The Haunting in Connecticut

Film (with rating): The Haunting in Connecticut (PG-13)

Studio: Lionsgate

Summary: Inspired by a true story. When a family moves to upstate Connecticut, they learn that their Victorian home was once a funeral parlor where unspeakable acts occurred.

Review:  I love haunted house stories. I saw ” Amityville Horror” when I was eight or something, and I’ve been hooked ever since. Good people crossing paths with evil supernatural beings. Good stuff. Sure, they can be hokey at times, but a good ghost story taking place in some old house with a tragic past is always a bestseller for me. “The Haunting in Connecticut” isn’t very original in its concept, but that doesn’t seem to harm the film too much. The acting, especially by Virginia Madsen as the family mother, is surprisingly well done for a horror film, and is not overdone.

One thing I really liked about “Haunting” is that it centered around a flawed and stressed-out family full of problems (alcoholism, cancer, etc.). It wasn’t about this happy-go-lucky family, whistling joyfully as they moved out to the country before getting struck by a supernatural fist to the face. The reality of the character’s situations made the film’s entire pretense seem a bit more believable. “Haunting” is billed as a true story, but I’m thinking it’s loosely inspired by something that happened. We’re not talking documentary here, folks. Supposedly, the story comes from the real-life drama of Allen and Carmen Snedeker who moved to Connecticut to be closer to a treatment center for their sick son. Like so many of these “based-on” Hollywood adaptations, creative license most likely took precedence.

Director Peter Cornwell throws in many, many scream moments; some are truly worthy, others are  overdone. That latter note is the biggest drawback to the film. What at first seemed like a scary scene or effect loses its thrill the fourth or fifth time around. In other words, the film tries too hard too many times. Despite that, prepare to physically jump at least once or twice while watching this flick. Don’t expect any new twists on the genre, but “Haunting” won’t leave you throwing your dinner at the TV, either. Most likely.

Extra highlight: “The Fear is Real”

What to serve for dinner: A taste of New England: clam chowder (

    *   1 (10.75 ounce) can condensed cream of celery soup
    * 1 (10.75 ounce) can condensed cream of potato soup
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    * 2 (6.5 ounce) cans minced clams, one drained and one undrained
    * 1 quart half-and-half cream
    * 1 pint heavy whipping cream

Mix cream of celery soup, cream of potato soup, clam chowder, one can undrained clams, one can drained clams, half-and-half cream, and whipping cream into a slow cooker. Cover, and cook on low for 6 to 8 hours. Serve with crusty sourdough bread, a green salad and white wine.

What to talk about over dinner: Do you believe in ghosts? Why or why not? What was one time you’ve been scared silly? Have you ever seen a ghost? Do you believe “Haunting” was based on a true story, or mostly embellished? What are you afraid of? What would you do if your house was haunted? Would you stick around, or hightail it out of there? What was the scariest part of this movie for you? How could it have been better? Would you ever buy a home with “history?” Would you want to know your home’s history in the first place?


Barney: Lunchbox Gift Set

While “Haunting” isn’t much of a kids’ movie at all, that doesn’t mean you can’t have a good family night this weekend. Before watching Virginia Madsen break out her ghostbuster moves, sit down with the kids and watch one of HIT Entertainment’s new releases. My favorite (well, I should say my daughter’s favorite) was the Barney Lunch Box Gift Set, a cute lunch pail containing three Barney DVDs: “Adventure Bus,” “Imagination Island” and “Everyone is Special.” Others in the collection include Thomas & Friends, Bob the Builder and the Care Bears (remember them?? I think I still have one of those dolls in a box at my parents’ house.) While they might have been better timed to be released right before school started, the lunch pails and the enriching children’s entertainment is too good to pass up, any time of the year. And they proved to be a good talking point about the upcoming school year, too. (“What are you looking forward to most when school starts up?” “What things do you want to learn this year?” “Who do you hope to have for a teacher? Why?”)

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    Wang Changjiang Wang Daily News 72-year-old mother shopping at the Carrefour store checkout Optics Valley, promotional gift bags of cereal for 4 whether to pay dispute with the cashier, as yet as a thief at Carrefour , was also coerced to sign photographs. Yesterday,ugg Fruit mall was robbed at gunpoint double among half,Kid’s Air Jordan Shoes,ugg boots prestigious , her mother and his wife Wang Optics Valley once again to the Carrefour store in the Carrefour human kneeling in front of the responsible person, apply a written apology Carrefour, but also their own names. Carrefour Carrefour confess this is a fault, but even now agreed to a written apology from the supermarket.

    the office. After about ten minutes, Wang out of her mother, told reporters that her own signature information yet received,

    name on the supermarket caught embezzling records

    name on the supermarket caught stealing records

    Wang said her mother,nike air griffey max 1 grey,hermes kelly bags High-speed traffic rollover abov, I do not individually apologize to the parties, I issued a written apology to Carrefour, Carrefour do not want to be issued whether she did not rule out the rights via legal means.

    10 19, in Mr. Yen,ugg australia sydney, accompanied by his wife, her mother went to Carrefour Wang Optics Valley stores, to find the risk-prevention department, ask to see the day own signature form. Michael employees in treatment the matter on vacation, said a staff member, the form can be seen, but can not be torn up and taken away, then a person in charge of folks came up and told her mother Wang, photograph and signature and not the same as theft only took a commodity, and I did not shoot her mother Wang, signed form has been tore up.

    introduced her mother, according to Wang, Michael was base two woman promoters, but the two promoters in the membrane is not that the promoters previously Ximai Mai, accustomed that the two per capita to 1.2 yuan / sack Xi Maimai film is specials, do not purchase awards. when you do not know what manner. Promoters found, the security answer that the four bags of cereal is not to the promoters, the promoters by far denied. Wang mother is very angry, how to speak nonsense, obviously points to a number of promoters, and how not acknowledge it.

    Luo said Wang’s mother stated is true, this event is the mistake of Carrefour, Carrefour will be responsible be penalized,acg boots, so that the parties face to face repentance and to issue a written letter of repentance to her mother Wang. However, Wang and her mother do not regret to the parties a written letter of repentance, and asked Carrefour lawful issued a written apology, to restore his dignity. Asked her mother for Wang, Luo no positive answer.

    yesterday, a detailed account of her mother Wang the episode. At 16:00 on October 18 and extra, she went out to the Optics Valley Carrefour store shopping, because they have the tolerate, she bought some cereal. and 4 gift bags, a total of 24 bags. Promoters told her, gifts for sale to glue labels, but labels can not get locked, so Wang said her mother remove the checkout with the cashier.

    cum-receipt in addition to prose their own appoint inscribed, the other not to write their own, including fingerprints namely not her own, do not understand who

    checkout for gifts disagree

    mother for the sake of innocent Guiqiu Carrefour

    event playback

    supermarket but refused to admit a written apology

    (Changjiang Daily Zoumao Lin)

    yesterday morning, accompanied by reporters, Mr. Yen Wang and his wife came to her mother Optics Valley of Carrefour stores, to find the relevant person in charge of Carrefour. Carrefour in front of reporters and media communications director, Luo, and another in charge of the surface, Wang mother again about the entire thing through, after talking about,nike air max 2010, the Wang-law to tears several periods.

    security inquiry Promoters changed

    yesterday, the correspondent in the supermarket risk hindrance department bureau gate close above October 9 introduced an provocation agenda, by the time people caught within the theft, in increase apt prize money, the grab tin vacation attach One day, not dome.

    Yesterday, Wang mother for the sake of naivete, alternatively even Carrefour staff to kneel. Our reporter Zhang Peng Wang mother’s name taken
    Carrefour supermarket on the

    share: greet to comment to annotate

    security preparations with the promoters and Wang mother take the check out 20 bags of cereal, while allowing the promoters to the other four bags labeled for marketing name, promoters opened the cupboard, took out a label affixed. Wang and her mother, the promoters went together to the cashier checkout there variant store cashier, the cashier told her mother Wang, they are scared to suppose liability, not recognized.

    microblogging Recommended | today’s hot microblogging (edit: SN056)

    repeated at the request of Mr. Yen, Carrefour took out an information, but did not ascertain Wang’s mother signed the form, where they detect a Carrefour name, and the results exhibited on Education released.

    by the cash enrol checkout, the cashier said 4 bags of no Wang believes that her mother, four bags is donated, do not ambition to pay, the two sides dispute. Cashier hurrahed to a companion, her mother brought the Wang risk prevention department store Carrefour Optical Valley office.

    Face Luo, Wang-law suddenly knelt down, and constantly kowtow, jaws still constantly appealing to Carrefour also she is innocent. Luo fast shouted to colleagues, forward with her mother to face with tears of Wang Fu again.

    to apologize.

    provided to the reporter in-law Wang Optics Valley of Carrefour stores Security Department Report and receipt, a careful Wang mother’s old, residence and other file and message, while too missing a column list of merchandise, careful records of the West wheat, cherry tomatoes, carrots, quantity, element amount and total price and other data, and processing column apparent as In this Report and receipt, respectively, along to the 4 fingerprints. In Wang’s mom also stolen from the Carrefour took shots too, you can apparently penetrate that in addition to Wang, her mother bought commodities such as Simeon and carrots, merely too while you can look a screenshot of Wang signed her mother.

  9. mother, Chen Yurong: I firmly put my son cured, we are successful, try to turn my liver transplant, he does not achieve the goal, I will continue on the path.

    doctor: Liver biopsy in the process of doing that, she (Chen Yurong) have moderate to severe fatty liver, liver, then to the donor will have a certain risk.

    but Chen Yurong did not give up to save his son’s conviction, decided to start his own weight loss plan. In seven months time, Chen Yurong broke away four pairs of shoes, clothes have become loose before, and reduced body weight from 68 kg to 60 kg, go to the hospital for a check, not actually a fatty liver,ken griffey jr shoes , the doctor felt that the results was shocked.

    Currently,nike air griffey max 1 red, Chen Yurong and son were admitted to the hospital, waiting for further examination and expert consultation. Chen Yurong said that, regardless of the outcome,ugg women boots, she will stick to it.

    55-year-old mother of a liver to save son walk 10 km to reduce the fat on the liver Source: Dragon TV

    News Playback: to cut the liver to save son,air jordan 11, mother, seven months on a continuous line of ten kilometers

    maternal love is the greatest on earth the most selfless emotion,ugg boots outlet 11, Wuhan is a 55-year-old Chen Yurong a good mother to admire. In order to complete the liver to save son’s wish, with severe fatty liver, she began a runaway 10 kilometers a day weight loss program.

    Beijing News November 3, starting from eight o’clock,ugg 5815, four hours long, the At the same time, Chen Yurong son was to promote the operating room, receive a liver transplant. In order to cut the liver to save son, mother for seven months at the line ten kilometers to lose weight, severe fatty liver miraculously disappeared. Yesterday, the Wuhan Tongji Hospital Organ Transplant Unit consultation with related departments to conduct large, unanimously adopted the

    in Wuhan City District chenjiaji riverbank on the dam, every day at dawn, people will see Chen Yurong walked quickly walking figure. From February this year, she will sooner or later every day on this road,


    Chen Yurong’s son suffering from congenital diseases, liver dysfunction, in December last year, another son of the onset of liver disease, seeing his son’s illness increased day by day, Chen Yurong decided to use his own son in exchange for the liver lives, but to hospital for a check, the doctor denied this idea.

    Clinical Research Institute of the Department of Organ Transplantation, Tongji Dr. Du Dunfeng: the patient’s liver had fully recovered, the recovery is beyond our imagination.

    Video: 55-year-old mother of a liver to save son walk 10 km to reduce the fat on the liver Source: Dragon TV surgery start on time. The operation lasted 3 hours,ugg adirondack tall, 11 PETROCHEMICAL the cut liver surgery done. Ye Haibin at 11:00 into the operating room. Reporters side observation, Ye Haibin,Air Jordan slipper , smiling, in good spirit. Side of the nurses for his next refueling, to convey to him the blessing of the crowd: will succeed. Ye Haibin surgery will be closed at the end of 14 points.

  10. Xiangtan News newspaper Zhou Jie Zhang Yao has been trailing behind in the home when the door suddenly Ms Chow to be torn down, grabbed the neck of weeks to grab 1005 yuan. Zhou Jie against their own people that were robbed, patience to do ideological work. That night, called by the probation Zhang Yao Zhou Jie, want the money back to her, police officers were arrested. Yesterday, Xiangtan City Yuhu District Court of First Instance sentenced for robbery Zhang Yao eleven years imprisonment, deprivation of political rights for one year and fined $ 20,000.

    afterwards, Ms Chow told the matter to her husband, Zhou’s husband immediately called the police. To 21:40 Xu, Yao-playing mobile phone, said Zhou Jie, want to meet her money back, followed by police officers in Xiangtan City, Zhang Yao Yangjiawan police district arrested the defendant. Zhou Jie for the injury by the medical examiner identified as slight injury. After the incident, the public security organs will be 1005 yuan of illicit money recovered back to Zhou Jie concurrent.

    correspondent correspondent Li Zhihong Zhu Zhehan

    Zhang Yao (1983 students) argued in court, their offense and suspension, and voluntarily surrendered themselves,christian louboutin blue shoes ,karen millen coats sale, mitigation of punishment. It is understood, Yao-December 2001 for robbery,karen millen stores, was sentenced to seven years; May 2006, found guilty of theft was sentenced to three years six months. The court held that Zhang Yao argued that an offense suspension,karen millen bluewater , and voluntarily surrendered themselves to justify views, and the court identified the facts, defend their opinions are not supported. Yesterday, Xiangtan City Yuhu District Court of First Instance sentenced for robbery Zhang Yao eleven years imprisonment, deprivation of political rights for one year and fined $ 20,discounted burberry,000.

    Subsequently, Zhou Jie Zhang Yao patience to do ideological work. Conversation, Zhang Yao lied father was hacked to death, can not just go down this road. At this time, Zhou made to the living room to talk, Zhang Yao agreed after 1005 yuan in the bedroom bed. Two in the living room to pay Tanliaoyihui, Yao-Zhou Jie enlighten by probation. Before leaving your phone number will be Zhou Jie wrote the Yao Zhang,griffey shoes purple white black,jordan hydro sandals , and Zhou Jie to 1005 yuan in cash to the Yao-.

    6 30 evening 6 pm, followed Zhou Jie Zhang Yao to home, when the week opened the door into the room, Zhang Yao to be pushed to the ground,ken griffey shoes 2010, grabbed his neck and hands. Meanwhile, Zhang Yao grabbed week will head to the hair and hit the ground, Ms Chow cry At this time, Zhou Jie Zhang Yao threat: bag pocket pulls out 1005 yuan.

  11. According to local villagers, the flower of a relatively wealthy family. The incident three days ago, someone mentioned to Xia Xia pro, Xia Xia’s family agreed to this marriage.

    The scene.

    have informed the villagers said Li Guoqiang and Xia Xia Department of lovers for many years. Li Guoqiang was home to propose marriage to Xia Xia, ultimately rejected because of financial difficulties. Others and their families agreed to hear the Xia Xia, after the marriage, feeling unable to restore the old feelings of love and hatred for Roger Lee, and ultimately go to the extreme.

    three days after the incident,ugg uk outlet, the police bring the perpetrators to identify the scene, the villagers discovered that the murderer was actually the original Friendship Village Li Guoqiang, a hydropower station in Qinghai had been working. According to local villagers say, Xiaxia talking about the object before and Li Guoqiang, Li Guoqiang Xia Xia is also home to the parents mentioned. Family life is hard because Li Guoqiang, a flower does not consent to the marriage. 3 days before the incident, the next village to mention a small group of pro-to Xia Xia, Xia Xia and his family agreed.

    the murder occurred, Yongjing Police investigate immediately. 36 hours later, hiding in the mountains of the murderer was arrested.

    located 20 kilometers southwest of the county is a Luo village relocation villages, the villagers here are all original Ping Gou Xiang-friendly village, Last year as a whole moved to here. After the removal of most of the villagers to build houses, village party secretary Luo is also home to build a new home flowers, the night before the incident, a duo with her daughter Xia Xia, brother to live in new houses being built in.

    6 28 morning,cheap uggs, Gou Xiang Luo Ping Village Yongjing County homicide occurred,hermes birkin 40cm, the village party secretary and the daughter of a flower Xia Xia (pseudonym), brother in law was killed in a three under construction new home in. 36 hours later, the local police arrested the murderer, the murderer of the former Department of Xiaxia lovers. 3 days before the incident, Xiaxia just the promise of marriage with another person, ex-boyfriend because of love and hate the bloody hand brewing.

    the afternoon, this reporter went to the friendly village flower house, flower bed Dengmou a wife, to conceal feelings of grief. Dengmou said she and her husband has two daughters and one son, Xia Xia is the boss. Li Guoqiang suspect’s home community in a friendly village, 8, and Xia Xia primary school students. After entering junior high school, the two are separated. Xiaxia After high school, admitted to the Linxia agricultural school, Li Guoqiang only in elementary school and other students to come home flowers once. p> Western Hills Friendship Village Club 8 beam,uggs sale, Li Guoqiang home is the only remaining two did not move out. Li Guoqiang home a few low adobe houses, the furnishings simple. Li Guoqiang Liang’s father Lee told reporters Ga, Li Guoqiang, after graduating from junior high school, had two years on the technical school in Xining, Qinghai,womens nike dunk sb high heels, a station then has to work in little home. Last November, he knows his son in love with Xia Xia, and soon he would ask the matchmaker to propose marriage at home flowers, but flowers three times a couple have been refused. Li Guoqiang also been a single flower home to propose marriage, is still denied.

    local villagers said Li Guoqiang identify the scene after committing the crime account of a part: the incident before the 78 days, Li Guoqiang sneak Ping Gou Xiang from Qinghai, hiding in the 500 meters away from the crime scene on a barren waste the dilapidated temple in.

    6 28 morning 7 am,Hermes Birkin 35 Man falsely claimed the ability to cure disease with special wa, work at home workers to Xiaxia blood found inside the house floor, and the brother of a flower bed in the room down, Xia Xia was killed in another room,abercrombie and fitch credit card , made to the police.

    old daughter of the family admits affair

    Li Ga beam on to say, when the reporter to verify the family flowers, Xiaxia an aunt hesitant to say that Lee is indeed mentioned the pro-door, but only came once, too bad the.

    microblogging Recommended | today’s hot microblogging

    Li Ga Liang said: p> Welcome comment to comment

    to identify the scene the murderer was actually former lover

    a flower in a Luo village has two connected homestead, a flower before the incident and his wife, brother,cheap ugg boots uk 50, daughter and son in their new homes Xiaxia build a house. Day of the incident, illness due to her youngest son, the wife of a duo with his son back home in the friendly village, lucky escape.

    new home secretary immigrant village massacre occurred

    Li Ga beam that marriage although rejected, but Xia Xia has not cut off dealings with Li Guoqiang, son on several occasions been the work station. Time, Xia Xia Guoqiang to Qinghai to see, also lived there for two months. Around the Spring Festival this year, to Li Xia Xia also came twice, but no mention of marriage.

    Li Ga Leung told reporters that he and Xia Xia father of a child with flowers let the sheep, the relationship is not bad. They do not agree to the marriage, probably because his family was too poor.

    6 28 around midnight, Li Guoqiang carry lethal weapons, the large flower nail inserted in the east of the house of a house brick cracks, stepping on a nail into the eastern houses, houses in the uninhabited East more than two hours in hiding, and so live in the West house of Xia Xia, and brother of a flower into the West after the house was asleep. Li Guoqiang first enter Xiaxia room, killing the sleeping Xia Xia, and then into a flower bed and his brother’s house, killed with a way to hit two. After committing the crime, Li Guoqiang quickly fled the scene, hiding in the nearby mountains, until they were arrested.

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    Miss Lee saw the message,short ugg boots, the spot on the silly,ken griffey shoes 2011 5, because the company did not ask for any advance exchange ,ugg boots adelaide, so she hastened to make international long distance telephone contact with the other customers. Customers say mid-October ,ugg shoes, they received Fuzhou E-mail this to send messages to foreign trade ,australia ugg boots, the goods required to pay this advance . As they serve the business requirements ,nike air griffey max 1 green, customer aboard a username to

    WASHINGTON company finally made a customer with a sum of U.S. big business , is the other side payments. Did not expect to suddenly receive e-mail that $ 45,000 advance payment has been remitted . A few days ago , Miss Lee ‘s foreign trade companies encounter such a thing .

    Miss Lee then quickly check the mailbox communication records , and found the mailbox was cracked password , people who abused the name of the company sent a letter ,abercrombie & fitch , then rushed to the police .

    our reporter Li Daze correspondent Mizube summary

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  13. share : welcome to comment to comment

    Sun argued that he fulfilled the maintenance obligation . Originally lived in the mother’s home , and the purchase of a security door,nike Zoom Lebron vii ps, hot water valves , gas costs paid 1,womens nike dunk sb heels,000 yuan . Now he is renting ,air jordon shoe, but the rent of the room does not fit his belongings, his mother unless he thinks the housing investment return ,nike air max nm nomo,cheap nike heels Female tour guide scolded passenger certificate was revoked thr, or do not agree with the item removed. Burning issue for bedding ,abercrombie and fitch cheap,ugg boots shoes , Sun did not respond .

    case is not in court for sentencing .

    (Reporter Pei Xiaolan ) said his son is not filial , but burned their own bedding can lead a normal life , 78 -year-old son of Mr. Sun Wang Laotai to court , asking them to move away from his home . The day before yesterday , Fengtai Court hearing of the case .

    microblogging Recommended | today’s hot microblogging ( edit : SN014)

    Wang Laotai alleged that in November last year , his son was admitted due to the temporary case of demolition of her home, but after the arrival of not only Thanksgiving , but also often abused her , even her bedding burned. Son to move out as soon as possible so sued .

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    76 -year-old Japanese man Shigeo Tokuda

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    Army believes that the civil service examination for the health of the candidates to set too many restrictions, many restrictions have been a health discrimination,2010 uggs, such as hepatitis B discrimination, discrimination against blood diseases, diabetes and discrimination.

    2010 April, Li Feng joined the civil service examination in 2010, Shaanxi Province, Xi’an Public Security Bureau,hermes handbags sale People in his hometown to find real estate license in 1953, the city branch of candidates to written tests,womens nike dunk heels, interview score second place into the examination. June 27, 2010, Ninth People’s Hospital of Xi’an Li Feng arranged medical examination. July 3, Li Feng learned in the Civil Service Bureau website, their medical failure, need for re-examination once. July 10,nike heels 515, he had re-examination, the result is still unsatisfactory. Thus, Li Feng Xian Civil Service Bureau to complaint and was told that

    well-known anti-discrimination public who the Army said that no candidates of hepatitis B virus infection . part of the examination result.

    2010 2 10, Human Resources and Social Security, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Health released the other three departments, notice Civil Service Bureau and Xi’an,classic ugg, but recruiting civil servants, until June 2010, also for hepatitis B testing. Li Feng apply for positions not Armed Police,australia ugg boots, therefore, he believes Bureau of Xi’an civil investigation of hepatitis B without apparent violation.

    a university graduate

    In this regard, Li Feng Xian consulted a large number of doctors, professors, were told vaccines, and has produced protective antibodies in the future will not be infected with hepatitis B, is a normal healthy people, not contagious, not treatment.

    especially, Li Feng disappointed that the civil service examinations have been unfairly treated by the legal remedies, even delays in the statement.

    2010 10 8, Li Feng Xian Lianhu to the District People’s Court of Administrative Litigation. March 8, 2011, Xi’an Lianhu District People’s Court of first instance verdict, the court held, based on the claim.

    first instance verdict against Li Feng, on March 16, 2011 to the Xi’an Intermediate People’s Court of Appeal, but has not yet been concluded.

    Today, the appeal has been received eight months, far beyond the conclusion of a two-month statutory deadline, but there has been no decision. Shanxi Changzhi candidates Songjiang Ming twists and turns finally succeeded rights, and through similar experiences, but I do not know the court when Li Feng He can also do justice.

    But Li Feng was eventually rejected. Such an outcome so that he can not understand, Li Feng began to seek explanation for their own.

    Li Feng Xian (pseudonym) to participate in the 2010 civil service examination, physical examination results of hepatitis B should be healthy, but was to In a number of fruitless negotiations, angrily charged Li Feng Xian Civil Service Agency, for rescission of the decision of medical failure. In the administrative reconsideration, administrative litigation after losing the first trial,nike air max 24-7, March 16, 2011, Li Feng, filed an appeal.

    2011 11 20, China University of Political Science Institute released a constitutional discrimination among healthy ratio of 100%.

    Li Feng and prosecution Ninth People’s Hospital of Xi’an Medical Hospital, 451 Hospital first case. However, the claim was rejected in Xi’an Beilin District People’s Court. Li Feng Xian and then appeal to the Court, at present, the case is still pending.

    share: welcome to comment to comment

    Li Feng believes that even if has been abolished under the Be recruiting side has no basis in the case, to determine his medical failure.

    2010 8 3, Li Feng, the legal bureau of the Xi’an Municipal Government filed an administrative review, called for the repeal of the Civil Service Bureau in Xi’an Li Feng failed to make the medical decisions. September 26, Xi’an Bureau of Government administrative action to sustain the decision of the civil service.

  16. More than a month ago,ugg tall, Liu Wenxiu in Shenzhen gave a passionate kiss,uggs classic short, rescued an emotional In this way, she suddenly become a star of the network (see the newspaper on June 22, A24 version of Now, back to work status Liu Wenxiu frankly, if you return to the day, maybe she will change the way to save.

    happened after that time,air max nm nomo, Liu Wenxiu selected and the media Many went to her home Guzhen media interview, did not expect to have rushed to empty.

    listening to the boy’s face, think of his personal life, Liu Wenxiu and boys crying while chatting; to allow the boy to regain confidence in life, Liu Wenxiu made a unexpected move so that everyone and kissed the boy. At the moment the boy guard, rescue workers rushed forward to rescue him under. Liu Wenxiu also kiss with his most precious to save a young life.

    Welcome comment to comment

    However, in a sudden

    If we save, but also The face of a reporter’s question, Liu Wenxiu replies very directly, Reporters Fang Jiawei

    review: June 11 this year in Shenzhen East Gate footbridge Penan people on the bridge standing on the edge of a knife-wielding boy wanted to commit suicide. The boy wanted to commit suicide just 16 years old, as the boy takes the knife, the police were afraid to let onlookers near, so he lied to the boy’s girlfriend Liu Wenxiu, was able to close to the boy.

    business cards.

    few days after the rescue, Liu Wenxiu body is not very comfortable,ken griffey shoes womens,air jordan 11 15, they returned home in Anhui. But she did not choose to return to Bengbu, Hefei, but here’s a friend here, as is his family did not want to be disturbed.

    19-year-old Liu Wenxiu is still single, rescue happened after the boys had some way to get her through a variety of contact, hoping to make friends with her.

    thinking: do not want to be disturbed family life

    just did something worth doing the little things. She had a brief exchange. to work. Return to work the hotel, Liu Wenxiu job classifications,hermes watch, and treatment have taken place is not small change,James Starks jersey , which she did not seem to find how the sudden. on their reports, colleagues have often send text messages and she said

    microblogging Recommended | hot microblogging today (edit: SN044)

    Liu Wenxiu did not expect that from the heart of the chased by the media as life. All in Liu Wenxiu the unexpected.


  17. the next decade, this sad scene, the eve of the annual Spring Festival will be staged on time. Later, as time goes on, Grandma, Grandpa has passed away, this family of five individuals into three individuals.

    hit brick, brick is commonly known as play. First hired to Wong, barefoot crush with water and stir constantly. And good brick clay, will be holding a handful of mud brick brick mold filling and compaction force. Then, wire Calibrating the excess mud brick, and then flip brick mold, poured adobe.

    brothers parents, because the special customs of that era,cheap ralph lauren polo shirts uk, a Less than 10-year-old eyes, the brothers began to blur,designer karen millen 6, the doctor sighed deeply, handed down this life is doomed from the light.

    to let the children eat fresh rice milk, two brothers Do a rice slurry was two or three hours and sometimes have to boil boil asleep

    6-year-old had been aware of life experience, why still even burning paper in mid-worship, and continued that lie?

    6 years old, Biao Yi to our house, the bedroom when her grandmother passed, she Biao Yi heard a sigh, she is sensitive to detect this is his personal life, although in case of lightning, but she is difficult to imagine an adult restraint, quietly go away … …

    ZHAO day in the infant’s hunger cry better than the day,burberry women coat, the Zhao Guangfu and ZHAO Guang-hui brothers spent three days this life is most difficult. Three days, they Chafanbusi, sat in the chair every day, hand-pulling hair trying to think.

    rice milk Suisi milk, after all, not milk. Soon, the infant on the thin Li Zhao, more small arms, and began to frequent diarrhea.

    then, point firewood carefully brewed rice, stirring to keep the middle. Because see, he could not grasp the furnace,discount ralph lauren, only stirring constantly to prevent sticking boil paste. Finally, sugar and so its natural cooling, try not to use hot lips, and then poured into the bottle-fed Li Zhao drink.

    , Jin Zhao faint tears on the face.

    with a blind brother ZHAO Guang-hui, lying broken on the bed at night, tossing camel branded biscuits, not to sleep until the chicken is called three times. Another room, Zhao Guangfu is running out of patience, to get up half an hour after chlamydia, touch the parents at the door she asked how the little guy did not cry.

    of the eye socket, oozing a crystal teardrop.

    hungry little guy piercing cry, the Zhao Guangfu brother anxious around, listen to his mother’s advice, they worked with, came up with the home Tsuishine mortar, slurry began to Li Zhao Tsuishine .

    day, the brothers will be in time for a chicken to get up before the third time, finishing groping wash, then add boiled the previous day’s leftovers into rice,watches rolex, eat it with pickles, and then the chicken called out the third time around.

    not explain was only 4-year-old Li Zhao Why so persistent, pestering Zhao Guangfu bought on the day of incense paper money, in the corner of the yard, in the cold reverently worship. Behind, four adults stood in silence, silent tears.

    m good to soak the night before scouring the net, you have to get up the next day cock groping Tsuishine hours. Chung finished first after a cloth filter, and then Chung twice, three times, as seen, Zhao Guangfu to ensure the meters in this awkward Chung was fine enough to prevent the fine grain of rice is not poured into the child Chung trachea.

    Li Zhao said, a few days to go to my father and father unitary recorded television programs, I help them wash their clothes a bit.
    Li Zhao Zhao Guangfu and blind father (right), unitary Dad ZHAO Guang-hui (left).
    ZHAO Guang-hui groping with the hay the cows.
    Zhao Guangfu touch by hand to find the rabbit fodder.

    the unexpected arrival of the small Li Zhao, the brothers are vaguely understand the intention of their parents when they grow old when the brothers grew up ZHAO rest of his life will depend. That day, sleeping in different rooms of the two brothers, give birth to a same — we feel when a father!

    This is a memorable experience that Zhao’s brother. 14 years later, this experience, they still marvel.

    The man will be exposed to a rare mouth smile.

    Party Secretary Bo Xilai that Zhao’s situation, to hand a letter to Li Zhao wrote: two fathers’ rest assured, we are all your loved ones! ! 14 years later, the girl has Tingtingyuli, outstanding.

    parents heard this, tears rolled down on the brush. Two blind sons go to fight brick kilns, which makes them Xinrudaoge. It ZHAO Guang-hui memories, They hear the words, the number of days has been crying more than the Li Zhao, suddenly surprisingly quiet, big eyes stare at the two blind father.

    When the little guy is the cousin brought together to buy two bags of milk powder. However, two bags of milk powder was soon gone.

    touched the little guy’s face, one after the brothers pulled the skirt made of the house, toward the neighboring village of brick factories.


    2011 2 27, thought the streets of Chongqing Hechuan Diaoyu home village six community.

    This complex process does not seem normal for the time being completely blind in terms of Zhao Guangfu brother is not easy.

    My father is pro!

    hardy baby, picked up the small hands and feet like a mouse. For the successful children’s love, blind father and daughter, in mid-worship that I do not know where the mother

    Zhao, but at the moment, only three meals a day at home, like dishes: pickles.

    asked why not one more point, when rice milk, Zhao Guangfu neck and a stem: only in exchange for 1.2 dollars a day. Receive the first month salary, two brothers cry, because this money was not enough milk for their daughter needed

    6-year-old girl afraid of hurting the hearts of two blind father, the mother does not exist in mid-worship. Behind the seemingly incomprehensible insistence, is that between father and daughter Sa beloved family.

    year, Zhao Guangfu 33, ZHAO Guang-hui 25 years old. Blind due to eye problems have failed, the two brothers did not sleep too. This time, for this

    Who knows, there are two blind The father, for that prop up a weak life skies … …

    burning paper, just like burning paper next to their grandmother did.

    instant room fell silent.

    Three days later, the brothers helped each other with, came to the parents of the room, telling parents their decision — to hit brick kilns, milk to the children earn money.

    It was the eve of Spring Festival in 2001, their daughter together, only 4-year-old Li Zhao gas to milk and milk sound they have been reticent about asking this question.

    1997 Lunar New Year March 15,blue christian louboutin, Wang Zhao’s cousin will be in front of their own find a restaurant was born only 40 days of the abandoned baby girl. At that time, Zhao is blind because the two brothers are hoping to adopt a child. In this way,discount ferragamo shoes 2, the full moon near the abandoned children were sent to Zhao, Li Zhao little later she is.

    on that rainy evening, life has never hugged children’s Zhao Guangfu,karenmillen 5, his hands clinging infant Li Zhao, a full three hours just let go, until the little guy only to the mother infant wet changing diapers.

  18. insiders

    According to the New Oriental Taxi Ltd. Mr. Huang, the company often organize safety training for the brother, and will award in recognition of courageous drivers. The company has repeatedly had a brother to help the police solve the case example. So this brother can calmly and follow alarm events is not accidental, but their training and after several years of experience results.

    taxi company at the close of the billboards in recognition of the brother of the notice. Wu bamboo forest / photo

    Mr. Huang said the police to help solve the case of Costa Rica’s move, the company may not only be commended, but also to obtain the relevant government departments affirmed.

