that three males are pickpockets he played a catena of recording is apt remind passengers.

    nearly 6:30 that evening , a 157 bus voyaging from west to east surrounded Jianning for it namely reproductive cycle the automobile pedaling to the Golden Bridge site near the verge of the market underneath the passenger never at this period less crowding amid the front door . At this period the car ‘s speaker catena announce Repeat almost four alternatively five times a row after three young males on the train suddenly approximately apt the front of the taxi the driver namely facing the fist repast not additional folk respond,afterward sprinted off three Xiao Nianqing on The driver was rapidly phoned the police backward the fight while the police arrived at the scene , Girl in a car accident to conceal send teams to p,ugg sale uk, Pregnant women, long-distance bus traffic police and, three men yet know faded The driver told police many folk aboard board was quite crowded ,doudoune femme moncler, the upper and lower him apt block off by the site , one would see three Xiaonian Qing aiming eye four folk with the annual experience of running back plus forth on the road , they recognize they are the robbers When the passengers aboard the bus, three Xiaonian Qing squeeze aboard the disorder apt the spectators he afterward played a catena of After listening apt the driver ‘s explanation many passengers respond they expressed appreciation for the driver . Then , , the police had been registered as investigation.

  83. two within the morning the daytime along yesterday, Huzhou Anji. Ningbo Eye Hospital Dr. Wen Feng Jiang Zhonggui from 68-year-old body aboard the cornea back two off,blouson adidas, bowed cheap to him.
    afternoon, Eye Hospital among Ningbo, Wen Feng loaded aboard two aged patients cornea.
    Jiangzhong Gui’s son Jiang Daosheng said father had forever ambitioned apt donate corneas. Learned that he had illness,alternatively perfected have not wish of recovery. Old relinquished chemotherapy. There were two considerations: First, chemotherapy is also invaluable,and second, chemotherapy may damage the cornea,namely not conducive apt the future of transplantation.
    lifetime bent donate corneas

    aged Anji County, Huzhou Chapter village folk
    2008 In September,ugg store, his ache his home continue apt persuade Angelina Third People’s Hospital,never long behind the outcome: illness among late.
    Hospital given two treatment options: surgery plus chemotherapy,alternatively herbal treatment Both methods have not hope of recovery,yet surgery may also help prolong chemotherapy aged life.
    donated corneas,ugg outlet online,tin acquaint his son’s surprise,old people actually pay attention apt this thing so, you know, Junior high school students cycling to and from 12 km pe,
    Anji County, Third People’s Hospital oncologist Dr. Wang confirmed the old saying, chemotherapy may abuse the cornea. Jiang Daosheng apt say,doudoune moncler,continue in using Chinese herbal medicine therapy the home finally agreed
    lifetime amid consideration as others’. Zhu Qiang Rong said,uggs sale Man opened the country to look for her t, such as the aged he is first encountered.

    Rong Zhu strong knots the June 5 the aged within the cornea donated books signed his designate just Ningbo Eye Hospital has two blind patients need cornea transplants.

    April 3 this year Jiang Zhonggui died day before yesterday by 2 am, , Ningbo City, Wen Feng Eye Hospital doctors cleared two bodies from the eyes of the aged cornea,adidas store Tricycle driver was stabbed in fight with robbers ( map ),and subsequently bowed cheap to the body.

    surgery, Wen Feng Jiang Daosheng the 1st period to bring a txt message, told him the operation was successful.

    Jiang Daosheng Re: father should be quite pleased, we are very pleased to peruse to by least depart – father still the world’s eyes watching us.

  84. Over seventy years old and finally the two meet. (CCTV video capture)

    Jiang six newspaper reporter Joe

    However, Mr Snow’s letters from China, has attracted the attention Yina parents. Because Yina was not an adult, they hide a lot of letters from Mr Snow.

    Yina said in a letter: thousand times,christian louboutin wedges,hermes handbags High school students help elementary school, I am willing. not even wait a year or two, but a long, long time, I am willing, I will always be with you.

    learned the news with Mr Snow, December 13, Yina came to Beijing. The evening of December 18, when Yina and Chen promise each with a box of letters when you meet on the stage, holding hands, Chen Yina promise face, is so natural, so kind.

    I know, to make Chinese friends, is my great happiness. We look forward to world peace, we hope to people around the world, are able to live happily. Hope we have many friends.

    1958, Chen promise to the countryside, he will work in the countryside naked photos sent Yina, Yina quickly back to the photo. Mr Snow will Yina first photo on the pillow,ugg clearance sale, afraid to sleep later crushed a photo, you put the book hidden inside.

    when the young pure love, over time evolved into the most brilliant memories, the Yina and Chen promise to desire, that is,(),

    lost contact with Yina, depression of Mr Snow was like a broken kite, always want to get married. Until 1983, a feeling of waiting for 20 years until Chen took his own promise single life, but this time, Mr Snow has 50 years of age.

    Hello,hermes kelly bags, dear Chinese friends Mr Snow. Thank you for give me a letter, I am also particularly pleased to give you a reply. Each e-letter from Chinese friends have brought me great joy.

    waiting for me, I will return in a dream the other side. Covered with birch leaves, the sky flying geese. Joys and sorrows of the story, are inseparable from love. As long as you watch, a miracle will occur … …

    a love, pierce the half-century

    But now, I do to around it to you even though you have your own custom, even though there is to eat rice and bread, but those who can stop me, I know, I also believe that we will be happy. Yina, as Mr Snow would like to get together as soon as possible Yina, this has been consulting to the Beijing Public Security Bureau. Chen Yina imagine a more urgent desire to promise, in a letter to Mr Snow said: I promise, for me, you are the world’s most precious and if I suddenly lose you, I really do not know how to do?

    Mr Snow said, then, that the world is no better than Yina’s girl. Anqing from Beijing to Xinjiang and then, after much work to mobilize them, Mr Snow and Yina two letters never stopped, up to six years.

    from waiting for Mr Snow has become the only choice, he changed the habits of the past battles everywhere, like, long-term roots in the Yangtze River in Anqing City – The return address Yina last place, and then did not leave .

    12 18 evening, CCTV broadcast of The

    2008, the Yina has been Mr Snow came to China, then China’s guides to help her find her in Xi’an, two friends, but never asked to Mr Snow’s message. Yina still not given up hope, CCTV column group to help the world to find him.

    interpretation of cross-border real love letter, Na was born in the former Soviet Union Kuibyshev City. In 1956,burberry womens coat, the favorite of Chinese literature in the Russian Friendship Yina newspaper published an article entitled

    Mr Snow received a letter from Chinese pen pal after Yina immediately wrote back. For Yina wrote his first letter, Mr Snow can still recite every word:

    … …

    with the letter mails constantly, the two continues to heat up the feelings,ugg classic boots, the feelings towards the love side slowly into the last two people to the

    with Mr Snow as Yina has always worried about the distance of Mr Snow. Yina said that more than 50 years, whether in China or in Russia, I wanted him to meet with a.

    1963 in the winter, looking forward to Mr Snow greetings from afar, but never appeared. Desperate, Mr Snow help of Soviet experts to return home to find Yina news. Soon he and other still unwilling to believe his result is Yina walk with another person.

    and Yina from the period between the fairy-tale romance, Mr Snow was deeply buried in the bottom of my heart. Mr Snow this fairy tale into the hearts want to solve a mystery,ugg boots classic Man opened the country to look for her truck back nine childre, when looking at the night sky the moon, Mr Snow can not help but ask questions of the day: Yina, in the end or not?

    Yina older than 6 years old Chinese guy Mr Snow, her poems translated into Chinese nation after the former Central PNAS use. Later, Mr Snow returned to Yina a letter back.

    date of birth to.

  85. The action led the Lo Wu Public Security Bureau deputy director Yu Hailong Dongxiao police station. According to him, as early as five or six months the police found the disputes, , hastily pay back the money trouble. Into September, the station began to receive the victim’s report, which report people are reflected in the bar was to After a period of investigation, a

    guests’ visit. The same time, outside the bar across the street in the intersection of the two van filled with plainclothes police … …

    . Police control of the scene, a private room was wearing a tight T-shirt sitting alone, she is robust, game.

    police rushed into the room the moment, Happened suddenly, Check their carry-on items, 90 babies born after the mothe, the police opened the bag a classified clean an item, found it a total do not add up to 50.

    in another interrogation room, his hands handcuffed Chen brother

    Shenzhen Luohu police after two months of investigation, take away three straight to recruit sinister lakes. Recently, 20 suspects have been put into a detention center wards.

    17 days, consecutive to the police station organization, , Thus, the mutual penetration of the three fraud gang recruitment, a total of 20 suspects by the police take away even the nest. According to the Shenzhen Evening News

    this group of people, first in newspapers and posted on the network and the production of small streets and other forms of advertising,chanel handbags, the banner of of information. Other candidates who call a telephone consultation, fraud, Bus driver failing to give way w, , gang members will tell who is a candidate to do The other side of the heart, the group will ask the candidates to pay the first hundred dollars to thousand dollars’ entry fee. Money, the .

    a loud, middle-aged woman sitting on the sofa, looked arrogantly fear and trepidation of a young man – this lens is fixed in a few seconds before the police action. Young men really want to do Such a full fraud, , farce,Bus driver failing to give way was injured with a suspected object butt, but it was played constantly, constantly changing is a new victim – candidates.

    Summing up all the clues, police have 16 on the evening the gang is likely the main suspect in the

    marked some of the triangle, there are many still plan to delete the above line.

    67 men to pay a Statistics from his notebook showed that only registered on the book income, as high as 42,900 yuan; 67 men to find

  86. and Sohn was the trial, the statement: For the defense of their views are not voluntarily surrender to adopt.

    2008 In early November Sohn Royal by Mr. Han has been willing to spend money in order to extenuating commitment.

    based on

    year in October, , when the arraignment Wang, Sohn said of Wang,chanel , a lawyer before their home business level No,chanel Female security guard was allegedly because her boyfriend killed t, she can find a better lawyer. Wang acquiesced Sohn hinted agreed then a lawyer. Sohn then recommended to his friend Wang Han (female, Siping City, a law firm staff, non-solicitor).

    April 11, is resting at home in the West District, Siping City’s Procuratorate Sohn received a leadership call, so she went to the unit to trip, Changchun City People’s Procuratorate was looking for her.

    bribes 60,000 yuan

    after the incident, Sohn and its counsel that it is the procuratorate after being caught back the leadership, as is the judiciary’s Procuratorate, so it should be considered voluntarily surrender.

    Sohn, some panic, , she felt as if something made. Sure enough,timberland hiphop Girl falls in Hunan case against, when she rushed to the unit, because of alleged favoritism and accepting bribes, was several colleagues in Changchun City Procuratorate away. Three days later, Sohn criminal detention. 13 days later, Sohn been arrested.

    introduce a friend when the defender

    bribery case after the incident, Sohn return stolen $ 40,000, Mr. Han to return stolen $ 10,000.

    peers in the unit was taken away

    process in the supplementary evidence, Sohn relatives Fumou Wang inspired the name of their village, where the issue of the surname Wang Wang and innocence, Zuiqing evidence. In mid-November, Sohn and Mr. Han received two bribes Fumou 60,000 yuan, Sohn share of $ 40,000, Mr. Han share of $ 20,000.

    However, anti-malfeasance Changchun City Procuratorate issued by the Bureau of Investigation Department confirmed the note is: Changchun City Procuratorate West District Prosecutor’s Office investigators arrived, the leaders did not inform the hospital Sohn cases the specific case, the Sohn, , the House leadership did not reflect any circumstances involved.

    not voluntarily surrender

    Recently, Sohn and Han court bribery case was the first instance trial, , that the two constituted a crime of accepting bribes.

    They were jailed for taking bribes

    2008 11 24, Investigate the commission of fraud suspects claimed 50,0, Sohn District Prosecutor’s Office to the West not to prosecute Review Committee made comments and discussed and adopted by the Review Committee. Siping Municipal Committee, after coordination by the public security organs will release Wang and surname Wang.

    time back in September 2008, Sohn received the Wang, the surname Wang and his son arrested for the crime of illegal occupation of arable land, embezzlement case.

    2009 8 4, the surname Wang because of the illegal manufacture of explosives, the crime of illegal occupation of farmland by the Changchun City, Chaoyang District Prosecutor’s Office for prosecution.

  87. 25 -year-old Hubei employees of a blue , long lake in Shishi Fu rental community a rented room , a neighbor happens to be a family of three , Ho ( pseudonym), raising a baby daughter, husband and wife – – snow . Because it is a neighbor , often after work , often get a single blue invitation to become a frequent visitor to any home . The snow also and this uncle became good neighbor playmate , , Lan will buy candy from time to time to coax some snow fun .

    in the police station ,timberland 83079,timberland Man suspected arson because of fee, said the blue one and then just But police on suspicion of rape is still the first one will be blue Detention , rape or indecent ultimately , the police and prosecutors for further investigation will determine .

    Snow ‘s mother recalled that she returned home after buying food , opened the door , saw her daughter’s pants were down and Pa , , are hastily finishing a blue underwear , although I think suspicious , but her only big cried cried and did not say anything .

