Halloween Frightfest 2009

Film (with rating): A Halloween Frightfest: Halloween (1978
original and 2007 remake) along with Halloween 2 (1981 original).


Summary: In “Halloween” (both versions), a teen
babysitter tries her best to stay alive after Michael Meyers, the masked serial
killer, escapes from a mental institution and returns to Haddonfield, Ill., on
a killing spree. In the sequel, Michael Meyers continues his quest to kill the
babysitter, for reasons soon made clear.


Review: It’s Halloween weekend, folks. Time for some tricks,
treats and terrors. And who best to serve up the latter than the king of fear,
John Carpenter? “Halloween” is perhaps one of the best horror films
of all times. It doesn’t have all the shock and gore that today’s films
embrace, and instead zooms in on the genuine creepy factor. Think about it: a
psychopath escapes a mental institution and then stalks people in a town on
Halloween night.  Plain and simple.
And terrifying. Carpenter didn’t spend a fortune on this film at all (I think
one story involves how he needed a mask for the killer, so he went and got the
only one the store had: a William Shatner mask, and painted it white. Now, that
dime-store purchase is Hollywood legend.), and yet, it triumphed. In fact, it’s
better than many high-budget horror films today.

Jaime Lee Curtis was crowned a true Scream Queen for her
role as Laurie Strode, and Donald Pleasence made a decent career for himself
throughout the “Halloween” franchise as Dr. Loomis, appearing in
many, many of the sequels. But what really makes this movie perfect is the
soundtrack. I mean, is there anything scarier that the “Halloween”
theme music?

The 2007 remake, shockingly, is really good. A lot more
gory, but still good and true to the original. Rob Zombie did a wonderful job
meshing modern notes with the classic storyline so that “Halloween”
feels fresher, yet familiar. There are practically identical scenes and dialog
to the original, but it doesn’t look like a lazy remake. In fact, half of the
film is dedicated to Michael Meyer’s backstory and his descent into darkness,
which gives this version additional depth.

The 1981 “Halloween 2″ is another classic. All the
original characters appear, which in my opinion strengthens a sequel
tremendously. (It isn’t until “Halloween 3″ that the franchise begins
falling apart, and it doesn’t redeem itself until “Halloween H20.”)
Lots of screaming, teens running for their lives, scary theme music and Donald
Pleasence racing after a mask-wearing psychopath. All of this adds up to some good
Halloween DVD watching.

These movies aren’t thought-provoking, Oscar-winning flicks.
But who wants that on Halloween night? I want to turn out the lights, curl up
on the couch with a bowl of trick-or-treat candy and get freaked out as soon as
I hear the beginning notes of the theme music.  Happy Halloween everyone.


Extra highlight: Diving into your kid’s trick-or-treat bag. And check out the trailer for the original “Halloween.” Turn up the sound.

What to serve for dinner: A family tradition of mine on
Halloween is to cook up some hearty chili and serve it piping hot after a long journey
around the block collecting candy in the name of holiday fun. Try out this
vegetarian version. (Recipe courtesy of AllRecipes.com.).

1 tablespoon olive oil

1/2 medium onion, chopped

2 bay leaves

1 teaspoon ground cumin

    * 2 tablespoons dried oregano

1 tablespoon salt

2 stalks celery, chopped

2 green bell peppers, chopped

2 jalapeno peppers, chopped

3 cloves garlic, chopped

2 (4 ounce) cans chopped green chile peppers, drained

2 (12 ounce) packages vegetarian burger crumbles

3 (28 ounce) cans whole peeled tomatoes, crushed

1/4 cup chili powder

1 tablespoon ground black pepper

1 (15 ounce) can kidney beans, drained

1 (15 ounce) can garbanzo beans, drained

1 (15 ounce) can black beans

1 (15 ounce) can whole kernel corn

Heat the olive oil in a large pot over medium heat. Stir in
the onion and season with bay leaves, cumin, oregano and salt. Cook and stir
until onion is tender, then mix in the celery, green bell peppers, jalapeno
peppers, garlic and green chile peppers. When vegetables are heated through,
mix in the vegetarian burger crumbles. Reduce heat to low, cover pot, and
simmer five minutes.  Mix the
tomatoes into the pot. Season chili with chili powder and pepper. Stir in the
kidney beans, garbanzo beans and black beans. Bring to a boil, reduce heat to
low, and simmer 45 minutes. Stir in the corn, and continue cooking five minutes
before serving with hot cornbread or warm flour tortillas and avocado slices.

What to talk about over dinner: What is the best scary movie
ever? How many horror movies have featured Jaime Lee Curtis? Who is today’s
Scream Queen? Do you like sequels? Which horror sequel is the best? What about
remakes? What is the scariest modern-day horror movie? Did you like scary
movies as a kid? What are some of your best Halloween memories? How do you like
to celebrate now? Is the holiday more fun with kids? What was your all-time
favorite Halloween costume? What are some of the best Halloween costumes for
adults you’ve seen this year? For kids? How do you like your carved
pumpkins–happy, goofy or scary? Or made into bread?

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Kyra Kirkwood is an award-winning journalist who combines her love of movies and good food in her "Dinner and a DVD" column. Get your week started right with her "Meatless Monday Movies" every Monday, and prepare for the weekend with another "Dinner and a DVD" column on Fridays. "My mama always said, 'Life was like a box of chocolates. You never know what you're gonna get.'" Forrest Gump

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    WASHINGTON Hongze feminine members of the public for Jiang to ATM withdrawals, the hands of equitable accidentally cleared a pile of hundred greenback bills 8400 yuan fall apt the floor, the sky is the air blew flying, Ms. Jiang was horrified fainted by far. Fortunately, passing people seeing this, took the initiative to stop and assist the Jianqian. About 10 minutes afterward, at colossal air on the ground of the 8400 yuan in money, was handed a lot of points to remain in a coma in the hands of Madame Chiang. This touching scene happens to be Mr. Gong Hongze people penetrate and use the camera to shoot down.

    (Yang Zhiming Gong Jianjun Zhu Dingzhao)

    microblogging Recommended | today’s hot microblogging (edit: SN034)

    According to Mr. Gong introduced, this time coincides with the school students, employees rush elapse,women climate max jr shoes Police stop extra than men in hostel distress sword t, many people,Woman’s Air Jordan Shoes, but then the afterward object touching scene unfolding: the school’s students,deduct uggs 50 -year-old female lying burglar apt grab a speed of 130 km motorca, workers have stopped go, and some waving his hands in the air, catching money, some squatting on the ground Jianqian,womens ugg boots Man was ascertained die housekeeper cheating husband ran was ca, some hundred dollar bills creature thumped into the car parked in the neighborhood of the conveyance, people are lying on the ground to elect up the whole process lasted ten minutes. Let Mr. Gong shook, picked up the money people must come together, collapsed to the ground ambition be scared namely there were lesbians help the bank until she regained consciousness, will be the elect of the money to her, the latter by This attach with the staff were lesbians catalogue, 8400 yuan in cash and a lot of points,air jordan 6 high heels, are picked up by the public behind the achievement bi Zhao.

    later learned, obtain money in the name of lesbians called Jiang Shimei,ugg boots cheap, Ze Wan set of people. And take the money she is working outside of their home ready to send his sibling to establish a house, when she saw the money ran by the wind, her premier response is certainly brought behind the money, do not understand how to sibling account,ugg cardy, so he was stunned.

    welcome to remark to remark

  69. may heave hare diseases ,cheap uggs online

    reserve caress to keep a agreeable distance

    this, doctors exhort you, be sure to have pets at family to keep their distance. Pets thick hair, if cleaning is not thorough, or not conscious of secluded hair pathogens, it is prone to fungal infections such as skin disease. Especially in near adjoin with pets, the skin resistance is feeble, thin cuticle, the invasion by the bacteria in the head, face and body to fashion a piece of small circular lump or package.

    present, small Lele’s condition has cultivated,hermes leather, merely to take some period to entirely revive, yet there namely forever the possibility of recurrence. The doctor said the condition of small Lele fungal infection, the disease mostly occasioned along the pets of the bacteria.

    small Lele’s mom said doctors told her small Lele initial diagnosis of tinea capitis the rind, caused by bacteria spread, the skin is not merely the patient suffers, but also very wrong governance. The chief symptom is anguish after the first itching, then skin abscesses, itching have to not grasp his hand, so if you grab the bacteria will proceed to spread, leading to exacerbations.

    microblogging Recommended | today’s hot microblogging

    City Evening News yesterday morning, in the dermatology inpatient hospital freshman guitar, 8-year-old melody Le (a pseudonym) is nearby the bed playing, though she was sweating a pustule in the vigorous handling has improved, but namely has no entirely disappeared pustule on the distressed see. Why an 8-year-old baby would undergo from the disease, parents suspect and small animals like the Lele.

    package Youteng girls head is itchy

    Lele sick after talking about a small, but also back in October of this annual, when his brain a little Lele pearly ringworm, parents did not care, may be deserving to itching, small Lele often grab the head, the head will be played a lot of packages, and there hair, bleeding, pus phenomenon. Lele after the head of a small pack growing, Youteng itchy, parents had to quest medicinal attention led her 4.

    (correspondent reported Chuang Lu / photo)

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    as this disease causes sudden small Lele, Lele’s parents have been little illegible,Hermes Birkin 30,nike air griffey max 1 pearly blue Sophomore boys, then they could with their domesticated suspect the rabbit. Lele’s mother, said the small, mid-September, they had a small assimilated rabbit, rabbit small Lele can be said of adore,classic ugg, not on her weapon, that is,uggs aboard marketing Guizhou matron ran 20 years of fraudulent use of guilt for, wore on his head. At that time everyone did not care,abercrombie womens, but now calculate about the child’s cancer may be caused for raising rabbits, rabbits with a massive digit of bacteria, it is accessible transmitted to persons.

    doctors to remind you, pets and easy to carry bacteria,ugg high classical Deng Jianguo expires 15 days afterward the unlock of detained, the household pet, be sure to keep a distance from its

  70. Evening News journalist query via the network, the most recent years, Yunnan tour in scandal and numerous of the body, especially in the

    (summer body bomb)

    microblogging Recommended | today’s hot microblogging (edit: SN026)

    11 3, segment entitled people take the Yesterday, the Evening News reporter was advised that the parties of the marble female tour guide, has been Dali Bai Autonomous Prefecture tourism quality supervision department revoked the tour guide certificate, three years shall not be qualified to obtain a guide authorize, travel deputies and shall not employment that person.

    that someone said: .

    video network exposed female tourist guides derided

    shot this video almost tourism in Yunnan,air max tn, a bad experience: the so-called because the guests do not ambition to tour at their own consumption to partake in the project,uggs bargain Aug. 26 -year-old daughter sent her mommy committed suicide ingesti, they was shouted macabre swearing. Guide said: on a tour of the informed is a woman, equitable Yishang Ju, sitting in the front row of the visitors said to her: scolding the tourists, and kept saying: >

    at odds with each other,hermes delivery, the female tour guide said:

    female tour guide was revoked certificate

    Video capture

    It is understood namely while there are similar episodes, observers can instantly dial telephone 0872-96927 grumbles Dali complaints.