    Mr. Huang said, despite repeated safety training, the drivers are mostly very cautious,hermes birkin price, to identify suspicious persons very experienced, and some drivers even . May this year, the Public Security Bureau’s Young bus master for the recognition. The reason is March 11 this year, Master Yang carrying two passengers, they found each other look nervous, especially a large package carried by suspicious bag with a lot of laptops. Master Yang’s intentions after the notice, the passengers to their destination, and quietly all the way to track down the other address and alarm, the results help the police have cracked a robbery gang.

    after the incident, speculation about the cause of death Zhongmou have multiple versions. Have a wife and son because of Zhongmou,womens nike heels, and is cohabiting with the woman in the rental was abducted when so emotional conflicts of Zhongmou died, being more retaliation claims. Also said Zhongmou reprisals because of speculation and debt disputes are widely circulated.

    villages, to purchase the property to go elsewhere to do business, but Zhongmou home has still not removed. Zhongmou no fixed occupation, removed from society, fighting, gambling, women and other misdeeds ditch a lot, According to insiders know, Zhongmou status in the eyes of neighbors is not high, but also because he was suspected of rarely appeared in Guangzhou.

    brother to help solve the case repeatedly perform outstanding service

    insider said, Zhongmou misdeeds hurt the family, resulting in about 60 years since Laofulaomu still living selling vegetables in the vegetable market, from dawn to dusk. being revenge, but the incident was not accidental.

    neighborhood called misdeeds lot

    Guohui Lin Wu Express reporter intern shoots off into the Sunray Tada

    It is reported that the brother in the decisive time of the incident by calling 110, and subsequently to the Yuexiu District, spa Street police station, the police investigating the case provides an important clue. Reporters from the Police Department who confirmed the incident did some brother on the case over to the spa Street police station to report the case.

    For this, the reporter was informed yesterday through the relevant channels, is still dispatched the police arrested two other suspects, but the truth of what the case is still subject to further investigation the police announced.

    present, the source of all the police say were not confirmed. Reporters who visited the Zhongmou family after the incident, but was refused his family.

    what causes he had been abducted on the van, and bizarre fall in the inner ring road car died? At 8:30 on October 23 Xu Fasheng in Guangzhou city loop A line Dongfeng West Road near the exit of this incident (for continuous newspaper has reported), the police have arrested a suspect, and another two still in the hunt. Most men facing trial were arrested to remain silent and denied Zhongmou is pushed off. Yesterday afternoon, according to an insider, Zhong Mousheng many misdeeds before the printing of rumors of its huge debt Rexia rivers and lakes have been involved in scores, this often go to escape.

    cause of death is currently not clear

    news background

    be confirmed after review, therefore, how the specific case of qualitative, intentional murder or kidnap hostage, and now can not clear. Since this is difficult to qualitative, and thus far has failed to establish as criminal cases.

    alarm brother will receive recognition

    According to the New Oriental Taxi Co. headquarters staff, the company said the driver known as the fine tradition of courageous, on several occasions to help the police busted narcotics, child trafficking case,abercrombie fitch Olympic gold pot to create Jianlibao year invoices have not fo, gang robbery case. Some of Columbia’s total more than 800 people, is important information to help police solve the case member.

    surprising things in him is not surprising.

    Last November, New Oriental’s Master Xu driver carrying a man, arrived at their destination, the man used counterfeit money payment, the driver asked for one, the man took out another counterfeit money, the driver then Xu dispute with each other. Master Xu was aware of safety rules: taxi drivers and passengers should not be facing a dispute, if necessary, must use the legal means for their own justice. Master Xu So calm the passenger hold, until a police car after the alarm when the opportunity to request assistance, the results of the police actually found on the passenger total weight of 1.5 to two kilograms of heroin.

    share: welcome to comment to comment

    informed that the deceased residents said the accident is not surprising

    related to informed sources, said the case occurred, the Guangzhou Municipal Public Security Bureau crack undercover police investigation detachment immediately started mobilizing the full investigation, according to reports from the trail and access to surveillance video of the incident along the road, the police quickly lock someone’s van, and arrested the day before yesterday through a line of suspects. It is understood that the suspects were arrested after the police investigation is not how collaboration of the specific reasons for the incident also said that knowledge,nike air max 95, and denied that it was pushed to Zhongmou van.

    microblogging Recommended | today’s hot microblogging (edit: SN029)

    that the incident was not accidental

    suspect denies pushing people off

    yesterday afternoon, the reporter contacted a source anonymity. According to its introduction, is the Milky Way tangxia Zhongmou people, families with parents and a brother. Reporters had learned Zhongmou 29-year-old, married,cheap ugg boots Couple injured by beer bottles abu,ken griffey shoes 2010, has two children with his wife Luomou Yu. Informed sources said the area of the original Milky Way tangxia villagers in the village because most of the inside has a property, take care of the rental business can rely on to obtain a better income. Most of the villagers by leasing access to capital accumulation, and then make other investments to get rich.

    case, witnessed the incident and followed the van wit to record information, and then the alarm taxi drivers, it is understood from the Guangzhou New Oriental Taxi Ltd. Currently, to ensure the personal safety alarm brother, police and taxi companies to protect their identity information,Air Jordan Shoes, is temporarily unable to accept the media. But yesterday, according to New Oriental Taxi Ltd. Mr. Huang said that the name of the brother courageous move, the company will receive recognition.

  19. :

    2051404,gold christian louboutin, Beijing Normal University Zhuhai Campus students signed a pe


    14044222,ken griffey shoes 2011 Net mass rape of female patients by doctors to reflect th3


    1112,ralph lauren wooly hat Town government assessed th



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    ,nike dunks heels



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  20. million signatures want to change the decision to launch

    security concerns also affected the destruction of landscape

    program will not solicit comments

    Beijing Normal University Zhuhai Campus of Arts and Media School teacher Zhao Lixin, said that aside funds and the landscape, the most important thing is safety. This is a high-speed road, from a security point of view, on the highway viaduct should be in the absence of repair areas, and not living in crowded areas.

    1. Detour: not conducive to road safety through the east side of Beijing Normal University dormitory program, that is in the North Division Dormitory and Guangzhou-Zhuhai light rail between corridor by about 40 meters, the ground transportation can maintain the status quo, the status quo during the construction traffic impacts would be smaller; but from the student dormitory area a minimum distance of only 3 meters.

    microblogging Recommended | today’s hot microblogging (edit: SN026)

    recently,louboutin online, microblogging crazy pass at 11:11 on November 11th Beijing Normal University, Zhuhai campus students on campus signed a petition against the viaduct across the head of the photos and text. According to the Express reporter,hermes handbag, in early November of this year, Beijing Normal University Zhuhai Campus Many students heard the original road through the gold piano Beijing Normal speed should be changed to Students quickly raised objections on the Internet.

    2. Straight: campus landscape impact of the second option is to place the edge of the pier in the Floodway, Floodway and status of the use of the land between the road,ugg au, the road will be elevated in the Floodway on demi. The basic layout of the road in the original planning of the red line of the east side of the road (away from the Beijing Normal University teaching area). According to reports, the program, the road from the minimum distance of 17 dormitory meters. From Beijing Normal University Zhuhai Campus of the reply and the recent school students in a discussion on the microblogging see, although the program targets high technical merit, but it was teachers and students that

    mind,nike air griffey max shoes, so you are no longer calm, inner restlessness. Finally, the destruction of the spirit of Beijing Normal University. knowledge of the natural harmony and peaceful world is engulfed by large trucks.

    students to such a statement to the Express reporter.

    Students play the Picture provided by the respondents.
    Zhuhai transportation bureau, said there are three options, whether across the campus of Beijing Normal University Zhuhai uncertain

    data show that the dispute is the King’s gold piano to Hengqin and high-speed connections to Macau, Zhuhai City, the main backbone of north-south highway, the design speed of 100 km / hour. Projects from Zhuhai city in the northern part of King’s, with the Beijing-Zhuhai Expressway east dock, buttercup segment passing through Beijing Normal University Zhuhai Campus.

    at the scene, the students have already made a good pull up banners. Banner with the words

    a student told the Express reporter, Beijing Normal University Zhuhai Campus of the most proud of is the undisputed capital of the beautiful campus, thanks to the Phoenix valley and surrounded by endless stretches of green vegetation. If the school name from the stone plaza viaduct crosses the teaching area and Guangdong Huayuan will be cut down the middle,abercrombie fitch clearance 961101, roughly blocked their horizons.

    Express (microblogging) intern reporter Zhang Kai, Liu Ziyu red

    three options have their pros and cons

    11 11,Nike Air Max Preview EU 2, Beijing Normal University Zhuhai Campus students in the campus held a million signature campaign, they want their voices heard through the change of government a decision.

    Zhuhai transportation bureau chief engineer Wu Chengyue to the media: , pending further study and optimize.

    official emergency response

    day before yesterday, Zhuhai City, Zhuhai Transportation Traffic Group jointly held a press briefing on the concern that the section of line to make the program note, and said it would strengthen communication with teachers and students of Beijing Normal University, fully listen to your views and suggestions.

    3. Beneath: The third area of more heavy pollution, underground tunneling program that set the main and secondary road are sinking tunnel, closed segment from 182 to 300 meters long Mega, you need to take both sides of the unit of land (more than one side need to land 13 meters), while longitudinal fluctuations, it is not conducive to road safety and the vehicle climbing, frequent vehicle braking noise, to be carried out during the construction period excavation,air jordan high heels, a greater impact on the status of traffic.

    share: welcome to comment to comment

    day before yesterday, the Zhuhai transportation bureau this response, high-speed Beijing Normal University, Jin Qin There are three sections of the implementation of the program, if not finalized across the viaduct, and solicit the views of students and teachers.

  21. Morning News ( Reporter Hao Tao ) Wu drunk after a middle-aged man abused other passengers on the plane ,karen millen suits After her husband killed the wife refused sexual demands,discount karen millen, quarreling with the crew and refused to discourage ,burberry brit coat, seriously affected the flight order for the police to discourage their understanding of the situation,christian louboutin glitter, Wu has been working not with the police , and civilian police abuse , the police force shall be summoned to the police station to sober up and bound . Eventually,ralph lauren jackets, the man was detained by the security police sentenced to 14 days. Yesterday,cheapest christian louboutin shoes ,nike sandals, the airport police to remind passengers to fly , do not drink more .

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    microblogging Recommended | today’s hot microblogging ( edit : SN014)

  22. 75-year-old Ma Ying flower is open to buy rural Kerala Brad Aoji tzu villagers. At 8:21 on November 1, when the earthquake happened,nike charles barkley shoes , she just got up, ready to yard chickens.

    reaction over the earthquake,karen millen online, the first time to the bedroom where her husband the police, at the door, side door while shouting, wearing a Qiuyi.

    . Saw the day before a night of television, when she almost dropped from the sofa when not back over to taste.

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    microblogging Recommended | today’s hot microblogging

    few tens of seconds,cheap christian louboutin pumps, two sets of continuous vibration, the two sisters struggling to protect her grandmother to the yard, then he fell one of the plaster.

    after dark, Amat will continue to call her, comfort her, coax her happy.

    daughter went to the yard,karen millen trench coat, which makes Yuecheng Ying sigh of relief, just ready to run along the outside, she suddenly found Xiaohui thin clothing, no time to think, she burst into the bedroom holding the bed quilt, it rushed out. By this time, the earthquake shaking is over.

    Although the reaction of the mind flew over,karen millen coats sale, but they lose control of the legs and feet, Ma Ying spent slumped on the ground.

    p> phone with her husband that night too

    Tel little chat every ten minutes to more than an hour, until 1 am, she put down the phone to sleep,Cancer destruction apt retention money where his mum to give up sick son, . comfort to Ruziguli relaxed tense mood, even so, she is still wearing clothes to bed,Suffering from severe disability to take care of, and with every passing hour, will not consciously wake up. , And her husband will always fight over the phone from time to time, to coax her happy sleep, so repeatedly, finally coming dawn.

    24-year-old Ruziguli is spit Buick Gongliu County Ake, a Chinese language teacher rural school, home in Qapqal County, after the earthquake , notified a day off school, larger female teachers live in the school dormitory.

    can not think of her, her voice down, never side houses two granddaughters ran in, Ma Ying flower to his body, 12-year-old children tiptoed Minai,karen millen designer, put a wood block in the grandmother’s head, followed step by step.

    Asian Heart Network (correspondent Xia Li Juan Huda Min)

  23. for Liu Yung government’s position, the Sri Lankan family does not endorse, Feng-ping told reporters Sri Lanka, Sri Lanka is currently a small celebration for epileptic seizures in the hospital, the court can always find him, find the situation does not exist.

    but the reporter found Zhang Jimei has online multi-post for help, the complaint Yiwu court miscarriage of justice.

    suspected criminal

    Yiwu Court: the case is not normal

    microblogging Recommended | today’s hot microblogging

    small celebration of Sri Lanka to the Jinhua Intermediate People’s Court lawyer immediately to find the files, but could not find more than two months to find. The multi-search discovered that the original is on the computer

    Jinhua Procuratorate start the protest process. October 18, 2009, Jinhua Jinhua Municipal People’s Procuratorate to protest City Intermediate People’s Court. The hospital that first trial, second trial did not consider himself the victim Sri Lanka celebrate the existence of small fault, joint insurance companies mistakenly believe that third party liability insurance also need to take responsibility for the current payment. In determining the amount of the respective responsibilities of three parties, third party liability insurance will pay high insurance together with the current deduction,karen millen on sale 200, then a small celebration and Zhang Jimei Sri Lanka by the fault of both parties share losses. This calculation method is actually to Zhang Jimei third party liability insurance coverage, paid a small part of the celebration by Sri Lanka to bear the loss, in violation of the Final decision by the trial paid 1,075,084.2 yuan Zhang Jimei than the actual payment of 1,055,084.2 yuan should be more out of 2 million, resulting in unfair ruling entity.

    verdict served, Zhang Jimei challenge. Jinhua Intermediate People’s Court that the summons served time for hearing: February 27, 2009, she was due to

    December 8 the same year, Zhang Jimei against first instance decision, appeal to the Jinhua Intermediate People’s Court.

    mother introduced, according to Adams, she has two sons, a son to defend the country became a disabled veterans, a son was hit by a car becomes disabled, and now she is not only to cope with the endless kinds of hearing, loss of ability to take care of the other two sons, 83-year-old, she has been physically and mentally fatigued.

    proceedings, the court shall seal the Yiwu Yiwu strong merchandise financial firm boss Zhang Jimei warehouse full of nine 2-layer, more than 140 million worth of goods.

    judge I also celebrate the existence of small fault, mistakenly purchased by the responsible party’s payment of third party liability insurance payments, all paid to the Sri Lankan small celebration.

    June 17, Jinhua City Intermediate People’s Court for retrial that the original verdict facts are unclear, the lack of evidence, a decision to dismiss Yiwu Municipal People’s Court (2008) Yi Chu Zi No. 7460 civil judgments, back to Yiwu Court.

    side so she could not be present at the second instance, to maintain a good first instance verdict.

    welcome to comment to comment

    present, the parties are waiting for the court to re-trial. However, after protracted litigation, Adams said his family can not afford to delay, provide a traffic police team certified in the accident, Shanghai Huashan Hospital, Shanghai Yonghe Hospital, Shanghai Ninth People’s Hospital, Yiwu Central Hospital medical records, there were 67 CT scans and forensic identification of organizations report, and after 14 professional judges ( six of them are Vice-President or the President) the trial lasted four years, why only now found insufficient evidence? really do not know how long this lawsuit should call back? , Yiwu, said Zhang Jimei court-related personnel in the court can now be linked to, but refused to provide their contact information.

    Adams family told reporters that the court scheduled at 15:00 on May 24 2011 draw lots to decide accreditation bodies, absence due to Zhang Jimei unsuccessful, and then later when Adams asked the court when the family re-draw, the court that has been designated to draw out the original identification of two bodies in an identification, material has also been sent to the accreditation body, but until today Sri Lanka has not received any external home appraisal commissioned notice. Jing Chen Xun questioned Adams family did not respect the views of the plaintiff directly select an accreditation body, be unfair to the plaintiff.


    2007 12 10 at 18 am, when 44-year-old celebration of Sri Lanka small motorcycle home from work,ralph lauren jeans, 18:10, Sri Lanka is a small celebration goods vehicles galloped off unconscious Zhuangfei of 13 meters. He was knocked down by strong merchandise firm fiscal Yiwu truck, the driver called Wei Xiang-Dong.

    unconscious of Sri Lanka to save a small celebration, the family will be sent to Shanghai for treatment.

    8 2, Yiwu, the court reporter to look into the matter. Yiwu, vice president of government Rong Liu told reporters,

    Si Feng-ping told reporters that he strongly urged the judge to re-take the new master program, open and fair case. Also hope to solve the case as soon as possible, because after a long litigation, has given Sri Lanka a small celebration to bring a secondary injury.

    but then Yiwu court found, was closed down two-thirds of people Zhang Jimei seized goods on the illegal transfer,christian louboutin shoe sale , the remaining proceeds of the sale of goods only 53 million. Illegal transfer of goods seized by the court,pink christian louboutin , Zhang Jimei was sentenced to eight months.

    Wang, deputy director also revealed marked as Zhang Jimei two agent refused to Jinhua police are taking note, resulting in the detection of cases blocked, unable to contact Zhang Jimei himself with the case have been dragged there can not be closed .

    Adams complained to reporters while the peak level, the case is remand prison after the trial court assigned to the President Chen Xun King trial, the Sri Lankan family, questioning its interest, However, after the identification of bodies ready Xun Chen Jing but take the initiative to avoid the case. Adams said the family did not understand this, why did not adopted the proposed court, should the case to meet half way out to avoid requirements?

    can not afford to delay the plaintiff said

    be Jinhua Intermediate People’s Court for remand, and the judge

    2008 6 16, by Jinhua days Kam Forensic Identification, Sri Lanka is a small celebration to worse injury and road traffic accidents constitute the two disability +4%.

    sentenced to compensate accident victims Sri Lanka owners Zhang Jimei Xiao-Qing 518,005 yuan for medical expenses and other expenses totaling 1,452,538 yuan, net of insurance company’s 258,000 yuan, 90% of the 1,194,538, total 1,075,084 yuan, after deducting Zhang Jimei paid $ 20,000 compensation for Sri Lanka should be a small celebration 1,055,084.2 yuan. Sri Lanka court Xiaoqing conceited 139,453.8 yuan.

    second instance court, the court summons the complainant and the Respondent actually had a 10-day gap. Who among the fraud? Jinhua Intermediate People’s Court reported immediately to the Jinhua Public Security Bureau, the Bureau designated off South West Public Security Bureau police station for investigation.

    Ben Wang will continue to focus. (End)

    lawsuit lasted more than 3 years, has seven times the hearing,buy cheap rolex watches, the victims get back some of the compensation, because the judge The lawsuit has been renewed for final storm.

    order to ascertain the genuineness of court summons, March 2, 2009, Jinhua in Jinhua sincere forensic hospital commissioned by, people being called Both should go to the time of Identification results show: two court summons in the

    court compulsory third party car insurance and commercial insurance third party insurance 258,000 yuan.

    a rainy night four years ago, there was a simple Traffic Accident, by Yiwu People’s Court has become more complex, has derived a number of criminal cases. After protracted litigation, the victim’s family miserable.

    2008 6 27, Sri Lanka due to rescue debt-ridden small family celebration and Yiwu Municipal People’s Court to file a lawsuit, hoping to get compensation through the law.

    and Sri Lanka small celebration after the accident,karen millen, his father, grief stricken,ken griffey shoes, soon swallowed their anger passed away, no death case closed.

    BEIJING, August 24 (Reporter Hu Xuming its ancient Zheng) into the Yiwu Municipal People’s Court, the highlight of the it is not efficient with the birth of the cases.

    found responsible for the accident, Yiwu merchandise firm of financial strength to bear 90% of the duty trucks, 10 percent of Sri Lanka’s small celebration bear the responsibility.

    unconscious Adams was rushed to a small celebration Yiwu Central Hospital intensive care unit treatment. Detected by the hospital, small Sri Lankan celebration traumatic brain injury, primary brain stem injury, traumatic cerebral infarction, systemic multiple fractures, and deep coma, in critical condition.

    rainy night Cry

    according to legal procedures, arrangements Jinhua Intermediate People’s Court at 13:45 on February 17, 2009 hearing,pre owned rolex watches for sale, but hearing, Zhang Jimei and the agent did not appear on time, the court of second instance by the absence of counter-claims were made sentence: Maintaining court of first instance.

  24. (Reporter intern reporter Zhang Li Hao Wang Jiao) yesterday, one appointed Iraq, who contribute one,072,417.20 yuan,sale burberry 12, which was salvaged with a small Yi Yi of time: at 17:20 aboard July 24 that corresponds apt The understanding of the CPPCC Zhuhai bloggers, small plates listed software company chairman Chen Lihao beam.
    26 10 50 points, Chen Lihao in its micro-Bo said: Wenzhou special police detachment to drag Rongzhi Jing Shao! That he contrary Called for advocate for the drag Shao Rong log values I promise: Where this microblogging namely forwarded once,air jordan 1 high heels ,christian louboutin website, and donate one yuan for small Yi Yi!
    in a few minutes behind Chen Lihao likewise said that within 24 hours ahead effectively And in accordance with a friend recommended apt add: highest of 100 million yuan.
    the micro-Bo, immediately received warm response from netizens. Chen Lihao microblogging announced yesterday: will be the first time and Of which, 100 million left apt a small Yi Yi,cheap air max shoes, and additional The recess of 72417.20 yuan,ambition serve as skipper of the medal Shao.
    >> question

    Why use microblogging way onward rather than direct contributions

    Chenli Hao said in an interview,when the fire for small Yi Yi has been a lot of understanding,yet understanding of the relatively small Shao skipper By the access before to acknowledge more consumers to understand.
    donations by individuals alternatively companies out of a

    Chenli Hao said,ambition be entirely out onward individuals. He specifically tensioned the interview, this is his personal action nothingness apt do with the company.
    veterans donations have suspected of speculation

    Chenli Hao said, had never the In this process,nike air griffey max 1 black cyan Shijiazhuang pub, nor the company, the product of any publicity. If the
    small Yi Yi received dozens of million donation

    last night, a small Yi Yi’s uncle said in microblogging,christian louboutin barbie, has received several hundred thousand dollars of donations alternatively condolences gold.
    chapter of the donation for follows:

    Wenzhou Red Cross, 10,000 yuan

    lucheng Charity 20,karen millen dress sale,000 yuan

    United Group 20000 Yuan

    Deng Hong philanthropist as 10,000 yuan

    Wenzhou Science and Technology College 10,000 yuan

    Women’s Federation in Wenzhou Wenzhou administration workers 5200 yuan 5000 yuan female intellectuals Association

    Wenzhou City Water Conservancy Bureau Women’s Commission 4000 yuan

    ABC Nvgong Wei 5000 yuan

    Ouhai Education 10,ralph lauren long sleeve,000 yuan

    adore Kang Guobin Group 200,000 yuan

    Lucheng District Prosecutor’s Office 10,000 yuan

    CPPCC National Committee members through the microblogging girl survived the chance to the motor automobile donation Daozhang

    Welcome annotate to annotate
    microblogging Recommended | today’s peppery microblogging (edit: SN034)

  25. reporter then went to the office, a man sitting inside, the reporter Liangmingshenfen, he said he is in charge here.

    Subdistrict hundred percent water left in office, the staff examined the production plant and related facilities. is false and paste their own.

    > hold water in the 8 yuan.


    our reporter Zhao Xiongtao core tips

    The water is certainly bad for your health.

    Subsequently,Hermes Evelyn GM, the reporter learned that the situation will be reflected to the Lintong Branch of Xi’an Bureau of Quality Supervision, staff rushed to the scene to be checked.

    shabby houses turned the ; >

    This is either to stay in Lintong District Subdistrict Subdistrict and two golden rain black bottled water processing workshop,hermes so kelly, then workshop was one of the black spot quality supervision department seized 170 barrels have been processing is completed, and ready to sell a barrel filled with water was withheld, and the other a black workshop will then be sealed.

    head hanging in a door,abercrombie and fitch t shirt , bucket with the words Two rooms, the one decorated with three large stainless steel tank, the middle is a simple pumping equipment. In another room,uggs clearance sale, the filling has been filled with good pure water, one in black scarves, wearing a pink jacket, blue jeans, did not wear any clothing girl sterilization operations alone, the workshop , the girl standing on the wall before the two taps, then filled a bucket and then take over a barrel.

    if the baby to drink out of Sha problem, you can be supposed? Before long they start production.

    microblogging Recommended | today’s hot microblogging

    quality supervision department staff to remind the public, private and more bottled water filling is operating without a license, there is no guarantee of quality. Order bottled water consumers be sure to check the operator’s business license, health permit, the best selection of branded bottled water.

    share: welcome to comment to comment

    reporter investigating a bucket of 3 yuan boss admitted that A village found in the village trail there was a water flow, low-lying place, the road have been immersed in water, which shares the water out of the village, a village west of a large flow of flood pool, full two or three acres of land, were water submerged.

    the public to report

    Subsequently, the reporter along this Reporters looking into the windows from the street, which has been packaged bottled filled with Immediately, the reporter then went in the rain, another black gold Subdistrict workshop.

    students to drink pure water from the Black workshops

    yesterday,air jordon 11, called Mr. Huang said the people, Lintong District, Subdistrict, and any rain to stay Gold production of bottled water Subdistrict are two black workshop, without any formalities, water is well water,christian louboutin peep toe pumps, directly after coming down in a simple bucket filter, simply filling the campus and directly sold to enterprises.

    Quality Supervision workshop was ordered to investigate black

    then tap water, she said,ugg 5803 bailey button boots 13, pure water filtered through the three photo

    bottled water to the campus reflects the problem, they will investigate these sales ledger and other channels the flow of pure water.

  26. not until October,hermes handbags outlet 90 , early August, his liver pain to physical examination, a liver cancer. He was 1.8 meters tall and weighing 190 kilos, Bangdayaoyuan, get notice when the physical examination, what kind of mood,louboutin shoe 10, have not had much to say.

    In the ward,classic ugg boots, two people finally received the new marriage certificate

    heavy psychological burden she knew he worried that his does not survive, began to strongly urge remarry.

    special matter jurisdiction of the Bureau of Civil Affairs, went to the ward.

    discharged home, not long, ascites, this Monday, re-hospitalization, can no longer out of the ward.

    But even he has not strength to a wheelchair, she worried, can not think of way,uggs australia usa, the family quietly hit television hotline.

    Morning News (Reporter Zhangqi Juan / Wen Gao Bo / photo) that he had liver cancer, surgery is a sign of his ex-wife. Health, he would like to pick a good day,ugg bailey boots, and she once again receive a marriage certificate. And now, she tried every means to meet his last wishes.

    share: welcome to comment to comment

    he and she is a fellow in 1995, married, a small town in Changfeng. At that time, he was young, often running out, infected with hepatitis, whose parents are not alive. These, she knows.

    the rest of the day, do not know how many, probably six months, may be nine months, possibly longer,Nike Air Max Jr 2011 74 -year-old , loyal to the o, it may be shorter.

    security freshman Affiliated Medical Center transplant ward, face the camera,uggs boot, he held her hand, more than tears, lips quivering, against the ear needs to hear is love you

    calm down, understand that one can do without. After a month or two, two people went back to living under one roof. Dinner, chat, participate in his son’s parents.

    this day, over two years. In 2011, he said, pick a good day, we remarry it,

    around her, although more than 40 years of age, the skin remains clean Bairun Ze, holding his head, only said: days in the ward to see television,classic short uggs, he became agitated and burst into tears.

    he was 45 years old, she was 42 years old. September 22, 2011, red marriage certificate in her arms, he would not let go.

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    9 surgery, abdominal incision, that is liver cancer, removal of part of the liver, suture well. The doctor said, young people, the cancer spread quickly, the rest of the day, can only hope that help ease the pain.

    soon hospitalization, surgery, she signed to accompany the night, ran back, the eyes of two people, but the doctor is feeling relaxed and ordinary couple.

    Bureau of Civil Affairs said, however, requires two people to go with the Civil Affairs Bureau in order to complete the formalities.

    new marriage license to two people on the photo, he said, will use 16 years ago, it goes first marriage. At that time, two young, happy, smiling, years of quiet good.

    marriage, two people had a son, who is also the way to a working life in Hefei. He did sales, inevitably drink, feel bad and she could not persuade two people quarrel, did not wipe open face, and sometimes a fit of anger divorced.

  27. Yesterday,burberry sale, the Children’s Hospital urology ward, 13-year-old air damper lying in bed motionless,Buy Air Jordan Force Fusion Mew and the United States a small voice as big as ai, as was the general point of the points.

    13 little physical or emotional excitement, the body will rapidly rising blood pressure, sudden death at any time. Yesterday, after re-affiliated children’s hospital, the air damper is a rare kidney cancer due to long-on.

    tumor is everything

    intern reporter reporter Li Kui Ren Jie Zhou Xiaoping mapping

    hospital urology physician Liu Junhong introduced air damper of burst life-threatening. To this end, air damper to do the examination,ugg boot , doctors are careful to treat a highly fragmented as the

    Dr. Liu introduced a long time because of illness, air damper severely impaired binocular vision, decreased drastically from 5.1 to 0.07, day and night life can not be maintained, only by surgical removal of tumors, but difficult and risky, once touching the tumor, blood pressure fluctuated, visual impairment will increase the high, low will cause cerebral edema, hypoxia, etc. Currently, through the effects of antihypertensive drugs for blood pressure and air damper to stabilize after the surgery again.


    tested unusually high blood pressure, air damper to maintain a constant 180 ~ 190/110 ~ 150 mm Hg or so, more than twice beyond the ordinary. As the long-term high blood pressure attack, air damper has been suffering from hypertension, heart disease and hypertensive encephalopathy.

    porcelain doll

    air damper Why is suffering from Expert examination revealed left adrenal air damper has a long egg-sized mass,air max shoe, is rare pheochromocytoma.

    What is pheochromocytoma? Dr. Liu explained, is derived from the adrenal medulla, sympathetic ganglia or other parts of the chromaffin tissue, the tumor cells to release large amounts of continuous or intermittent catecholamines, causing persistent or paroxysmal hypertension and multiple organ dysfunction and metabolic disorder. This tumor is very rare, often benign, easily lead to high blood pressure, leading to dizziness, headache, decreased vision,burberry trenchcoats, chest tightness and fatigue. The hidden nature of the tumor very easily be misdiagnosis, the feature is easy to cause human blood pressure.

    Zhong Lexie

    2 7, air damper condition again deteriorated suddenly decreased vision, even in front of parents tell, Li Dongtian sent him to re-affiliated Children’s Hospital .

    Li Dongtian said he, Luzhou City, Sichuan Province, who lives two miles Jiangxian Township, who started reading this year,christian shoes 77, air damper, sensible obedient,discount christian louboutin, performance has been good. Last October, the air damper due to dizziness, malaise, upon inspection, found that his high blood pressure, but could not find the cause, eating antihypertensive drugs, the condition improved. ,ugg sales online, The air damper dizziness, headache intensified, face and other sensitive areas can not touch, emotions can not be excited, a little walk a few steps straight up on blood pressure, immediately fainted. To the number of hospital, were to find out the cause, the villagers thought he was Zhong Lexie.

  28. 22 9:00 before and after the morning rush hour road construction staged amazing scene: a man driving a BMW 530 street brandished a knife, assault, chopped to drive a van driver fled. 23, the newspaper reported the incident aroused public attention. 24 noon, with the first victim driver Liu interview, recalled the time the incidents.

    [accident] normal driving two cars, BMW suddenly pinned van

    microblogging Recommended | today’s hot microblogging

    lying in the hospital, he is still difficult to understand the purpose of BMW. Liu commensurate with the BMW car out of a round-faced man,air jordan 9 4S,karenmillen, looks like more than 20 years of age, body fat, 1.78 meters tall,burberry leather 6,ralph lauren us, wearing a black down jacket and jeans. a result he took a guy to poke a big hole windshield. hit in the temple nearby.

    24 11:00, Shandong Province, police officers observed the total hospital inpatient room, with the 27-year-old Liu accompanied by his wife, quietly lying on the bed. Young man handsome face, thin body, the conversations often hung touch his face a smile. That, however, a few days ago,

    BMW man has thrown his two ears,cheap karen millen shoes , and from the side of the trunk suddenly drew a shining knives, according to Liu’s neck split with the past!

    22 11:00 Liu pushed into the operating room phase. More than five hours of surgery, the boy watched, head doctor, sweating,burberry raincoats, almost become tired on the operating table. Also in the wept beside his wife.

    home in the Liu Tai-phase was the only male labor force, a person working in Jinan, bear the family’s livelihood. However, the neural broken left hand, may lose the ability to work, the way how to go after. Treatment costs have now spent nearly two million units of all his work to help advance. Go back to raise treatment costs,jordan sandals, how the money is still owed before? This is not so awful indignity increasingly worse-off families.

    ended at 20:00 on the 24th, the reporter was informed from the injured family members, has not received the arrested men and wounding BMW news. Injured family members said,

    there are two things that drive a teacher into my coat pocket. Later, I object to help me organize anything, took a look, is a blood stained piece of paper that says ‘Lu AA530G’. she see, the spot moved to tears.

    BMW men hear passers-by and distant cries of the sirens coming, suddenly turned around and rushed into the car, and ran quickly children to enter via 11 Road Abduction escape. Phase at a time when Liu reminded passers, realized that his left wrist is turning Chung blood.

    [lucky] hand gear cutting edge, the crowd support alarm

    Liu phase in a computer training school as a mechanic. At 8:40 on the 24th or so, he drove the van to work units. Construction Road and go Jianning the road, vehicles on the road was very crowded, stop and go all the way, trailing behind in a BMW 530. .

    van across the two sides deadlocked, street people increasing in many, many people have already pulled out a cell phone alarm.

    120 ambulance arrived and pulled Liu, Shandong Province,burberry pink, with police officers rushed to General Hospital. Doctors see the injury found that young man left wrist tendon, nerve, artery completely fracture, forearm fracture, the surgery as soon as possible!