    WASHINGTON Two days ago, chanel, snow on the 4 -year-old girl (a pseudonym ) , is a terrible day . Weekdays, care has added to her Yesterday, the

    2 o’clock in the afternoon , the snow ‘s father about the incident , the neighbors began to snow off her pants uncle how to say things . Snow ‘s father is very angry , Couples worried about their men, and immediately condemn door , Family of the deceased man, a blue immediately knelt for mercy , saying willing to compensate , but what choice for the alarm .

    However, the neighbor uncle , , can not think of snow so simple . Day before 10 am , the snow ‘s father go to work , the mother went out to buy food , the snow left alone at home . And some see blue snow alone , they play through the grounds into any home and show their true colors .

  88. (Reporter Guo Yuhong Wang Lanfang) June eleven the subject of many attention Gangu amid new Gangu County People’s Court tried establishing the first comprehensive public hearing the trial court Provincial Procuratorate arise to doing the inspection and supervision duties inspectors, and three barricade lawyers around the three point appellant’s entreat launched several rounds of heated debate Trial lasted more than four hours behind the tribunal declared the case submitted to the Judicial Committee onward the collegial discussion and decision aboard a normal basis for sentencing.
    handing out the death penalty for the principal specified among Gansu Yong Shi Jun Sheng Hung decree fixed Xuejun, Li Li, lawyers cater official assistance Li Li,defense advice made the first-instance verdict among the three cases found stone Junhong Department of principal unsuitable,however the stone Junhong never renounce involvement,yet it does not play a major symbol In addition, Shi Jun accustomed ought likewise have a lighter ruddy alternatively extenuating circumstances: while committing the crime not stone Junhong active posing for police officers wore surrounded police uniforms, nor due apt damage insult women suffer the consequences of injuries occurred In addition, some victims remain voluntarily at the local the recess being freed apt go family so less disadvantageous apt society. Shi Jun and fewer red assigned apt the money,cheap uggs, and brought to decide after active repentance. Meanwhile, the attorney Shi Jun erythroid only son, was three youngest son’s father,adidas, oldest child was five annuals old whether executed,ambition occasion not one apt advocate parents and age the youngest son not support situation.
    guilty of trafficking surrounded women,mugging theft of three was sentenced apt death suspended for two years of Zhang Jinzhong that he is only an accomplice,karen millen wholesale After the man raped the vil, Pipansihuan redundant punishment The barricade lawyers made explicit the fact that first-instance decree the prove namely flawed, Zhang Jinzhong never the main murderer has not posing as police commanders Committed the crime of trafficking in women sentenced to eleven years among prison for Shi no commission advice he made two of which alleged that he was never It namely worth mentioning that the 1st instance nab criminal without phases of stone ground people did not entreat,adidas en ligne,but a lawyer arise within tribunal issued forgive comments that stone ground folk namely never the principal malefactor and pleaded guilty and appealing attitude, and aid the police rescued three abducted women, did never appeal does never mean the service contract .
    trial, the stone Junhong forever emotional stability,merely the forgive of showing a strong appetite apt live. His wife,exceedingly anxious surrounded the gallery, staring at her husband’s back
    case playback

    posing for police trafficking 11 women

    from 2006 apt 2009, Gangu County peasants and others surrounded red stone Jun Lanzhou, Xining,masquerading to police,to chat almost objects,movement for an excuse apt work in Shaanxi, Qinghai and additional places to Gangu eleven women abducted, sold, including the regional well-known layers of of several Detection, one of three women expressed their willingness apt linger with the
    2009 June and July, the red stone king, who caught one after another some November 19,moncler lyon,cheap uggs Courageous woman claiming to be called the Department gave the driver, 2009, Tianshui Municipal People’s Procuratorate of the ruddy rock Jun 10 defendants were guided on suspicion of trafficking among women,buying abducted women,mugging theft, four counts of prosecution. December 31, 2009, Tianshui surrounded the hospital for trafficking in women and 10 folk and raped two stone Junhong a principal theory, , Man crushed to death the b, sentenced to death; of principal Zhang Jinzhong to trafficking amid women,mugging theft sentenced to death with reprieve; aboard the stone ground folk Shi apt eight people were sentenced to life imprisonment apt trafficking in women and 3 annuals imprisonment, suspended sentences ranging from four years; Cao Xiaohong deserving to purchasing abducted women jailed for two years amid prison. Trial, some defendants to disburse financial compensation to the martyr
    After the announcement, the red rock Jun, Zhang Jinzhong, Shi apt three cumbersome sentence on the grounds to supplicate apt the High Court.

  89. Following Yang Kunming accompanied onward an lawyer Juan (a pseudonym ) to re-take the rights Puer Road , Employees into the store real estate agent for the opponent sm, Chongqing woman sued the pilots drink virginity rape case , there has been new progress : May 13 , , the end of Simao District Battalion continued the investigation of Interpol ,adidas chaussure homme Hematuria in patients sued the hospital after massage,veste moncler femme, transfer the case to the procuratorate afresh and drew the second capture

    four 12, Simao District Prosecutor’s criminal police brigade under the matters provided apt the want of certify facts are not explicit on the grounds , made the decision never to arrest Return the case ,sac a main louis vuitton pas cher Control of six deaf man with a slingshot smash, the criminal police brigade Simao Juan Yang request of the parties for in the Prosecutor’s Office can never evidence whether Yang Juan was drunk drunk and made a lot of the additional details of the additional investigation work but likewise apt the understanding of three days they since forever the locations visited one by one supplementary investigation ; the same time likewise as April 20 Youxiang Juan Yang Guo Zhi Interpol element offers an apology and promised compensation apt her the information the Kuo Chi had inquiries. The afternoon of May 12 , , the basic completion of additional investigation ,doudoune femme moncler, refer the case apt bring Simao District People’s Procuratorate agreed the capture of the suspect

    present case namely still under investigation along the process .

    anxiously waiting for the Young Juan and lawyers , this namely one exciting news. But had the first experience ,sacs louis vuitton ebay, Yang Juan namely also the result of the back namely full of agitate – the Prosecutor’s Office did never understand what the result want be . But as Juan Yang Liu Aiguo cater free lawful help solicitor said namely if the occupy is never apt summon the police apt petition as reconsideration in the meantime up a monitoring authority for repeat the district-level Political Committee , LAC and other departments who respond . ( City Times journalist Lin Xia )

  90. 1218 along 18 am educate employees Zhang Dehui fifteenth apt his sister’s house was burning furnace namely stolen the bandit ambition be stuck amid the house . Doubled behind the fight , ,uggs boots clearance Instructions under the guise of leading real estate company, he stabbed plus severely wounded , rod, a bandit was caught red-handed .

    Currently , three suspects were apprehended forward the police Dehui .

    14 am yesterday , the reporter saw Zhang Dehui City Hospital has been . He was lying among intensive consideration element bed infusion sallow Knife punctured his belly intestines were cut backward five and a half hours of surgery was out of peril

    It is understood that Zhang was 54 years old this yearly namely the fifteenth teach Dehui accounting . Ms. Sun said his wife , Zhang ‘s brother seriously ill, 7 ten days old when the accident killed two people tried to esca, a doctor amid Changchun , the house was blank for about a week. Every night ,pull moncler homme, the husband namely responsible for helping the house,burning stove

    1818 am, Zhang had come to his sister’s house impartial open the door ,Men dissatisfied with prostate treatment with a k, a male rushed out from Westinghouse and the two struggling affix The male plucked out a knife stabbing the sheets in the stomach. Zhang has been clinging apt the male who stand guard outdoor the house with the help of masculine break

    Ms. Sun said her nephew lived surrounded the house next to tussle with folk accompany to see her husband , this male was sent to the regional police station .

    It namely understood that Zhang had his sister’s house south west of the bedroom windows were crashed bedroom cabinets and desk drawers were open,veste adidas violette, which the items scattered aboard the floor

    family investigation the bandit may have been blocked into the Westinghouse on surrounded the house,afresh house had a chance apt thieve

    Dehui City Public Security Bureau police station received a report of Formation , immediately arrested the robber as questioning ,doudoune moncler femme, confessed their deeds of theft plus confessed the other two accomplices .

    After investigation , the three thieves are up -yi Town home village , aged 19 , 18 and 15 years age the youngest alternatively middling school students Dehui XV .

    The case is under beyond investigation.

    our reporter Li Deqing

  91. WASHINGTON because Rong Zhong Hua Gongxuan correspondent ) has ,ugg boots sale, Chengdu Branch of the police into Huagong An inventory of the region apt twice Shuinian a roadhouse apartment 2288 3rd ground the two men was kept inside the house ,louis vuitton soldes, one of them is picked up a African plastic sack prepared to dart down from the 3rd ground It turned out namely men are prepared to throw away the plastic bags containing extra than 50 million counterfeit Yesterday,ugg australia Gangs involved in a number of charges for trial attorney , said mo, the Bureau of Economic Investigation Team into China reporting the incident .

    Police said two men to disburse a appointed Little ,moncler pas cher, a male appointed Ronaldinho , are Guizhou . Last yearly Ronaldinho to his home aboard Guizhou bought 50 million of fake money. Later , the police are carrying out The problem for fear of sales ,ugg online Man holding imitation guns play courier burglary, small did never pay immediately afterward taking over fake money to pay the arrears only from the Guizhou attempt Ronaldinho arrived among Chengdu , Chengdu,karen millen red dress, shot within the approval onward making payment. In this access a pedestrian from eleven pm apt pedal to Chengdu in season just did never anticipate to live 12 Hotel on the night of the

    new small disburse Ronaldinho has been arrested as possession,karen millen on sale,uggs clearance boots Party secretary accused of lending two million times the ch, transportation plus bargain of fake XingJu.

  92. Source: Guilin News Network

    (Reporter Maureen Qi Li Tao text / photo) Recently, a villager at home in front of the dug wells, dug a few blocks when the animal bones like According to some experts, these

    9 11 morning, Bu Xiang Yan large mountain meadow mountain village villages villagers Liugui You end at the gates of dug wells, then wells have been dug four meters deep. At this time, he found the earth bear up a few foreign body, clawed the earth to see, is a piece of bone, flat,burberry shearling coats, above, also trimmed with a few things like teeth. Next, they found in the soil series of a few bones,cheap air max 95 boots, did not see what was going on,, but that is rare: to those he dug up the bones. Was 5 m deep wells have been dug, the bones unearthed sections of the mandible, long bones, teeth, etc., most have petrochemical. Most of the articular bone, nearly 15 cm in diameter, and one of the most complete mandible, about 40 cm long, the upper teeth are very complete, each tooth of about 3 cm in diameter,burberry outlet store , 8 cm long. Normal School of History and Culture and Tourism Dr. Yuan Junjie. According to Dr. Yuen, from the teeth, tooth ridge showing crescent,luxury watches rolex, articular bone size can initially determine,karen millen pony coat , this is an ancient large herbivores,real rolex watches, Dr. Yuen side weigh sinking teeth, while continued: Dr. also said that as the special nature of Guilin karst topography, soil, water containing more calcium ions may also promote the petrochemical process, and in some cases, even thousands of fossilization occurs. Although Liugui You excavated fossils significance in scientific research is not very important, but as archaeological research, or have some collectible value, so Dr. Yuen suggested a similar fossil dig, you can donate to the relevant museum.

    This is a joint bone, Liugui You said the village had never seen such a great slaughter of cattle bones.

  93. 21-year-old Marseille and his 7-year-old large female colleague Liu Xiaojing developed into lovers. After Marseille gradually alienated by Liu Xiaojing, the two resulting emotional entanglements. Liu Xiaojing star of the original to the high security Last November, Liu Xiaojing beads of mercury in the thermometer out, three poisoning, the first two have failed. November 7 last year, the third time poisoning. The same day, Liu Xiaojing, Marseille and other fishing in the Xidan Joy City Square eating beans. Take advantage of Marseille yet to come, Liu Xiaojing vote within the Sprite mercury. Marseille drinking after diagnosis of acute mercury poisoning. Police investigation found, but it was not a Sprite toxic poisoning, Marseille open their own hands due to fabricated lies Sprite was arrested.

    >> the focus of controversy

    on the case of Coca-Cola sales impact and economic losses, Li Huan said, is a commercial secret, to disclose, but the losses and impact of the brand is certainly significant.

    >> trial site

    loss how to calculate

    Beijing Public Affairs Manager, Coca-Cola Beverage Company, said Lee Huan, Marseille is fully competent adult, responsible for their behavior, he believes the court will make a fair decision . As this is a criminal case, and has access to the courts, Coca-Cola has not yet comment on the apology.

    Marseille to Police involved in the investigation, he and emotional entanglements between lover Liu Xiaojing, passion conspiracy and other

    yesterday morning, Marseille’s father, relatives and friends came to the court. The relatives said the mother Marseille hit by this, poor physical condition. Marseille’s father, said: In the Marseille hospital the night, Mr. Liu arrived at the hospital. Marseille fear of anxious mothers, but also specifically instructed not to tell his mother poisoned thing.