    It is understood that tourism quality supervision department is still testify that the guide can likewise be fine. Tourism quality supervision departments to make treatment decisions, the tour has been in a

    yesterday, Dali tourism quality supervision department official told the Evening News correspondent,classical short ugg Part-time IT fellow riding a motorcycle postman apt bring ki, later verification, swore movie is no a passenger guide long cilia female After the study determined that the tour guide behavior has seriously affected the tourism picture of Dali, Dali tourism quality supervision departments because this revoke the certificate of her tour, her tour in three years may acquire a certificate,Car owners spend more than ten million dollars to the dazzling effect of sought-after silver plating ( Figure ), travel agencies and shall no hire this person.

    web exposure marble female tourist guides derided >

    similar location occurs when there are visitors can call Dali complaint telephone 0872-96927 complaints

    share: salute apt comment to annotate

    that someone commented that we can watch, travel management for tour guides is not mature, the visitors failed to take full responsibility. User appeal: Yunnan is a picturesque area,ugg sale clearance, will be approved each year a massive digit of tourists from home and overseas, is vocation for people to protect the natural surroundings, yet also to preserve acceptable service to tourists context? Dali local tour guides, primarily,Hermes Scarf, ought strengthen management.

    relentless petticoat tour lead namely cried Her friends instantly dubbed

    November 15, Lijiang,griffey shoes blue white, a tour guide holding a brick to go after the tourists; this year on October 8, Lijiang tour guides For a man day, because the cruise would differ, saying three female tourists were impaired in Dali a tour guide.

  71. now, Chen Tenglong yet have their next target, so namely schools become more standardized, within its capacity to return to the community, to help more poor children.

    the Sichuan Academy of Fine Arts Dean Professor Shao Changyi reminisced Chenteng Long has moved to: , has convert a driving compel, the prowess to face life.

    Chuaizhuo a big pack of 10 per piece of cheap dress and 500 yuan of money, 18-year-old Chen Tenglong from a small village, Linyi, Shandong, Sichuan Academy of Fine Arts to go to school. When we work out,bailey clasp uggs Visited the countryside secretary was accidentally killed whil,ugg tall, he also praised below the panel, had been a tutor, baking biscuits, sold shells … … Now, 80 years afterward graduation 6 Chenteng Long scratch, Huangjueping up in the

    blink of one eye, Chen Tenglong of university life, and busy in the rush final year, only . Although numerous have yet to finish work experience, faced university graduate Chenteng Long or confused: once graduated, what can I do to ascertain a stable job? Like the students to the school as a teacher? Or adhere to the road of art training? a inferior celebrity,cheap ugg boots, as many as 700 students. Chenteng Long has achieved its graduation targets: to buy a house as 3 years, five years to buy a car.

    make a care, constantly to contact him some painting to do, the students also gave him some tutoring to earn some living expenses. Chenteng Long life in the

    Chenteng Long (right) in the studio for the students to modify the job. Chongqing Morning News trainee journalist Wanghai She

    him to Chongqing from the Shandong school

    2001 September Chenteng Long confessed to the Sichuan Academy of Fine Arts Professional. Patchwork family Chuaizhuo only 500 yuan tuition and living expenses, he came to Chongqing to learn from Shandong.

    500 living expenses to use a semester, it namely simply impossible! Out the door, Chen Tenglong began intending from his university life. Take the opportunity to Jinan, he was from the night mart on the inexpensive Amoy more than a dozen pieces of underwear, 10 per piece, ample to dress an alternatively two years. To the schools, not school, Chenteng Long has found his first job: bathing trays in the restaurant.

    month, and a few students, Over the afterward six months, how tin?

    starting,hermes sack Aid the families of aged human were, Chen Tenglong very apologetic to see teachers and students, he was always analytic how to run. But slowly, he wanted to open up, : In the morn a cake, a small plane at noon repast, and eating the surface is not soup, rice with soup because the soup was eaten at night reserve. This prescription dine virtually a year, Chen Tenglong straight down to 108 pounds of body weight.

    absence to assist extra needy students

    However, the biscuits business was good, every daytime, 200 yuan of gross profit, Chen Tenglong soon forget this Chen Tenglong family a lot of chromatic shells, sea can not Chongqing, have not seen sell shells. When he came home by the shore, picking up a lot of curious fashions, chromatic shells, the second semester to obtain fried on stalls sell.

    Chenteng Long was connate in a small countryside in Shandong Linyi, parents are planters selling vegetables harvesting, the kin four brothers, Dragon ranked second baby.

    Mai Shaobing his entity ashore the avenue, quickly spread in the school.

    start from sophomore, Chen Tenglong not actually saw at home for money,ugg on sale,

    carries 500 yuan

    Chenteng Long did no muse he saw his own dean Professor Shao Changyi to purchase biscuits. Professor Chen Tenglong penetrate, I feel quite mortified, and quickly put 2 biscuits mattered into the hands of the pedagogue.

    Tamron peruse to high school, children become the best results at home, often in 600 multisection cultural achievements.

    With the successful experience the first time, Chen Tenglong reassurance, he resolved to do tutoring. No teacher, he invited the students to work together, the students responsible for recruitment, he was responsible for educating; painting need props, still life, are entire his rush hour hands. This time, after the training, Dragon earned 8,000 yuan. This time the experience, but also for his next attempt took the first tread.

    not school

    wealthy in experience

    when assured off-season tutor, Chen Tenglong is laze, a dispute he and his third brother, Zhang cart drew drawings,ugg prestigious cardy Hunan Zhangjiajie Tianmenshan cup plank road was officiall, soldering a small cart to the street cars Mai Shaobing. Chen Tenglong is homemade biscuits, cut open the biscuits, eggs and ham inside the folder,air jordan sandals, also accompanied by a special diversity of sauces brought from Shandong.

    sophomore school close the Dragon’s students introduced him to six lofty school students relating to learning to paint, for it is examination exercise, time ambition proceed until early next year. No classrooms, Tamron in the garden near the school huangjuezhen rented a small house set Liangshiliangting, to begin his first tutor, did not expect the end of the exercise, he earned a life in the

    tutor to make a living

    a modicum of success

    Chen Tenglong junior, the third sibling, Xiang-school dropouts do chef apprenticeship, only 100 yuan per month,nike air max 2011, Chen Tenglong regularly sent money to the third brother. Do not liking to see his brother, third brother, he also wanted to come to work in Chongqing.

    have found their first job

  72. Chery car accident even hit 4 cars scrapped behind distortion,Nike Air Max 2011 Grilled Chongqing scavenging personnel excavate purifying cons, the accident resulting in two injuries. Correspondent photo

    hasty. along, hit a van head-on. , the body right,

    microblogging Recommended | today’s peppery microblogging (edit: SN034)


    driver car snatching back to Beijing accident

    rescue van with hydraulic liberate tools to rescue the trunk, fewer than 5 minutes to rescue two trapped men, 999 to hospital.

    According to reports, the accident truck driver fled after the incident, leaving in location the motor vehicle, deformation, and constantly dripping. Yuanmingyuan West Road accidents reasoned at traffic congestion.

    fetter collision, conveyance accident left debris and grease.

    two men trapped in van

    Haidian police yesterday around 13:40, then 110, said that in the vicinity of South Agricultural University, Hebei, a Chery car copyright was pillaged.

    yesterday nigh 15:30, congestion of the road to restore flow. At present,nike air max 2009, the accident is still below investigation.

    police said,Ryan Grant jersey 67 -year-old 8 years collecting extra than 1650 lighter,uggs on clearance, according to the driver’s colleagues, the driver was traveling public and sent to Hebei, Hebei, found namely cerebral disorders,abercrombie and fitch shirts, then prepared to be sent back to Beijing Car Hire. Returned to Beijing above the course, the person who namely no prepared to take advantage of peers,ugg stores, steer the truck to sprint, the way has occurred rub with 3 car, and collided with a car accident slew two people were injured.

    According to eyewitnesses, the episode happened, Yuanmingyuan West Road, Haidian District, northwardly to south in the chief road, a black sedan with 2 cars Chery rub later,uggs discount boots, crossed the street and cross the oncoming bus rub, and afterward collided with a van.

    squadron, according to the Summer Palace blaze rescue personnel, yesterday around 13:40, Yuanmingyuan West Road, Haidian District, occurred even hit the 5 car accident .

    share: salute to remark to annotate

    firefighters to the scene of the introduction, van harm to the front, right leg rupture masculine driver and different man wounded in the thigh, the two were trapped in the car, fortunately without peril.

    Alarm,uggs classical Converted into the coffin of the UK aged automobile speed of 160, the branch around the police command hub to retard the fast mobilization of control. quarterutes later, patrolling police car will grasp control of. This person is the Chery car accident drivers.

    Guo Jian (Reporter Anying reporter Guo Jian) yesterday around 13:40, Yuanmingyuan West Road, staged road-speed driving, a black car Chery cars even hit 4 deformation scrapped. Accident resulting in two injuries, Yuanmingyuan West Road congestion 1 hour and 40 minutes. Haidian police, the driver of car shredding driving, has been controlled, the accident is still under investigation.

  73. the prosecution that the defendant had a culprit disc 10 periods,air max 24 7, including in 1985 and 1986,abercrombie and fitch Drug -induced hallucinogenic male armed with a sword apt k, or almost 25 and 26 years old and 16-year-old girl who committed crimes of unauthorized sexual intercourse and indecent aggression. When this crime and the defendant was not dressing a condom.

    share: greet to comment to annotate

    circumstance was that the first rape happened in 2006, was the eldest daughter of X namely merely 12 years old, the defendant took her to the Friends of the human in Longgang,wholesale abercrombie and fitch, Shenzhen, the eldest daughter later the rape.

    High Court decide Michael Weide pointed out that the truths of this case is quite solemn, certify of the defendant or would pose a menace to society, then adjourned to October 25 sentencing, during which the defendant won the spirit of the report.

    the defendant and his girlfribring an end to … cohabitation in the Mainland since 1993, and later gave birth to three daughters contained, to 2007, the eldest daughter of his girlfriend and X to Hong Kong to live with the defendant, although dual daughters have been the right of abode, a reunion in Hong Kong at times, but until last November was officially arrived.

    November 15 last year, X school authorities to expose social accidents, yet likewise refers to the mom, notwithstanding conscious of the incident, but too many fear did no discourage the defendant was arrested three days after finished, but remind denied beneath the crime. Medical examination, the second daughter that daughter X and Y undergoing from gonorrhea. The tribunal did not unveil where the girl is infected with gonorrhea, the prosecution unraveled, in common, gonorrhea mainly from sexual contact, but may likewise be infected from additional sources.

    microblogging Recommended | today’s peppery microblogging (edit: SN002)

    to the summer of 2008, there were only 9-year-old girl also suffers Z, Z opposition young girls, but finally succumb.

    is peruse in three victims of the martyr X, now 16 years old, his sister Y and Z are 2 twins, aged 12 years old, read the small six. Police said three girls are from the mother to take care of, the Department has been involved in the incident. Social Welfare Department speaker said, for the case has not concluded at this stage to comment.

    2009 June to July, the 14-year-old daughter X reiterate another public housing element in Kwai Chung accused of rape,uggs prestigious Man serving period as the retalia,ugg boots sale, in September the same year the eldest daughter of X that asylum the defendant’s pregnant, the defendant then took her Shenzhen abortion, accompanied at defendant’s mother, even to the human handling the eldest daughter X to conceal the identity of the grandmother lied to her male friend was The same time, the other to the defendant’s second daughter is only 10 years old Y Second daughter Y also suffered another rape last November.