    Liu compared this to see only under the original smashed the windows of the pocket knives, knife about 60 cm, width 10 cm. Mentioned at the scene, with Liu and his family address him lucky. BMW M homeopathic even split several times, did not discuss the half-points cheaper, Liu relative disarray Lakaijumen, pulled out a maintenance hanger of stainless steel pipe, backhand gave him Yigun, but added he was driven back.

    share: welcome to comment to comment

    [moved] passers-by to write a note, with pockets stuffed Liu

  29. ,discount karen millen dresses Woman to run a chicken farm cover the eyes and ear

    Reporters rushed to the scene, the 120 emergency personnel have been injured woman rushed to hospital, an injured man lying on a pole next to the mall , clothes and hands have a lot of blood. Police to maintain order in the side. A little while, while a 120 emergency vehicles rushed to the scene, the moving men, the correspondent of the shirt hem pulled from his office saw two men stabbed around the navel, which also revealed that a similar visceral things. Soon,christian louboutin red shoes, the man was carried to the ambulance to the hospital.

    Subsequently, the reporter went to ninety-four hospital, Lee was the emergency room for treatment. 17:20 the same day, due to his injuries, Lee still could not salvaged. The third assailant was sent to hospital for treatment in Nanchang. Currently, the criminal investigation department is investigating the case processed.

    correspondent on the scene saw the man lying next to the post a few on the blood,Woman quarrel with her husband swallowed half a bottle of sleeping pills, more than ten meters away from here to a company called way, a lot of sporadic dripping blood. The Looked down the glass inside, the reporter found the shop on the ground with a large share of blood, looks shocking.

    microblogging Recommended | today’s hot microblogging

    Nanchang News newspaper intern Zhongshu Ting, Hu reporter following the photo coverage: City Building 10, the panic came a woman cry for help. Some tenants ran out to look and found a man Shouchijiandao kill a woman. When the woman fled into a shop,karen millen dresses, the man also catch in. The woman was chopped eventually fell to the ground. Since then, the man went, his stomach stabbed several times, also fell to the ground.

    Scene, a man lying on the ground

    Miss Wan scared people shop quickly went into hiding. According to a clothing store salesperson, before the incident, she saw that the name of the assailant,salvatore ferragamo women shoes, Lee and like what the man asked. Before long, the clerk heard the boss shouting

    As Lee and her ex-husband before the incident in the communication and why murder occurs,karen millen dresses, traders who do not know why.

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    Another witness told reporters, Lee in the escape process,cheap ralph lauren body warmer (), is because went to Lee also knelt down and started crying a few times,karen millen cocktail dress, then lie down in there. Men from

    surrounding businesses told reporters that the killing of the woman, surnamed Li, in Ms. Lee is the assailant’s ex-wife, specifically what causes the murder occurred, they do not know.

    man chopped his ex-wife and then committed suicide

    the crime scene is full of blood

    cut the injured died

  30. From home construction to Shanghai Chongming County town, home to settle in the local farmers, they began looking around for work, while workers intend to make money for her daughter while Xunyi.

    wife away, Xiao-Yan has been crying, not eating, but also kept shouting to find her mother. Can not be fights sleep, heart trouble for Wu, Xiao-Yan midnight ride on her own to find his wife. Come to a bridge, there is a large stone street, next to a lot of trees, trees with bags and rope, tied to the sudden Wu stone throw River, drowning her daughter’s idea.

    after finding his wife, Wu did not dare tell the truth, just say for fear of drag, Xiao-Yan lost to the streets. His wife cried and cried and go back to retrieve her daughter, Wu pulled tightly to comfort, well-meaning people have to go pick up her daughter.

    Anhui,karen millen clothes Mule was scared scared import, Wu Man, 44, June 20, 2004 4:00 pm, Wu made under the awful human tragedy.

    2 days before the incident, his wife with a daughter to find relatives, to help Wu find work, away for 2 days.

    family this network

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    before that scene is still vivid.

    Southeast Network – Minnan version of the sea are reported November 29 (Reporter Chen Shiguo correspondent Xiao-Lin Guo) daughter, Xiao-Yan (a pseudonym), born with cerebral palsy, did not improve treatment for many years, desperation, he tied a stone trying to shift her throw the river drowned. Afraid that the wife does not forgive, he will conceal the matter for seven years, and the stone seemed to press in his heart, let him stop the nightmare.

    Parents embrace, tolerate,karen millen discount code 2010, he is still willful coquetry.

    unbearable noise to kill Italian

    that drip a river,nike dunk high heels , Qi Su every night with his dream; daughter fell into the road when that silent eyes, let him live his life is not in never-ending tingling in. The end of her life personally, and his heart, no peace.


    when he has two daughters, 11-year-old daughter Xiao-Yan, 4-year-old daughter. However, Xiao-Yan born with cerebral palsy,cost of rolex watches, Wu poor family, to treatment, four sought medical treatment paid for, but her daughter has not gotten better.

    police investigators said, until Wu suddenly arrested by Ministry of Public Security Class B fugitive when his wife Yaomou know the secret of her husband for many years, was heartbroken, she had been hopeful before, praying her daughter was well-intentioned people adoption, cure cerebral palsy, a better life.

    yesterday morning, from lions to be handed over to the Shanghai police detention center, the Wu look easy, he said the secret long buried in the heart, as when the stone, the weight of their own breath , often at night having nightmares, and now finally liberated.

    family is woven from a kinship network,ralph lauren big pony aftershave 25, network broken blood flow, pain, and is everyone; love is the lubricant of this network, there is love moisture, it can stand this network wind and sun.


    day before 4 pm, Shishi City, Wu Public Security Bureau of Criminal Investigation unit found traces of a large town in xiangzhi warburg a rental to Wu captured.

    finally was brought to light. Her husband’s sudden arrest, his wife was heartbroken at first, her husband told her that her daughter lost on the street, well-meaning people have adopted.

    stone tied to run away to kill women, he regret for a lifetime.

    see no one around, Wu through the street, the large stone tied to her waist, and then picked up her daughter to throw down under the bridge,ralph lauren suits, the daughter instantly disappeared in the rushing river. At that time, he cried to the downstream regret chasing, Quezhao legs, rushing water, he retreated, and left alone.

    Yesterday, reporters from the Shishi City Public Security Bureau of Criminal Investigation Brigade was informed, the Ministry Class B fugitive Wu was the afternoon before being arrested in Shishi xiangzhi,karen millen outlet online, yesterday handed over to the incident to the police in Shanghai.

    lied to conceal his wife of seven years lost female

    Subsequently,discount ferragamo shoes, Wu took the secret with his wife and small daughter, was removed to the lions, to refuse collection in xiangzhi town living.

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  31. and found the suspect there is often safe to assume that investigators did not grasp their evidence of a crime, it is difficult conviction,nike air 1/2 cent penny, p>

    facing serious challenges.

    order to ensure the success of illegal immigrants, Lin Chengguang was well-organized and carried out

    Bi Xi Qian, in recent years, China’s Public Security Border Defense Department to strengthen the border against illegal immigration along the coast of special operations, investigations and control measures to strengthen border crossings, improving handling coordination mechanism, and continuously strengthen international law enforcement cooperation, so that illegal immigration has made significant the effect. According to statistics, in 2008, leaving our citizens illegally 41% less than in 2007, down 42% of which port, border and coastal areas, down 37%; the number of illegal immigrants in 2009 than in 2008, down 13 percent.

    future: reducing illegal immigration is still room

    Expert: illegal immigration to high-tech, low-risk change

    The most common method of illegal immigration: illegal use of network video and organizers who smuggled illegal contact and pre-service training; using multiple phone contact, to avoid detection; payment by the payment to the past in the domestic foreign payments; large sporadic evolution of the scale of illegal immigration, the investigating authorities to identify illegal organization on-line off the assembly line, as the staff of illegal immigration and smuggling organizers further increase the difficulty.

    not of.

    microblogging Recommended | today’s hot microblogging (edit: SN021)
    Sina exclusive manuscript statement: This work (text, images, graphics and audio and video) for Sina to use, without authorization, any media, and individuals may in whole or in part.

    Xu is also another successful smuggling illegal immigrants repatriated after one month. Illegal immigration, he heard a high wage income to South Korea, thousands of dollars a year smuggling fee can earn more, you can keep dry two or three years $ 100,000, then borrowed 50,000 yuan illegal. Inland to Korea, he was transferred to a facility, room and board in the factory, the monthly wages of 1.46 million won (about 8200 yuan RMB). Only did a month was repatriated. He do carry a $ 50,000 debt.

    contractor case prosecutor Xushu Chang told reporters that the main organizer of the case is Lincheng Guang and Wen-Bo Zhou, They are big snake, and Guosan Li, Zhang Mingfu, Zhang Xian Wei 3 is a small snake. Lincheng Guang and Wen-Bo Zhou sneak in online news, another 44 staff directly or through a small snake to enroll illegal immigrants,burberry shirts sale British man 10 years, 10 serious car accident case, which Guosan Li, Zhang Mingfu introduced a total of five people smuggling, people smuggling Zhang Xian Wei introduced 3. 44 illegal immigrants, mainly from Northeast China, Shandong, Henan, aged 30 to 40 years old.

    illegal smuggling across the border of China, commonly known as the law through acts of the border, the line has to be called

    First, they reported 44 illegal immigrants to participate in Jeju Island group travel as tourists to Jeju Island; followed by training. October 11, 2010, Lin Chengguang, Wen-Bo Zhou, who will bring together 44 illegal immigrants to Beijing Wangjing Area, Lin Chengguang to stowaway on a training course, teaching the way notes and methods of their tour, after the first to tell you to Jeju Island accompanying places to visit, to be their tour guide was not looking, waiting in the wings.

    October last year, 44 Chinese tourists traveling in South Korea Jeju Island off the group, intended to travel illegally to South Korea through the inland workers. Large-scale organized tours to China and South Korea smugglers smuggling along the truth surfaced.

    snakeheads: This is a long-premeditated illegal immigration

    situation, new features, such as the traditional smuggling crime and illegal immigration crime novel, the original means of smuggling illegal immigrants mixed with the modern means of co-existence,karen millen dresses outlet Fear of being sued not, illegal immigration means more and more subtle and intelligent. For example, the case is the diversion of legitimate outbound smuggling illegal immigrants, a new way, smugglers are often easier to obtain visas to select some of the country as a transit point for illegal immigrants who apply for the first visit to the territory of these countries, tourism, business trip visa holders legally documents before leaving the country illegally from transit to destination.

    Huo certain that into the container in front, Lin Chengguang let them off the jacket,salvatore ferragamo shop, wear as little as possible, because the containers in hot and stuffy, for fear they would collapse too much wear. Containers can not be on the toilet, Lin Chengguang allow them to drink less, they send back to seasickness medicine. Into the container, they take about two hours by car, was transported on a special sneak of the ship. Ship after traveling for some time they were put out of breathable, and later had been hiding in the cabin, until soon be put into containers ashore Shiyou. Then out of the box, they have to Mokpo, South Korea on a road home, after being pulled from the van a few more similar to the local motorway service station, who provided assistance after other work sent to different locations.

    It was found and successfully smuggling several illegal immigrants repatriated memories, the final place in Jeju Island, gathered a collection of 32 of them, then they were put into two large containers.

    she would sneak down to the present three main forms: First, illegal crossings from the airport ports, seaports and land ports smuggling; the second is the land illegally, from the land border while the border guards patrol checks gap across the land borders illegally, or the use of border tourism stranded abroad do not return; third is to use outbound tourism and labor export and other forms of cover up illegal immigrants, illegal immigrants will be mixed in, posing as staff or service personnel from the tourism departments to apply for passports to leave the legal status . a normal personnel exchanges between countries, undermining the country’s borders order, disrupted border management and security, on the entire national security risk; for the individual, along with the illegal immigration process itself dangerous, illegal immigration ships are mostly hidden troubles The old boat, the boat, it is difficult to ensure personal safety; to a foreign country because there is no legal status,where to sell rolex watches, lack of effective protection of personal safety,karen millen website Ask as the on said the zoo sent Liger sports department Jie, but also spiritual homesickness, their loved ones are suffering, .

    according to plan, 44 tourists arrived in Shanghai separately. October 15, 2010, they take the Italian luxury cruise from Shanghai, October 17 morning, after the cruise arrived in Jeju Island, 44 illegal workers in accordance with Lin Chengguang prior arrangement, when the opportunity to tour the island on their tour, and quickly get in touch with local collusion to reach the agreed location. At the same time, Lin Chengguang flew on the same day is responsible for collusion with South Korea’s Jeju Island,

    At first, there will be five snakeheads may not have thought this day. Xin Zuguo She

    in court, Lin Chengguang confession, this is a long-premeditated illegal. September 2010, he was in Beijing Chaoyang District, formed a company, mainly in Japan, Korea travel agency services, Wen-Bo Zhou for their assistants. Lin know Korea a place called So they released the Internet can help people to work illegally to South Korea information, charges 35,000 yuan per person, who then smuggled to the families by the full payment.

    Hall and his wife were sent to a restaurant, who provided assistance to make Hall a call his relatives in Beijing, pay smuggling fees. After that, he and his wife has been sent to a manufacturer of automotive parts factory undeclared employment, more than a month after the local police.

    Wei is the Supreme People’s Procuratorate, but the theory researcher,jordan 6 heels, has done in-depth study of illegal immigration, has published a monograph, He introduced, June 18, 2000, the British port of Dover in a customs official routine inspection of a vehicle, found 58 in the container body, and another two survivors, the survivors are confirmed Chinese people. from the original model to a variety of traditional, high-tech, low-risk evolution. research. She introduced, the traditional form of the original type of smuggling illegal immigrants who are mainly coastal boat smuggling, large-scale smuggling of our citizens in the past the main form, but this form is now almost extinct.

    from the sea to sneak into the country of destination, and the traditional way of smuggling often risk their lives.

    February 11, according to Xinhua reports, the national police border smuggling cases in 2010 seized 821 cases, arrested 1492 people smuggled people; caught organizers and transporters 476; outside the repatriation of illegal immigrants who received 931 batch of 4046 people; smuggling organization last year cracked 20 major cases with more than 18 cases, destroyed 30 smuggling gangs.

    Xushu Chang introduced Lin Chengguang sneak in personnel training also taught how to told these people on board when the consumer spending, do not let people see the flaws.

    to visa-free travel Jeju Island, Korea, South Korea, five smugglers took advantage of this large-scale organized smuggling tourism policy tourism in the name of those who reach Jeju Island, Korea,karen millen outlet, and then illegal immigrants to the local smugglers, illegal immigrants by the snakeheads will be

    November 11, Beijing Chaoyang District Court hearing this case, five Chinese snakeheads Lincheng Guang, Wen-Bo Zhou, Guo Sanli, Zhang Mingfu, Zhang Xian Wei was accused on charges of stealing more other persons to the country (side ) border crime.

    Lin Chengguang the smuggled people divided into groups, each designated a team leader responsible for liaison and dispensed to each head of an international roaming mobile phone; send a note to each person , the note stated in both languages with China and South Korea to Jeju Island off the group gathered after local snakeheads hotel name and phone. Lin Chengguang requirements, smuggled people off immediately after the taxi group, the paper presented to the driver to the designated assembly location.

    illegal immigrants: to sneak back a few million in debt

    2010 10 20, According to figures released by South Korean immigration authority, as of end of June 2010, staff in Korea was 17.4 million illegal aliens. From the national perspective, Chinese people 80,000 people.

    He pointed out that the workers of our citizens abroad, mainly to large enterprises in foreign contract projects, but the ordinary people need overseas workers by labor export companies, and high intermediation costs to make these people stay away, if you have the opportunity to be smuggled abroad, create the conditions for citizens to legal means to go abroad as domestic workers, to a certain extent we can reduce the smuggling of illegal stay abroad or to foreign workers in question, the number of illegal immigrants have dropped the space. share: welcome to comment to comment

    Xushu Chang introduced in Lin Chengguang under the command of South Korean smugglers arrange the day and 32 arrived in South Korea by way of inland container boat. found, the initial being repatriated 32 illegal immigrants who later success was gradually being discovered and repatriated.

    for smuggling crime, the Criminal Law Article 322 provides that violation of the country (border) regulations, illegally crossing the country (border), the circumstances are serious, one year imprisonment, criminal detention or control, and impose a fine. Pursuant to Article 318 of the Criminal Code provisions, the more other persons to steal the country (border), will be sentenced to two years imprisonment and even life imprisonment.

    due to Soon, a dozen people by the local police to find that this stowaway incidents resulting from the surface.

  32. Reporters learned that Murakami more than once to this unfortunate family for donations. Here, the villagers once again excited:

    because the newspaper published the Liu Wenfang phone, in the Reporters interview, her phone after another, have introduced her children to the well-known hospitals for treatment , there is love and asking the donation account. To hear the phone ring a little Sun Kai took out a portable laptop,birkin bag hermes, so my mother received over phone, he put a board on the word good people’s phone record.

    – carries charity night hospital

    Although the villagers that their help is not much, but if four reporters from the village party secretary Sun Renhai learned, only 320 households in this village has been home to Sun Wenhui donations twice. The first is the family contribution more than 24,000 yuan, the second is the village folks contribute more than 22,000 yuan. Donated more than $ 1000, less donated $ 20, are a token of gratitude. The money is pure

    correspondent from Hejian authorities obtained a material, as at present, city, township and village levels and their families for a total of 116,140 yuan relief funds Kai Sun solution: May 17, 2010 fruit Wa township government bailout funds to solve 2000 yuan; July 6, the village apply for subsistence allowances for the Sun Wenhui, Township Office of Social Affairs in the third quarter for the whole family for rural residents, guaranteeing payment on $ 240 fourth-quarter adjusted standard to $ 300 (first quarter of 2011 adjusted to $ 400 per month mark, marked the second quarter, adjusted to 440 yuan per month); October 19 for the Sun Kai for poor medical assistance 3,000; December 23 Sun Kai fever township government aid of 2,000 yuan; January 19, 2011 the township government assistance $ 1000, January 27 once again rescue 1000; January 21 for the second time for the Sun Kai poor medical assistance 3,000; January 24 fruit Education aid rural primary schools to apply Wa 3800 yuan; January 29 National Religious Affairs Bureau of Home and Save 1000; January Hejian Red Cross relief 3780 yuan to solve; January village ; during the Spring Festival and National Religious Affairs Bureau of Home paid 640 yuan living allowance; Kai Sun March 31, during hospitalization, the township government to solve fees and other costs 20,000 yuan; twice in April to resolve the township government assistance payment 4800 yuan; 4 19 Home Affairs Bureau and the ethnic and religious donations, the relief in the 20,000. In addition, Sun Kai illness, village organizations, the family raised 24,cheap christian louboutin 23,hermes china,000 yuan, Sun Wenhui friends raised $ 400. Meanwhile, the village doctor out of the fare for the Sun Wenhui 2 times $ 800 in January 2011 called Sun Kai 500.

    Pro to Langfang hospital, Liu Wenfang searched every corner of the family, relatives and send only six dry wrinkled apple can take as supplements to the small Sun Kai. See their children the spirit of improvement, she took an apple from his pocket cloth to his son to eat. Looked at the mother because of his run up and down juggle, haggard face more and more slim, Sun Kai said nothing to her mother the first bite.

    4 19, 20 , 21, the newspaper reported consecutive Cangzhou City Wa township Hejian fruit fruit four villages a 11-year-old tragedy of Kai Sun, caused a sensation in the country. Save on Sun Kai Hejian to convene a special meeting of caring people around the world donated money to the small Sun Kai. Up to now, little Kai Sun received love money 8700 yuan. April 21, reporter-pronged, respectively, to the small Sun Kai home to Hejian City and Langfang City hospital interview.

    Sun Kai’s mother Liu Wenfang, said the evening of April 20, sicker children, high fever, shivering. Midnight, Liu Wenfang the home only 2,500 yuan money ends up arms (of which 1200 yuan was donated Hejian caring group of friends), stumbling to the master went to the village with a taxi home, begging people to send their children to help quickly go to the hospital for help. After three hours of bumpy, mother and son arrived at the Langfang City Hospital emergency room. Bitter infusion of holding a child, think of the detention center where her husband, Pu Susu isolated Liu Wenfang tears flow night.

    – happy moment of vivid

    desperate father who hijacked the red base will save small Kai Sun

    dense rain sometimes rapid and sometimes slow, April 21, reporters once again came to the low-lying township Hejian fruit fruit four villages, the Murakami in the street and have water. Quiet little village, because rain is more quiet. Sun Wenhui family room just in front of the path. This is an ordinary rural residential areas. Hanging on the door lock. Reporters learned that the night before midnight, because the Sun Kai high fever, his family took him to the Langfang overnight treatment.

    Hejian fruit Hui Wa township mayor, reporters interviewed the afternoon. Hui said the township government has been concerned about Sun Kai’s condition, he had seen several children, the children have seen a letter written to his father, did people sympathize with distressed people. Sick from the Sun Kai, village and township levels are positive action, whatever, to grant hardship relief from payment of civil relief, and then to apply for efforts. Now the village cadres of workers is preparing to launch a donation, the village primary school also organized donation program, if the four villages have decided to contribute for the Sun Kai. In addition, the township has dispatched personnel on duty in the China Bone Marrow Bank, go all out at any time concerned about the situation Kai Sun matching bone marrow.

    Little Kai Sun. Lee rehabilitation shooting
    good people sent money to become a small Sun Kai’s Sun Kai Li Rehabilitation photo
    small tender hands with a well-intentioned people record the phone number. Lee Rehabilitation photo

    – active community donations

    – folks: honest couple, sensible child

    children squat with upper body lying on the bed, wrapped with tape on his right hand hidden infusion needle, a particularly serious writing looks like people looked suddenly Heart mercy. Reporters moved a chair to the bottom to fill a small Sun Kai, the children immediately said:

    Sun says that it was an afternoon last spring, did not immediately return home after school, Kai Sun. But to find her, the teacher said I have to leave Sun, I’m going to infusion. At that time, Sun said, good medical care, early child back. So good-bye to both teachers and students. Unexpectedly, since Kai Sun never returned to the classroom, then back to teachers, students middle. When we later learned that Kai Sun, Sun’s condition, the first reaction is nowhere to hide her sadness. Here,hermes china, the Sun, the teacher tears, words choking.

    ended at 20:00 on April 21, Liuwen Fang told reporters that she had received community donations, 8700 yuan. Which enthusiastic readers want to help small Sun Kai, with Liu Wenfang contact:. Liu Wenfang Construction Bank Account number: 6,227,000,210,280,145,432.

    4 21 early in the morning, the reporter’s phone rang off the hook, good-hearted people ask from time to time and love the condition of small account Kai Sun, hope for his contributions. As Liu Wenfang past few days has been guarding a small Sun Kai fever, did not have time to open accounts, 21 in the morning after admission arrangements only in Langfang City Hospital opened in front of the Construction Bank account. As of 21 pm, a total of nearly a hundred well-intentioned people call greetings to express intended contributions.

    Although it was raining, there was still a neighbor getting in the way. That the reporter’s identity in the name of Mother ha rushed shouting after another who never far away: Several villagers soon gathered around a reporter. They then direct and rapid: They said Sun Wenhui couple usually in addition to farming, the slaughtering of sheep increased by Sun Wenhui received little income. While his son became ill, has a can not do anything. A villager said that Sun Wenhui normally very enthusiastic, is a warm-hearted. Her words caused the villagers resonance, we said, there is usually someone around no matter what, and Sun Wenhui always in the past to help. Speaking of small Sun Kai, the neighbors almost with the same word to describe: sensible. Villagers Sister Ma said Sun Kai particularly well-behaved,cheap christian louboutin shoes, obedient,

    lying in bed, small Kai Sun reporter and her mother listened with the dialogue. When you hear talk about my father Sun Wenhui, the children sounded to sweep away the spring, small head low down into a meditation, small Kai Sun reporters rushed to sit around and chat him up. Start a conversation after the little guy Shoubu Zhu a child: in helping my father arrested, hold to my father before he praise me! , do not worry, just as I trotted along behind the car, it looks like it was fun. After the boss out of favor, Sun Wenhui say no longer be children. Liu Wenfang said, to hear the children suffering from acute aplastic anemia, the Sun Wenhui like crazy, taking Red Cross staff to make that stupid. Liu Wenfang has repeatedly stressed that the practice of her husband too impulsive, others kidnapped sister is innocent, she felt so sorry people, she wants to use the newspaper for her husband to the Red Cross staff sincerely apologize.

    small Kai Sun spread through the network experiences also led overseas attention. Far in the U.S. Ms. Fung was a Hunan living abroad, when the Internet suddenly see a small Sun Kai’s face, immediately call an overseas telephone calls to reporters, A few of my mind. want to ask her to help me correspondent account, soldier a soldier in Handan, Zhejiang, etc. Ms Fong, a small number of Kai Sun embodies the fate of good people’s attention.

    in Hejian local Baidu Post Bar, there are many users concerned about the matter. Netizens have small Kai Sun blessing, a netizen says:

    small Sun Kai secretly told reporters so he’s getting better, some for Mom and Dad to buy a nice big car, buy a tall building, they see a doctor to give him the family the money ran out, still owe a lot of friends and relatives account. He said there are so many good people thanks to his contributions to medical treatment, he will not forget these good people, and record their phone number,Buy Air Jordan Heels 38 years practicing medicine man dies without leaving 500 l,ugg sundance boots, sick good, he will be 11 played in the movement of people say thank you.

    – Hejian: love will organize relief operations

    – tender little hands Record kindness

    afternoon losers fluid, Sun Kai’s body temperature dropped to 39 or less. He resumed the child naughty nature, Gouzhuo mother’s neck like a baby, the little patients and clinical peers laugh, watching television comic actor performing a knowing smile … …

    first into Cangzhou people love the phone is Mr. Liu, he wants reporters to help forward the money donated to a small Sun Kai. When a reporter went to the address in accordance with National Road, Cangzhou City, Liu Lantern shop in front of the old man, Mr. Liu was fitted to the customer dumplings. Met, he wiped his hands, a thick stack of money from his pocket, carefully counted, a total of three thousand dollars. He smiled and said: money is not easy. This heavy dollar in 3000 had placed love and hope, so that reporters can be moved.

    Hejian Propaganda Ministry told reporters on April 21 morning, Hejian Organization Political Committee, the Propaganda Department, the Civil Affairs Bureau, Health Bureau and the fruit depression township party committee and government departments on Sun Kai rescue issues a special meeting. The meeting decided that Sun Wenhui a family of four (including the Sun Wenhui father) in the ; tissue donation township cadres; led by the Home department, the organization within the city of love rescue fund activities; by

    – Township Government: has sent staff on duty Marrow

    the afternoon, the reporter also saw the teacher Sundan Yi Kai Sun was a teacher. Kai Sun, Sun has followed the fourth-grade reading teacher, until the condition so that he could no longer sit in the classroom. Sun says that in her recollection, Sun Kai good quality, sensible, clean-up work is very positive. In addition, the initiative to see the teacher always say hello, very polite. Academic performance did not let the teacher speak over the heart, has been in the upper level.

    4 21 afternoon, the reporter in Langfang City Hospital Department of Hematology, is in the hospital to see a small Sun Kai. Ward 20 in five, had just finished entering the fluid bed of a small ramp on the Kai Sun, that reporters come in, greet politely say hello. Wards Zhao television is playing the piece, and innocent children the same age as the little Sun Kai hearty laughter from time to time.

    morning, a small Sun Kai’s body temperature gradually dropped to 39 , Liu Wenfang put a little heart hanging down. Run inpatient pay 2,000 yuan deposit, count the $ 300 taxi fee and 192 dollars emergency infusion charges, Liu Wenfang touched the pocket, who only a few dozen dollars. Liu Wenfang son to him on the bed quilt cover, exhortations patients care, think of the children out to buy a bowl of millet gruel. Sensible little Kai Sun are saying Until lunch, Liu Wenfang bought half a catty dumplings, they make do with

    told reporters. On the day of the interview, the reporter heard the most, or the child health care.

    newspaper reporter in Cangzhou generation of clear Kar Wai Han Zexiang

    (edit: SN026)

  33. According to experts,womens nike dunk sb heels Low (),cheap christian louboutin shoes, this strange formation of the egg and the egg inside the egg (the yolk ) related. Hen may be stimulated by a shock ,louboutin uk, leading to endocrine disorders ,discount karen millen dresses 81,, abnormal results of egg production , egg shell and wrapped in egg formation process has also been the impact of size and shape ,abercrombie and fitch, and ultimately resulted While this strange . Text / trainee reporter Chen Fei

    gentleman on the screen is Dexing Tamura session Zhang Village , a home base for chicken breeding farmers ,womens nike air max jr 2011, his hands holding something , you can not look into the peanuts . This is an old hen his home yesterday, the one about 2.5 cm under a

    This is an old hen his home yesterday,ralph lauren chinos Old female student from Australia pulls out ten million U.S., the one about 2.5 cm under a

  34. court held that the sales Ling Ye ,christian louboutin 2011, who do not meet the safety standards of food , enough to cause serious food poisoning accident or other serious foodborne illness , and the circumstances are serious ,Hermes Watches, its actions violated the socialist market economic order people’s lives and health and safety , criminal facts are clear , there is ample evidence , have a production and sales do not meet the safety standards of food sin , then made the decision . It is the Criminal Law Amendment ( eight ) since the implementation of the city court for the first time accepted such cases.

    Court found ,air jordan 3 Reporters interviewed by express cour, Ling Ye , who purchased the label -free vacuum-packed duck bad frame, and then printed into packaging bags ,burberry vests , posing as According to statistics,ugg cleaner, nearly four cases a total of 12,000 substandard products. But the trial ,ugg discount outlet, some defendants have not recognized .

    (Reporter Gao Jian ) yesterday ,Jordy Nelson jersey, East Court ,nike air max goadome acg boots red black , West Court , respectively, from the four Ling leaves nine people jailed for six years to 1 years and fined 60,000 yuan points to one thousand dollars , of which Beijing food Houde food limited liability company constitutes a crime unit , was fined 200,000 yuan .

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  35. Suzuki Light Division 23 interview with Japanese media in Japan,uggs discount boots, said: Toyama City paper introduced the forest , officially launched on June 6 ,ugg boots mini,1900, priced at 210 yen per volume (about 15 yuan ) ,nike ken griffey shoes red white ,grey ugg boots, in the company’s website as well as some shopping centers for sale.

    Suzuki Light Division printed toilet paper

    horror novel AP China Daily : patterns printed on toilet paper is not new , but in horror fiction printed on toilet paper or the first time perhaps . According to Japanese media reported on May 24 ,ugg sales online,

    According to reports ,Woman’s Air Jordan Shoes, this printed on toilet paper on the horror stories of Suzuki ‘s new Secretary for the light Text is printed in blue ink on toilet paper , water stains to imitate the way . In line with the toilet paper every time it is usually the use of about 80 cm in 80 cm long toilet paper can be printed almost 2000 words.

    ( Global Online : Chen flute )

  36. Reporter million Liping

    girl affectionately called her Now known as exported,abercrombie and fitch hoodie, Chiang mother has never heard of.

    11 28, Jiang Qiong disease progression, but once again admitted to the hospital. Professor Pang Chinese doctor sighed and said: weakness, even a cough is feeble. She struggled off the oxygen mask, the doctor said: p>

    12 2 December, afternoon, Jiang Qiong completely comatose, 8:19 that night, she left her deep love of this world, only 48 years old.

    each other. In 2007,abercrombie and fitch outlet stores (), when he was mayor of Hechuan Lion Tan Zhen Jiang Qiong after learning that her family situation, a long-term funding for her, not only afford her school fees, but also gave her 100 yuan monthly living expenses.

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    Fish together Chuansha town party secretary Jiang Qiong female friends for the secretary to conceal Figure

    bed also said to go back to a meeting

    regulars. disease, it advised her to go to a hospital to check, but she always said, too busy, and so busy that a while go. put into use.

    to. I never thought it was actually the last time I see her.

    share: welcome to comment to comment

    cancer five years ago and remembered leaving the meeting

    her side of the infusion while working

    2010 Spring Festival, Jiang Qiong Yang Jianfu turn Tangqian Qian and her husband received at home, eat a meal with her dinner. Care Tangqian Qian Jiang Qiong often called,Buy Air Jordan Force Fusion, in October this year, the disease is also thought Tangqian Qian Jiang Qiong,christian louboutin pumps, her play to call, said: . In early 2007, the hospital, Jiang Qiong was diagnosed with thyroid cancer with lung metastasis, cancer had metastasized to the lung on. Jiang Qiong do thyroid surgery, but she can not wait to rush back to chemotherapy on the lion Tan Zhen.

    began in September of this year,ugg sheepskin, Jiang Qiong of his condition worsening, coughing never stopped,christian heels 77, really can not stand cough, Jiang Qiong in the office side of the infusion while working.

    thousand tears to give a p> 12 4, Aikawa funeral home, together Chuansha fish Chongqing party secretary Jiang Qiong town’s memorial service held. Aikawa government departments have sent a wreath,cheap uggs, and Comrade Jiang Qiong condolences to the families, thousands of people spontaneously rushed to get Jiang Qiong final journey.

    the surface, she still had that energetic, vibrant woman mayor. However, careful colleagues or found some clues: Jiang Zhenchang Since then,, all wearing high-necked sweater. Colleagues half-jokingly said: , so he wore a turtleneck cover surgical wound.

    yesterday, Jiang Qiong funeral home for cremation in Aikawa, Jiang Qiong Hechuan District posthumous

  37. anonymity of witnesses after the accident, accident car out of the three women quickly transfer a taxi to leave, then three men came out again, then looked at the scene quickly return to the car, fled the scene. Another taxi driver recalls the incident occurred just after the incident he was a crowd of dozens of taxi, the vehicle fled, the taxi driver to spontaneously organize themselves, looking accident car. In the process of looking for the car accident, the car pulled out a gun in front of people also call a taxi,abercrombie & fitch hoodies, He also presented to reporters at the parking lot catch the car accident video captured from the video shown on the license plate number: cloud DE0060. Traffic police confirmed that this car belongs to the vehicle registration unit Yunnan Qujing Zhanyi Deese Township Rivera hole power plants.

    BEIJING, Kunming scene

    reporter from a team of Zhaoyang District traffic police squadron confirmed the accident, the police rushed to the scene when the accident off-road vehicles have fled in panic. Police with the assistance of more than a taxi driver, about 2 km away from the site of the incident in a parking lot to find the off-road vehicle accident,ralph lauren designer, the perpetrators have abandoned the vehicle and escape.

    present, the police locked the suspect vehicle accident,griffey shoes black,buy ralph lauren cheap 3, the relevant case is still under investigation. As for the perpetrators to escape if there drew a threat to the process of looking for staff,ralph lauren stores, need to be further confirmed. (End)

    a site involved in the rescue of the firefighters told reporters that the collision that occurred early that day, after receiving the alarm, eight officers and one fire rescue vehicles rushed to the scene, the scene cluttered, very tragic. Taxi formerly severely deformed, the car driver and the car back and a woman were stuck in the car. After 30 minutes of emergency treatment, will eventually carried out of the three dead car.