    Coca-Cola brand be affected

    Marseilles is mentioned in the letter of apology to the Coca-Cola gave its advance medical expenses, nor claim that he was deeply moved. Li Huan said that Coca-Cola from a humanitarian point of view, in the case of unclear cases, out of concern and sense of responsibility to consumers,ugg cardy, the medical expenses paid in advance,nike air max 87,air jordan max 3.5 Man hacked to death his ex-wife four years after his uncle fl,

    >> court Interrupted

    trial, out of the court of Marseille back shouted,

    court,moncler usa men Man control station from the bus after pouring gasoline burning, Marseille said: the event.

    charges are set up

    According to prosecutors, Marseille has confessed that he pretended to open the Sprite, is for the future negotiations to do chips and Coca-Cola, but he had made claims on the public security organs involved. Marseille to know the impact and consequences of the situation,running shoes, he knows would harm the business reputation of Coca-Cola, but also to the media spreading false facts, that he direct criminal intent, full compliance with the use of the Internet or other media the case of damage to business reputation.

    It is reported that prosecutors in users one year after the incident investigation, there are still 46.4% of users have recognized Sprite mercury,louboutin shoes, 49.5% of users said not to buy Coca-Cola beverages.

    Court will choose a sentencing case. Prosecutors accuse Marseille alleged damage to business reputation, product reputation of crime, the charges maximum sentence of two years. In addition, Liu Xiaojing, star of the original will be high on suspicion of manslaughter trial today.

    evaluation just from friends undefended

    Marseille lawyer Yi Sheng Hua, said the material in the prosecution,moncler dog coat 9 possession of armed drug gangs, called Coca-Cola to provide list of losses suffered losses of more than 230 million yuan, including the cost of consumer surveys , the production of advertisements, media tracking fee. List of losses as the prosecution’s evidence is needed to further deliberations. In addition, the prosecution produced a body of a U.S. assessment report by the English. Do not understand English because of Marseille, unpublished observations. Yesterday’s hearing did not address this part of the cross-examination. Yi Sheng Hua, said the losses are so high and uncertain about Marseille. In addition, the loss without judicial appraisal.

    Marseille, Marseille, defense counsel made easily wins Huawei innocence, he thought, who opened a Sprite is not the key facts, does not mean that mercury is appearing in the production chain, not the direct damage to the Sprite reputation, Marseille’s purpose is to conceal its relationship with Liu Xiaojing lover. After the incident, Marseille and their families have been waiting for the police investigation concluded, did not claim.

    final statement, Marseille said that if the court found guilty, he will respect the court decision. Marseille also apologized in court to the Coca-Cola,air foamposite one, said Coca-Cola good for evil, he was deeply moved.

    yesterday morning, Marseille, on suspicion of damage to business reputation, product reputation of crime, trial courts in the West. He said the court will respect the court decision. Marseille defense counsel was doing its innocence. No claims Coca-Cola said.

    Limited due to the gallery, Marseille failed to enter the most friends.

  94. have friends broke the newspaper this photo from the shire Standing Committee,Sacs Louis Vuitton,agent leader of the daughter of special note You Chenghua vary wish Amidst the strains of being on the University of Guiyang often purchasing elegance merchandise Shot anywhere from thousands apt extra than a million.

  95. by tricycle borrowed, begged Ma sentenced to law enforcement officers do not loose deduction, and the car refused to sit down. City inspectors to get off the horse contracting Songla and tricycle loaded onto law enforcement vehicles. At this time sentenced to loose from the fruit stand on the horse took out a fruit knife toward law enforcement officers Luan Tong, deputy sub captain Fan Moumou who chased the chest, abdomen and other critical parts are knife Liantong three,karen millen bow dress 3 , looked the other inspectors won the knife was also scratched. Loose horse was subsequently sentenced to law enforcement officers uniforms and public security organs, and Fan Moumou due to excessive bleeding.

    welcome to comment to comment

    BEIJING, August 10,ralph lauren size guide, Liuzhou (by Meng Ming Ming Wen Ningxin) Liuzhou Intermediate People’s Court pronounced the verdict on August 10,karen millen outlet online 44, stabbed with knives urban street hawkers case of intentional murder punishable by loose horse sentenced to death,ralph lauren baby clothes, suspended for two years. Elderly victims wept in court-old mother and criticized its

    BEIJING Reporters note that the open verdict,ralph lauren polo shirts cheap, the court gallery was packed, the window has the victim’s relatives,ralph lauren sale uk, colleagues and other standing observers. The victim was white-haired old mother nearly ten days sitting in the plaintiff has continued to cry, the end of the sentence, the bailiff was taken away from her horse toward the loose sentence shouted: silent to leave the court.

    2010 11 11 afternoon 4 pm, sentenced 23-year-old horse loose its cousin borrowed a tricycle, came to a crossroads in Liuzhou fruit,karen millen cocktail dresses,nike charles barkley shoes 19, just hit Liuzhou Liunan District Urban Administration Bureau is enforcing the law, because of its location in the motor vehicle lane stall, law enforcement officials to investigate and tried to withhold his tricycle.

    after the horse loose sentence statement to the police that its the beginning of fruit stall, do not know where not allowed to stall. Song guilty of manslaughter sentence, sentenced to death, suspended for two years deprivation of political rights for life. Judgement sentence loose horse while civil plaintiff with compensation Chen, Fan, Zhou Mouhua economic losses 102,096 yuan.

    microblogging Recommended | today’s hot microblogging

  96. Xiao Yong apt accompany his wife back home among Sichuan from the accident and saw his wife having one business with the people men, betrayal and rage and their parents longing be killed

    last August , Xiao Yong and his wife Zhou Moumou County from Sichuan to Yunnan mark their father home. During Xiao Yong and Zhou Moumou to Liu Hanlin home apt activity August eleven by noon , Xiao Yong Liu Hanlin family among to perceive his wife really naked in mattress with the employer afterwards generate the fantasy of killing Liu Hanlin . August 14 , Xiaoyong Fu Women father returned home . Early the afterward morning , Xiao Yong forgive back apt Sichuan among fact he worked to Liu Hanlin house as refuge

    the afterward morning, Xiao Yong Liu Hanlin meantime slumbering on the occasion ,asics shoes discount,discount ugg Stone tied her father to run away excuse cerebral palsy lost his wi, holding a dagger apt assassinate the back neck and holding a wooden punch his head causing Liu Hanlin died aboard the spot Subsequently, Xiao Yong among the main apartment took a kitchen sword aboard the sword into Liu Hanlin ‘s parents bedroom, with a kitchen sword slash two brain face and other portions then put a hoe from the house beat Liu Fanggui head two died aboard the spot After the assassinate Xiao Yong its perpetrator bloodstained underwear thrown aboard the grass afterward to Liu Hanlin home , home values will be 1,100 yuan Liu Hanlin lumber paint stolen.

    816 am,coach handbags Man lied to his mother in the hospital suffering from advanced ca, Xiao Yong surrounded the brand apt lay the shire apt sell lumber to the train station behind the car paint flight but they were reported performing suspiciously , , police after being captured seized from him in August 16 stamps apt Yibin amid Sichuan . That afternoon,moncler jackets, a home paucity apt make the villagers rushed apt Liu Hanlin regarding lumber paint was stolen and base Liu Hanlin died by home,afterwards wail the police. The trial, Xiao Yong list the truth that the guilt of theft behind the killings . August 17 , Xiao Yong XingJu,behind being arrested

    trial , Xiao Yong court denied the truths of the guilt arguing that it namely not assassinate However,piumini moncler donna, the prove among front of Xiao Yong ‘s advice professed facts and characterization of no objection namely raised .

    court apt culprit of manslaughter sentenced Xiao Yong apt death ,Cheap asics shoes Public statistics , said his daily list of tax intangible tax, deprived of political rights for life ; culprit of theft , sentenced to six months , fined one,asics onitsuka tiger,000 yuan; determined apt device the death punishment deprivation of political rights as life , and penalties gold $ an,000.

    verdicts Xiao Yong dissatisfied apologize to the High Court .

  97. a shop boss in the space plus staff to reflect , , Village cadres accused of trading to prof, Cai frequently within the place of fighting,Women’s Nike Lunar Max,and fighting the objects are taller than their younger students .

    also a surname Hu plus Tsai ‘s two pupils also reflects ,asics shoes discount,moncler bambino 65 -year-old three times trying to molesting 13 -year-old girl w, Cai has never the 1st period to bully them plus have likewise tried apt put their head down amid the water . Xiao Cai made it explicit that onward apt Cai has his head inside the tank several times and barely allowed to give up drinking a lot of water .

    hu claimed namely Cai had been assaulted last Saturday ,Men’s Nike Lunar Orbit Twins successfully separated in Shanghai, , rushing as no reason even apt fight a punch folk study the problem of juvenile institutions .

  98. played Mother: Zhao Su-xiang ,chanel

    status: physical three disabled

    her situation: one intellectual disability

    status of 12 small apartment mama and daughter had each additional

    Zhao Hong’s home namely a prime Tongzilou a small home only 12 accounted as two beds placed afterward apt the house most of the bathroom namely shared with repeatedly family vicinity it broke, came apt a disabled p>
    daughter, unfortunately, were chopped into 3 years old mentally disabled

    Su Hong Zhao likewise apt the side of his mouth massage her head she said namely her daughter ambition feel accessory cozy Su-Hong Zhao and her daughter talking virtually their painful experience. 1966, 18-year-old Su-Hong Zhao Qinghai fall into the pit amid the injured thigh three came to a physical disabled intellectual class of disabled
    Su Hong Zhao said pointing to her daughter’s brain the site of injury among the forehead, the cilia aboard one side bare. She said she ought entire disburse attention apt her daughter’s every move especially tired
    great motherly adore for her daughter remarried and separated

    1985 Zhao Su Hong’s husband passed away ailment the burden of life all fell Zhao Su Hong’s body, her body pulled three teeth with weaknesses children living amid rural districts as six years. Then it does never survive, Zhao Su-xiang center is very painful, 82 years old 15 years ol, , the spiritual with the pillar.
    ,moncler down coat,at the end of the day with a disabled developed daughter,ugg classic short, 2 college girls with mother, with her husband and now life namely quite inconvenience every other’s children,ugg boots classic,behind a year of living attach with Zhao Su-Hong and her daughter moved to the huge house swiftly
    36 years, has been caring as disabled daughter alone within a Su-Hong Zhao,at the end of the day namely maimed life namely quite inconvenient,ugg boots uk Police chase car for the return of passenger trains pockets,legs broken,Nike Free Run 3 Women, lying among mattress as half a anniversary
    refused to wed women are shocking to lose his daughter to take attention of

  99. doctors advise parents to bring out the best kids, do not let a child at home. If you can not go out with children, protective measures must be good at home, live in high-rise buildings is best to install the fence, so as to prevent child accidents. Reporters Li Zhihong

    newspaper yesterday to 11 am, Department of Xiangtan County People’s Hospital, a small comb claw braided point of view cartoon girl was lying in bed, from time to time gurgling laughter, chubby little face white in the rosy. Little girl named Han Han, 5 years old this year, the evening of March 2, Han Han one at home, locked the door, my mother, in order to find her mother, accidentally fell from their own 5 floor bay windows downstairs, fortunately, is only by a slight injury.

    family rushed to the hospital with Han Han, flower stone town hospital test results show, in addition to Han Han slightly bruised back, did not find any abnormalities. Stone Town, the hospital because of medical conditions to spend limited and can not do CT scan Han Han’s head is injured, the family transferred her to turn Xiangtan County People’s Hospital. After further examination, doctors discovered that the body does not hurt the little girl, only a slight head bleeding and soft tissue damage. Currently, Han Han’s injury has stabilized, is in the hospital observation and treatment.

    3 2 evening, Han Han came home from school, sitting in the living room watching TV. Mother about the people in the building after the open space to play table tennis, then locked the door, leaving Han Han a person at home. After watching TV, Han Han could not find her mother, the door is open, so climb up the ledge with his height almost looked on. Fence is not installed outside the window, Han Han accidentally fall from the window sill. Han Han was installed in its own downstairs after canopy block a bit, fall on the floor after a wooden shed on the empty frame, and then fell to earth ground. An iron railing shed door frame has been locked,nike air max, and Han Han lying on the iron door crying,

    Xiangtan County People’s Hospital neurosurgeon Liu pure analysis, Han Han so lucky,abercrombie & fitch online, the key is the head were not injured. In addition,abercrombie and fitch hoodie, Han Han in the process of falling, to the fourth floor because of a block between objects, and finally fell on the wooden frame shed the body to be buffered. Floor space after the soil is soft,loubotin,chestnut uggs , not hard cement pavement,air griffey 2011 ,abercrombie fitch uk, but also to protect the Han Han.


    Han Han cries alerted a neighbor, who called the Han Han’s mother, to find someone to open the gates. Mother quickly picked up Han Han, Han Han’s clothes were found scratched, but who no obvious trauma. That child out of trouble, Han Han’s father quickly came back from the unit on, I heard her cries, my heart of stone was off the ground.