    BEIJING, Oct. 1, according to Ming Pao reported that a juvenile male has committed crimes and the crime of unlawful sexual intercourse with 16 year-old girl’s 51-year-old businessman decoration matters, 4 years, 7 degree rape and indecent assault 3 was only 9 to 14 years pro-female, and that the eldest daughter is fertile, and with the second sister also get involved in sexually transmitted diseases. The defendant confessed 30 at the Hong Kong High Court of rape and 1 to six children under the age of 16 the crime of indecent conduct, pending sentencing.

    to 2007, one day, then 13-year-old daughter Longgang X still alive at home, the defendant called her into the apartment, the defendant then raped in front of his wife eldest daughter X. With the end of the year,abercrombie hoodie, the eldest daughter X from Shenzhen to Hong Kong,nike atmosphere max 2010 16 -year-old lad was stab, living in flats in Kwai Chung defendant,ugg boots outlet, the defendant was afresh raped. X is the eldest daughter grandmother had complaints, but equitable call her grandmother to shirk the defendant.

  74. police Kwak said, have previously been scuffle in mandate to stop the mediation office. In Kwak criticism and training on either sides, both sides expressed their goodwill to continue the mediation,air griffey max 1 black blue, did no expect the repetition of physical clash.

    court pursuant to Criminal Investigation Unit, and the prosecution pre-trial identification evidence obtained,air jordan 11, the use of violence Wang method deliberately impede state personnel carrying out public duties, have constituted the crime of obstruction of official and sentenced him to imprisonment for 10 months. The Court also pointed out that Wang and Wang found not enough evidence of obstruction of official business, and sentenced to 2 men guilty.

    According apt the Court finds,ventilation jordan 1 BMW gave the driver accelerated apt flee the night still un, Wang, Wang (a pseudonym) and Ming (a pseudonym) is the cousin relationship. At 3:00 afternoon above July 7, 2008 more than 3 for of a dispute with other relatives, to the apple orchard Shijingshan District police station as mediation mediation room.

    (Reporter Sun Siya) Yesterday, journalist studied that Wang accept mediation,ugg shoes, moving and blowing the police station, deputy director of police, the crime of embargo of official commerce by the court sentenced to 10 months.

    Wang and Wang said he was deputy director of pushing, but I do not understand how the other side will fall to the floor. Wang and Wang did not recognize the King beating, deputy director, Wang said he is touched, Wang demanded, because they are aware Wang and Wang, deputy director of the fight, he was scared to lose up hold Wang Wang, deputy director of housing.

    microblogging Recommended | today’s peppery microblogging (edit: SN034)

    Wang, deputy director of the transcripts confirmed that the episode that p.m., he had just returned from the mall by undercover squat, saw 10 people in the office appearance the police Kwak, one of them (ie Wang) is tear Kwak, Kwak uniform buttons have been ripped off, the raiment have also been Zhuaikai. Wang, deputy director immediately trod ahead and said:

    share: greet to remark to comment

    families and more than come to mediation and mediators accustomed that the security police station, solo alternatively see Wang Wang, Wang and Wang Ming, deputy director of the assault. Most of the witnesses testified,ugg adirondack boots Vendors refused to pay protec, Wang, deputy director of the police for was yet shown.

    At that time, the police and folk in uniform Kwak mediators Zhang, Lee mediation. In the meantime, Wang’s wife hit into the mediation room other relatives, police forcibly cleared from his wife, Wang Kwak ambition mediation room. Wang,abercrombie polo Man falsely alleged the aptitude apt remedy ailment with specia,ugg sale, discerning this, swiftly take on the police Kwak drag, tear, etc., hinder the rendition of lawful duties Kwak. Since then, the apple orchard station, deputy mentor Wang Wang came up to block and stop,hermes designer, merely to Wang, merely Wang and Wang Ming, agent director of the sovereign came up beaten, torn shirt, deputy director of the potentate, and reasoned along the Vice- long left eye contusion contusion and multi-site, the forensic identification of delicate injury.

  75. Wu Yong,cheap abercrombie & fitch, 41,ugg boots black, from his private history can be watched, he has all been lofty theoretical achievers from primary to secondary computer and enter academy with honors, and eventually to convert a middle-level education system leadership. When he became public when these offenses, and his acquaintances who have said

    microblogging Recommended | today’s peppery microblogging

    Wu Yong, a neighbor told reporters: also macabre. , the ventured 20 cases,climate max 95 Man poisoned oranges injection 3 st, which constitutes the crime of rape; the use of violence, coercive means to enforce indecency women, 5 cases of crime, which constitutes the crime of forced lewd women; also constitute the crime of unlawful intrusion into homes,Nike Air Max LTD, illegal possession of firearms, robbery crime, theft and other charges of graft, it made the upon decision.

    eastern Heart Network (Reporter Ma Yongping Huoyan Lei) 7 annuals, Xinjiang Jimsar County Board of Education Executive Office of origin Renwu Yong violation of 35 women of alter ages, including even children. November 2, journalist from Texas Intermediate People’s Court listened Changji, Wu Yong, indecent women for compelled, rape, mugging, six counts of theft was sentenced to death,air griffey max 1 blue,nike lofty heels Highway authority officials suspected of corruption, bribery, suspended as 2 annuals deprivation of political rights for life, and penalties Gold $ 2,500. During the same period in prison, commuted to their limits.

    2003 National Day holiday phase, Wu Yong, the dwellers by night apt re-enter the home. 21-year-old Lee said: about fat, dressing a white underpants, after he came apt prevaricate down in the middle of my cousin,uggs discount sale, and too fumble me, I hurrahed scared, lightly turn aboard the light, then the male ran out the.

    share: greet to remark to remark

    women received reiterated fear, police attention, via the thinking of the cases considered to be a perpetrator. The nightfall of 29 June 2010,atmosphere max shoes Taste the quality of life in Hangzhou , Hangzhou Third Exhi, Qitai police on patrol found a middle-aged man diagram with person physical characteristics alike to the infer, the police came to stop, in a few simple questioning, the man admitted It namely repeatedly raped his molestation of women suspects. After conducting a DNA test finally confirmed he is the police had been seeing for rapist.

    Since 2003, Wu Yong, the use of a sword threats and other manner before and after the violation of 35 women of different ages, including youth girls approached 10 thousand. Rape in the meantime, Wu Yong also theft robbery. According to his confession, he loot $ 300, theft offenses 6, the merit of 1130 yuan, estate of a small-caliber rifle and 11 circulars of cartridge.

    Wu Yong, the first crime in the day in early August 2003 at 2 pm, he cruise to the unity of the North East of civilization Jimsar County Lane and found a home no related to the windows, turned from the window into the chamber, the apartment the two girls were slumbering, Wu Yong on the hands and feet pestered an girl, the girl woke up after a loud shriek, Wu Yong afraid and fled the scene.

    Police after found, this rapist turned out to be public commanders, living in Jimsar County, two in family members’ hospital. According to Wu Yong annotated, he had his wife and daughter, and his wife are also quite good feeling.

  76. the judge asked the whereabouts of the money Uncle Lee when Lee was his uncle, said he kept only secondhand up, but there is no testify.

    2 years ago, Song lady’s patrimony to catch up with the demolition, received 710,000 yuan amends, advanced age because of their mobility,birkin, the demolition of the entities lady boarding Song Li Jing paid a stepson. After getting the money, he gave the money to Li Jing Li uncle. Because Li Jing seems to give money to his father and mama are the same. Li Jing may approach allows the Song of the lady was very pessimistic, custody of his son.

    Two years later,Supermarket security clothes off female customers searched jailed for 2 years, the separation namely not divorce

    lawsuit also from 2009 talking about. Song, immediately 86-year-old lady with the 90-year-old uncle Lee is married husband and wife, have babies of their matrimony, marriage did not give birth again, they are very cheerful because over 40 years.

    this regard,Nike Air Max 2010, the judge, in the Division of marital property system to protect the weaker gathering in a couple progressive. Disadvantaged party can retain the premise of marriage, department of property instantly sued jointly, protect their property from abuse.

    living in the nursing home because of suffering from malignancy, the monthly payout of 2,000 yuan.

    nursing family and when the judges to understand when to visit Uncle Lee, Uncle Lee took the hand of the referee expressed the wish that Song madam alteration her mind again and again, no separation.

    But before long,air griffey max 2, when the lady asked Uncle Lee Song for money, Lee uncle has only 446,000 yuan on list of. This lady is more impatient the next song: Lord, the money ought I care. separation does not want a divorce,

    microblogging Recommended | today’s hot microblogging (amended : SN010)

    their voices heard.

    to share: I welcome comments Comments

    age woman lost a divorce case

    Finally, the judge catching into account the two have been married 40 years old, and there may be agreeable, so the decision they are not granted to divorce.

    there is a new judicial interpretation of party may apply the division of jointly owned property, Thus, Song lady went to court, this period not to mention divorce, but

    However, this year’s

    namely the tribunal, Li Jing apt the full return of his father and stepmother money, money in the custody of uncle Lee.

    couple together almost half a centenary was not simple, not to mention the couple alternatively a couple halfway. However, in Wuxi, a couple of hand has been 48 years old and the oldest old couple,abercrombie and fitch shorts Highway officials in, but because the amount of 710,000 yuan in relocation money, has played two years of the lawsuit. Yesterday p.m.,ugg nightfall, Wuxi Sung court concluded this

    Court that the present circumstance, 71 million as compensation shall belong jointly owned attribute, yet the two sides above how to care, control tin not all agree. Uncle Lee tin not testify the whereabouts of their 264,000 yuan, and its deeds constituted the transfer of jointly owned property, violation of 264,air jordan 6 rings boot Li Yang apology as the inc,000 yuan Song lady enjoyed equal ownership. Finally the court that the lady of anthem, a absolute of 710,000 yuan Li uncle relocation compensation shall be divided equally proper, of which 355,000 yuan Song lady owned along individuals, 355,000 yuan Li uncle owned at individuals.

    But the judge also prompted the prevalent property of both spouses is to vindicate marriage, child survival and development to protect an essential condition, not a last resort, it is best not to split. (Man, parties are not his real appoint) (aisle, Jiangsu Xinhua / Modern Express Xue Sheng Xia Qian)

    after thinking it over, Song lady felt wrong. So in 2009,cheap ugg boots, Song lady step-son, husband to court to necessitate the return emulating the demolition of sub-section.

  77. Mr. Yi said, after communication with the schools, he thinks someone’s mistaken attitude and honest teacher, the school also expressed satisfaction with the sequel and accept the school’s repentance, not to pursue the small entities lightly melodrama .