    (edit: SN012)

    correspondent from Zhaotong City Fire Brigade Secret Squadron learned that same day at 50 minutes, a foreign license with the city’s sport utility vehicle collided with a taxi,louboutin online,buy christian louboutin Man stole ex-girlfriend Piandai 600,000 yuan real estate, a taxi knocked off-road vehicle a few meters away, street trees and signpost were severing, taxi driver and two passengers died on the spot, and off-road vehicle accident escape.

    March 7 (reporter Jiang Chen Wang Bo) 7 Zhaotong City police notified, March 5 am, took place in the city taxi Zhuangfei off-road vehicles accident caused three deaths within the taxi, the perpetrators abandoned the vehicle and escape. Witnesses said the perpetrators in the process of escape,christian louboutin shoes cheap , he drew a threat to hunting vehicles.

  38. around the village to chase

    Xuchang Jun hurried to the police station to request support. 4:55 or so, two batons and other police gear to wear the security police car arrived lump Village. Police car stopped to Guolao four door, two security police prepare to enter Guolao four, the Guolao four Two police later told reporters that they could have used police gear and uniforms Guolao four, but considering the Guolao fourth patient, rather than heinous criminals, they start to avoid each other. Guolao four people is not a chase, police picked up a pound ax, the police right after the windshield smashed windows and after he continued to chase two police. Police do not live in the street with Guolao four return, trying to run out of stamina then four Guolao he uniform, the two sides began in the village about 1 hour chase. At the same time, Xu Changjun help in Roy Tan Hardy, lock the door to door to inform the villagers not to go out.

    Fangshan police sent a special police rushed to the scene. Police put down more than 30 police gear and pick up a long broom and other tools, and gradually surrounded the Guolao four in the middle, and red the other side shouted: Guolao four ran towards the direction of home. Guolao four seems a bit tired, after he catch the door and went straight home on the bolt. Police took the opportunity with wire wrapped Guolao four door handles, to prevent the other side coming out again.

    police lead them home

    way for fear of further chase Guolao four other people, Xuchang Jun has been leading the Guolao four circles in a place few people. Guolao four stopped, Xuchang Jun on two steps toward Guolao four approached,christian louboutin shoes discount , Guolao four would continue to chase, so running stop about 1 hour, see the catch Xuchang Jun Guo Lao four, in turn, when passing the door ran home.

    4 19 afternoon, villagers Guolao four (a pseudonym) psychotic episode, carrying two axes in the village stroll. Frightened villagers fleeing the home, afraid to go out. To see the police arrived on the scene after hearing the news,cheap karen millen,, Guolao four apart from anything else, give the ax to cut.

    evening 6:30, Fangshan Public Security Bureau and the Commission for Discipline Inspection Secretary Wang Jucheng Liu Guogang catch to the scene. Wang Jucheng through the frame in the walls to climb the ladder on the wall. Guolao four , hands still carrying an ax, he stared at Wang Jucheng silent.

    Wang Jucheng then asked:

    Xuchang Jun was about to move Guolao four door, holding his hands to see each other a stride ax skyrocketed, we must knives to injure. Xuchang Jun and colleagues rushed quickly back. Guolao four waving an ax to catch up with the police, while inarticulate shouting something. Xuchang Jun Guolao four other people were chasing ran alley, came to the village street. At that time, the streets are not many villagers see Guolao four rounds of ruthless police chase, have to dodge. Xuchang Jun ran shouting,

    Guolao four definite answer: the ax, the other hand grabs Guolao four left hand behind the back of other civilian police have jumped into the hospital,shoes salvatore ferragamo, will Guolao four control. Guolao control after four were surprisingly calm demeanor.)

    CHEN Jing Xu Changjun community police rushed to the phone: four members went to Guo Lao.

    Wang Jucheng lit a cigarette while the suction side asked: p> (a cigarette thrown Guolao four front.)

    edition have written newspaper correspondent correspondent in Jie Han Xiujie


    Secretary Wang Jucheng four shoulder patting Guolao comfort.
    Wang Jucheng Secretary asked whether Guolao four smoke.

    negotiations after

    cigarettes won the Secretary to resolve the emotional razor


    the village to pay admission

    Fangshan Shilou lump head Village Guolao four mentally ill. At 15:50 on April 19, his waist with two other villages on the road in swinging an ax, and his pass found him in the eyes of the villagers not, it seems also fall ill. The villagers immediately to inform the security officer to the village of Chan King.

    police chase two hours is

    However, four with axes pointing Wangju Cheng Guo Lao said: the Secretary. I lie down, you cut me down to the bar. questions at the same time,karen millen, he has slowly leans Guolao four in front.


    Wang Jucheng Qiazhao smoke with a smile and Guolao four, said: , stone floor, station director Zhao Zhenyu requirements Guolao four ax down, Keep Cool.)

    the results

    mental patients Chifu Liuwan

    < p> When the police to Guolao four away, he looked Wangju Cheng said: shoulder and said: pocket: four psychological distance, people are smoking thing, smoking a cigarette on it on the convenience, but also conducive to gentle his emotions; will give him half a pack of cigarettes but also to ease his mood,christian louboutin pumps, let him work to receive treatment with .)

    newspaper correspondent Huangtao She

    It is understood that,rolex watches for sale , in 2008, Guolao four worked in a mental hospital for treatment. Two months later, because no money to continue treatment, Guolao four slightly ease the condition and discharged back to the village. Guolao four parents have died, he lived alone in a small courtyard. Guolao four main sources of life by three brothers, however, renowned for his brother on his bad temper, and even hands played brother. Brother lives in order to get some supplies to his brother asked a neighbor to be sent. This reporter has learned, at present, has to pay the lump Village Guolao four to a mental hospital, police station, stone floor,abercrombie & fitch sale, is helping coordinate the resolution of his Guolao four follow-up treatment costs.

    police and Guolao four in the village and began a chase which lasted 2 hours, burnout Guolao four went home. Ultimately, the public security bureau chief Wang Jucheng Fangshan handed a cigarette hold each other’s emotions, Guolao four

  39. microblogging Recommended | today’s hot microblogging (edit: SN010)

    ,air jordan 9

    last April 13, at home in Dalian Li Zhongguo, search China lottery ball, Wang Hui in the search results to find the city created three fake welfare lottery prediction Web site. He set aside according to the telephone line to Wang Hui city. Wang claimed Welfare Centre staff can provide Welfare to Li Zhongguo color ball winning numbers, but Lee must register online as a member, would also be required to pay their membership fee by bank $ 300 materials fee 6300 yuan. Since then,air jordan 14 Young people in retaliation for his girlfriend to steal the public, Wang Minglin posing Welfare Centre’s leadership, to receive confidential cost $ 30,000, notary fees of $ 120,000 on behalf of a total of 156,600 yuan RMB Li Zhongguo fraud.

    learned that the network of Welfare fraud rare early questioning of the other two key members of Wangming Lin, Wang Hui, the city, were a fraud because, in March this year by the court were sentenced to 3 years and 4 years and a fine of 100,000 yuan around.

    prosecution of this review found that in April 2010, the same hometown of Fujian Wang Hui and Wang Minglin through the city planned and decided by the master computer, the web pages of Wang Minglin registered on the Internet to establish a fake welfare lottery prediction Web site. They bought through the network dedicated to crime and PHS mobile phone number, and leased the house for committing criminal acts. Meanwhile, the Soviet Union to fellow unitary soil in Xiamen bank card to buy three sets by Wang Minglin the phone number and bank card numbers being sent to the production of fake lottery site. After Wang Hui city, Wang Minglin posing as the China Welfare Lottery Center staff to provide lottery winning numbers for the bait,ralph lauren outlet online, making an excuse to pay the member registration fees, thus obtaining the trust of others from bank transfer, withdrawal from the Soviet Union to reach remote earth unitary purpose of obtaining money.

    Shenyang Xinhua Xinhua, November 22 (Fan Chunsheng, YE),karen millen boudoir satin dress, Fujian Province,buy karen millen dresses online 244, a three-fraud gang through the Internet-based projections leave welfare lottery web site to provide the winning lottery numbers for bait, Dalian,louboutin men, Liaoning Province a cheat bit the victim 156,600 yuan. The last of the gang suspects fled the Soviet Union in the unitary soil was arrested after more than a year, recently on suspicion of fraud transferred by public security organs Zhongshan District, Dalian’s Procuratorate for examination and prosecution.

    share: welcome to comment to comment

    deception succeeded, Wang Hui, the city, Wang Minglin each share would be $ 50,000, the Soviet Union unitary earth share of 1.5 million, the balance paid off site advertising. Li Zhongguo remitted large sums of money, the other as soon as possible to urge Wang Minglin out the winning numbers. Wang Minglin just made up a number, as the second prize winning numbers told Li Zhongguo. Lee got numbers immediately after the purchase of the corresponding color ball lottery numbers, lottery, and found that the number did not hit the jackpot. After another visit to the fake website, found that the site is open, then realized that cheated, immediately reported the matter to the police in Dalian. Soon after, Wang Hui, the city, Wang Minglin was arrested,ralph lauren big pony collection, fled the Soviet Union unitary soil.

  40. With oil-based pen or shoe polish to paint himself a big beard

    According to Gas station ownerrespondents said ,abercrombie sale,

    ( edit : SN017)

    Express News USA California police are hunting for a robber disguised as a man , this robber with oil-based pen to draw on his beard , armed Bank robbed a Modesto (Modesto) a gas station .

    Police said the woman trying every means to conceal his identity, but her slender little hand appeared in front of the camera , it is clear that a woman ,store burberry,ken griffey shoes women Weight 16.5 kg fishermen c, It sounds like a man ,ladies rolex watches for sale 11, and,burberry shirts sale, with oil-based pen or shoe polish her like wiping his face ,rolex diamond watches, put into big beard . accident ,christian louboutin mount street 1224, but it is except . Reward $ 1,nike Zoom Lebron viii,000 to provide clues to who the police said that if people find any face of the woman with residual traces of ink ,

  41. News Baoding ,air jordan high heels, Hebei Electric ( Yanzhao Metropolis Daily reporter Liu Ling ) has , the Baoding Village Xushui remain a cattle ranchers called the hotline , said his family has a long three cows horns ,(), very strange .

    cow in addition to the head of a long-horned long , the other not so special . Jia said the dairy cow is a common species, also just down the calf ,air griffey 2,karen millen outlet online U.S. men’s 54 helium balloon ride over the Alps, habits and other aspects of ordinary cow is no different . For a decade raising cows Ka , the three angles of the cows he was the first time I saw , he said this country are unable to find a few head of cattle . As the feeling is very scarce , Mr. Jia looking triangle cow to sell a good price .

    As the calf grew older , along with the head protruding central longer length , just more than two years , the Mavericks head wore three long horns , very strange . The middle of the horn and almost equal distance from both sides of the horns , Gu Kebin feel very rare , to which cows from the resounding title of

    According to cattle ranchers Jiake Bin introduced the first triangle that his family had just a two year old cow ,karen millen sales, a cow is a domesticated birth to a calf . From cattle from birth onwards , Mr. Jia noticed it on some unusual .

    correspondent search found that there are a few around the corner on three cattle were reported. In Sanya,burberry coat, Hainan ,karen millen coats, Guizhou ,nike acg boots in black Reporters Secret Xiqing crop, and has the appearance of three Longhorn Sanya cattle also known as the triangle the other end

    Triangle cattle owners Ka provide photos.

  42. ,karen millen leather

    IQ of 176 million years to pick one

    American India -born boy Pulanafu Villa although only 6 years old, but up to 176 IQ . When the age when the child is still learning ABC’s ,nike Zoom Lebron viii, he had memorized the multiplication formulas . In addition, the previous U.S. president he will be the date of birth overripe in mind. As long as it was reported that a random date , he can say of the week , as if the brain has the

    It is understood that Pulanafu IQ up to 176 , and its intellectual level equivalent to one million years to pick one . He has a However, his father Prasad has said : U.S. prodigy Brandon Bremer is a typical example. He began to learn to read 18 months ,http://www.karen millen Bitch cat is considered inseparab, 3 years old to study piano and finished the first grade , 10 -year-old graduated from high school into university. In 2008, only 14 -year-old Brandon shoot himself ,uk christian shoes, did not leave any suicide note , allegedly due to inner loneliness . Little Long

    US-India -born boy Pulanafu Villa

    presidents birthday familiar

    Pulanafu Villa are currently enrolled at a local nursery . When a reporter asked President John F. Kennedy ‘s birthday ,christian louboutin leopard, Pulanafu blurted out : Connecticut , Delaware . When a reporter’s question, take a lap around the sun, Saturn, long time , Pulanafu replied without hesitation : , Pulanafu can easily know the result May 22,christian louboutin pumps Old man in the afternoon three lottery prizes over $ 1,cheap christian louboutin, 2001 is Tuesday , April 9,shoes with red soles Four women were rescued three hours of, 2004 was a Friday . As another example, he can one know the result of Obama’s birthday , The one in the know-how , he can not explain , just smile depends intuition.

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  44. old Manuel Alberto small melon Sylvester from a small town south of Madrid ,burberry coats,air griffey max 1 red , and his debut 1000 . He also hands-on illustrations for the painting .

    British because this book is good indeed .

    Yesheng Lin ( Xinhua News Agency for the newspaper feature articles )

    small but love to read. With his superior memory and innate flair for languages ,mulberry outlet online, only 9 years old the first published works ,uggs cardy boots, as one of the world’s young writers .

    Spain,Customized jersey (),mulberry oversize work’s bags, a boy aged

    thick, 38 this novel , tells a story of dragons : dragons Rostock feel ugly when you look in the mirror ,christian laboutin (),dsquard, then went into hiding . Long mother repeatedly to tell it ,

  45. web chat to old boy called his After graduation, Liu stayed in Hefei, and found a good unit, engaged in research work. Ryu, like online chatting,ken griffey sneaker , playing games, right when the Internet bubble.

    law, to help him buy weapons on the grounds, the shiny cheat their country in the way of a district rather a rented room. The bright young heard remark, temptation, then after school went to Liu’s residence.

    accidentally found his son chats, hurried alarm

    She was holding a very uneasy feeling to see the bright and the last person of the QQ chat. She was surprised to find that they actually involve a lot of chat obscene words, and bright people called this

    talk about the case, police investigators feel surprise: / p>

    Police investigators said the victim’s parents, now there is a strong resistance, even to the vice squad materials are not willing to do some circumstantial evidence.

    It is shiny and his classmates say, bright and Ryu chat, he will lure Liu QQ, but also other students gave him. After Ryu on one by one with these children in online chat, and play about them to his home.

    But gradually, Liu’s behavior changed. He let shiny call him But the bright young do not know what these mean.

    play games on the bright side, while eating, when Liu came to the bright side, and so bright up, he sat in the chair, sitting on his hands shiny legs .

    microblogging Recommended | today’s hot microblogging

    forest stressed that such person’s heart is very tangled, and on their potential is again negative, but they can not control themselves, so it would make such a thing. : welcome to comment to comment

    11 6, shiny shiny mother at home and discovered that some people call him the QQ. Internet was not bright, shining mother has been reflected in its QQ, they readily point to open to see. This enlightened view is really her spooked. Shiny people even call affectionately called his son as

    Police quickly contacted several victims suspected the boy, the boy turned and found that these are a primary school classmate. Bright because the matter heard a report, the number of children accompanied their parents to report to the vice squad.

    shiny mother was head felt dizzy, and some nausea. She really could not stand, and immediately called her husband came to the area of the vice squad police. . Police were surprised to find that Liu QQ friends list, mostly about old boy. Cases, there has been progress. Ryu chats with the kids, the police found and shiny face similar chats.

    Currently, the 20-year-old man was arrested for repeatedly molested more than boys, criminal detention, public security organs have been.

    went for help as soon as possible that such groups should be a psychiatrist to help them slowly out of the shadows, or to help him establish a compensation mechanism, will this heart’s desire into positive energy. In addition, the community of such people should give more understanding and care, discrimination and should not blindly blame.

    fell in love four or five years, he and his girlfriend is very strange

    Liu was brought back after the vice squad for their crimes committed confessed. According to Ryu account, from the end of July until early November, nearly four months, he had a total of about five or six boys to his home,christian louboutin slingback, almost all the same excuses and reasons. These boys then took the opportunity to harass, to meet the needs of a heart.

    Liu saw the shiny is scrub a little boy, tall is not high, but very cute, Liu joyful heart. He is very bright enthusiasm, but also get to eat, but also to get him to drink beverages. And then holding bright side to play computer games.

    In addition, Liu selected objects are pale skin, looks lovely little boy,dsquared shorts, times do not let him come home, the. About why there is such a habit, Liu said: But how did they even who held hands, let alone the same as other couples, to have more intimate contact. Ryu around very few female friends, because he is quite inconsistent with the female touch.

    bright puzzled, Liu would deceive him: Suddenly, Ryu’s hand began to walk him in the bright,abercrombie and fitch baby clothes, shiny body shocked, and feel uncomfortable, like down from him. But Liu did not realize this, but continue being immersed in their own happiness, but also gradually put his hand into the shiny pants … …

    Second, Liu likes pale boy, probably because of its nature has a serious The one hand, he may not agree with sex, but on the one hand want to satisfy their own desires, people who have such habit is not a moral people who have problems. She cited a famous pop star Michael Jackson molested the boy when the case, although he had molested boys, but for the charity aspect has great contribution.

    months after, Liu often invited to his home bright play. Of course, this has not stopped indecent acts.

    July of this year, Liu met online called Liang Liang (a pseudonym)-year-old boy. At first, Liu was just playing a game with a number of bright chat on the issue. In the bright young eyes, he is only a able to play games to help pass his big brother.

    bright uncomfortable body from Liu jump down, Liu does not agree. He took the lure of shiny goodies, also bright, as long as he does not listen to tamper with,mulberry wallet , you buy a lot of games and equipment to him. Bright face value, and obediently sat back.

    only son, has fallen in love with their parents

    Currently, Liu suspicion of child molestation,ugg tall classic, criminal detention, public security organs have been.

    May the last few days, including the River Branch of Criminal Police, a team cracked a case, these words actually appear in the intimacy of a 20-year-old men and between 10-year-old boy,louboutins shoes 123 kg of iron shoes, men’s wear has completed 10 m 36 seconds, so that the police are stunned.

    It is understood that Ryu is the only son at home,abercrombie clothing, has fallen in love with their parents, family conditions are moderate. Liu XingJu day after the parents arrived home begins with criminal police, Baohe a team. After learning that the old couple could not believe his son would do such things. The couple feeling very depressed. They sent something to his son, confessed to leave after a few words.

    forest that encountered in its case, such a man molesting the boy’s case is extremely rare, a little more.

    First, forest view, this behavior should be Ryu’s childhood home with the

    parents alarm


    impulse time, then go consult a psychologist, he would be a great help. relatively high.

    things origin

  46. (correspondent Ge Lili Ganshi You Correspondent Sun Ming) yesterday,ugg Gang robbery and murder of 13-year 11 province,christian louboutin pigalle, police reporter learned from Haman, a local marital man,spend 200 yuan apt 350,000 yuan purchase counterfeit certificates of deposit and always of a divorce certificate,cheated their cohabitation. Certificates of deposit to the bank holding his girlfriend a huge transfer,synthetic certificates of deposit revealed the hidden Bank staff alarm the man was apprehended by the police Haman.
    ,moncler sales store, 37-year-old man Tangmou Haman Haman metropolis has been perform affair Early this annual a gathering of friends,marital 29-year-old woman Tangmou met Chen. Chen Tangmou of admire in the first place sight looks beautiful In order apt acquire Chen’s heart Tangmou assumed apt have a divorce,quickly a loosen happening and have some savings.
    with the two exchanges to deepen, Tangmou Chen on marital status and economic status in doubt Although Tangmou savings,merely the money can be controlled surrounded the hands of his wife. Chen continues apt face questioning, Tangmou quite anxious. One daytime in early July,air jordan 26, Tangmou suddenly received one SMS: Bank certificates of deposit and forgery forgery divorce certificate
    Tangmou afterward 200 yuan from the hands of those who do buy a artificial total of 35 million yuan,christian louboutin studded Citizens to buy insurance salesman XingJu informatio, Chen username for the current savings certificates of deposit of a bank and a divorce certificate.
    discern her boyfriend’s divorce certificate and a signed their enormous bank certificates of deposit,woman’s jordan shoes, Chen is quite pleased namely Tangmou actually adore yourself. Chen and Tang Mou long cohabitation,matrimony the two events longing be put aboard the procedure
    nine month, two months behind cohabitation,ken griffey shoes District 200 property owners sig, Chen could never conceal my delight little sisters to the side to show off their certificates of deposit. Chen watched her boyfriend a shot namely is 35 million,little sisters envy, and recommended namely Chen rapidly apt cash within certificates of deposit alternatively dump,to avert Tangmou work back.
    Chen suggested is the sisters makes sense, September 17,nike air max 96, Chen Tang Mou area apt get busy bank certificates of deposit,apt the regional affair department of a bank transfer deposit procedures Bank staff found that the forged certificates of deposit,subsequently the police. Alarm after police captured Tangmou Haman. At current the case is still pending.

  47. almost 15 minutes afterward received a report of the Taipei Road police station rushed apt the scene , , with the drivers’ associations tourist trains and to stabilize Ating mood,coach jeans,querying what occurred However, the unite namely unresolved Ating silent . Do anything and everyone had apt grasp even with a hoist afterward worked on to obtain the 120 ambulance , gallops City eleven hospital.

    driver aboard obligation along to Lee Min introduced the morning along 8:30 juvenile women beginning from Wuhan Ferry Terminal Station,chanel 80 original songs commemorate the death, a $ 10 notes want be dripped into the coin box muttered: zero ,, Car apt the terminal while the ruddy light area Lee did never get off folk find every additional sitting motionless plus conveyance return , 40 -year-old mother of 4, , did not anticipate the coming days there longing be gate hills station Ating wrists impulse Busy sweating the automobile beneath the car Lee Min exclaimed : > folk did never understand is that this stubborn girl all along refused apt advert what was going aboard Can only be learned from their individuality cards : from Sichuan, Boy swept away by water to save the remains have yet to, , was connate surrounded 1986.

  48. 18 years ago two mini boys abducted after 18 years, more than 10,000 folks went out apt greet

    baby kin lukewarm water seethe
    18 years ago two little boys did never complete the work-study task, the educator being trafficked out of the classroom shocked Xishui tepid town; 18 years later they return to hometown,pacify town boiling over many years.
    yesterday, motorcycle,car operating a long line of passenger cars, 10,000 folk given a lukewarm welcome a grand scene infection of every individual. Return to the hometown of two boys kneel among front of their loved ones,hugged the moment, moving out all the tears, they return family apt bring new hope apt more abducted … …

    two the boy’s return household 18 years serene town seethe

    two abducted boys apt go home as early as two days ago the news strew throughout the warm town,depicting the streets apt greet their loved ones banner hung alley.
    9 am yesterday, 18 years antecedent were trafficked to Fujian and Wang Weiwei Zhou Dongping network among the baby family escorted along more than 10 volunteers, after six hours apt travel long distances, 3 girls, gloves, rescue char, and finally into the Xishui territory,slime road 18 years ago had transformed flat asphalt road, along the prolific peach bamboo fluttering within the breeze,apt welcome kin 18 years of wandering.
    town of a few hundred meters away from the lukewarm water,chanel Restaurants for people two years to provide free porridge ( Photos, the automobile has never entirely stopped, Sixty elderly rescued stray dog jumped into the river move, the crowd swarms, ten years had seen friends and family can never await Wang Weiwei’s brother Chao among the running, and I feel likewise excited,approximately fell to the ground,escaped up the face of his sibling Wang Weiwei, a clutch almost fell apt the ground Chao.
    After a concise reunion, 2way, after more than 20 vehicles stuck within the Zhou Dongping, Wang Weiwei, a pedestrian, slowly entering the town of lukewarm water.
    76-year-old Ren Jinbao, said: so many years. two children return to their homes, , bringing never only the happiness of two folk,but many parents of abducted children and their families wish as the dawn. .
    mama and son adhere attach for up apt half one hour later Zhou Dongping escorted his mama sitting amid a preside,weapon this moment, everyone new could never aid the tears and circuitous and circular eyes, and next mama and son had tears drenched their dresses breast
    two days ago that child ambition go home Wang Weiwei’s mother bought a new mattress,popular quilt layout of the dormitory namely appealing Desk, , and put aboard the Wang Weiwei childhood photos.
    folks too many blessings to come this anniversary newly built two-story house is fit looking ardent villagers,incited Wang Weiwei his tongue could not acquaint but spat tears Bata apt fall, father and sibling had entrusted apt thank you.
    seek as the missing son of four working father insisted on misunderstanding and alarm

    1997, the father of Zhou Zhou Dongping always working apt find the infant among Chaozhou, Fujian, listening to a team of workers, said Yao by the village there is a Chaozhou child looks favor his children, from Guizhou Shui apt the learn of water,virtually eight alternatively nine. Zhou entire catch the village,distant glance did never think their actions guide to regional villagers attention. I listened the whole village to village apt find his abducted children, came to Hong Gan him. I listened what happened Zhou employer at the end of the day he rushed apt be completed annihilate of money, and give some expenses, so he hastened to leave so the locals came apt the door.
    Zhou Dongping juvenile brothers growing up along with grandparents, parents engaged with business with mini time to take consideration of the brothers. However, Zhou Dongping abducted, two years after the disappearance of many parents as of his quarrels and divorce. Zhou Yang left his sibling to take consideration of her grandmother, the father continues to look for Zhou Dongping working outdoor annual circuitous
    2003, the grandmother arrange dying, told Zhou Yang got to find the missing brother after and after the old man shouting the appoint of Zhou Dongping away.
    Wang Weiwei’s mama Liyuan Qin said that once, Wang Jianguo, , father of two kilometers away surrounded the Taiwan Forestry checkpoints go has more than two weeks had never returned home Wang Weiwei carrying his brother apt walk apt find my father,not the daytime apt find my father, and carrying his brother apt go behind until the sun saw him carrying a sleeping sibling went apt the door, , a man’s center was down.

  49. 1112around 8 pm , French woman waiting for Chinese men tied the knot 50 years,, Qiuxian IRS workers Song Weiwei Its about time,cheap ugg boots! to send their children to educate As underneath the snow, his children Bypass bike shed building substances mall at last greenhouse cover , road no snow . In the greenhouse , , he had four children met the students . They said is because of cumbersome snow the educate vacation He then called to confirm the educate vacations go out into the return . He did never paucity to go surrounded the medium canopy position, suddenly a noisy clamor greenhouse annihilate of the fall down . Then , shed prefer dominoes ,karen millen clothes,polo moncler Jumping into a river bus driver rescu, the rapid breakdown of the dome over cruelty Song Weiwei look wrong,instantly ran apt the shed approximate the intersection . As he Mengdeng bicycle ahead the row , User Initiative wrapped with tape to protect glass an, four children have been base apt this sudden turn of events stunned , stood motionless . He instantly jumped out,screaming hurrahing :

    awake four children followed him to escape Just worked to the backup shed ,sacoche longchamp, he boosted a backward and found a babe alarm and ran beneath the shed collapsed . Song Weiwei penetrate appealing fast corner approximately arrest up with the baby into the safety of its exports . Almost in the meantime screeching always the access after the greenhouse smashed down one avalanche of cup iron tile likewise strike aboard him ,moncler clearance, intense rankle but we finally have truce of danger.

  50. they are not millionaire,never highly educated, ,never even quite agreeable capabilities,yet they still use their worship and perseverance, propped up a big family – a wife and ten as weakness homeless orphans, their life affix and jot song,however beautiful is moving … …

    they have eleven children
    youngest son of birth


    Yongxin 17-year-old

    Yongde 9-year-old

    biological children two years old


    Meihui 13 years age

    Maxim’s 12-year-old

    Mei Ling 10-year-old

    MEGA 10-year-old

    adore 9-year-old U.S.

    silence 9-year-old U.S.

    8-year-old US-spring

    Muen three years old

    family data

    husband Zhang Zhongliang: 30 years old was a problem teenager. 23 years of antique deserving to ankylosing spondylitis and femoral head death guiding to disabled After a volunteer adviser problem children.
    wife A E: 30-year-old among agreeable health. Sister of Theresa read the paperback down, it begins with street children.
    avenue children: from Guangxi, 2010 Teachers of students take turns caring for paralyzed 3, Guizhou and Guangdong. Some parents are die and some parents incapable apt attention the guardian’s consent to this home
    among the eyes of outsiders, they definitely are a very strange pair Husband Zhang Zhongliang solemn physical disabled can not direct back, and his wife A E health and beauteous even more prodigious is that the couple actually has eleven children,maximum 17, minimum of 2 years, 10 of which is that they five years of adoption of a team of avenue children. This namely a
    hidden courtyard Pieces melodious

    eleven a babe namely only a natural

    an aunt opened the door, several children came one backward afresh out. Boyle said, here is Zhang Zhongliang couple’s home the couple’ll be back.
    children dressed amid plain clean. To discern the strangers,chanel shoes, are saluted with a laugh Only for a while the employer came back. The children hurrahed
    Zhang Zhongliang E and A absolute of eight daughters three sons. The largest namely 17-year-old John letter, has been with them as 5 years. Guangxi to the eldest daughter namely 13 years old Meihui. Before they came kin do never know What is the nominate Zhang Zhongliang A E gave them to take a name his daughter had an US-word, Brothers and sisters suffering f, 12-year-old Maxim, 10-year-old Mei Ling, 9-year-old charm adore 10-year-old charm best, 9-year-old US-static and eight years of the United States spring are two sisters, small Muen only three annual age Wing chap is 9-year-old letter and yongde. They are Zhang Zhongliang A-E adoption of avenue children, from Guangxi, Guizhou and Guangdong. Some of them orphaned, sick,unable to support some parents, the guardians consent apt this family The smallest namely less than two years old son. Although son, A-E all said he has eleven children, everyone namely treated equally,never preference
    pair did not go

    rent house regional villagers, three-story establishing every month hire $ 1200. Although located surrounded the village the home was well-organized, Women’s desire to do bridesmaid 18 times taken 19th wedding bride,easy and clean. Zhang Zhongliang A-E are quickly never working.
    on the first floor is the pantry dining,music dormitory namely here,on the second floor namely the male dormitory,aboard the third floor namely the women’s dormitory and classrooms. Although the age material by kin,but are classified neatly aboard the floor spotless,dresses neatly folded. Maxim Mei Ling namely responsible for washing trays and mopping the floor. In short,every family membership has their own things.
    Mom and Dad worship

    disability volunteers

    work 23 years age forward he namely one.78 meters high was also the problem of youth Later,suffering from ankylosing spondylitis, and necrosis of the femoral brain the body slowly disabilities, and swiftly only Gouzhuo back aboard crutches,fewer than 1.two meters lofty
    he could inherit the family mantle open among the drugstore,but they decided to do volunteer go during the illness to consultant the problem baby His crutches come and go within school factory,onward and backward contact with tens of thousands of problem children, without much success, until it hits A-E.
    A E namely Guangxi. In 1998, Chongqing namely still working, she peruse a book about Sister Theresa fall, beginning with avenue children. In 2005 she adopted surrounded Chongqing, the first baby – 12-year-old John letter. They are met online, A E namely the additional celebration must adopt the request of her children, and Zhang Zhongliang also told her physical disability It immediately appears that A-E that namely the common But until immediately A E namely not how the father acknowledged Zhang Zhongliang.
    5 years ago they determined to Guangzhou, and has amid Haizhu District, Panyu Lijiang Garden lived, they gradually adopted 10 children.
    what to learn – American educational philosophy

    letter amid addition apt the eldest son of John, the kin educate other children do never know what it was like,forever children received is provided along Zhang Zhongliang and A E home education. Just for the children beguile the teacher,,to teach language, mathematics, English, as well as piano, painting-like craft classes. Although highest of the children apt educate antique alternatively over,merely Zhang Zhongliang and A E that this educational manner maximum suitable as the family specifics of the infant the United States,one educational philosophy to educate their children, although Zhang Zhongliang a student of medicine, and Ah-e only been apt junior high teach On the third floor aboard the wall of a classroom curriculum, the children each daytime 6:30 obtain up 7:00 Morning Reading, 8:00 breakfast, , begin by nine am classes, namely,music persona language, mathematics or English. The middling 25 minutes of housework period In the afternoon there are calligraphy, dance,art classes, piano and craft lessons. Evening, the children ambition go to a small road surrounded front of green and movement Many rural summer mosquitoes,yet the baby namely quite agreeable mood apt arrest butterflies, grasshoppers, jumping cord activity ball.
    Zhang Zhongliang reference apt the United States a pair of philosophy of education, the children set of 49 classification to amplify persona Education to last a month alternatively two apt discern the situation of the duration
    child does something wrong, Zhang Zhongliang and A E do not reprehend them. On one occasion, Zhang Zhongliang let their mini daughter Muen seen with the eyes of the sister of U.S. spring out to movement I do not know why Muen the United States among the spring and threw out a person. Zhang Zhongliang know not more behind that,equitable let the experience made a small Muen: Muen eyes blindfolded with a towel,chanel , let her out played a meanwhile Since subsequently Muen never dripped off my sister.
    eat -14 individuals a vegetarian

    to maintain such a colossal home aboard on the head of million. things are not also much only a vegetarian dinner, Mom and Dad with eleven children, as well as aunt,every of the meals are the same. But for material life, A E that do not worry, playing guitar,people can fared this house.

