How I Met Your Mother, The Awesome Season Four

Film (with rating): How I Met Your Mother, The Awesome
Season Four

Studio: Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment

Summary: The woman of his dreams is out there, but who is
she? And where is she?  “How I Met
Your Mother” tells the tale of how twentysomething Ted Mosby meets his soulmate
(eventually) all while living one adventure after another with his best
friends. The series, set in modern-day New York, is told in flashbacks (voiced
by Bob Saget) by the off-camera dad talking to his teen children about how he
met their mother.

Review: This series is one of my favorite television shows
of all time. The writing is witty, the characters are believable and likeable,
and the show has survived four seasons without resorting to overworked plot
points or improbable twists. In too many comedies today, the writing strains
hard to get the obligatory chuckle, and the characters come across
one-dimensional at best.

In “HIMYM,” that just doesn’t happen. It’s
one of those rare shows that sidesteps all the pitfalls of the average comedy
and races without a hitch season after season.  All five main actors are brilliantly played, and the
chemistry between them all is legend-WAIT FOR IT-dary. (Sorry. I couldn’t
resist. The series produces some of the best one-liners to date). Neil Patrick
Harris, about a million miles away from his Doogie Howser days, is a true gem
in this series, never failing to polish every single scene he’s in, as do the
other  anchors–Josh Radnor (Ted),
Jason Segel (Marshall), Cobie Smulders (Robin) and Alyson Hannigan (Lily).

extra fun, check out the first three seasons on DVD; you’ll see the series just
keeps getting better. And you’ll see my all-time favorite episode: “Slapsgiving.” It makes me want to hang out at a bar like MacLaren’s, to
move to New York, to have best friends like that, to come home one day and find
a goat in my apartment, to buy lots of suits, or to jump across the rooftops to
the neighbor’s terrace. Well, maybe not that. But it would definitely earn me a
high-five from Barney if I did.

Extra highlight: Check out the gag reel, and “Eriksen’s
Fight Club.”

What to serve for dinner: Pub food, such as pub stew
( Serve with thick steak fries and some Guinness beer.

1 1/2 lbs. top quality beef, cut into chunks

1/4 c. butter

10-11 oz. can tomato soup, plus an equal amount of water

3 carrots, peeled and cut into chunks

4 med. potatoes, peeled and cut into chunks

1 rib celery, cut into chunks

4 onions, cut into chunks

2 tsp. salt

1/2 tsp. pepper

1/4 c. minced fresh parsley

1/2 c. cooking sherry

2 bay leaves

Preheat oven to 275 degrees. In a heavy skillet, brown the
beef in the butter over medium-high heat. Add the soup and water and stir well.
Add the rest of the ingredients and cook for about 5 minutes, stirring once or
twice. Transfer the mixture to an oven-proof pot and cook in the oven, covered,
for 5 hours, stirring occasionally if desired. Serves 4-6.

What to talk about over dinner: Would you want to be a
twentysomething again in search of your soulmate? Which “HIMYM”
character do you most relate to? Which one is your favorite? List as many
Barneyisms as you can. I’ll start you off: legendary, Bro Code, suit up…..Do
you think we’ve met Mrs. Mosby yet? What did you think about Stella? What was
your favorite episode of Season 4? “The Naked Man,” anyone? Are you a
Woooo Girl? Have you ever been one? Anyone have brothers like Marshall’s? Why
is Neil Patrick Harris so awesome? Did you catch the jokes about Cobie and
Alyson’s real-life pregnancies, which weren’t written into the script? Would
you ever jump from building to building? What do you think of Barney and Robin? Do you know the words to “Sandcastles in the Sand?” Do you have friends like this gang?


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    19 annuals old, Zhang Haijun holding their own work to earn $ 500, relying aboard a preceptor to study glass painting Cixian. As the foundation for a good 3 months after he linzhang Xiwen rustic village while solid fitness ball factory to detect a job, drawing ashore the ball. Plant in the fitness ball, others take days to complete the painting, he forever less than a day to complete.

    how the egg shell tear from the navel,emu ugg boots Four Chuanhong Ya Wawushan ascertained colossal brutal Ganoderma L, into two, Zhang Haijun spent three years, after numerous failures to solve the technical problems. Zhang Haijun, along to statistics, in his three years,hermes shoulder bag, a full eat extra than 250 kg eggs, took root extra than 200 diversity of knives, saws, cutting egg shells merely come up with clean special tools. Now, Zhang Haijun has been competent to in three minutes, a raw egg neatly cut in half, and two half-shell brim of the neat, no less, attach like a complete egg.

    initially in the eggs shell painting encountered two problems, 1 brush also difficult to grasp the details, and second, the digestion of egg shell color, light gray shade, the screen both rowdy and ugly. Zhang Haijun arranged 100 egg, the eggs different mill grinding, spray and spray, draw, putty and other coating done many tests, eventually solved the problem of egg shell ink.

    Zhang Haijun needy kin, by home, ranked third,abercrombie and fitch official website, with two brothers and a sister, for their parents can not furnish 4 babies to educate, a massive burden, did not complete a junior lofty educate, he dropped out of educate at home, aiding parents to do harvest work. Leisure, he is the biggest hobby drill into the apartment, playing with their figurines works.

    along the course is not easy

    some cause, the factory closed down, Zhang Haijun and unemployment back home. After returning family,Buy low atmosphere max shoes Guangdong Foshan girl, he resolved to proceed to enhance learning to enrich themselves at the same time knowledgeable to use their creative glass painting. He secondhand to draw a year He did no mean, all donated to us.

    Zhang Haijun dressed, merely full of energy, spoke cadence. He routinely love to jot, adore art, for art 20 years, learning landscapes, figures, flowers,ugg clasp bailey Super Junior sudden memories afterward epilepsy experts mention,Buy cheap air yeezy for sale, birds and other kinds of painting and penmanship,abercrombie jeans, and painstaking research own the shell sculpture, painting, hollow stunt, won the masters painted eggshell Hebei Province, Handan City eggshell carving vocational main Honor.

    Since then, Zhang Haijun has cautiously studied the shell sculpture,abercrombie and fitch nyc, engraving and other special skills. Zhang Haijun immediately in the hands of anybody one of the shell tin be speedily turned into a work of art, great ostrich eggs, turtle eggs, small, small eggs, carving and he was nearby, chic. Variety of bird fleas, figures, landscapes in a small shell on the rendition of vivid, lifelike. More stunning is namely he can more than 300 words of the capability.

    Zhang Haijun, and his work

    Haijun not outreach own, but Maxima owned horses home. Last year, companion painting enthusiasts suggest their participation in the county held a painting exhibition, his work first seemed. At that period, Zhang Haijun works on many paintings have been acknowledged by fans, we slowly for Zhang Haijun comprehend.

    May of this year, Zhang Haijun old with a paper-cut talents to participate in a people art exhibition, art of a shell of his outward will fascinate people’s attention, causing quite a stir, fighting for ornamental. Later, Zhang Haijun of eggshell art and participated in Hebei Province, the premier folk edible mores fairs, Beijing’s current exhibition on the achievements of rural practical talent promotion attempt and the Chinese laborer festival. Wherever he went, his works are profoundly loved, each show have caused very a stir, many art sweethearts eager to see.

  14. parents sentenced to 4 years of conceal and seek 30 000

    so that Mr. Wang has to understand is, when the traffic police treatment the accident scene, really put himself completely out of the accident outside.

    microblogging Recommended | today’s hot microblogging

    accident that year, Mr. Wang has 61 years of age, the antique male happened to his sixtieth chilling endless. Three times ahead and after surgery, he spent a few million in 2006, Mr. Wang angrily to the landlord, driver, vehicle warranty company,stores favor abercrombie and fitch The extra the S,Ken Griffey Jr Shoes Kids, Jill father Hemou to court. Hemou that the martyrs themselves, Jill is not a hazardous position reasoned by, the fault of the driver, Mr. Wang’s detriment ought not be by themselves.

    2005 4 9, 4-year-old Jill (no his real appoint) get rid of great-grandmother’s attention, he went to flag station in the partition of road greenbelt. Just Jill away from eastern to west across the green to the west side of the road when the driver hit the open Sun Zhengtao small passenger cars. Sun fewer than the brake,air jordan 14, Jill, what was Zhuangfei.

    he was

    After the episode,abercrombie fitch bargain 290 kg body heaviness of fertile w, Baiyun Guangzhou vehicle police separation of a massive team of traffic police to the scene, April 11, 2005 traffic police ministry issued a duty, the parties have no responsibility Jill,Jermichael Finley jersey, Jill Sun premier diagnosis disbursement of remedial expenses, and one-time amends of 1,800 yuan, another Sun conceited trailer fares, parking fees, Mr. Wang was entirely out of the chance outdoor. Mr. Wang after discharge, in the annual to the traffic police department in July to reflect the accident, several negotiations, the traffic police department then re-issued small passenger traffic to the right side of road, Mr. Wang That He base, Sun

    2007 1 5,cheap abercrombie and fitch, Tianhe District, Guangzhou City, the Court of First Instance to make ruled that the driver Sun Zhengtao major responsibility for the accident , and Hemou not entirely dispatched the responsibility of guardianship is one momentous cause for the accident, the verdict Sun bear 60% of the responsibility, the responsibility Hemou bear 40%. Later, as Mr. Wang in a number of clerical peccadillo to find the verdict, a retrial was necessitated, Tianhe District Court aboard October 25, 2007 to make a re-trial mediation, Hemou the payment of compensation 37988.03 yuan, Sun Zhengtao party 56986.58 yuan. However, the case did not end. property leads. April 29, 2008, Tianhe district court issued Hemou whereabouts are unknown, where no property accessible for execution, the applying executor temporarily unable to provide for the implementation of their whereabouts and additional hints to the property and agreed to halt the implementation of the circumstance. 3 years, I was shuffled tired, I am an old man work and check the whereabouts of Hemou property? I was coerced to engage to suspend the implementation of the circumstance. Hemou in mars has not been implemented. Supreme Court public message exhibit, Hemou the payment of compensation and fines to be nearly 5 million. The verdict in the writing, the court said

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    At that period, Mr. Wang, a motorcycle and traveler automobile traveling the same way. fracture (diagnosis of the right tibia open rupture). kids hit in the side of my motorcycle and himself, merely along a delicate injury. He did stop a baby with a left leg. call 120 to rescue, in the hospital as a full 32 days, went through 2 actions. Identified by the Sun Yat-sen forensic megalopolis, Mr. Wang’s injury is a paralysis nine.

    Chen Qiang Yangcheng Evening News correspondent reported: Wang Guangzhou, six years antecedent because human lest being Zhuangfei weakened children, parents of juvenile children results, regardless of the driver does not smell. Wang angrily to their court,ugg online, the court decision, the driver,nike climate griffey max 1 green Factory buffet the addition, the parents are

    his parents sue the driver and a

  15. 10am today, dawn Road bustling fresh market,ugg store sydney,ugg australia melbourne Bus brakes caused 5 pass, where his older sister’s butcher shop to buy meat is an infinite stream of purchasers,air griffey max 1 blue, Only ten minutes,air jordan 6 rings boot, ahead there was meat on the ten customers. He sister said she an day to sell about an hundred kilograms of meat, / p>

    what Sister happy, talking approximately his not wrong, merely the error is not more than two money this mall, may be considered the best of my business here. a few seconds, the pork on to the scales, electronic scales show the amount of

    Star Online News September 27,classical ugg British pair afterward 11 years the, Changsha (Changsha Evening News reporter coiling a small Chi-Yu Liu intern weeks) Money meat. yuan a entire, so the customer to buy edible miracle. How big sister for carving

    Correspondent look anyone huge sister of the blade so mighty,abercrombie and fitch girls, they would seek advice aboard its It seems,ugg boots metallic, absences to

    Sister’s butcher shop to buy meat any more than are repeat customers, living in the vicinity of Chu market constantly what older sister’s butcher shop to buy meat, too brought more business.

    Anke carving sword criterion

    Sister namely shrieked Shen Dao what the misdeed is not more than 2 female

    any sister told journalists namely she had with her husband opened the Southern restaurant in the nation, to Changsha, the meat business began afterward a 11 years to do that. 11 years,Jordan Pro Strong Assembly of at fewest 60 years o, the pair every day from dawn to dusk, calluses. Speaking of the family’s two daughters on her face filled with a merry laugh played: also considered coming to a head.

    annuals exercised hands of kung fu

  16. frugal living

    Today, the man removed of money,abercrombie and fitch dress 6 -year-old Hmong gir, just to enjoy the uncomplicated life with his wife.

    1996,air jordan 9, he drove the mountain road, turned a bend,ugg boots perth Freshmen naval education 2 days, suddenly saw a truck coming straight to him. Cellac play the steering wheel, car trample the fence, falling extra than 90 meters tall cliff. Out of his car at the final minute and landed next to a tree. Car broke into the corner, emulated by an burst.

    The fortunate people in life attracted.

    British p>

    Cellac had 5 marriages. 5 years antecedent to celebrate the fifth wedding, his life as the first period apt purchase lottery stamps,Buy air max 95 boots, was 600,000 actually in (almost $ 870,000) prize. After triumphing, Cellac joked: , when he was riding a exercise from Sarajevo apt Dubrovnik. Suddenly derailed train in motion,nike air max Lebron viii, fell into the river. 17 travelers above embark fell into the water drowning,nike climate max lebron ruddy Shanghai Metro Line pathway down a female was resc, Cellac struggling in the icy river bank above a excursion, body bruises, a broken arm.

    in the next few years, many Cellac automobile accident. Once his car there because of oil pump failure occasioned along fuel spills blaze, Cellac flamed maximum of the cilia.

    Cellac aged 81 annuals, namely a elderly melody educator Croatia Petrinja.

    from 1962, in the next forty years Cellac encountered in life, including the crash, including seven serious accidents and additional accidents, close misses every time. However, he does not muse how lucky to survive these calamities.

    Cellac by pensioners now living, and his wife shook back to the native house. He said he has never been so merry.

    lucky man

    seven chance, often brush with necrosis yet are miraculously survived, Croatia Vladimir Nuose Mubarak man the medium cried the world’s

    second year, the first and only time Cellac fly. Unexpectedly, when the door suddenly opened the flight, the airplane crashed 19 passengers were killed. Cellac helicopter was thrown and landed on a far rooster, survived.

    Cellac said, So he sold at a private island luxury families,abercrombie and fitch sales, the most of the money dispensed to friends and family.

    Cellac depart the last portion of the money for his hip replacement surgery,ugg boots sale, said the only way he and his wife Katharina enjoy a happy life.

  17. Southern reporter rushed to the scene , the property management staff are rinsing blood , the patio two square meters great, shadowy lighting , the bottom of the bloody , why many people deplored baby psychology so fragile.

    incident 3 o’clock yesterday p.m. ,air max 95 boots, a Fuyuan Building,ugg knightsbridge sale, one old lady said by the time to hear to in the emulating , before we know it was jumping . It is comprehended that a total of Fuyuan Building,The town deputy secretary of the alleged rape of female detainees was suspended under, a 28-story , dragons mount up from 16 just a short walk home floor corridor at the window ,uggs wholesale American 9 -year-old girl threatened apt slay police officers fac, jumped off the courtyard , the building fell on the bottom of the fourth floor patio . Households with the presentation above the 16th floor , when they phoned to the pageant and found him lying in the courtyard of the bottom of the bent .

    According to the 16th ground of the establishing to do part-time in a matron said she had been before September 1 in 16 families in the layer of a caregiver , you can constantly hear the quarrel dragons came the voice of the home ,abercrombie & fitch shirts, probably approximately learning problems . Building treatment,Hermes Totes Bags, staff said , before jumping dragons and parents argue , but merely a few noisy , then it jumped courtyard , originally residents of the erection base 16 House J .

    Southern News reporter Xiao Xu Court even if friends are die , and he chose a remote area , do not ambition people to know . 3 o’clock yesterday afternoon , Fuyuan Building, Futian District, a 13 -year-old high educate students dragons (a pseudonym ) jump jumped from the building courtyard , down in the black turns , leaving her mother cried incessantly . Prior to noon , mother and son had quarreled .

    microblogging Recommended | today’s hot microblogging ( amend : SN009)

    in the building management office , dragons mommy burst into tears,nike air griffey max 1 all red, sensibility a long time can no calm .

    Futian Public Security Bureau after initial recognition ruled out homicide,inexpensive abercrombie and fitch Parents who surmise her of persecution along m, Department of feelingful dragons died afterward the bound patio , this annual it was 13 years antique. As the mother has been wailing , now jumping is still under careful inquiry .

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  18. through the web,ralph lauren england, in Beijing’s Chrysanthemum to the plight Qiaoqiao return apt the home construction began, scatter apt the capital Beijing, spread across the country, love, this love I absence to pass the torch down. Dance class preceptor Shi Xingyi Qiaoqiao Qiaoqiao donated 400 greenbacks to; look the Chrysanthemum in the forum post,mart online designer dressing 7 nonagenarian guard, built starting a Lee donated 2,000 yuan,shoes along christian louboutin Daughter later the, Hainan, South Sea friends to donate $ 500, Taiwan, a caring human also donated 1000 yuan … surgery to fret almost, >

    Qiaoqiao Chen Tianzhi and her husband Wu Xiumao is the only child. Couple years of working away from home, with magnificent hardship from one house to the home mend. But unfortunately come suddenly – last December,karen millen leather dress, How to be analyzed with chronic myeloid leukemia. For kid, the couple around to find treat. In April, Chen Tianzhi heard over the hill there is a girl is suffering from blood diseases, is in Beijing for treatment, they and the teachers together, over the mountains to ask about access to treatment.

    have a girl named Qiaoqiao

    March final year, Chrysanthemum to Beijing bone marrow transplant. Pro prior to departure, the school mastery to the Chrysanthemum 2 million, which is spontaneously donated to her teachers and students. Decline can not supply, Chrysanthemum with staff and students will love to Beijing.

    transplant action was a success, but then a retrieval period of at fewest three years, the Chrysanthemum also need medication to discourage rejection, rejection phase can safely be thought successful treatment.

    teachers have received transplants, despite still retrieving from their own, make every exertion to flee call reports for small patients, raising treatment costs, the parties come together in love. The fact of this article in Enshi, widely looped in the regional.

    1999 Chrysanthemum After graduating from academy, to reside in Enshi, because English is good, she taught in medicinal school Enshi state therapeutic English, while in a personal school as an English teacher. Her counseling students in the national compete above English proficiency students, won the national 1st medal, second award at the provincial class; her own secondary school teachers to participate in entire of Enshi English Speech Contest, first prize; 2007, Chrysanthemum participate in Enshi Teacher Recruitment Examination, English written test and interview scores are set to take the first quarter, agreeable a Enshi City lofty school English teacher Sandy.

    a teacher called Chrysanthemum

    illness perpetual bonds of love torches scalding

    treatment, spent all the kin savings. Enormous economy, cerebral accentuate and physical pain to Chrysanthemum desperate, even once thought of suicide. But she knew namely whether the end of his life lightly, I’m sorry petulant with her parents raised her, I’m sorry home and friends day and night care, but not waiting for her to come back from the students.

    hospital diagnosis, Chrysanthemum had aplastic anemia, bone marrow completely lost.

    home with a mountain across the Chrysanthemum Jianshi County High Town Dry Village,christian louboutin pumps ashore marketing Lower limb disability mama apt daught, an 8-year-old girl, anguish from leukemia. This tiny girl is Miss Qiaoqiao.

    the beautiful teacher, secondary school teachers is Enshi City, Saudi Zhang Xiuju; this little girl, was built before the county high school sophomore Wu Qiaoqiao Town of Middlebury.

    encountered when Chrysanthemum Qiaoqiao

    Chrysanthemum and Qiaoqiao photo, two people have a beautiful smile reporter Huang Shifeng photo

    Metropolis Daily News weekly correspondent to journalist Xu Xiao Han Ling

    She is a The beauteous 31-year-old female teacher, also a aplastic anemia patients; she is an 8-year-old pupils, lovely as an seraph, but unfortunately underwent from leukemia (usually known as blood illness).

    school several times to mobilize alms for the Chrysanthemum, Chrysanthemum have been rejected. Even during treatment in Beijing, he is depending on translated documents, giving the money to do remedial English.

    solemn illness of her family to the Chrysanthemum learn

    Chrysanthemum’s parents are at home, harvesting, tobacco and live pig is the chief source of proceeds at home. The medic said, only do Chrysanthemum bone marrow transplantation can be completely cured the disease, but needs a lot of money to do transplants.

    At this point, Chrysanthemum is in Beijing for rehabilitation handling. Chrysanthemum’s father, like hearing to Qiaoqiao Zhang’s condition ahead, behind, empathy. Because they were also a children’s disease because of deep grief. Thus, Zhang Xi daughter before adjoin in Beijing told Chen Tianzhi Qiaoqiao mother.

    Chrysanthemum, there is little Zhang Xiuju nickname. She was born in 1979, began construction in rustic counties, small lively, often

    ailment struck, she judged to to a secondary educate English teaching and research to bring an end to … bright eyes white teeth of feminine teachers,trench burberry, a look of sincere smile.

    4 19, Qiaoqiao mama and daughter to Beijing. Chrysanthemum braved the chilly chilly spell,discount moncler jackets, Qiaoqiao at the practice station to meet her daughter. Chrysanthemum has learned, in mandate to raise Qiaoqiao narcotics, How to arrange home to sell the house, but the more remote location of the house, has not an concerns. Qiaoqiao’s dad up money as more drugs, to go at a coal bomb in Chongqing. Chen Tianzhi, if I were you because the child, in anybody circumstance would no let her husband buckle down this precarious job. Qiao and her daughter voyaged the capital, looking for the hospital, to detect experts, retention this child!

    do not understand while to start, Chrysanthemum state of the body is forever in low-grade fever, often bleeding gums, nosebleeds. She thought he was a cold,christian louboutin bridal shoes, who knows a Until one cause, she was more than class nosebleeds, collapsed on the podium … …

  19. wife hands the whole family burden

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    Tu Chuan Qing illness, his wife Tian Xiuqin vexed the burden of family life. Tian Xiuqin on a couple of 8 mid-laws to care for, the next there are three inferior children. A day early, Tian Xiuqin rice on the rice fields to corner on the water. After the home to pass SD painted children make breakfast. To retention money, Tian Xiuqin also grow their own vegetables, eat some of their own,karen millen dresses 2009 Students worked apt Guan, while others prefer to mart to sell nearby. In counting,christian louboutin wedge, Tian Xiuqin also gives to a contiguous garment factory doing odd jobs to advocate their family.

    Tu Chuan-Qing from 1981 began to eat traditional Chinese medicine management of ailment, disease onset in 2000, incapable to walk necessity paralyzed thighs, swollen feet, favor bread. Thus, Tu Chuan-Qing long chair and sitting at home in bed, walking to depend on a long settle.

    in Tian Xiuqin home, the reporter saw afterward to a room stacked with a lot of briquettes. These briquettes are Tianxiu Qin and the children moved in. These reporters may be half a day to move those briquettes, and Tian Xiuqin move those which may take several days. This matron with her thin shoulders,christian louboutin, carry the entire family fatigue.

    1995, the Tu Chuan Tian Xiuqin SD Sichuan sister married the second son James was connate far from Cong. Tu Chuan cleared farming at home, the outside is still going to acquire pocket money to support their family.

    correspondent clearing to coated pass back up the middle-aged man in the back like a reporter, like dry wood,ralph lauren golf, very light weight. Tianxiu Qin said both her dad each day and will be painted with clear pass out from the back bedroom.

    Tu Chuan-ching feet tin no stand due to illness, had to sit by family and bedroom preside. In front of reporters, he looks very svelte, his hands and feet trembled. Tu Chuan-Qing Feng, who lives in Lake Township partition of the metropolis beneath the drew white Chuk countryside team family a few acres of rice at the kinds of livelihood. Tu Chuan-Qing undergoing rheumatism among 30 annuals, normally has been nourished by the pill.

    But now, the narcotics are not husband and wife, and medicine are also stopped. Meanwhile, there are three children in the home school.

    SD Tianxiu Qin Chuan Tu are now confined to mattress, friends and family to scrape attach more than 20,000 yuan, no longer do everything. In mandate not to ache the family, Tu Chuan-ching would have thought of suicide.

    wife suddenly suffering from cirrhosis of the liver

    Tu Chuan Ching’s house all built in the 1980s, wood tile. The middle an is alive, the right 1 is the bedroom. His home is the most run-down village,wind jordan 6 heels Laid-off personnel looking apt catch on kid with cerebra, 3 wood tile, bumpy ground at home. New and Tianxiu Qin Tu Chuan’s eldest son is phoned Cong Tu far, 16 years antique, on the third daytime, nice grades in educate before 10. The second baby is called Tu Fu Wing, 6th grade in basic school, the smallest is called Tu Wei far this year, 12 years old. Three children grades are good, the living chamber side of the wall covered with awards.

    husband’s illness is laborious to walk

    look inward to caring tide over the crisis

    Tu Chuan-ching, 58-year-old, urban section of Lake Township White profusion Takemura people. Suffering from rheumatism in his 30 years, severely deformed limbs, wastage of competence to work. Home thanks to his wife Tian Xiuqin kinds of rice and a few acres of a living doing odd jobs. Tian Xiuqin,burberry raincoats, 34, has been suffering from cirrhosis of the liver, ascites, swollen abdomen. Pillar collapsed at home, there are clear coated transmission octogenarian parents, also under the three minor children,designer dressing cache Teachers persevere sarcoma, the family has been in difficulty. Yesterday,ralph lauren shop online, reporters rushed to drive 70 km Tu Chuan Ching family, experience the difficulties his family life. If readers see the news reported, after a friend, please approach out to help the family through difficult times. Phone:, correspondents will be to convey your love.

    drug nursed back to health. Tu Chuan-Qing yearly medication would spend $ 20,000, and now aggregate a combined $ 600,000. Home is 4 walls, also by relatives and friends all over.

    concern of feet wading inconvenient husband, never betray. Tu Chuan-Ching ill, the fingers can not become a great move.

    For the pair, the family is the maximum expensive children’s gifts.
    seriously ill Tianxiu Qin took home all the housework.
    the reporter to go out above her own Tu Chuan-ching sun.

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    a lock. In 2010, Tian Xiuqin feeling tolerate problems, went to the First Affiliated Hospital of Nanchang University to retard. Test results that she suffered from cirrhosis of the liver, and ascites omens.

    txt / reporter Zou Xiaohua intern Yangxuan Map / reporter Li Wei

    Today, Tu Chuan-Qing home five living without whichever source of income, if there is a friend compliant to give the reader a clear wrapped with transmission aid, please call, this reporter will transfer your adore.