    Reporters rushed to the Silver Lake school, Mr. Yi Xiao Yi’s father and the school is in consultation,ken griffey sneakers, the school moral education by the General Affairs Department, responsible human, and received the journalist. According to the pertinent school teacher, said Xiao Yi in level do no listen to the teacher, study-room teacher casually punt, no the parents cried Why do parents pull the banner said it was The teacher explained that teachers do not rule out a small trade on the collision with lecture, arising from either the teacher angrily, merely too with screw ears and additional activities.

    school office,air jordan six rings, according to Silver Lake, Mr. Ji said, the school had a similar episode did not occur, the parents of students to schools, parents and schools pull the banner Mr. Ji said that small vulnerable physical education teacher after the news hit, Xiao Yi’s class teacher now with a small simple to hospital for an injury, but the results of the hospital for therapeutic clearance,air jordans sale, Xiao Yi and no apparent signs of being beaten . In the p.m.,abercrombie and fitch jacket 21 years of practicing farmers agree to refund huge,ugg bailey button, Wu Xiao Yi’s class teacher and the teacher in dictate of fifth and sixth grade students of the class mentor Mr. Liu Xiao Yi had parents in the water and the river police station coordination, Xiao Yi had family members call

    11 am yesterday, coordination with the school more than an hour after, his father, Mr. Yi downstairs in Silver Lake school teaching. He said the day ahead yesterday morning, Xiao Yi in physical education courses, instructor, played by the kicks, the same day to the hospital for examination. Mr. Yi also said that in addition to kicking, Xiao Yi also reflect the teacher tangled his ears and other doings.

    8 o’clock yesterday a.m.,ugg marketing Environment namely penniless securit, Silver Lake School sixth-graders Xiao Yi’s family to the educate gate pull banners that peruse

    share: salute to remark to comment

    school: teachers, students suspected of playing suspend instructing

    Someone’s parents to the school in protest.

    microblogging Recommended | today’s hot microblogging (edit: SN029)

    water river police station scene coordination. School explained that

    According to advised sources, someone’s beaten Hunan Xiao Yi teacher who transferred to Silver Lake in September this year, the school is responsible for physical education . Informed sources also revealed that less than 30 years age teacher, had not arose in the teaching of the accident buffet its teaching completions have been acknowledged at teachers and students.

    parents: physical education teacher kicking the baby was

    unraveled that the school is Xiao Yi’s family of students to the school to pull the door banners, banner yellow letters above red letter Xiao Yi family said in a physical training professor,ugg boots aboard clearance Dormitory because 15 years invisible in the bridge ma, were again beaten.

    for beating someone’s PE teacher, Mr. Ji pm yesterday, said to journalists after appointment the school ministry determined to suspend the preliminary learn of the teacher’s teaching duties, shall be ordered to make in-depth reiterate,cheap ugg boots online, and probation sanctions. Mr. Ji said, the results have to wait for the terminal approval of the Board.

    as Xiao Yi family why the school gate yesterday to pull the banner, said Mr. Ji is a absence of communication between parents and school. Mr. Ji said behind school yesterday morning, full communication with parents, schools, parents are satisfied with the results.

  78. Subsequently, the reporter found ginger teacher asked the third so-called The other celebration actually said he was just > Yesterday, reporters once again came to the Nanjing Institute of technicians to understand the situation. Arrived at the door of the school enrollment, and hit the Jiang teacher suddenly ran up, ran, said: CNC Training Center, School technicians to produce the pertinent contract to reporters, said that they and the As the School has been in the premier half ended with the For the present, Reporters noted that when the parties entered into the compact is flawed, very formal. In this regard,griffey shoes white orange, school technician situation, do not rule out the operation

    correspondent to the technicians of Nanjing Institute reflects this problem. School officials said the school technician, technician Jiang Nanjing University teacher is not really a formal teacher, and this so-called . A few years antecedent to a standing ovation part of the foundation of meager students, who make a corporation called The

    Ye inhabitants of Nanjing University, recently took his son to the city of Nanjing Xianlin technicians attend college secondary school enrollment. Admissions Office will introduce them to the afterward Training,Nike Air Max Huarache TR Mid, this exercise can assist Mr Yip’s office claims on a child shrieked Once the secondary Reporters found that this so-called Nanjing Institute of technicians, said the so-called At present, education, public security departments have been on the

    site visits

    final night, correspondent to record in again Website Yesterday afternoon, the reporter consulted the provincial education department, told reporters that the comrades,acg boots Drivers apt slow decease in Shenzhen, Ho, there is not such a university in Nanjing. At present, education, public security departments have already started a comprehensive investigation. This weekly ambition persist to be concerned about.

    correspondent then went to the Drum Tower secondary school. Other staff said their school’s lawful name is Nanjing commercial secondary schools, do not know the so-called

    Where. This allows the teacher’s history of ginger Yip became suspicious.

    correspondent in the . To reporters came afterward Mo Siang Road,Hermes Watches Wenzhou, an calculate of unlawful fund-raising tens of millions o, merely found that the address does not exist. In Mo Siang Road and the coalition is by Rd end of the road,ugg boots jimmy choo Man kneeling in the avenue begging to heave money to remedy, we found that the largest numbers address here, Mo Siang Road 32, there is no school site said Mo Siang Road 128.

    floor bureau. A demand to the school teacher exercising at the Ginger warmhearted received Mr Yip and his son. Jiang teacher from back the cabinet and dragged out a

    the reporter converge philosophy

    Provincial Department of Education: Nanjing, not the campus

    certificate is issued fair this year diploma, covered with Diploma in perusing, the teacher Youxiang Ye Jiang Nanjing Business School shows the school site.

    Reporters survey

    actually non-existent school address

    microblogging Recommended | today’s peppery microblogging (edit: SN021)

    ginger educator said it was too intense social competition, Mr Yip’s children to secondary educate in Nanjing vocational mechanics compassion. They have

    another diploma,nike air max griffey fury 2012, and is the official website, this is called Mr Yip said to be field visits to the school, the other has a throne aboveboard.

    greet to comment to comment

    school address really non-existent? This makes Mr Yip ashore the authenticity of the Nanjing School of Business had a large misgiving. Subsequently, the journalist found, accompanied by Mr Yip anew inquired why the teacher Mo Siang Jiang Road 128 is an empty number? Nanjing School of Business Address Where is it true? The face of challenge, Jiang said the school teacher in Phoenix Street residence is approximate the Drum Tower is a sometime secondary school,William Henderson jersey, and now into a commerce school in Nanjing.

    Nanjing School of Business use of social investment along fashionable mechanisms and new models held by neutral campuses, namely a common higher education by undergraduate class. College namely located in Nanjing, handy transmission,hermes, with straight way to city buses College. Campus covers an place of 2000 acres, the existing school structure area of 250,000 square meters, created educating building, studio architecture, executive buildings, student rooms, rooms teachers, library, student activities center, student center cafeteria and living criterion trace and field stadium, soccer fields, basketball tribunals, tennis courts, volleyball courts, swimming pools, etc. … … (from school website)

  79. Currently, surgical reach is relatively easy approach is to take down the angle of the skin, then cover the bruise. But the biggest difficulty here is uncertain whether the base had cancer, notwithstanding the base have been carried out before the soft tissue biopsy, most compartments are benign, but there are some cells are more suspicious.

    for the upcoming surgery, the elderly son of Zhang Shaohua both incited and anxious, while a smooth removal of the head for the mother’s accident.

    In China, according to records of the longest of the At that period, in Northeast China had a long corner found the man, he played 3 years of age, head of the right to grow a turn, 40 years old, left to grow different 1, really reached the age of 26 to 75 cm long,inexpensive ugg boots Cashier shall maintain extra than 200 million apt refund g, the bottom of the circumference of 18 cm, was s-shaped, shaped like a horn.

    ward,Other Jordan Shoes, the doctor is often the holly and the situation.

    the longest 1844, premier promulgated 90 cases of The data show that in the 16th century in France, having a child 5 years old while his head hit a bag, but has not disappeared, but grew up and became

    cutaneous horn is not anyone particular disease, but often holly that the most cases encountered in the past few centimeters long, However, they grow to 22 cm is the first time to see. The growth rate was not quick. Just three months ago,

    scar disposed peel keratinocytes This is a limitation, conical hyperkeratosis abuse, chiefly in the face and scalp and other chapters, grow matchsticks alternatively thickness of the horn-shaped bulge chopsticks, brown or brownish gray,air yeezy, hard texture. Holly told correspondents often, in fact, increase with age, the aging of the skin layers,abercrombie polo shirts, then there has been one exception and is therefore cutaneous horn happened in 4 or five years old or more in older folk.

    doctors parse

    cutaneous horn is a rare general 22 cm

    browse the reasons

    Although the hospital has five or six million cost of surgery to a minimum,ugg clasp bailey Tankers flying matron was riding suddenly rear Zadao Fortunatel, yet as the home,short uggs 20 youth folk departed as Hainan, Qinghai Yushu tumble psychological, the million surgical and postoperative handling costs or the spend of an astronomical diagram.

    with the .

    whether cancer is the maximum complicated problem

    Nurses as the She did no understand his appointment of birth, age estimates based on two children, the elderly elderly 60 to 70 years old.

    bedridden needy physical condition

    to know more almost someone

    afternoon surgery angle.

    , we tin only be a conservative estimate of the old man over the age of 60.

    giant Although the idea has been fully arranged, but suddenly look the

    Ten days ago, the son of Dr. Chinese Academy of Sciences will be agreed to the mother to Beijing for remedial treatment, this root rare

    nation there have been reports of cutaneous horn

    for this afternoon we should be promoting the operating chamber for the elderly

    However, age is not the merely obstacle, the greater the sclerosis,ugg boots clearance, this condition may lead to pulmonary embolism during surgery, and these are hidden to increase the risk of surgery.

    surgery difficult

    morning scene

    hospital hope

    old childhood for the bombard burns, deformities and left the body there is a massive area of the burn scars, 2 inch from the left eye brow rank, impressively long horns of a exotic body like sheep.

    2005 in Chongqing a sixty head grow old a 5-cm long In Zhengzhou, a 88-year-old brain grow a 5-cm long p>

    2010 in Henan Pingdingshan a centenarian head grow 6 cm long / p>

    old childhood burns, resulting in a large area of body deformities left paralyzed, with aphasia,ugg boots on clearance, deafness, and afterward sold along their families twice sent people After the Spring Festival this year, the ill-fated rural elderly Jingxian a light brown ashore the forehead of the 22 cm thick

  80. hospital medicinal fee waiver

    for aphasia and deafness, Silent capturing merely with your eyes all around. Perhaps worried that their curious exterior scared others,nike Zoom Lebron vii, while I see strangers enter the room, her eyes all the access to pursue it with, then mouth up, exposing friendly smile. At this time,nike air foamposite one, it would merely fire in the nightmare was scalded ruddy left eye, looks a lot of tenderness.

    Military General Hospital, skin laser cosmetic surgery center, said agent director Gu Ting Min, Silent forehead at the foreign school Mingjiao Pi angle, this is a constraint, cone proliferative form of skin mar, primarily in the face and scalp and other chapters of the match sticks or chopsticks to grow the thickness of the horn-shaped swell, brown or brownish gray, hard texture.

    Zhang Shaohua sister came to see the photos, also was taken aback. He knew that the soaring foreign body, which manner the possibility of cancer, the successful completion of doctoral monograph of Zhang Shaohua, began escaping a number of major hospitals in Beijing, but the reply in addition to an amazing surprise, is that Eventually, he received the Military General Hospital, surgery can be the question. Zhang Shaohua not defer a moment, instantly returned home, the mother to Beijing. A week antecedent, Silent began the routine hospital checks in arrangement for the surgery.

    (edit: SN021)

    Silent’s son Zhang Shaohua said with a smile.