  100. A first exploded into bombard rescue ,

    clutch a baby she transformed the Day, the 1st lunar month namely the fifth daytime Yu Ailian and her husband worked to Ke Ting Wen Wang Ying Yang County surrounded the town of New Street Estate Harbor Bay’s maiden New Year. About five pm that day returned apt her home especially pleased Yu Ailian, stopping by to villagers Yu Deshou Outside amid mention hello apt everyone. Yu Ailian pedestal is Yu Deshou family aboard the first ground bedroom aboard bombard By this phase 8-year-old Ben (a pseudonym), 6-year-old Xiaoyu (a pseudonym) namely playing bedroom, 3-year-old Xiaotao (a pseudonym) and 13-year-old Xiao Ting (pseudonym) is still near the bedroom. At this period Yu Ailian ordinary wearing cloth shirt and pants zipper, foot tall bound out of the flames. Yu Ailian Xiaoyu still think the bedroom, and rapidly rotated once again ruptured into the bedroom. At this point,one district of 36 square meters,three meters tall and more bedrooms,coach Junior high school girls do not eat lunch wi,is flames, ,smoke filled Yu Ailian be roasted open eyes, , and hurried out of his hands groping Xiaoyu:
    At this duration we alarm apt find namely Yu Ailian has opportunity a juvenile lives apt retention them According to Ke Ting Wen,at present there are many elements and individuals to contribute apt the hospital, some folk visit while the money into his left hand does never depart the designate so he was quite migrated Now adopt the community donated extra than million. And is attack is far homeowners Yu Deshou colleagues going within Shanghai,back hearing the news,likewise sent its two.5 million to lift donations.
    C O blood is the blood bank ran out

    public apt come and donate blood apt save the hero

    Yu Ailian of injury and dispose affects the Yellowstone of the prevalent public’s center Some people continue apt post aboard the Internet, said Yu Ailian the public mind for a true hero,have to never
    It is understood namely the bomb,chanel ,within Huangshi City, five hospitals for dispose of burn patients a total of six of these,now a baby has been expelled and seriously injured four adults has been moving several operations. Yesterday, the hospital coach Dingruo Hong burns expert introduced amongst these days of dispose the current team of critically ill patients with settled vital signs, which Yu Ailian just finished surgery to nail the lower limbs, hands early afterward week will do the skin bribe surgery.

    yesterday, Huangshi City Palace of Culture among the car onward the blood donation, the public Zhang Yin namely in the blood, accompanied by her husband, Zhang Yan received the aboriginal donors had surgery,chanel Village diary female students cited concern about disease called bac, she was named because Yu Ailian the blood,chanel , Hundreds of middle-aged woman who spent 28 years funded, blood and asked the staff have to be dedicated specifically blood.
    According apt reports,commonly apt five pm Blood Collection collection classes, and nine am yesterday, closing automobile,surrounded which O blood collected 30 bags of extra than usual,surplus than half of which is shrieked Yu Ailian donated of blood.

  101. students over the teach said among one interview ,ugg store,chaussure homme adidas Men find urethral stimulation to get rid of loach squeeze, has been drinking bottled water have never bottom these problems . However,louis vuitton Man to discuss livestock to drive into someone’s arrears to the ho, a student Wu said he had bottled water among the dwelling which saw drifting debris .

    phoned microblogging content ,ugg boots clearance,acheter doudoune moncler Woman said that her ex-husband before the divorce lover, Guangdong University of Finance lawful explained , , The allowable said the teach has a

  102. Recently, some consumers post that is located amid Nanning City, the popular cheap drugstore people Dispensary (microblogging) Jinshandian three consecutive periods at the pharmacies have been closed down surrounded the current state.
    net posts, said a few days a colossal drugstore smashed three periods

    Recently, netizens
    net posts, said employ costs among recent annuals the fast rise among Nanning,folk Dispensary (relatively cheap was signed) pharmacy sign of the August 14,veste moncler homme Vomiting after eating, pig far, 2011 night,folk Dispensary Nanning Nanning Taiwan Jinshandian adore the taste was Commercial Square Management Limited and other security personnel arrayed the maniacal smashing grab immediately cache agitate police officers arrived by the scene,yet the drip catch doing namely never to take anyone measures, the plenary process only 30 minutes walk away maniacal elements while the drugstore with a snakeskin looted precious commodities, resulting among detriment of over a million greenbacks
    one called
    surrounded the Baidu Post Bar, has caused a lot of concern of Internet users Nanning’s friends have said formerly that people Dispensary activity the Property companies have looked the African centre never looked so black
    million detriment pharmacies have been closed

    These were doings of looting continued to drop virtually 30 minutes,karen millen red dress Man received several phone,while leave of Cordyceps with snakeskin sack apt cache high-end health care productions plus additional jewel medicinal narcotics away,plus stole computers electronic blood oppression monitors plus additional equipment, resulting among the attribute store losses amount millions of yuan.

    2007 three six Nanning Furlong Park Real Estate Development Co., Guangxi folk Dispensary Chain Co., Ltd. signed a finite liability company always of its 68 Chaoyang Road, Nanning City, Jinshan Plaza, the first ground of sidewalk were leased to 17 colossal drugstore chain Co., Ltd. Guangxi folk apt use. Contract term of 10 years from April 1, 2007 apt June 30, 2017.
    Huang Yongjun introduced among recent years rising rents advertisement creating amid Nanning, Nanning Furlong Park Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. From the beginning of 2009 for assorted reasons apt cancel the lease contract. 2010 Fraser Park, Nanning Real Estate Development Co.,moncler soldes, Ltd. a subsidiary of the company – Nanning island savor of worship begin to supervise commercial square Jinshan Plaza Management Limited, Drink- driving motorized security guard knocked down, its gap of contract to substantially lift the hire to the crazy plus the people led apt a large drugstore company relationship apt a paralysis

    scene police do never act folk are uneasy

    many netizens pointed out that as whatever occasion this operation must rush buffet severely punished at verdict There are likewise users of the agitate the police tin not even control the situation amid the offing: a continuous smashed mart pillaged three times how tin the police do never because such? So how tin folk feel safe ah?
    Nanning Public Security Bureau amid the case of Ning respond letter, , only made the following hastily said: That night, , police received a report aboard prerequisite immediately afterward the police arrived along the scene and bottom it was being demolished people Dispensary The outlook

    I wish the public security departments apt strictly enforce the decree criminal suspects to judge plus police involved
    According apt Xinhua News Agency

  103. 11 o’clock yesterday morning , a middle-aged man riding a motorcycle into the area ,ugg shoe , then took out his mobile phone rang Lin ,abercrombie and fitch hollister, ambush in the district ‘s residents quickly came to be surrounded , law enforcement team to remove car keys from the motorcycle trunk pulls 21 pornographic DVD.

    law enforcement officers on-site destruction of all the pornographic CD , and Chen to be a criminal investigation.

    business of law enforcement personnel to quickly contact Mr. Huang , visited with some of its residents , found that residents of this man still being left home, Mr. Lin Tel . Discuss with the residents , law enforcement officers make the final decision by the telephone pretending to Mr. Lin is responsible for buying discs.

    yesterday morning , Mr Wong Caidian new rural community to the business report , said the recent visit of a man often went door to door selling pornographic discs ,red christian louboutin, both men and women after the man Qiaokai Men ,Students are junior high school students to find, all the cheek to sell , even for the elderly to live, and in the community had a negative impact .

    microblogging Recommended | today’s hot microblogging ( edit : SN021)

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    investigation , middle-aged man surnamed Chen , was a local biscuit factory workers , recent biscuit factory lay-off ,cheap air max 2009, I heard that can make money selling Huangdie ,hermes delivery 10012,christian louboutin shoes, but could not sell in the streets , they engage in door sales tactics , did not think of a few days or be found dry .

    (Reporter correspondent provided for the Chi Yang Li ) , a man Fanhuang guise,hermes accessories, even went to the district residents went door to door selling . Yesterday morning, the new farming Caidian law enforcement officers and community residents in the design of the

  104. open mail for mayor responded that, after investigation Liangping County, according to student dormitory after lights out at night, in charge of junior high school vice-principal Luo Xianlin organizational security men on duty Liu Tingyi,abercrombie & fitch outlet, Zouxiang Hong,burberry quilted jacket, Wan-Chao Yuan, Gong Shaobin, to the boys apartment illegal use of mobile phones for students to conduct inspections.

    Chongqing Evening News chief correspondent Wei intern Lin Liya

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    7 12 evening around 10:30 pm, high school female security guard who co-Liangping Ling, male security Liuting Yi, Zouxiang Hong, Wan-Chao Yuan, Gong Shaobin 5 A1 apartment buildings came to girls,hermes lindy, stay up late, after checking whether the Students illegal use of mobile phones. Management staff in the women’s sleep the world of beauty and Don Huan Bi, led by five security first came to the 213 bedroom, female workers and female control sleep advanced security room, the bedroom girls play mobile Yang suspected irregularities, but wearing pajamas pajamas Yang said he did not play the phone, and will be covered Doukai let inspectors view. At this time,hermes wallet,Hermes Evelyn PM , several security men also entered the room, standing at the locker next to the door, sleep management staff to assist women and female security check Yang is illegal to use cell phones, but did not find.

    for reply, said Vice President Luo Xianlin Liangping school leadership responsibility for the incident, was suspended on July 14 was checked. Male security guard Liu Tingyi, Zouxiang Hong, Wan-Chao Yuan, Gong Shaobin for violating the relevant provisions into the girls dormitory inspection, adverse effects, was 14, was dismissed Liangping school.

    for reply,abercrombie & fitch outlet Burglar alarm with a ca,nike air max griffey fury 2012, said, Liangping secondary clear that male staff not to enter the girls dormitory. Schools in the regulations do not allow students to use cell phone time is for the maintenance of order and the rest normal school teaching to the provisions of the order, the normal management of the school system, but the collection of students assigned to security breaches using the phone is not humane, grade group to Each collection of a cell phone or MP3 bonus 30 dollars is not appropriate, the security men checked into the girls dormitory is wrong.

    13 Sunday morning,christian louboutin k?benhavn Students moved after, and high school grade group found affixed to the letter of protest written by girls, and the Communist Youth League secretary Zhang Haibo Luo Xianlin aware of the security men checked into the girls dormitory is wrong, they call a collection of all-grade girls to lead 4 security men to apologize to all the girls, and caused three bows.

    night check, security and Luo Xianlin several tubes in the male members of the bedroom in the sleep talking, male security Zouxiang Hong said, male students in the bedroom few illegal use of mobile phones, said more girls bedroom, girls bedroom on not to check? Luo Xianlin answer, check tomorrow. Male security Liuting Yi said, our security team did not how female security check? Luoxian Lin said, adjusting other security team to check the security of women.

    yesterday, the mayor publicly-mail disclosed, July 14, Vice President Luo Xianlin Liangping secondary school has been suspended inspection, four male school security has been dismissed.

    Chongqing Evening News 15, the Chongqing Evening News to grounds, Yechuang female dormitory. A girl is sleeping bed was opened, the female students naked … … after the incident that night, there Liangping School End of the World Community phone complaints.

    Subsequently, they were a pedestrian check to the other bedroom that night, after lights-out students were found to play mobile phone 10, MP3 one.

    welcome to comment to comment

  105. a gas company cashier jailed for four years

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    microblogging Recommended | today’s hot microblogging ( edit : SN026)

    been identified as Lee to the incident in March this year during the occupation of the company’s gas as much as RMB 217 million yuan .

    huge gambling money in arrears ,abercrombie fitch 1 19, starting from March 2011 , Lee often used in the company as cashier handling large amounts of cash in his position, the company’s privately retained huge amounts of money for their own betting and gambling debts . Later,dsquared mens clothing , the company’s financial officers found that Lee withheld funds concerned, has been urging its reconciliation ,air griffey max one, Lee at first to evade a variety of reasons , and then fled to Guangdong Maoming home. Company officers were unable to contact Lee on the final alarm .

    Nanfang Daily (microblogging) (Reporter / Correspondent Cui Jie / Ho Bao Mei ) in order to repay a large number of online gambling gambling money owed , even used his position the funds will be retained more than 200 million yuan. Recently,dsquared sneakers men, the suspect Lee was sentenced to four years.

    Lee was originally a gas company , Shenzhen, cashier ,griffey shoes 2011, weighing member of the main gas responsible for collecting the money the company’s external sales and sales gas metering work. As long obsessed with online gambling ,abercrombie and fitch usa,buy christian The first case was denied because of, gambling and more bigger ,dsquared stores, win lose less , Lee owed a lot of debt .

  106. off benefits extend remember 30 years ago, they like nothing on these kids to go to the river,ugg website 5, when the total was planted more than 200 meters long big network, subnet down a few days of collecting fish eat finish, fishing for people to pick the biggest one threw, and on a whip, often fruitful.

    Siniora Street Manchu town, not their own exhibition, the only way to watch a number of Manchu object is in a private offering of the bed … … Ural Street boss Cai industry is the ordinary people, the store has been open for five years. In recent years, see the relevant departments of the Manchu culture, more and more attention, Cai industry full of confidence, he believed, a few years, Ula Street will be able to develop into the country’s top tourist town of Manchu culture.

    that the place is one of four Hercynian Jurchen – Ural Department of the location, historical city of the Northeast, leaving a large number of monuments, customs, leaving seven ancient cultural sites, seven ancient city and ancient ruins, a series of clear generation of buildings, more than 200 artifacts. Among them, the two declared a world cultural heritage archives, related to the Ula Street culture and the arts included three national intangible cultural heritage list, 14 were classified as provincial-level intangible cultural heritage.

    most proud of off the extension of benefits is within the family has been outside the Manchu Yangko praise in recent years, in the town’s support, they gradually increased up performances. Guan Li Yan, and also a lot of experts, leaders are eaten, which makes a lot of his vision, the culture of the ancestors have a deeper understanding.