  51. Times News July one 2009, 39-year-old man Guogang Tang Shandong riding a motorcycle came apt Hangzhou North Bus Station, he plucked a banner of his 2-year-old son Guo Xinzhen The photos. In 1997,ugg australia uk Unfortunately his father died Gesao was returning home with dis,meantime the 2-year-old Guo Xinzhen with a strange woman out of the countryside and nothing came backward Since afterward the Shandong man riding a motorcycle, embarked aboard a long search Zi.
    Fast forward 13 years,meantime the young man has transformed a middle-aged man,adidas chaussure homme 14 -year-old junior high school girls with a seriously il, although still never have their own child’s whereabouts,yet Guogang Tang is looking as the process,helped seven households regain missing children.
    annual behind Guogang Tang afresh came apt Hangzhou.
    8:30 yesterday morning,among Wushan Square,black Guogang Tang noiselessly coiled out a banner on the ground:

    your parents for you? Has anyone tease you … information.
    Guogang Tang said that his own production banner,aboard and lost hundreds of missing children photographs and information, This easy man knows the rankle of a babe abducted.
    13-year long search Zi

    with three months, riding a motorcycle traveled bring an end to … the nation 13 years, he’s spent by least $ 300,000.
    April 28, he left afresh continue to seek as abducted son Guoxin Zhen,achat adidas, the same, he once afresh step onto the motorcycle, the feud namely this duration he was working more locations to to do more publicity.
    He said: own meat and blood,ought grant them to return to their families
    this,doudoune femme 3 -year-old brother jumped into the,ugg store, Hangzhou namely the fourth station,because the peregrination tension,three pm yesterday, he left Hangzhou to Shaoxing.
    apt Hangzhou,sale ugg boots, he was impressed, . more and more people approximately
    I collect along the access many swiftly live good-looking yet as childhood was abducted and lost children of the information,karen millen shop, and then put them apt the net the power of volunteers to aid fire a nationwide seek the crowd suddenly there came a cry
    short cilia dressing green clothes and a middle-aged woman talking on the phone crying seeing at photos.

    Guogang Tang did never forecast apt face the inquiry, middle-aged woman gradually stopped wailing and turned apt work without a word.
    Guogang Tang Fu anxious, stopping her: said: even although they have grown up, it is complicated to erase the trauma of center
    a missing children website

    4000 disappearance children’s story

    Guogang Tang said that banner on hundreds of missing children information namely from the to collect aboard the website, which is only a part
    amid the publicity field, there are several
    on July 1 last year the network called The chap looks favor trafficking, and the chap amid conversation, they are strange man interference,then the police. Lake police station after an investigation base that boys and boys are trafficked website namely never the same person.
    circumference and the tease namely never the only person among the effort.
    among the metropolis so a team of folk they are never gratuitous,backward and forth each daytime within every corner of the metropolis specifically to do one thing: finding missing and abducted children.
    they are a volunteer site, the site called On this site, parents across the nation the son or daughter will be missing the information published among the on support
    sites assistance information swiftly has more than five,000, of which more than four,000 parents apt find their own lost children.
    Guogang Tang said that surrounded 2007, he deliberately discovered the > namely a non-profit social welfare organization.
    site sponsors The very truth that the site from across the nation immediately has more than 20, ,000 volunteers, who get busy change industries. In Hangzhou, there are currently hundreds of volunteers.
    photo identification. Once base the police and other liberate operations immediately and then the parents rushed to the regional a paternity test. .
    long as it namely among the avenues lethargy,or physical disabled,alternatively entertainer of the infant volunteers are the thing of interest.
    publicity surrounded the field, a public immediately provided a clue: the fashionable toro Qingchun Square, there are constantly two girls slumbering among the streets,appealing the side covered with a piece of paper the girl namely suspected controlled along traffickers.
    Hangzhou Wang volunteers answer, I wish the all community can converge on these abducted children: 110,an agitate apt secrecy,shirk the police to take the child along being base amid human traffickers to run.

  52. apt retention sick daughter Violet Han, Jingjing Ma Zhaohui mine regardless of the hazard,sale christian louboutin,resolved apt mowed his liver to retention 200 grams matron After surgery, small lavender Han has been amid the intensive attention factor there namely not peril newspaper since September 3 from a array of reports).

    small purple Han began apt drink their own bosom

    Xia Qiang,ugg for cheap Way to school girls throw a crack good-hearted people to donate 75,nike air max terra ninety, the highest dangerous time a small lavender Han has quite gone the afterward namely the process of rehabilitation almost two weeks within the hospital for observation tin be discharged apt work family apt convalesce.
    21 10, the staff ambition be sent apt the ordinary small lavender Han barren defense Too juvenile as of the small purple Han, Han Hospital agreed the small lavender mama Fu Jiaojiao escort. At midnoon yesterday, Han Fu Jiaojiao fed small lavender drank 30 ml of chest > 20 days had never looked her mother do never know

    20 days without seeing her mother’s small lavender Han,after seeing Fu Jiaojiao never know.
    After a morning of versed small lavender and Han have been versed with her mama Only one parent affix taking into list the small lavender Han’s father Ma Zhaohui equitable finished surgery,black christian louboutin Octogenarian bad faith f,is still recovering the hospital warned him never into the barren apartment

    sheet reviews

    Jingxing mining Jia Zhuang Zi Han small town is impartial 5 months old baby girl,air max 90 premium, she was born his face more and more yellow, swollen hands and feet accompanied onward fever,after the diagnosis of congenital biliary atresia,moncler outlet usa 75 year -old man wandered off to find her father traveled to,air jordan after game, a liver transplant apt retention merely Father Ma Zhaohui slit off their 200 g liver, Shanghai Renji Hospital,uggs for cheap, completed amid transplant surgery. Liver to save the woman slit transfer worship touched readers, who respect to rise buck apt four.three million yuan. As a small lavender Han severe disease younger antique has never been out of peril behind surgery. Han’s condition has small lavender love affects people’s center.

  53. finished Aug. 1,moncler ever jacket, he donated 1,nike air max 91 Husband to his wife embroidered pa,air jordan fusion 10,air jordan 12 Wages to the workers for the funeral date has been killed contract,072,417.20 yuan ,bianca christian louboutin, 100 million to small Yiyi ,buy air max Subsidies to poor elderly live frugally picking up a penny that he h,moncler bruce weber, the remaining drag to Wenzhou Shao Rong special police captain plus asked as the Southern Metropolis Daily the material Chen Lihao aboard the microblogging announced his convey array

    seven 28,uggs cheap, the micro-Bo Chen Lihao wrote : I plus the small Yi Yi uncle on the phone. He said the donation aggregate is likewise colossal it namely complex to adopt I plan namely part of the contributions as small Yi Yi , one as the other affected babies he does not deny merely still do never accept one-time cash. This reflects his small Yi Yi plus consumers responsible as the hereafter of worship I admire him. I will argue the establishment of a fund Southern Metropolis Daily monthly apt the small Yi Yi and additional affected children alive expenses plus fares

    lot of caring folk within society are concerned almost the growth of small Yi Yi favor the logging said: a lot of The dead recess in peace alive strong,favor a small Yi Yi health plus peace!

  54. hospital, they are never asked the maximal a great many neighbors, Xiao Haisheng carrying a drum broke into a contact at home thought he was Xiao Haisheng to floor sprinkler,when gasoline smell,plus discern the lighter in his hand, this was never appealing rapidly rushed to snatch … … Yesterday, the Second Affiliated Hospital of Kunming Medical College,burn defenses Xiao Haisheng wife and mama has not additionally passed the fussy stage. They equivocal namely that this ingredient will be not indignation suddenly broke into a neighbor how apt pour oil blaze by kin not only flamed his own,cheap ugg boots Experts say the labor pain of 57 claims may create system users,merely likewise burned Xiao Haisheng a home of three people
    home burn suddenly broke into a adjoin

    firing a three injuries

    Xiao Haisheng turned plus ran to the alive apartment heard the call of the mother who returned to elect up the mum of flame this period Bai Xinfu apt the living dormitory door locked up, they tin only ascend down the stairs to the second floor
    ascertain home on blaze his wife Guo Jinying hub plus idea her daughter, her daughter was afraid of burning,rapidly rushed to ascertain yet fortunately never along household meantime her daughter, even though they have been scalded merely she still feel fortunate fortunate daughter never at household
    house aboard fire alerted neighbors, Xiao Haisheng upstairs apt the spectators who shouted for support ask them to buffet 110,119,120, with the aid of the neighbors,moncler sale, the 119 arrived,nike shox nz, the fire has been extinguished . Was pedestal to be lying aboard the pantry Bai Xinfu burns, the person saw him there apt face the fuel poured.
    backward the occurrence four burns were sent apt hospital in Jinghong City,christian louboutin sale shoes,uk christian louboutin They do not sign a labor contract employees no pay double, Xiao Haisheng a home of three folk have been scalded seriously injured
    maximal not grudges do never know why

    in the hospital, Xiao Haisheng asked Baixin Fu: because of his injuries the afterward day at the death.
    mail the neighbors, Xiao Haisheng said Bai Xinfu, 43,is a rubber harvest personnel tapping every daytime rarely work out, in addition to some eccentric persona does never adore his discourse,yet also did not ascertain What namely not customary Relationship between two folk commonly there is no dispute scores,constantly apt his babies also activity their own homes. Happened very suddenly,never only did never forecast a Xiaohai Sheng, even Baixin Fu’s wife said not understand
    harm deserving heaviness Xiao Haisheng a family of three from the regional to Kunming treatment. Burn unit of physicians Zoubao Xiu-law either burns over 50%. As Zoubao Xiu has 78 years doing a low survival rate of skin graft surgery,moncler jackets for cheap, the doctor suggested conservative treatment. Guo Jinying needs to be done virtually four of the peel graft surgery,moncler womens vest 17 -year-old pregnant woman to,priced about to $ 400,moncler jackets men 2010,000. Xiao Haisheng of peel graft surgery also absence two million. Xiaohai Sheng said, hoping to acquire social assistance merely likewise want to get official help
    Wang Jinsong

    two folk who set fire to the house door apt endure his wife could never mention >
    into Xiao Haisheng home there are a few additionally living apartment dome fell down,according to his family introduction, was the burning of gasoline broke amongst the air waves. Although within by the walls have been polished white,merely faintly still discern traces of cigarette

    According to Jinghong City Public Security Bureau confirmed that the police had the assignation of the incident rapidly out of the police investigation, the characteristic circumstances of the circumstance is still under investigation,if a conclusion ambition be announced apt the public .
    Dai Zhenhua

  55. impartial out of educate soon, Zhejiang Jinhua,
    Wujun Dong said,aboard November 23 last annual three-wheeled motorcycle he was driving his own home,nike air max 180, passers-by in case one aged couple driving an cordless bike He soon overtake, the cordless car fell to the ground, Wu Jundong parking rescue his father called and the impaired to the hospital and the age pairs advance of an,000 yuan for medicinal expenses.
    Wu Jundong mention they discern the danger in the emancipate and pain the aged is to affirm Wujun Dong namely responsible. Elderly folk were impaired back being refused the demand Wu Jundong court Although the vehicle police department issued a conveyance contingency report
    Wu Jundong perceive the danger was falsely informed of rescuers,or self-whitewash the perpetrators? In the dearth of evidence to the premise, the tribunal ought favor or punish evil and improve comely Recently, the Chinese public good-looking network of lawyers and Wu Jundong signed the agency agreement, free of charge as Wu Jundong fight the lawsuit.
    Zhu Yongping,brain of public amuse lawyers attorney said: folk are rankle can never afford. Description of the accident there are two versions

    2010 11 23 noon, Jinhua City, Zhejiang Province, Wu Jundong pedaling his father’s three-wheeled motorcycle from town back to the Wu Tang Temple City Ping Village. The way he has go the same access back apt the village of Shao Shang Dai Xuqing.
    According apt Wu Jundong description, in the way back to the village, he saw one cordless bike in front of the right track the automobile sat one aged pair according to the spokesman on the front of the bicycle take the initiative apt the right to depend Wu Jundong overtaking,when the intersection of the two vehicles,ugg boots on sale,
    is a front behind overtaking uphill, Wu Jundong see oncoming a fast black car trod aboard the brakes. At this duration the rear came a screech Wu Jundong saw back and ride that bicycle as one elderly couple apt the ground.
    Wu Jundong stopped and wanted to assistance but Dai Xuqing remind him:
    ticklish idea he took out his cell phone apt his father as assistance
    But apt to wail me dad.
    transcripts catered along the traffic police department shows the Wu Jundong was content to call his dad Wu Xiuzhi: . Subsequently, Wu Xiuzhi the fall of the age couple apt the hospital, and
    while pedaling an cordless automobile does never accede with the aged Hu Qiming Wu Jundong description. He recalls the day by noon, riding a bike carrying his wife to dress Cong ball soup wells along the township line to the direction of Xin farm narrow on the right side, I listened behind me horn, put the bicycle right by
    Subsequently, a three-wheeled motorcycle from the quit to overtake. In this process, three-wheeled motorcycle has been squeezed apt the right,christian louboutin shoe, the ball beat the left knee wearing Cong, three-wheeled motorcycle blew right side of the car’s quit rear-view mirror cordless bicycles,cordless bicycles resulting in detriment of balance fell to the ground .
    Hu Qiming shouting, three-wheeled motorcycle came to a suspend After the three-wheeled motorcycle driver longing support to curb the age couple,phoned in his father

    Hu Qiming’s home said: apt the hospital,merely later bottom medicinal expenses are likewise lofty to deny rather than lend money to them Wujun Dong said. can not certify cause of the become

    Wujun Dong Dai Xuqing was sitting in the automobile meantime overtaking inside. According apt her, said, three motorcycles traveling some distance, she listened someone shouting back, only to ascertain one aged pair fell in the avenue

    phase of the episode Wu Tang Town,metropolis and village wearing can was pedaling trucks amongst away from the scene has more than 100 meters.
    After the incident the afterward daytime two age family home apt the Wu Jundong ask for 70,000 yuan,merely Wu was refused.
    2010 12 29, Jinhua Public Security Bureau Traffic Police Battalion separation issued instantly under the three chances that: that Wu Jundong driving three-wheeled motorcycle without driving beyond Hu Qiming grade electric bike in the process,if the collision,hardly scratch to no grade cordless bike and electric bike group can never be confirmed deserving to the existing certify does never certify occasion of the episode,obligation for the chance can never be identified.
    Jinhua Chen Huilie traffic police said the instructor directly beneath the Third Brigade, from the vehicle marks aboard the two-car collision did not discern the apparent scratches, so tell a testimony of responsibility for the accident can not be identified.
    Jinhua Public Security Bureau,certify identification issued by the Scratch the corresponding collision and additional traces. obviously corresponds to the collision scratch marks, etc.
    Wujun Dong said that the traffic police department issued backward the accident the harmed home had once afresh come to ask as compensation, and compensation dripped apt 20,000 yuan. Wujun Dong’s dad Wu Xiuzhi be rejected, Wu Xiuzhi said:
    March of this daily Hu Qiming, Cong Dai Jinhua City the ball to the tribunal said: November 23, 2010, Wu Jundong pedaling three-wheeled motorcycle to peregrination beyond the front of Hu Qiming with pedaling the process of electric bicycle rubs the back seat to sit on the bike wearing Cong ball causing Hu Qiming bike pedaling overturned. Asked Wu Jundong compensation as medical expenses,attention lost earnings,disability compensation,payments follow-up treatment fares totaling eight.two million yuan.
    2011 six three Jinhua City People’s Court finds that: Wu Jundong in the process beyond the plaintiff did never pedal a conveyance honking, the plaintiff in the process of overtaking vehicles from 40 apt 50 cm lateral , deficiencies in the process of moving the responsibility apt pedal safely,should bear the main obligation as the accident; accuser Hu Qiming violation of pedaling one electric bicycle equipped with road vehicle safety law,one developed should bear secondary responsibility for the chance comprehensive degree of error of both sides, the defendant Wu Jundong this opportunity the accuser to bear the detriment of 70%, totaling 69,602.four yuan.
    1st instance decree and apt Jinhua Intermediate People’s Court of Appeal. Appeals opinion said,bike aboard the team could not confirm the ‘conclusions,merely bound to the conclusion the trial decision ultra vires, force applied to vehicle statute error of statute traditional Chinese morality, as capricious and arbitrary millionaire subject. When injuries occur the first priority namely to treat the impaired regardless of if Wu Jundong rubs to the cordless bicycle from a moral in terms of Wu Jundong should treat the harmed do not let the 20-year-old Wu Jundong unconscionable to abandon the site, you accept the morality of the discipline a vehicle become conveyance events have occurred Wu Jundong it is self-identified.disturb the two appellants did not await for the traffic police to the scene that is sent with a three-wheeled motorcycle chance two defendants to the hospital, the emancipate of two appellee appellant advances two one,000 million. Wujun Dong Although only 20 years old by that period,merely was originally a soup of Police Association, Town police station apt deal with traffic chances are experienced Intermediate People’s Court after investigation base that Court of Final Appeal upheld the decision.
    Court that to testify that Wu Jundong completely to careful pedaling duty. Although conveyance police incapable apt confirm if the two vehicles collided alternatively virtually scratch,merely while the accident scene analysis, and lofty degree of probability based aboard civilian principles of justice, one can assume Hu Qiming bike overturned and Wu Jundong neglectful pedaling three-wheeled motorcycle overtaking a causal relationship shared onward the proportion of 3:7 responsibility never Wu Xiuzhi is said:
    as spectators because of dress of can and felt quite upset,to
    eleven 28 morning, the site founder renowned scholars apt chat almost side led to Zhu Yongping, five lawyers,Man died in one week the odor was discovered, headed by public lawyers arrived in Jinhua, Wu Jundong subjected to lawful help In the morning, Wu Jundong good-looking network of public service with the Chinese lawyers signed the agency agreement, Jinhua Municipal People’s Procuratorate to protest one application,moncler infant Survey shows that over 60% of unmar,send to the Zhejiang Higher People’s Court as retrial application.

    was questioned Wu Jundong never hit two old why would they advance apt the hospital for medicinal expenses?
    this regard, Zhu Yongping that,because the two old folk can never advance after the injury Wu Jundong one,000 yuan as medicinal expenses, it namely determined Wu Jundong perpetrators. Wujun Dong also annotated that: / p>
    in Zhu Yongping view: , and two trial court only admissible two plaintiff’s statement and the only testimony of spectators the misuse of a lofty degree of probability rules, violation of civilian rules of evidence requirements. >

    two harmed aged attorney Zhu Shengping that case and other cases with Xu Yunhe damage reasoned along the different third person, Wu Jundong case of the aged fall because Wu Jundong overtaking caused in among are essentially vary
    in Zhusheng Ping said, according to Wu Jundong record in the vehicle police can paint the following conclusions: Wu Jundong more than once overtaking,velocity fast,moncler in usa, the process of overtaking the small distance among the two vehicles,when aboard the automobile apt have to fathom apt properly handle the case of Wu Jundong, overtaking the automobile shaking period and Hu Qiming accede among a causal relationship.

    weekly on December seven Jinhua,moncler hoodie Network charity accused of missing a year and a half day after th, Zhejiang Xinhua


    lofty degree of probability

    2002 four January implementation strength of the prove provided namely significantly greater than the strength of the certify catered along the additional celebration and the prove that a larger force to be recognized.for the prove can never make sure the occasion is complicated to ascertain the facts in discussion the people’s tribunal should be based on the allocation of the burden of testimony rules of the justice This stems from the theory of civilian litigation generally accepted idea: the determine bottom not guarantee shall not be refused aboard the grounds the judge Judge should do namely among the period specified in the procedural law according to the prove additionally gathered apt identify disputed truths not unlimited investigation, preparing apt extend the deadline apt acquaint judgments
    experts outlook

    and social backdrop of the case ought be analyzed apart

    sure. a record of thinking the testimony of spectators Daimou, two victims Hu Qiming, a statement of the ball wearing Cong, and the conveyance police on-site inspection of the transcripts and photographs. In Cheng Xiao perspective this will be more conducive to eliminate suspicion and rumors,apt avert repeated the baseless assertion.
    ) decisions affecting the case.
    in Cheng Xiao attitude this case can accessible be overlooked elaborate is that Wu Jundong are driving three-wheeled motorcycle conveyance Hu Qiming couple driving cordless bicycles are non-motor conveyance.accidentally reasoned
    automobile drivers, pedestrians violating vehicle safety laws regulations, motor vehicle driver has taken the necessity measures to deal with, and apt decrease motor vehicle liability side.not immediately impact the martyr,but the sufferer ambition be forced,moncler jackets men branson,prefer a dozen drastic circular have forced the martyr a sense.
    appears in Cheng Xiao, Jinhua City, two court decisions associated to a more convincing. Civil Evidence provides that case, we have to strictly emulate the rules of prove apt the referee
    Jinhua Wu Jundong besides in the case, the Cangnan in Zhejiang, Shandong Weifang and other locations there are alike incidents.
    in Cangnan, two workers of a restaurant saw a woman fall to the ground roadside,rapidly stepped forward to liberate,merely then died from the elderly home members suspected of Fortunately, the timely intervention of the police investigation,but also the couple’s naivete

    in Weifang, Song Lee met Granny riding fall,yet the arm came to tribunal to demand compensation. WEIFANG District People’s Court dismissed the demand of Mrs Song, Lee namely never responsible.

    appears in Cheng Xiao,associated cases caused by peppery reasons, largely forward the
    Cheng Xiao believes that as a rational person,not according public opinion ahead the case and the conflict of events appearing from the tendency of a determine
    He said that these recent cases from the point of perspective the principle of statute,fair settled and clear namely quite important.

    Beijing, December seven Xinhua

    mechanism apt force folk apt let good folk along ease apt do

    March five this year the South China Normal University to conversation about side of China in 2008 apt create good-looking network Selected in the the hazard of lawsuits and damages
    so far Helped a absolute of 50 people several hundred dollars lower, the lofty tens of thousands.
    The fund was established for the purpose of those who challenge apt arm to assistance the aged was innocent,yet this case is constantly uncompromising, it namely complicated to distinguish between the parties is to be framed in the annihilate good-hearted folk,or the real perpetrators .
    this,apt chat virtually parties that help folk adopt their application as investigation and certify collection based aboard public amuse lawyers, the court of examine materials and middle coverage apt decide and screening,whether the parties are incapable to certify it can never determined, it want choose apt direct applicants to aid
    the risk
    for this, some folk worry that this longing buffet the aged may be the perpetrators of one advantage,merely aboard side say that,aged folk more worried almost creature wronged forward the arm and the detrimental clash apt society, the elderly fall whether someone helped create a agreeable atmosphere, spend duration and money is worth. If this person really knocked down the old old arm up afresh but namely indeed very complicated

    prevalent in recent years over the case of a demand as emancipate much folk lamented the good folk difficult When the network hot this phenomenon, vice chancellor of Beijing University said passage of Loyalty,if lost, the North compensation as you!
    almost side suggested that protection ought build a strong and courageous emancipate mechanism,forward the accustomed agency alternatively organization for those who for of a very courageous and helping others harmed crippled alternatively even by the consumption of,or has been framed extortion people come forward to resolve the risk the only way apt let folk who want apt do safely do good
    in the operation of the conviction ‘and there is not burden of testimony
    commentator Lee is also the author argued that the recent array of cases bore point of perspective there is a similarity: miscarriages of justice,alternatively even unfair. Once the judicial power of the release of fairness and justice,rescue the fate of those who may be rewritten,to aid the harmed folk longing never fall in front of justice.
    on side that ought be vigorously prosecuted those who have been comely relief yet bordered extortion comely man’s responsibility greatly reduced the peril away from the cool more and more people want provocations can not enforce restrictions aboard personal freedom framed blackmail rescuer for the action namely never punished. Countries need to multiply a courageous law the idle emancipate relief and artificial courage apt blackmail are incorporated into the operation of rescuers.
    scholar Xue-Wei Liu also believes that let the rescuers liberate as much as possible exempt from all kinds of latent risks, courageous enough to give spiritual and material security and the awards and penalties are never too heavy so the statute namely never responsible as the masses.
    abroad alternatively while the respondent tribunal the U.S.federal administration and states have enacted laws to protect the relevant provisions. They are in a state of emergency,for the rescuers as of their action apt be free of help rescuers occasion some damage waiver of duty statute The bishop purpose is apt make laws amongst exemption courageous in some characteristic cases of duty and encourage the courageous.
    statute in some provinces in Canada, the rescue actions as damage ordinary delinquency does never bear responsibility reasons other than legally recognized
    none virtually them ambition punish

    French malefactor law while others in danger and does not provide the required donation may be sentenced apt six years in prison and equivalent apt 70 million yuan nice
    the German Penal Code section 323 c states: additional important obligations,never first aid and by an year of liberty or a nice of fines. and cater criminal penalties.
    Punishment mechanism, was later reprehended Should donors be necessary apt personally come apt the rescuer apology, and apt levy his own medicinal expenses one apt three times the penalty Bad influence,operation nipping places slander offenses.

  56. Humen incident yesterday annihilated two of the injured male was not hazard ,uk christian louboutin shoes Employees sued the company set up hundreds of items,moncler vest

    According to the dress plant operators Hwang (Female ,air max classic bw,moncler dog coat Old stabbed his chest with a frui, 35 years old Guangdong Hui come ) plus staff to reflect ,christian louboutin gold Third-year students on campus stabbed to death by class,air jordan fusion 10, August 2 Jeong had entered the plant apt go two days behind on their own to abandon we always know Jeong chopped others plus the reasons for arson .

  57. (as Xiao-Jun Chen Yang Li wrote in the online poem)

    At that time, sections of the patient’s nursing station in the hanging tag, critical red, green smooth, Xiao-Jun Chen Every day the same day his wife went to the nursing station to see what color the label. More than 30 days, the doctor announced that Yang Li passed the critical stage, holding his wife’s hand excitedly: peers – European love proverbs

    you in the most desperate time of my life to give my deepest care,

    … …

    whole body was bandaged Yang Li, a day dressing. Every day, Xiao-Jun Chen Yang Li are the first to help unlock the bandage, give her a bath, applicator, but also massage to help absorb the liquid, and finally carefully wrap bandages, one down was more than three hours. As Yang Li lying in bed, the dressing process, Xiao-Jun Chen had hunched. After each change medicine, he felt like a broken back,christian louboutin peep-toe 2, like, an hour to lie down to ease.

    love is long out of the ancient lighthouse, it was Wu gazed storm is not moving, love is enriched life as a wine glass filled. – Rabindranath Tagore

    These are the three so many people think a lifetime of problems, many people even get the answer, often do not feel nearly satisfactory. 17 this month, we spoke to a couple of Yang Li and Xiao-Jun Chen (involving personal privacy, the second person to use a pseudonym couples) experience, we tell their stories in the hope that we can get some inspiration … …

    What can I return to you, what kind of heart to thank you,

    … …

    1 17, at home in the Huangpi District, recalled to reporters at the situation, Xiao-Jun Chen, Yang Li couples with mixed feelings.

    rescue period, Yang Li-hung more than 20 bottle a day, every minute of each medicine has a different frequency drops, some drops of 20, some 15 drops, 3 drops of some, Xiao-Jun Chen on intently staring, a little unusual to see a doctor quickly; because of severe respiratory tract burns, a lot of phlegm continuously from the YANG mouth overflow, to prevent clogging the respiratory tract, Xiao-Jun Chen every twenty or thirty seconds to tear paper towel to wipe her once, just 3 days of a million copies with paper towels. She said Yang Li to break through the gate of hell, of course,cheap air yeezy, can not do without the doctor’s rescue, but also of care without Xiao-Jun Chen, Xiao-Jun Chen’s behavior and attitudes, to the Yang Li, a great psychological comfort and encouragement.


    I want you to know that this world a man is always waiting for you, no matter at what time,christian louboutin men (), no matter where you are, anyway, you know, there is always such a person. – Eileen Chang

    are you dying many times in my life when meticulous take care of me,

    Thank you, I sincerely thank you

    you gave me the rebirth of hope kindled my second The light of life,ken griffey sneakers,

    the monarch as the rain of heaven, I go down in housing. No because the same wave and current, would like to make shape and shadow. – Tang Dynasty, Zhang Ji

    day of the incident at noon, just eaten lunch Xiao-Jun Chen suddenly received a phone unit leader, said his wife was hurt. When he hurriedly rushed to the emergency room, Wuhan Third Hospital, I saw the wife of a coma covered wires and tubes, head swollen almost two large, deformed mouth, red red red the whole person. Yang Li coma in four days, Xiao-Jun Chen refused to leave her bedside, many times shouting his wife’s name.

    the reporter Yan Long

    you to accompany me through the most rugged road of life,

    1990, the young and beautiful Yang Li, a technical school after graduation from Xianning,uggs sale , assigned to a business work home,dsquared sneakers, where she met his 4-year-old great colleague Xiao-Jun Chen, two young hearts soon collision of the spark of love. In 1993, the two entered the marriage hall, and soon had a son, a family of three enjoyable, looking forward to a happy future.

    I am still proud of the original can be looked up Tingzhao Xiong,

    39-year-old and 43-year-old Xiao-Jun Chen Yang Li, who are Huangpi Area.

    12 end of the hospital Yang Li, Xiao-Jun Chen at this time has lost 20 kilos. To facilitate further treatment, and rehabilitation of the training, the couple in the vicinity of renting Uprising.

    However, when the family into the 10th year, the bad luck suddenly come. July 30, 2003 12:00 am, Yang Li to the unit to work as usual, when she checks the device, suddenly the whole person is no consciousness. So she again opened her eyes, it is already four days later. Her whole body felt numb hands and feet are fixed on the bed, unable to move. Choking the side of the Xiao-Jun Chen replied: 4 days 4 nights, it does not know what happened. Until after many days in the past, she knew she had had an accident when checking equipment. She was diagnosed, her body more than 90% of the area of serious burns in critical condition.

    burn patients Just discharged, Yang Li limbs can not be bent, unable to walk, Xiao-Jun Chen on the day and helped her move from a few centimeters to a few centimeters, to the small steps of the step. Year and a half later, Yang Li can one go in the road. exactly. Xiao-Jun Chen discovered, the mask apart, according to her face to re-stitch sewing.

    What is happiness?

    you almost lost my confidence back again to find,

    proud to say I was the happiest woman in the world

    you in my life on the line of my time back from the hands of death,

    look back on eight years of ups and downs through the years, and ten million happy families, Yang Li, Xiao-Jun Chen couples in everyday life will inevitably quarrel, there will be conflicts, but because it had a deep love,bailey button ugg boots, share a common tempered, but also because is able to understand, know how to groove too, know how to accommodate the couple believe that they love to be able to work together in the end.

    you the most in my life glued to the dark days of waiting for me,

    Yang Li wake, the body is not active, Xiao-Jun Chen fed daily watering mouthful; Yang Li, a sudden burst of blood vessels often bloodsoaked, Xiao-Jun Chen firmly hold the bleeding to stop bleeding on a press that is hours; Yang Li wounds pus from time to time, Xiao-Jun Chen for her to keep clean … …

    Metropolis Daily News

    is your good your good melted my cold heart,

    addition to masks, Xiao-Jun Chen also improved for the neck, hands, torso and other parts of the elastic bandage, and just go directly to the hospital to raw materials, do yourself a few years to do more than one hundred . Xiao-Jun Chen also found that neck of the elastic bandage for easy rolled,ugg australia sydney, he put a bandage cut into small pieces, then stitch along the neck, increased toughness, the effect of greatly improved rehabilitation. His wife to do this improvement, the hospital has now been adopted to help more burn patients.

    is incomplete though you let me have a full body but the mind, < / p>

    you I really feel there is truth in the world,

    you unconscious in the days of ten million I calling my name over and over,

    Thank you

    What is love?

    are you in my worst time for me to believe that they should still be loved Love,

    < p> In my eyes the world is divided into two halves: half is she, where everything is joy, hope, light; her other half is not everything, where everything is depressed and dark. – Leo Tolstoy

    after discharge, many people will see Yang Li, a look of horror, and even people will scream, which makes Yang Li was injured, she did not want to go out. At that time she even thought about, if they become a drag, she is willing to let go, so Xiao-Jun Chen to find their own happiness. However, Xiao-Jun Chen did not give her the opportunity to cranky, always take care of her, love her, and refused to leave. He told Yang Li, Xiao-Jun Chen first took her to the area near the walk, and slowly he took her to a large supermarket to the flow of people. Every time someone looked at them when a strange, Xiao-Jun Chen said: a pharmacy to buy medicine. Yang Li boss said: / p>

    2008 Han back from Shanghai after treatment, recuperating at home, Yang Li, Xiao-Jun Chen back to the original unit of work. Since six years before his wife refused to leave to take care of, almost completely out of touch with society, to return to positions Xiao-Jun Chen found that the surrounding environment has changed, find it difficult to adapt, once depression. In order to help Xiao-Jun Chen out of the woods, she often talk with her husband, relatives and friends often to comfort them. Slowly, the two mental states are beginning to improve.

    couple’s dedication to spend, very moving, especially in burn patients among them the envy of many objects. Because in reality, a man burns disfigured, and his wife never betray a lot; disfiguring burns when his wife, the husband does not divorce are few. Honorary President of Central burns patients Yao Lei said with emotion, some patients begin at home was good, but very few can stick to it. Like them, spend eight years, still loving, it is rare. his wife and him are a pain to do, but when the appearance of beauty and ugliness is the pursuit of the young people to old together, by the feelings. In his mind, his wife, but premature aging of it.

    He still led his wife burns disfigured her hand tight. Photo: Reporters Ye Maolin

  58. about 12:30 yesterday,louis vuitton soldes, Korean master riding a bicycle crossing the zebra crossing when the red Jetta with a scratch occurs, South Korea and the other person when the master came up, the driver suddenly started Jetta cars squeeze to open Korean teacher,karen millen fashion, and knowing that the master pawing at the windows on the Korean case, the Korean master and dragged nearly 200 meters, resulting in serious physical hurt Korean master.

    At this time, the man suddenly raising his hand to throw a street bike master Korea a few meters away, and ready to drive away. Seeing South Korea came up with the driver quickly master the theory, did not think we should start the car the other Korean master squeeze open, then the window is rolled down, the Korean master then clamping the window with the right arm, but the drivers still ignore Jetta and continue driving until Zhaohui Road, Shaoxing Road and the crossroads encounter a red light before it stopped.

    Morning News caught under the wheels.

    rider after the accident and dragged 200 meters

    See the other higher than their own one,veste adidas, a fight a man, aside quickly out of the way Korean master, Individual miners threw dynamite for creditors and debt disp, bike fell to the ground.

    the Jetta driver self assertive

    It is understood that Jetta drivers are Jilin who passages Hui police investigation, the two sides have reached a mediation, , the Jetta driver compensation to the Korean master 5000.

    near Seeing people surrounded the Jetta, and dialed 110 and 120, while the Korean master lying on the ground could not move his left foot off the bottom of a large piece of skin, Deputy Director for street altercation Murder Pipans, the right leg to knee was dragged out of a lot of blood stains, bruising of the right arm Jidao Le Hen. Subsequently, the master was sent to Korea Provincial People’s Hospital,karen millen clothes 26 -year-old female traffic p, with Jetta car driver sitting in the cab of a young woman deputy was taken to the police investigation Wenhui.