  20. 1997 , the fourth-grade reading Qiu fly , because the family was also penniless to be a patchwork tuition for the support he and his younger brother school, Qiu Fei ‘s father just Guowanchunjie ambition go to work ,christian louboutin platform pump, Foshan, Guangdong 6 months afterward,christian louboutin wedding shoes, the mother went to work to Foshan . Teng Fei Qiu Qiu and his brother will foster grandmother . Since then, in order to save expenses, which has not been home a pair of working for the New Year . They have 2 sons and 14 years respectively .

    It is understood , Qiu Fei ‘s dad, a security guard in a gym ,channel karen millen , the every month compensation of 1,ladies ralph lauren polo shirts Students continued,000 yuan ; mommy there for a detergent , the monthly compensation of 1,000 yuan, they live frugally , saved money balances All returned to flying as Qiu and his younger brother alive expenses.

    ahead the Spring Festival this year , Qiu Fei truly miss their parents , they ride to Foshan , and parents had a Chinese New Year . Unfortunately, for the money , according with his brother Chiu Teng did not work .

    Metropolis Daily News ( journalist Xu Yang ) yesterday ,shape christian Turkey 5.6 earthquake has killed, Wuhan University, students learn a sad fly Chiu told reporters : apt patronize him and his younger brother educate, 14 years, in order apt save expenses, far away in Foshan, Guangdong has not been back to going parents home for the New Year .

    Qiu Fei ,louboutin wedding shoes, 24,ralph lauren black label, is Huanggang Luotian Osaki native ,christian louboutin pumps black, brother Chiu Teng is currently studying at Wuhan Institute . Yesterday, at Wuhan University dormitory , the reporter saw Qiu fly , he is preparing a fashionable semester .

  21. 32 spring and summer autumn and winter, she was pretty from the youth daughter into a small and frail and sick elderly people, the most precious in life always the time devoted to Yang Lin son with cerebral palsy who did not pass via a new clothes, have never bought a fresh market fruits and vegetables, ruin with his doctor, scamper out of energy to catch on his life.

    a group entitled , blog, microblogging have procreated, at the users attention. Photo, a him, face to face, the eyes reveal infinite love … …

    He bought a television. bid farewell to her youngest son has because this cause.

    1979, the newly married husband to follow presently Shaoxiu Jing YANG Xian,louboutins deduct Frontier guards and fighting pill traffickers fall creek body, Henan Luohe India came home from thousands of miles away in Qinghai-Tibet Plateau. In that year, the couple and Tu Autonomous County in Qinghai Province mutual Hospital base one forsook baby.

    the past two years,inexpensive christian louboutin shoes, Shaoxiu Jing Yang Lin is the largest heart ailment later in life. Yang Lin does not meditation he has discomfort on the issue of This year has been 63-year-old Shao Xiujing hypertension and vertigo, and YANG Xian India has also been into the seventies, an old married couple to take care of Yang Lin obsolete.

    coat is good to throw away. p>

    lying wheelchair Yang Lin heard namely, his mouth immediately issued a opaque Shao Xiujing instantly rupture into tears, she extended out his arms buttoned Yang Lin’s head: age, and most unfortunately tin not return home to watch. home to more than 80-year-old sibling had sent word to ambition me to go back and look the side, can not Yanglin little step away from me, I get away ah. There are variant layer of reasons: terror of family flies to look her sad wrong to fret about.

    sleeves and rubbed his eyes, voice choked.

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    Gradually, Yang Lin accustom to be my mother’s care, there are no requirements additional than the human refused to intervene Shaoxiu Jing, YANG Xian for his wife’s share of India, in increase to water, firewood, leaving merely the appearance to earn money to pay doctor and four with Yang Lin increasing remedial expenses.

    Over the years, both the 1980s he acquired tens of greenbacks per month in the factory remuneration, or around 90 years later creature laid off wage earnings no job security, no grumbles from his wife, carrying her child to excavate wild,burberry women jacket Man opened the nation apt look in her truck behind 9 chil, electing up waste, with mulish ambition hold up this house of undergoing.

    7 years old, she cried out in public, Chung Yin infinite tears rainy her husband’s elbow. his wife, co-feeding small print YANG Xian Yang Lin for numerous days equally difficult to let go.

    (a) the disastrous derelict

    pair is on a tight allowance, purchase a TV is a huge entity. second-hand 14-inch dark and pearly TV, which until immediately has chance the most expensive possessions at home.

    Shao Xiujing temper strong, good face. She put the years to pick up waste, wash Yang Lin’s lavatory, never through a new wear, the body more difficult to clear the obnoxious savor. When picking up leaves carrying Yang Lin, a lot of people see down on her, saw to run,ralph lauren paint, some stall holders fear affect their business, she was far away on the prosperity. / p>

    (d) of special note, languid old body care

    10 months of the Tibetan Plateau of winter is getting stronger, returning to the sun slowly scattering ballast. Yang Lin likes to go out the sun,designer karen millen Grandmother was bitten along a snake jaws apt granddaughte, Shaoxiu Jing and her husband cycled her son steep up the sun, which is Shao Xiujing the day’s most relaxed, elated time. Shaoxiu Jing said that the most difficult time has passed, and she believes everything will get better later.

    Yang Lin 6 years old, Shao Xiujing couple own son was born. Child is not weaned, the couple made a decision difficult to understand mediocre people: the younger son of the sister to my hometown in Henan home care. Thus, both the energy and time to care for Yang Lin, you can retention a lot of expenses.

    (c) When a foundling child preferably the pro

    five of the old bureau building into a automobile factory dormitories, these words many times reiterated almost every daytime. Bed has 32 years Shaoxiu Jing Yang Lin in the eyes of the mother is always a child grow up, Shao Xiujing always guess his sensibilities over and over repeatedly, to his most careful care.

    . Now, the younger son who work technical school after graduation, but also live frugally, often financial help at home, he and his wife are quite pleased.

    Shaoxiu Jing can not afford a microprocessor, do not even understand what a network, but This extraordinary anecdote she was ardent consumers posted on the Internet, people versed with.

    microblogging Recommended | today’s hot microblogging

    plateau’s northern outskirts of the antique metropolis of Xining, an old male carrying a snakeskin often stay in the a.m., picking up discarded leaves, chilly wind howling confusion of her head of white hair.

    (b) of the neglected children’s pleasure

    Since then, unfortunately, Yang Lin ushered chapter of his fortune. He was thirsty and starving, phones out, my mother would lukewarm the water and meals into the mouth; he was sick tired, yet also shrieks out, my mommy would hold him to the hospital, and kissed his face softly solace. Both summer and winter, the furnace namely always Yang Wei Huo simmer with, because there is no fear of swallowing competence mother’s son can not dine peppery meals at whichever period,christian louboutin melbourne, affecting digest.

    care, continue to live. from the mug aboard the stove and medicine to her hands … …

    friends assist families get the most,moncler women! in the end, Shao Xiujing was overwhelmingly selected for the elderly,

    32 years of ups and downs, her footsteps and fro in hospitals, homes and marts, among the Central Plains home to thousands of miles away dream gradually became difficult to approach the eclipse. But while doctors believe that up to 7-year-old alive with caustic cerebral palsy in babies beneath the attention of her has been a thirty year old … …

    Xinhua Xinhua Xining, October 19 (, raising abandoned kid with cerebral palsy 32 years,christian louboutin cheap, with her warm, tight hands hold up the weight of life.

    (e) reason folk love King

    Xinhua Friends > Phoenix friends

  22. sealed urban scene

    last night this morn

    podium owners audacious

    share: welcome to annotate to comment

    owners Mr. Shaw said, we gathered on the avenues is not to brawl, but to attract many attention and concern, ambition to obtain the relevant departments of the commitment to restore the original framework of the building. (The very truth that writer who, third award 100 yuan)

    be stopped during the daytime, at night Touchai

    Last night, the property treatment side of Greenview Terrace — Dongshan Guangzhou Tianyu Property Management Co., Ltd. Customer Service Center Li Zhiqiang, agent director,safari ralph lauren Begging money apt purchase won, told reporters: supervision and management department, Guangzhou City Management Comprehensive Law Enforcement Bureau issued at Yuexiu Branch, etc., then came the sound of construction. , Greenview Terrace Owners’ Committee of Dongshan a membership of the preliminary group thought that Mr. Shaw, property management companies the right to be informed of the relevant statute enforcement unit, the element is not as whether the subsistence of the phenomenon,barbie by christian louboutin, above its regulatory grumbles. Mr. Shaw said: According to city inspectors said, you need to by the owners and property management on benefit of the prevalent person in charge of the construction site to the qualitative identification of departments,dresses at karen millen, statute enforcement agencies ambition identify the results along to statute.

    property management claimed to have responsible

    microblogging Recommended | today’s peppery microblogging

    Building podium was illegal transition of private attribute owners the main beam

    7 Monday night’s Dongshan Greenview Terrace,karen miller marketing Man killed his wife with a sword and police confrontation, more noisy than the usual number. 22:30, Yangcheng Evening News reporter rushed to the incident of the residential creating — ship Yuexiu District, East Street 14, more than 100 owners have gathered at the layer in front, to hide a see of rage and concern. Mr. Shaw, who lives in apartment 806 with a correspondent into the podium speck,air yeezy glow in The dark, pointing to the construction of the main beam is Waduan said 1 to the third floor of the building is the podium, belongs to a personal owner who labeled entire. Mr Tsang to alteration the lift in the podium in the incipient position, but changing the situation, escalator the lack of bottom buffer tank, a building will withstand the main beam, then, Mr. Tsang put the main beam hollowed out to adjust the morsel.

    Dongshan, Yuexiu District, Greenview Terrace podium illegal owners converted the main beam,burberry raincoats Traffic police inquiry of unlawful trading apt obtaiapt to kn, over a hundred owners gathered late by night discussing the < / p>

    Yangcheng Evening News correspondent He Yuhua reports: is it! residential erections in the downstairs, I wish apt preoccupy attention apt the pertinent divisions, crisis stop construction. Police officers and city inspectors have heeded mediation, 23:10, city inspectors entrance with a wood stop to the podium, and glue

    qualification of the college issued drawings,karen millen ebay, but too reported namely construction permission before construction, so they really lawless. p>

    correspondent on the scene learned that the East 14th Street, Building on board merely three years age, 32 storeys, to live more than 200 families. Among them,christian louboutin clerance, one to three of the podium as part of a Residents and Owners Ms. Zhang showed reporters at the site from the Keepers of the main beam slice. She said: house prices are a lot of 4 million to five million yuan between, numerous dwellers are using their life savings to buy a for it is narrated to the vital interests of private safety.


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    Jiangxi Tonggu production personnel show a molded bamboo computer mouse . Zou Haibin agency published photo

    China news agency, Ichun, October 3 (Duan Changzheng and Liu Zhankun) – Tonggu County , Jiangxi Province has made a wood industry company the world’s first October 3 , variant two thousand sets of products destined as European marts . Currently, the world’s first

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    Chutianjinbao a few days without listening her husband to go home , home to ask his wife, reflected in its spend of living , but suffered Yesterday , Liu Wuhan City Intermediate People’s Court in the trial .

    court is not in court for sentencing. ( Reporter Zhao Wen )

  26. share : welcome to comment to comment

    (Reporter Wang thrift trainee reporter Lu Changqing ) yesterday afternoon , Yin Road, Yangpu District , a district gate tragedy ,karen millan,shoes along christian louboutin Two bus drivers apt stop deservinapt to vehicle, an octogenarian old woman accidentally choke in the consumption of glutinous rice balls ,karen millen dresses outlet, was rushed to hospital , but still because she died .

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    microblogging Recommended | today’s hot microblogging ( edit : SN009)

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  27. 7-year-old girl hold up the whole family

    Wang Liang happened after that, the committee for the county, Pitt Town, party committees, governments and the community have a helping hand.

    junior high school,uggs adirondack, the junior Wang Liang home town where nearly 10 kilometers. Due to the early study up, only to live in the school reading, which increases the difficulty of Wang Liang to take care of his father.

    from 7 years old,10, Wang Liang learned to cook, laundry, vegetables and take care of his father.

    this year, Wang Liang to a score of 627 was red school science experiments admission.

    and father in order to prevent bed sores for bedridden students,knightsbridge ugg boots Guy looking for birth parents to participate in talent s, Wang Liang the first thing to go home to his father intrafamilial transmission.

    Subsequently, Wang Liang red school during the school decided to waive tuition fees, living expenses, etc., and father and daughter in the arrangements for the secondary school red flag home; County Bureau of Civil Affairs of Wang Liang for the urban residents and a basic medical insurance. Meanwhile, the county family planning health care funds from the account each year for 3,000 of the poor to solve Wang Liang subsidy ….

    this year, Wang Liang admitted with honors red secondary schools. In a few days will school, high school Wang Liang to be determined: with my father went to school together.

    Wang Liang’s home, the main village in Jincheon Bishan four groups, a small village in remote terrain.

    carrying his father to go to school

    Wang Liang, the main village of Bishan Jincheon an ordinary farm girl, after unimaginable difficulties, the use of a tough mind and a tender shoulders propped up an unfortunate family.

    Wang Liang said she will take good care of my father, a good reading. Today, hot microblogging

    Wang Liang’s father,uggs discount, named Wang Renming as a whole lying in bed paralyzed for nine years: 4 years old Wang Liang,ugg outlet online Traffic while eating bread, eating snow ph,ugg sales online, Wang Renming firewood for climbing unfortunately fall, resulting in cervical spine fracture and paralysis in the bed. Subsequently, Wang Liang’s mother lost due to neurological disorders. 7 years old,abercrombie fitch jeans, the only way to take care of his father and grandfather living Wang Liang died of illness.

    before,air jordan 1, wait until next weekend and then go home to prepare food for his father.

  28. correspondents: two years, you had funded a total number of students?

    Correspondent: funded student affect your home life level?

    Shihezi eleventh elementary school, according to Li Ding, deputy secretary of party branch introduced a total of 909 students in the school, 85% of children of migrant workers, poor students are more Mamat Xia Aji members each semester is to send tuition to the children, usually have to intervene often funded children’s academic performance, lack of school funds to engage in activities, he often three thousand to five thousand in sponsorship, DING, said Mohammad Xia Aji is now the only good people of poor students in school funding,

    last September, the summer open to buy power through eleven community work, to get the first month salary on a selection of his father made for funding poor students, Mohammad Xiaa Ji did not agree, he low wages to feed his wife and children, and so he put a small home care is good, cause dry well,hermes online store, and followed my class too late. Hit a wall in his father here, open the summer and looking to buy power community leaders, community leaders, but also the words Wages of 500 yuan per month in March the first, but now pay 1,200 yuan, but also to feed the wife and kids, summer is open to buy power with confidence, he said his father could do he can do, body is not good, I was the eldest son, and young,ventilation griffey max 1 always ruddy , the ‘baton’, I will then set the From the other end of the telephone line pass over, with bubbling warm. 25-year-old married four years to open the summer buying power daughter had just turned nine months, they are a family of three rented 60 acres in the streets to a 30 square meter cottage, rent 70 yuan per month days warm yourself over. Another set of building rental home for poor students to go to school, open to buy power from the summer had no comment, For his father’s charity, open to buy power under the admired Purchasing power to open the summer, said his country to work, so the society should do good things,

    five students, from preschool to sixth grade are Mamat Xia Aji eleventh primary schools in Shihezi outstanding poor students. The student behavior, Mohammad Xia Aji has lasted two decades. Not read the book one day, only to write their own names,ugg Responsibility of women for 20 years of field unsuccessful petition was with, Mamat Xia Aji is not sensitive to the number, according to his rough estimate, at least two decades in the student section more than 100,000 yuan, , is now eight, the children had sixty-one and New Year, Chinese New Year, I will send some money to buy their school supplies, and then buy some daily necessities to supplement their poor parents.

    Mohammad Xia Aji: The fifteen years, but also the bad. When the freezer refrigerator can now use, once a week in addition to ice, vegetables, frozen stiff into the inside, more than a year.

    Talking about his student mind, Mohammad Xia Aji thought of his mother’s death nearly two decades.

    recently Mohammad Xia Aji feel particularly good, because his

    Mohammad Xiaa Jidui Han tribe of emotion, from the grandparents, his grandfather a young age that his father came from the southern settled in Shihezi, home twelve brothers and sisters born in the Shihezi ‘father early his mother died two years he was alive and Han Relations Department was particularly good, my five children in Han schools of learning.

    funded episode: living room, clutching his chest, looking a little pale. He is being

    leave primary school XI Shihezi, Shihezi Mamat Xia Aji and the fourth went to school, where there are three Han Chinese students to get tuition in wait for him.

    1991, the Mamat Xia Aji where the collapse of a state-owned enterprises, units colleagues have been diverted to other companies, Mohammad Xia Aji took eighteen thousand yuan buyout money to start to do their business

    Correspondent: You counted the total number of student funds it?

    correspondent dialogue: Mohammad Xia Aji. Yiminaji:

    Mohammad Xia Aji-funded students, the vast majority of Han Chinese students, this complex is due to his enthusiasm for a national unity, building of national unity is the cover of the Han people, my two sons one in a police station work in the community, is a Uygur and Han people.

    Mohammad Xia Aji: did not count, I had no culture, no bookkeeping. When at least eight, maximum of twelve,nike climate griffey max 1 pearly blue Mother apt attach to paralyzed kid sixty, and some for the secondary education, and find little make up.

    Mohammad Xia Aji: no effect. Our family life tolerable, more poor people than we had,ugg store australia, before the surface can eat elm leaves sorghum living.

    Correspondent: student action, when are you going to continue to do what?

    to see him, If you buy something, and then let us on the door. Before I left that day, my grandfather literally stuffed $ 100 New Year’s money, my mother will not let me take Grandpa face shaking with anger.

    Mariner is Mohammad Xia Aji-funded children, the only name he knew, the face.

    no furniture, no bed, Mohammad Xia Aji’s home,classic tall ugg boots, in addition to closet is carpet, a sofa in the living room only, no TV no TV cabinet. Mohammad Xia Aji said,

    correspondent: his wife support you subsidize students?

    Mohammad Xia Aji: I can not move to far! Classes are also worried that no answer before, and now his son has had this idea, I can rest assured that the next!

    eve of Spring Festival this year, the eldest son of Mohammad Xia Aji force open the summer to buy 60 acres to an old lady sent the Widows and Orphans of rice, flour, oil and milk, back before telling him, moved, the children and wiser, I was picked up after class.

    Street mosque as a director, Shihezi People’s Congress, Mohammad Xia Aji really is a busy man, Shihezi United Front Work Department asked him to do with religion, national unity and coordination of work, community or neighbors are also looking for enthusiastic something him to help. Living in the streets behind the mosque building national unity, Mohammad Xia Aji and his five children had the day not rich. Less than 100 square meters of a building, the Mamat Xia Aji three women and two children he and his wife, daughter and granddaughter, so the home appears to , but also to live back home.

    1992 Chinese New Year Festival, Mohammad Xia Aji’s mother, suffering from diabetes for many years the condition suddenly worsened. In the hospital for half a month, seeing the body day than the day before death, the mother Mamat Xiaajila to bedside, asked, I go, do simple funeral, you saved money on funding a few poor children for their schooling, to make up for my guilt to you. Year March 10, Mohammad Xia Aji’s mother never left the sons and daughters, but her last wish was the son remembers to this day.

    Mohammad Xia Aji Quotations: flower hat, gray beard covered chin, which he then used to subsidize the children call him

    Reporters: The earliest contributions to the students, now how much it? They even told you with us?

    Mohammad Xia Aji: one hundred thousand yuan more than just a lot of it! After looking over a matter of fact I did not, the family a little money, I encountered the need to give out funding.

    a thick pile, this is Mamat Xia Aji tuition to the children and books to prepare. Year-old Zhang Wenli, who lives in Old Street, the parents are not officially working, doing odd jobs to support her and seriously ill younger brother, Mohammad Xia Aji recommended last year by selected school leaders, she began funding academic excellence. Zhang Wenli from the office into the moral at the moment, eyes glowing red, simply did not write the mouth to let the tears fall. When she took Mohammad Xia Aji handed the tuition fees, bowed deeply, 6-year-old Corn river pre-school, who lives in Old Street 60 acres, the mother left home when he does not have notes, the father gives the Barber family. Holding Mohammad Xia Aji legs, Corn River upward gaze with watery eyes he called the .

    two years, Mohammad Xia Aji often to understand the twelve national secondary school students in learning, when he found himself not only failed-funded student academic progress, and some even drop out school, he sank,

    life is not rich, does not affect the Mamat Xia Aji passion to help people, he believes that paved the way before the next light, good people to do the thing where people will be in favor of. National School from Shihezi, Shihezi fourth to eleventh elementary school and Shihezi, Mohammad Xia Aji funded student selection criteria, must be outstanding academic achievement the students, I’ll give up the opportunity to other outstanding poor students.

    wife did not work, Mohammad Xia Aji in the mosque director, are , Mohammad Xia Aji do not feel sad day, Mohammad Xia Aji’s three children were from schools, Police Academy and the power school after graduation, two of the streets and the police station to make a settlement 1000 yuan made it! Much money, Mohammad Xia Aji work for two children is very satisfied Trading Tixiaeji youngest daughter 12 years old, on the fourth grade, he was selected in the fourth high school students funded, are her daughter’s classmates.

    At that time, the mother’s funeral has been used up, Mohammad Xia Aji has some all the way, even walked passed two decades.

    serious heart disease than Mohammad Xia Aji, accompanied by premature symptoms, her medicine to control the disease, Yuan, save money, I really could not eat the smell of powder. Glance at her husband, rebuke Road, p> With the successors of Mohammad Xia Aji

    stand up. Moment effort, the office door opened, rush to a group of children, and flew into the arms of Mohammad Xia Aji,hollister, raising the body a rest! Mohammad Xia Aji are selected in November funded small object

    watched this, has experienced two decades.

    Mariner is the fourth school in Shihezi Xia Aji Mohammad funding students, this year the fifth grade. The morning of March 1, Mohammad Xia Aji to send the fourth high school tuition, tuition was told that Mariner has already been paid. The original, a man named Miles Street mosque to buy the Soviet Union in September last year on the vote for her. Funded for five years, seeing the Mariner is about to graduate school, but was other people

    9-year-old Zhang Wenli, the Shihezi eleventh elementary school sophomore, and is seriously ill twin brother, who lives in the streets, doing odd jobs for a living parents.

    she recalls, Mohammad Xia Aji grandfather from my first grade I began funding each semester grandfather came to bring me tuition, see my grandfather, like to see their loved ones.

    Mohammad Xia Aji: Support. She is an orphan, did not read the book, learning to love the baby,abercrombie and fitch sweaters, she likes very!

    according to the custom of the Uighur people, funeral to Taking over, who passed away seven days, forty days, one hundred days and the annual banquet guests will be, Uighur rules. In order to put the money saved, Mohammad Xia Aji brothers and sisters follow mother’s wishes, only in four days of special family invited relatives and good friends, save them 4,500 dollars, funded by his Twelve national school for poor students.

    reporter: how the refrigerator at home?

    Mohammad Xia Aji: It should be more than 20 years old now! Some began to contact the Chinese Lunar New Year greetings to the next call, was not contacted. I did not expect them to contact me, as long as they go straight road, I meet! I have no culture, their names, I basically do not know, see people I know.


    In fact, the buying power to open as early as last summer his father wanted to take this class.

    Asian Heart Network (Reporter Wang Lifang) early in the morning on March 1, her husband Mohammad Xiae Ji Yimin Well Aguilar’s lips made this request, he refused very simply. Drawer and took out the money ready early, ends up trouser pocket, Mohammad Xia Aji went straight out of the house. smiled and sighed, watched her husband go out when the eyes did not complain, full of admiration.

  29. after forensic Xianyang City Public Security Bureau,griffey 2 shoes, Xiaofeng Department was brief, mechanical suffocation neck pressure.

    trial, Xiaofeng’s father, said Zhang Xin,ugg 5803 bailey button boots, for her daughter spent their savings, their dedication, is a competent mother. Zhang Xin, said he was understanding and gave up the criminal with civil and ask the court to a lighter or mitigated punishment. Zhang Xin, relatives, colleagues,abercrombie and fitch trousers Bureau of Civil Affairs staff attach with friends,ugg for sale, neighbors, a total of 116 people signed a letter, said Zhang Xin was a good mother for her daughter do everything possible to request a lighter sentence.

    2010 9 24 am, Xiaofeng again abusive mother. Afternoon, the two then got into a fight,ugg boots, Xiaofeng mother began to beat. Beginning, Zhang Xin also constantly beg for mercy, but as more and more important to start Xiaofeng, Zhang Xin feel can not stand. Xiaofeng grabbed the neck, pushed her into a corner, has not let go. I do not know how long, see her red cheeks,womens griffey shoes Man did not complete the job to his son killed the mother c, tongue sticking out, Zhang Xin was lost hands, Xiaofeng then sliding down along the wall.

    are usually abused by her patient a

    Welcome comment to comment

    Huanhaoyifu daughter turned himself in after

    yesterday,nike air max 24-7, Xianyang City Qindu Court of First Instance handed down to manslaughter, sentenced to 10 years in prison Zhang Xin.

    Zhang Xin is to cure his daughter, the family spent their savings, a home will be sold. Illness and his mother remarried, at home, recuperate, Xiaofeng become irritable, depressed, often the mother abuse, assault, had also attempted suicide. Daughter sick, Zhang Xin, let her daughter.

    and mitigation of punishment.

    8 3, Qindu District Court case publicly. The court held that Zhang Xin’s conduct constituted intentional homicide. Taking into account Xiaofeng at fault in this case, and in view of Zhang Xin has voluntarily surrendered themselves, the court ultimately appropriate sentences. The reporter to reveal AIDS

    , 50-year-old Zhang Xin, who lives in Xianyang City, North Fourth Qindu District Spring Lane, expensive divorce in 1992, and Yuan, Xiaofeng has been with her daughter Zhang Xin life. In 1999, Zhang Xin remarried. In early 2008, when he was 24 years old during graduate school in Xi’an Xiaofeng, due diagnosed with lupus forced to drop out.

    microblogging Recommended | today’s hot microblogging (edit: SN021)

    Zhang Xin, said statement to the public security organs, No one to do things, such as dawn to arrange things to his daughter, let her wear a body of new clothes to go, then go to the Public Security Bureau (surrender )bed, Huanhaoyifu, she sat in the house all night. The next morning, Zhang Xin,uggs classical short , the daughter of the school hostel in Xi’an things back, and Xiaofeng at the mall to buy two sets of new clothes. At noon, Zhang Xin, called to tell her sister and brother will do. 1:00 pm, Zhang called the police surrendered.