    Since that day, thin Zhang Shaohua became the protector of my mother, Which children mention she is speechless, he would fight with them.

    separated mother and child reunion six years

    nativity in the mountains because of, and experience unusual tangles and corners, so she has not label, no personality, there are only 2 another sense of the heading –

    disability after the rough experience

    so that he not dreamed that, never heard the mother of six annuals could even return to their side. In his third grade one day, he was a educator called outside, pointing to a matron tin not walk upright and said, Originally, due to numerous annuals in the third husband was not family birth to a son, she was sent back.

    Valley Tingmin said, cutaneous horn of the manipulation is regional excision, the hospital has done such a surgery, but more than 1 to 2 cm long, but so long as the Silent cutaneous horn more than 20 cm still rare, can be called Because of its fast growth rate in the short term, if not early surgery, fear of sarcoma may be.

    nevertheless it is not words, but Silent but silently deliver the love of his son. Zhang Shaohua quit home to go to school in the 1st few days, Silent disability will be dragging legs, everywhere in the countryside to find his son.

    in Zhang Shaohua outlook, infancy is the mother of a launch that condemned the destiny of her life. specifications and memories, Zhang Shaohua reinstate the mother’s

    in exchange for long-term labor despite good results, Zhang Shaohua allows the body also much. High school, Zhang Shaohua on headache,nike Zoom Lebron viii British men and women gradua, sudden cardiac harmful responses such as trembling, but he did not dare to acquaint her mother, afraid she was worried.

    Spring Festival this year, Silent head of the Many rural areas due to a

    Silent lying in bed. Our journalist Wang Haixin photo


    the hospital, catching into list Silent poor families and the special circumstances experienced ups and downs, has decided to proper relief for the price of treatment, had to be 50,000 to 60,000 yuan of the total price of operation, and only pay 10,classic short uggs,000 yuan so.

    attend to take the bag and did not fine to query the whole article, for fear of her mama and then being After assisting her sitting on the settee, with open blisters of bread, sugar, watch my mama dined quite merry, forever laughing, Zhang Shaohua ambition laugh forward with them.

    period with reporters about her son, Silent slowly raised his right arm intact, indicating to vibrate hands and correspondents. At that moment, a smile on her face condensation.

    that the mother’s benign pathology results immediately after surgery, Zhang Shaohua excited, but also individually as a mother to do the melon with chicken, Bubu body, love to eat. For fear that mother bedridden, had scoliosis of the spine will amplify, he every once in a while to the bed, to help her stand up. That skinny body in his strong weapon, appeared so light.

    dark and yellow on the face, brow thirty-four centimeters from the left eye, was wondered to have a long horn-like things favor livestock and sheep, circling emphatic, peak approximately touched his left eye. In the absolute length of more than 20 cm, bottom diameter of 5 cm broad and close to the Because of intolerable itching, raised her to be burned effortlessly at times below the thumb of his left hand only,Net posts, said children with adult criminals to snatch away the police with the rumor, arrived in the horn of the roots.

    can not say there is love, there can not be made painful. Although the youth’s life destroyed and exhausted, but the heart of the heart not devoid of charm, when baby boom, they took out the red Tousheng Silent, the messy cilia neatly combed.

    on all the good times, bad fortune once afresh come to the Silent who underwent years of devastation.

    after basic school, each teacher assigned an essay to write approximately with their parents, the stronger they will be solo Zhang Shaohua lying on the table, crying is good meantime to the oppression of cross God. He tried to search for the mother and the memories fragmentation, want to treasure, but found very mini.

    Hard work pays off, in 2009, graduated from Zhengzhou University, Youyi Zhang Shaohua peerless results were taken for the Department of Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences doctoral student space.

    2008, the Silent left forehead suddenly grow a fingernail-sized foreign body. Silent to the county hospital with his family, to do surgery. Be less than six months,jordanian airlines, in the same situation, but likewise grow with the foreign body had the same.

    she did not name, do not understand appointment of birth, his childhood after his family was burned to sell, and double sent people after Bad luck is not on this end, three years ago, the Director of a pair of her forehead, Fortunately, three years afterward, admitted to the Academy’s son is from now on fame, the mother to Beijing for treatment.

    although survived, but in that fire, Silent aphasia not only unconcerned, but also the face and left limbs were severely burned, but also because of deformation of the thigh muscles can not walk properly. Due to face Happy day has not yet began, the man has died.

    Zhang Shaohua 3 years old, Zhang was exposed for of the poor do not boil, with the help of others, will give a Silent old man. The other is 6 years.

    in needy villages, marriages and funerals have convert a luxury, there was the girl child to ascertain the Silent will be forwarded to the family of Zhang Nanyang Dengzhou Zhang Village. Shortly after the birth of Zhang Shaohua, Zhang father died. Zhang Shaohua an aunt alone would barely make ends encounter farming’s poor earnings.

    son of multi-doctor, Dr.

    array to ensure the smooth action,nike air griffey max 1 green, yesterday p.m., the Beijing Military General Hospital, vice president, laser skin Ya Rong Yang, adviser of cosmetic plastic surgery and anesthesia from the hospital, the nursing department’s experts for consultation for the Silent, argue the surgical planning. The hospital said that the retard from the current point of view, benign biopsy test results, so an initial cutaneous horn tomorrow p.m. surgery.

    projections based above life experience, Silent 70-year-old up and down. In this age of the grandchildren to enjoy, in increase to an pair of babies and devastated merely recovered unspeakable memories, she namely nothing.

    Yesterday, the Beijing Military General Hospital, skin laser cosmetic surgery heart, extra than 10 specialists decided behind consultation, the patient’s brain, the most. Fortunately, behind a biopsy is cancerous is no possible, the hospital determined on surgery tomorrow because cutaneous trumpet.

    go to college out of the mountains

    see this scene, Zhang Shaohua secretly resolved – have to go to college, her mother a better life. Since then, Zhang Shaohua strenuously study, more frugal in their journal lives,abercrombie&fitch , the aim is to use the money to the family savings to buy some good food.

    brawn distortion due to her mother, can not walk upright, sensible Zhang Shaohua will be in each meal, the food pinch bowl end to my mother.

  81. ,Buy Air Jordan Fusion American male with a toothpick produce

    7 16 21 o’clock at night, Yuexiu District Public Security Bureau police station in the benevolent South Pearl definite Internet cafe seized a female using additional people’s identity online Yu Mou. After verification, Yu Mou Lin X Yan holds the ID card and the police hunt for Yiwu identity of the suspect matches, then the police will be brought back to Yan Lin X, meantime the police will inform the Yuexiu Yiwu police, and along to Yan Lin X be temporary custody. the morning of July 22, Yuexiu Police in accordance with relevant legal procedures, the Lin Xin X behind over to the police handling of Zhejiang Yiwu.

    Information Times (correspondent Xiong Xu Fan) from the 19-year-old going girl Lufeng Lin Beixin did no anticipate that an day he will transform ambitioned. In the nightfall of July 16, lent her guy online personality, results fellow was taken away along police in Guangzhou, until she went apt the police station ambitioned by the police theft gang

    also beneath 20-year-old Lin Beixin Guangdong Lufeng people, junior high school dropout, she and three sisters came to work in Guangzhou,ugg outlet, and lease in Bonaventure Road,ugg unite boots Men imitation superiors hunk txt m, Yuexiu District, a set of rented apartment,abercrombie fitch website, living there a fellow Xiaoting. Incident July 16 at 8 o’clock, Xiaoting for under 18, they borrowed identity Lin Beixin internet cafe close family. However, Xiaoting not sit long in a cafe, suddenly stood behind several police officers.

    Currently, Lin Beixin was held 6 days later, Yiwu has been brought back to the police inquiry.

    Identity card incident, so Lin Beixin family pain. Lu Mingjie photo

    was caught by their own identity gives

    Xiaoting suddenly dread, and she thought he was a minor to be base online, too nervous to say a word. Police elected up the label says, After some agonizing, the police only to detect out the native namely Xiaoting roommate borrowed identity,nike air max goadome acg boots black, so they let her phone to inform Lin Beixin come true trip.

    District Detention Center in Luogang. a offense, crime is repeated, most recently in September a single supermarket in Yiwu, a case of stolen goods 5,000 yuan, their actuator is called a confession out of Lin Beixin. Sheng Lin basin manager also confirmed that Lin Beixin originally seeing by the Zhongshan Road storage, and after on transferred to shahedian work. handbags, there are mobile phones, money and identity card. a.m., Lin Beixin mama and grandmother arrived in Guangzhou from Lufeng, hoping for her grievances. her conscience kick. problems,uggs classic tall,ugg adirondack high 131 kg lad apt dress steel shoes 18.4 seconds out of 10 mete, medicine has been brought up. be unattended. We have no manner, besides as she is waiting as her. City thronged city police station. Day, Yiwu, Zhejiang Yuexiu the police information catered by the police collared a police chase of a guess Yiwu Lin Xin X, and in the morning of 22 in accordance with relevant lawful programs to transfer Yiwu police.

    According to Sister Linji Long recalls that Lin Beixin thought to give money to the police station, After Hsiao-ting Lin Beixin saw, they are naive enough to calculate, was arrested for of fraudulent use of identity entity. However, asset are not so simple, Xiaoting soon be let work,classic ugg, Lin Beixin to reside in the police station, until then, she came to know, the police ought disburse care to the people themselves.

  82. Huainan argue with his wife later the men, approximately a month of not adjoin. About 5 am today, he received his wife going in a manure message, message display his wife was sick in hospital. Men rushed apt the provincial hospital to ascertain his wife, but not track of his wife handling. Man that his wife was secret but no to call his wife, a friend had fair learned that his wife lied to really test his patient.

    man doubtful, call his wife in Hefei friends. The label of a friend eventually questioned his phone, calmly told him that his wife was by work,ken griffey sneakers, just a chilly. Said the sick man, just to look if she got the fancy, recommended that he acknowledge to the reverent women commute to work.

    microblogging Recommended | today’s peppery microblogging

    one contention the two strangers

    share: welcome to annotate to comment

    reporter saw men on the phone the message content, roughly: a doctor said,abercrombie fitch new york, Man recollected that he was on night duty a company Chase area, just wondered to see this information. His wife and then call a friall over Hefei, the matron said flatly,

    weekly journalist Xia Haijun

    lied to the test seriously ill man

    journalist saw man, he was a security squabble with the hospital. The man was dressing a security uniform, for final night on responsibility, he has not had period to alteration clothing, we rushed to Hefei to visit his As to the hospital unable to find his wife, he in the hospital to ask around. In desperation, he became agitated shouting, once the spirit of the security that namely irregular.

    man introduced, he and his wife are Huainan membership. Has been marital for four annuals,wind max shoes Canton Beach float apt the fish namely expectapt to grow over 17, but has no babies. To this end, the two often quarreled. In March, a companion in the introduction to his wife,ugg knightsbridge grey, arrived in Hefei, a building matters enterprise to sell. Man did that, he constantly quarrel with his wife at home, it is better to permit her to worry Hefei, Hefei so strongly support her to work.

    this year’s National Day, the man suddenly called to his wife, she said in an dissemination to see a hospital in Hefei can circular them a long time dream: the hospital demanding to remedy a cloud of tough infertility can . Woman on the phone to her husband happily suggested, requiring men to use the weekend to Hefei. Man, after hearing the anger, angrily said he was healthy, not sick,griffey 2 shoes,Village public revenue and expenditure include gift costs ( Figure ), you go to a doctor. Both the Cold War this month,uggs sale, and do not telephone communications.

    almost 10 o’clock this a.m.,hermes sack amount People mow dragon fruit ascertained 2 egg ( Figure ), the man in the hospital have been looking for nearly two hours, he voyaged virtually each floor hospital ward, are not seriously ill wife information. The staff of a hospital is quite perturbed to see him, to remind him, whether the patient ambition have a hospital log, at the peak of his wife’s name on the report can be base, as testified along discovery out whether his wife did not hospitalized. Man after a membership of the staff’s aid, cornered out to be

    man to visit seriously ill wife

  83. a 84-year-old, came from Yunnan to see her son, her son has become age,atmosphere jordon 2011 Woman lacking 20 years dete,griffey shoes black, she said:

    The prisoners saw in the seat. In 1999, her son vigorously causing decease due to injury imprisoned, her meager health, can no constantly go to great efforts to (a pseudonym). Every time I see his son, are separated by a membrane of cup,abercrombie and fitch san francisco 35, from so near, merely not touch his son hand.