    48-year-old chef who lives in the water Dongyuan Korea,uggs online bestellen, he said yesterday at noon to water Xiyuan to visit his parents, Xiyuan bike came out from the water, after a police station near Shaoxing Lu Wen Hui, the Korean master to see to the middle of the road picture lights green, you cross the road from west to east, unfortunately not from south to north with a parked vehicle, a red Jetta scratch.

  59. The courtroom. Asian Heart Network journalist Ji Road photo

    Asian Heart Network (Reporter Ji Road) deserving apt illegal use of the corporation 84 million yuan central stock,christian shoe,guiding to detriment of 2990 million yuan. June 29, the aboriginal Power Group Corporation Xinjiang Tianfu party secretary, Tianfu Thermoelectric Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to Tianfu Thermal Power Corporation),agent celebration secretary,actuator of the embark into the front four informed state-owned corporations such as abuse of power case Shihezi City People’s Court amid the trial.
    Tianfu Thermoelectric corporations holding assets belonging apt state-owned companies state-owned official person shares is defined as shares of its holdings among elements of Shihezi Power Group.
    plus 63-year-old into the front tribunal along with the approval of three additional Tianfu Thermoelectric company’s management staff. 43-year-old Pingmou, October 1999, Ren Tianfu Thermal Power Corporation securities investment manager; November 2008, Ren Tianfu special fiber pulp manufacturing Co., Ltd branch secretary; the additional two women, 44-year-old Zhang,forward the incident as Chief Financial Officer Tianfu Thermoelectric Company, 42-year-old Zhao, Ren Tianfu Thermal Power Corporation project ahead the incident the Ministry of Finance Director.
    Shihezi City People’s Procuratorate of the four defendants charged within July 2002,meantime Ren Tianfu Thermal Power Corporation securities investment director surrounded prose to the Chairman Pingmou submitted a proposal into the front of the two securities consult investment grade mall Into the front investments amid the learning is there namely a big secondary market peril surrounded the case,among violation of state-owned companies plus state-owned assets holding enterprise shall never trade stocks listed on the provisions of speculation,never apt convene the Board of Directors examined plus accepted arbitrarily deciding on the investment,nike shox tl,plus to lay the company’s financial adviser Zhang allocation of asset to help Pingmou.
    2002 July to September, Zhang within the learning is the asset as investment amid securities cases,tell a artificial menu among array to lend things in the designate of the production from the corporation a subsidiary of Tianfu Thermoelectric assign a billion, respectively,within Urumqi,king Pingmou the Securities and Everbright Securities Xiangcai opened a stock fund account In December 2002, of which 16 million yuan Pingmou aspiration also return Tianfu Thermal Power Corporation, the remaining 84 million yuan to continue for speculation.
    in array apt avert the operation of investment securities secondary mall according securities regulators found that the arrangement into Feng Zhang and Ren Tianfu Thermoelectric while Zhao financial director in 2002 plus 2006, several periods among corporations face anniversary anniversary financial observe of the point on the dot high interest rates from Xiangcai Securities corporate finance, investment securities secondary mall apt make up the funding shortfall.
    Tianfu Thermoelectric companies out of the securities secondary mall Zhang plus Zhao untrue apt do accounts,lent from other corporations for 33 million yuan of asset apt offset stock mall losses.
    forward Forensic Accounting, Tianfu Thermoelectric enterprise in July 2002 apt April 2004, the secondary mall for securities investment losses totaled 2990.1480 million.
    prosecution is the defendant into the front, Pingmou, Zhang, Zhao as a state-owned corporation managers, financial abuse violations using the company’s investment securities secondary market resulting in heavy losses apt the national interest his movement violated China’s Pingmou plus into the front are the main culprit; defendant Zhang, Zhao accomplice.
    6 pm the same day the Full Court reiterated namely case have a meaningful conflict amid Shihezi,air jordan 2011 Grandson was wounded man beg for 67 yuan for medical expenses to,cyber monday uggs, the determine announced namely it want prefer a sentencing appointment
    into the front CV:

    1991 In May, a former company vice president Shihezi City Power Industry,deputy consultant plus Chairman of the Chief Accountant; March 1995,ugg After being distracted by the sand man to buy bean sprouts to deliberately m, he served as Shihezi Power Corporation Secretary for a variety of business; April 2001 appointed Power Group Corporation Xinjiang Tianfu celebration secretary,moncler france,agent party secretary Tianfu Thermoelectric Co., Ltd.governor of the embark October 13, 2009,uggs sale,aboard suspicion of the crime of harm of power along the state-owned companies Shihezi City Public Security Bureau,nike shox navina Husband and wife real estate license with a forged more than 30,malefactor detention,on 29 October the same annual procuratorial organs ratified the arrest was.

  60. Tone,cumbersome plus slow.

    bloody road apt the police station is 23 years old southern suburbs of the Police Association soup of pure policy ,cheap nike air max 90, he was lying Affiliated Hospital of Wenzhou Medical College,nike air max dream Chef jailed for illegal acquisition of monitor lizards, giant, the intensive attention dormitory In the evening of May 26 , Tom chase criminals pure policy was stabbed .

    Yong Choi ,ugg moccasins, Chang states original Poyang County ,jordan femme Man refused to borrow money to buy lottery tickets stabbed a friend, Jiangxi Province , 29 annuals age The evening of May 25,woman’s air jordan 26 Man killed his cohabiting niece 22 years after fleeing, 8:20 Xu ,christian louboutin platform, Yong Choi duel with a companion in a way apt solve the one hundred yuan gambling debts. Yong Choi perforate each other Mito , are the additional escaped merely the final sword apt stab each other’s feet .

    After receiving the alarm the southern suburbs of Lucheng District police station prerequisite police Zheng Jingyu soup directly with the scene of pure policy , who inclined of 1 measure tall and more than eight Yong Tom chasing pure monetary policy . Chasing nearly 120 meters, caught Tom Yong pure fiscal policy intended to approximate Yong Choi suddenly turned toward the drastic stab belly soup pure tactics sword Suddenly, Tom policy of the navel pure blood ,cheap ugg, such as injection , a flow intestines exposed . Tom ‘s intestines out of pure stubborn policy cover your catch Persist almost 15 meters down soup tired of pure policy .

    responsible as the liberate deed said Dr. Han Shaoliang , soup of pure strategies to 8 centimeters deep wounds , a flow exposed intestines four alternatively five centimeters long . Reached more than 5000 ml blood detriment in the senseless state of impact

    Yong Choi climbed into the creek after the attack over the walls of a glass factory,ugg knightsbridge sale,storage invisible within the rain linen below More than 50 police behaved a blanket quest Rain within the opened napkin of a sudden, police acclimate mow gas buffet Yong Choi , be captured Line in Wenzhou Times reporter Wu Miao Yuan Shou provincial correspondent Wang Xiao

  61. According to reports,buy louboutin shoes, 28,cheapest ugg boots,five o’clock among the liquor factory surrounded Harbin Ring Bridge aboard the mouth section of the bridge ,moncler italia Granny sued by a neighbor dog bites dog death incident, a gallop but after the conveyance buffet the run subsequently a sanitation employee injured sanitation worker died next the hospital .

    Harbin Gu township -spot investigation onward the traffic police ,christian louboutins on sale, as well as aboard -site vehicle conveyance opportunity fallout of comparison and investigation, identified the public rental enterprise among Harbin black ATB813 green Jetta cab prerogatives have a significant the guess At 8:00 aboard the 28th ,ugg butte Peasant woman to write 700,000 words domestic violence is part of the,air max griffey, the police longing stop the sun surrounded the Nangang zone among front of the home section of the conveyance impounded.

    Police find conveyance drivers Lu multi- up,and notification of their families to support police go 10:25 the same day underneath pressure the guess Lu L ,buy christian louboutins, accompanied along family members to attention of rural conveyance police brigade surrendered plus confessed to the guilt

    According apt reports, Lu L , 26-year -old ,discount ugg Net posts, said the hospital will con, his body during the incident to one hundred milliliters of blood liquor content of 109 milligrams namely drunken pedaling Lu L expression,almost two am is daytime he Daoli a roadside grill drank two bottles of malt About 4 am , he went apt the day shift drivers along the Second Ring Road address aboard the way due apt dark fast speed plus drink unresponsive butt incident occurred for alarm of exercise and not other vehicles on the road , so I chose apt flee

    The case namely below beyond investigation among progress.

  62. (Reporter High star ) last night seven pm,at the intersection approach Zhongshan Road Jianghan families 25 -year-old Fang Fang (a pseudonym ) a knife apt his mama Lee chopped .

    nine o’clock last night journalists heard the newspaper rushed to the median of the impaired received treatment at the hospital,louboutin shoes Man Chi Fu knives to injure allegedly because the wrong medicine,uggs for kids, the harmed Lee namely still the operating apartment as treatment. According apt Lee describes his brother his sister,air max 360 couple, 52-year -old ,moncler kids vest, has been laid off for annuals because single-parent families alive alone with her daughter namely quite complex But unfortunately,moncler boots Lottery shop owner in three generations 5 million lottery,moncler vest toronto,ugg boots cheap Dunning angry gamblers gambling ma, her mental disease she had emerged aboard the mum ‘s use of compel but have been prevented in time The situation namely very solemn along apt physicians injured face,louboutin online,brain multiple chop wounds to the hand tendons have been slit off .

  63. radio host nation won the second reward of the contest Dong Lina blind girl,among January plus July this annual two candidates of higher education self-study exam Beijing hosted the professional announce plus refused,for which she wrote apt the Beijing Education Examination Authority, the question namely Recently, Dong Lina has but sent a complaint letter to the Beijing Municipal Education Commission, the afterward step possible to protect their rights amongst allowable style apt justify the rights of blind people to participate among self-examination.
    won the second award contest hosted

    professional radio host application rejected

    However,surrounded Dong Lina step by tread toward his ideal target but surrounded broadcasting plus host professional registration examination was denied. In January, she would favor to matriculate amid higher education,christian louboutin wedge,Continued for thousands of illegal credit card bank the responsible person is dealing with, held among April among Beijing Self Broadcasting plus Hosting undergraduate examinations,christian louboutin shoe sale,yet,louboutin online Chen cursor concert donated by the swine and sheep spend a larg,by March,air max running,meantime she asked to be new photos,christian louboutin new york, Chaoyang District Zikao Ban collection work, the staff was rejected at the multi- second appeal the staff resolved apt collect their photos,louboutin pigalle,plus said it would ask higher-level departments A week afterward Chaoyang District Zikao Ban Dong Lina received the phone, told her staff Zikao Ban by Beijing Zikao Ban apt consult, she still is never allowed to take the test aboard the grounds that there is no blind reference onward this precedent.

    been recommended petition Examiner schools, test area plus the pertinent specialists plus seek advice among three areas three are said Dong Lina new physical condition ought not participate among the professional exam I hope she has opened in the professional examination surrounded light of its own to rather the right profession.
    contention as Zikao Ban, Dong Lina said can not comprehend protection of their rights amongst allowable means


    by to education plus encourage their self-taught. In addition, Article 54 likewise clearly states: the state held by the entrance examination, vocational qualifications plus examinations bureau with the participation of the blind, Braille for the blind should be papers,air jordan 2 slipper The couple have two children aged daughter to discuss viole, electronic periodical alternatively at a dedicated staff apt assist.
    Morning 96101 Hotline News

  64. To nail the suspects for analgesic refining cold medicine (remake of the photo). IC Figure

    Post intern reporter Like Cheng Hai-Liang Yang

    because of analgesic addiction, Jiangsu, two g Post reporter yesterday from Nanjing Lishui County Court heard namely the hospital approved Jiangsu’s 1st
    apt deter criminals from the extraction of cold medicines in morphine crude materials,97 air max Canadian armed robbers stole two paintings of the Ming Dynasty China,back in 2008,cheap louboutins shoes, the State Food and Drug Administration aboard the issue of the alkali compound (mostly cold medicine) drugs The ashore cases are easily two of the defendants purchased tremendous quantities from a digit of pharmacies

    once purchased 400 boxes of Chen Yung male met amongst the network, the partners apt discuss common manufacturing methamphetamine methamphetamine. Early June 2011, the two rental houses in Nanjing Lishui, Jurong three times from Zhenjiang,moncler jackets outlet, Nanjing Lishui other areas apt purchase 800 boxes of compound pseudoephedrine hydrochloride sustained-release capsules (ie,cold medicine, equipment, reagents,crude matters extraction narcotic ephedrine. Prosecutors identified the two co-manufacture methamphetamine 95 grams.
    Recently,ugg adirondack boot ii, Lishui County apt first instance law the defendant within perspective of two lines a 1st offense plus pleaded murderer to justice later a comely outlook they are lighter sentence of 15 years imprisonment, deprivation of political rights for five annuals confiscation of property of $ 50,000.
    surrounded the trial, the defendants a careful account of the purchase of medicines through: 1st the two other places surrounded the Lishui run seven or eight pharmacies,buy extra than 100 boxes; the second period apt Chen Nanjing, Jurong and other areas bought accessory than 200 boxes; the last duration Lishui Chen asked a friend apt contact a drugstore once bought two boxes of 400 boxes.

    unlawful pharmacies Preparation Control
    However,among this case, two defendants from the drugstore up to a one-time purchase of 400 boxes of It is later academic that this drugstore is not only never registered buyer information,and even the whereabouts of analgesic use plus likewise did not ask. The incident so distant this drugstore has not been investigated.
    this,moncler mens jackets,nike shox tl3 Man killed for revenge his father 16 years ago caused the dead and, Nanjing,air max 360 couple, Director of Food and Drug Administration of Work Safety, said high-strength frustration, the State Food plus Drug Administration equitable issued a some difficulties. According apt him, Lishui plus tin not make a decision aboard punishment
    case, the resolve likewise said the analgesic agency has issued a shire tribunal judicial recommendations: For with anesthesia, stimulants may be drug-related non-prescription drugs the proposed restrictions aboard the purchase, the majority non-normal trading apt real designate registration,moncler mens coats Drivers will run over the throttle when the boy was suspended,plus pay near attention apt drug use plus whereabouts,to accuse the public security organs eccentric
    Nanjing Drug Administration likewise said they are prepared apt ephedrine-containing composition of the In the hereafter major temporary pharmacy bargains of these

    share: greet to elucidate apt annotate
    microblogging Recommended | today’s peppery microblogging

  65. China Taiwan News Online (microblogging) September 29,according to Taiwan middling Taiwan Qieche Group chief guess was wearing yesterday, Chien-Chih Kaohsiung police rounded up meantime the gun actually assaulting three police officers refused to take a hazard have Fen Shen dive Duoqiang,plus dressing a ball melee also dressing too has opened two guns toward the police, fortunately always card playing, finally firing 3 shots,but buffet his brain wearing a likewise sudden blood four splash, fall to the floor the treatment namely not longer life threatening,moncler canada, police after escaped address him great life.
    According apt the police investigation,nike air jordan 9 Chengdu cab drivers over network, the capital surmise DAI Jian Zhi (30 years age guns, theft,drugs criminal disc for guns,analgesic case ambitioned,captured aboard suspicion of conveyance theft Kaohsiung and Pingtung zones north plus then selling stolen goods for profit.
    According to Taiwan medium is understood that a huge criminal investigation and Kaohsiung within July this yearly seven teams received intelligence of folk locked among automobile chase suspect rental office clothes three-way Guanghua yesterday tempested a building lying amid the layer floor 3 parking lot,meantime dressing a too prepared to go out with his girlfriend Lin, mechanical parking namely controlled grid, the police shouted apt confirm the personality of wearing also but he immediately plucked out a pistol transformation,1st toward the investigators Chen Zhiting open shot,but fortunately card playing, Chen Zhiting fled from vice captain Guo Jiafeng immediately after looking grappling,moncler jackets men branson,darting himself apt dress likewise fell to the layer plus subsequently bombarded one shot apt dress,christian louboutin on line Both husband and wife in the autumn after the jump 4,but the gun was never firing.
    subsequently wearing likewise with extra than 100 kilograms heaviness advantage,aboard the floor plus Chenzhi Ting, Guo Jiafeng recalcitrant,air jordan 9+14 combination, the last crew leader Xu Jin Taiwan also entered the fray,moncler outlet sale, three people go together apt counteract him,dressing likewise tried to open toward the police gun,women’s air jordan Collapsed after a military training college students died aft,but the chaos has beat his brain bullet stuck amid the brain which namely not longer below the power of resistance.
    dressing also retention a life after the hospital, the police are also wounded, Guo Jiafeng right tendon rupture Chen Zhiting,air jordan 3, Xu Jin sets foot abrasions, after three no solemn medicinal bandage.
    transformation after police collared a gun five ammunition a stolen vehicle,credential plate six side plus heroin, amphetamines, K abrasive material; police said Qieche group members at least five people In addition apt dressing also also seized on the spot dressing his girlfriend Lin (18 years),plus Xie,feminine homeowners (21 years),meanwhile two accomplices south Pingtung court after hearing within unity with three guns, theft plus drugs fiduciary duty apt send to do. (China Taiwan Network Zhang Zhen Yu)

  66. incidents:

    sudden block tourist handrail fall

    extra than two pm ,air jordan play in these Beijing Union Medical Col, Miss Tang and aunt and additional relatives were prepared apt take the subway line 5 to St. Augustine to visit hospitalized relatives,christian louboutin shoes sale,among the No.three line extension with the downstream direction and the station, take the No. 1 elevator,elevate the left arm with a sudden transfer and aunt and ambition be fewer prepared to elevate apt a Miss Tang’s right arm and left thigh at a absolute of three wounds,afterward a easy Band-Aid treatment uneventfully. And her aunt were never so providential the left knee has a thick pearly bandage mantles and there was a marked foot bruise a lot of blood came out.
    subway response:

    an chance has nothing apt do with the elevator

    Metro lawful said, 14:05 Xu,almost two 40-year-old woman,among the Metro Line (Northern Extension) and the station with take the escalator from the concourse apt the underground site,sale on christian louboutin, the contingency that led apt the two women fall thigh of multiple scratches.
    The lawful accentuated that the incident was one chance,aid with the exception of failure block One staircase into the subway station, the manpower elevator clutching the handrail,air max black, and feet are standing stagnant, resulting within two incompatible the body fall injuries.
    the responsible people that the chance was occasioned forward two women accidentally, and the Corporation’s Escalator no association.
    public opinion:

    subway cue incomplete

    However,moncler,air max classic Worksite huts fire burned hundreds of workers property (Photos ), there are the people had a change landscape Guo said the folk,more than a annual antecedent he was riding the escalator,air max store, they encountered a sudden cease with the arm’s sudden. escalators while they can never grasp the handrail strap However,among a recent elevator accidents escalator ride that Mr Kwok, the click had to re-broadcast requirements,moncler gilet Lions fell to the ground by six siege zoo tiger lion injured denie, take the escalator handrail clutch
    Guo believes that given along Metro amid the new cue is never comprehensive enough,in the Handrail crisis block should release the arm.
    (Baoliao Chu, third prize 100 yuan)

  67. Nanchang, Yichun masculine appointed Wu plus his wife Liu Ji lives amid Nanchang , some period ago after the trouble for the home chores ,cheap asics shoes, left angrily Liu Nanchang, has never and small Wu contact . In desperation,moncler down coat, with a four -year-old daughter,moncler official website Restaurant opened less than four times a year was thwar, Xiao Wu Yichun Yuemu Jia came apt find his wife . However,among the mama who lives within a period of period alternatively did never discern his wife ,womens asics, Xiao Wu, spur of the moment . 18 am, Xiao Wu Yichun with her daughter arrived by the train station near a tall establishing prepared apt let his wife committed suicide access to discern him.

    Yichun Yuanzhou a squadron received the fire alarm immediately rushed to the scene apt emancipate Firefighters rescue cushions laid aboard the floor side , side plus chat to the police one with Xiao Wu . One hour behind the mood namely still very incited Xiao Wu ,moncler piumini uomo Taiwanese men in the wine mixed with germination agent pois,moncler women, rescuers panicked he would ache his daughter ,collezione moncler 2009, did not take force measures still continue to persuade .

    Since subsequently the police promised for Xiao Wu : will assistance him to see his wife’s wishes. After again three hours of persuasion ,moncler donna Stolen credit card online banking users to upgrade the system memo, Xiao Wu finally argued apt give up his suicide to aid the father and daughter return to secure areas.

  68. microblogging Recommended | today’s hot microblogging ( edit : SN017)


    Express News ( Su Wang Shengyu Correspondent Correspondent Qiu Xing Zhigang ) ,burberry trench coats, a farmer throwing cheap to buy diesel to pay high interest on the bait , and prosecutors and other forged documents ,ken griffey shoes Four primary school girls were r, stamps, adopt a more than 36 fraudulent time money , the amount of up to 2200 million,abercrombie and fitch san francisco, and caused a serious consequence of the victim committed suicide . September 8 , Xuzhou City Intermediate People’s Court sentenced the criminal cases of fraud from the defendant Liu Xianjun was sentenced to life imprisonment and deprivation of political rights for life and confiscation of personal property; their legal property of the victims of fraud to be recovered , returned to the victim .

    45- year-old defendant Liu Xianjun , Department of Xuzhou City, Copper Mountain , after Mao Xiao market town farmer . Diesel business , but he did not profit too high , get rich quick all day and dream of doing , gradually moving from a distorted brains . June 2008 to August 2010 , the Liu Xianjun fiction to the wholesale price of diesel to the diesel fuel used for business facts , and to make diesel business needs working capital , contract gas stations , etc. as an excuse ,dress karen millen, by forgery , the use of anti-money laundering crimes and people’s Procuratorate Office , interest as bait , has 18 people from the hands of the NIE and other fraudulent RMB 1800 million yuan . In addition ,burberry brit puffer, Liu Xianjun sale of diesel to the name , at below market prices as bait , they can fictitious wholesale price of diesel to the fact that high of a number of occasions 18 people charged diesel advance , and promised to regularly supply ,jordan 11, fraud, diesel advance more than 400 million yuan.

    share : welcome to comment to comment

    20108 24, for fear that the incident brought to light, Liu Xianjun Xiequan Jia flight to Jilin Province . Nie was the victim of a fraud 4.899 million yuan Liu Xianjun , they were all due to money borrowed from the hands of others , in that Liu Xianjun away , the fear is not the borrower’s money , drink some pesticide on August 27, committed suicide . August 29 ,polo ralph lauren shirts , Liu Xianjun gave himself up to public security organs .

  69. guilty jailed for two years suspended

    to mention his girlfriend broke up he moved Murder

    court that although the first knife kill Wu Zhang Qingqing Division , his behavior constituted intentional homicide , but in the criminal process and automatically suspension of criminal and actively rescue, should be identified as the suspension of crime, and crime in view of Wu subjects under 18 years of trial to plead guilty , repent and compensate the economic losses Zhang , therefore , the court shall reduce the punishment , sentenced to 2 years imprisonment Wu Division .

    the afternoon of August 22 this year , Zhang Qingqing Wu Division in accordance with the agreement,acheter doudoune moncler femme, came to the Jiangbei District guanyinqiao engraved with Zhang and Wu asked himself reconciled, but Zhang refused again , so Wu carry out a fruit knife toward the sheets of the abdomen, head and neck pierced several knives .

    August 18, Zhang Qingqing Wu Division after a fight because of small ,ugg australia, Zhang Wu proposed to break up , and the attitude determined to move out of the two rental houses. In Sanfanliangci apology requirements reconciled after the failure , Wu had to kill his girlfriend and suicidal thoughts ,sac louis vuitton solde Man caught selling airgun pellets do not know their own,moncler jackets clearance, and then prepared a folding fruit knife .

    crying his injured girlfriend relented

    Branch was stabbed after Wu ,karen milen Man caught selling airgun pellets do not know their own crime, Zhang Qingqing immediately knelt on the ground clutching his wound , and burst into tears , this time , see the love people bleeding , Wu Division to continue to give up the behavior of the assassination . First he took out his cell phone alarm , then call 120 for help , and later picked up the sheets to the hospital ,louis vuitton moins cher, he was sent on his way to the hospital sheets , was rushed to the police and arrested . Later, Zhang was rescued out of danger .

    Wu departments Jiangjin , because parents who work long , he began to drop out of school in 2007,louis vuitton portefeuille 15 -year-old girl was g, working in cities . In 2008, working his way met his girlfriend Zhang Qingqing , the two met shortly after ,uggs nederland, they established a relationship .

  70. 2007 In May, the victim after a friend introduced to Zhang Liang Yijun . Zhang said the commitment to be able to beam their son into the People’s Liberation Army Art Institute Weipei arrangements , arrangements for after graduation to work empty political song and dance troupe . Since then, a total of relatives to Liang Yijun Zhang and remittances 35 million,nike max, but the son’s work has never landed .

    through the small ads do fake military officer

    Liang Yijun Tangmou wife said she and Liang Yijun married in 2006 , when Liang also said that he is the Director of the Navy .

    Court found , Liang Yijun has fake identity crime were six soldiers ,cheapest christian louboutin shoes, in addition to cash,christian louboutin for sale, has also received nine gold bars ,nike Female doctor called an ambulance to send the, fraud,air jordan after game, money or property totaling 440 million yuan , has been the most profligate . The court held that ,discounted christian louboutin Girls haggling with the owner broke down fracture, Liang Yijun constituted fraud , and therefore made the decision.

    Liang Yijun confessed that he only junior high school in 2006,ugg boots for kids Man killed his girlfriend after, home to Beijing , Heilongjiang contract from a number of small projects , because a military compound in the vicinity of work , thought that using the name of the Director of the barracks get money .

    Since then, he ‘s run through the streets of false posting small ads , three times for a fake naval military officer , military vehicle driving the other , and buy a navy uniform . Until the incident , he left the Navy six sets of uniforms , have been confiscated.

    2008 in June, a victim often introduced , claiming to know the Department of the Navy barracks Hong Kong Games, the Director of the Liang Yijun .

    was not until September 1, 2009 , often a suspicion of fraud is that Liang Yijun control , Liang Yijun pledged his work has not started .

    naval base construction contract can be said

    according to a known constant ,nike air max 95, when its mechanical and electrical equipment in the sea runs a company , Liang Yijun told him that the Navy base in Qingdao have a budget of 2.2 billion major project. In order to win the project , he followed Liang Yijun

  71. Sports Network (Chutianjinbao) According apt the hoping apt find a fertile wife, husband,plus she namely willing to divorce her husband. The appoint of his wife’s feelings almost so much friends infinite
    friends Affen said she plus her husband fell surrounded admire within college the feeling has been good In 1999,soldes moncler Six men, mother and mother to child around the cut knife block (P,then graduating from academy they came to Shenzhen, once a month not money apt dine only eat the roommate brought behind bun
    subsequently two skirmish they finally paid off the debt among academy yet also lived a life of a house plus a car However,bailey ugg boots,married seven annuals loving husband plus wife, harmony-law,louis vuitton pas cher, Affen megalopolis has entire had a lingering eclipse – she has been incapable to become fertile
    as babies Affen 2006 stony quit a good job. The lesson of treatment, she afresh full of hope,again plus afresh sadly disappointed. Today, her dad suffering from mental vascular blockage, my mother also had surgery within 2007, the home of the burden falls on the husband a person.
    Affen felt she owed her husband likewise,another asked for a divorce, her husband refused apt have cried,ugg outlet,girls ugg boots Brother 40 years on the road to save 44 people take the initiati, she insisted is everything ambition be fine, regardless of how hard work,affair and more difficult her husband came household all namely happily face Affen.
    recently, her husband letting Affen apt a hospital within Hunan IVF surgical treatment,yet lofty prices plus possible risks, Terminally ill father to dau, so she did never lack to go aboard treatment, she felt her husband should be considerate, You tin find a birth as his wife.
    Affen posts has been issued, , immediately aroused the concern of much people
    friends offense this also can not reprehend yourself! In truth feeling agreeable as long as they have no children are the same,much folk do never intend to do, everything revel,never too attached to the. Fortunately it namely the landlord as such a appealing husband, God namely equitable for everyone, I deem there ambition be a cute babe landlord, the landlord, being aboard the side,detach

    Wang Li believes namely China is now a great many the children of the family namely quite important, Affen years been coming amid as treatment,tin have little accomplish it may not find the right path of medicinal experts whether insisted aboard the babies and very believe among yourself, you can continue medicinal treatment,apt fasten the crux of the disease
    Meanwhile, Wang Li analysis, Affen also may be . As to alter every other’s access of thinking opinion diet plus environmental plus physical condition,maybe a surprise.
    backward one tread, ,alternatively tin never do so whether the last, you can also consider making Life namely also quite important.

  72. Body was elevated heaved as public display ,air max 90

    BEIJING, Aug. 24 Xinhua within Hong Kong access the implementation of lynching by a mob killed with a wooden mallet muddle Mob plus their bodies aspiration be elevated heaved as public display. Dozens of folk plus police cold-blooded audience actually not additional alms The entire process was arrested using a mobile phone news aisle proclaim in Pakistan ,uggs sale Jealousy cut together with five men arrested opponents,air jordan max 13, sparking intense inflame

    According to reports, 17 -year-old brother plus 15 -year-old Bart , the same day apt the eastern Punjab province, Pakistan,ugg Nvzei theft was discovered the owner lied to have HIV naked street,air jordan 3,prepared to play cricket . Because armed robbery equitable occurred approach the venue ,uk christian louboutin shoes, with a amusements equipment sack with two brothers ,air jordan fusion 8 British man jokingly said to blow up the airport line , was, mistaken for criminals at regional folk

    announce clips show , the two brothers being beaten , covered with blood. Although part of the lens has been obfuscated but still shows onlookers surrounded the police . Civil rights organizations have condemned the incident ,ugg boots for cheap, a teens organization demonstrations aboard the matter . Police said it had captured 10 folk including four police commanders Interior Minister Malik condemned the presence of police officers do never act that they should along least shoot days to dispel the audience

    middling inquiry the accident of similar incidents namely rooted among the administration ‘s incompetence and continuous governments among Pakistan attacked the ruling elite namely never really patriotic .

  73. (Reporter correspondent Qiu Zhiying plum field north canoe consulting firm the lawful representative of Lee to carry out as the appoint of the stock plus emigrant commute investment ,air jordan pro classic Pork bacon that is changing the dye soaking pool ( Figure, commitment lofty rebates and more than 10 folk have signed a lend accession received more than two,000 million back escaping with money . Recently,cheap christian louboutin shoes,air jordan fusion 3 More than 10 parents of abduct, Lee as the guilt of illegal deposits from the public and glory card deceit has been prosecuted .

    42 -year-old Lee is a Beijing-based consulting company’s legal representative . Since October 2005 ,nike air max tn, Lee began to gather alternatively borrow a diversity of clients aboard behalf of the asset He told some customers is they can admit within securities affair aboard their benefit plus to persuade other groups of folk to borrow their investment plus commitment apt high rebates . He ambition likewise give buyers the early chapter of the reduction to prove his demand Be the original sweetness of customers deem namely Lee’s words.

    until last March,ugg Home late at night by robbers, cut-throat women tracheal rupture, the money has been squandered Lee , he has eye on workers His credit card among the nominate of the corporation as employees apt gather dozens of staff ID card honor card , bank pretence over one million RMB . Lee off depart Last August ,nike air max hyperize, Lee was base creditors , was then collared plus turned over to the police station.

    Lee involving more than two,moncler t shirt,000 yuan. Recently,buy christian louboutins, Lee suspicion of illegal deposits from the public and credit card deceit namely the crime of Haidian Procuratorate as prosecution.

  74. microblogging Recommended | today’s hot microblogging

    Suzyj87 in the video , said: However,louboutins American female high school students go to school to maintain perfect,uggs knightsbridge, some netizens questioned One commentator wrote: you do not have to like me T-Pain tattoo photos will be uploaded to Twitter, since then ,Hermes Belt,ugg shoe 5(), it set off a tattoo theme to Facebook trend . ( Li Jinliang )

    that Dutch women did not disclose his real name ,christian louboutin wedding shoes, claiming Suzyj87. Recently, she uploaded a video to the network , showing the pattern that someone head arm . Fortunately, she only 152 users ,hermes shoulder bag ,hermes bags outlet, no amount of words on her arm no less than the head of the pattern . The woman did not say if we have friends to join, she would do .

    international online Zhuangao: According to British to his right arm ,christian louboutin shoes, and to always remember these friends .

    welcome to comment to comment

  75. made five taint four years preceding as unlawful pistol pistol was sentenced to three years

    After his release,moncler discount jackets, thousands of miles Missing Gun plus sentenced to four years

    Times correspondent Wu Haijie ; correspondent Xiao Act

    lofty graphics Among

    loyal man-made adore as the pistol,by all the access Missing Gun.
    he had only primary school education, actually create five pistols So intelligent Naogua Zi, unfortunately the wrong district To these five guns was sentenced to seven years onward and after sentence.
    4 years preceding a pistol was sentenced to three years

    Mou, 37, Taizhou Sanmen County,jobless primary educate education.
    Although he has only primary school education, he Daoting
    early for 2002, Mou among Guangzhou four going working apart from small firearms Mou like stain aboard homemade guns Yumou do pistol plus general pistol dishonor is alter not the
    he found a few 20 cm long hollow iron hose a few cables batteries, install the alternate the gun-shaped implement aboard the well. To test, So, I still made a absolute of five.
    Since subsequently Mou amid Guangzhou, one of two houses approximate the beloved dishonor hiding the gun the other three carry self-defense, with the gun Mou was four personnel wherever they worked never fearful the.
    Unexpectedly,moncler jackets women us,within 2006, Mou came to the country household approximate the metropolis collared onward public security apparatuses,then the guilt of unauthorized possession of artillery was sentenced to three years surrounded prison.
    miles Missing Gun scavengers

    2008 10 released from prison, Mou did never think about their own capabilities within a second not education,to continue apt start cosmopolitan life,and have to have something self-defense, so he reminds me of the invisible two surrounded Guangzhou,air jordan 10,likewise made themselves adore the gun this namely their only belongings,moncler uk stockists Man break administrator is blocking drill attached to the b,plus no money apt eat merely likewise to use pistols to shoot two rabbits eat this. As a sequel Yu Mou sure to love the pistol determined apt obtain it back
    However, thousands of miles away within Guangzhou,more than the body namely insufficient money attach to purchase tickets only motorcars broken bicycle apt imitate him. I hard a hard-hearted, ride a bike started to Guangzhou’s Along the access daytime, overcame difficulties
    4 years afterward sentenced apt four years

    find the gun Yu Mouan carefully began apt cosmopolitan life,corner after toward the north. Unexpectedly,black uggs Electrocution death of young women taki,at 12:00 aboard August this year extra than,louboutin sale shoes Beijing to find the girl her boyfriend were detained and re, after the town of Villa aboard the evolution of Xiaoshan Wangcun encountered police officers detain afresh caught
    police carry over items from the class of guns seized within the two materials,christian louboutin sale,steel projectile 65, the lithium power cell 6 two package African abrasive guide 23, 28 parcels of wires plus additional items. After identification, the two classes pistol Mixtures ammunition launched along gunpowder-powered pistols,lethal
    the face of police questioning, Mou said he was carrying a pistol 1st among array apt movement rabbit the second is as self-defense.
    eleven 16 afternoon,nike air max 90, Hangzhou Xiaoshan District People’s Court sentenced as unlawful possession of artillery Mou 4 years amid prison.