  30. It is understood the man , surnamed Li, 18 years old,abercrombie & fitch outlet, Hebei Province, and the woman was stabbed to friends. Incident around 1 am , men greet other guests drink dissatisfied with his girlfriend jealous ,womens jordan heels Man stabbed , general manager, for two quarrel . Process, the man took a table,abercrombie and fitch wholesale Women executives working in, a fruit knife , stab the woman Mito .

    soon , police and emergency personnel arrived and found two were breathing. Subsequently, two ambulances were sent to a nearby hospital .

    Reporters learned from the civil hospital ,griffey shoes, the woman is not life threatening, its left arm and left shoulder with three stab wounds , is currently the treatment of . Man was sent to the Chaoyang Hospital . According to the emergency room doctors , the man left lateral neck and left chest have a length of about 3-5 cm wounds , but fortunately did not hurt the nail on the head no longer life threatening .

    the incident , according to a salon near the villagers, midnight ,fitch and abercrombie, I heard a woman in the salon came the cries for help , then ran out to see the villagers , I saw a young man about 20 years old a fruit knife in his hand , while a woman was in the salon .

    (Reporter Zhou Xin Yu Jie ) about 1 am yesterday , Stone Village , Chaoyang District, near the salon ,ken griffey shoes 2011, a man drink greet other guests who were dissatisfied with his girlfriend and Monsanto jealousy , he took a fruit knife to dig Mito pierced his girlfriend , then man attempted suicide . Currently ,wholesale shoes, Chaoyang police investigation.

    microblogging Recommended | today’s hot microblogging ( edit : SN021)

    present, on the case ,Students pick up wallet to find the police searched a few kilometers, police are further investigating in the sun .

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  32. (Reporter correspondent Zhuangxiao Jing Bai Lei paid in ) son and his girlfriend to start a company , not only back pay owed to light the real situation is also more than 20 million, his son also was arrested for alleged contract fraud . Mother to kill her son ‘s girlfriend huff vent resentment .

    2010 one night in May , Zhang and Zhao proposed to sleep in the same bedroom . 3:00 , see Zhao asleep , Zhang picked up the ashtray hard to pound her. Zhang Zhao smashed wake up seeking

    Lee and Zhao partner opened the company , but because of poor management , not only lost the light of Lee savings ,ugg boots clearance, still owes more than 20 million of debt .

    her covered in blood Benru Haidian Area Hospital to seek relief, the doctor on duty rushed to the police. At the same time ,ugg uk sale, Zhang decided to go downstairs to find public phone alarm surrendered , but came down when the police has been arrested .

    after Lee because of alleged contract fraud criminal detention , Zhao had to call the mother of Lee speed to Beijing ,cheap jordan sandals Man lied in the nursery plant bombs hit 110 sentenced to 1, hoping her plea to clear himself of murder victims .

    Lee ‘s mother,womens nike air max jr 2011 ,ugg highkoo, Zhang came to Beijing to know the circumstances that caused his son to be arrested was Zhao ‘s scourge , the initiation of the idea to kill Zhao vent resentment .

    correspondent learned today from the Haidian Procuratorate , Zhang eventually by the court of intentional murder sentenced to 5 years .

    broken ashtray hands ,uggs, she picked up a small round table to continue pursuing . Zhao attend to dress the house escaped and hid in the elevator ,nike air griffey max 1 all black ,Tramon Williams jersey, and follow, Zhang kick coming out of the elevator , the safe escape.

    deliberately and girls sleep at night with people who hit things jailed 5 years

  33. Yangquan mine Police said 38- year-old Yang coal, a coal mine workers Cao Huiping work area comprehensive four teams ,wholesale burberry, often from the inside to get his target , a formal work arrangement for someone else ,nike Zoom Lebron vii ps, to buy units welfare housing in the name of slack in the community with some complicity ,christian louboutin men 10, collusion , when sharing together .

    microblogging Recommended | today’s hot microblogging ( edit : SN056)

    9 26, the suspect should be three coal mines Yang was invited to undergo personnel Renai Sheng , Cao Huiping just from the bank to carry out the 100,000 yuan in cash , driving Chevrolet cars Jin C/HJ226 No. ,karen millen dress sale Woman suffering from sexually transmitted diseases cause, assigned to the Renai Sheng Yang coal lease their more Chinese companies a dormitory appointment. After marrying , the two sides altercation , the suspect Renai Sheng and Shanxi Xiyang County Zhang Lihua , then use pre- prepared ho ,louboutin wedding shoes 5, hit consecutive victim Cao Huiping , caused his death , the two turn Cao Huiping cut to pieces , taking take the car to 10 million yuan, and Cao Huiping personal car temperature drop in Shanxi Shouyang County, Village of tail groove at an abandoned coal mines . Subsequently, the victim has been dismembered body , respectively,burberry women, into four bags , the drop to Xiyang County of Shanxi .

    BEIJING, October 1, Xinhua Yangquan ( Ren Lina correspondent Yue Vanke ) 1,christian louboutin platform, the reporter learned from the police Yangquan mine , and then cut to pieces to kill coal miners suspects Renai Sheng has been brought to justice , and the other Zhang Lihua suspects at large , the police are fully into the arrest .

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    now suspect Renai Sheng Yangquan mining police have been under criminal detention ,burberry coat, Zhang Lihua another suspect at large , local police have issued arrest warrants community , is struggling to catch . (End )

  34. 6 years, the chest is often dull, the examination found foreign objects

    6 years ago, heavy trucks passing, hitting his chest crushed gravel flying

    6 years after surgery to remove the stones, there are peanut size

    Sun Park, 34, town of Jiangdu small group of people, welders. 1 meter tall and 78 of the Sun Park bodied, working outside year round. In August 2005, a ship manufacturing plant in Suzhou Komago work. One day, Sun Park, walking in the plant, a heavy truck passing from the side, because turning Shui was more anxious, only to hear the Flying is like

    correspondent reporter Chen Lin Zhu Hairong Xu Yong

    this year, Sun Park, a mechanical factory in the small group work. August 1, the unit organized medical workers, Sun Park on the right chest wall was found a 0.9 0.6 cm of the

    Sun Park, Yangzhou, Jiangsu People’s Hospital, came to the Dean, Department of Cardiothoracic Surgery experts looking at the sound beam I The chest X-ray and CT films found that the location of foreign bodies in patients with chest wall on the right side close to the inside of the third intercostal pleura at the level of the chest wall, above the nipple, foreign body has been through the chest wall, remaining layer of the pleura is not broken, from 6 years before the wound below about 3 cm away, surgery to remove a certain risk, little attention being diverted to the chest may damage the pleura. Once the foreign body fall into the chest, pneumothorax can cause other diseases.

    soon found Sun Park plant led wounded, took him to the infirmary. Park Sun Young Tizhuang count, that no serious problem, clinic doctors were cleaning the wound, and a sewing needle. Since then, Sun Park, hanging the water, eat anti-inflammatory drugs, playing a needle, to continue to work after a break for a month, at the end of their Jiangdu from Suzhou back to work, because once the wound did not feel anything, this he forgot.

    less blood. to go.

    after wound healing is basically no sense, but in the large amount of exercise, there will be swelling and after treatment of Is it really true that Sun Park decided to take out an operation this However, Jiangdu People’s Hospital that, although there have been clear right chest wall foreign body, but to smooth out this foreign body, is not an easy thing, they advised him to hospital for better conditions of treatment of thoracic surgery.

    Jiangdu man never dreamed Sun Park, six years ago, a truck rolled by and bomb jump up the stones, hit your back in the body actually August 9, Yangzhou Jiangsu Hospital of Thoracic Surgery specialist, vice president of the beam over the sound through surgery, to help him solve the problem, the end of August, Return visit to the hospital yesterday when he calls, Sun Pu Gaoxing to recover very quickly that good, the body has all normal.

    Body stone

    8 9 pm,hermes shoulder bag, Sun Park District in the North Branch of the hospital operating room for surgery. The foreign body was removed as a peanut-sized, indeed years ago stones into the chest, wrapped around have been organized. The doctor said, had a large foreign bodies only half a peanut big, but stay in the body a long time, outside of the tissue wrapped, it becomes what it is today.

    ,air max 95 boots, will be a long time swelling,Hermes Constance, ulceration, purulent infection. In addition, the rainy weather, low air pressure, humidity, the body of foreign patients will also have the feeling of pain and swelling.

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    microblogging Recommended | today’s hot microblogging (edit: SN028)

    Sun Park, not neglect, but also to Jiangdu People’s Hospital,uggs classic short, ruled out the tissue,Hermes Picotin Herpicot Bags Drivers suspected of illegal trading Zaobao Da Stat, cancer and other diseases, physical examination of the chest wall confirmed the diagnosis of foreign body. Sun Park confused: what is the foreign body into his chest when it? Face of the doctor’s inquiry, Sun Park repeatedly recalled,abercrombie and fitch, and finally remembered six years ago when in Suzhou, the At that time his right chest wall skin is destroyed,cheap air max 2009 3600 , but also a lot of blood,air max 95 3(), but after debridement, the wound soon healed.

  35. 9 18 at noon , Zheng Yuanjie micro-Bo said its 80 -year-old father on the 13th around 3 pm ,christian louboutin black pumps, at Wangfujing Beijing Branch of China Industrial and Commercial Bank branch work , face head-on hit side did not post any transparent glass wall collision warning signs , Zheng Yuanjie to support all the users have to discuss the bank statement. The day before yesterday ,women’s nike dunk sb Low heels, and then micro-Bo Zheng Yuanjie , said the bank issued its private letter of apology ,buy karen millen dresses online , that he has accepted .

    Yesterday afternoon , deputy director of the Wangfujing construction management office , said Mr. Lee ,cheap louboutin shoes, they have shops along the street of Wangfujing conduct comprehensive inspections ,discount christian louboutin shoes, 16 shops were found in the glass door (wall ) does not crash signs have been ordered before 22 completed their rectification .

    share : welcome to comment to comment

    Yesterday , the reporter saw at the bank Wangfujing branch , the bank’s office on the second floor , the entrance is a counter layer , followed by a length of about 5 meters, about 3 meters high glass wall . Currently, the glass wall of the red tape has been labeled with two warning signs , entry at the two glass doors labeled Mr. Han said the branch president , the bank has apologized to Zheng Yuanjie , as recently being renovated branch , the glass wall did not sign any collision , accident the afternoon ,ralph lauren clearance Net transfer of about 4 year-old girl was driving under t, the bank not only in the glass on the wall warning signs , but also placed two pots to prevent recurrence of similar incidents .

    (Reporter intern reporter Liu Xiaoxu LEI Xiao Yue ) recently , Zheng Yuanjie (microblogging) micro-Bo said, because of Wangfujing near the glass wall of the bank did not set any clear warning signs ,ralph lauren polo shirts big pony , the 80 -year-old father to work at hit the glass wall , resulting in multiple facial injuries. Yesterday , reporters on the scene saw the glass wall has been labeled as anti-collision warning signs , branch president ,ralph lauren ladies, said Zheng Yuanjie has apologized . Currently, the Wangfujing construction management office ordered 16 found no signs of collision shops deadline for correction .

    microblogging Recommended | today’s hot microblogging ( edit : SN009)

  36. to start melee combat with dogs

    police began a blanket search,cheap karen millen dresses, and the suspect shouted to warn the suspect if not without a fight, will release dogs search.

    Earlier,karen millen sale 2010, man bites dog thing was often found in newspapers. 2007 Indian attack on a man had to escape the mad mad mad dog biting the throat. In 2008, the United States Minneapolis woman because of his Labrador dog was bulldog attacks, mad biting the nose of the bulldog. In 2002, Long Island, New York, a man because of his Siberian husky attacked by bulldog, a bulldog bite the head. Last year, an Australian man because beagle attacked by other dogs, biting the dog’s ears.

    According to the U.S., Recently,christian louboutin sales, the United States San Diego, the local police suffered a According to local police confirmed, 10 local police found a car theft suspect, actually angrily However, the final suspect was bitten by police dogs safe.

    Nie Liang translated


    Suspects were arrested

    theft was discovered escaping

    man bites dog often found in newspapers

    However,christian louboutin slingbacks ,christian louboutin wedding, no suspects are moving,buy karen millen dresses online , and ultimately the police sent dogs Yijie Alex. Soon work, police dogs will be found in the jungle 43-year-old suspect Michael Douglas Shure.

    Todd Jarvis, according to San Diego police officials said, local time at 5:30 on the 10th, said police received the alarm call : A man stole the University of North Highland Avenue (University Heights) inside a Mitsubishi pickup truck was found later fled. According to the police and then they hunt for clues. An hour later police found the car in the vicinity. Was discovered, the suspect abandoned the vehicle and fled, ran near the Florida Avenue near Adams Street,karen millen ltd, a canyon.

    police were forced to dogs chase

    However,christian louboutin shoes online Shandong man took two and a half to complete no, for all what happened next surprised. Shure actually started a fight with the dog fighting, both sides roll down 4 to 5 meters high hill, Shure forearm of multiple bites, and dogs safe. Jarvis said: Shure official crime and other charges will be imprisoned. Jail before, covered with scars Shure was taken to hospital for treatment.

  37. Diuqian amount of time and money is not bad. After careful checking, the elderly believe this.

    Wu Honggang also anxious, he has given the whole process of losing money.

    2 weeks ago one night,cheap shoes, Wu Honggang driving a truck driving on the way home. Before that, he unloaded the cargo arrived in Shaoxing County.

    oversight, the truck driver lost a thousand dollars loan

    other, the old man said nothing, only said he surnamed Li, whose name is not willing to leave, turned away … …

    until at 9:00 on September 23 and more truck drivers Wu Honggang Shangyu just after the village, where old people waiting. They encounter, and finally open all the question marks.

    Lubushiyi Yaxin the elderly owner holding a card and wait days

    to express their gratitude, Wu Honggang took out 200 dollars. / p>

    pulled the old man’s hand, Wu Honggang very excited.

    until September 23,abercrombie and fitch jeans 30, he has to pull the cargo trip to Shaoxing County. 9:00 am, he drove along the river bank running a small Shun, as usual, but also passing Chao Village.

    9 23 morning, he finally until the Wu Honggang.

    Wu Honggang not remember where the lost money, had nothing.

    days, and an old man standing always on-time village. His gray hair, the hands holding a bamboo pole, bamboo pole hanging from a white card, read the words:

    bamboo poles and signs, such as the old days

    analysis with the villagers, many trucks on this road through, most likely crossing the driver lost.

    Wu Honggang, who lives in town, Shangyu City, is a truck driver, delivery year round to travel extensively.

    money back thousand Yuan driver said: on the road for over ten years, the warmth of the story is the most memorable

    he first pocket, and then in the village to find the owner, but has not found.

    turned off the money in the Wu Honggang next morning, the old man in the street picked up the envelope, inside bulging of. He opened it,ugg boots outlets, there are 1,000 yuan of money.

    such a move has attracted the curiosity of many passers-by. Old people doing? Why did he find this person?

    newspaper correspondent Wei Bin newspaper reporter in Shaoxing Shi Chunbo

    Placards waiting for the elderly owner. Often painted

    2 weeks, occasional village for the elderly

    went by, the old man did not give up. Meanwhile,hermes handbags outlet,Jordan Pro Classic Highway workers killed in fire suppression hit by a car the g, some posing as the driver tried to take away money Xiu-Juan Liang,Buy Air Jordan Fusion, but have been seen through the elderly.

    Suddenly, he noticed that village stood an old man. Elderly hands holding a bamboo pole. More surprising is this: a white card hanging on a bamboo pole, read the words:

    home, Wu Honggang originally installed only to find an envelope in his pocket was gone. Envelope filled with 1166 dollars, it is this day that the shipment of pulling money. Shipping company is also written on the cover boss’s name –

    yesterday, Wu Honggang talk to reporters in this tender story. He said he quickly five years old, driving also has fifteen years,Hermes Ostrich Stripe Bags, and ran into all sorts of things, this made him the most memorable, most moving.

    Wu Honggang quickly stopped the car. He got off a closer look, the old man about 70 years old, gray hair, but in good spirits.

    crossing to allow the driver to see, he got a bamboo pole, he had made a paper sign that read on the the owner.

    back of the elderly has clearly printed on Wu Honggang memory.

    old people think makes sense. In the next 10 days, he went out several times a day, on the intersection and so on.

    days passed, a quick two weeks. These days, Wu Honggang Shangyu city are busy running the business. For Diuqian things, he has gradually faded away.

    delivery time to Shaoxing County, he will follow a path, because you can save 20 yuan toll.

    That night, in passing through a small river bank of the Chao-Shun Village, the Wu Honggang some in urgent, and stopped the car, walked a little roadside convenience.

    Wu Honggang, recalled that when he can not believe there is such a good man. After all, a mountainous rural seventy elderly people, 1,000 yuan of money is not a small number.

    confirmed that Wu Honggang is the owner,cheap air max 24/7 for sale 75 -year-old to eat bread on the water stand selling, the old man smiled.

  38. yesterday afternoon, the reporter went to the terminal zone, reflecting the situation on Lee consulted several other times rode the train passengers,blue ugg boots, Mr. Zhang said the passengers did before encountered such a situation. Reporters yesterday with the Golden State New passenger transport management department official contact,Nike Air Max Jr 2011, the official line of the bus tour that will be checked, if passengers were found to reflect the true will of the relevant persons responsible be punished.

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    Ms. Lee introduced the car’s male passenger and female passenger did not behave like gentle, many people see with relish, after the end of a film, or even a passenger shouted: . and did not expect was that male passengers,abercrombie jeans, Han Wan few minutes later, they turned on the television screen played another pornographic film,Peking University professor on the microblogging interview with three foul language and refused to C, but this previous exposure Gengshi Bi film worse. To Pulandian, Ms. Lee and a dozen female passengers of the car underground shy,ugg kids boots, awkward because of the heart,abercrombie and fitch online outlet,Buy Air Jordan Embroidery (), they ignored the bus’s license plate number to see.

    Morning News (Reporter Sun Sheng Department of) Lee off the car on the passenger complained non-stop.

    Ms. Lee said that afternoon she sat long passenger terminal in the zone Pulandian back home, the car just out of station, the car will be opened in front of the TV. unsightly lens between men and women, she had looked down pretending to sleep. Other female passengers on board also, like her, shyly lowered his head.

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  39. welcome to comment to comment


    Lin lived in the room , police found a 12 is really attached to the circuit board and switch off the

    love to hate the Lin , Chen thought texting threat , expect to use the threat of violence to make his way back to his side. Before that , Lin Chen has repeatedly threatened to killed the whole family . Day,jordan 14, Lin Chen family live across the Roan Hotel , ready to await the implementation of revenge . However , no other he began to implement plans ,abercrombie outlet, white water ocean ran into the police station he lived in the room and arrested him.

    confessed ,ugg boots cheap, according to Lin , June 15 ,nike air max 95, Lin was arrested according to law , cases successfully solved . (End )

    BEIJING ,,buy uggs, June 16 (by student correspondent reporter Chen Jia Wei Zhou Feng Chen probe ) feeling frustrated ,hermes birkins , man -made Recently , Zhejiang Linhai police cracked the case with the manufacture of explosives .

    microblogging Recommended | today’s hot microblogging

    5 26 evening, Linhai City, Whitewater ocean station received the alarm call a girl surnamed Chen , Lin called ex-boyfriend killed her whole family to use the bomb . After the police know that the day Lin Chen received the message , said he had a time bomb ready to be killed by her family . Fear of harm to his family , Chen chose the alarm .

    It is understood that Chen and Lin are met online , web chat for some time after the development of a relationship . However, due to parental opposition, Chen had to break off with Lin . Lin wants to restore this relationship many times ,cheap abercrombie fitch , but have been refused.

  40. microblogging Recommended | today’s hot microblogging

    1996 in February, has been working at Li Qing Lan Le aluminum scrap find a business acquisition, He will be my hometown in Henan friends Sun Guoan,hermes handbags sale, Lanzhou Shi Xing transported to the common fortune. February 17 that year,air jordon 2011, three people arrived by car with blue, Wire and Fulongping temporary branch of the Yellow River in Lanzhou a dormitory. Surprisingly, the 8 o’clock that night, Mr Lee Yue killed two villagers, who carry 6 million in cash is missing. Li Qing music and go out of this homicide has become the biggest suspect. In 1999,Hermes Kelly 28, Mr Lee Yue was arrested.

    deny guilt, said Mr Lee music has nothing to do with the murder

    According to prosecutors re-indicted, May 16, 1993 4:00 pm, the defendant Li Qing Yue, Liqing Gang, Li Qingxiao (already sentenced), Xu Liqiang (already sentenced) a few people, because of a trivial and chemical plant in Lanzhou fifty-one Sumou and others dispute, after several people holding iron bars, shovels, knives and other instruments broke into the factory workshop assault Sumou other three people, wounded in the Sumou, who fled the scene, was taken to hospital after Sumou after she died. Identified by the court, the victim is Sumou others punctured with a sharp edge of the left artery single large loss of blood caused death.

    case but the case material, social impact, Lanzhou City Procuratorate in 2010 re-examined the case,hermes constance , many times the case for supplementary investigation. November 21, 2010, Mr Lee Yue was arrested again and held into the First Detention Center in Lanzhou City.

    1999 11 26,Nike Air Max Griffey, Lanzhou Municipal Public Security Bureau on suspicion of murder, robbery to criminal detention. March the following year, Mr Lee was happy Lanzhou City Procuratorate approved the arrest. After several back after the case investigation,cheap uggs sale Granny charged her daughter to ret, prosecution, trial session, the end result of the fact is unclear, the lack of evidence, Lanzhou City Procuratorate on May 23, 2006, to the proposed withdrawal of Lanzhou in the hospital. September 14, 2006, Mr Lee music is released.

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    1996 2 27, Li Qing Lan music business since the grounds that fellow Sun, the history of two from my hometown in Henan fool Lanzhou. 8 o’clock that night, the Yellow River in Lanzhou, Wire and Fulongping of a dormitory,hermes handbag 1, the defendant holding an iron bar hit Sun Guoan head, followed by an iron bar on the bed holding the history of Xing Yun beaten, robbed 6 in million in cash before fleeing the scene.

    withdrawal of the suspect given the prosecution the State Compensation

    trial the same day, Li Qinggang involved in the beatings of their confessed. But Mr Lee has always insisted he is innocent fun, and it said the first from the allegations, because the third brother, Li Qinggang dog bites a person, Sumou, who come looking for revenge, and the whole process only approached Mr Lee Yue tried to mediate, not hands-on, murder occurred because the younger brother Li Qingxiao came back that was useless to fight, they secretly call the factory with a few employees to retaliate. When he got the news rushed to the scene after the aircraft has been typed up. Second, is back and found himself eating out Sun Guoan, two have died Xing Yun Shi, put the money has also been forced open cabinet.

    1996, the 34-year-old farmer from Henan province to Mr Lee Yue Lan invited two fellow co-prosperity. I did not expect three people arrived in Portland the night, killed two fellow on, then by Mr Lee Yue was arrested on charges of intentional homicide after the prosecution. In 2006, the case for But a major case, the prosecution of the case subsequent to investigate,womens nike dunk sb heels, November 21, 2010, Mr Lee Yue was arrested again. Recently, Li Ching Lok suspicion of intentional assault, robbery trial in the hospital in Lanzhou. The trial, Mr Lee Yue insisted that he is innocent. The case will be regularly pronounced.

    our reporter Li Jie

    re-prosecute the suspects who are charged with three murder

    2009 1 19, Mr Lee Yue Compensation Commission to the High Court claim for compensation, requiring compensation for the error of Lanzhou City Procuratorate detained, arrested up to 2478 days, to the self-inflicted economic losses 270,000 and to pay moral damages of 50 million, Lanzhou City Prosecutors also asked them to eliminate the impact of rehabilitation, an apology. December 18, 2009, High Court review of that Compensation Commission, Lanzhou City Procuratorate made the decision not to prosecute, indicating that the law can not be found guilty of Mr Lee Yue, a written decision not to prosecute is a matter of tort law to confirm. According to the Accordingly, the High Court finds that the Compensation Committee, Compensation Organization Lanzhou Municipal People’s Procuratorate shall be compensated Mr Lee music. The amount of compensation in accordance with the 2008 average wage of 111.99 yuan on staff calculations, 2478 days in custody is wrong, should be compensated 27.7511 million yuan.

    day trial, prosecutors presented the Li Qing willing to November 29, 1999, November 30, December 1, the direct testimony at the public security organs, but also include security Wire and testimony of witnesses, to be Music to kill to prove robbing Mr Lee.

  41. Southern News reporter Wang Daobin Today is strong 1 -year-old son birthday , can be for the mother Wang Jing Hong is concerned, this birthday is destined to Dianpei,cheap christian louboutin, come down to spend . Less than in April , and John was diagnosed with two hospitals in Guangzhou severe hydrocephalus ,karen millen dress, Wang Jing Hong from rural areas to raise a few million treatment costs , Guangzhou and Shenzhen have been begging on the streets in a few months .

    Wang Jing Hong suffering from hydrocephalus with 1 -year-old son begging to raise money in the Central City Road . Southern Reporter Zhang Zhitao photo

    noon yesterday , the reporter in Guangzhou City Ring Road to see the mother and son , Wang Jing Hong hand around the huge head in his son sitting on the roadside , surrounded by a few volunteers to help her statement of the unfortunate . Wang Jing Hong told reporters ,shoes by christian louboutin, begging her to come nearly a month in Guangzhou ,christian louboutin shop Seventy years old dying w, the son of April is large enough sustained high fever ,christian louboutin buy, head circumference, getting bigger and bigger , Shenzhen ,karen millen leather, Guangzhou,jordan 6 heels 74(), many hospitals are diagnosed with hydrocephalus , now only dull eyes . overnight , the day the city is begging , present only about four thousand dollars .

  42. ( edit : SN002)

    ,air jordan 6 heels

    the end of the day , 29 -year-old Kang at a friend’s birthday party ,uggs classic tall Two unarmed suspects to climb along the water pipe 20 multi-st,ugg short,uggs classic short , and an altercation with his girlfriend ,ugg boots sales, is that the obedience of his girlfriend ,uggs australia, Kang by Jiujin crashed 3 series cars with head gear windshield ,abercrombie outlet miami Village every village shape of chopsticks 3 km mountain, and later covered with roadside trash a car smashed another glass .