    (Reporter Zhang Nan) a sixty old son took his hands trembling hands of carnations, wrinkled face full of tears. Son dressing a prison uniform elongated voice shouted:

    5 9 May, the daytime before mothers, 82 mothers into jail north of Changchun Railway, and the son is serving in prison over Mother’s Day in advance.

    long row of clean to sit for 82 inmates, holding flowers, waving to the crowd’s mother.

    8 pm yesterday, 82 mothers had gathered in a conference room to the prison, plus 15 home members of inmates.

    9 when 30 minutes, below the leading of the police in prison, mothers into the walls inside,ugg clearance sale, came to the performance hall.

    2 months antecedent, prison guards and the leadership of this operation. In mandate to catch on additional inmates to visit, events in the day before Mother’s Day was held.

    hear prison guards when it comes to flowers because his mother, ran aboard strongly to work, elongated voice cried out: said: son sent flowers, full of tears smile and said to his son: holding the mother cried out: aboard May 9.

    sitting in the crowd apt watch the great mother, aunt waving to Li. Aunt Lee base his son, smile,ugg knightsbridge, and suddenly I turned approximately, burst into sobbing.

    2800 folk in 82 elected stop, my mother sick legs, do not know can not come. Fortunately,wind griffey max 1 , there are 81,air jordan hydro v sandals, they are more than 2,800 inmates from being picked.

    , had never worked on her Mother’s Day, is the first time to mail her flowers.

    82 inmates in prison to his mother vacations.

    great eyes turned red, Hen Henqiao about his head,air jordan 6 rings boot, bowed his head.

  84. disfigurement of the wife, in order to discourage the alarm, Weisheng Xiong Wei in the house will be small, neither the hospital with their treatment, did not allow his wife to work out. March 31, Weisheng Xiong’s uncle know the position has passed,abercrombie and fitch outerwear, deserving to stand maximum of the small Wei brought before the county hospital, the matter was exposed. April 3, after a ferocious ideological struggle,hermes bargain 16616, a small Wei was accompanied by his household, to the public security apparatuses.

    Correspondent: He usually bad temper, but you thought he would destroy the capability you do?

    present, Weisheng Xiong suspects have been restrained.

    wish the public security organs punish the murderers

    According Dahua police, although the network can see the pertinent body and face tattooed in injury cases, but in Dahua, Hechi City, Guangxi and even such cases are highly infrequent. Tolerate such a tragic act is staggering.

    ! Wei Shengxiong an arrest, while Wei’s face carved in a small

    , 36, Weisheng Xiong Wei, 2006, a small marrying with the victim, has had two son. Since 2008, Wei Shengxiong always suspected his wife was having an affair,abercrombie womens down vest , both parties are often so do fight,cheapest ugg boots, but failed to solve the problem. The morning of March 30 this year, Weisheng Xiong in their own homes and small Wei repeatedly for this fight. In the argue,hermes jewelry , Weisheng Xiong Heart indignation, Wei determined to implement a small disfigurement, a heart can vent their own anger, the second can make the other face becomes ugly, other men no longer fantasy, to prevent his wife was having an affair is no longer intentions.

    Dahua Yao Autonomous County People’s Hospital, according to the recognitions physicians, the wound normally among 6 hours of injury should be treated, otherwise it is susceptible to, and will quit a scar. Wei face belongs to a small diplomatic body tattoo lettering, sculptured from diagnosis to allocation, has extra than 24 hours, missed the best of the processing time, and for her face was also drew lettering over base ash, so exclude them extra difficulties, superficial carving or laser can be secondhand to eliminate the physical polished way, you can be relatively deep hack or rind grafting, but may also leave some traces to the shire current technology and equipment, there is no way do.

    paranoid: unbelievable what is it?

    discipline: Why fight, there is nothing to discuss or take legal accommodation by ah?

    Dahua Women’s:

    wife destroyed to prevent its contents only affair

    penalty to the inquiry room with Weisheng Xiong,ugg boots, speak to him.

    small Wei: I was, and his fight, he tied me up, tie me up and I thought it was sent ligation, did not calculate he will be in my face tattooed.

    as a reporter and case of the three police inquiries into the room, Weisheng Xiong suddenly did not talk, face quite rigid.

    and that bloody to his wife’s face tattooed male correlated. Detention centre in Dahua, the journalist saw the real Weisheng Xiong, his face haggard and have had some despise.

    4 6 afternoon, Wei in treatment small accompanied by police Wei Pingping, came to the Dahua Yao Autonomous County Women’s Federation. After listening to the stories and see the small Weiping Ping Wei face the words, the Women’s Federation staff are angry, residence him:

    understand the situation, the Federation’s staff wanted the public security organs to defend women’s legal rights, penalize the gangsters.

    small Wei: I was already numb, face and hair, blood, ahead of, I asked Wei Shengxiong your hands and feet

    Reporter: you most want to do that? Have anybody fancies?

    small Wei: most ambition to do is divorce, plastic surgery. My face was destroyed, should go out wearing disguises, I feel that my life suddenly became dingy up, I inquired the public security organs severely dealt with Weisheng Xiong. 4, the dialogue suspects

    listen most is the maximum sentence is 36-year-old Wei Shengxiong in the end is kind of a person? What is the reason for his life with his nine years with the birth of two sons and wife of merciless wretched it?

    raising children,cheap ugg boots, can not work appearance the family; second, small to Weisheng Xiong Wei’s sweetheart 100 million; third, small Wei and her sweetheart with Weisheng Xiong went to court to solve the problem; fourth, Weisheng Xiong Wei’s advent and broke a small buffet and cut off her thighs. Has been accentuated to the police and Weisheng Xiong Wei is a small

    small Wei, 17 years old just like the Weisheng Xiong, and had two children. Face juvenile and beauteous and educational level are better than his wife, Wei Shengxiong has some anxious. After marriage, husband and wife are working in Guangdong. In 2001, small Wei pregnant. However, the baby boy’s father Weisheng Xiong did not jump for joy, but my heart small discussions, catching a closer look he always felt like a child.

    The victim’s dual face is engraved with an awl husband the word. April 3, Dahua Yao Autonomous County of Hechi City, Town Public Security Bureau police cracked this case from the disfigured and arrested suspects, seized offense with the awl, bandages, towels and other items.

    (Reporter reporter Weilin Wen Li / Chart)

    have missed the best of the processing time

    misgiving of her husband’s furious, but do not understand how to obtain him to do.

    regardless of how police investigators asked, Weisheng Xiong is not talking. Police have different log based on the message desk prior to his confirmation. Matter of minutes, Weisheng Xiong was said:

    suspicious: 1st child was brought to do DNA testing

    Guangxi beam of a decree tight counsel, along to the facts that occurred behind the circumstance, the elementary can be refereed guilty of criminal suspects were caught for acts of injury, harm to sentencing depends on the forensic identification, such for at forensic identification, the muse doing causing injury to minor injuries to others, can not criminally responsible,acg boots, but has to bear in civil penalties and other lawful obligations and public security; minor indictable also belongs to private prosecution circumstance, the court may at its three-year imprisonment, nefarious detention alternatively control; impaired belonged to the prosecution’s circumstance, the court sentenced him to three years imprisonment can be. In appending, nevertheless, according to the circumstances corroded, the court sentenced the chariness, but they are restricted. (The appoint namely a pseudonym martyrs of the text)

    Since the suspicion that she had an affair in 2008, when holding a long fruit knife to her home, threatening her mother, accused her of not taught daughter, makes her daughter do not abide by the Women.

    Reporter: After your face tattooed, why did not the police in time?

    Weisheng Xiong: I keep her on the court, she would not, she chose me lettering disfigured, and she has told me, I’m seeing for a attorney. (In the time to speak with the discipline, Weisheng Xiong sounds great, plausible.)

    Correspondent: You already know Weisheng Xiong had a bad temper, why should wed him then?

    small Wei: I am 17 annuals antique fair like him, apt 2006, I reluctantly told him apt enroll marriages. Although nine years, but he in Guangzhou, Shenzhen, I must work out, do not join up apt real period attach, to three months. I have been divorced in 2007, merely for 2 babies, my mama does not coincide that this entity not problem.

    3 29, for whom the publish to the ligation, Weisheng Xiong Wei had an argument and the small, small Wei that fertility is two asset, who’s physical condition who go on for ligation. The Weisheng Xiong Wei is said to be small to make ligation, so that she can not assist human to have a baby. In the drag slapstick, small Wei left to the cement col, there are several hands bleeding.

    sentencing depends on how the forensic identification

    Little Wei’s injury affects family members and Town police station in the heart. Then, her face can eliminate the word it?

    temper: ranging from intimidation while in kicking

    all sound

    basic facts

    inquiry of the suspect


    discipline: Why are you coming off?

    daytime 11 am, Weisheng Xiong Wei in her living apartment to collar the small to the brain opposition the walls, small Wei’s head fell to the ground after the impact. After Wei Shengxiong colloid with a bandage on the small Wei hands tied. Cry for terror of small Wei, Weisheng Xiong also used a towel to block the other’s mouth, then she was dragged into the kitchen, with an awl so cruel to every other’s face carved in After engraved words, in mandate to make the font more apparently, Weisheng Xiong also gray with black smear in the font on the bottom of the boiler.

    suspicious increasingly cumbersome Weisheng Xiong finally thought of a path, is to bring his son to do DNA test results prove that the child is absolutely his, this matter be thought closed.

    Weisheng Xiong: I fight with my wife.

    dialogue victim

    County Hospital doctors:

  85. surgery, there namely no thought of security ambition be advanced in patients with ring operating room.

    , how could the same? impossible.

    investigation, the doctor on duty by the time appointed Chen Fen.

    the day in the morning, in addition to Ren Xiaorong, and an patient to the hospital to do abortions. Chen Fen Ren Xiaorong mistake for to do abortions and muddled patients, Ren Xiaorong Abortion,air max nm nomo, Chen Fen to make up for mistakes, but likewise to Ren Xiaorong security of the ring immediately.

    present, either sides have already reached an agreement and sign it.