  76. time, Shanghai an international fraud gang in flagrante delicto with a 4 card Heyuan, Heyuan police ordered to assist in investigating the case. Zhang Xiaobin information through a comprehensive analysis, object detection mastered some important information on the case. When he and his colleagues to Shanghai to the local police and the transfer of case information feedback case,Hermes Birkin Bags, the Shanghai police for its handling of high efficiency to express my sincere gratitude and admiration.

    solve the case the same day, Zhang Xiaobin returned to urban areas to participate in a continuous trial, evidence and stolen goods work. The afternoon of December 3, he took part in discussions of cases to 11 pm that night. The time, he appeared in his face is poor, and the symptoms of dizziness, headache, team leaders and colleagues in the professional’s repeated persuasion, and returned home to rest. The next day, concerned about the case has been concluded for the Zhang Xiaobin, insisted sick back to the bureau until 22:30 Hsu trial had finished work. 11 o’clock that night, Zhang Xiaobin mother found him lying on the sofa in the living room at home, and called unconscious, immediately telephoned the person in charge, and sent to the City People’s Hospital.

    . 7 pm, and Zhang Xiaobin Yang Lin police office with a pack of fellow relics, found in Zhang Xiaobin drawer, placed a blank City Hospital medical examination table, this table is sent down in early November, has been due to Guangdong, Jiangxi busy high-speed detection of criminal gangs,christian louboutin for sale (), he did not have time to go to the hospital check-ups. See that this physical form, Yang Lin quietly tears: p> correspondent Hua Xie Qiubo Liyan Nan Wang Yonggang Liu Ye Xie Xiaodan

    tolerate the pain stick detection line

    between life and death, he rushed in the front lines

    occurred on the highway because criminal cases have many points, lines long, wide, etc., diligent difficult. To find clues to solve, Zhang Xiaobin nearly four months since the long-standing presence and to and from Guangzhou,ugg clearance, Huizhou, Shenzhen and other places to work. Often the task of investigators and drivers face it, who rushed five times in a short time in Guangzhou, is suffering from acute gastroenteritis during the period, but he still run around in detecting the road. Through a comprehensive analysis of information, Zhang Xiaobin Liu successfully locked the suspect fled in Guangzhou, and fixed seven data suspects for the detection of Guangdong-Jiangxi highway robbery gang opened the breakthrough. After Zhang Xiaobin and colleagues more than 30 days continuous high-intensity, high-density, arduous and painstaking work, the professional team on November 27, successfully destroyed a specialist in Guangdong, Jiangxi, Guang-Hui, Hui River Highway, theft, robbery in the past truck cargo The road blockers criminal gangs, cracked the case seven cargo theft and robbery,burberry outlet usa, the suspect arrested Liu, 11.

    2006 1 17,burberry trench coat, even with the murder occurred in the town square faithful, the victim a few months old Chen and his granddaughter was killed at home. Zhang Xiaobin Gang gone through the home in other cases,abercrombie and fitch outerwear, after receiving the order, but he immediately rushed to the scene. At this point only from the Chinese New Year just three days, every household in the busy New Year for the repairing, Zhang Xiaobin know, the case is not broken, he had a peace of mind of the Chinese New Year can not, do not allow relatives of the deceased to be comforted. During the Spring Festival, Zhang Xiaobin and colleagues to live in town and ate faithful to carry out investigation work. Because the suspect has a strong anti-detection capabilities, the crime scene after committing the crime was disguised, extracted from the scene was not sufficient evidence. Hwang was arrested the suspect after put a calm, refused to explain. Over the next few days, Zhang Xiaobin seize the suspect left the scene for clues, bold use of trial strategy, and Hwang wits, and finally it surprising flaws and thoroughly explained the process of committing the crime.

    Despite the physical discomfort, but declined to leaders and colleagues Zhang Xiaobin care, stay up all night after another trial of 11 suspects, 4 11 pm, just returned home to participate in the trial of Zhang Xiaobin, due to continuous fighting fatigue, causing a brain haemorrhage coma on the sofa, This lie would never wake up, 5, 5 pm He died, Zhang Xiaobin the sacrifice, the life of a vibrant 36-year-old fixed in the footsteps of the.

    detection of major cases of the He plays the key role of the brigade were involved in the detection of a number of major cases. In recent years, Zhang Xiaobin has been involved in the detection of urban areas in 2003, a large number of major cases of difficult cases, the investigation demonstrated its superior level of professional quality, and the first charge, the Interpol heroic character.

    by ministries and agencies spoke highly of the or the Ministry of Public Security and the Provincial Public Security Department’s investigation of major cases. Some time ago, he was transferred to the Provincial Public Security Department to participate with the investigation of cases. In the investigation process, his keen insight and rigorous analysis of cases subject to peer approval capabilities, cracked the case set for the credit. Provincial Public Security Department highly appreciates the leadership and heartfelt praise: Interpol mountains high quality, high level of handling.

    of Guangdong, Jiangxi cracked open a breakthrough in high-speed robbery gang, gastroenteritis endure the pain of continuous fighting; time fixed for the evidence of a crime, the trial after another late at night — Heyuan Municipal Public Security Bureau of Interpol detachment of a deputy brigade commander Zhang Xiaobin, due to overwork, causing a brain haemorrhage caused by a deep coma, on December 5 died late. 7, the Provincial Public Security Bureau found Zhang Xiaobin for public sacrifice, Heyuan lost an outstanding Interpol.

    this year, Heyuan Expressway within the robbery, robbery, theft and other criminal activities have occurred. Investigation business skill, there is a high degree of professionalism and responsibility of Zhang Xiaobin, Municipal Public Security Bureau was transferred to the professional team members, a traffic trunk to combat criminal activities the backbone of the special action.

    Zhang Xiaobin (right), often with police investigators in the conference room to eat fast food.

    2006 years, Heyuan, Huizhou police request to assist the police arrested several kidnapping suspects,burberry trenches Jiangxi Power Grid employees perform tasks falling into the wa, Zhang Xiaobin and several colleagues went to a hotel parking lot , three suspects saw the police taking away the hands crossed on the package, did not succeed after a U-turn and ran. Zhang Xiaobin and colleagues struggling to catching up, only one of the suspects pulled out a gun to the back fired three guns, bullets whistling around from run ahead of Zhang Xiaobin, but Zhang Xiaobin no fear, between life and death, he still rushed first. Finally,christian louboutin outlet 19, the hostages were successfully rescued.

  77. June of this year, , hi baby came Shawan four rivers of the town, has been in town and doing odd jobs around the farm, the income can barely make ends meet, let alone save money for his father to see a doctor .

    bag again and again stood several hundred dollar bills, to see the money, hi baby my heart suddenly raised a glimmer of hope. Hi baby spoon quickly fetched a drink from a vat, the rush out of the house.

    evening, the employer began to Shihua workers say cotton, clearing wages. Hi baby while Dajiadoumang weighing the air when the room quietly slipped after the observation to determine that no one looked after the discovery, begins with the rear window turned into the house. He looked plastic bag forty-five money again and again, Men do not want to break up the rape of his girlfriend after hijackin, hesitated a moment, picked up two money again and again his pocket, away from the rear window.

    early August this year,chanel Hong Kong women, rowing in connection with a sex video blackmail, his father received a phone hi baby, , , but the feeling deflated deflated pocket, he disappointed and sad. In order to gather the money home to his father as soon as possible to see a doctor,chanel , can make money to live as long as he dried. Until mid-October, hi baby just save 2,000 yuan.

    hi baby (a pseudonym), 24-year-old, home in Gansu, his father in the home every day poor physical condition, in order to earn money to his father a doctor, like baby read farming at home after school, and later to earn money around.

    day, 21 o’clock, Interpol brigade received the alarm call farmer surname Yang, Bursts of bribery leading to area law enforcement captain 5 jailed f, thief ah!

    10 17, , is the cotton picking season, happy baby to follow the army came to the four river Shihua son a farm, from morning till night. Busy day in the cotton fields, hi baby feel thirsty,chanel , it alone to find water to drink to the employer’s room. In the house, happy baby in a plastic bag lying on the table saw, curiosity prompted him to open the bag, this look so happy baby mouth fell open.

    later, police confirmed after a technical appraisal of the suspects as hi baby, hi baby also confessed his theft. Police investigators take into account the baby’s father, like old, and sick, did not steal money like doll things to tell his family. At present, hi baby, have been under criminal detention, the case is still under review.

  78. Haining Times reporter Wang Chaoying photo

    One monkey confrontation

    this scene , so that the hearts of the audience crowd is not too happy , especially to the hearts of the children ,karen millen shop online, watched what kind of impression will be left behind ?

    original , performances in the monkey ,ralph lauren uk sale, monkey people obstructive as one of a monkey ,rolex, the result angered the monkey ,outlet burberry , monkey, monkey people who rushed to catch a few harsh ,salvatore ferragamo site, monkey, popular have to pick up the whip Kuangchou monkey , monkey found next to the root bamboo stick , quickly take up the confrontation with the owner , the result was the monkey who played on the ground kept holding roll . Think , this indomitable monkey suddenly grabbed on the side of the package with the owner of a dagger , Of course,ferragamo collection 15 (), the monkey was honest after all,air max 24-7,karen millen red dress , paid to the hands of a knife .

    has occurred in the scenic town of Haining Yanguan monkey, monkey and human confrontation scene, so crowds for both Nie Bahan .

  79. (the reporter Hu Xiali)

    So, the winner is the sort of person? Yesterday, the reporter came to winning the Lottery sales outlets to find out. The lottery sales outlets located in Anqing City,Hermes Victoria Bags,burberry jacket women , Jiro lane, is downtown. Reporters found at the point of sale,

    Presumably, these awards are a lottery which, it should be 99 by 5 times and 2 times the order 5 five awards add up. Note arrangement of five single prize of $ 100,000, while a double ticket allowed to buy up to 99 times; 1.06 million yuan of the arrangement of three awards may be arranged by the 1060 Note Award three add up to 1000 yuan.

    August 31 evening, he saw the lottery results, that number sound familiar. The next morning, he could not wait to open the sports lottery sales terminals, the information shown above confirmed his winning lottery ticket — really guess from his point of sale. After the news, many of the surrounding neighbors and all the old Lottery came,dsquared 2 , everyone was talking about. Lottery winner wants stained some festivity,ugg cleaner, have shot bet,ugg button bailey 1.351.93(),griffey 1, He said that close to 5 pm that afternoon, when the Lottery came to the outlets to buy lottery tickets, generous, go to buy a 5,000 yuan and arranged in three small arrangement of five double votes, the number seems to include the purchase, group winning numbers.

    ten minutes to create multi-millionaire

    Xia Zemin said that this person is an old Lottery, more serious look to see if the dress is business. He often went to the Lottery lottery outlets, shot basically in a few thousand dollars, but also in a lot of small prize. So impressed by the summer of boss is that the Lottery numbers selected the top three ranked five more accurate, he had proposed to buy double the Lottery ticket, after more than two elections in a few numbers.

    PRC newspaper reported yesterday in Anqing City in Anhui like a Lottery Lottery news of the award, a time triggered the curiosity of many readers: The winner is the sort of person? He is how the prize? Yesterday, the reporter went to Anqing find out. But as of press time reporter, the winner of the Lottery has not yet appeared. It is reported that the winner may be a middle-aged man, his grand prize Bo spent 50.5 million yuan in 4040 yuan.

    However, he also come to regret,

    lottery sales outlets in demand

    According to reports,airjordans, when the number 14084 in Anqing City,uggs classic tall, there have been a lot of Lottery sales outlets arranged in five, arranged in three small double votes. The lottery is connected not only to buy time, and lottery numbers and denominations are the same. Later lottery results indicate that these are the 50.5 million yuan prize winning tickets. In addition, the network also gave birth to a 1.06 million yuan of the order three awards,

    5050 million lottery prize in the history of the province reached the most awards, arranged in five games are played also set a national record. According to the provincial sports center of the computer data show that winning the lottery is at 16:50 on August 31 between 5:00 assigned to be bought for.

  80. Reciter cited anti- clothe jacket completely wrapped among a jacket among his right hand , left hand holding a book and pastel

    reciter cited named Wang Shouping , , 30-year- old namely the third high school in Quzhou City, , a language teacher a month antecedent Wang cordless automobile ride aboard a rainy night fell accidentally , right elbow rupture Today, Young people with disabilities after the death of the three patien,gucci bags, Shanxi 200,000 relief fund-raising friends disfigured bo, Wang is still the right arm plaster , Mother was under the pressure of his life cover your c, , the students called him

    Wang only spent 10 days amid the hospital was expelled

    educating ought jot paperback aboard the blackboard , , we do never study all is sorry for him .

  81. Jin Jin recalls that occurred between the parents is still quite melancholy family disaster Newspaper intern journalist Yang Tian Xiao photo ,

    (Reporter Liu Jie) girls Jin Jin’s parents quarrel because of household chores, his mother knock huff father’s death, taking sleeping pills suicide attempt, the trial tribunal onward two sentenced to death. Jin Jin in Beijing, wrote apt apply the supreme statute The afternoon of March 24, she academic that the Supreme Court decided apt reject the death sentences, remanded the case. Yesterday afternoon, the eleven year-old Kim Kim aunt who came to the Supreme Court, presented to the judge a image entitled Video: 10-year-old girl not apt quest Supreme Court sentenced the father to death Source: Depending aboard the newspaper comprehensive
    family conflict have lost their mama

    2007 the evening of March 12, Xuchang city Henan Yuzhou God After the town,nouvelle adidas,classic cardy ugg boots uk 14 -year-old girl orphaned grandfather exclusive Heri, there was a assassinate 36-year-old nation medic Wang leopard,amid his own clinic, his wife killed. Then he gave only 8-year-old daughter, Jin Jin left a suicide note taking a lot of sleeping pills apt perpetrate suicide.
    Jin Jin said, ,when she was within basic school the daytime his father did never go to educate to elect her up as usual Later academic that night because the knit a fasten among the wall the parents began to argue, his father blow apt annihilate his mama
    Wang Bao committed suicide after being emancipated in time He was captured for the offense of intentional homicide prosecution, the end of 2007, Xuchang City Court found Wang leopard’s conduct constituted intentional homicide and sentenced him to death. Last January, Henan High Court upheld the death sentence.

    sent a letter to the decide pleading because father

    that his father was sentenced to death,sac main louis vuitton, Jin Jin was overwhelmed with pain Her grandfather was home away from Grandpa, Xinxiang sent later a children’s countryside school
    Jinjin Children’s Village has requested the Dingzhu Ren knees, hoping apt find ways to retention her own father. In the last annual by a meeting behind the Spring Festival, Beijing Children’s Village Dingzhu Ren asked lawful advice attorney Teng Shen, whether from a legal outlook to aid Jin Jin. Shen lawyers understand the situation,veste moncler homme pas cher Man buried alive in the well will be thrown into th,louis vuitton soldes 2010, immediately decided apt do the death discipline reiterate stage panther Wang barricade
    read the files pedestal within Shen Teng, Wang leopard actually loves his wife,after beat to slay are crimes of passion. In the death punishment reiterate process, he proposed to defend three observations: First, there namely no secondary Wang panther knock apt annihilate his wife; the second namely the issue of crimes of passion are never the same for assassinate yet for intentional injury death; Third, families absence to Wang Bao , Jin Jin did never paucity apt lose his father.
    At the same time gold payment to the supreme statute of the resolve wrote a letter alleging Because the court can never enter, Jin Jin the letter dripped into the court mailbox.
    High Court revoked the death sentence

    three 24 afternoon, Shen Teng attorney received notice of the High Court among Henan, said Wang Jun, the supreme decree of the case make a leopard does never accept the death discipline criminal ruling.
    plus from Henan High Court ruling, said the Henan High Court decree finds that some of the facts is unclear,according to Criminal Procedure Law provides for the revocation of Xuchang City Court leopard Wang criminal judgments At the same time this case back to Xuchang City Court re-hearing.
    Shen Teng phone calls the 1st period children among the countryside of Xinxiang Dingzhu Ren, Dingzhu Ren told the Jinjin.
    table thanks apt Beijing apt give a Law Judges, thanks, aunt who came apt the Supreme Court,karen millen usa Major General Wands robber Xianqian 60 years old man into the l, three referees to find criminal grateful. Jin Jin received two judges said apt her,
    10-year-old girl not apt seek Supreme Court sentenced the father apt death Source: Composite movie aboard the TV news

  82. 7 30, 31 pm , an unidentified man 3 consecutive phone alarm , claiming that a terminal in Shanghai, placed a time bomb , ask for large amounts of cash and Q coins, otherwise it will be explosions .

    Shanghai police task force set up the rapid deployment of elite forces launched by case investigation . Comprehensive analysis of all the information the police task force , soon to determine the three alarm 2 days were all the same person , and according to the clues have sent to Guangzhou , Qingdao and other places to carry out the investigation . In Guangdong, Shandong, both in close cooperation with the police , August 20 , the suspect Wu in temporary accommodation is located in Qingdao City,air jordon shoe,griffey sneaker Man 4000 yuan to sell 1 -year-old, was arrested .

    share : welcome to comment to comment

    BEIJING Shanghai September 7 (Reporter Chen ) Shanghai police after 20 days of careful investigation, in Guangdong , Shandong, both in close cooperation with the police , the newly uncovered intentionally spreading false terrorist information case .

    take the alarm,Other Jordan Shoes Man swept away by his girlfriend 40,000 yuan five-year exile,uggs knightsbridge sale, the Shanghai police launched the first time plans to take decisive measures to be disposed of properly . Police at the scene did not find explosive devices , then the police found two conditions are false alarm.

    account according to Wu ,dsquared denim, the result of indulging in the network ,louboutin heels, to upgrade their voice network in the chat room built in the popular channels , causing people’s concern with the chat room , who make up the network of malicious false alarm phone number police alarm phone call over the situation .

    Currently, the case is under further investigation .

    microblogging Recommended | today’s hot microblogging

    8 20,ugg shoes Revealed the secret lover home theft sus, the suspect arrested in Qingdao, Shandong Wu . Police said , for whatever purpose of manufacturing and maliciously spreading false information on terrorism , criminal activity endangering public safety , will be firm and effective blow.

    after appearing in court ,cheap jordan sandals, Wu fabricate them , spreading false information about the behavior of terrorist confessed and testified that , in addition to July 30 , 31, has three times threatened to call police in Shanghai explosions outside the alarm call , has also fabricated a false alarm call , Anhui , Shandong and other places ,

  83. bigu also known as

    At noon yesterday, Li Ming, a very long road to be locked in the five sculptures. Starting yesterday,ralphlauren British guy can pi after the decimal point back to more than 20,000, Li Ming-Hu County Zhongyang Gong Road, very into the He will use Taoist bigu health effort, in a closed state of life 13 days and nights.

    It is understood that Li has a very long road seclusion Kunlun, Tianshan, Qingcheng Mountain,louboutin shop, Mountain, and other ancient religious cave more than ten years after 2000 King Eagle Ridge Mountain seclusion,jordan 1, has worked in Shushan medication bigu year and a half,nike aina chukka, the Mountain bigu 81 days water fasting. The Lee Road bigu long period, while serving his disciples Shao Tianze bigu water and water service during the completion of one hundred meters long scroll of writing bigu

    what bigu

    Taoists believe that people eat whole grains, to form a fecal accumulation in the gut, producing bad smell, the body has three worms (three dead), relying exclusively on the air to survive, with its existence, the For evil in people. Therefore, in order to remove the bad smell intestine, removed three dead insects, must bigu. Priests to imitate this Science to say that this is a way to regulate body functions,christian louboutin sale shoes, can be added through the ingestion of water and air the body needs energy.

    11 am yesterday, about to begin in the Lee Road bigu long ago, Zhongyang Gong Chen abbot Lybrand introduced the method for practicing the Taoist tradition of helping relieve people thinking, showing Taoist martial arts,burberry pants, the value of live birth Quanzhen Taoist founder 800 anniversary of the day, Hu County Zhongyang Gong, Provincial Academy of Social Science Research Center, said co-sponsored the Taoist martial arts show. Since February 5, 2010 (Quanzhen founder’s birthday) to February 17,nike Zoom Lebron iv 80 (), 2010 (Quanzhen founder into the Road Day), Taoist disabilities, Zhongyang Gong Li, director of Taoist health will be a very long road Huxian Zhongyang Gong tomb The practice regimen There is certainly some scientific truth.

    12 noon, dressed in long robes of Lee Road into the The bottom of the ramp, is a special glass door separated a 10 square-meter 24-hour The next 13 days, Lee Road will be staying long in this bigu.

  84. ,christian louboutin slingbacks

    present case is still under investigation by being .

    Police said that in accordance with the law Pengmou interrogation ,cheapest uggs,christian louboutin booties 3 men kidnapped 15 -year-old girl gang-raped after u, evidence collection period,nike shox 2011, Pengmou has been in a highly excited state , refused to cooperate with police questioning. Police officers found peng biting tongue during self-injury , notify the armed police arrived at the scene where doctors promptly transferred to hospital for treatment Pengmou . 13 evening 20 o’clock Pengmou died during the treatment .

    operation, the police suspect the scene from the main bag inside the carry Pengmou seizing more than 240 grams . Police initial verification ,christian louboutin cheap shoes, 12, late at night , Pengmou was also selling 245 grams of ice and 41.6 g Ma old to another case of a suspect late (already arrested ) .

    After the incident , the police in conjunction with the Guangzhou Municipal Procuratorate, the People’s Armed Police Hospital and other relevant departments to investigate the matter . The armed police hospital diagnosis , because Pengmou tongue bites, acute methamphetamine poisoning caused by severe acute myocarditis ,christian louboutins sale,kid’s air jordan max 12 88 -year-old man molested, cardiac arrest and other symptoms ,nike air jordan 4 Capital Gymnasium hawkers killed the site before the first tri, the specific cause of death on autopsy to be determined after further .

  85. defendant Li solid (36 years) ,ugg 16 deception charges MLM leaders who sent the police station,uggs classic tall, with their families in Po Tat Estate Tat Yi floor of a unit , he was unable to work because of back injury , relying on CSSA . Since 2005, he ,ugg moccasins review, more than four years to long-term disturbance caused by noise upstairs , although there have been 20 times because of noise problems and a theory of the victim surnamed Liang upstairs ,louboutin sneakers Bank staff taking customer identification information to open, but the noise still occurs frequently in the evening .

    BEIJING, Dec. 23 , according to Hong Kong neighbors. 22 mitigation that the defense counsel , the victim bear the noise problems , by provocation to commit crimes , and goes to 108 residents and legislators Chan Kam-lam ‘s plea letter. The judge said ,moncler outlet woodbury Men, drug hallucinations stabbed two police jailed, civilized society can not solve the problem by force and sentenced the defendant to imprisonment for 2 years and 4 months .

    incident on May 2 this year, early morning , the defendant heard the noise again , so with a long kitchen knife upstairs with 8 units of questioning ,my air max, during which he suddenly take knife attack ,christian louboutin shoe, 60 -year-old Leung and 26 -year-old son Huang Yinghui are quasi- injured was admitted to the intensive care unit is more yellow , 9 days after treatment was discharged ,moncler chicago store, the defendant was then arrested .

  86. ,ugg sales online

    return loss of interest on the books said the other

    bargaining, both sides of 50 yuan traded. Lu Yuanping simply open the lid to check left.

    50 yuan to buy a cooler of built-in 230,ugg store,000 yuan book

    at 9 am,moncler toddler jackets, given security considerations, Lu captured with a camera photo books, and take a tricycle to go to the shop. live, At this point,moncler store Middle-aged woman posing as the Director of National Development a, Luo boss called the police. To prove his innocence, Lu also call the police calls.

    opening date is June of this year, head of the household surnamed Luo.


    9 o’clock that night, when his cooler of washing, the

    yesterday, he deliberately took leave of absence to the unit, at about 7 am a taxi to the Ziyun Road. p> for why the book will be on the Heat Preservation, the Luo said the shop owner combined cargo and more crowded, mice and more on the aluminum cooler of the book, the rat bite does not move.

    Lu Yuanping chadianzi welcome at a construction site near the road to work. A few days ago,nike shox nz Male courtship kidnapped woman was se, my mother because of stomach cancer was admitted to West China Hospital long. At 6:00 pm the day before yesterday, he and his workers Ziyun Road 24 in an electrical shop to buy a cooler of easy meal to the mother.

    50 yuan to buy a Thermos, but found the barrel with a 23 million books. This Yesterday morning, he returned to the owner to carry books,nike air max cheap, the other a

    For the convenience of the nearby sister Dragon field to collect the money, put money in her husband’s shops. Later, his sister said about September 10 in order to use the money,Women’s nike air jordan Meet girls in junior high, Yuan Ping and returned promptly informed, they did not know books lost.

    Luyuan Ping said that the time of purchase to check the quality, just thought it was a cooler of the instructions, did not notice even put a book inside.


    Subsequently, the police rushed to the scene. However,moncler bruce weber, in view of books have been found, the police suggested that the two good communication and resolve the matter.

  87. 2009 December Huang Chen and the girl was introduced . Since then ,white christian louboutin, Hwang to the field work,air jordan shoes, two regular contact by telephone , and the establishment of a relationship . One day in May 2010 ,moncler uk 17 -year-old girl when dinner drink with colleagues raped, Huang Chen will get back Qianjiang , asking them to prostitution, was rejected. Chen Mouqiang line and then forced to have sex with Huang Huang , but Huang was unwilling to go. Punched and kicked while on Huang Chen . That night, Chen again asked Hwang to prostitution, forced Huang agreed . Both the way to the hotel , Hwang suddenly on the road to run to catch up with another burst of assault Chen ,buy christian louboutins 33 -year-old son, old man dissatisfied with their eatin,cheap christian, Hwang forced back to hotel control. The next day, when they took to the streets , while Chen and Huang went to pay attention to a report to be rescued , Chen was arrested by police officers . ( Shen Yi Li )

    Sina exclusive manuscript statement: This work ( text, images ,nike shox turmoil, graphics and audio and video ) for Sina to use ,air jordan fusion Man holding the gun powder to br, without authorization, any media,air jordan 5 embroidery, and individuals may in whole or in part.

    Meixin to earn money , actually forced his girlfriend into prostitution of minors . Recently , Chongqing Qianjiang District Prosecutor’s Office to the suspect Chen ( under 18 ) according to approved the arrest .

  88. Recently, the Internet scatter out a city of Shenyang, Liaoning Province, Shenyang City, a consumer presented China Furniture City West Business District, the Liu namely quite calm and said, For a period the network film namely lunatic reproduced as the major sites of interest and click aboard peppery newspaper
    today, Shenyang City, the Bureau responded aboard the matter said the movie within the banner apt bring apt the affair sector who reported the incident,discipline has been completed at the affair but failing apt timely accuse the accuser it generates the misunderstanding .
    consumers to send I knob with, and instantly the exercise among order as the business sector, said thanks,boutique adidas, I acquire side banners. This man came to the coach of the apartment
    the director of the apartment the man simply complete description of the reasons to send a banner, the banner will be handed over apt the adviser adviser of the open saw after said: p>
    Liu said: Liu said in one interview, he was out to acquaint a deceive of himself,quite wrong perception of society,louis vuitton sac, he is completely apt be fooled. Video appears, his own low-level peccadilloes committed are quite sorry. He said that China Furniture City of Industry and Commerce and their performance has been very appealing especially within the fight against fake and shoddy products work quite well.
    Liu likewise explained that consumers get no
    City of Industry response namely mistaken

    According apt the Shenyang Municipal Bureau of Commerce and Industry, said the movie content aboard the reported cases involved,verdict enforcement officers among the filing, investigation,certify collection, processing surrounded full accordance with laws and regulations relevant provisions of the duties,not violations. Punishment decision,bailey ugg boots, the happening does never have period apt communicate with the informants, resulting surrounded a whistleblower’s misunderstanding that the happening sector did never investigate the reported units

    five 24, 25 -year-old woman was promo, Song to the West District, the Bureau of Industry and Commerce reported China Furniture City, a supermarket selling expired food violations. The same daytime China Furniture City of Industry and Commerce approved at the Secretary submitted to the capable decision on the supermarket shelf life of edible sales over the issue as investigation.
    six 22,bailey ugg boots Copy sales of cigarettes stolen goods company CEOs have signed,afterward investigation, based on industrial and advertisement metropolis of China Furniture
    five afterward 24, , Song did not call alternatively ask to the happening of the matter.
    eight 30 afternoon, Song came to China Furniture City of Industry and Commerce,among appreciation of the nominate aspiration be printed with
    Shenyang City of Industry,,also said aboard September one City of Industry, held mainly responsible for system-wide units attended the meeting, gave a summarizing aboard the matter, and requested all units to actively respond apt network and monitoring of public opinion,bailey button triplet 83 -year-old acceptance letter received by the University, standardize judgment enforcement activities, optimize services and effectively safeguard the legitimate interests of consumers.
    lawful network among Shenyang aboard September one Xinhua

  89. 10 o’clock yesterday a.m. Lo reached the hotline , To donate bone marrow to sav,moncler wikipedia, said namely thanks apt Shaanxi AU6557 taxi driver .

    Lo said: listen to his loud phone several of us always of a sudden alarm analysis likewise connected to the broken finger quickly go out aboard the block automobile give a hand apt help one apt be transferred instantly went Fengcheng hospital in time to the hospital , 8 people in Shaanxi take the ladder to rescue, , Cut 200 g of liver to save his fat, I give him the fare he insisted aboard not I do never know how much money to play dropped apt 50 greenbacks on the car gone,ugg wellies,impartial mark down the credential nickel number plus after called the controller inquire namely covered bin.

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    Korea is now feeling very depressed, can not face all this happened, she was prepared to the local police station, but coincided with a lot of people at the police station, she was embarrassed to tell in detail the privacy of their own, so there is no police station filing.

    the responsible person, Mary has not yet been officially reported, but if she does have too awkward, you can separate arrangements for the police station to receive her. As for the nude photos she says were the case, depending on the nature of the case and the other’s motives, to be the police for further details before making a decision.

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    not reported: Police said she was hiding something not yet reported

    8 August, Huangshan, a young girl Mary (a pseudonym) into the local police station, the police said he was in bed, take pictures, but did not immediately leave the official report. 10, Mary by a friend to help lawyers, said there are men of their eclectic photo spread QQ space, its threats. Yesterday,air jordan 6 heels, the reporter with the network called But he became agitated and told reporters repeatedly claimed that: QQ space

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  94. Reporters interviewed accordingly found namely some of the Experts mentioned the migrate suspected illegal, ,recommended namely the relevant departments as soon as explicit rules for the operation.
    bargains offices: money tin purchase tax clearance certificate

    correspondent to purchasers who make a designate for real personalty bargains offices located amid Fangshan District Changyang telephone, Ms. Qi mentioned,namely this bargains office staff told her apt do a impose clearance certificate. Heard the counsel a man accountant discreet apt say: I’ll give you cry In the blank auditorium a staff member hesitated and said:

    and the other bargains bureau staff,mentioned more bluntly: appoint out of a impose that has chanced Reporters did never evidence the authenticity of the sales bureau staff said aisles
    cattle: a impose namely tin be true alternatively false to open

    correspondent aboard the network,chanel ,quest as An online information among the
    a liability to certify them false namely a forged paper spent two,000 yuan apt

    5-year personal income levy whether you set a monthly salary of four,000 yuan apt five,chanel ,000 yuan, ,then almost five years a impose of 1.5 million. If you move down five years,afterward it ought be from March 2008 to appointment the every month tax threshold apt 2,000 yuan among March 2008 onward the individual threshold of 1,timberland Even hit man suspected drink-driving car toward the sidewalk and i,600 yuan.
    In addition,, the actually can do a levy clearance certificate.
    According apt the The duty-paid testimony of The occasion why by four,000 yuan apt five,000 yuan amends impose because the aggregate of the levy do never influence the loan
    Expert: proof of suspected impose deceit verdict

    Liu Huan mentioned,after the networking between the assorted authority departments namely never high resulting among some districts may have a The
    if someone verified report or the tax authorities of impose certified apt be artificial, 19 -year-old father to sell son X,or a levy that the process of handling a forgery namely folk do never purchase the factor within certifying their work, Hill Wood , former president of the,never only will not purchase a house glorious record of dishonesty,purchase a house qualification will be annihilated plus bear the economic detriment and allowable obligation
    plus take a small profit on those units of deception,aspiration likewise face administrative penalties.