    Fangshan court held that Kang constitute the crime of trouble , they are repeat offenders should be punished severely .

    (Reporter Wang Qiu ) for obedience expressed his girlfriend ,ken griffey shoes, the man crashed head- Kang drink three car windscreen , and another car smashed the glass . Reporters learned yesterday, Kang guilty of trouble jailed for two years.

  43. . ,abercrombie and fitch online

    50-year-old Qi Li Huang Quanlin live in the village, the family has a In his room brick house to take the air, almost unable to find a decent furniture. Filed Wangzhen Chang, Huang Quanlin sobs almost could not go. Last March, in order to persuade him to rabbit, Wang Zhenzhang to no fewer than three times. Later, once Wangzhen Chang carry directly to the 10 rabbits, rabbit hand tied with a wooden ring, did not want a penny,uggs classic short 7, just told him good support.

    dying,abercrombie clothing, coma Wang Huitian has been holding his daughter’s hand tightly. Huangshi Ju said she knows her husband is most worried about his daughter, he wanted to watch her daughter through college, work smoothly.

    high Gaoqiao deputy mayor Wu said, the villagers gradually to the rabbit with interest, the lack of rabbits has become a new problem.

    range, we eat! can

    Count balance of payments accounts and engage in planning, to help design the rabbit ring … Wang Huitian and town and village cadres hell and high water, house to house started to mobilize.

    life poor

    only came with her daughter as far as Chongqing

    year to 800 yuan per capita income of the villagers

    too raw for him

    understand, and my father why so

    Wang Huitian singing well, a minor celebrity in Kaixian. Friend and colleague Li Chengjun said, in addition to singing, fishing also will field one of the few hobbies. But these years, Aida and friends the opportunity to gather together a handful. The last time, is already a year ago things.

    did not think that just two hours, has become their last meeting.

    always concerned about the villagers,boys ugg boots, Wang Huitian home for his family but can not afford a decent house over the years by renting living. Until three years ago, he bought a set in Kaixian county 100 square meters of second-hand house, still owes 8 million in loans.

    such a thing, who are numerous in the Wang Huitian. Huangshi Ju was very angry and said: put the mold of

    have a lot of people to persuade Wang Huitian to his wife to find work, but he did not, his excuse is, , I can actually do something to support their family.

    Later, he learned,ugg adirondack ii, was 1,000 yuan Wang Zhenzhang dig their own, bought it 10 rabbits. Interview, the reporter learned that Wang Zhenchang lifetime monthly salary is only 1,600 yuan. It started by the 10 rabbits, Huang Quanlin rabbit revenue 20,000 yuan last year. Now, his family circle meat rabbit stock has more than 700, the estimated annual income of up to 10 million.

    as a cadre for 30 years only 20,000 yuan deposit

    Because there are a lot of times, this is a good family day where to play,nike air max Lebron viii Octogenarian scavenging adopted an abandoned baby 14 ye, always can not go because my father temporary emergency. In memory of Wang Xin, the father took her off the farthest place is the city of Chongqing. That was last summer, Wang Huitian to the main city work, Shun Piandai she and her mother to play.

    to help the villagers to generate income, he ran the project, regardless of day and night, even subsidizing wages for the villagers to buy rabbits. However, when the cadres of the past 30 years, Kaixian Gaoqiao Dying, he took his daughter’s hand tightly, said: / p>

    Kaixian Gaoqiao is a typical agricultural town. For too long, sturdy young men have been accustomed to go out looking for work, old and infirm who would expect that a few acres of farmland to maintain their livelihood. Wang Huitian often ask myself, Takahashi people how to live better? Last year, the town, after careful investigation, decided to develop and Angora rabbit breeding, to help villagers generate income.

    early last year, Wang Zhenchang with town and village cadres rushed to the Hubei Icheon, hunting could lift the 1120 Angora rabbit. Freight subsidies for the town, all rabbits are 80 yuan / of the low, farming villagers are willing to sell. This year, and the Angora rabbit farming village has formed the scale of Angora wool is expected to amount to more than 100,000, the output value of 5,000 million rabbit, rabbit’s lap stock will more than 100,000 . Last year alone, nearly 800 yuan per capita income Gaoqiao, this data will further increase this year.

    Wangkuai Tian Huangshi Ju’s wife did not work, her daughter was attending freshman, a family of three on a person’s wages by his life.

    . Wang Huitian ill fall, the town party secretary Chen Fengchun asked him if he had no money to see a doctor, he immediately said: party secretary Li Chengjun said, who do not believe that it will field nearly 30 years when the cadres, the family all of the deposits on the 2 million.

    he rest. Wang Huitian on the rod on his car. When removed from the car boot of the rod, the Li Chengjun mildew has been found in a pole. That night, they went to sing, Wang Huitian point favorite song

    owe their loved ones

    Stroked his son’s mound, the mother Liu Xinju tears: SN005)

    full house guests, which are not to good thing, because he always temporary emergency village and miss it.

    initial success

    7 group of villagers Zhanwan Dong said, go down because of year-round labor, his body more and more poor. Wang Zhenchang Village came to his house, to understand the situation suggested that he rabbit. A few days later, Wang Huitian to contact the relevant department brought 100 rabbits. Moreover, the plant site, looking for technical staff, Wang Zhenchang are personally attended to.

    2003 Year’s Eve, in a large home into the town, arranged the food on the table,ugg shoe, the family sitting together, waiting for Wang Huitian home , has not seen Wang Huitian shadow.

    Wang Huitian illegal coal mines (Picture) Wang Huitian viewing cliff scene (Picture)

  44. 2009 the beginning of a message to children stand it no longer, a little sister to tell her, Zhang lover out there, have for many years.

    married a few years, his wife, Ms. Tong Zhang’s husband often hear about the They do often quarrel.

    Why unto them according to the court recognized

    2008, the child gave birth to a daughter, a lot of harmonious relations between the two, but soon, Zhang’s Little sister to her .

    mad they went straight to the room rang the doorbell,abercrombie hoodie, the door opened,nike air griffey max 1 black blue South Korea to force the mother to become the, they saw, Zhang wearing only a pair of shorts, rushed in after he saw a young woman lying naked in bed … …

    children time to get angry, picked up the camera, > do not know where to stop taking pictures sheets,uggs for men, or go Lycra.

    they know sheet is driving the car in which people in which. Thus, the children bring the camera, and her mother with the Zhenhai larger hotels and dance halls to find a home in the past. A result, children in their own brother to open the hotel door found her husband’s car, Tongshun Li Zhang asked to the room where.

    purported rights took no communication

    This time, the boy caught her husband decided to look for opportunities with other women’s intimate photos, when you took these photos when evidence to the court for divorce.

    continents, according to City Express correspondent correspondent Jiang Yuming

    in court, Zhang fully recognized these pictures, but also admit mistakes, begging children,

    mediation in the courts, the children agreed to give Zhang a chance.

    Court’s view, feeling no longer exists, divorce.

    but the judge also said that if unto camera, there Qiangchuang other residential, limiting personal freedom, and other acts of harm to others, it is another matter, may violate the legal rights of others or even illegal.

    case, the judge said that Ms Tong submitted four photos,abercrombie and fitch outlets, is identified as valid evidence, not women who alleged violations of Mr. Zhang and the privacy,hermes handbags, reputation. First, she unto the intention is to take pictures to protect their legitimate rights and interests, rather than insult, hurt each other. Secondly, she as a wife, the right to know whether their spouse improper relationship between men and women the right to collect evidence. After taking pictures, there is no malicious publication, dissemination,emu ugg boots, are only available to the court when the evidence did not result in being shot by reducing the degree of social evaluation. Therefore, the court found photographs as valid evidence.

    one night in May that year,nike heels women 12, the opportunity finally came. Zhang until 0:00 to go home, cell phone off.

    couple are forty years old, Ningbo, married 15 years ago.

    old love affairs have long been hated for his son,ugg official website , a promise.

    Yesterday, Ningbo Zhenhai court a couple divorce, this is the second time they referred to the court.

    So, she immediately told her mother the news, please go to her own evidence.

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    but after two years, children are still often heard her husband’s In September, she sued again, Zhang still do not agree, but the children listen judge mediation.

    8 months, the child holding a photograph of one of four photos, the old notice to Zhenhai court for divorce.

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  45. BEIJING, November 3 in Chongqing (by Guo Hong Liu Han Xue Xiao) was born in Sichuan Yibin a baby girl less than 40 days accidentally swallowed a nearly 2 cm long pin, life worrying. Reporter 3 from Children’s Hospital of Chongqing Medical University, was informed by the hospital doctors would be incarcerated in the duodenum endoscopy at the pin out,nike ken griffey shoes, the baby is now out of danger.

    Hu Hua Jian told reporters, medical personnel were involved in the operation from the screen to see the advancement of gastroscopy,abercrombie and fitch outlet store, baby esophagus, stomach and pins were not found when endoscopy reached the descending duodenum,abercombie, suddenly discovered that the pin is stuck in the swallow here, open tip, was Given the complex anatomy and the Alien and dangerous foreign situations, a little careless handling sharp needle may puncture the intestinal folds, sharp pieces of metal may be the end of the needle pierced the intestinal folds, the consequences could be disastrous.

    the risk of incarceration, have greatly increased the difficulty of operation. and the operation may be unexpected gastrointestinal bleeding, perforation and other risks are very high.

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    Lili X-ray after admission and found that pin tip open, was possible, try to remove the object. Hu digestion Infectious Diseases physician hospital built in China at 16:30 on the 2nd of the girl underwent surgery.

    endoscopy center at Children’s Hospital, the staff used a plastic bottle to reporters, was filled with batteries, plastic sticks, coins, pins, pendants, rings, earrings and even nail clippers and other small stuff. Dr. Hu told reporters, these are the hospital’s patients who have never belly out of the foreign body. To this end,air max 2009, parents must try not to let children come into contact with these easy to swallow the little things, especially the sharp (such as needles, blades, etc.) and corrosive (such as strong oxidizing acids and alkaline batteries, etc.) items; in the event of a similar situation, do not panic, do not just eat, immediately dispose of patients admitted to regular hospital,abercrombie and fitch clothing Severe slow-moving farmers helpless villages aban, and follow the professional medical treatment recommendations.

    A pin into the baby’s stomach. Chongqing Children’s Hospital for the picture was taken

    surgery, Dr. Hu has tried to pin endoscopy at the roundabout turning grip, be careful out. May be due to the duodenum in patients with small operating space,new uggs boots Fake drivers of special vehicles killed four people drunk driving, and pin location are unique, very difficult, try the 2 has not been successful. Eventually help of an assistant, Dr Woo took advantage of the next before the onset of intestinal peristalsis caught in the ring at the end of pin-pin, the pin back and retreat relatively large space at the pin 180 to adjust the direction, the flow out of the pin. Foreign body incarcerated at all original, no new scratches,cheap jordan heels, signs of bleeding and perforation, are by no obvious scratches cavity. Less than 30 minutes throughout the surgery.

    introduced according to the child’s parents, at 16 o’clock on November 1st or so, was born less than 40 days old baby girl Lily (a pseudonym) swallowed one while playing nearly 2 cm long pin. No fruit at a local doctor, Lily 2 parents sent her to Children’s Hospital of Chongqing Medical University for treatment.

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  46. efforts ,man uggs, according to an account , the summer of 2009 ,air jordan 6 rings high heels, Gurkha has to be a rape , this effort has a grudge , premeditated revenge. October 22, 2011 afternoon, the efforts of a contact to take the Gurkha a tricycle to work on the grounds Luntai salt , let Gurkha carrying a shovel ,abercrombie and fitch outlets Lack of real estate owners in the metro area has s, pull her to the bag of urea salt . Line to the location where the crime , the efforts of a lied to get off easy , do not pay attention while a Gurkha , Gurkha spade hit a head several times , causing his death , and buried the body . After completing the case , its driving an electric tricycle Gurkha fled the scene and abandoned in a no place .

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    currently involved in a women’s efforts have been XingJu , the case for further proceedings .

    14 days after a police task force visited the Mo Pai, a local women’s efforts to finalize a (female, 40 years old) have a major crime suspects , and quickly arrested . After trial , a statement of its efforts Gurkha revenge killing of a crime that .

    by the forensic autopsy , the deceased has multiple blunt head injury , defined as homicide , murder Luntai County Public Security Bureau, the prompt start of the working mechanism of detection , will stand as a homicide case , and the organization of criminal investigation , more than 30 police officers and other departments to start the project investigation.

    BEIJING, November 9, Urumqi, Xinhua ( Shan- Wen Wu Ting Sun ) reporter 9th from Xinjiang Luntai Public Security Bureau, the county had a woman in retaliation for the rape of his sixty a year ago, the old man , premeditated revenge will after the shoot to kill their shovels , the body buried . XingJu the woman 14 days after the incident , the case for further proceedings .

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    It is reported that at 13:00 on October 24 Xu , Luntai County Public Security Bureau of Criminal Investigation Brigade received a warning season salt workers ,abercrombie & fitch outlet, known as State Road 314 at a local gas station and found a corpse . After investigation , the Department confirmed dead Gurkha (male, 61 years old , Luntai membership ,abercrombie and fitch official website,abercrombie fitch outlet Seriously ill pregnant woman died after 8 twins last wo, the disabled) ,uggs discount, during his lifetime work in the passenger tricycle .

  47. 120 came, Xiao Zheng squeezed into the front, to the medical staff along the way, send the injured to the ambulance and asked the next victim of the situation, that is very dangerous, Xiao Zheng also got , lost their electric cars in the scene. Emergency Center in the province, the old man was taken to the emergency room. Xiao Zheng is busy to do the medical card, medical office, and paid. Body only more than 470 yuan of money,cheap ugg, Xiao Zheng, took out a $ 400 deposit into the card,cheap shoes , write on the old man’s name, fill in their phone number. 62-year-old old man is injured Wang Hunan.

    old man was killed when the families of the perpetrators Xiao Zheng

    knocked over elderly hit by a car, the vehicle fled, if you are just passing through,ugg boot sale, it will forward a arm? This problem, so many modern lot of thought. Because the trend continues, a forward mix of people is likely to be mistaken for perpetrators, or why so enthusiastic about it?

    selling groceries for the elderly Zhuangfei

    Xiao Zheng recalled, in the hospital, he met the families of the perpetrators, there have been a simple exchange. The other asked him who,Buy cheap air max shoes,ugg classic Relatives of the fire rescue girl severely burned her boyfriend sayi, he said passers-by, the two sides no longer talk. At 3 pm, and the family came to the hospital. Relatives of a king old man, old man a king fellow. Doctors the news is injured because she died. Xiao Zheng explained, they are not the perpetrators, but to help it. Family members do not believe: from site to help rescue, but also for medical card Dianqian, it does not matter who you believe? Family members say, dead, can not walk.

    Xiaozheng of good deeds is not a spur of the moment, a few days ago he rescued a suicidal woman. So, think of the famous professor of National Taiwan University, Fu Pei-jung’s words: human goodness. Is not it? Xiao Zheng is not only a good thing to do is to stimulate people’s goodness of heart.

    after the accident, police rushed to the scene, a preliminary estimate as the driver brakes the wrong throttle, step on the accelerator will be elderly with a car Zhuangfei. Reporters learned that the driver has been controlled by the police,air jordan 7 high heels, the accident is under further investigation.

    Xiao Zheng said the accident occurred about 2 pm and more, on Waring Road and Public Road intersection. He lived in tea, ride a passing electric car, found a car parked on the road, the old man lying on a car to sell groceries front, the ears have a lot of blood,abercrombie and fitch, what old people are still selling the hanger side. Owners no longer live.

    Waring Road public crossing a small car stalls

    Xiao Zheng is the woman to commit suicide a few days ago to save the next person

    120 Nanping guy to help the injured Provincial Hospital, the body as the medical expenses of $ 400 advance.

    reporters arrived at the scene parked white car, the car was empty. Has severely damaged the front car, the front is a serious distortion of the three hybrid vehicles, hybrid electric vehicle in front of a vehicle also damaged the front. The ground littered with scissors and other groceries.

    police that the young man is innocent

    this guy is the newspaper reported Dec. 14 that day, a woman committed suicide by jumping from the viaduct Doumen, in Before the ambulance arrived to help her with an umbrella to block the rain, and followed the girl to the hospital as a guardian, Xiao Zheng.

    Xiaozheng the police to seek leave. Street police station rushed to the scene. A police said at the scene after hearing the narrative, and then deal with the accident of Fuzhou Drum Patrol Battalion made contact,nike air griffey max 1 1800(), the results confirmed that the perpetrators have been in the Drum Tower Patrol Battalion. Survey, Xiao Zheng is indeed innocent. Street police station, then allowed to leave the spot.

    However, today we see the young man Nanping Xiao Zheng, run into such things, he Dianqian medical treatment for the elderly, family members stopped by the results, insist that he is a perpetrator, the police finally his innocence. However, he did not because of this misunderstanding, and regret their kindness.

    2 pm yesterday, more strong safety in Fuzhou Hualin Road, near the building, a driver on the sidewalk, wrong throttle when the brake , driving a white car crashed into the roadside to sell trucks, will hit the elderly sellers.

    witness Mr Chu said, things happen 2 o’clock in the afternoon, suddenly darted from the sidewalk on a white car, crashed into the ground next to a fast hybrid vehicle. Miscellaneous goods and the elderly knocked Zhaoqian Fang introduced ten meters, street until the car hit a tree when to stop. On-site people that driving is a woman, reporters rushed to the scene, the driver has been in the police at the scene.

    Xiao Zheng took out 400 yuan to help the elderly doctor

    correspondent contacted, Xiao Zheng yesterday evening when he was returned to the scene, to find their own electric cars. There are 400 yuan of medical card, because the end of the rescue, Xiao Zheng hand back intact. Xiao Zheng said that even if this money is spent, he did not regret it, it was always good to do.

  48. Hefei Evening News unbearable mental disorders due to mother, son Jingbu read family, brutally murdered mother. The day before yesterday, declared the city Intermediate People’s Court sentenced the defendant to the crime of intentional homicide Tong Zhiwei death, suspended for two years deprivation of political rights for life.

    defendant Tong Zhiwei, male, Xuancheng people, living in Shanghai, Yin Department of the victim of a son. In early 2011, Yin mental disorders. The morning of February 19, Yin upstairs fell, causing his right leg fracture, Tong Zhiwei Yin and his wife will be sent to hospital after treatment, care and want to take their home, Yin said the family ghosts, insisted on going to Jiuhuashan the temple.

    16 pm the same day, Tong Zhiwei driving with his wife,karen millen cheap Wife sex with others, extorting, mother together from Shanghai to Jiuhua Mountain, Sun City, 19 am to reach parents’ home for dinner, do not want to get off and a nonsense Yin, Tong Zhiwei unbearable, then have to kill the idea of Yin. 20 am, Tong Zhiwei Yin to send to the grounds of Jiuhua Mountain, drive alone to bring it to a remote place. After stopping, Tong Zhiwei Yin holding a hammer toward the left leg, head and face hard times hit, and the abdomen with a knife stabbed towards the number of knives.

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    Xuancheng the Court held that the defendant, Tong Zhiwei intentional unlawful deprivation of life, and the serious consequences caused by death of the victim, their conduct constitutes manslaughter. Mental disorders in the mother due to family care and attention to be the case, can not be rational to treat and deal with family conflicts,buy christian louboutins, do not read the family, the motivation for the implementation of despicable acts of murder, brutality, with particularly serious consequences, punishable by law. Tong Zhiwei after appearing in court a true account of the facts of the crime, the Department of honest, law can be punished more leniently; the court voluntarily pleaded guilty, a good attitude, show repentance and appropriate sentences. Meanwhile, in view of the case was due to family conflicts caused by disputes,buy karen millen dresses online, the defendant actively fundraising compensation relatives,karen millen ruffle dress, and already with the mediation agreement reached with civil plaintiff, civil plaintiff made with the understanding, it is ruling above. After the verdict, the defendant Tong Zhiwei did not appeal.

    21 pm, Tong Zhiwei Yin a vehicle body, in the urban farmers get a bucket of gasoline market, and buy a solid alcohol, towels, white cotton gloves and mineral water and other items. After driving to the city in a suburb of Tong Zhiwei Bund bridge, moved to the bridge opening in the body,christian louboutin sneakers, doused with gasoline and alcohol burning, fender and pebbles covered with water bodies. After committing the crime,, Tong Zhiwei the tools of crime victims and all the throw away items. The next day at 1 pm,nike air yeezy,louboutins online , Tong Zhiwei drove back to the parents’ home the night with his wife fled to Shanghai, February 22, Taicang City in Jiangsu Province was arrested.

    (Ma Linhai)

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  49. Si Taxi found in conversation, they have many common interests,Hermes Kelly 28, to the end of the party, she found that she had not help falling in love with him. However, when Si Taxi initiative to Dylan Xianwen affection, the Dylan said there is a secret to tell her.

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  51. (Reporter Wang Jue ) Women Zhang Qian (a pseudonym ) long by rogue bully ,nike air max 2009, let her boyfriend to help his brother and outlet ,abercrombie and fitch classic shirts, hooligans was beaten to the ground ,cheap hermes , she thought killing people , and went to a hide is seven years in Xinjiang . May this year , in a census , Zhang Qian was seized by the police in Xinjiang . Yesterday, her 42 -year-old birthday , she stood on the dock . Face questions of judges and prosecutors , Zhang Qian was crying all the answers . After the Full Court ,classic ugg boots, the judge in court for sentencing : Zhang Qian guilty of intentional assault , three-year sentence in prison ,ugg 5815,nike air 1/2 half cent penny 75 -year-old husband, suspended for five years. After the verdict , the judge said of Zhang Qian : After you start living a good performance, now you can with the mother and family,abercrombie jeans, had a reunion of the Mid-Autumn Festival and birthday.

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    Posted I heard the dog crying, I asked, I learned that a dog was hit by a car after being thrown into the trash. Thus, the Nanjing girl Nanjing girl puppy was just

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    Nanjing Girl

    Injured dog quietly asleep.
    injured dog for treatment.

    16 on the injured dog is not to abandon do not give up

    15 trash rescued injured dog

    17 friends from the dog on the public to raise surgery

    16, one day, users’ call Hu Lulu row of four urine. Hospital plan 17 injured dog to the surgery to remove the head bone chips. The shot injured dog rescue Nanjing Girl

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  53. fled Nianzai, son SMS vent track

    According to the police, formerly known as Limou Cheng Li Mou, and since their high school graduation, he has been using the name Li Mou,abercrombie online Nanchang University, the campus, household management for the year is still not up to standard,bailey button uggs, the unit is still unable to grasp the Limou another name. Li Mou escape, it has been used Limou Cheng’s name, sometimes a pseudonym 2002 to 2003, Li Mou had sneaked back home to Li Moucheng Conghua name for a second-generation ID card, so after the flight career, Li Mou holding this ID card in the sea of life, no problem.

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    carry firearms, the police pretend customers into the store observed, followed by the name of a routine inspection requirements Liangmingshenfen to produce their identity documents, police arrested the spot Li Mou.

    Li Mou escape 22 years later was escorted back to Guangzhou. Figure

    this year’s hot potato,

    was how to escape?

    At present, Li Mou Lechang has been sent to prison, he not only served the remaining 22 years ago, more than five years imprisonment, but also increasing the sentence for the crime of escape.

    the name of the arrest of fugitives reached the Pentecost, when the performance of calm, straightforward guilty plea, but said with a smile, However, when it comes to living a poor life in Guangzhou when his wife and children,air max 2010,Hermes Cattle Neck Stripe 35CM Man carrying bags t, Li Mou and address him regret, lament acquittal if not escape, he had been able to re-man.

    correspondent for the Express News reporter intern Guohui Wu Mu-Rong Tan Weizhong Liu Jinfeng correspondent reported, I knew this day would come sooner or later.

    arrived in Haikou, in cooperation with local police, pursuit team found hiding in Meilan District Zhendong Li Mou area. When Ken Li Mou Jin Zhendong Road in a coffee shop,ugg boot sales, the arrest immediately.

    sell guns to jail, less than a year Prison Break

    Limou escaped after 22 years of time is always hiding in Haikou City, Hainan Province, over the years, although the relevant departments has organized a police force of its pursuit, but the cunning Limou has been successfully

    sir, said Zhang, Li Mou has never been back to Guangzhou during fled the home, and little contact with his wife and children,

    22 years, what potential?

    In addition, Li Mou act everywhere carefully, he did not dare to work regular business, can only work against the live site broken up, his girlfriend, his friends a lot, but .

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    to their arrest only when the total sale of imitation March 1, 1989, Li Mou jailed for six years, on 24 November the same year, he staged in Guangdong Lechang Prison, August 30,hermes birkins, 2001, the Guangdong Provincial Bureau of Prisons will Limou Internet wanted.

    According to the police, Conghua Li Mou spa town just 50 years old this year, the household registration in the Liwan District of Guangzhou City, Po Yuen Road. The 1980s, Li Mou met some dubious friends, in order to get rich, he embarked on crooked, and started to engage in the vice-trafficking in firearms and ammunition.

    breakthrough,abercrombie hoodie Native to the construction of H, sort out the whereabouts of Li, investigation. Li Mou’s son from the monitor to start sending and receiving text messages, lock Limou in the sea, so thousands of miles arrest.

    Sir, said Zhang, the face of pursuit police officers, Li Mou performance of the calm, straightforward confession. conceal his guilt, saying that 22 years had never returned home again,womens jordan heels, when escape was 1 year old son, has not met. Meanwhile old mother also passed away, Li Mou did not dare to give them back Conghua final journey home.

    calm confession, mentioned family guilt

    According to Li Mou statement, then why should he escape, mainly suspected his wife was having an affair, want to The prison was not as good as now strict, less serious crimes outside of prison staff may be working. November 24, 1989, Li Mouli with the imprisonment of labor of the machine, while not prepared to escape prison. After the escape, but Li Mou, not see his wife and children home, but all the way south, they go to a cousin in business at sea, a hide is 22 years.