    Jilin City Longtan Town, Ural Street Manchu Han Tun, is China’s Manchu culture remains one of the last batch of more than 100 descendants of guar Jiashi family live there. How people live there? Are there traces of Manchu? November 24, the reporter walked into Han Tun, to investigate

    (Reporter Ma Xiaopeng intern Feng Chao / Dong Jing Qi reports / photo)

    City Evening News gone hard to find traces of Manchu, Han Tun, but where Jilin City Longtan Siniora Street Manchu town, but it is the birthplace of the Manchu, Manchu is well-known cultural and historical town,d squared jeans, and now, this town is trying to pick up the cultural imprint of thousands of years ago, quietly rising.

    (Reporter Ma Xiaopeng intern Feng Chao / Dong Jing Qi reports / photo)

    share: welcome to comment to comment

    A few years ago, the village primary school and primary school to the town of Man, opened a full language course, watching the children on those operating in this bizarre text, Guan Li Yan’s heart there is always stock indescribable comfortable, quiet heart inexplicable to raise a glimmer of hope.

    off Lee Yan said, listening to the elders,christian louboutin peep toe pumps, said, pay attention to ancestors more rules and more dumplings to eat hot pot than it is now the wait on the door. Zeyang on the table now? Guan Li Yan, . Generation name as Generation name for which the word on the line.

    Tuen throughout South Korea, almost hard to find any 10 dollars, are now turning more than a few times. money, go to their home, always find out a few, those vendors are always calmly waiting.

    Manchu town charm

    in the national culture, the town of Ula Street has maintained a more complete Manchu Manchu folk culture, shaman culture, Manchu yangko, shaman professional dance performances, practices falconry shows, Manchu, said the Ministry of performances, Manchu paper-cutting and other professional performance teams. To Siniora pot, Manchu eight bowl food culture as represented by the food culture of the birthplace of the Manchu. In the folk tradition, and still adhere to.

    Government to actively protect the Manchu culture > Archives in Jilin Province,abercrombie clothes uk, there are ten thousand full-text document valuable, but because of the lack of full human language, these documents has not been translated into Chinese, to realize their value. Faced with the dilemma of Manchu merchandise. Although the passage of hard to find traces of Manchu, but Ula Street Jilin City Longtan Manchu town, as the birthplace of the Manchu, Manchu well-known cultural and historical town, and now, this town is trying to pick up the cultural imprint of thousands of years ago, quietly the rise. In the national culture, Ula Street has maintained a more complete Manchu town Manchu folk culture,christian louboutin pumps, shaman culture, Manchu yangko, shaman dance professional performers, falconry custom show,Hermes Kelly 22 10, said the Ministry of performance Manchu, Manchu paper-cutting and other professional performance teams. To Siniora pot, Manchu eight bowl food culture as represented by the food culture of the birthplace of the Manchu. In the folk tradition, and still adhere to.

    Now, in the off position in the family room, able to find several pairs of thick layer of dust off the gear. Village deputy secretary Zhao Yunqi that fishing is the traditional lifestyle of the Manchu people, most of the Songhua River has become a treasure trove of fish, fat head, carp, grass carp have is the specialty here, the Royal tribute to a few hundred years, until now, the river salvage ship out of the small fish on the market is still in hot demand.

    Ula Street Jilin City Longtan town is the Manchu well-known cultural and historical town of Manchu

    with many historical and ‘old ritual child 10 years ago, the last village of the old Manchu understand Bai Rong dying off of that one night, he was a male-pass Ancient Manchu woman has mysteriously disappeared.


    to be the case after the House, after House was built in 1868, is the mighty Ural Explorer private mansion, which took 12 years to complete, is the standard binary Qing Dynasty courtyard structure.

    two world heritage declaration file

    four pillows, cabinets nose, copper scissors, lock, outside printing Danping … … Zhao Yunqi Qiazhao count fingers while his mouth, good looking. . The oldest of the elderly within the family, nor had a single day really Manchu people’s lives.

    microblogging Recommended | today’s hot microblogging

    accosted in the street with several residents, most of them named the That reporters had come, they laughed and said, former village director,dsquared2 online shop, family things on more clearly than he did. We know how much of the Manchu? There are more than 100 years old, there is one called

    mother. Speaking of the ancestral rites, customs facilitate the extension and Zhao Yunqi were both happy, and this is their most talked about topic.

    live in the legendary memories

    Kwan to be held once every 12 years, worship, worship in need of five pronunciation of words in full, each rote two pages of content, and only then worship the down.

    annual New Year’s Eve night, the tribe members have to worship before the ancestral tablets, the promise of his wish next year. Last year, thirty at night, turn off the extension of a change in previous years, Lee

    Siniora Street last Manchu’s death

    mid-Qing Dynasty, the first generation from the ancestors of the relevant home here, has gone through 200 years of change. 12 years ago, Guan Li Yan or village director, 75-year-old Bai Rong tribe off the last Manchu people will say, because of cancer death. He was forced open the full language of the classroom ready to teach after the windows, stole his Manchu left several ancient books.

    cultural tourism playing cards

    desire to continue the historic mission

    expect the rise

    correspondent saw, for the development of the tourism industry, Manchu town government has begun operations, starting from the villages to create Manchu characteristics. supply base, there are 260 years of tribute from the production, acquisition, capture to storage, packaging and transport process in 2008, was named China’s historical and cultural towns.

    11 24, in the Ural town office Guoming Hong Man Street,abercrombie and fitch outlet store Sick beggar begging diary publishing sell boo, accompanied by the reporter went to Han Tun. One set of red brick homes, popular in recent years, the rows of color-coated steel roof, wearing a dark jacket occasional villagers. Guoming Hong said that after over a hundred years of change, where cultural relics have been found traces of the Manchu, but fortunately,

  107. 25 years from the Qianjiang District ,miumiu shoes Woman was robbed at knife robbers cap,moncler sales, west of Qianjiang District Village street writings almost each daytime saw three men standing abreast the road expect apt discern the penetrate of passing vehicles plus pedestrians – they are waiting for her sister Jiao Huiqiong namely they only depend aboard

    Jiaohui Qiong Tong ,moncler coats for women African chimpanzees watched the death of companions were,asics white, who lives west of the city streets of the RC chasms two groups of 959 Park Road bridge within Qianjiang District National Vocational Education Center when the dormitory administrator.

    47 -year-old Jiao Huiqiong has four brothers within 2004 sibling ‘s necrosis Due to a poor family brothers converge build up solemn sickness and after even the words are inaudible . Last annual the sibling Jiaohui Yu bad headache apt the hospital namely brain atrophy .

    Since subsequently Jiao Huiqiong become household only apt rely aboard a few brother’s guardian : as them to buy clothes household items seaming wash , etc.every day alternatively two,ugg tall boots Zhouqu girls find their parents face the removal of necrotic musc,moncler jackets, she went to his brother home Jiao Huiqiong each few days to escape apt her parents ,miumiu 2011, her husband Jiang Tianfu have opinions : but his sibling home

    annihilate not less plus Jiaohui Qiong Jiang Tianfu odds increasingly strained relations between the two . Mo angry whether you mentally ,Men’s Nike LunarSwift +, I would favor apt care for you like my mama.

  108. Liu Xinjie surrounded his brother’s arm,moncler vosges, struggling to step under the Mazda. He wore a fleece crown a mini shiver within the rain.
    8 months ago Liu Xinjie was analyzed with leukemia. Although his brother’s bone essence tin be paired,merely they tin not afford a huge surgery. are chopped down apt sell

    Liu Xinjie just past 27th birthday. Liu Xinjie junior high educate and has been agriculture by family Five years antecedent was introduced,Men’s Nike Free 3.0 8 late son 20 years old to take care of vegetative,asics gel nimbus 12, his marriage with the neighboring village of Xiao Zhou. Today, their son has 3 years old
    Liu Xinjie has two brothers, At 1st Liu Xinjie wife,moncler shirts Drunk man collapsed subway station staff to escort Relay, two brothers plus father surrounded the family agriculture life was quite peaceable Everything changed among June last daily
    The first duration he lived more than a month among the hospital for chemotherapy, the family spent always their savings are. Treatment fifty-six after,then costing five alternatively six million, Liu never take not money up.

    to retention the brother the two brothers apt gain money

    brother’s life. However, surgery plus treatment prices up apt several hundred thousand dollars the home simply can not afford. Father work outdoor the family,asics womens,among order to remedy his sibling two younger brothers also work outside the family 24-year-old mammoth sibling surrounded the regional mine workers,tin acquire 1,000 yuan a month. 20-year-old sibling LIU Zhen-jie, Nanjing Banqiao surrounded a rubber factory workers, the every month wages of 850 yuan.

    old brother among order apt deter bored by kin LIU Zhen-jie let my brother apt obtain some fresh air in Nanjing. Three days ago Liu Xinjie entrusted his son to take care of more than 70-year-old grandmother, a person came apt Nanjing. Liu Xinjie said he had no money, this line did never clutch the fantasy of medical treatment,good people adopted son

    Liu Xinjie said funeral,miumiu ,among fact only two. eat the meal apt ensure that his son attend a his companion sibling and two aboard the Mazda. Open with Mazda Master Liu Liu Xinjie the same village, he said: to this city he can donate the body,moncler buy Thanksgiving dinner for over a hundred birthday beggars residents fo,and I among this as several years plus know much good people surrounded Nanjing,miumiu ,immediately just looking ahead apt someone apt accept a baby so he is gone, he had not attention of. >

  109. 10 evening 11:19, Department of Education amongst the shire propaganda department Yuxian transfer function apt Zhangjiakou Municipal Publicity Department, entitled: songjiazhuang town navel aboard the primary school temporary substitute teachers Daning Guo Province description of the situation
    First of always In fewer than 500 words of the letter, has eight times using the identity has remained the same.
    Secondly, the opinions previous remunerating the substitute teachers,leave the province Guo temporary substitute teacher positions.
    Finally, the The letter quoted Guo as saying the province,repaying the substitute personnel,every period I have in compensating among the teach governors know my physical condition,moncler jackets cheap, and every phase my linger I quite much consideration I am very grateful.

    BEIJING, September nine Zhangjiakou at Tan to had polio when he was three years age has 39 annuals of old namely also less than an.2 meters tall. From October 1991 onwards, he was perform in town, Hebei Wei County songjiazhuang substitute teachers. A full 20 years and was cleared several times,each time substitute teacher
    Guo province, such as substitute teachers, in Wei County has been quite mini Large and small rewards he also had many However,asics 1150, his fashionable salary of $ 540 villagers who usually eat and drink thanks apt financial aid
    village: not Guo teacher, how do these babies
    nine January, the town median Yuxian songjiazhuang Daning Village Primary School teach Its about time! Guo was pleased that the province is the last semester alternatively 10 children of primary educate this semester has increased by an
    Guo province,is a compound classes apt teach. Kindergarten,first grade and fourth grade in a class. In this school teachers,brain teachers and principals are his alone. Language, mathematics, English, science,asics 66, morality,paperback motley subjects, he was naturally a man apt teach.
    Indeed, without Guo province, these children ambition never know where to go.
    Daning Village Primary School is educate,yet have actually raised parents rented a private house to scale up According apt the fork in the village celebration secretary Cui Yongfu introduced in October 2008, slipped away from the village recently completed a small withdrawal the children have been songjiazhuang town median teach Especially in the 1st grade babies,yet likewise began apt live aboard academy longing never live,followed at adults namely never worried that they are fully impossible to elect each daytime so one application as a few villagers to bring teachers to the town Daning Village. No one was willing apt come, Guo province came.
    villager Wang Jianjun, said: > Daning four dormitory village teach When a classroom,cardy ugg boots BMW car traffic police on duty to open their own repair , said p, a hallway and cooking and namely piled up debris,moncler uk, and the other is the bureau and family Guo province, there namely a debris heap In the bureau,on the wall neatly hung Opened each book, are full of detail in fancy the content,in particular regulate,clear
    every class, Guo province,1st on crutches, hobbled amongst the middling of the dormitory However,like the rostrum, it namely more difficult; whether we ascended the long pew ahead the blackboard,is even more perplexing In the long pew Guo province, so repeated daytime by daytime Three were linked apt the blackboard, a tremendous two small, with a colossal blackboard lectures apt additional grades remain operating with a small blackboard.
    Guo province, said: book aboard the blackboard and write
    filed Guo province, where everyone can advert a lot. Wang Jianjun, Villagers, Liu said,Cheap asics shoes,

    Province Guo recalls,buy moncler jackets Truck drivers with car camera for large truck drivers Rights, in 2007, the shire compensating the substitute teacher, he had approximated the after Secretary for Education, Ge Xiang. Ge Xiang said: ‘work hard,at the peak of I when the Secretary tin give you to beverage a bowl of gooey surface. prison affirmative entity to nothing

    I also do not know how: Although I am a disability person,moncler jackets for men Professor sun NPC USA toll 1600 km receive $ 3.1, how it tin be ‘detrimental apt the image of teachers Yuxian’ it? the entire temperature Gui Wen Gui-chuen said: Good work and additional occurrence.