    Entered the operating room, a doctor and not ask also much let her lie down, and began the surgery. The action lasted almost half an hour afterward, Ren Xiaorong heard the doctor suddenly asked: remove? At this time, doctors’ imagine gathering wake up In this course, Ren Xiaorong sleepwalk

    judicial mediate successfully


    by Longtan people’s mediation council to investigate,

    (Reporter Wang Songnan) Fuling District, the village of Ren Xiaorong longtanzhen democracy had been a child, because they do not intend to be,, the morning of October 30 this annual, she was to do security Longtan Center Hospital Obstetrics and Gynecology ring surgery. Who knows, she confused the doctor on duty and distinct will do the abortion surgery patients confused,ventilation jordan 6 rings Pregnancy for of the infusion nurse , mentioned the b, do her abortions. Yesterday, reporter studied from the judicial longtanzhen through the Institute to interfere, the two sides have approached a compensation agreement, the hospital to Ren Xiaorong compensation of 7,000 yuan.

    and has been grief. To this end, Ren Xiaorong methodology of the kin to the hospital, queried the hospital to behave a compensation.

    share: welcome to remark to remark

    Expert: Abortion and safety ring operation is altogether differ

    Currently, this compensation from the Fen Chen personally liable. As Chen Fen, and no remedial mistake, the hospital will not be punished.

    sleepwalk Longtan Center Hospital Obstetrics and Gynecology a.m. to do security ring surgery.

    operation order was originally a mistake

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    journalist in a In addition,karen millen skirt, hospitals pay to the Ren Xiaorong, including compensation for moral harm,nike air griffey max 1 green, follow-up management costs, remittances, lost proceeds, concern, and so 7,000.

    same period,jordan 11 20 -year-old matron in a dressing cache, the specialists said, abortions of woman uterus magnificent injury. From a technical operational class, the flow of patients during surgery, you can immediately security ring. However, because the sake of the body, rather in the patient for some period to rest and recuperate after the security ring.

    chancellor refused to acknowledge the stream of human apt do more surgery


    Subsequently,ralph lauren suits, the reporter adjoined the president of the hospitals Liu Zhiqiang. However, while that patient safety loop to do after surgery, the physician instantly canceled,dress karen millen, and the flow of surgical instruments to do a safety ring to her surgery.

    yesterday, reporters rushed to the Longtan Center Hospital. However, hospital staff said entire hospital chairmen to meet in the field. Meanwhile, obstetrics and gynecology doctors

  86. two projects to receive funding deposit

    Man charged with setting up imitation companies

    in the last statement,karen millen skirts, the plenary way of the trial have shown a morsel silence,karen miller, Ng strong excitement, / p>

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    not invest money spoils misspent

    this, the prosecutor said, to raise funds and not real investment has been strong for Wu, who spoils,christian louboutin wedding shoe, profligate. And there is no evidence that money has been returned to the victims involved, so the amount for Wu strong fund-raising allegations of fraud ought be the amount of 1135 million yuan.

    charge customers a deposit squandered, yesterday arraigned

    microblogging Recommended | today’s hot microblogging (edit: SN028)

    It is alleged namely Wu Ming together apt construct strong, bright (always handled apart), and others since 2007, apt carry out fraudulent activities in Ningxia, and has in Guangzhou and Hong Kong apt set up disloyal information,christian louboutin sale uk,ralph lauren kid 1 -year-old girl remains of 7 days grandmother reserve par, illegal fund-raising, compact per acre charge clients a deposit 15,christian louboutin prices Girl dance with her ,000.

    2008 In March, the team upgraded deceit contrive, set up a In court the prosecution presented the inspect report shows that from December 2007 to July 2008, the Wu Qiang and others of swindling 173 consumers of about 12,197,830,christian louboutin dark pumps Old male afterward a fight with the personnel sud,christian louboutin rolando, excluding the amount of 832 430 have been returned, a total fraud amounting to 11,358,350 yuan.

    for 2 fraud, Wu Qiang said he had merely 30 million profit.

    tribunal yesterday, admitted Wu strong allegations, merely prosecutors identified by the sum of money comprised there is criticism.

    Express News correspondent intern Liu Xiaonan Liu Qian reported, 42-year-old Chongqing Wu Qiang and his associates to up to 50% rate of return as bait, and the name of sweet tea pedestal contract rights beneath the guise of air power projects, raising up to $ 1135 million yuan fraud, involving as numerous as 173 victims. Yesterday, Wu strong arraigned in the hospital in Guangzhou, the public prosecutor on charges of monetary fraud, Wu Qiang confessed, but the amount involved in the identification of the object to.

  87. Yuexiu’s Court Yao Runzhen families (including living members) ought be the legal achieve of the determination issued among three days, ambition be vacated housing association conveyed to the Yang Ji, the first trial, Yao Runzhen did not beg. The circumstance sentence was entered into compel on 9 June this year. Decision comes into effect, the household is not determined by the efficacious date of legal instruments to move out, the Associated Press to the Yuexiu Yangqi court for enforcement.

    pearly banner Yangcheng Evening News journalist Liu,City Bureau of Education, the wife can not have children because of bribery and nurturing female students, correspondent Wang Hao, Yang Yaming reported: 6 am, according to the statute of the Court of Yuexiu District, Guangzhou Yangqi village 2 cross-town No. 7 creditor Yao Runzhen households, imperative relocation.

    share: salute to comment to annotate

    Plug out of the establishing owner confrontation among police

    Yuexiu District Court,buy air jordan high heels, according to sources, according to the law by the court to force the relocation of housing Yao Runzhen households, in the implementation of the case, Yao Runzhen refused to sign the court served an Enforcement Notice to advertise the court did not appear in court. Her husband queried price wage, while not agree to the distribution of transitional housing rents. However, Yang Ji association that placed the same lot of the villagers, should apply the same criteria. The two sides failed to referee to approach accordance.

    It is understood that at 23:22 on the 5th or so,hermes lindy sack 6 , several police commanders came to the village Yangqi two cross-town dwellers in front of No. 7, with steel horse into the cordon, the house owner was being emotional , the ferocious confrontation with the police, the owner reserves a lot of gasoline, is too mansion a plug-white banner.

    in Reporters interview,abercrombie and fitch shirts, an unnamed advised Yang Kei villagers,abercrombie clothing, said the family actually has a set of over 74 square meters of transition houses,air max 24-7, sorted at the association Yangqi in Tianhe District,nike sb heels, Guangzhou Lee Road,ugg adirondack high Jinan honesty of basic and, but they insisted ashore not to move. Now, the other relocatees complained, because the action of the homeowners to migrate behind to their slow process, as yet begun.

    Yangcheng Evening News reporter at the scene that contained 5 houses as the 1st floor wall have been broke, The total construction space of 84.24 square meters, which means namely Yao Runzhen illegally built two-story adding.

    Yangcheng Evening News reporter at 8 o’clock this morning to execute live to see the court on benefit of the employer is still negotiating with.

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  88. was identified because the retired with cerebral cancer

    yesterday,jordan heels, the violation of the kin in home cases in the City Intermediate People’s Court, the accused Kang charged with intentional homicide trial. Trial, Kang few words, but he acknowledged his deeds, but said

    welcome to annotate to comment

    antique son pierced her sister and grandson

    2011 1 12 at 8 pm, carrying a kitchen knife from his dwelling Kang Street Mission Hills Village 4 Xikeng House District 50 1 to 4 Xikeng Village District 4 601 ( Ran a martyr of a residence). Kang premier into the second bedroom, armed with a kitchen sword to slash the victim Ranmou Lian (Ran a sister) the number of brain and cervix sword, then cut the victim Ranmou Tong (Ran the second son of a) the number of knife brain, the victim Ranmou Chuan (Ran The eldest son of a) the digit of knife brain; after Kang into the master bedroom, a head knife Kanxiang Ran, Ran a appal, with his wife Jiang Moumou to Kang grabbed a kitchen knife. For Kang then rushed into the kitchen knife,jordan 3, and by RAN A adjoin who listened, who Moumou uniforms, police rushed to the scene to Kang occupied. Victims Ranmou Lian and Ranmou Tong was killed due to extravagant bleeding, Ran and Ran Mouchuan a inferior injury.

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    informed Kang was nativity in December 1949, Chongqing Yunyang County. According apt the indictment, in late December 2010, Kang could no be contacted at call to go in Chengdu,inexpensive climate max 24/7 as marketing Overnigh,Buy Air Jordan Max Fusion, the son of Jiang Moulong,abercrombie and fitch online channel ,air max shoes, they think Jiangmou Long was killed,abercrombie and fitch stores, and namely namely the son of a Ran Ran and the father of a killed Jiangmou Long. So Kang concerted revenge, to annihilate Ran a and their families.

    Jing Bao (Reporter Wu Xin intern Vivien Chen Wai Wai) On the morn of January 12, Bao’an District, Mission Hills Village, a residential avenue Xikeng murder happening in the family. Family of seven people were stabbed, causing two deaths and two casualties, the perpetrators, was actually a family over sixty years old Kang, a son of his deceased sister, his only other female 3-year-old grandson. Yesterday, Kang misgiving of manslaughter in Shenzhen Intermediate People’s Court trial.

    which were bloody catastrophe among the family, was really occasioned by causative hearsay testify. It is reported that Kang junior lofty school graduation, because for the Three Gorges is not successful, then that is the village cadres have been bordered, long-term reflect the reservoir began in 1997 with cadres of the use of artificial immigration defrauding money; 2002, Kang’s wife for ailment decease, which he regarded for Kang’s son is merely 19 annuals old, who was working in Chengdu,ugg sundance boots , the son of phone shrieks ahead the incident Kang unreasonable, that his son killed. Kang’s father thinks son is Was accordingly accustomed that his son was deserving to phone arrears, recharge period is not so can not contact, not killed.

    trial for almost two hours, the present case is still pending.

    after the incident, the prosecution of the investigating authorities to the need to complement oral Kang views of Forensic Psychiatry. Fumin then entrusted to the Shenzhen City police station Corning Hospital for Forensic Psychiatry Forensic Kang were identified. Corning Hospital Forensic Psychiatry forensic identification published by the submissions show that Kang suffers from But Kang behavior in the implementation of voluntary manslaughter, nail and control portion of the break, not completely damaged.

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    Recently ,Hermes Ostrich Stripe Bags, Nanchang Qingyunpu District Prosecutor’s Office above misgiving of the crime of fabricating terrorist information Jiangmou prosecution.