  54. Taogong Qian failed hostage subcontractors

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    March of this year, Lanzhou University Yuzhong Campus of a wall insulation works changed hands several times, layers of contracting,air jordan 23 high heels, the final subcontract by the subcontractor Zhang Yuzhong County,inexpensive christian louboutin shoes 4, a local labor contractor to a cow. Cattle a daily $ 150 Youyi conditions led Haomou responsible for the recruitment commission. Soon,buy ralph lauren, it got Dumou Haomou dozens of other young men went to the site folks. Started less than a week coincides with the Ching Ming Festival holiday, to pay workers a wage demands cattle, cattle Zhang a commission on their behalf to the workers each paid $ 200. Aware of a cow with a deliberate wages, the workers on April 5 at noon to return to the site immediately after the daily 150 yuan Zhang asked the crowd to pay eight days to pay, Zhang said 100 yuan daily at most, and must be the amount of completed projects accounting wages, workers can not accept, when stuck in the shed about Zhang compel him to pay a total of 12,000 yuan wages. Zhang desperation call a cow, but then actually keen on the idea of a cow shut down. Until 5:00 pm, has never been a cow came payroll workers angrily decided to Zhang hostage to force a cow appeared on Xinglongshan. Zhang workers forced by the naked standing barefoot on the snow,cheap nike heels for women, while he Guiqiu let workers keep their side of a cattle call, cattle until the call is connected aware of a critical condition before the alarm. 8 o’clock that night, the workers are still waiting for a cow guarding Zhang appeared, but did not think it is until the police control after nearly eight hours and beaten Zhang Sometimes no cause can be rescued.

    Yuzhong County, 10 migrant workers for the crime of illegal detention six people were sentenced to four people exempted from punishment

    8 22, Yuzhong County Procuratorate Dumou 10 people suspected of illegal detention prosecution. September 26, Yuzhong County, the court determined that, Dumou other illegal restriction of personal freedom 10 acts have constituted the crime of illegal detention. In view of the defendant is to ask for unpaid wages, for the legitimate rights and interests and illegal detention of persons,cheap christian louboutin 6 suspects in the case of 3-year value of 230 million, as appropriate sentences,jordan heels for women 3, then made the decision.

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    Gansu Daily Network – Maryland Morning News (Reporter Guo Yuhong) in order to beg for their hard labor income,nike air griffey max 1 blue, Yuzhong County, 10 migrant workers is not resolved through the proper channels, but the foreman Xinglongshan hostage to compel him to pay wages. Recently, Yuzhong County People’s Court sentenced the defendant to the crime of illegal detention Dumou six months imprisonment, the defendant Zhao, five others were sentenced to prison terms ranging from probation,christian louboutins cheap, and another four were due to minor offenses, to be free to criminal penalties.

  55. Liaoli Ling admits , open the door to see a floor ,christian shoes louboutin , they directly upstairs intent to steal,wholesale ralph lauren polo shirts, but did not succeed. Liao Liling tears ,salvatore ferragamo shoes on sale, said , from 9 years ago, , she was due to theft crimes , often in prison , during which the mother had been a strong charge to the hospital to see a psychiatrist,air jordan 13 high heels,karen millen ruffle dress Woman stealing package w, take medication three years later because of hard linked to the number and self-withdrawal, which in turn not refrain from stealing their addiction . Taiwan police after hearing her by theft brought to justice. ( China Taiwan network Liddy )

    yesterday morning, the female owner of a 2nd floor apartment squatted beside the refrigerator vegetable sorting , suddenly catch a glimpse of a strange woman came out from the bedroom , shocked , immediately people stopped and the police.

    Taiwan police investigation found that Liao Liling alone raising two sons primary school , usually against the operation of the fish stalls to help the mother to live , last month 14, she died of theft was sentenced to eight months in prison , not yet implemented .

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    China Taiwan Network ( microblogging) November 23 ,burberry outlet store, according to Taiwan’s she has been arrested 62 times for theft ,air jordan 4, said Liao women , stealing their addiction , they see the door open , can not help but want to steal into the room .

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    reported in the newspaper under the Lanzhou police chase full, together with others in Lanzhou, Zhengzhou and other places from burglary crime 6, killing six people,christian louboutin wedges 275, injured two people Wuhan arrested. The afternoon of November 21, the Department of Military Governor murder fugitive being escorted back to Blue Bell.

    task force rushed to the Henan Xingyang work in cooperation with local police to determine the exact clock military news in Wuhan. Then in Wuhan, the assistance of local police, arrested on November 18 successful military suspects minutes. The Tu Shen,buy ferragamo, Zhong suspects robbed the military of killing six people and the name of

    1992 10 25, Seven Mile River District of Lanzhou City Road a tobacco shop Xijin serious murder occurred, several men armed burglary, robbery, will Ma Moumou,air max shoes, after killing Wang fled the scene.

    Lanzhou Municipal Public Security Bureau of Interpol in the detection of the case on the occasion the full detachment, May 23, 1993 at 1 pm, University Road, Zhengzhou City, Henan Province,womens nike dunk sb high heels , ,polo ralph lauren shirts, staff and customers Moumou Yang was killed,karen millen coats, a bar owner was stabbed and her husband Moumou. Investigation by the Public Security Bureau of Zhengzhou City,christian louboutin for sale , OK Cooperation with the police in Lanzhou, in June 1993, a suspect Chung, who has been arrested and brought to justice. Under questioning, the confession of a Chung Zhengzhou University Avenue Road, a tobacco store robbery and murder of Mamou Mou, Wang; before and after October 1992, the Yellow River in Lanzhou City has to silence his girlfriend to kill a cow Zhao and Zhao’s crime.

  57. West Network ( Shaanxi Broadcast TV puts the words on the packaging of the relevant covered up .

    reporter learned that , in addition to Lu took to abandon the the Many companies have abandoned the September 1 to October 31 ,cheap louboutin shoes, the State Administration for Industry ,karen millen outlet, Commerce Department , the four departments in the nationwide illegal advertising, take back , cover ,cheap moncler , paste ,ralph lauren golf, replace , etc. , to remove the illegal flow of goods on the market, packaging,nike air griffey max 1 grey Network essays million,cheap air max 95, labeling, eliminate adverse effects.

    correspondent today visited a number of large supermarkets found that Lu spent all kinds of product packaging ,ralph lauren mens polo shirts 18, 5S pressed flower experts For this phenomenon,glitter christian louboutin, most everyone who does not agree ,

    microblogging Recommended | today’s hot microblogging

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  58. welcome to comment to comment

    she said, a restaurant, she spent 70,000 yuan renovation and purchase of cutlery, this is also borrow 30,000 yuan. Over the years earned in addition to the account to pay off, but only to the original decoration of the money back, and now owes the town government and other private money adds up to 120,000 yuan,ugg kensington, White did, to continue operating working capital is not, and had to close.

    2009 January, after the town for leadership, for the settlement of the outstanding meals, receptions for a total for the town government owes Ma Shuhong 110,000 and $ 10,000 the same day.

    owed several thousand each year as many as thousands

    layout in the town of Bavaria Bohu County, the town office expenses for one year only 60,000 yuan, the annual fee will need to host more than 1 million. Cadres and workers to address the reception dinner and save costs, the town late last year opened a canteen. The town Commission for Discipline Inspection Zhang theory, since the canteen run, not only solved the problem of workers’ dining, but also saves receptions for 4,000 yuan, cost-saving method of reception, but also the implementation of the county’s other towns, Bohu County deputy secretary Luo Ruihong introduced, the township received canteen meals will not be allowed on alcohol and tobacco, fruit, and the dining staff to implement equal treatment, not a single person a single meal more than 10 yuan, beginning with the requirements of the State Council, nearly 90 central units gradually open the The curtain will be opened.

    and the answer is money.

    balun units in Xinjiang town owed Mashu Hong meals mainly from the town’s annual dinner reception after the higher inspection costs, the town government has promised to pay off over three years. Reporters found through investigation that the grass-roots units, due to the higher authorities continue receiving checks, reception costs them quite pressure, some grass-roots pressure to address the reception fee, a special reception up to the higher authorities canteen meal examination.

    balun units for the town government debt, they also have their own hiding something. An unnamed town, the staff said, because the town government in the 218 national highway,ugg melbourne, is and static from Urumqi or Bayanbulak grasslands, forest kunas tourist attractions to go through the lot, usually in addition to the higher authorities to check the work to reception, the tourist attractions to research,cheap air max 24 7 27, play leaders also need to receive through,air max 95 boots Shaanxi, a rule is not overcrowde, must receive twenty-three dial, a lot of pressure. City staff have received relevant departments expressed the same lament.

    less meals every year because of the town, together with other acquaintances to dinner also IOUs, winter 2008, Ma Shuhong no longer operating, the restaurant had to turn off.

    10 days, the town mayor Pakistan Taiwan balun according to Seoul on the phone told this reporter,uggs australia usa , beginning in 2002, the town government does owe Ma Shuhong 100,000 yuan total meals, Well, less office expenses, and received an annual addition of higher inspection costs, due to these costs so far failed to have on. After consultation with Ma Shuhong, they decided to pay off in three years, that is,Buy Air Jordan Force Fusion, repayment of 30,000 yuan in 2011, 2012, repayment of $ 30,000, 2013, repayment of $ 40,000.

    41-year-old Ma Shuhong August 12 on the phone said she is a native of Taiwan and static town county balun . In 2002, she was in balun units from more than 300 meters from the town government office where opened a restaurant,ken griffey jr shoes, an area of 100 square meters, with two loose boxes and five units, usually mainly engaged in cooking and noodles.

    microblogging Recommended | today’s hot microblogging (edit: SN014)

    Asian Heart Network (Reporter Huda Min) owes $ 100,000 for meals, Ma Shuhong still looked very helpless.

    to account every year to answer all money

    Mashu Hong worry, although the government promised to pay off in three years, but if the change of leadership, whether the money can not

    a week ago,hermes birkin bags, Ma Shuhong meals to the town government owed her something hot to reflect the new wide MORALS, by reports, the town government promised to pay off in three years.

    check out.

  59. 22 early in the morning, and the two just left the hotel shortly after her sudden sweating, body leaning against the pole on the street unable to sliding. Mouth vague, said: on the center of the hospitals.

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    keep people outside the delivery room all sigh, but the father has been restless, but burst into shattered again. A sad and indignant people the story, so his fingers down, with tears streaming down together.

    did not take good care of by Li Yongping Zhao Juan, parents Zhao Juan picked up,nike air griffey max 1 grey purple, but found Zhao Juan has more than four months pregnant

    Pengshui County town of Han Jia Village 6 Compass Group, is Zhaoshan Gang’s home.

    courses of drugs, may two or three thousand, and then consolidate this.

    one week later, although the They have condemned Fuxin Han, but also worried about the fate of the boy. Because the name of the mother with mild schizophrenia, do not feed their children.

    Li orders last year, the main city of the schizophrenic girl Zhao Juan Pengshui propose marriage, after the two cohabitation

    introverted Zhao Juan, although on the surface, did not oppose the decision of the parents,discount uggs boots , but yet unwilling heart.

    after continued treatment, to the last year, Zhao Juan’s condition stabilized. unfeeling and grown up in the fetus, so Zhao Juan an increasing mental stress, illness began to appear again.


    11 17, Zhaoshan Gang decided to go with her daughter Li orders.

    Zhaoshan Gang produced the day after her daughter, under the guidance of the well-meaning people, to find home again to Li Yung-ping.

    listening Zhaoshan Gang tells the story, endless citizens Xu Xi, and soon spread throughout the town. Zhao Juan ward where the corner, filled with well-meaning people brought the eggs and a variety of fruit.

    around November last year, (), Zhao Juan’s great aunt,buy hermes birkin , I’ve met a Pengshui, repair people.

    Chongqing Academy summer counsel law firm, this incident, the woman’s boyfriend as the father of the baby,nike air max 2011, the baby should be the responsibility of stewardship. Therefore, women can ask their births boyfriend take custody of the baby costs. If you refuse to pay for her boyfriend, the woman can take legal means to seek support.

    Ward, looking at his daughter like this, Zhao Juan’s father cried. Chongqing Morning News reporter He Yishe

    25, the reporter accompanied Zhao Shangang also came to the lake district landscape building. 1 unit in a 5-2, Zhaoshan Gang Li Yung-ping said that this is home, but do not knock open the door. A neighbor said Zhao Shangang came the day before, the family are still playing mahjong. But since then, the family had no shadow.

    eldest daughter, Zhao Juan was born in 1990.

    recent days, there’s something Yubei Xing town uproar. 21 this month, a father, together with Pengshui town girl looking for The father and daughter has suffered an accident unaccompanied, more than nine months pregnant girls actually premature birth, giving birth to a baby boy more than 5 pounds.

    4 days later, Wang Guange received Li Yung-ping the phone, Juan picked up. The two sides broke.

    Long shangxingzhen Center Hospital doctors said Zhao Juan was born, the baby of 5 kg weight, very healthy.

    one week later, the boy’s father has not yet appeared. Xing kind in the town have to help people find

    morning 9:10, hospitals in the delivery room came the sound of crying babies.

    baby father should the responsibility of stewardship

    who took away the baby boy was born just a few days? Just when the mother’s Zhao Juan,uggs knightsbridge, this is going to react? Zhao Shangang couple is attitude? Newspaper will continue to focus on.

    yesterday, Zhaoshan Gang told reporters that there are good people in town have seen Li Yongping’s mother,air jordon shoe, but a reference to the matter, the other a hurry to leave.

    11 21, Yubei Long shangxingzhen bus station, and the two out of the station, they found a small hotel stay, plan the next day to find Li Yongping.

    3 10 May, feeling Li Yongping unreliable Wangguang E play to call, asked his daughter back.

    men propose marriage to establish relations between the two sides hit it off

    healthy baby boy was born a few days for no reason was taken away

    At this time,uggs boot, a man named Li Yung-ping, broke into the Zhao Juan of life.

    February 7, Li Yongping door again with a dowry, and intends to Zhao Juan picked up the next day.

    broke back to his daughter that was pregnant

    microblogging Recommended | today’s hot microblogging

    5 end of Zhao Juan some body fat, careless parents sent her to check, only to find already harbor more than four months pregnant up. people talk about, call back. The group of text / Chongqing Morning News reporter, chief reporter Xiao Qinghua Lu rain

    21 this month, Zhao Juan and his father to the main city, for Li Yung-ping Li not see behind closed doors, one after Zhao Juan premature sub

    street labor intentioned people together bit of ambulance

    daughter was picked up later, Zhao Shangang couples work outside the home, has repeatedly called Li Yung-ping, Long shangxingzhen of Li Yongping went home, the night was turned away.

    lawyers say>

    Fuxin Han missing family child playing behind closed doors but not

  60. (Source: City Times intern reporter Liu Ling)

    Mr. Choi told the request to help find experts for this rock I figure

    ornamental stones like this, the emphasis is on can think of a lot of things out.

    Sichuan play a special person to give him a stone stone opened a price – 300,000. Mr. Choi that this price is not satisfactory, Kunming, the auction house to see.

    rocks Yunnan Association’s science adviser, said Mr. Zhang: From the photo, this is a common quartz, and is polished. This person should be used to play rock, unlike the farmers. In addition, there are flash photos,abercrombie and fitch outlet stores,ugg knightsbridge Wife suspected her husband love to watch beautiful women jumpe, pictures only from the point of view,ugg cardy, it is difficult to determine the pattern of true and false. If you want to estimate the price worth the stone,uggs clearance 113400 , it is best to conduct the auction to see how much money other people. In general, it is difficult pricing,Hermes Picotin PM, like love, like you are willing to pay more for each other, do not like to be out a penny are not willing to.

    Mr. Choi said, fifty-six days ago, he inadvertently in the Jinsha River side in the water to see a looming stone,Hermes Evelyn PM, stone above the surface of the body part you can see some patterns, to dig, dig out and found a lot of the above have a variety of patterns. Dig out, Mr. Choi went to the village invited five or six people tied with chains to carry the stone home,ugg boots uk ,ugg factory, one said 150 kilograms.

    Yesterday, the newspaper received a letter from Mr. Choi Zhaotong, along with a few stones of the photos. He said in the letter, I am a typical farmer, the photograph of the stone is in Zhaotong and Sichuan Communication Department (Tai Shan Yan Zhaoyang District of Zhaotong Da village) picked up the edge of the Jinsha River. Please help find the newspaper’s correspondent identified the stone experts, look at this

  61. ( edit : SN009)

    ,boots shoes australia

    Global Network reporter Zhu Ying library reported that ,jordanian airlines, according to Taiwan’s turned out to be a man named .

    reported ,Nike Air Max Kids, forgery and fraud if convicted , the man ‘s

    reported that the man ‘s After returning home ,Hermes Birkin 35,1730, the problem remains unresolved, the man would tell the neighbors distress . Neighbors but also for his injustice,nike dunk high heels 8 , No. 8 even appeared in th, claiming to strip him ,abercrombie jean jacket Growth of the Ethnic nest over the life of 60 days in pe,air jordan 13 high heels, His

  62. Weng Yu Ting (right left) Wang Junming (right left) and genuine physician hiatus (right right) to view the baby . Quadruplets (left from top to bottom ) Emma, Natalie, Isabelle, Audrey. ( United States,kids ugg boots, the baby . ( United States children’s Hospital at Stanford to the media, public display of their new born female baby 4 births .

    hospital CLC, the Chinese mother in the case of natural pregnancy , on October 21 last year in the hospital birth to four girls . As the premature 14 weeks ,abercrombie sweatpants, and high-risk pregnancy , after Caesarean section , the hospital decided to average weight of less than 2 pounds of four girls ,abercrombie mens, settled in the special care unit care. After three months of intensive care ,ugg australia , four baby daughter is now out of danger , the end will be brought home by their parents care .

    the hospital after initial identification ,ugg shoes, found that 4 births may be caused by two pairs of monozygotic twins formed ,uggs Small group of ultra- foot length 36.8 cm att, so the hospital and the baby ‘s parents are excited and surprised. Because four births already very rare,ugg cheap, if two pairs of monozygotic female twins,ugg tall boots (), in medicine is more rare.

  63. microblogging Recommended | today’s hot microblogging (edit: SN026)

    traffic police denied the colleagues used reporter permits to four people to see, but ranging from 4 to verify identity, it will be Lin Liangtian frame to the green belt. Be controlled, the phone was seized, photos, deleted, Lin Liangtian was only open a few man.

    there is alcohol in the body.

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    Nanfang Daily reporter Zhao Yang

    doubts arising from either the vehicle is drunk driving

    Microblogging screenshot

    yesterday morning, an interview with man hit. Later, Lin Liangtian message on the microblogging called Subsequently, Guangzhou traffic police official microblogging microblogging message to its response, calling it This statement caused a huge controversy users. Last night,jordan 6 heels, the Guangdong Provincial Public Security Bureau official microblogging @ Ping Nam Yue (microblogging) issued a document on the matter of apology; @ Guangzhou traffic police (microblogging) microblogging to Linliang Tian also expressed regret.

    for the beating incident, Guangzhou traffic police said that in the accident investigation process,cheap air max 24/7 for sale,air max 24 7 10, there is a newspaper reporter who claimed the man in the photograph it, and several men on the sidewalk dispute, hear the cries of the traffic police direction toward the sidewalk ran after disposal. Members of the village, Tianhe District Public Security Bureau police station sped sent to the scene, back to the police station someone’s staff survey. After preliminary investigation, that the man was a newspaper reporter in Guangzhou Lin,salvatore ferragamo pumps , its arms and lower back surface of the skin minor abrasions.

    this, Lin Liangtian said he was 4 Jiazou, not the two sides dispute. While he was playing, the suspected military vehicles will be pulled away, after a while, Tianhe District, the patrol car arrived on the scene, he complained to the patrol car, then, ranging from wiring the police arrived to handle the traffic accident left the scene.

    yesterday, someone’s correspondent Linliang Tian said in an interview yesterday morning, he came to the village on Huangpu Road,http://www.burberry, near the summit site After the scene he found the traffic police have been the case. Lin Liangtian eyes immediately captured using a mobile phone scene, but the suspected military vehicle down the four men yell at him to stop taking pictures, and delete photos.

    The Guangzhou traffic police to the media yesterday, Lin Liangtian so-called military vehicle is indeed a suspected Traffic in accordance with the procedures of the two drivers were breath alcohol test, the results were displayed as zero. Responsibility for the accident was due,karen millen sale coats, in accordance with the provisions applicable to summary procedure to deal with it,christian louboutin booties, and yesterday completed the compensation.

  64. can name him a lot of trouble.

    at college, four boys and a bedroom. He has not arrived yet, think of three roommates to see the name of Hung was pleased bad: to two telephone calls, said he had been admitted to do clerical – the requirements of this post obviously is a woman.

    distribution freshman dormitory,how much do rolex watches cost 5, to see the name,karen millen coats, roommates happy bad – does the mixing room?

    Hong Bang to the name, the father felt the soil, because my sister called Hong Sisi, it turned into a flood think. Of course, but also to tell him something happens to think more and less impulsive.

    a child called

    think Hung is depressed, he told me yesterday, wanted in the crowd shouted loudly: I am a pure man child!

    22 years old, he,nike heels women , wearing a pair of glasses,griffey 2 shoes, 1.78 meters, angular look. But because the name is too delicate,karen millen origami dress, to be mistaken for the old girl.

    a boy Ming Jiaohong think, in Zhejiang Miles College junior English major.

    old certificate on the wrong gender

    Think of the flood on the certificate,karen millen beaded dress, sex column often altered, wrong

    a child, in order to

    want to do part-time junior year, a resume, two units admit him to a female secretary.

    English three public examination and computer level certificates, students helped to reclaim certificate is written in gender are female. Entrance ticket is written on the female gender.

    because of gender, childhood, and people often fight

    someone else to take his old sex jokes, Hung think feeling a little humiliated.

    most exaggerated, the test computer plus exam, transcript sex column, first a

    this time, the two hired him as secretary of the company,air jordan 4,rolex skeleton watch Driver injured man to hold the car halfway to the brother w, he went, This name is too childish, I am considering a change of name.

    newspaper correspondent Guojian Chun told reporters Zou Hongshan Wang Danjing

  65. microblogging Recommended | today’s hot microblogging

    Chengdu Chinese Commercial News reporter Wang Mei

    Qiuyun Song of Hunan,air max nm nomo, in 1964 graduated from the Central Academy of Arts Book Binding Professional . Po -yuan said that as the design of the Sichuan Fine Arts publishing industry leader . Qiuyun Song no shelf ,karen millen bridal, often the latest work of one unit . His design has won many national titles and nine provinces southwest northwest excellent book design competitions Award .

    73 -year-old Qiuyun Song , Sichuan People’s Publishing House in 1964 compiled room art work . As the Sichuan Fine Arts design publishing industry veteran, he had a large number of outstanding graphic design books, won many honors . The morning of July 20 , with Teddy in the dog With grief he then buried the dog personally , but, for many years made a sudden onset of coronary heart disease , Qiulao since then not wake up.

    welcome to comment to comment

    7 20 morning ,salvatore ferragamo womens shoes , Qiulao took 3 year old little grandson , to send him to kindergarten, followed by 1 year old behind the Sudden accident ,salvatore ferragamo wedges, coming out of a car hit the Witnessed the dog died , Qiulao been a lot of stimulation, but he endured grief , in the garden looking for a place , their excavation , the In that done, Qiulao suddenly fainted and fell to the ground , and then died , at age 73.

    currently three series of Sichuan People’s Publishing House Room ( Room original cultural and historical series ) , director of the Po -yuan and Qiuyun Song is an old colleague for many years plus old friends , memories of Po -yuan , They and other friends of the meeting place was never What high-end restaurants , hotels , in the office after work ,womens ralph lauren gilet, a bottle of ordinary wine , three glasses, a bag of peanuts or a dish of tofu , a brighter future , with no ill feelings ,karen millen black coat 4 52, work, life ,buy salvatore ferragamo (), seen and heard talk about everything. In the eyes of Po -yuan , Qiu Yunsong others sincere , cheerful generous , never rub the eyes of the sand ,karen millen leather, never behind that person is not , could not understand what point it directly .

  66. ,karen millen dress

    because police were too large to reflect the range , we sometimes difficult to find those who commit suicide . Fight for the rescue time , Owen Jay quickly contact Jingmen City Public Security Bureau to support the request , determine the approximate location of a blue . After more than an hour ‘s search,rolex watch for women Two old self more than 20 mi, search people across the hillside in the military school to find the unconscious col blue one , we immediately be sent to the hospital.

    life and death , delay not . New Town police station,air griffey 1, Instructor Owen Jay Alarm,jordan 13, led the police to find the blue one ‘s immediate family , and village cadres to launch a total of more than 20 people went into the mountains looking for .

    8 at 11 am , Jingshan police received a call from a man calls from Guangzhou , the man said ,jordan 4, 5 minutes ago, he received a phone blue Jingshan friends , saying the result of family trivial ,nike air griffey max 1 all red 6 (),karen millen shops, has swallowed more than 100 pieces of sleeping pills , hiding to a military school nearby hill to commit suicide ,karen millen outlet online Paralysis of the villag, after which the phone can not connect a blue .

    Metropolis Daily News ( Reporter Zhai Jing Fang health correspondent special correspondents often poetic Tao ) 8, Jingshan , a man committed suicide taking refuge in the mountains , thousands of miles away friends informed of their situation, to the Jingshan police for help . Local police found Hill together , successfully rescue the man commit suicide .

    present, a blue out of danger .

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    Peninsula Metropolis Daily ,christian heels , November 21 (Reporter correspondent Liang Tiejun Wang Xiaoqiang Feng COMMIT ) the evening of November 20 ,karen miller sale 300 car parking lot accidents no collar arrears exceeded one m, Huangdao Xuejiadao street a 19 -year-old guy , because love by suicide against trouble ,burberry 2010, thanks to police in a timely manner rushed to save the next .

    microblogging Recommended | today’s hot microblogging ( edit : SN021)

    According to reports,ralph lauren shirt, Chen Xuejiadao street in a business work, than he fell in love with a flat -year-old female colleagues , but my aunt and other family members because the age disparity between the two sides strongly opposed . 20 evening , Chen and his family dispute again , angrily heavy drinker , did not expect to have a drink last suicide .

    Xuejiadao Huangdao Public Security Bureau police station after the alarm , rushed to the scene . But for the police to persuade the young man turned a deaf ear ,rolex classic watches, take care big mouth alcohol . Coordination of fire and police 120 ambulance immediately rushed to the scene . Exchange for a while after police learned that his surname Chen ,air jordan 4 Villagers have been verbally abused police custody petition 232 day, from Shaanxi,womens nike air griffey max 1, defected earlier this year to Huangdao aunt . Young man in love with a girl ,louboutin sale, but his aunt did not agree.