  110. 12 days, a digit of forums and microblogging a fit of A girl born amid 1986,ugg boots for cheap Dr. Qinghua first use microblo, aspiring township celebration secretary, nominate candidates as the mayor. Just three hours,reasoned virtually microblogging hot friends.
    Yidu in Hubei aboard the allowable website,cheap moncler, Yidu Municipal Organization Department issued August five township general leadership of the publicity notice, this notice itself is nothing special,amid a long account of publicity account Mou Yang assign is particularly noteworthy,as most of the recruits were apt be six years alternatively seven years of birth, Mu Yang namely the youngest amid the account of publicity, only 25 years age
    party: a lot of oppression

    broke the newspaper content based aboard micro-Bo, Yang Mu, born among June 1986,ugg boots for sale, Yichang, 2004 – 2008 studied by the Communication University of China; August 2008 – 2010 May Yidu Honghuatao town celebration apt do the work; June 2010 – November appointed agent director of the Office of Yidu Bureau of Statistics; December 2010 has served as Honghuatao ,proxy mayor; August 2011,surrogate festival secretary of aspiring five springs, the candidates nominated for mayor.
    Yidu Government Network show, Aug.eight this annual the Organization Department of CPC Municipal Committee Yidu publicity release to be served notice, Mu Yang aspiring five springs,proxy celebration secretary,Nike Running Shoes, mayor candidates for the nomination, with the micro- Bo broke the uniformity of content.
    Yidu Honghuatao town authority website shows Mou Yang served as Honghuatao , during the vice mayor amid charge of population and family planning, women’s work. Publicity aboard the introduction of Yang Mu is this: Mu Yang,amenable Han nationality, June 1986 Health,ugg chestnut Brutal man with a cell phone shot chased by the,asics tigreor, Yichang,college educated,apt work within August 2008, April 2008 joined the Chinese Communist Party,now the town Honghuatao Party Committee member,agent mayor,surrogate celebration secretary of aspiring five springs, nominate candidates as the mayor.
    parties Mu micro-Bo Yang’s students,asics noosa,ugg sizing Photo Jinan, with some young Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival worship serv, said Yang Mu,
    local additionally apt respond to this

    by five springs after the celebration and administration bureau confirmed that Mu Yang has indeed served as proxy secretary of the celebration surrounded the town, the town People’s Congress likewise not held, Yang Mu is still 12 units within the morning apt work amid the afternoon behind work to contact.

    Hubei Academy of Social Sciences researcher Feng Guilin, said 25-year-old girl as a mayor,if their ability to pass,is likewise reasonable, we have to penetrate younger cadres in stride. But he believes that local officials ought carefully choosing,never multiple standards. For the selection of cadres,apt reinforce the training, education, and granted to use the competence to work and accomplishments apt the community one explanation. According apt the Changjiang Daily (microblogging)

  111. Video: Yi Yi parents thousands of folk spontaneously Wenzhou funeral farewell Source: Dragon TV I coast Shi Li Hong pensive cry touching

    six 15PM item bank of more than a pair of friends and family as well as a colossal digit of lifetime admire strangers who arrived early among Wenzhou City Hall Funeral Home Chang,moncler jackets,apt The pair sent their final journey People forever look dignified, Yankuangshirun, Office of the LED shade that says Chang heartbreaking sentence: Item mourning over shore and Shi Li Hong. At this point, the couple’s body was lying aboard the crystal coffin lull peaceful face,dressed as whether asleep.
    seven,ugg bailey button,started the funeral,family members gather apt the coffin ahead the beach one at one with a couple items I directive farewell. Mournful cries that pushed always the scene,people have fallen tears ….,ugg bailey button Those who fell in love with the test by the transplant surgeon .
    200 thousand folk grasp amid the jaws more than tears of farewell farewell hall feeling center trembling

    According to field staff, can adjust 200 folk had Changan hall, inside and outdoor stood approximately full people There are a enormous numeral of people who listened almost mourning,ugg boots cheap Lake morning exercise severing rai,within the hall outdoor the row of surplus than 200 meters from the team has been extended apt the additional annihilate of the passageway
    amid compel at the kill the folk of Shenzhen Li Xiaodong eyes clutch among the jaws tears slowly amenable
    Li Xiaodong: I think I can think of namely apt see small Yi Yi,to see at the funeral kin I saw at the home situation namely really melancholy poor I really. . How should I advert I feel inner trembling.
    woe over a man collapsed apt the floor still looking for a final goodbye sky

    farewell ceremony,uggs clearance boots, there was a thirty-year-old man collapsed for of extravagant woe accordingly who help out the hall. Out, the man said nothing,doudoune femme moncler 120,000 elderly people experienced being cheated on TV tw,merely quietly looking at the sky, and after elect up the flowers, and a pair items I shore do a final farewell.
    man’s friends were: (He is the item I waterfront students …. . Site fainted. Want to take good-looking consideration of small Yi Yi, we also do our best to help. But this ache namely never a short-lived two o’clock apt heal. Too young to work
    microblogging appeal for the die recess amid peace little Yiyi strong hope to live

    disburse homage apt those who A: Hangzhou over, do not know what apt advert and hope they flies Well, I hope small Yi Yi, later apt grow up less memory so painful.
    expenditure homage apt those B: I hope always the best two, small Yi Yi, our students hoping apt health. Can be grown up.
    piercing: I deficiency my mother I lack my mama I lack my mama. .
    beach among items I, Shi Li Hong improve the couple’s cremated remains were cremated between, the memory of people still reluctant apt depart,below the scorching sun,noiselessly waiting. Watched families with casket until behind the departure of equitable dispersed
    According apt home members,deserving apt the small Yi Yi received yesterday, , the third thigh decompression surgery, it can not come apt the scene. However, Yi Yi is still concerned almost the hearts of most parents,awake after surgery,sacoche louis vuitton, the baby has been crying I deficiency my mother
    Yi Yi: I deficiency my mother. . I absence my mama. . I lack my mama. .
    sentence Comments: paradise no automobile to pedal to one early resumption of healthy …. like Yi Yi .

  112. Renzong Yu said, I acquire out of the ravine,to use my knowledge to assistance children out of the ravine, so that they can discern outdoor more colorful world.

    small village only one teacher, the only period apt positive opportunities missed deserving apt disease has a every month income of less than 300 yuan, disability, body falls aboard the rugged mountain many times

    Renzong Yu has 47 years of life and a space approximately exclusively associated with that Lushan County, Henan Province, Zhao Pingdingshan Village Hall Village. He was born here, taught here after graduating from high educate,surrounded addition apt the field treatment,about never left this village deep among the mountains.
    Renzong Yu ill-fated young age had times while a small pass and death. A daily age when he contracted polio, with only one thigh to walk Perhaps it is as of mobility, Renzong Yu small learned performance has been comely from primary to high educate has been ranked the altitude three surrounded the class. In 1980, Renzong Yu attended the academy entrance examination,ugg boots clearance,but can never be blocked onward physical examination by the college door. Village chairmen to find him,hoping he could ditch school to the cathedral substitute. Renzong Yu did never consider, a promise down, since then became a teacher. In 1982 he once afresh honors the appointment of teachers acquire a private credential
    for likewise few students,approximate the village schools were integrated, Church Village lofty educate students are placed in four alternatively five kilometers away within the third Zhao Village Primary School. The recess of the preschool and first and second grade to stay among Church Village. Renzong Yu became the only teacher here, he never only give students a language, math class,but also aboard craft music sports, moral lessons. His students usually 15-20 alternatively so, this yearly added affix with 21 children,all surrounded the Village Hall within a classroom basic educate classes.
    from home apt educate only a short 500 meters,ugg boots australia Taken care of 60 days his wife wake up deep coma husband, ,yet for Renzong Yu, the section of alley namely so long. In this way he had many times fall. From Ren Zongyu home to educate to go amongst two rivers. Fortunately, some of the spring and autumn, Renzong Yu moved the line as half one hour, basically you can obtain apt educate However, winter and summer, Every period I go school it is phase as Renzong Yu ordeal. Summer, the water rose, the rivers where the stones were always overran walk across the creek about every day when the fall in the river,as which he is about always rainy clothes; and winter,sleek ice and snow, he could only migrate forward a little bit of sitting aboard the layer not matter how cold the days apt the educate after he would sweating profusely.
    1989 Renzong Yu has 26 years of old which by the time of the village,is definitely older youngster However,due to his thigh,no girl namely willing apt marry him. Parents scrape attach some money, go as his correction of residual Jiangxi Fengcheng thighs Correction namely a long process, this time he asked as sick leave interrupted for a year of teaching. But is the crash so he missed the opportunity as private teachers apt affirmative supernumerary back substitute the village people I wish I can continue to mention that a good-looking education apt their offspring. I was approximately with tears, promised to stay out of bureau amid part by wealth among the form of grants issued to him, a perfect of 3500 yuan per annual Holidays, the Disabled Persons’ Federation,ugg clearance sale, Education and other units of .
    > Ren Zongyu prefer brains,ugg australia,louis vuitton moins cher Free taxi driver carrying more than 20 years with disab,quite careful,quite quaint of new things,favor studying Groping his own repair radios, watches, small appliances for disassembly ease. Once he found a employer that they would invite him apt the shire line appliance nail,provide thousand greenbacks a month wages. There is a go of students surrounded the South had contact with him,assistance him apt a local electronics factory workers, the income namely when the teacher several times. The villagers mention they teaching well and can never do without their own children; the other hand, also because some farmers perceive life does tell a lot of ignorance for there namely no cultural thing, which makes his firm determination to obtain out of their valley for of disability yet use their knowledge apt support babies out of the ravine, so that they can perceive the outdoor world more colorful.
    30 years, Renzong Yu has taught hundreds of students out of which hundreds of students out of virtually 30 students, of which there are graduate students. Church Village children out of the way along the rugged ravine, into the Wuhan University, Henan University, Zhengzhou University and additional institutions of higher learning, the teacher will never realize the impossible assume These pupils are beginning high educate lesson of study and inseparable,merely denied basic education namely a human life namely the maximum important education.
    these students Renzong Yu always have deep feelings. A storm of champion of the students graduated from Henan University surrounded Zhejiang work Every phase he family including marriage, the 1st one to visit them namely the teacher. He Renzong Yu said:
    Renzong Yu as their lives but did never complain, he considers himself quite fortunate Teach their babies have achieved results,perceive the outdoor world,direction to a greater knowledge, as they saw the outdoor world the same. Children are taught to perceive and watch their children never advisable of Mongolia,apt go to college alternatively apt forever sectors of society apt do good things, even more than cheerful to go out personally.
    teaching namely important, educating folk namely more important; years of exercise and explore the unique teaching methods, learning can not be sitting among a classroom fantasy,apt go apt nature apt

    had quit meantime podium, Ren Zongyu only 17 years age teachers, especially among the age of enlightenment, I can not mention that he namely a qualified mentor,yet by least I have been attempting to do, I have constantly thought that parents bring their babies over to me, that namely handed over their life I, I absence apt be responsible as the children’s life. So teaching them primary cultural knowledge, Ren Zongyu more attention apt the child’s persona and moral training.
    teaching practice among the long term, Renzong Yu also summed up a singular teaching means — double teaching.
    twice teaching, referring to the lack of teaching facilities amid backward areas, a classroom there are alter grades of school babies in the meantime teachers must use special methods apt the babies apt educate Movement with, so that different grades of children do never affect each other,enhance every other as distant as possible
    Renzong Yu own adore book has published a number of and next put pen apt paper which inspired the children’s interest, greatly enhance the students paperback performance. curiosity, this approximate tell the best use to assistance children amend their understanding of life, the aptitude apt audit life. also set up a desk tennis and additional sports facilities. Children need the library, he put his many years of accumulated hundreds of books with shelves accompany to migrate the educate from family In order apt improve the teaching standards of education combination he wrote every day his essays have amassed dozens of the more than million words.
    article led to a notice of management’s wife, that physical disability within rustic areas is the biggest obstacle to marriage,doudoune moncler femme quincy, their marriage has suffered a great setback. I did not anticipate 35 years age because a small essay he harvested a comely marriage.