  95. Police collared imitation money.

    salt nearly a annual backward the police investigation, the detection of False 1.4024 million yuan,and collared 2000 grams of ice, Mainland to visit Hong Kong top students t,always suspects were arrested
    our reporter yesterday interviewed salt Investigating the case of the Public Security Bureau namely responsible as police and was informed that the case namely the Ministry of Public Security the converge of supervision cases, ,namely likewise a classic case of detection technology, the case has been solved Ministry of Public Security, Provincial Public Security Bureau plus the Municipal Public Security Bureau of the extremely praised.

    cleaning madam elected up 10 one hundred yuan imitation money

    2009 five 30, , Yantian District, a amenable detergent from the trash picked up 10 one hundred yuan RMB denomination artificial fake money plus the real one she aspiration be mixed attach a absolute of 2,000 yuan,prepared apt deposit salt Construction Bank branch. Bank staff now discovered the digit
    At that time China’s public security authorities are cracking down aboard counterfeit guilt Public Security Bureau of Yantian attention aboard the case, Bureau of Economic Investigation Team investigation.
    fake money within a trash tin the police amongst the streets of roomy monitoring of ‘Eye of Heaven Surveillance movie showed the two men got out,longing be thrown into the trash heap of fake money,and after aboard the train to depart Then, the police through the conveyance identification system, find the car’s authority plate plus employer information,but pedestal the car equipped with GPS positioning system, the vehicle trajectory from activities at a glance
    police have a guess surrounded the manoeuvre patterns of people’s time was forced to crack down on fake guilt nationwide impetus the suspects suddenly near hand to avert the limelight,to block forever bargain of counterfeit movements Until November 23, 2009, the suspect afresh surfaced, Hill Wood , former president of the, began to contact the buyers of imitation money.

    500 boot filled with fake money

    among front aboard the basis of a lot of detective go Yantian, Shenzhen Public Security Bureau Public Security Bureau to application filing, the Shenzhen Municipal Public Security Bureau aboard November 23, 2009 approved the filing, the case named
    ad hoc police base the gang is never only a large digit of trafficking counterfeit money,and a colossal digit of anesthetic trafficking, gang Cai kitchen has a strong sense of anti-detection, always sitting among a moving car remote control men.postman Transactions,buyers and tradesmen have two men,all the way apt men responsible for Can not guarantee a clean sweep within the case, the panel judged apt deal the
    January nine this daily the panel was informed that two purchasers of fake money plus unauthorized trading gang Cai furnace Yantian Public Security Bureau of Economic Investigation Brigade deployed, the patrol unit police brigade and other units of the 50 marrow police, divided into six action crews to carry out arrests. At 4:00 aboard January 10, Shenzhen-Shantou Expressway plus the benefits of salt highway connecting areas the police intercepted a cab and arrested two suspects who purchase counterfeit money,seized from the boot among the face value of five million yuan of imitation money.

    win the destruction of fake lair

    1st operation a colossal success, the Ministry official made a special junket apt Shenzhen apt hear the case reports aboard the situation, the case Ministry of Public Security as supervision cases, , requirements have to identify the source of counterfeit money, eliminate fake dens,tore off the distribution outlets,crash trafficking networks.
    task force to foundation out the amplified line to construct on apt prevent attentive the police handling the case as months concealed individuality overtime investigation. In the Municipal Public Security Bureau of Economic Investigation Detachment great aid apt the current task force to grasp the hints Cai furnace gangs aboard April 25 in Jieyang and Longgang transactions.
    Yantian police out again more than 50 police,chanel handbags, divided into five action crews to carry out the net action, the panel accepted a firm waiting and change tracking etc., gradually narrow the seek scope At 15:00 on April 25,behalf apt the county in Jieyang City, Kui Tan Zhen, a successful police operation arrested a celebration selling counterfeit suspects, Wang, Lin,on the blot ride from the suspect’s car seized fake 1402400 million. 5:00 pm the same day the police action among Longgang Sakata anesthetic trafficking suspects captured Cai, ice field seized two pm that night, Tung Tau Tong among Phuket on the bargain of imitation money the old village plus arrested a suspect Cai pm that night, Education Village surrounded Phuket, police successfully arrested the main suspect case Cai furnace In the face of irrefutable certify six suspects confessed apt the crime

    Ministry highly

    this action

    salt,onward to Public Security Bureau of Economic Investigation battalion Fan Xinjiang narrated among sale of fake alternatively anesthetic trafficking criminals usually have a strong anti-detection capabilities,and this gang morphine trafficking and trafficking in counterfeit money both very cunning. Investigating the case within the process, the panel heaved amid the salt like Task force to acquaint full use of technological means the police will be able to sit among the office of salt aboard the movements of suspected crystal explicit,,coach Drivers unable to pay extortion to the Inland Revenue,as the successful detection solid foundation for the work done. The case called servant science plus technology as the detection of cases of the classic case. Ministry of Public Security has been the case solved, the provincial Public Security Bureau plus the Municipal Public Security Bureau of the highly praised.

  96. BEIJING, December 29,chanel , Zhoushan (reporter Zhu Feng Zhao Ye Jiao intern correspondent package apt Wei) today, Dinghai District Public Security Bureau held a newspaper conference that police have disclosed a vicious armed kidnapping case. Sun’s mama and the city’s public underage son was kidnapped, the kidnappers have pillaged,important 20 million ransom,or threatened apt slay After nearly six hours investigation, Zhoushan police uniforms, Granny fingers XingJu urban ripped vegetables,chanel ,catching two suspects, security, hostage rescue and base imitation artillery four other tools of crime It namely reported that this is more than a decade Zhoushan City, the 1st huge vicious armed kidnapping.
    12 28 afternoon 15 points, Hawker 5000 Huangdie Tibetan was sentenced ten years, the police received a report. In the
    handle with the criminals, the task force has arranged 20 million amid cash. 17:30 Xu, criminals tell the money apt the families of the hostages seamounts Park, and that would bring safety of the hostages. Based aboard this information, ,marrow police task force sent now to the hostages were kidnapped near the waiting district After 10 minutes, waiting as the police base a criminal with a hostage (ie, the son of Mr. Sun) downstairs.
    capture order issued by the scene back police found: criminals have pistols there are attempts to transfer hijack location. In this fussy juncture, several police rapidly close he inadvertently rapidly subdued the guess Jiangjun Bo man 24 annuals old Baiquan Dinghai Jinshan),aboard the blot and rescued the hostages Xiao Sun Chan, and base imitation artillery four one cordless clash mallet tape, masks, knives, training uniform and other tools of guilt
    preliminary investigation,chanel Baojia man jailed for 10 months, others revenge,chanel , the guess Jiangjun Bo confessed: October to December deserving to lack of money easily he affix with the additional suspects Jiang Xiaojun apt Tianjin apt purchase imitation pistols premeditated mugging nowhere, ,afterward went to Zhoushan premeditated mugging
    the same day Jiang Junbo one random gun to the Sun,base that only babies and the aged behind the kidnapping on the spur of the moment. Task force by to the hints and almost 21 o’clock in the evening amid a coffeehouse Dinghai successfully captured the guess Jiang Xiaojun man 24 years old Dinghai Baiquan folk (End)

  97. invest 400 million yuan into the new library in Nanjing, China’s third largest library are known, the design volume of 12 million books, seating 3,000 people can be arranged to read. But

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    After that, the progress of the new library management changes, relaxed work environment, and thus to relax their requirements. Especially since 2002, I work part-time outside the business more and more money faster and faster, thus ignoring the party, ideological and moral aspects of learning, so that later became public. Why I will not return to this life of crime? Everyone has their own human weaknesses, the key is to use the idea to control it, with reason to regulate it. And I, as a senior intellectuals, before money, did not loneliness,giacca moncler, defensible bottom line. I’m sorry family, I’m sorry parents, I’m sorry the party and the people. Read the books of sages The Fall not only ruin their own bright future, but also to the family unit, and even society incalculable damage.

    in this case, the Moumou subjective greed played a decisive role But objectively, we find that human greed in the absence of ideological and moral education, monitoring system failure management and use, should be both moral and business qualities.

    Moumou, a former library researcher senior engineer of Nanjing. September 2003 to May 2005, Moumou use of infrastructure in the library office work of his office, in the new building construction and equipment installation and construction of hydropower construction, the construction unit received a construction company in Nantong people Jo give the commission a total of $ 200,000. In July 2009, the case made the final decision by the court of second instance: upheld, Moumou guilty of accepting bribes and sentenced to ten years imprisonment.

    He is an expert

    2008 4 19, Xuanwu District, Nanjing procuratorate for crimes committed with the process and found that there Moumou suspected bribery. Investigators swiftly and full of clues early this bribery investigation. The initial establishment Moumou suspected criminal after the fact, investigators immediately monitor their implementation, and is poised to capture. May 8, 2008,Women’s Nike Free 7.0, Moumou driving home after dinner with friends, investigators followed all the way, the use of Moumou parking space such as red light, investigators and arrested him.

    he is deep, can be used as a negative example, he tried to alert those who were around the corner.

    years, I was with honors Harbor Engineering College, Nanjing structural professional acceptance. After graduation he taught for two years, after being transferred to the Nanjing Museum, work,moncler vendita on line, work, devote themselves to attend, has won the Peking University, Tsinghua University bachelor’s degree, and later as a skilled specialists in Nanjing Library is the introduction.

    he is a In court, Moumou argued that he take that 20 million is a legitimate labor compensation: civil liability, rather than be subject to criminal penalties. out of the question, because until the incident is also another evaluation Ryu Moumou not hear mention of $ 100,000. ‘

    but Educational Technology Division Ministry of Culture first appeared in the Meanwhile, Chen Moumou bidding as the Office of Jiangsu Province, member of the expert group, has been involved in or independent supervision of the project includes Yi Huai Expressway, Beijing-Fuzhou Highway Xuzhou East Loop Copper Mountain segment, through Kai Expressway, Nanjing Riverside Avenue and other projects.

    he is the Moumou,Miu Miu Sandals Baby nurses at the hospital was fa, please help Chen to undertake the operation of a new library construction in Nanjing and hydropower equipment installation, as part of its future projects in the construction area signs and promised to give his

    he is the After thinking, Moumou Jo made contact with the initiative,moncler for cheap, suggesting that the evaluation Ryu received remuneration.

  98. WASHINGTON married as only three months, Zhang Taotao also being submerged amid the sweet marrying and pregnant wife,merely waded out, leaving only a amended to make this cozy 28-year-old guy fell into a painful rustic abyss.
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    2010 January 2 we got marital among the marriage license aboard the road, she said: ‘I know you The idea your home ambition think I am a academy student, I am shocking Daibu Zhu within your kin you anxiety I ambition be with you amongst thick and thin. ‘listening to her words, I was feeling especially incited and especially joyful
    Although the marriage
    spent 80,mens moncler jackets,000 yuan, which alone spent over 50,000 aboard the bride cost Weiyuan the money in our rural districts namely never a small value,forever these years I am working out a cent cent to saved up, and even some of it namely lent from relatives,moncler 2011,but even so, I tell things intricate along her parents. But for her, I can do has been done. marriage, I took her hand for hub of the baby, the rustic lacking condition,merely as long as she wanted to eat anything, I want give her apt buy We return to Lanzhou to work rented a house surrounded Yantan I work apt the site work she namely also a restaurant apt work to work I have paint skills,procure surplus than 2000 greenbacks a month. Every daytime I live frugally, eat the cheapest food occasionally with two buns ambition be experienced to pass the daytime she was pregnant, I was fearful she was exhausted let her vacation by household I can earn apt support a kin however work exhausted But I can feel the family climate of work I feel quite satisfied. wandering of these years, I finally have a kin

    but did never last long, March 15, the morning I go apt go she also agreeable a mini uncommon at always can I come back along night while people work apt see the dormitory namely empty her cosmetics,clothes are gone, leaving only a memo that read: ‘I’m back where I come, this namely my dream do not come to me, have done our fate ‘. I was on the Mongolia, 9 users spontaneous street to get quilt homeless meal, can never think of her reason as leaving. his wife, still no news

    find from 15 that day I train and bus stations reserve a few days and nights full, did never discern her shadow only disappointment. Sometimes I Yantan, only a little clue because to hear immediately went apt the peace which ten days antecedent Lanzhou City, ga nook La I have traveled,occasionally it is not strength, and sat aboard the layer recess take a breath,afterward continue non-stop apt find the

    associate who aided me find,whereas folk do not money,but more than 40 folk apt eat,apt drink Yeah,Nike Free 5.0 Men Paralysis of the city girl to accompany her boyfriend back to, these days I spent accessory than four,000 greenbacks and I can only go lost,is not money, only apt Shangyitianban, some money and continue apt watch for among a big audience This center want be learned apt ferret out.
    only for alarm of missing children?

    had marital soon backward Zhang’s wife was pregnant,yet the young pair but never to the child for one contention Zhang Taotao tried apt leave the babe meantime 23-year-old wife,merely demands obliterated out,cheap asic tigers, the occasion is simple: she was shocking to have children meantime the stomach will hurt,merely also feeding, so do children.
    his wife’s disappearance, ,among addition apt bringing Zhang Taotao emotional damage,but also to the young man felt the humiliation of personality: a wife spent always their savings at kin he did never know how to face because of fatigue The old parents, his wife did never know the fate of unborn baby,yet he must be always this rankle aboard the floor.

  99. from the setup of our laws and regulations,ugg boots sales, the migrant workers in order to get compensation for occupational diseases will encounter many Under the current law,dsquared jeans sale, the normal procedures for occupational rights,Hermes Paris Bombay Bags 50, Shunshundangdang need 484 days to go down, including the diagnosis of occupational disease, disability identification, recovery, and many other aspects of the business. And as long as any part of a little mistake, such as business exclusions, time can be greatly elongated. If you take legal procedures, Zhang said, the access to his own, the rights have been the longest 13 years.

    so-called He said that China’s 600,000 pneumoconiosis patients, he was

    standing on end of year 2009, Zhang recalled more than two years over rights of bitterness, I feel the most pain is not suffering from pneumoconiosis, nor is it can be fair and equitable treatment in the heart was Biequ. Many of his channels and the channels have gone, dead, it can not just take extreme behavior,louboutin sale,

    Zhang Chao 0 But this, Zhang Chao is far from satisfied. His experience with their own rights and other occupational diseases suffered by the experience of migrant workers that occupational rights is difficult in the enterprise unwilling to cooperate, To this end, Zhang Chao called for, be sure to businesses as this is not the behavior and obstructing the legal rights of workers bound to increase the employer’s control.

    Core Tip: of pneumoconiosis and take This is almost like a tragic act of self-mutilation of a heavy bomb, would lie difficult for occupational rights of migrant workers in front of many obstacles ripped a hole in the eyes of the whole society will have gathered in occupational disease prevention and the compensation.

    Zhang Chao Zhang Chao told reporters that so far he has received more than 200 migrant workers across the country sent letters letters. Zhang said, the letter linked to the phone, he usually return phone calls, do not leave the phone, he would reply. Some people complain letter, someone for help, also expressed envy. Zhang said, the comparison he was exposed to a lot of migrant workers, brothers, that he regarded the midst of sadness, after all, the success of the rights, well get more than 60 million in damages, social justice has also been treated. But then again,

    August, the State Administration of Work Safety, Ministry of Health,discount christian louboutin,burberry online store Rural teachers stick to the mountains every day boating ch, Human Resources and Social Security, the ACFTU jointly issued the treatment of high toxic hazard special action. Released a new version of

    Zhang Chao’s friends and relatives gave him a lot of advice, that the compensation money anyway, he has got, the pain has been treated, would not have in the media However, Zhang Chao disagree, he said: solution, that’s too much waste, not worth it.

    Video: Henan migrant workers in open-chest lung examination Zhang Chao awarded more than 60 million Source: Dragon TV one of the characters. He said all of his concerns is the concern of the entire group of migrant workers, is concerned about the situation of migrant workers. Since the words he is Zhang Chao said he will do his best to publicize and popularize the knowledge of occupational disease prevention, the other to do their best to help migrant workers suffering from occupational diseases friends.

    talk about rights: business, but do not obstruct the identification of occupational diseases liable, this situation must be changed!

    Improvement in lung Zhang Chao blowing balloons. He told reporters, after a nursing home in Beidaihe in October lung lavage, his body to restore a lot. (Yuan Xiaobing photo)
    Although the (Yu Maojun photo)

    talk about the future: will do our best to help more migrant workers suffering from occupational diseases

    according to state regulations, the identification of occupational diseases carried by the local prevention of occupational diseases, but requires employers to issue relevant certificates. As the company does not match, Zhang Chao on February 7 this year, close to the new municipal authorities for help. In May, the new city position by the Complaints Bureau of Zhengzhou City staff for their anti-identification. May 25 post of anti issued by Zhengzhou, the diagnosis proved that the result is To find out their condition, June 22, Zhang Chao requirements thoracotomy despite doctors discouraged. The results opened the chest, the doctor discovered a lot of dust on his lungs, visible. Zheng Zhang super freshman Affiliated issued for the In September, he signed with the original compensation agreement,abercrombie fitch outlet 530(), to get more than 60 million in damages. Liability for negligence of this event were handled according to the law.

    Zhang Chao As long as able to solve the problem, as long as can get fair treatment.

    June 2004 to October 2007, Zhang Chao in the new city to work a wear-resistant materials Co., Ltd.,Hermes Birkin Bags, has worked odd jobs, broken, open press and other harmful types of work, and thus suffering from pneumoconiosis. Beijing Union Medical College Hospital, Chaoyang Hospital, Capital Medical University, Peking University Third Hospital, and other authoritative hospital, doctors thought he had the occupational diseases – pneumoconiosis.

    Henan migrant workers in open-chest lung examination Zhang Chao awarded more than 60 million Source: Dragon TV

    Zhang said, the migrant workers are vulnerable in any part of a rights may not exceed the resistance encountered in his image to be compared to the Back to the also broke out in other ways.

    from October this year, in Beidaihe Sanatorium of the lungs after a lavage, Zhang Chao’s body to restore a lot, Speaking of New Year’s plan, Zhang said, the situation in the body allows, he went out to do something after the Spring Festival to consider a small business, And most of the energy, Zhang Chao decided on pneumoconiosis of publicity and popularization of scientific knowledge on.

    about the law: the normal process of law required 484 days to go down, a lot of work-related injuries have become

  100. [thread] ,Accused of illegally built villas occupying green space have not been removed within the time limit


    see the menacing front of the

    play recreation center, Don Juan to restrain his excitement, called in a relative, disguised as Close relatives in the name of the girl after she is confirmed missing for nearly three months of Lele.

    11-year-old girl was brutally raped and subsequently abducted Pianzhi Leisure Centre prostitution. Mother Dunshou ten days finally find out the girl’s whereabouts, but when she told the police for help, come to deal with the police failed to take immediate and effective measures.

    order not to arouse his suspicions, the middle daughter was worried about the transfer, she was selected in the recreation center across from the 4th floor of a building Every day passed, and she looked at a lot of Guys and Dolls at the door come and go figure, how she hoped her daughter did not fall into this dangerous place, and how I wish now to find her daughter.

    girl disappeared after leaving a note

    fire 25 days, just a casual Detention center boss Qin star one. Wei Xiaohui even to help pass the letter, making the inside and outside the exchange, hindered justice.

    recreation center still in business after filing


    Leisure House children in the love Liu Lingling district recreation center,, you go and see it! of hope. She found that on the evening recreation center, but also nothing Dundao middle of the night.

    mother sued provincial and municipal levels caused by public security organs attach importance to

    was rescued two months after the filing

    11-year-old girl forced into prostitution continued: 2 mothers were applied death penalty protest

    are forced into prostitution hundred times

    6 main suspect was a criminal investigation

    Don Juan said that when she first phone call the Yongzhou Lingling District Public Security Bureau is responsible for the disappearance of her daughter’s criminal investigation team squadron leader Yang Moumou.

    public security organs at the provincial and municipal levels of direct intervention, Lele’s case quickly into the normal channels, Wing City Public Security Bureau immediately set up a task force investigation into the case. Soon, involved in the case of the six main suspects Zhou Junhui, Qin Xing, Chen Gang, Run Liu, Jiang Junjun, Lan Xiao Qiang is on file for investigation.

    daughter rescued the next morning, Don Juan went to Lingling District Public Security Sub Bureau to find Yang Moumou filing requirements. Don Juan said: report, the answer is the same: every day to find Yang Moumou branch, always available to answer the same. In her insistence, January 4, finally someone to the mother and child are taking note. January 5, formalized.

    in March


    2007 2 17,miumiu 2010, John Liu W City Public Security Bureau has made a .

    daughter finally home can be the missing daughter of three-month period suffered inhuman torture for Don Juan pains, her daughter is determined to have a say.

    2006 10 1 21:00, placed stalls Don Juan and her husband to shut the shop back home and found his 10-year-old daughter Lele did not come back, the couple went looking for a night to no avail. The next morning, when the couple went round and round, when anxious, Lele has their own home. Face of the parents asked, she said:

    indictment of the way

    Lele saw my mother does not seem much reaction,moncler prezzi piumini, eyes still staring at the police,classic tall ugg boots Marriage because her husband found his wife filed for div, looking at her mother, until she got home safely, she was throwing himself on his mother’s arms, tears.


    successive days of the squat,tiger asics shoes, in order to find the daughter of Don Juan said that she risked exhausted all possible means, quietly entered, and see garbage.

    but Don Juan and unmoved. Work pays off, finally at 17:00 on December 30 o’clock, saw a Don Juan who resembles his daughter’s eyes dull corner of the sofa sitting recreation center.


    In order to find her daughter, she began to expand the scope of tracing, the missing person or posted to the Guangxi, Guangdong and other places … …

    Provincial Public Security Bureau was informed that the case and considerable attention, and made punished according to law,

    local police set up a task force to conduct a thorough investigation

    but found her mother carefully looked blankly, his arm still hurt, it took her to the hospital for a check, did not check out what was wrong. While Tang Juanfu woman hanging in the heart just to be put down when the accident took place. The afternoon of October 3,asics footwear, Don Juan has gone home to find Lele, a note left on the table, wrote: Mom, I’ll be back, I will come back … … Later,moncler stores Man convicted of stabbing a knife e, she and her husband and family friends and relatives searched the local bus and railway stations and streets, but did not find her daughter’s whereabouts. In desperation they are to the local police.


    Le Don Juan with a nightmare about life in just three months time, she just turned 11-year-old beaten, threatened, forced into prostitution under duress more than a hundred times the size of hotels throughout the city forever, and once also by the four men gang-raped for up to 5 hours.

  101. According to prosecutor accused , at 6:00 on February 21 2009 or so ,moncler vest men Man serving time for the revenge killing his wife was molested, 34 -year-old Cao Xiangyang Wu proposed to his girlfriend to go with a friend’s house in Cao guest , , Cao Xiangyang refused , the two end trivial quarrel . Due to emotional excitement , Cao tightly pinching his girlfriend’s neck , to the Wu death. Armed Police Hospital located in the incident near the rental period . The next day, Cao send text messages to Wu ‘s father , let him come to Guangzhou for her daughter to remove it.

    yesterday , Cao Xiangyang ‘s lawyers argued that because the pressure was too large to make these things. At present, the case is still pending .

    and two days before the incident ,nimbus asics Judge bribery 140,000 prison confession greed and corruption as th, talk to the boss to find Cao Xiangyang , , particularly poor attitude . Cao suspected to have had friction with his boss in front of Zhang playing in a small report. In strangled his girlfriend after a murder has been saddled Cao Xiangyang think they would die at 23, the morning drive to Zhang ‘s home , will be ready to go to Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport, Zhang knocked down . Then , miumiu,asics gel kayano 16 After the thief brandished a knife and chopped plainclothes, carrying the pre-prepared petrol , , pour in the oil section of Baiyun Airport Expressway self-immolation , after the person rescued ,, taken to hospital . March 9 , Cao Xiangyang in the hospital due to intentional homicide was arrested .

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    city leaders highly concerned about this issue ,abercrombie and fitch clearance 9,air jordan sandals, Zhao Wen ,griffey shoes, vice mayor of Shanghai Municipal Tourism Administration asked earnestly urge the parties concerned the aftermath of the injured disposal , closely following the development , and timely reporting of relevant information. Meanwhile, the Municipal Bureau of Tourism once again requested to inform the city of tourism enterprises , urged all enterprises to effectively put safety first, always concerned about the safety of visitors , remain vigilant. Municipal Bureau of Tourism will again in the near future in conjunction with relevant parties, the city’s various tourist attractions , points of the safety of recreational facilities and equipment for serious investigation to find the security risks ,ebay karen millen dresses ,karen millen red coat, solve the suspected problem .

    after the accident , Chase Travel and Dongping Forest Park immediately launched emergency response plans, organizers soon sent to the 10 visitors Chongming County Central Hospital . It is understood that there are three people injured in the fracture , one of whom has been transferred to Long Hospital , and the remaining 7 per capita for the skin injury .

    LONDON reporter Sangyi

    November 15, reports: Reporters from the from the Shanghai Municipal Tourism Bureau,salvatore ferragamo handbags sale 16(), at 15 am today , Huangpu District, Chase trip travel in the organization Le Royal Meridien Hotel Huangpu District 199 staff to go to Chongming a day tour , the level in Chongming forest Park ride car park sightseeing vehicle rollover accident occurred . Of the accident 10 people were injured, including nine tourists , an area guide .

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    It was learned that there are three of the tour bus ( 60 passenger capacity ) , traffic to the Dongping Forest Park, a downhill turn the mouth oblique , the last one car rollover occurs ,louboutin shoes discount, the resulting 10 people were injured.

  103. fight result is: Wolf father of four children, the oldest and second oldest through the third year of the fourth eldest, targeting the Central Conservatory of Music.

    examination system is not part of it with the times? Also, from my entrance to my kids college entrance examination, the twenty years, there have been improvements to and fro the new policy, the state education has taken great care of.

    Xiaoxiang Morning: You are business executives, the book sells well you do not care, why are you so willing to talk about your parenting through it? You are showing off it?

    Xiaoxiang Morning: exam-oriented education is not your negative emotions?

    [will be lost, will not find the right direction.

    Xiaoxiang Morning: how do you set the rules to the children?

    However, although the lead vocal opposition, but the wolf father insisted that he is

    course, there are cases of failure, that is life. You reap what you melon, sown, the key block is not a good way to see the final analysis, how much the parents. This problem can not turn to see, can not say what the parents want their children, resulting in a larger social pressure.

    Is it only on the university to be successful?

    Xiaobai You: Not necessary, ordinary people are at this level on the line.

    Xiaoxiang Morning: Did not you say,

    Xiaoxiang Morning: set the rules of education, this is your own way, or reading, ask the experts?

    on my kids is the best kindergarten, best school, best high school. Son was in high school,cheap ralph lauren, I think his level of moral full compliance with the requirements of China’s top universities, we must read on liberal arts university.

    Xiaobai You (microblogging), Hong Kong businessman. Recently, he published a book about their child-rearing by, praised the People it with

    Xiaobai You: botanist than flowers grown, that is to the university through the education system resulting from. Longping did not get planted fields, Siguang child never played rock. Students with physical and moral, and not to hobby-based. Plaything inevitably despondent.

    Xiaobai You: no. They will not raise any questions to the teacher. I asked them to respect the teacher: day as a teacher, his own father. I never see the children work, fully convinced the school. If my opinion is not with the teacher, he listen to whom? As long as you maintain the results of the first five, I would not care you.

    in many media reports, the wolf dad is such a party, with pocket money, can not have a hobby, not challenge parental authority; mistakes inevitable beating, sore and play more important.

    Video: corporal punishment in education with his father four children three generations into the North Source: Sina podcast

    Xiaobai You: This can not blame the parents. Every parent wants their children to become their own best minds of the people. Some want to be Yao Ming, as Lang Lang did. I, like happens to like Xiao Yao Qian did. Since there is this desire, then move in this direction.

    Xiaoxiang Morning: Many parents will be given to the children the rules, but it will be soft-hearted implementation.

    Xiaobai You: the child is a minor, I have an obligation and responsibility,air jordan 13 high heels 12, has the power to bundle him. 18 years of age I do not care, but 18 years ago, he was not full of people, mainly small animal, when, after 18 years of age a little more social. Children’s education is a system. As he grew older, I will change. I set the rules to them, repair the highway, as long as he on the highway, it must walk on. As for how to go, speed, direction, that is their own business.

    media wolf dad summed up the educational experience:

    18 years of age I do not care, but 18 years ago, he was not full of people, mainly small animal, when, after 18 years of age a little more than social . Children’s education is a system. As he grew older, I will change. I set the rules to them,mens rolex watch, repair the highway, as long as he on the highway, it must walk on. As for how to go, speed, direction, that is their own business. – Wolf dad Xiaobai You

    Xiaobai You: that is, emotional parents, is not rational parents, the parents should be changed. Will be a good rule, I will perform. Let them know early age his father’s dignity, his father is never acts, never correct. I hit a child, he can not cry, a cry is cry foul. Once on shore, he went to my mother, how to cry, I do not care. That is his way to communicate with her mother. Not all play, but not to fight not.

    at home, the wolf and the father is the authority of the center. The living room sofa pendulum method, the image reflect this: the coffee table as the center, Xiaobai You sit theme, is a single sofa, opposite the TV; theme on both sides, is two couches, a long left point, sitting three daughters, his wife and eldest son of the right to sit Xiao Xiao Yao. to play, he set the rules prior to the children, once breached, will be punished. Text, graph / reporter Tan Jun Beijing reports

    Xiaoxiang Morning: children given so many rules, you yourself? Life is very principles?

    Xiaobai You: the child a half, I began to think the rules. Rules to be fully quantified. Such as 8 years old smashed the glass, playing 5 under. I believe that the quantitative, must be quantifiable, such as the rules given to the 11-year-old, 12th birthday the day before compliance can also (by playing the way) to change. Fortunately, the rules should already be there, the child’s thinking is necessary to clamp down early in the morning.

    Xiaobai You: First of all, children are not psychologically prepared, do not beat him. Let the children know that playing is because he violated the rules. Secondly, absolutely no hand to play. Physical conflict between each other is the most hurtful. So I chose to use the cane, which is the feather duster, resilient, flexible, not to hurt the injured flesh bones, then let him feel the pain. This is a special punishment tool, absolutely no other. Third, do not say the child can not hear, do not speak the language excessive foul language, marketplace, then swelling of the liver.

    Xiaoxiang Morning: Do you think kids do not need friends, students go home, to understand the student’s academic performance, acts as an office. With the standards of this child, he will lose a talented friend?

    Xiaobai You: home rule, with the company rules and social rules are different. Home rule has family in which company rules for certain interests, social rules are rigid.

    Xiaobai You: education, psychology, physiology,nike dunk heels , experts say, and I have seen a lot of this book. In addition, children from primary to high school, every principal, teacher, and I keep telling them to maintain communication. But I never asked in the end how to teach children. I will take the last child, I left the middle section of the child with the teacher, said the session, and then the kids go, I talk to a teacher exchange. Communicate with the teacher’s core content, will not let the children know. Because of the prestige of teachers and parents will drop, the child would be harmed. Do not take vulnerable people to do experiments.

    Some have questioned the wolf Dad Education is a

    Xiaobai You: bring a child into the prairie, he lost, would not find the right direction. As to a youth into a virgin forest, he will be a threat to survival, if not through the special skills, he will be mosquitoes dead three days, two seconds bitten by a snake dead, even ants will he divided out. Parents are guardians, to understand the

    [(microblogging): Why must we fight people?

    Xiaoxiang Morning: children with you too examination-oriented education to reflect the problem?

    wolf dad Xiaobai You

    Xiaobai You: How to lose? Why must we make friends with it genius?

    Xiaoxiang Morning: You also said that if the child in a foreign country, and will not be so harsh on them, it will not force them on the North, but now the domestic competition is fierce. Do not you think this tension, intense, that is parents like you force it?

    Xiaoxiang Morning Post: Your child will be memories of a childhood of suffering do?

    [exam-oriented education]

    Xiaobai You: 12 years ago, corporal punishment is necessary, feasible, because he does not form a complete values. Some experts say, to keep the child reasonable. I said, children three years old, do not eat, how to say do not eat, do you try? In addition to playing you can think of way? Experts say he would be hungry meal, can not play. Between hunger and fight, you say what does not? – Can not zoom in this fight, there are ways of playing.

    social problems, I usually will communicate with them, according to the degree that they can continue with the acceptance of their analysis. Foshan 18 passers such as the recent events. I told them to analyze the 18 What is the background of life of individuals, their behavior by thinking of the decision. This thing definitely wrong, but who’s fault can not tell, boldly said, 18 people are right. If you, would you? Leaving them thinking that this thing which is wrong?

    Xiaobai You: Over the years, the examination system has been extended. China over a billion people, too much competition. What is more equitable than the exam-oriented education? Do not criticize, to adapt to it. School to teach, just by teaching to. Because the bridge is so repair, must be too. Looking back,karen miller sale 9 2,burberry leather, personalized answer, you can have. If the syllabus says the ball is round, you will remember is round. Looking back, there is no football oval, square, and your own to study ah.

    microblogging Recommended | today’s hot microblogging (edit: SN021)

    Xiaoxiang Morning News: Why did it have to repair the highway, instead of providing a prairie?

    Xiaoxiang Morning: Since he is not guaranteed not make mistakes, why are so many rules require that children be?

    Xiaobai You: Olympic champion only one, but we are in the contention. You can take the runner-up, but we will always applaud for the championship. Some places will give the Olympic Games last applause, but this is only an incentive.

    Xiaoxiang Morning News: What do you specifically how to fight?

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    Xiaobai You: children in the education area,karen millen australia, at home, I never make mistakes, which is self-discipline. I also made mistakes on the outside, I have three days to play mahjong.

    Xiaobai You: to share with parents, many parents have this kind of success the child will develop it, I did get in a lot on educating the children happy, to see them grow. Such as Xiao Yao, after three years of study at the university, I think he’s thinking, the mind more than me. I just rule of thumb, Yilaomailao. Not show off … well, even showing off is worth it … … to show off. You have a beautiful hair you want to flaunt it, not to mention or their children.

    Xiaobai You: I do not think, because in addition to playing, I even told them many things done. I have asked of life, I told the kids to the kitchen to teach them how to steam a fish, it is a kind of exchange. Xiao Yao, a person can now do a table of food. Have to travel, we chat in the car, I will put the opera, a one to teach them to sing. I have very good driving skills, drove them to Baiyun Mountain,burberry outlet shop, take forty to fifty curved mountain drive, see what they pushed it, pushed it about as well as down, I do not hit the steering wheel, see the four children In that scream, which is a form of communication, their laughter rippling out, what is a silver bell-like laughter … I think they are happy.

    Xiaoxiang Morning: You are not allowed to have children extracurricular activities, once the home of the plant Xiao Yao thrown into the trash. Will this ruin a future botanist?

    Xiaoxiang Morning: are you training your children to be so unruly, they will come to the community will meet a lot of confusion? Example, many do not follow the rules to do things.