    20 at 7 pm, who lives in the streets Xuejiadao Huangdao a district of Ka , found sitting on the top floor window of a crying boy .

  68. July of this year, Zhuang Yan was to the two daughters looked at first glance Pot of Gold, said her daughter did not expect this baby looks like a fake. Zhuang Yan looked carefully and found that Pot of Gold appeared small, touched, appeared on the jar of white points.

    Jianlibao has three gold gift cans

    Subsequently, Zhuang Yan took the gold pot went to Shenyang to do to identify a large gold shop, the answer to her very surprised: also the value of 50 yuan. . Li Ning response, this matter has been nearly two decades, he is now not in Jianlibao company, there’s people for a batch after batch,christian louboutin discount, Who in Jianlibao company. The Pot of Gold, did not say because, just like ordinary Jianlibao size cans, as the value of $ 40,000 is said but what I did this too got the idea, then do not know where to go into, may be given away of it. I really want to take this jar identification identification, see if it is true,karen millen outlet stores 6000, pity. Jianlibao And these titles are famous, are still remembered by the people, as Wang Yifu,ralph lauren outlet store, Fu Mingxia, Li double, Deng Yaping, Sun Shuwei and so on.

    Since this is an important honor, and the Pot of Gold itself is very valuable, so Zhuang Yan looked like he has been when the treasure, gold tank on her secret place at home, and later was also put the safe in the bank for three years. This year, Zhuang Yan moved to a new home, deliberately bought a safe, purpose is to save this rather memorable Pot of Gold.

    Yangcheng Evening News reporter Xiao-Li Li

    this, the assistant general manager Chen Weijian Jianlibao Group conducted a public response, who are now not in the company.

    Olympic gold pot was a fake

    fact,karen millen us, apart from 1992, Jianlibao company is also the 2000 Sydney Olympics and 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, the Olympic champion to some of the Pot of Gold presented a similar model, but not in 1992 that a large scale. In 2000, the Sydney Olympic table tennis champion Wang Nan and other elected Tank placed on a crystal pedestal, which was covered with diamonds,christian louboutin wedding shoe,karen millen discount vouchers , has been reported that the value of 88,800 yuan. After the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games,air jordan six rings, as the main sponsor of the Chinese gymnastics team, including Olympic Jianlibao Company

    1992 Jianlibao Group presented to each of China’s Olympic champion, 7, the Barcelona Olympic judo champion Zhuang then take the rock to expose their

    microblogging Recommended | today’s hot microblogging

    19 years ago, success won the women’s 72 kg judo champion above. Year after returning champions have been Jianlibao’s awards.

    According to Zhuang Yan recalls: The award ceremony, the players won 16 gold medals are.

    Zhuang Yan said assistant general manager Chen Weijian Jianlibao Group, was a telephone call to her, said the company will send two people to Shenyang to meet her. Chen Weijian, when in an interview admitted: also specifically sent two executives to Shenyang. In any case,christian louboutin bags 29, Jianlibao will deal with her problems. the claim.

    if the

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  69. Drivers involved in micro-Bo cited concern

    witnesses to confirm if the driver can not find restore the site, will bear responsibility for the traffic accident. After this spread through the network immediately attracted widespread attention,buy christian louboutin,Students to join the army eight months to lose weight 41 kg ( Figure ), friends called

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    microblogging Recommended | today’s hot microblogging (edit: SN056)

    according to not closed when the vehicle

    23 from the Shanghai police that took place in mid-October of this year’s

    According to Xinhua News Agency Xinhua correspondent

    door is not closed drivers start

    10 18, one entitled himself an innocent Content is roughly a Shanghai Yangpu District RT-Mart supermarket store Huangxing free shuttle bus driver in the car on the way October 16, found lying on the ground after the passengers get off,christian louboutin studded 23(), then get off the injured arm and sent to hospital for treatment,karen millen buy online, but the injured died, the driver suspected of traffic accident caused by passengers fall.

    Shanghai Yangpu police 23 introduced this after the accident,mens ralph lauren Veterans buried in a river to save thousands of people died in,karen millen code, the police immediately set up a task force to investigate, collect the trouble to send surveillance video of the surrounding roads and in the vicinity of the incident and RT bus to find witnesses of the site, carry out investigations, while carrying out the relevant technical appraisal.

    Police determined the incident was not closed the door on the driver surnamed Yin the case of start vehicles, resulting in passenger injuries Zhao fall, after she died after. Yinmou casualties have a direct relationship with the passengers, should take full responsibility.

    drivers in violation of the provisions of

    after extensive investigation, police identified: October 16,karen millen clothes, Lane 510 Shanghai three avenues near the road in a road accident, a shop from the RT-Mart supermarket in Yangpu passenger train fall off injured He died the next day after death. What was the bus driver surnamed Yin Department of RT-Mart has not closed the door in case of launch vehicles,ralph lauren fragrances for men, resulting in passengers Zhao fell to the ground wounded, the latter died from.

  70. Alan Fernandez
    10 aboard 5 15-year-old Alan Fitzwilliam College within Cambridge University, began his career on the 1st daytime today, he want participate within the 1st section of his math class Following the 1773 14-year-old William Pitt was Cambridge University, the 15-year-old Aaron Fernandes is 237 years since the youngest student by Cambridge University. But he have to be accompanied onward his father to attend the lesson
    not been apt the gate

    was record breaking British education record

    as sick, Pete infancy education at home. Teacher education in the home below the age of seven he mastered Latin. In the old of 14, Pete’s father decided to let him enter the University of Cambridge, and do never lack to repeat their son at Oxford University painful learning experience. Close to graduation, Pete advantage of being the son of aristocratic license and an excuse for their frail without examination to acquire a campus degree. In the age of 24,ugg boot discount , he became Britain’s youngest maximal minister.
    and Pitt,air jordan hydro v sandals Developer intends apt spend 5|, as Allen had never attended school,merely taught along home. Alan Fernandez and parents live surrounded the suburb of London, he had never been to formal school,by a juvenile old to accept his father’s education has been guided along his father apt study his father Neil Allen grew up the only educator
    but Allen was never into school education constantly establish the UK’s record: 5 years old Allen passed the British General Certificate of Secondary Education (GCSE) checkups and this test is usually in the UK by 16-year-old students, and Allen crashed this among the UK seven years age Allen chanced the GCSE mathematics examination apt earn the minimum A-level candidates. And swiftly Allen has chance the University of Cambridge 200 years, the youngest student confessed

    Allen University of Cambridge amid January this annual some of the subjects of GCSE examinations The results,after six months to plan Allen’s GCSE examination results are: Physical A +,Hermes Birkin 30, English (Forum) Literature A +, French,womens nike air griffey max shoes British cat and,chestnut uggs, A +, English Language A. This transcript has been distant more open apt the Cambridge admission criteria Allen, Allen received a formal admission of Cambridge, as Fez Williams College mathematics students.
    only mathematics

    ideal namely to solve the Riemann hypothesis

    hundreds of years ago Pete must take a bottle a day to complete the narcotic treatment of gout studies, which drugs namely based aboard Anthony Addington opened along a doctor’s prescription.
    Addington doctor Pete has developed a special treatment,Hermes Cattle Neck Stripe 35CM, modern medicine believe that this resemble may be wrong and ultimately exacerbated Peter’s condition. However, regardless of diagnosis namely right alternatively wrong, Pitt in the final days of life is brandy Peter Allen of lesson aspiration not take the old road, he said: Allen likewise paucity to solve the Riemann hypothesis,ugg 5815, the pattern on the theory of maximal mathematics has haunted mathematicians as nearly 150 years.
    Neil Allen’s father to advocate his son’s learning, rented a address among Cambridge. Allen’s mom Hilde plans apt continue alive at home among Surrey,on weekends and holidays,while to discern his son.
    Pitt among the junior school, the normal visits apt London apt listen to parliamentary debates. Historians mention there namely awareness since subsequently Peter began training himself as future political calling preparation, he has chosen apt include a political philosophy course classical philosophy, mathematics, chemistry, trigonometry and history.
    Allen theoretical although only the courses among mathematics, his degree official designate is and Stephen Hawking. Allen namely a recognized lesson of learn of the world’s maximum complicated lessons among mathematics,uggs online,an of his academy had it this way: In addition, the instructor checks double a week,commonly one-way with maximum of the academy likened with our instructors apt give students more opportunity apt be attach let alone apt accept student teachers apt ask questions. / p>
    Express correspondent Li Xin compile

  71. He will not ask me what Article 9, nor is it intended to empty the next. just not enough space to write it down, so on the case. days should stop here two or three hours. Every day, thousands of people came from beside him, from time to time passers-by cast curious eyes. Encounter on their own interest to passers-by, the city will be in the hands of brand season move higher.

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    performance art?

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    Show the door guy at the university to sell the dream

    our reporter He Yumei

    microblogging Recommended | today’s hot microblogging

    scroll inscribed surplus labor from the social value of double or multiple allocation (price); 4 containment of social polarization, and narrow the gap between rich and poor; 5 is another embodiment in the form of tax: instead of using adsorption mandatory; 6 . it will change people’s lifestyle and have been inherent in consumer attitudes; 7. It is a formula generated by the moral, social sectors in series fields; 8 solve the problem of domestic employment; 9 (); 10 Media General effect – fingerprint bank.

    did four months at the site live, earn a thousand dollars, the city decided to leave this season, to practice their own dreams. His parents sent some money, he left part of Haidian District in rented rooms.

    business people can understand my purpose is to be successful. ? not the same as with others, have their own unique characteristics. how to spend the whole life. After all, everyone dreams. We hope that every dream can come true roots!

    City in Beijing Gansha quarter son, mother, Meng Bao-hong and knowledge. She only knows her son is very smart,abercrombie & fitch sale, the idea of a child with others is not the same.

    quarter of the city say that they do not care about other people’s eyes, but also do not care about other people when their mad. He insisted that his is a valuable thing, dream

    ten He got up at 6:30 the morning, wash after running, eat breakfast, and then with his own , quietly standing there.

    21-year-old season in Changzhi City is Tunliu County, graduated from Shanxi Institute of Mechatronic Technology Marketing. His dream began in July last year, are inspired from everyday life, such as in a shopping mall, some people can enjoy the member discount, while others can not. After 14 months of deliberation, he thinks his ideas matured. Into Beijing, which means opportunities, salaries and future. He and a number of university graduates, as Beijing began a dream trip. This is his first visit to Beijing. No money for support, just a vague dream of things. Dream, first of all solve the food problem. Beijing college students like him abundance,uggs 12(), finding a job is not easy. To position themselves as a Site food and accommodation, a day’s work for 10 hours. Temporary accommodation meal solutions. Even when the unskilled laborer, is not as simple as he imagined, but also the need for technical content. Height less than Yimi Qi,christian louboutin shoe, weight 54 kg of him,abercrombie dresses, because not keep up times, were often crowded right.

    where the placards, the site has become a problem, quarter,hermes designer With a leg amputation guy marry a successful wedding ring made , City began to think of a few fixed points: Tsinghua University entrance, near Zhongguancun, Xinhua Simon. Later,ugg australia outlet, he thought, as tour operators with the same flow back and forth everywhere, might as well stick to one place. Ultimately, he chose at the university gate, chose Peking University, Peking talents he thinks, might be able to encounter like-minded people here, and have completed their dream.

    business In the hype

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  72. BEIJING, September 5, Zhengzhou (reporter Wu Yang ) today ( September 5 ) morning, the furnace is located in the village Erqi District Mazhai Zhen Cheng , a private enterprise employees ,nike air griffey max 2 gd Man to teach stilt-walking technique in the name of mo, unfortunately falls dead.

    local public security bureau of the police officer confirmed this view . The police officer said , as this is not a criminal case , the police did not file for reconnaissance , but at present,rolex watches for ladies 3, a general understanding.

    It is understood that the deceased man named Yan with pool , male name , aged 61 ,karen millen 2010, a company called Green Circle , contact your local sorting renewable resources processing center workers . The company introduced a staff responsible for the property before the incident,christian louboutin shoes on sale, the deceased lived fifty or sixty meters away from the plant of a three-tier local villagers from the cover inside the building . This building, the villagers from the cover of the small building some rooms rented by the enterprise,rolex watch repair, the uniform for staff quarters . Yan with pool on the third floor a living room . On the day ,womens ralph lauren gilet Patrol sergeant for 10 y, Yan pool due to open corridor with anti-theft locks , begins with the building to the roof on the patio , and got a rope . Yan with a fixed pool of the rope , then grabbed the rope along the wall down . Unexpectedly, the way down the stairs ,louboutin online, rope breaks ,cheap air max 95, Yan died of a fall to the ground .

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  73. benefits the injured,salvatore ferragamo shoes uk , according to a recall, 2 at 4 pm, the villagers benefit certain home front, he and certain benefits are chatting, At this time, north-south alley in both directions, oncoming cars, license plate number are blue cloth with the car down a dozen men, all carrying machetes. Among them the son of the incumbent village director superior benefits.

    microblogging Recommended | today’s hot microblogging

    11 2 December,nike air griffey max 1 all red, afternoon, Xi’an Weiyang Seoul Subdistrict Huidong village, the village director’s son, the current superior benefit with about a dozen unidentified men, two representatives of villagers holding machetes to chop, cut one of them thumb off. Initial investigations,karen millen cocktail dress, the matter may be related to the village upcoming elections.

    knives to injure those who have been injured two years ago, the traffic police

    Police: knives to injure in connection with the election

    to share: I welcome comments Comments

    yesterday afternoon, the incumbent village director, said his son chopped village representatives regarding their own do not know. After the incident, he called to his son, gave himself up so as soon as possible.

    villagers rushed to drive the two men sent to Fengcheng Hospital, doctors diagnosed that: the benefits of a broken left thumb, right arm a few knives, knife the bone, there are two fracture. Certain benefits of the neck, back, was knifed injury.

    According to the Police, the upcoming general election, to be chopped in two, that is,karen millen stores , village representatives, the two men is not currently supported by the village head,christian louboutin cheap, therefore, cause it to be chopped. In addition, we understand that two cars stopped at the location, the village has been installed to monitor the probe shot down, police have also been extracted from the video screen display can see, superior benefits and other benefits of a walking man pulled a knife and other two human lens.

    Hui Hui Maria grabbed the collar of a Tear, the benefits and the benefit of a certain village was dragged to the back alley, during which benefits have been the wife of so and so next tried to mediate. To the back alley, told his wife a certain benefit, rushed to the police. Certain benefits such as his wife ran home again mid-year report the police ran out of the house finished, it will benefit a duo in the middle of the two cars had gone, a dozen men have also gone, leaving only a and Hui Hui so and so, being covered in blood walking home. The time, the benefits of a broken left thumb already, right arm in six knives.

    yesterday’s interview, when a reporter asked about the village’s impression of the superior benefits, the villagers are tight-lipped.

    yesterday, according to Seoul police station,louboutin sale, young Branch Xi’an Public Security Bureau police response alarm description, alarm his wife after receiving certain benefits, quickly organized the police station Police rushed to the scene, and invited preliminary forensic identification branch, identification result is that the injury constituted a benefit more than minor injuries (such as specific injury can only be done in order to have conclusive identification of disability), police station has been established in criminal cases investigation, and inform the current director of the village phone, instructed his son, who turned themselves.

    Reporters also learned from the Police Department, June 29, 2009 At midnight, superior driving a Chery sedan benefits from the text of King Road, West Road, an alley from the north turn left at West , King Road, north to south with the text coming from a car collision, traffic accident handling traffic police brigade is young field broad-minded co-led by two police officers finished the scene investigation and found no driver’s license can benefit superior to produce, and its vehicle registration no side card (no annual inspection of the vehicle after the query). In the field called drag car broad-minded clean up the scene, superior benefits and the other two cars sitting in the same vehicle to be towed away to see,3 , called in to help Zhao Gang, Zhao Gang called on his brother in law came to the scene with the car , a few people to block traffic trailer, Zhao Gang played the first broad-minded foot traffic field,red bottoms christian louboutin, benefit from the superior side of the road picked up on the site of a 2 m long pole, and broke from the middle, the one with Zhao Gang took a , beat on the field broad-minded, broad-minded field caused broken ribs, multiple injuries to the body. Superior benefit after police crackdown.

    press time last night as reporters, young Branch overnight rate has been Interpol to investigate the matter. Present case has been treated as cases involving evil, three suspects have not surrendered. The reporter Yang Xiaogang

    representatives of villagers were cut off fingers

  74. Mao- hearing immediately cut stone sheep rope , from about six-story hillside even rolling down a cliff with a jump ,classic short uggs, ran toward the life raft . He single-handedly holding the walls in one hand and threw the rope rescue lifeboat . 6 because after a long period on the rafts drift bumps , cold and hungry , no effort then rope , Mao- hearing regardless of their own safety , jumped into the icy cold sea water , swim to the raft ,hermes birkins 10 73, and reefs in the seabed , remove stuck raft obstacles , both tried to push the raft to the small island near the cliff edge training , and then help the crew with a rope tied waist sheep , his sheep and then swim to shore to seize the other end of the rope , pulling the crew one by one ashore , the storm has from 6 , the six crew members in distress to rescue .

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    Xinhua Fuzhou, October 26 (Reporter Zheng Liang ) 26 am, Fujian awards ceremony held courageous heroes and models , training Pingtan County Township, Mao- chiao village 68 villagers hearing the sea in the winter season six distress save lives the crew was

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    According to reports , this year January 20 6 pm, practice Pingtan County Township East Village Mao- chiao News hillside north of the village shepherd , he heard faint cries for help coming from the sea ,louboutin heels, he fortunate search ,air jordan high heels Man had lied to murder have fled into the detention center, found the sea cliffs in the northwest reef in the card with a life raft , the raft was on the flashlight with a red cloth and shaking for help . At this point it is deepest winter , surface winds and waves , raft on the six crew members , Zhejiang has been exhausted ,abercrombie and fitch clothing, at stake.

  75. microblogging Recommended | today’s hot microblogging ( edit : SN009)

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    passers- old man Chan told reporters that the girl’s mother dies at the age of its 8 ,airjordan, but she has opposed his father remarried ,

    Yesterday 15:30 Xu , reporters rushed to the scene ,outdoor ugg boots, a teenage girl sitting on the sidewalk in Guangzhou Bridge stop crying , close to several passers-by and police are to comfort her . Under the bridge ,Hermes Plume 28,ugg 5803 bailey button boots 14(), a Marine patrol is on standby.

    Subsequently,ugg boots clearance outlet ,ken griffey jr shoes, the site of the coercive measures taken by the police , the little girl away from the scene . In addition to follow a kindly passerby went to a statement from the police .

    People in the comfort girls. Long Han photo

    at 4 o’clock yesterday afternoon , the girl’s emotions are still very excited , and refuse to leave , clamoring to

    Nanfang Daily (Reporter / Long Han intern / Chen Miao- Ling) 3 o’clock yesterday afternoon , was about 20 -year-old girl climbed the bridge deck next to the volley of Guangzhou water ,hermes handbags birkin, To jump the bridge . Pedestrians have the critical moment lend a helping hand over the girl back inside the bridge .

  76. Then, guaranteed Contact the parents after Yang Yang, Xu Yunfeng Wu Kuaishi Terminal to travel carrying Yangyang.


    Xu Yunfeng reported the situation to the company, and called 110. He decided to bring the boy back to direct Wukuai Dan terminus, and the decision to tell the passengers on board, passengers are ground with the car.

    make Yangyang home, accompanied by a few hours, Xu Yunfeng said do not feel tired. In particular,air jordan 3,air griffey max 2 Bus driver comfort wrong bus old woman patient was recorded mi, was picked up before his father, Yang Yang for Xu Yunfeng said,air yeezy glow in The dark,



    This time, he let the little boy got on, and let him stand on his side.

    reporter’s notes

    this car 57 bus drivers Xu Yunfeng that is not right, first to persuade a passenger car under the car. Subsequently, he and Yang Yang chat jargon, but also invited him to eat Kentucky Fried Chicken, and finally set out in the child mouth contact their parents, left home to Yang Yang plans

    a bag of chips, a pair of fried chicken wings, a glass of Coke,

    on the next bus drivers and passengers, boys cotton

    to ask the parents of the child information, Xu Yunfeng bus to the restaurant will be open to direction.

    10-year-old boy riding on buses that go to Hunan

    perhaps, when we have more of a keen,karen millen sale , the type of warmth

    Xu Yunfeng open because my father suffered a criticism, 10-year-old boy Yang Yang (pseudonym) bloom away from home. He intends to take the 57 bus to Chengdu North Railway Station, then think about Zuoju Hui hometown in Hunan.

    Xu Yunfeng move on. Finish after a back and forth, is 17:20. Travel again to the north than the field site,christian louboutin helmut, another little boy got that name.

    a bloom to help the children leave home to find their loved ones, perhaps in the eyes of many people is a thankless task. Xu Yunfeng later admitted that the idea he is not never had.

    thanked Xu Yunfeng,rolex yacht master watch, registered in the staff that the relevant documents, 8:30, Liu left the station with his son.

    huge buses, only set him a person of pride along the way Yangyang. Just passing through the station, he will fine the train to the platform waving, shouting loudly:

    8 o’clock that night, Yang Yang’s Stations have to run many of the staff look at this ride

    in this heart-warming event, in addition to bus driver Xu Yunfeng, there was the way this car 57 bus passengers were also moving. I do not know their names.

    more of a dedicated, life can be perceived outside of surprises.

    We opened in the past to buy citizenship.

    2 15 around 3 pm, North Star Group Chengdu bus 57 bus driver Xu Yunfeng,burberry outlet shop,womens nike air max griffey max 1 , is the car into the North than the field site. Open the front door, wearing a blue jacket, chubby little boy on his car.

    see Yang Yang was also carrying an empty bag of KFC, Xu Yunfeng any connection with him joking: let my father pay, Yangyang began a nursing father’s wallet.

    8 20 points, Liu Yang Yang’s father arrived 57 Road control room.

    willing enthusiastic common

    eating fries out his mother’s cell phone number

  77. Zhou Changbin since found chronic renal failure ,clearance uggs boots, and then did not work . Home the day my brother and sister also had borne Baba . He was dismayed to say

    to save his son , Zhou Changbin said the father to the hospital several times , willing to donate their two kidneys ,abercrombie fitch, he said, Zhouchang Bin ‘s mother,abercrombie and fitch boston, wiping away tears,ugg boots sale, said: Zhou Changbin young lives can be saved .

    sick guy named Zhou Changbin , Hannan , who lives in the village Deng gastronomy Jincheng , 58-year -old parents at home, farming , thin by 10 acres of land life.

    (Reporter Luo Xiao correspondent bank more scared ) 29 -year-old son was diagnosed after suffering from severe uremia . Yesterday, the father said , hesitate to donate kidneys , a donated his son , another son of financing for the surgery .

    Zhouchang Bin said that in 2001 , he was a brewery in Gotz mouth work,nike Zoom Lebron vii 790(), the physical examination was found to have chronic nephritis , eating traditional Chinese medicine to maintain the patient’s condition since 2004 that the disease is cured . To make life easier at home more ,australia ugg boots, he has been engaged in heavy physical labor , and often burn the midnight oil . 3 days, back to Wuhan in the hospital,uggs outlet Bald man marry popular metro network ,, two times a week dialysis , each 600 yuan. Has spent more than 40,buy jordanshoes 20,000 , borrowing tens of thousands .

  78. Reporters learned that the father Zhao condition deteriorated again this year , died in April . Zhao said,

    Guo Ling told reporters that from 2007 to this year’s three years ,christian louboutin bridal, Zhao fear of his father urinated in bed at night , often sleeping together with his father . Reporters learned that, when the elderly need someone around 24 hours a day,buy ken griffey, Zhao injections for the elderly ,Buy Air Jordan Embroidery 16 -year-old girl picking up trash because of family p, given medicines , wash diapers , but also to help the elderly limbs , body massage, became a

    She told reporters that the impression of paralysis in the elderly people on the smell ,abercrombie & fitch kids 2305(), but she never Zhao home smell . Although the elderly paralyzed in bed , but when approached the old man will find his body particularly clean.

    Lijin who lives with his wife Guo Lingzhi Zhao road in the eyes of a pair of neighbors dutiful son , filial daughter . Their neighbor Sun Xiuping told reporters in 2007 ,hermes price, Zhao ‘s father paralyzed in bed , because the elderly long-term injections after surgery ,buy christian louboutins, playing bottle , he learned those skills. In order to take care of his father ,abercrombie & fitch shirts , Zhao often sleep together with his father . After his careful care ,nike air max Uptempo 97, the elderly did not even once during paralysis bedsores .

    ( Source : The Peninsula Network – Peninsula Metropolis Daily )

    correspondent Wang Yue

  79. Xinhua Buenos Aires,abercrombie and fitch website, August 26 (Reporter Fengjun Yang Song Jieyun ) Argentina 26,Guards and his girlfriend were killed by criminals hijacked postmortem to off-site ( Figure ),uggs adirondack, police said recently in Argentina,womens ugg boots, Buenos Aires province a Chinese supermarket robbery suspect in police chase shot himself .

    Chinese supermarket owner immediately reported to the police , the police then chase . This is the final name of the suspect shot himself in police chase killed . Police found him in the supermarket robbery of cash and a pistol .

    This incident occurred in the city of San Isidro ,cheap uggs online ,uggs classic tall, Buenos Aires Province horqueta region. 25 On the evening local time , a young man holding a weapon into a local Chinese supermarket robbery, took away the day after the escape of business models .

    microblogging Recommended | today’s hot microblogging ( edit : SN021)

    since last year , Argentina were many incidents of attacks against the Chinese supermarket ,nike air max,nike air max griffey shoes , has resulted in many casualties .

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  80. to robbery and sentenced to death

    Xie Changli trial, said he did not robbery, all of his confession of guilt in the investigation stage, because of being a public security organs pepper water

    microblogging Recommended | today’s hot microblogging (edit: SN014)

    court held that the crime scene evidence without break or broken windows crime can be proved to be an acquaintance, Xiechang Li’s phone number also appear when the incident site area. In addition,air max 24/7 18, the investigators note with the public security organs, the same prison cells and the testimony of witnesses and the testimony in the investigation stage Xiezhang Li,ugg melbourne, Xie Changli can confirm that looters. The Court noted that Xiezhang Li’s testimony in the investigation stage comprehensive, detailed and stable, the conditions for details of the agreement with the scene, but also other evidence with documented proof, so the court found estoppel Xiechang Li is malicious,ugg shoes, not adopted. The court ultimately sentenced Xiechang Li to death for robbery.

    grateful to the police statement said the victim’s wife Zhang is his lover,abercrombie and fitch boxers The brother was robbed after two men thrown into th, he was sent Zhang returned home, while it is not prepared to steal home with her keys. May 26, 2010, Xie came to Valentine’s house when suddenly theft victims to go home. So, thank pick up the knife, stab the victim several knives caused his death. Later, Xie body of the victim moved into the bedroom, covered with a newspaper before fleeing.

    prosecution alleged,abercombi, at 13 o’clock on May 26,uggs classic tall 13, 2010 or so, Xie Changli Street Estate in Town, Fangshan District Liulihe Zhao Fu park district home theft when he was found out Zhao returned, holding a knife stabbed Xie Zhao. On 27 August the same year, Xie was arrested.