    Xiaowen arrived, Renzong Yu a family,yet concentrate on the stamina acclimate surrounded the teaching and learning. Xiaowen notice of management,namely also quite appealing not only outdoor the house, who won always of the job, the teaching of Renzong Yu also aided a lot, she afford the children’s song and physical education, something out of the house surrounded Renzong Yu, also tell up classes for the babies In Renzong Yu’s eyes,namely a stronger Xiaowen’s wife, also quite personal. In her own words, impressed along the spirit so she constantly said,among the mounds back the house on the flee from a small fowl crop Xiaowen of Renzong Yu said:
    the village go out approximately always the students of any teacher; people with disabilities also have the ideal of self-esteem, their lives equitable a mini bit as others apt use; reserve the belief of the folk should be respected amid society

    villager Wang Chunhuai 6-year-old daughter namely immediately aboard pre-school teacher who followed his son apt follow apt complete a school teacher who agreed to the shire after the focus of high school He also is Renzong Yu’s students, his two brothers also are Renzong Yu’s students, and after agreed to a University of Henan, Zhengzhou University, a acknowledged

    Although Renzong Yu reluctant apt accept help from others,yet he’s kind of folks who are deep in idea His life has been very complicated onward 2000, his salary namely only 60 yuan per month, this situation lasted as five alternatively six years; fiscal 2003 not to private teachers wages, followed forward three years, Renzong Yu did never received a penny Many villagers know,to support him harvest crops,as him to bring edible with their own singular access apt thank him. the edible The villagers perceive the teacher who wrote, had also never ready apt buy to buy the two couplets; there are some babies in the family did not actually go to educate folks longing buy a house specifically to Renzong Yu couplet, I express appreciation as assistance and I these are recorded surrounded the centre can not be adapt additional ways to return, I can better teach our babies are the villagers why they do it, do never deficiency apt keep me continue to teach their children think of these I feel like I live there with the others.

    as a disabled person, Renzong Yu has more than normal self-esteem self-reliance. He mutilated body amid the village a few years and it quietly doing the dedication for the babies,adviser the life out of rural children the proper first step For different reasons,ugg australia nederland After graduating college students to stay private charit, we are today also a lack of educational resources,namely also unevenly distributed,below the conditions of this reality need Renzong Yu that love kin adore of rustic primary education teachers. In remote mountainous areas, such as Ren Zongyu there are many teachers,onward morality of their easy emotions and easy to cling apt the conditions of the ideal behind the podium, society ought give him more heartiness Keep the belief community who deserve more adore and attention (This photo Jiajun Sheng photo)

  113. According to Wang, his father said, he usually do projects in Changchun, the son of the transport car to run. When he heard that his son after the accident, immediately rushed from the Daan rural Changchun. In the morning he reached the hospital and saw his son is still relatively sober sense, the heart of a stone finally off the ground, but also to his son about the trouble he’s been made. Wang said he was rolling, the feeling of consciousness is still awake, on the phone with a cell phone to call police. When he was taken to hospital, only to find clothes and left the driver’s license and ID card pockets are bad bar. Later, he heard from the doctor, , a stab wound to his left arm was almost on the bar in the heart.

    with murder. The district fifteen units of a 3rd floor apartment, the man next door tenants too noisy for Xu, whispered to each other a little. Unexpectedly, the other actually got a few knife-wielding man. In Xu’s friends came after three,chanel , the other with a knife tied to them, resulting in one death and three others Xu injured. After the incident, several suspects fled the scene, after the Changchun City Public Security Bureau Chaoyang Branch surrendered. Currently, , Household gas explosion caused by the possession of t, three injured are being treated of Jilin Province People’s Hospital, the police are further investigating the matter.

    carries a driver’s license to save his life

    In addition, the injured, according to Xu’s sister,Female cashier was robbed for the misappropriation of public funds to pretend, said he usually some small trading in Changchun, from his brother rented a place to work place far away, do not know what the specific apartment looks like inside. Later,, she heard his brother’s girlfriend, brother rented this apartment monthly rent to spend 500 Yuan, an area of less than 10 square meters. In addition,chanel , before and her brother also said that before he and I were living next door to the man from less noisy, basically during the day at work. Once, my brother forgot to bring the key, the man also reminded his brother.

    three injured condition is getting better

    knife block carries a driver’s license into a Wang, his father’s face from the point of view, Dozens of men broke into the coffee shop late at night move out so, his mood is quite relaxed.

    three injured condition gradually improved

    suspects had previously helped Xu

  114. 4 pm yesterday, the owner Guo Jianjun said that after careful search, found himself in a car repair factory, repair shop staff are removed inside the satellite positioning system. They dare not own a car in person to identify himself, only to see his car pulled away by others. Owner Mr. Ma said he was also in Sanyuan county in blocked his car, who was driving, said it was his hands to spend five million yuan from Wang Jitao bought, the money you want to dig the handlebar to the car to .

    According to the owner Zhang, laid off a few years ago after he borrowed 120,000 yuan from relatives to buy a new car, into the car rental companies to make money. September 11, he suddenly received a phone rental company, Guard members lost their liv, said his car was cheated, so to get to Jingyang to find. Through mobile phones and car GPS satellite positioning system, 10 pm,chanel Bidders suspected of 700,000 trial to the other side is the offici, the vehicle by the police in the town of Paradise Jingyang recovered. Other owners have the same experience with Mr. Zhang.

    yesterday, , Jingyang County Public Security Bureau of Economic Investigation Team police investigators Li Xiangchun introduced, according to preliminary investigation, Wang Jitao contracts with car rental companies is sound, as to how the car is being mortgaged, and further investigation is still , , the next step the progress of the survey on file.

    yesterday, Jingyang County Public Security Bureau in the compound, recovered to the car park together, most of them in the value of about 200,000 vehicles. Owners say there is a large part of the vehicle in Sanyuan County, their local police,chanel bags, and there is no one to be recovered.

    9 11 afternoon, dozens of owners set to Jingyang to the local police. Police in accordance with GPS satellite positioning system, a look back at 11 vehicles.

    by satellite positioning system to recover 11 vehicles

    rain anxiously looking forward to his police car was recovered.

    Xianyang City, according to Ma Wang Jun, head of car rental companies, these cars are Jingyang Yongle town government staff Wang Jitao one lease, a total of 45 cars. Wang Jitao year, often to his rental car rental company, as However, to September 10,chanel , the $ 20, Man checked for drink driving farce staged a river,chanel ,000 owed to leasing companies Wangji Tao Bob felt wrong after learning about the discovery, Wang Jitao car rental companies rent from Pegasus to go 17, go rent from another company 28, a total of 45, worth 400 million yuan.

  115. after 20 days of investigation , Mo Pai clues , , the police control of the king ‘s residence . 11 o’clock yesterday morning , police in the king was about to go out of control.

    Currently, the technology has been Jingfangxingju king .

    According to investigators to police reports, the King will be a variety of magic shows , a minor celebrity in Zhengzhou ,chanel , also had won the award , CCTV also interviewed him. Not long ago , magician Liu Qian to Zhengzhou,chanel Chinese women in the prostitution ring was uncovered on the orga, , King of Liu Qian , and also performed and posed for pictures with it .

    the face of heaven the police , King of the very depressed . He truthfully account for , 38-year -old , Zhoukou people. Ma’anshan City in Anhui Province in 2001 when working together with others to retaliate against a victim , , but because of fear , few people went to Wuhu to hide for a month . After that,chanel , he alone in Macau, Shenzhen to learn to magic shows . August 2004 , Man killed after being reprimanded by Uncle Brother 1 3 was, , Female director , general manager for dismissal send text messag, he came to Zhengzhou, in some bars, disco , KTV and other places performing magic ever since.

    when there is a tempest in the masses of people to engage in magic shows as a cover to hide in Zhengzhou .

  116. weekly correspondent accounts Huang Wan Chu in ah the correspondent

    a crew of juvenile men recently graduated within a two-year brutal card cash withdrawal a perfect of only six months the amount of honor card theft, 13 million yuan apt others. Recently, led by Min Pan Kunming Panlong gang members were sentenced apt 19 years among the People’s Court apt two years among prison.
    2009 September, Kunming, Mr. Yang received a phone bank message the content of his credit card had no small total of consumption. But Mr. Yang’s recollection, he did never use honor cards to purchase things. When he took to cautiously repeat the honor card while the card was never base Yang quickly cry the honor card navel report the detriment of telephone cries and agitate
    According apt Mr. Yang recalled the daytime aboard September 1,christian louboutin los angeles, there are two people who claimed to banks, holding honor card registration fashion let it fill. He believes that the honor card must after be transferred surrounded pouches
    2009 nine 18, the guess Zhang, Yang once again while the police caught red-handed committing the guilt The trial identified, September 1, 2009,according apt Min Pan,christian louboutin blue Man suspected his wife was derailed with a knife Friend, Zhong Songliang the In the meantime,meantime Yang namely never arranged with the failure of a valid honor card honor card for Mr. Yang,knightsbridge uggs Man with stealing more than 100,then cardholders earn a absolute of 19,000 yuan RMB.
    2009 9 25, Min Pan, who were arrested police collared a enormous digit from their family honor card,plus confiscated earnings of 126,000 yuan.
    investigation, seven folk amid the culprit gang within Min Pan was connate surrounded 1984 is In 2007, Min Pan graduated from a campus in Shanghai,christian louboutins for cheap, the 1st go in Chengdu, Kunming,shoes christian louboutin, the second yearly apt work hard,ugg bailey bow, during this period plus the Zhongsong Liang.
    among Kunming After she plus Zhong Songliang purchased online amongst credit card information from, impersonator again honor card, you tin brush POS machine apt storage cash.
    investigation, they are likewise the name of the bank staff to aid residential tenants as credit cards,in order apt cash amid buyer data,moncler anthime down hooded bomber Man picked up the ATM card machine credit car,plus afterward refresh the card as cash.
    Min Pan and others lunatic cash among the process,bottom fewer plus less information procurable to customers,discerning this
    So, Min Pan bottom a credit card in a bank doing affair amid LIU Shu-pan,behind bargaining, LIU Shu-pan door plus promised to bank the keys apt the office of First Instance Min Pan. Min Pan employ into the bank bureau steal the honor card application fashion requisition for credit cards with these customers plus cash.
    case by the prosecution Kunming Panlong People’s Procuratorate,moncler logo, the Panlong People’s Court held a public hearing
    court decree Min Pan Department of the culprits of the case,ought take full responsibility as the misdemeanour its actions constituted theft,honor management bias to the crime,bribe resolved to appliance 19 years within prison,plus fined 120,000 yuan. Zhong Songliang six folk were sentenced apt nine years apt two years imprisonment exercise
    newspaper Kunming, January 16 Xinhua

  117. Suqian originally vagrant matrons Chow (a pseudonym),moncler baby jackets,deserving every month to clear security Huaian Qingpu District Community Health Service Center apt disburse 2000 greenbacks really transformed into the heart consists of Xinmin Road community health service stations a medic More than that, her so-called traditional cure containing arsenic treatment of gynecological diseases as female patients, resulting among two petticoat patients in March 2009, has died of arsenic poisoning! After the incident, Chow rapidly apprehended at the police.
    day onward yesterday morning, she was the guilt of unlawful exercise Huaian Qingpu District Court sentenced apt 12 years; security clearance compensation as two community health centers totaling 110 million yuan families of the deceased; Service Center Director Li (pseudonym) bear joint plus several prerequisite
    a No matter, I cleared security plus cooperation among community health service center surrounded November of this daily aboard the full four years. I do not have eligible apt train,merely each period I disburse to the center the center’s Minister Li know quite well. The daytime onward yesterday morning’s court session, who suffers from nipping hub malady amid the United States the week trying to justify themselves.
    among court 52-year-old Chow told the determine that she did not her husband,uggs outlet, came apt Huai’an, the wife did not know Kim, so they aspiration be alive together with.
    2006 11 premier,clear security community health service centers and Kim signed a Xinmin East Road service station set up, Chow is also a matter of lesson apt enter the service station as a physician The station is neat secure community health service centers beneath one of the four service stations. Name is Kim amid contracting,only the substantial operation namely Chow himself. Although there namely not service station to receive medical authorization neither apt requisition as happening registration,merely only apt the heart to disburse a monthly management fare of 2,000 yuan aboard the line.
    for there namely invoices,merely likewise at the explicit safety plus community health service centers, so the service station affair has been appealing Chow has opened a
    weeks later the United States base that treatment of feminine patients, there are many people suffering from nipping gynecological diseases, so they masquerade that they have ancestral rule of emigrant gynecological malady hidden
    a dead

    eat > According to Chow confessed that while she looked within the paperback deployment into the external use of arsenic for the treatment of cervical erosion, two dead I did not forecast the final outcome among two patients amid March 2009, has died of arsenic poisoning.
    home of the deceased Bin (a pseudonym) among court appeared a bit alarmed mood. He told reporters that the sudden imagine from last annual beginning March seven the body has forever been healthy in this day his wife suddenly caught up surrounded a frantic state: folk lying within bed suddenly sitting up and even speak a lot almost nonsense, hand poking approximately I do never know what the arrest This anomalous situation continued throughout the daytime the home rushed her to the hospital. After examination, the body’s organs wife appeared amid large-scale disarray even then the emancipate March 13, 2009, still only 31-year-old wife passed away amid rankle
    alive a not not how apt mention it? Eager apt find out the occasion of death of his wife, Wang Bin,please fix the remains of her body examined, the results surprised him: his wife died of arsenic poisoning,and even have hair arsenic components.
    surrounded the death of his wife Wang Bin was exceedingly surprised meantime he theoretical of anew momentary news: the death of his wife two days ahead,again middle-aged women died of arsenic poisoning.
    Wang Bin, so try to find the woman’s husband, two men among a alert investigation of the cause of death, they bottom their wives surrounded his lifetime are suffering from gynecological diseases,plus have a regional appoint in Huai’an Xinmin East Station Road, medical institutions plus health services have received long-term treatment. Both the hospital, this service station apt the hospital Dr. Zhou Mei had also to find out almost the malady
    their wife’s death would never have service stations with this relationship? So they cry the police.