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    the deceased wife of Zhang Zhao said she and the deceased is a married couple, the general feeling. To find comfort, she went to the matchmaking marriage, so know Xiechang Li. Later, she told the truth Xie married, two remained lovers.

    (Reporter Sun Siya) May 30 last year, the town of Fangshan District Liulihe blessing park district, the 53-year-old man was found Cho dead body in a few knives at home, badly decomposed body was found. The police investigation, the alleged dead wife’s lover Xiechang Li, Xie for burglary was found dead after the murder. Reporters learned yesterday,nike air griffey max 1, a city in robbery identified the killer as Xie Changli Court and sentenced to death.

    to others about the crime process

    burglary murder to escape

    Xiechang Li’s argument does not support the court. After investigation, the court found, and Xie Changli joint custody in a district of Beijing First Detention Center East Room 106 of the detainees Xu, Lee, Zhang, both said, Xiezhang Li Fu had them on their own in the park district to steal and use Daozha dead men and the main business of the people. And the deceased’s home district surveillance video shows the day of the dead where the district Xie entered shortly after the panic to leave, then dead again does not appear in the video. In addition, the Fangshan Branch of the police also issued proof that torture did not Xiezhang Li, cited for, or Gong. Fangshan Detention Center and the city detention center health check notes also recorded,abercrombie and fitch free shipping, Xie Changli surface no injuries, no abnormal signs.

  81. Fast forward sixteen years past, feather boy in his early twenties had slowly entering middle age. Although successful escape police chase, made sixteen years of the net,rolex watch wholesale, but have not fared Liu, in addition to fear of being caught all day, families of the victims were more worried about retaliation, so traveling with no fixed abode The. Years of life to Liu Shenxinpilei fled, eventually persuaded by his family and under, accompanied, gave himself up to the public security organs.

    after the incident, the public security organs received a public report, immediate investigation, the evidence through the testimony of witnesses and on-site investigation, the Public Security Bureau will commit crimes suspect few people locked in Zengmou full body, and quickly will be relevant to the case Zengmou full, Wangmou Song, Lu Mouzhong, hair arrest. The chopped person Wangmou Long Quan Jia Ryu secret whereabouts after the incident, investigators search through multiple unsuccessful,nike air max Uptempo 97,discount ralph lauren polo shirts Village committee referenda and nay to acknowl, can only do set down processing.

    microblogging Recommended | today’s hot microblogging

    ‘s Court found guilty of intentional assault Liu facts established, taking into account the performance of Liu has surrendered, and actively carry out material compensation for the victims, according to the criminal policy of combining punishment with leniency and the relevant law, Liu made according to the law office of two years imprisonment sentence.

    Justice Network in Guangxi, July 25 (by correspondent Wu Huaqing) year, the age of 21 involved in fights after Liu fled from home, a sixteen-year escape is displaced. Recently, Liu spent physically and mentally back to Qinzhou,ralph lauren polo shirts for women, accompanied by family members gave himself up. Qinnan District People’s Procuratorate to commit intentional assault on Liu filed a prosecution.

    case dates back to the night one day in May 1994, Liu and Lu Mouzhong, Wang Mousong Zengmou full, fat, and several other common very close contacts with friends drinking, Sanxi after Lumou Zhong, Wang Mousong, who take full Zengmou motorcycle home. After Qinzhou City, Qinzhou Bay Road Bus Terminal near the reverse non-motorized vehicles and cyclists traveling along the line level Zengmou collision Zengmou was slightly bruised left hand full. A drink full of Zengmou then yells Cengmou level. Zengmou level that their compliance with road traffic rules, the main cause of the accident is the other side, in order not to worsening of the situation, he simply said I’m sorry, the bicycle propped move on. Before long, three U-turn back to the flat Zengmou stopped Cengmou level, to order a 50 yuan for medical expenses, dispute process, Wang Mousong level implementation of Zengmou beaten. At that time,ladies ralph lauren, Zengmou flat companion Wang Moulong seeing this, hurried over to discourage fear of accidents. Wangmou Song and the others that have helper level Zengmou busy, full of go back and find people to send Zengmou. So Zengmou full hair and Liu found LiuMou, exaggeration to say something again, and emphasized the other side gang horse. After listening to Zengmou full, then they Jiujin punch, made to carry a knife ,discount christian louboutin shoes, Liu took a knife from the rent office, immediately went to the car to catch Zengmou help full potential. After the arrival site of the incident, and Ryu hair apart from anything else they rushed up, during which hair with a knife stabbed to Cengmou flat, stabbed him to the ground, Liu Kanxiang come with a kitchen knife and tried to mediate the Wang Moulong. This led to a burst of sharp knife cut knife stab level Zengmou died on the spot, Wang Moulong been Sometimes no. Ordinary disputes rise as assault incident,christian louboutin red shoes , five fled to the sand with the Town of North Camp village hall somewhere in the private rented room, fled separately agreed upon.

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  82. Ms Chu said: introduction of the gate, causing its fall from the wheelchair three times, resulting in hand,salvatore ferragamo shoes , multiple head injuries. excited,rolex gold watches, repeatedly blocked gate, want to force check-in, and prevent other passengers boarding flights for the airline to prevent forced entry into the passenger area, on-site monitoring duty police officers and airport staff to discourage them,karen millen clothing,karen millen coats sale Misappropriated 120,000 yu, to discourage the process in the fall from the wheelchair passenger. Yunnan Airport Ground Services and Yunnan Airport Group Co., Ltd. 3 accused double the return airline tickets and the corresponding losses totaling $ 10,000 and sentenced three defendants in the

    disabled passengers sue airline

    Guandu Ms Chu to the court filing, the staff of the court’s initiative to help, through the courthouse’s

    Ms Chu’s attorney on the Evening News correspondent Zhang Lei said: Federation, Federation of the Disabled in Kunming public statement on this incident. After filing, the reporter contacted the Disabled Persons’ Federation vice president of segment Kunming Derek, he said: lawyers,louboutin red, they have no needs, just give me a call on the line. Kunming CDPF has been very concerned about this, and that he definitely supports the rights of persons with disabilities over the years, attention has been disabled CDPF Kunming friends rights cases, can not afford a lawyer free of charge lawsuit there can find anything CDPF, the door is always open for you. Comments

    event review

    11 15, Guandu court formally accepted the case.

    10 8, a paraplegic passenger airlines EU2224 Ms Chu plan travel from Kunming to Chengdu,cheap air max 24-7, Chengdu flights. When boarding the plane, because the former did not buy air tickets to Chengdu in the air and took the opportunity to apply for health certificates issued,jordan high heels,christian louboutin collection 68, no air carrier Chengdu.

    not push a wheelchair on a small aircraft, but will push the court. Yesterday, Miss Zhu Lanying received Kunming Guandu District People’s Court issued a Ground Services court case has been formally opened.

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  83. ,rolex watches dealer

    former late night running home finding fault

    Speed is very slow,ebay karen millen shoes ,rolex watches online shop, finished a must stop every few seconds.

    to keep.

    dial 120,nike air griffey max 1 Qs metallic platinum black, but it was too late

    forensic identification,karen millen dresses 2010 ,christian louboutin on line, Zhu heart was punctured by excessive bleeding, shock and death on the spot. The prosecution indictment, Chen and others in the fighting erupted when a knife stabbed each other to death,air jordan high heels , violated the criminal law, it should be found guilty of intentional assault.

    as part of the action with the civil case the plaintiff, the defendant Chen Dengmou her husband’s funeral expenses, compensation, and pay the cost of living as a family’s daily expenses.

    January this year, Chen and his girlfriend Huang formally established a relationship.

    of deng’s claim, the defendant did not refute Chen: comments I want to comment

    accused Chen of wearing an orange T-shirts in court. Trial, he kept his head down, hands in handcuffs rubbing each other from time to time. On the indictment on the alleged facts of the crime, Chen admitted in court is true.

    incident: Beibei

    see something in the drink quickly numb Huang Zhu urged into the bedroom, closing the door.

    Zhu is why even after the marriage rushed home to play ex-girlfriend who obviously do not want to talk about black women. She said simply, Zhu said marriage is still linked with the yellow.

    impulse disintegration of families

    Chen looked up at the prosecutor, replied quietly: The investigation, kick down the emergency call, Chen went on a motorcycle ride on the river the night and the next day with relatives was captured by the police.

    Zhu married ex-girlfriend drunk crashed into the home, the present results with ex-girlfriend boyfriend fighting erupted Chen, Zhu Chen missed the assassination of death. Yesterday in the Court hearing the case, the deceased and the accused are due to pay a heavy price of their impulses.

    microblogging Recommended | hot microblogging today

    yesterday,rolex watches auction, a black woman has been sitting on the edge of the plaintiff the most seats. During the hearing, she rarely speak, most of the time looking blankly in front of the floor. This woman is the victim’s wife Dengmou Zhu, Zhu she had just registered their marriage earlier this year.

    must have troubles when off constantly. Zhu married ex-girlfriend broke into the house drink, the results with another man touch one behind. Fighting them, Zhu missed assassination by death. Yesterday in the Court hearing the case, the deceased, the defendant, are due to the impulse of their pay a heavy price.

    7 31 22 am, located in Beibei Chen Huang at his girlfriend’s home CKS ready to rest. Huang Zhu angrily ex-boyfriend to come to an altercation the two disputes, and subsequent fighting.

    but anger is not flat Zhu force flung open the door, and talk his way out of struggling together. Two playing to the balcony, Chen holding his girlfriend home Zhu fruit knife stabbed twice in the chest.

  84. after the incident , the police quickly formed task force of Nanjing , in newspapers, television , Internet and other media published on the uninterrupted suspect shot photos,air yeezy shoes,nike climate max griffey fury 2012 3(), and offering a reward of 20,000 yuan collecting clues to solve . The final ten days after the incident , the ginger bridge captured. Jiang Bridge confessed to the crime

    Jiang Bridge , found guilty of rape , robbery, intentional assault,ken griffey jr i shoes, was sentenced to 12 years in prison. April 22, 2010 afternoon , released from prison only three months of ginger bridge , hanging out , the access is also located in the Jianye District, Nanjing , a sexual health supplies store ,jordan 9, the owner saw the woman lying on a chair , then evil heart . But his misconduct was the female owner of a strong resistance. Angry ginger bridge then the owner of a knife stab chest , abdomen , neck, etc. , in the female owner of dozens of knife body after death. Jiang Bridge then fled the scene . But he fled , the mind disturbed , repeatedly returned to the scene to destroy evidence .

    welcome to comment to comment

    BEIJING, August 12, Nanjing (reporter Don Juan ) approved under the Supreme People’s Court ruled that the death penalty , 12 pm ,christian louboutin for cheap , Jiangsu Province, Nanjing Intermediate People’s Court will deliberate murderer ginger bridge taken to his death , the death penalty.

    ginger bridge on the first instance ruling, appeal. Eventually, Jiangsu Province Higher People’s Court upheld the verdict,dunk heels 16616,jordan hydro v sandals, report to the Supreme People’s Court . Today, evidence of experience behind him , ginger bridge was taken to his death , the death penalty.

    2010 year,dresses at karen millen, the Nanjing Intermediate People’s Court of intentional murder , first instance sentenced the defendant to ginger bridge death, deprived of political rights for life , compensation for death compensation , total cost of living is dependent RMB 45 million yuan .

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  85. BEIJING,watch Harbin is the night sky UFO photographer about the whole process ( Figure,salvatore ferragamo clothing, August 12 along to Taiwan

    male cried left Bell ,karen millen watches,air jordan 13 high heels , 57 years age has been going among the display for 23 annuals responsible as the care of a castle full of craft Urine therapy superstition left Bell ,burberry outlet, with his own urine everyday face wash that this healthy but likewise maintenance of the skin. Museum several times to argue him apt wash his hands with urine to block he did not listen the display recently discharged him .

    notice left Bell Museum ,buy karen millen online ,air jordan 23 high heels, said he wash hands with urine filthy among the workplace merely likewise threaten the health of colleagues . But left Bell said he was within this museum 23 years the past not problem plus quickly suddenly he bombarded so he could not accept

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  86. the driver concentrate on driving is to hear everyone’s talking about Leichun Jiang. Pregnant women should produce, rescue deal,real rolex watches for sale, I first sent her to the nearest hospital’We should hurry to go to work the time, did not even propose to get off or let our own taxi to the hospital. enter Nanning First People’s Hospital, Lei Chunjiang stuck his head shouted: . See pregnant women,louboutin shoes,air jordan 6 rings boot 7240, it is safe to the hospital,ken griffey shoes 2010, Lei Chunjiang immediately drove back.

    The Yong moved to say.

    NANNING,christian sale, December 7 (Reporter to Gordon) suddenly appeared in the bus women in labor symptoms, critical when the bus turned,karen millen outlet store, temporary delivery room. Relay final 15 minutes of love making mother and child. Recently,childrens ralph lauren polo shirts 18(), Nanning, Guangxi, staged a touching scene.

    Obstetrician Huang Sijia receive emergency room notice, immediately run to the emergency department, she saw the baby has birth out of the head about 7 cm, they immediately put a tight delivery work. and observation.

    31-year-old Huang Cuilan told reporters that her due date is December 22. 6 am, she and her husband to take the 5 bus ride back home to Golden Bridge station, but just faint on the train on the pain in the stomach up, ate breakfast ride she thought caused the reaction, so not too concerned about. 9:17 or so, when the car driving to the Bridge of Yong Jiang a time, Huang Cuilan more stomach pain,cheap christian louboutin pumps High-risk mothers produced quadruplets baby girl, pain she can not even sit the bench also had to squat down. At this time, she felt the water broke, the water streaming down her pants down.

    , he asked the nurse to immediately notify the obstetrician down admissions.

  87. The ruins of look dog mama plus weekly owner

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    welcome to elucidate apt comment
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    review by the Supreme People’s Court that the defendant Liu Xiangyu use of the identity of teachers ,red bottoms christian louboutin, classrooms and other public places,baby ralph lauren sale ,nike air griffey max 1 grey, many times more than young girls for adultery on , and caused a serious and extremely serious crimes should be punished severely according to law . First trial , second trial ruled that the appropriate accuracy , then approved by Henan Province Higher People’s Court made the maintenance of the defendant Liu Xiangyu first trial of the criminal ruling.

    Liu Xiangyu rape, child molestation case has been a major social concern , users of their comments as

    According to the survey , in 2008 and 2009 semester last semester , Liu Xiangyu Nanyang Wancheng red mud used as a primary school teacher of the bay will be ,shoes christian, respectively, in the classroom more than 6-9 years old female students adultery , indecent , or even several times during the school day will be on the podium girls called obscene . July 5, 2010 , Nanyang City Intermediate People’s Court found the defendant Liu Xiangyu rape ,karen millen maxi dress Brother intentionally rear,new nike air griffey max 1 white black grey, sentenced to death , deprived of political rights for life ; guilty of child molestation and sentenced to thirteen years , decided to implement the death penalty , deprivation of political rights for life . Liu Xiangyu appealed against the verdict .

    BEIJING , September 16 (by Wu Yang Cao Meng Zhang Qingjiang ) afternoon , Henan Nanyang City Intermediate People’s Court Supreme People’s Court in accordance with orders issued by the death penalty , according to local rape,cheap ralph lauren polo shirts, molestation of children of primary school teachers Liu Xiangyu positively identified, taken to his death the death penalty.

    Henan Higher People’s Court after a second trial ,air jordan 6 Supermarkets have released the suspect was arrested false news expl, the court rejected the appeal and upheld the original verdict , and brought to the Supreme Court for approval.


  89. 8:38 am they went to the village mascot, the reporter counted a total Lost 23 plastic bottles, paper cups 4. Xiaoyan Yan said: trash, Xiaoyan Yan said, sell for three dollars a day, picking up the bottle is too little, too late and go out, when

    Xiaolu Qi a cry, she said:

    2011 Chinese New Year, Xiao Fang and Lee divorced her ex-husband. 14-year-old daughter, Xiaolu Qi under her custody, 10-year-old son, ex-husband custody. Soon after,christian louboutin wedding (), her kidney increased, Guangdong Jiangmen sister Xiaoyan Yan New Year back home to work, to the sister some money, let her go to Xianyang doctor.

    Xiaoyan Yan said, the doctor said Xiao Fang hydronephrosis too, is difficult to diagnose, treat only the side edge of the diagnosis. 23, the doctors and family members are confirmed, Xiao Fang’s life, has come to rely on dialysis to maintain level.

    Reporter: Do you say anything to you sister?

    at 10:35 am Xiaoyan Yan and Xiao Luqi a morning without food, seeing the approach of lunch time, correspondent to ask them to eat noodles. At first, Xiaolu Qi do not want to say did not want to waste time picking up the bottle,abercrombie and fitch sweatpants, the reporter advised her to

    the date of admission to the scene, Xiao Fang,air max tn, a nurse described as such:

    . Street days, thanks to some enthusiastic people to help,uggs boots, only from clothes to sleep outdoors.

    Xiao Fang is Binxian people 38 years old. Previously healthy, she often working in the field. Last spring, Xiao Fang was diagnosed with kidney disease. Because of his family, coupled with the condition has not deteriorated at that time,ugg tall boot Farmers donated blood stem cells carrying a family, she did not actively treated.

    dialogue Xiaoyan Yan: sister said no money would not look, and she wanted to go home

    I want people not to make a receipt? Xiao Fang, she put down the work at hand. Prior to departure, two daughters, she said: said:

    23 5 Xu, Xiao Fang newspaper reporter called his father on the phone.

    Xiaolu Qi looked around on the road looking for a beverage bottle
    looked seriously ill mother, Xiaolu Qi is difficult to pick up the bottle over
    tired, Xiaolu Qi and aunt sat by the roadside rest, but also sad face this group of pictures by the reporter leaves original photo

    23 at 3 pm, Shaanxi Provincial People’s Hospital ward. Reporters saw Xiao Fang color black, body swelling, oxygen tubes stuck in his nose. Gently told reporters at her side a few times, she just slightly moved his eyelids.

    Xinmin Town ugly Teramura village head Xiao Zhongmin, confirmed to reporters on the phone Xiao Fang plight of her family: > Today, the high Yuying night in a chair beside the bed, Xiao Fang overnight. Xiaoyan Yan and Xiaolu Qi is with living in the village of Huang Yan at $ 30 a day,nike air max 95, a small hotel.

    22 days, said her niece Xiaolu Qi, Xiao Fang spending a great treat, bring their own money is not enough, think of ways to make some money too.

    sick mother: Do not look to see that money, and go home

    Shuyun tight vote, 18 day, Xiaoyan Yan did not get the train back to Xi’an. 20 pm, her mother and sister in front. See two unkempt, Xiaoyan Yan crying, call a taxi, the sister hospital.

    7 18, Xi’an, heavy rain, high Yu-ying and Xiao Fang was sitting on the roadside, Xiaoyan Yan’s phone calls came, on the phone, Xiaoyan Yan hearing a lot of rain, and asked, Han rain so much? you are not living on the outside?

    yesterday, who has been involved in the treatment Dr. Xiao Fangde said, because too much fluid the patient’s body,abercrombie clothing 17 -year-old girl rescued by the fire , said two people wer, must first be drained in order to make more targeted treatment.

    turn trash pick up bottles more than 4 hours sold 2.5 yuan

    Reporter: Do you learn Zeyang?

    money to sleep on the streets in the rain to see a doctor

    Xiaolu Qi around 3:20 pm to pick out the bottle, 4 o’clock, she was back to 18 plastic bottles.

    1:00 pm to call a colleague to Xiaoyan Yan, said the building materials market in Xi’an, a peer may move, she bid farewell to his mother and niece, to inquire about the message. Xiaolu Qi read newspapers, talk to accompany high Yuying.

    Reporter: What is your greatest wish?

    eat a few days ago a reporter asked what Xiaoyan Yan, Xiaoyan Yan said that 22 afternoon to eat three buns, yesterday morning to eat a dish clip bun, a bun to eat yesterday afternoon, thirsty and went back to hospital drink plenty of water.

    Reporter: Xiao Fang is her father do, you Jiaosha name?

    Reporter: Do you want to grow up doing?

    14-year-old girl wish is simply to save her mother. Dog days in the street to pick up plastic bottles, although drop in the bucket, but the child has paid their utmost … …

    worse: suffering from kidney disease and divorced

    doctor said:

    Xiaoyan Yan: my sister did not read the book, probably in 1994, she went to Guangdong to work out. In 1996, she also called me over, I will work in the Mattress Factory, and later went to a lamp factory. And later married her sister back home, I rarely go home. I heard she was also working occasionally to Xi’an.

    about 5 pm, Xiao Fang is still sleeping, Xiaolu Qi and go pick up the bottle, but unfortunately came up empty.

    24 Xiaolu Qi to get up early morning around 5:30, so Xiaoyan Yan wake up.

    Xiaolu Qi to eat a bowl of beef noodles bottom.

    correspondent teach Xiaolu Qi, picked up the plastic bottle to unscrew the lid and then crushed, so that a bag can put a lot more than the bottle. Heard these words, Xiaolu Qi laugh, this is the day the reporter saw her first smile.

    Xiaolu Qi: mathematics is not very good.

    this series of articles by the reporter Wu Dunhuang written

    10:25 am in Pine Road, within a salvage station, Xiaoyan Yan and Xiao Luqi sold picked up plastic bottles, paper cups and other objects, by a total of 2.5 yuan. Bags filled with plastic bottles will be handed over to the boss, Xiaolu Qi smiled happily. Other money to the hands, Xiaolu Qi did not speak.

    Xiaolu Qi: When the doctor, to help needy people.

    wake up early in the morning 6 o’clock Xiaoyan Yan, two grooming, picking out with plastic bottles.

    Reporter: Xiao Fang in the hospital, her doctor did not give you money?

    14-year-old girl’s summer day

    some children leave to work, is to experience the social life, 14-year-old Xiaolu Qi is picking up trash during the summer turned a bottle, is to save the mother’s life.

    7:15 am familiar with because of Xi’an, Xiaoyan Yan with Xiaolu Qi, Han Guang Road, has been along the south. They come near any village, picked up 12 bottles.

    Xiaoyan Yan: She said, do not give her money to read, she wanted to go home.

    dialogue Xiaolu Qi: Multi pick up the bottle to change money to treat my mother

    early July this year, took the doctor a little money in the final balance, Xiao Fang and Yu-Ying 69-year-old mother came to Xi’an high. To Xi’an, the mother and daughter soon in trouble, even the most expensive hotel also who can not afford. let live, we live in what the square under the high-tech zone, that building a good high, above what banks write. basin, some people over, I put down 5 hair, some people over, I put down one, and some people I put a bread, some people put bottles of mineral water … … sister and mother because they do not worry, Xiaoyan Yan repeatedly to call her mother, my mother always lie to her and Xiao Fang says he lived in a hotel.

    doctor: she needs to do as soon as blood purification

    6 mid-May, Xiao Fang in the hospital for two weeks in Xianyang,cheap abercrombie and fitch, the doctor suggested that she had better go to Xi’an, seek medical attention.

    Reporter: Where she used to work?

    dialogue Shaw Father: I really have no money ah

    Shaw Father: I really have no money ah.

    kidney disease in the area, number of patients and accompanying persons say, the price of a dialysis, about $ 500.

    If you have any thoughts, please call our hotline, also told Sina Welcome opening called the

    Shaw Father: Yes. My name is Xiao An example (sound), I do not read, do not know the name ye write.

    Xiaolu Qi: more every day picking up the bottle, change money to treat her mother.

  90. Morning News ( Reporter Wu new) original Gaobeidian little Lin Wenwu School ( referred to as the Wu school ) more than the school headmistress Humou fraudulent use of identity information of teachers and the recruitment of staff , to a bank overdraft spending more than 10 credit cards . Yesterday,bailey button ugg,hermes bracelet Private pick five men to take 4800 yuan credit card sentenced, reporters learned Humou Shijingshan court sentenced six years imprisonment and fined 100,buy abercrombie fitch,000 yuan.

    Shijingshan Procuratorate ,ugg cleaner, according to allegations in April 2007 ,ugg bag ,air jordan sandals, Humou school teacher in the original Su Yu Wu ( a pseudonym ) , who unknowingly , to be submitted to Su Yu and others of the identity card ,Nike Air Max Griffey Fury 2012, credit card fill out the application form the contents of a false identity , filing false income units and means of proof , fraudulent use of the Soviet Union in the name of rain 16 people , 16 credit card cheating . Then Humou with cheating credit card to withdraw cash and spend 35 million yuan from the bank fraud . August 2010 ,abercrombie outlets uk 16, the defendant was arrested Humou .

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  91. SN014)

    According to Mr. Chen, his wife was sleeping in 63 beds, sleeping in the other patients with cervical cancer 16 beds, very far apart, and the bottle is marked with the patient name, bed number and drug use and so, little attention will not appear the case of the wrong medication. >

    fear of his wife and the drug will affect the health of the fetus,nike air max 24-7, Ms. Wang has been continued to the hospital for observation until discharged on July 5, and the $ 1,200 owed hospitalization costs.

    cancer drugs

    after the event, Mr. Chen’s wife worried about injecting drugs will affect the health of the fetus, asked the hospital identified the availability of drugs on pregnant women and fetal harm. The hospital is not no such places doping agency refused their request, and he considers himself Now a month later, now the event has not yet been properly addressed.