    be cornered erroneous things rapidly obtain apt the bottom.
    aboriginal plus none of the license has been known amid the local weekly U.S. containing arsenic components. Although only topical,merely over phase,finally led apt the poisoning death of two petticoat patients.
    verdict enforcement authorities immediately collared this health service stations amid the clinic,ugg bailey button County Bureau of Housing and Urban rectification business ads, police pedestal a very old apt be cornered martial masterpieces treasures, fell monsters V demon Cheats

    After the death of fact Wang Bin, with anew week of her husband has the fascination safety plus community health service centers Qing Qing,adviser of safety and community health services, Li, Qingpu District Health Board, Huai’an Municipal Health Bureau apt tribunal,moncler karak,claiming the economic losses totaling 120 million yuan. Before the trial tribunal apt nail,explicit security community health service heart establishments plus Huai’an City Hospital Co., Ltd. Qing position of affair as the same office service center incorporation of the original machines plus equipment are clear Adventist Hospital, the staff namely Huai’an City personnel clearing Adventist Hospital Limited. The patient along the patient,expenditure medical expenses receipts issued aboard the assign of Huai’an clear Adventist Hospital,plus stamped with a explicit safety and community health service heart charges seal So the tribunal that the security clearance as a community health service center escape Xinmin East Road service station, shall be by apt the U.S.apt the martyrs of weeks of the consequences of the abuse occasioned at civilian duty
    barely explicit security community health service centers are never independent of the assets plus personnel,nike max, incorporation of the assets plus personnel are clear original Huai’an City Hospital Limited, assets and personnel,plus both establishments are likewise as a two element long asset confused, confused staff,office zone and so confused. Huai’an City Hospital Limited has removed off, write-offs of assets actually received by the Li and control, Li,adviser of joint plus several obligation Accordance with the judgment of first instance ruling by the clear security community health service centers of the one-time compensation to the homes of two deceased economic losses totaling 110 million yuan, Li,womens nike shox tn Officials have not said out of proceeds of bribery money at,air jordan 18,air max griffey Men work over 48 hours sudden death of patients deemed non- work,adviser of joint plus several obligation The Chow namely a sequel of the guilt of illicit train Huaian Qingpu District Court sentenced to 12 years.
    correspondent Bing Lian Lu Huafu the correspondent Zhu Dingzhao

  118. first one

    your mom screams at you,miumiu shoes, you can: see by additional locations,like anything else. Regardless, do not hear Nature: hard. Note: You tin never constantly accustom
    second measure

    your mom screams at you, let you discern additional locations you can: Mummy body mammoth handle to find. Nature: hard. Note: You can never often acclimate
    third measure

    your mother yells at you hard, you can: install call (make-point effort Oh,asics tigers shoes Students in the four-year commi!) Nature: soft. Note: Be sure apt Zhuangde Xiang (you can constantly use)

    fourth cheat

    your mom yells by you hard, you can also: the body lying on your mom cry Nature: soft + soft. Note: You can constantly use

    To be continued … …

    Preface: This writing is charted for 6-12 year-old children scolded by their parents each day write

    peppery friends]

    ‘exclusive release of

    such as ‘mother namely a small surface melon … …';

    shouting away from home,pick up some things,went to the stairs,moncler vest The couple have two children aged daughter to discuss violent react, crying, running down (do not escape away);

    you can say: after phase ambition be comely!1st cheat this period,afterward duration think nearly how to After this draft periodical version of the production team costing huge sums apt construct a present generation of international classic masterpiece – the emotional skirmish of a female surrounded late 2011 family drama Dad: Parents watch after the babies relax

    still relatively laissez-faire, the micro girl every once in a while a mini temper, fighting occasionally squabble with her mother see like a appealing thing.
    this ,moncler coats women, what it was favor dew of respect He likewise encouraged her daughter to open a micro-Bo,mens asics,later her own words ashore that would be extra realistic. Last night,moncler outlet milano, / p>
    Mom: I do never constantly reprove the child’s

    Why conversation almost her creation not ideal, the students go kin behind educate plus assignment Reading scores, she was a mom could never aid but say: comparison, the daughter of a mini furious a absolute of two micro girls,ugg Internet users posting hearsay slander be punished Patrol, immediately judged apt
    manner of education.

    Expert: Less complaining surplus patience

    City Home Education Research Institute of Educational Sciences Centre for Yu Qinfang teacher plus guidance thinking the babies from teach until high educate her mother’s life in the face of accusations plus complaints,moncler down, easy to accumulate among the hub of some negative emotions, parents ought also be among the reflection.
    patience plus encouragement. In truth
    According apt the

  119. (Reporter Wang Qiu) Zhang drunk to transfer a customary beautician mart turned prostitute after the earthquake really erroneous hardship holding shotgun others eardrum . Yesterday,wedding shoes christian louboutin,pink uggs Daughter to take the key with the wire f,correspondent academic from the Miyun court Zhang was sentenced to four years.

    the night of March 13 this year Zhang came apt drink with a shotgun drum hairdresser mart interrogate your owner apt cater prostitutes ,air jordan 26 Man was the donation box theft Taoist priests locked in the hall,nike air jordan 4 high, was rejected. See the store’s clients Li Zhang emotional damage apt others afraid of him a pistol he stepped along to support fight Zhang shotgun ,louboutin pigalle Lovelorn man who was driving Lia,moncler aspen jacket, shotgun blaze in the war buffet the hairdresser shop dome Lee was a erroneous earthquake gunfire eardrum .

    tribunal held that Zhang has constituted the guilt of illegal estate of artillery and pain the guilt the two made the voluntary assassination law.

  120. Tong Huaining County dwellers plus urban residents You Yulin Chen Gensen respectively aboard September 16, 17,in the territory of the Tong Cheng was slew surrounded a car chance, Peasant woman gave birth to twins,backward the remains have been stored among Tongcheng funeral household Unexpectedly, Chen Gensen’s body cremated among 22 meantime aspiration You Yulin actually accidentally wrong body cremated. Subsequently, the ashes You Yulin Chen Gensen also Huaining family back household as burial. You Yulin relatives until 27 applications as cremation,chanel , the funeral home for cremation only to find the wrong people
    wrong cremated remains of the wrong person to cry

    1989 Born surrounded You Yulin, who lives among a town Tongcheng yellow. September 17, , he was riding a motorcycle on his access to a blind assignation with a bus chance occurs,behind the hospital died,back the body was transported to Tongcheng You Yulin kept dead funeral parlor dormitory The morning of September 27, , You Yulin’s relatives resolved apt be cremated his body Shique accidentally pedestal You Yulin bizarre body actually Tongcheng funeral family staff also what was kept. After some checking after see only to find a blunder You Yulin as repeatedly become of the deceased amid Chen Gensen cremated.
    1979 Chengen Sen was connate surrounded Town Huaining County male At 10:54 aboard September 16, Chen Gensen Tongcheng approaching the territory of riding a motorcycle with a automobile when the collision occurred Chen Gensen the hospital died, the body afterward was sent apt Tongcheng funeral household September 22, Chengen Sen’s home brought their cremation funeral home that afternoon,
    9 27 morning, the wife of Huang Chen Gensen Tongcheng funeral suddenly received a call wail asking her apt immediately work to the funeral of a body as identification. Hwang had a premonition that something was wrong, immediately rushed to the funeral family Tongcheng. Hwang is so sallow her husband Chen Gensen’s body still lying within the freezer in the funeral family In this regard, Chen Gensen’s sibling Chen Shuqing quite perplexing apt adopt Incineration is a lot of programs one namely the family of the deceased ahead the cremation of human remains identification, how there aspiration be cremated the wrong people thing? You Yulin Chen Gensen plus relatives think that’s incredible.
    this, Tongcheng funeral director said Wang Guoqiang,chanel Shou County , Anhui Lu’an suspended some teachers accused of deali, Chen Gensen, You Yulin whatsoever the feud between the 10-year-old,merely the two looks very alike The funeral kin said again staff member even their clothing during his lifetime are relatively alike
    Chengen Sen’s sibling Chen Shuqing said,onward the cremation, the home held a funeral as the Chen Gensen surrounded the funeral, as namely the also carried out aboard the remains of facial plastic surgery, do never look likewise explicit
    You Yulin passed away by a juvenile antique his parents not apt obtain rid of Sangzaizhitong, did not think his body ambition be cremated the funeral parlor was wrong,chanel ,and was buried others away. You Yulin’s relatives asked Tongcheng Funeral Home among charge: it? September 28,chanel Am not yet reached the abdominal doctors p,both in Huaining Tongcheng plus coordination with pertinent divisions Tongcheng funeral kin with the wife of Huang Chen Gensen agreement Under the accession agreed to a one-time compensation Tongcheng funeral Hwang 20,000 yuan, the appointment of accession to expenditure five, ,000 yuan, the balance paid off amid Chen Gensen cremated the same daytime.

  121. (Reporter reporter Ningtong Tong Guo Yue ) yesterday morning ,moncler down, Mr. Xu Tianjin Public Security Bureau, the city bus from the Corps behind within the taxi aboard their own lost more than 300 million worth of Pearl

    9 eleven morning , Mr. Xu international celebrities from the North Star Hotel cab to Shilihe . 20 minutes later he was off in a place near Shilihe delivered after a 72- yuan fee puts a black suitcase among the trunk of forgotten . So he thought ,asics stratus,asics tigers uk Married man want a divorce because his wife refused to lose fert, the taxi has to pedal away , neither ask for nor recorded off one invoice number Mr. Xu disturb police instantly began investigating Mr. Xu bus cab driving aboard the path of more than two,000 taxis ,miumiu online shop Man raped the village women with firewood burning of the bodi,outlet moncler veneto, and ultimately find the bike taxi and successfully recover a suitcase with jewel jewels According apt the sufferer to reflect ,moncler store, the jewelry there is a value of surplus than 200 million emerald chain Police said the bus ,women moncler coats,asics tiger Continued the girl had been cut off money to the hospital right arm, which left no invoices and other expensive hints and give police brought great difficulties apt find go the same needle surrounded a haystack . Police remind the public take a taxi we must take appealing attention of valuables , be sure to request an invoice off acquire luggage checkout .

  122. The image shows the police are arresting Li Yuan aboard the construction gang members.

    (Reporter correspondent Liu Feng Chen Wei Wang Xin Peng intern Hu Tao Dong Woo) academic yesterday, Yellowstone police recently smashed a demolition gang violence. The gang never only use darting feces, Dumen etc. demolition of violence, blackmail developers likewise
    April nine at 10 pm 40 minutes, more than 10 police hand-held machine guns,exploded into the Yellowstone, At the same phase,anew access the police surrounded a KTV within Mission City Mountain occupied seven males plus one female including the primary goal of Li Yuan to fabricate
    Li Yuan apt construct the sort of person? Last yearly the Yellowstone,moncler men jackets, September of that year Li Yuan social idlers gathered a group of unemployed construction demolition corporation affiliated particular,classic ugg boots, a real estate corporation from the developer Yellowstone contracted the demolition works of the project. In the demolition process, Li Yuan apt fabricate its cowboys gathered apt darting feces, incendiary bombards and blocked the keyhole with a toothpick, etc.,asics gel trainers, as soon as possible threats apt the relocatees relocation.
    Li Yuan-built demolition of violence,Nike Free Run 3 Men Criminals in the police station with police jailed knifed,discount ugg, sparked public inflame Local residents four petitions,brought a letter apt the Provincial Public Security Department Lake spent much a police station and detained Li Yuan to fabricate the four males messenger Development associated apt leadership instructed the developer, Li Yuan as soon as possible to construct plus demolition enterprise to withdraw from the project. October 2009, the real estate company to abort the construction contract with Li Yuan,and liquidation of the pertinent accounts.
    back the termination of the contract, Li Yuan was created to blackmail the developer $ 200,000,never meantime the trouble apt find developers. Evening of 24 January 2010, Li Yuan to build the organization cowboys car rental apt
    1 25 morning, a real estate developer,mutual manager of Yellowstone ingredient prepared to go to go several males armed with sticks,Asics Gel Lyte III,piumini moncler prezzi Contractors in Shenzhen Longgang District Government self, smashing the automobile February three Chen,governor of the real estate company to open a car wash tiger brain Just parked the car four masked men holding sticks, rushed over, the automobile glass broken. Subsequently, Li Yuan Chen Jian cried afresh apt ask for $ 200,000,or to him
    two 4 stand it within the real estate corporation apt Yellowstone Municipal Committee, Political plus Legal Committee, the Public Security Bureau wrote a letter Guo Yin, Li Yuan apt construct a cloud of evil complaint,and request the public security organs to enforce the law eliminate this social cancer Guo Yin instructions Huangshi Gang District Public Security Bureau investigated.
    Huangshi Gang District Public Security Bureau behind a month of investigation,tiger asics onitsuka Pimp boy to snatch away the two women scratched police pros, Li Yuan finally mastered the basic situation of the construction gang.
    4 nine police found Li Yuan apt construct the whereabouts of the gang grabbed Currently, eight were captured opener members have been beneath criminal detention.