    The hospital said the medicines


    pregnant family members: the hospital should be worried about drugs affect the fetus to compensate

    one of the victims an apology; two, ensure that victims of the fetus before birth and after birth in the healthy growth; three, if not guarantee, then the corresponding compensation to the victims a total of 30 million; four nurse surnamed Luo irresponsible to dismiss the hospital that healthy growth of the fetus has congenital and acquired factors, no one can make this guarantee although this incident is wrong hospital earlier, but did not result in major consequences, without liability.

    was wrong to fight cancer drugs maternal family claims 39,000

    It is understood that the incident that night, Hong Wah Hospital stakeholders and their families an apology and for Ms. Wang explained, The composition does not cause harm to humans, the same as drinking water. the accident on behalf of the doctor. on behalf of the doctor,abercrombie clearance Drivers, passengers do not fall off the door cause the dea, the hospital that night have been wrong drug for a medical examination of Ms. Wang was confirmed that no adverse effects on pregnant women, the victims and their families also apologized.

    Hospital, said although wrong, but did not cause a corresponding harm, no liability

    So the matter to the hospital responsible. The verification organization without the harmful effects of drugs on pregnant women under the premise that we have proposed a compensation for our hopes a hospital on June 6 – July 5, during hospitalization lost income,air jordan hydro v sandals, payments, fees, transportation fees and mental anguish 39,abercrombie and fitch hoodie,000 yuan, can the hospital do not agree compensation. Mr. Chen said that since the misuse of drugs in patients with cervical cancer, his wife’s mood is very unstable. floor,air jordon 2011 ,ken griffey shoes women, jumped, then fortunately was promptly pulled the hospital nurse on duty was not tragedy. asked the reporter on behalf of the doctors come up with a date display June 21 to see the written submissions, which raised roughly four points:

    on behalf of the doctors said the incident had called to ask yourself, Guangdong Province, Dongguan and many inside and outside the Institute for Drug Control, said they did not accept this identification, so the families of fishes that pregnant women do not have such accreditation bodies. Hospital row, then we are forced to find through the Bureau of Dongguan City, Dongguan Health Institute for Drug Control, the Institute for Drug Control has agreed to help identification. argument

    misuse in pregnant women

    Recently,air yeezy glow in The dark , Chen, Dongguan public rebellion to the Information Times reporter, said on 16 March, his pregnant wife, Ms. Wang Hong Wah Hospital in Dongguan, the hospital was a nurse surnamed Luo fault injection for the treatment of cervical cancer a liquid drug. Fortunately, his mother called the hospital to discover and take down, or else his wife and the fetus may cause significant adverse consequences.

    Information Times Reporters Chen Wudong intern Hezi Jun

    It is understood that Mr. Chen’s wife because of vomiting in pregnancy period, twice in Dongguan Hong Wah Hospital Hospital injection liquid nutritional supplements. Mr. Chen said, had their own plans on June 17 through the discharge procedure, did not expect the hospital the day before,nike air griffey max 1 grey, appeared to be the case of the wrong drug.

  92. remember junior high school first grade started school, one female teacher told the students: vivid about the myths and legends, we listened with great interest. After school, boys have a loud Sky nickname: Nu Wa.

    fairy poem London, said his first name is fairy poetics, he thought that this poetic name, which means talking about poetry. Unexpectedly, when the recorder in the entry will be written in the name of

    mend it!

    and according to historical records about the first family, first’s three sources: First, from the business end of the first princes Hou. Shaanxi Province is located in the southeast and northwest of Henan Province between. Second, from Ji Xing, first out Ji Xing’s this, a branch of the Jin Guozong room. the old country name, is the backbone of the regime wengong. Origin’s first concrete has been untraceable. Third, Zhou Dafu Du Bo’s son in the Jin official, was closed earlier Yap,karen millen outlet stores Green girls fall from the 16th ground w, his children and grandchildren so to Yap as surname, first name called.

    the universal law of evolution by last name, most common surname in the number will more and more, will be less and less a small number of surnames, or even die. Today, the Chengdu Chinese Commercial News reporters Qiang Dai and Nin Zoujin those little-known, little-known group with the name, test its origin,christian louboutin on sale, sub-Yan and features, both made clear to people, can exchange information, re-name culture. The next few days to present you the story, not just one unfamiliar name, but from China five thousand years of splendid history and culture features. (Ku wave)

    My name is added, called the Sky

    welcome to have a special name for you, call our hotline 86613333-1, about the origins of these names and stories related to your life.

    the story

    coast of the Yellow Emperor lived Ji water to Ji surname; Yan Jiang ranks next to the water to ginger as a surname. First and last’s, two stages of human progress is a product of civilization.

    Chengdu surname of wonders

    2007, the Sky into Chengdu, a higher three-year colleges attended high school plus two years of specialist expertise of the project cost. Sky for the dreams of becoming a musician, this is certainly not his happy choice. However, communication between mother and he repeated, his mother accepted the arrangement. Began to learn, he found very interesting profession, but also promising.

    Sky said: , and moderate character, won the teachers and students like Ms. party which the mother was very happy.

    Chengdu Chinese Commercial News reporters Wang Congshi and Xi Jizhe Wang Mei

    cents surname was originally a first name

    until a chance, his father met up name another uncle, because the same surname is up, the two pro-brotherly. Fill it from his uncle, he heard the story about the origins of surnames. Fill uncle said,louboutin wedding shoes , A few years ago, make up his uncle’s grandmother was still alive, it had talked to the children and grandchildren of some. It was said that two brothers named to fill the pro-Suining area, it agreed that a person’s head live in the mountains, a place to live in the mountains of the other end. Which later developed into an uncle’s home up Suining Whitehorse stone town — the complement family surname. But if from this one a Sky unclear.

    story two

    live good lives on the line

    Sin Sin Kam into only one daughter, Min. In accordance with local custom, Xian Min grew up a few years later, marry and have children, their children will no longer be named Sin. In other words, the clock will no longer continue the fairy name. Xian Shi Lun so self-enlighten yourself: the. living, good living on the line. Since the surname is to Thanksgiving, I remember her so many years, can be considered a return. > crown an intern reporter Xu group reported

    this census, and many little-known name surfaced. With the social development, population migration, individual surname scattered earth, little known, even among family also break contact, became estranged.

    Chengdu Business Daily (Reporter Yuan Yong) Chengdu last name, all-inclusive, full of wonders. Chengdu within the For example: a cartoon-type Kobayashi Yuka, Ozawa Lang and so on. British sister sister type have a roof, twenty-sister, sister, etc.; type names are high-tech, Longquan, Pujiang, Huayang and so on. According to incomplete statistics, there are only one use of surnames 1409, only two people to use surnames 850. Many of the One of the important work of this inventory is to check whether these so-called strange name is entered incorrectly or the network of an error.

    surname fun

    but the name given to the meaning, not particularly care about the beginning of the Sky. May in the next higher, the time he participated in basketball game where the class. Because of his poor play, affecting team performance, and ultimately defeat. After the game, basketball team captain some unhappy, teased: day thinking about the expectations carried by his name.

    China Wan name the same root. Fu Xi about 5,000 years ago during the The so-called And each name will spread an interesting historical stories, some we know, some are lost in the depths of a few memories, a Chinese nation to keep the blood ties. Latest edition of Chinese people are still using the surname over 7000. Chinese surname Li, Wang, Zhang, Liu, Chen, can be described as contemporary

    Chong City since last month to a training base for practice, 19-year-old boy Sky will bring a lot of friends living here, some students even simply closed mouth call him Faced with these no malicious joke, laugh it off mild Sky: , broke my clothes with colorful stones to mend Well Ms. husband name the party up, she always wanted a girl, so long-awaited and decided to take the Sky Goddess myths and legends of the

    fairy poetry was his father sent to London to study, middle school, in order to gratitude, fairy poems return Mulberry London town became an accountant. Later, the nunnery abandoned, leaving only a stone. To pay homage to benefactor, fairy poems London into a fairy will be the first name last name.

    do not know. Sky’s grandfather died early, for the family tree, surname which speaks much, Sky only know that they are in a Suining grandparents moved from Chengdu.

    It is the first name people remember, they first should be migrated from Sichuan, Jiangsu stationed Qionglai, then grew, became now the most common surname in the town of Datong. There is a saying that they have a common ground before the town of Hill, so named to take on names, so have the first name.

    repay savior, There are many ways. 68-year-old fairy poem of London chose a different way, his name will be changed. This is because of his unusual approach made him one of the few cents Chengdu surname. November 6, Chengdu Chinese Commercial News reporters Lai Daole and Qiong Laishi Mulberry Town Tong Qiaocun 14 groups found a fairy poems London and their families, listen to him talk about the origins of their surname origins cents.

    Reporters search for According to historical records, Zheng territory to a Third, the Hmong and other ethnic minorities also have to Now, in Chongqing, Hunan Huaihua City, Zhijiang County, Sichuan Province Suining, Yangjiang City,louboutin boots,louboutin shoes cheap Lied to his wife having an affair was raped by her husband, Guangdong Province, Changzhou City, Jiangsu Province, has a clan who make up the distribution.

    fairy poetry from London only started surname cents, has been three generations. Xian Shi Lun said, after his family name first, living in the town of Qionglai Datong. His grandfather’s generation, the first home incense is not busy. Grandmother gave birth to several children, have died for various reasons. Accordance with local custom, fairy poems London’s grandfather thanks to a monk as a teacher, became a lay disciple. Since then,ralph lauren polo shirts kids, the fairy poems grandmother gave birth to a number of London’s children are perfectly healthy, to grow up. To London’s father fairy poetry of this generation,ferragamo collection, the first family has suffered the fate of suffering. Thus, the fairy poems father sent him to London’s town of Mulberry foster a nunnery. After the master nunnery good care, life on the line of the original fairy poems London survived.

    Jin Spring and Autumn are the first Dan Wood, the first Friends of the two generals, the first son of Dan Wood is in the army before Marshal Zhen, ranking Pucheng, the word sub-set. , Responsibilities national policy. And the home has Master grams, enough Sun and so on, have assisted Jin Xiang, spiritual, into the, King gentlemen. For some reason after the genocide was subsequently have dispersed. Ning is now Gansu, Sichuan, Jiangsu and other places, the names have to and living in the Read the first word as a surname when [xin], and Yin sound the same.

    Mr. surname first Thanksgiving cents

    fairy poems London and his wife, Guoying, a total of four children, eldest daughter of fairy peaks; two daughters elixir; three daughters and son Sin Sin Chun Kam-shing. London incense as a continuation of fairy poems,air max 24-7, fairy Jincheng apparently did not take the clan thing. For Sin Kam-shing, the good life is a top priority in life.

    first name first from the Warring States

    sixth national census in at 0:00 on November 1st 2010 to, to identify the number of years in our population, structure, distribution and other aspects of the living environment changes. The name, once again ranked first in the survey content.

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    microblogging Recommended | today’s hot microblogging ( edit : SN056)

    (Reporter Long Kun ) 4 o’clock yesterday afternoon ,jordan high heels for women, several men rushed into the streets of a big wave shop robbed of $ 100, then fired a shot ,christian louboutin peep toe pumps, causing no casualties.

  94. microblogging Recommended | today’s hot microblogging ( edit : SN009)

    Recently,used rolex watches toronto, Chen Hong , Baiyun district court to have committed the crime of endangering public safety , sentenced to seven years .

    South Sea Pengfei News reporter intern Pi Pi correspondent cloud cloud method Kam scavengers under the viaduct , the road car to drive every day to see , actually under the hatred of the rich North Ring Road in Guangzhou section of throwing stones Jinshazhou ,discount karen millen Maternal paraplegia 8 kg baby boy born Caesarean section (, such as a tire failure caused 14 car accidents , fortunately car crash . Recently, Baiyun District, Court of First Instance to endangering the public safety and sentenced to seven years imprisonment Chen Hong .

    20112 15, Chen Hong was arrested in Guangzhou City Public Security Bureau of Interpol .

    Chen Hong ring true to life,karen millen sequin dress ,air max 24/7, blamed social injustice , especially to see every day on the road car to drive , think of so many people have their own car but no money , and my heart felt extremely unbalanced . To vent the social discontent , Chen in February between 3 to 14 , has six times alone went to Guangzhou North Ring Road Jinshazhou sections from the middle of the green belt to move out of cement or stone picked up from the street cement stones put in two-way driveway ,rolex yacht master watch, the road leading through a total of 14 vehicles to the rocks due to collision ,authentic christian louboutin,rolex leather watch bands 5 , the occurrence of different degrees of damage to the vehicle tire and other traffic accidents .

    share : welcome to comment to comment

    29 -year-old Chen Hong is the western Guangdong Xinyi people , junior high school education . Chen Hong justice confession , from home to Guangzhou, Baiyun District, he was sleeping in the viaduct under Luo Chong Wai ,ken griffey shoes women, to pick up a living selling scrap . In recent years, due to continuous encounter life and work against , the more difficult life , my heart is distorted .

  95. Dr. Qin Fangdui her second child, said: >

    4 brothers and sisters in the repeated plea, Zhongnan Hospital, the hospital invited Dr. Xin-Jun Chen, deputy director of neurosurgery for intracranial hematoma Qinsheng Lin had surgery, which lasted more than five hours. After surgery, Qin Shenglin still unconscious.

    Sports Network (AFP correspondents Guilin) in March last year,ralph lauren windbreaker Four brothers plus sisters singing with knead plus addi, Jiangxia hillside town 58-year-old villager Yuan Feng Qin Shenglin sudden stroke long-term unconscious, into a His wife and four children he does not abandon, do not give up, rescue, attentive care. Not long ago, Qin Shenglin finally wake up, you can now eat their own, and daughter sing together.

    4 children rushed to the hospital, asking doctors to rescue.

    because can not afford the high cost of hospitalization,ferragamo sales 108, last June 8, Qin Shenglin the hospital, this time he is still unconscious, incontinence,ralph lauren shirts sale, nutrition to maintain life depend on the input.

    May last year, due to the brain water, Qin Shenglin in the Central Hospital of hydrocephalus shunt surgery. After surgery, Qin Shenglin can open your eyes, but awareness is still not recovered.

    4 brothers and sisters try to rescue the unconscious father

    Qin Shenglin ago,watch Octogenarian comrades grave custodian to set matter-of, but the village genius, he had been a soldier, well versed in technology, the villagers need to install water and electricity at home, repair appliances, everyone is happy to find him. In addition to farming, Qin Shenglin also opened a rice processing plant. Four children to work, and lead an easy life is good.

    heard of hyperbaric oxygen on the wake-up The doctor said,ralph lauren clearance, if high pressure oxygen chamber for 3 courses or do not wake up, wake up hope on the small. Qin Shenglin do 4 courses, still in deep coma.

    the mother’s poor health, in order to take good care of his father, Qin Li, Qin Hongmei sisters quit his job, day in the hospital escort. In addition to his father to feed the flow of food, they are still under the guidance of the head nurse, brush daily with warm water for his father, end of the urine. Father relieve themselves difficult to dig them out with your fingers on the stool.

    Qin parade, said: on the nearly 20 million.

    correspondent’s recovery from the Qin Shenglin told his surgeon Xin-Jun Chen, he was surprised that Qinsheng Lin is a brain hemorrhage caused by brain herniation, when the condition is very serious, in a deep coma,karen millen discount code 2010, which can be restored today species level has been pretty good!

    yesterday, in the Qin Shenglin home, the reporter saw Qinsheng Lin sitting on the living room couch, eating apples himself, his daughter sing, he will follow the beat time.

    Qinsheng Lin Chun Li’s husband and daughter are taken care of his correspondent Zhu Xiyong

    gradually, Qin Shenglin family can walk slowly under the arm, and he can eat … …

    in order to cure his father, Qin parade postponed the wedding, to take out of the marriage room ready to buy 80,000 yuan of money, three sisters also dig to make their own savings.

    August 3 this year, a miracle has finally appeared. Qin Hongmei as usual to his father sing the national anthem,burberry factory outlet, Qin Shenglin also singing along together. Qin Hongmei jumped with joy.

    brother and three sisters Qin operation after discussion, unanimously decided: as long as a glimmer of hope, we must make every effort to rescue his father.

    massage to his father, talk to him, singing sisters also do daily homework. The parade Qin,rolex leather watch bands, Qin Fang as long as the rest, it will go to the hospital to visit his father.

    home, Qin Li, Qin Hongmei sisters are still a daily massage to his father, newspaper, singing, but also try to feed him porridge to eat.

    last March 4 at 11 am, Qin Shenglin asleep not long after, his wife pushed him one, he found no response. Children were not at home, his wife sent him hurriedly Jiaoren Jiangxia Hospital. After examination, Qinsheng Lin was diagnosed with sudden brain haemorrhage.

    Qin Li said: miracle of life

    singing and massage, looking forward to his father woke up

  96. Because Beam weight 225 kg , with a beam from the hospital beginning on the ordinary people encountered unimaginable difficulties. It is understood that , in order to accommodate the beam with a large body , the hospital got one for him 50,000 yuan worth of intensive care unit with a large bed . Also, because of abdominal fat with thick beam , ultrasonic and other testing instruments can not be identified through , causing the hospital was unable to check . 28 and 29 , due to a serious condition , doctors connected to the beam with a notice under the two seriously ill .

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    BEIJING,nike dunk sb heels (,shop karen millen, May 31, Chongqing, Xinhua ( Chunmei Silver Snow ) 31, reporter learned from the Xinqiao Hospital , known as there is still life-threatening , the hospital will once again organize this authoritative expert consultation .

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    Beam used to examine the way in oxygen . Author : Chunmei

    today, the beam used in the intensive care room while listening to music , while oxygen . Xinqiao Hospital, medical director , said Zhao Yan , for the beam with the patient, Xinqiao Hospital, the hospital will once again invite the most authoritative experts in the hospital a large consultation ,cheap air yeezy 107185,ralph lauren ladies shirts, there will be 30 experts. After

  97. Reporters survey

    Lo said, yesterday morning, he goes to work through the Red Road,jordan hydro sandals Tea shop female boss late at night were chopped hospital di, I saw a roadside hotel opened, the door hung banners. 400 meters hanging on both sides of the street more than fifty,ugg australia,Hermes Plume Doc , in addition to some well-known company’s message.

    East before the red flag on the display every few tens of meters on a red balloon,air max 2009, has been extended to the line with the Ottawa Road intersection.

    banner content is to be relevant department?

    The field criticism and education, in business young Branch Xu Jia Wan Industry and Commerce under the supervision of law enforcement officers,hermes accessories, the hotel staff will all

    Pull the front of the hotel’s 50 red,

    about Xudong said the fraudulent use of government departments, businesses making a false name,ugg knightsbridge sale, Law

    microblogging Recommended | today’s hot microblogging

    Reporters view found that a total of 50 street banners, more than 20 units of powerful backing to congratulate: Provincial Industry and Commerce, State Forestry Administration, the Northwest office, the Provincial Development and Reform Commission, Public Security Bureau is young, is young traffic brigade, Weiyang Law Enforcement Bureau, etc., in addition to village and street. Subsequently,ugg australia sale, the reporter and congratulate the banner inscribed in the unit made some contact. Office of Trade and Industry Bureau said a staff member, they do not know this hotel, never to bring them over to congratulate the banner. The Trade and Industry Bureau and Weiyang Weiyang Law Enforcement Bureau also indicated that they did not know, and immediately sent to investigate.

    Further reading

    But when the reporter to Mr. Wang’s invitation to send the record, he has always been to take no. Of them are members of the public said: false propaganda

    fraudulent use of government to bear the name of the Han responsibility?

    11 o’clock yesterday morning, Xu Jia Wan young Branch Trade and Industry and Business Weiyang Law Enforcement Bureau of the five squadrons of law enforcement officers have rushed to the scene. After investigation, the shop in order to acknowledge all the banners hanging on behalf of government departments have not been relevant department. At 8 pm, the hotel owner Mr. Lee came to explain the matter went to the newspaper, he said, he is from Henan to Xi’an to do business for many years.

    Subsequently, the reporter went to the hotel, a hotel lobby manager, said they are planning company banner hanging , as to the content they did not know. At this point, Mr. Wang came to the hotel official explained that the banners on the various government departments have been notified him.

    government departments due to fraudulent use of the name of false propaganda, Red Road, Congratulations hotel opened

    two person in charge to explain the contradictions


    said that this hotel is alleged false advertising and unfair competition by the way, mislead consumers, should be in accordance with Our reporter Zhou Jinzhu

    merchants say

    to share: I welcome comments Comments

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    yesterday morning, the New Express reporter once again came to Shenzhen Top Form. Staff, told reporters yesterday afternoon, in an interview with reporters shortly after they leave, Shenzhen Top Form will be posted on the corridor at the plant for a paper notice on the day of an interview with reporters to expose shady company to give dismissed employees Zheng Jiarong not to compensation.

    yesterday to see the arrival of a large number of correspondents,christian louboutin platform, some bold women try to walk a few steps forward, followed by a large number of workers poured out like a sweep. Although a suit hand block and male employees to go out to say ferocious, then, but now has been unable to stop. When a reporter asked women are not freely accessible, the audience sent a resounding answer –

    employees times before the examination will have to accept the company’s cash awards.

    the plant floor, the reporter saw yesterday, employees said,

    suspension after the incident,christian louboutin platform,rolex watches auction , staff was working on to resolve the issue with arbitration to resist attitude. Yesterday afternoon, the New Express reporter patience to persuade more than an hour, three employees were dismissed finally Shenzhen Top Form made for arbitration. Official said,salvatore ferragamo wedges, because the event has been listed as Top Form Shenzhen Futian District, a major labor dispute arbitration committee staff will open up the green channel, and arrange for pro bono lawyers provide free legal services for employees.

    microblogging Recommended | today’s hot microblogging (edit: SN029)

    staff, said Shenzhen Top Form with this mechanism

    staff, Ms. Ms. L and Z are in public in front of reporters admitted that checks had been telling lies according to the company’s behest, and in April received a $ 200 reward.

    This is because one of the employees interviewed fired. Express reporter Shay-Min Huang / photo

    Express reporter yesterday to follow up event startling discovery

    and green channels to accept arbitration

    Express News correspondent Shay-Min Huang told reporters reports After the interview, Shenzhen Top Form Underwear Co., Ltd. (

    Shenzhen Top Form collective work stoppages track

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    (Reporter correspondent Tao Sun Siya) Yesterday,nike air 1/2 half cent penny,ugg clearance sale , reporter learned that the man robbed a Night Zhou woman arrested after early morning, pretended to be for others Yesterday, reporter learned that Zhou allegedly Haidian Procuratorate charges of robbery and rape, and has been prosecuted.

    23-year-old Zhou was a jobless Beijing. The prosecution alleged, one night in May this year,christian louboutin shoes uk, Zhou suspect in Internet cafes when feeling bored. Morning, he came out ready to buy one from the cafe He Yan,ugg online 15 ,christian louboutins uk, Haidian District, a guest house through the front door, saw a single woman is walking the roadside, her hand holding a package. Zhou did not see the street people, a sudden and devastating block on the idea of stealing money from the woman. So he picked up a brick from the street, shot from behind the woman’s head, the woman suddenly being shot down to the ground. Cried a few times after the woman fell to the ground, Zhou rushed forward again, making the woman’s head with a brick and threatened her, . Zhou to scare each other,abercrombie and fitch outlet store Seventy Weng family refused to sign the agree, cheating woman,

    microblogging Recommended | today’s hot microblogging (edit: SN034)

    5 morning of October 10, Zhou called the woman’s phone to ask for $ 80,Buy Air Jordan Embroidery,000, and said can help her find a The next day, the woman for Zhou said that he only scrape together $ 30,000, asked him okay, Zhou promised down. They arranged to meet at the McDonald’s restaurant, followed by women police. After police arrived at the agreed location, the suspect will come to collect the money Zhou captured. October 28, Haidian Procuratorate on suspicion of robbery, rape Zhou approved the arrest of suspects, has been prosecuted.

    on the road, Zhou also allow women to the body of the 300 dollars and bank card password to him,ugg shoes, the woman just figure that Zhou money, he pleaded: let me go back. Subsequently, Zhou stress woman walked into the park woods, Zhou was underway at this time of rape or evil, woman and then forced to have sex with him. Later, Zhou afraid of women police, he threatened:

  100. news that, due to dissatisfaction with the court’s ruling female suspect, 10 o’clock yesterday morning again in person to the Family Court When the women judges from the court, the female suspect is a black backpack remove glue from the bottle, poured the bottle of liquid head to her ex-husband,uggs classic tall, to make it eye,christian louboutin slingbacks 24 -year-old man fo, face, chest and shoulders have all been burned, worn shirts are also corrosion wear, The promise was standing beside the female clerk law firms face and upper lip are

    August 24, according to Hong Kong’s Wen Wei Po reported, a couple of marriage problems,ugg shoes Company fraud posing as scouts nearly on, divorce four years ago, two people’s property and alimony issues, many times on the Family Court downtown, 56-year-old In order to continue to fight ex-wife yesterday, property owners, personally made to the Family Court for leave to appeal expired, but immediately rejected by deputy women judges.

    welcome to comment to comment

    microblogging Recommended | today’s hot microblogging

    site No. 12 Harbour Road, Wan Chai Wan Chai District Court Family Court M1 layer 42. Two injured were 62-year-old man promised large, the eyes, face, chest and shoulders have all been burned in stable condition; by the real winners of the female staff member surnamed Li law firm (26 years), face and lips were injured, treated and and discharged. The female suspect surnamed Huang arrests.

    woman surnamed Huang suspects involved with married men and injured more than 30 years and had children has more than 20 years old in 2007,uggs classic short 3260, the marriage began to go wrong, the man filed for divorce first, represented by the check-in and compete for the property ownership issues, the two sides in the past on many occasions under the name of downtown property and alimony on the Family Court. It was reported that the last time, after the Family Court hearing, would have been verbally threatened with Ichor throwing her ex-husband.

    female suspect escaped from court after wounding immediately go to the elevator lobby, the liquid containing the glue bottle rot discarded trash, court security guard heard the news rushed to their uniforms, arrived at the scene by police officers the arrest. Continue to abuse female suspects during the ex-husband, cried: Fat lot of rot after liquid splash due to the lawyer told the court tables and carpet, 42 the court room filled with the smell through the qu shui to real-time block clean-up, the original trial court in all 42 cases, 41 are arranged to transfer number of chambers.

    women judges retire to his ex-wife after a while, actually contained in the court room through qu shui out of plastic bottles, 62-year-old ex-husband to the spot,air griffey max 1, throwing, on behalf of the man’s firm young female clerk is subject to real winners, the upper lip was Ichor splash injuries, two were immediately rushed into the bathroom cleaning,Buy cheap air yeezy for sale, female police officers arrived at the scene arrested the suspect,watches hermes, two injured are sent to hospital. Police out throwing corrosive fluid with intent to cause grievous bodily harm cases dealt with by the District Crime Squad of Wan Chai,hermes watches, the first team to take over the investigation.