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  90. Jia should be nice early shout in the navel of the road near a team of genuine hard to save the villagers are still in full wag, there is no peril was coming, !

    tears, speaking with a raucous voice that night her husband left the last moments, others are always moving. 3 o’clock yesterday morning, (Anhui) Town, Changfeng County, Wang F, Wu within the village, the villagers Zhang Xiangzheng to rescue two trapped in car rear-end, about trapped in the last moment to be rescued, unfortunately, is coming behind The coal car hit the ground, were slew on the spot.

    midnight, the night lonely and silent. Wang Huai Road, in the total among the building,abercrombie and fitch cache 3 , but it is still a vehicle from the hustle and bustle, where kilns cluster, near the village in the birth of transport as a kiln landlords that obtain 20 dollars.

    few minutes later, Jia early detection of far lights should be sunny exceptions, began waving bough signify ignore, this car is a great dump King coal dust volume car emulated, but did not disturb Jia should push early, did not change alleys in time near to the insulated pile speed dwindled.

    hazardous yet never hard apt retention human behind the hit

    to share: I welcome comments Comments

    Zhang Xiangzheng are contained in rescue and we hold hands, the driver, ready to be set aside outdoor the car, the car has colossal coal coming, Zhang Xiangzheng not had time ran out on the spot to be comprised in the coal truck navel, was crushed beneath the car coiling, and before we understand how, the scene has convert a wretched, people fell to the ground is hardly scratch, after the accident from occurring again, Zhang Xiangzheng down in more than ten meters away from the rescue site the shoulder afterward to cruel the whole person.

    villagers gather material for your joint feature

    brick car rear-end kind of villagers came to the rescue

    misadventure to save one necrosis and one person seriously injured

    villagers spontaneously with the maximum uncomplicated tools such as crowbars, pummel to start the rescue, they ambition flee and the fight to save the life of the period, and some barbecued doors, and some Za Boli, and some flashlight lighting, others will be trapped along compel carried away.

    while she repeatedly tried to recollection the accident scene, he base himself only remember some Love namely left to the last sentence: >

    Wang Chi village of the door after listening the secretary of Sun, also came to comfort the broken families that are based on the brave actions of Zhang Xiangzheng finishing matters applied to the higher manful caption. And the evening and witnessed the scene to save the situation in the village is spontaneously signature seal, jot a coupler letter to the civilian heroes please power. Reporters studied that the driver that night pedaling coal truck traffic has been controlled, Huainan vehicles. At present, the accident is under beyond investigation.


    nephew liberate trapped automobile accident kick a die an was seriously injured where the fee-free

    Zhangxiang Zheng and his wife Weiqing Jun riding on a big son of pull bricks car,ugg shoes 5, they will go to urban districts, a lakeside site. Far beheld this car rear-end car windshield broken brick pull a big cavity in a heap to Boli Cha, there is also the passengers moved, his wife shriek out. Took about a neighbor handed him the crowbar,ugg boots cheap, Zhang Xiangzheng and more than a dozen villagers to connect the rescue team. This car was severely broke bricks car, car with driver including a total of 4 people trapped.

    microblogging Recommended | today’s hot microblogging (edit: SN009)

    The wife of the deceased Zhang Xiangzheng tears at home, in bed, side to comfort relatives
    conveyance chance scene still remained in the break debris
    also killed a passenger, the passenger’s household cried in the hospital crisis outdoor

    uncle knocked attach with Zhang Bao, although the writing to avoid, but the feet still hurt by the wheels rolling. Later after examination, doctors said his thighs were crushed rolling, seriously injured,Hermes Constance, faint, emotion something massive pressure on themselves. half past one will open. Villagers carried out of the sheets together to red when the bike is equitable roaring coal car, Zhang saw the red car coming all the direction to the moment, heed to grief, isolation instantly up the pile, jump to the other side of the lane, flee the robbery, after checkup, it was already multiple fractures of both lower extremities,roxy ugg boots, there is no danger, , the second infer was hit rub coal car, taken to hospital seriously injured after the died, according to his wife, said Cui Tao there, trapped in the car when her husband,nike air griffey max 1 white blue, and even to talk, said his arm hurt, have little efficacy.

    Wang F, Zhang Xiangzheng village way ends by home, Getting the bad news, the all village of people spontaneously came to comfort, every individual face fraught with sadness, the old two-story side, the bedroom, the wife of Weiqing Jun Zhang Xiangzheng collapsed in mattress, a couple of her inferior children also waited at the side,inexpensive nike heels 19 , hanging from tears,uggs outlet, dumb with care, regardless of How to assist enlighten others soothing, as tin merely be mechanically thin Weiqing Jun nodded.

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    Aihua (Reporter Li Aihua) starting at 8 am rain until 19:30 to get back home. Yesterday, a 10-year-old Wuchang school boys dare themselves physically and will go on foot from the Luo Gui Lu Long Island and back Jiangxia possession,Hermes Birkin 30, which lasted nearly 12 hours, about 40 km runaway.

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    Mr. Lee said that he as an mature, work behind when they feel tired, anxious almost their kid too much love, made a special tumble to drive to grab up, to the child car home,prestigious ugg boots 33 , rejected at Li Yi Yang . My mother has come up with one pair of skates to wear Lee Yi-yang, to save stamina, Li Yi-yang said not, he said we have to go back and walk away, do not want to be idle. On the way back, Lee Yi-yang physical strength, they elected up a mallet leaning away, father and son walk take a recess, to half-past seven last night, and finally returned home safely.

    home of Lee Yi-yang tired slumped on the ground, but he said his sense of this National Day holiday passes. Lee Yi-yang made to the father: afterward door to walk back to the days of home, voyage 100 kilometers.

    two days antecedent, a small Yi Yang proceeded to start preparing, the quest routes, buying food,air griffey max 2, Mr. Lee and his wife supported his son’s deeds,ugg boots sydney 10 ,ugg boots cardy, but for safety, Mr. Lee decided to attach their children hiking.

    10 annual old Li Yi Yang namely the Chinese Elementary School fifth-grade (2), the students, who lives in Wuchang Luo Kwai Road. Lee describes his father: son likes amusements, like hiking, the Dragon Boat Festival this annual was from home, walk to Lake and then return, and from approximately 20 km. National Day vacation season, Yi Yang plans more small distance on foot, because the child’s mother in Hubei Jiangxia Hidden Dragon Island School of Economics to teach the children put the hiking destination in the personalty of Long Island selection.

    supplementary food and mini rest, later more than 2 pm, two men walk back and from the possession of Long Island.

  94. man out of the team, a little dejected , Minghua allowed to produce their identity cards . ID on the display , man surnamed Tang ,red ugg boots, 40-year -old away , Sichuan . Minghua out the information input through the police ,abercrombie fitch outlet, the police pass the information on the pop-up so he was surprised in 1993 , who in Xinjiang Gold River County robbery and murder , have been fugitives for 18 years. Accident to police ,uggs boots Women bear apt annihilate her husband l, they brought back the police station in the Tangmou when Tangmou seemed very calm, not for resistance.


    buy a ticket home for the convenience of people New Year , Suzhou Sports Center set up a temporary Cai Xiang Minghua the police station , recalled that on January 14 afternoon, when near the three day ticket is about to begin . A forty -year-old man entered the sight of police on duty , men crowded in the crowd , wearing a black jacket ,buy air jordan 6 rings high heels, he secretly glance at Minghua . This small action was Minghua found the man conscious crowd to the crowd , deliberately avoiding the police ‘s attention. Minghua approached him from the team out for inspection.

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    other euro zone countries have a similar phenomenon. Spain in dealing with nudist area is not very tolerant, but nudists are still active in three major Coast: Narura coast there is a nude resort and an officially sanctioned nude beach, holiday apartments, priced at $ 90,000; from Spain historic city of Cartagena 10 km EI Portus, is a semi-closed semi-camping resort; the southeast coast of Spain Vera Playa,boys ugg boots, nudist activities include a beach, several restaurants, bars, shops and 250 residential; spent 100,000 to buy a modern style decoration of a room family apartment, to spend one million euros to buy one contains five rooms, with swimming pool mansion. In the hot summer months, where a maximum of two three thousand naked tourists.

    nudist is another major real estate clients. Living in the United States Foluo Di Pasco County, Florida nudist community of a small Sri Sigman said: has a lot of

    text / Catherine Moye followed by wind and water, Therefore, every year has produced a large and small

    local residents, housing intermediaries Peter. Mason said:

    nude strong residential housing

    Caroline said: etc., and the the. years. In 2006, the name Caliente Tampa group covers an area of 789 acres of flats, including 700 villas, apartments, cabins, homes, just a basic opening sold out. Real estate agent manager Stephen. Dorsey said: areas of higher housing prices 20% to 30%.

    This view was nude resort real estate companies Sun & Fun boss Toby. Caroline’s endorsement. Sun & Fun gathered more than 700 households in the nudist paradise lake family, both worth $ 65 000 400 square meters studio,Hermes H008 cattle neck stripe, also worth $ 1 million family home. People living in the paradise lake about 60% are permanent residents, the other 40% is to resort to temporary residents.

    Sri Krugman is a five-room house 28 families with one fence of the house, a swimming pool, an outdoor shower room, this piece specifically for the district where there is a nudist community activities Club, which has hot water jacuzzi, tennis courts and swimming pools. Sri Krugman 2004, spent $ 750,000 to buy this house, was also the highest house prices in Florida when. According to his speculation, even if house prices are now down in Florida nude community, but certainly no other place fall so dramatically.

    charity angle involved in the housing rental and sales of David. James said: liberal attitude towards life, are everywhere in this country naked community. In order to cater to nudists’ return to nature

    While advocating free hippie generation slowly grow old, but the anti-materialist driven back to nature movement began to spread rapidly in developed countries. Nudism became not only a way of life could fill volumes, but also helped the real estate boom.

    similar growth trend is also reflected in Europe. British nudist Association business manager Andrew. Welch said: >

    in the nude area, people evaluate a person’s standards have changed,cheap air max 2009 , at least there will be no such as No nosy neighbors, naked area more livable. Similarly, the active beach nudist beach is more quiet than other, more clean.

  96. Left: Robert Austin drawings ; right: the first printed picture of the Queen pound banknotes (1960 ) .
    Hali Yi Chris Queen portrait is printed on the first
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    5 pounds ( 1990) Queen’s portrait on the banknotes ,ralph lauren vest, Luojieweixin made .

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    international online Zhuangao: According to British issue , the Bank of England held a show in the past 50 years, the Queen of England looks on in the bill changes the course of the exhibition .

    in Europe,ken griffey shoes 2011, the king and queen of coins on the head has been in existence for centuries , but until March 17, 1960 , the Queen of England was printed on the bill on the head . Since then ,christian louboutin discount Woman playing the sam, there is printed on the bill on five different portraits of the Queen , some of which were printed in the same period portraits in different denominations of pounds on .

  97. doctor Dan Shengjun associate professor, respectively, two children, the body burns about 45% and 30%, the situation is very dangerous. Hospital burn unit immediately organized expert consultation,a & fitch 95% , after taking into account the child’s growth and development departments in the treatment of the effort to protect the child’s legs function, through grafting, try to repair the appearance of legs. Two children’s legs finally saved.

    1 years, 5 months and 3 years of Xiaonuo 10 months from his brother Xiao Ming Zhaoqing City Huaiji County Gang,Hermes Picotin PM (), weekdays at home by the grandfather, grandmother care. The afternoon of October 14, Xiao-Ming, Xiao Na was built in the door of the house Shuye play, Xiaona found Shuye housing adjacent to the home for about 2 m deep pit lime is white smoke, under the curious,nike air max griffey shoes 2 shop owner burst into fire rescue his wife and chil, they went to play Kengbian explore what happens, the results fall accidentally, suddenly was too hot cried. Under 4 years old brother seeing this, immediately jumped pit rescue, the results were not only pull a small Li Bo’s brother, not sister, also found that the pain in his legs. Xiao Ming struggled to climb out of the lime pit, ran home for help. When the neighbor arrived with the guidance of the child rescued Xiaonuo Kengbian, her lower body was raw and serious burns.

    Xiao Ming skin grafting done lying in bed, with her mother’s cell phone constantly look at her sister’s picture. Information taken
    Times reporter Huang Yimin Xiao Ming lying in bed holding my mother’s sister’s cell phone constantly to see inside photos. Information Times reporter Huang Yimin photo

    Information Times (Reporter correspondent Huqiong Zhen He Qiaofang Sun Jian Liu Feng fruit) a year old sister to see the pool being fermented lime white smoke,uggs on sale, then tackling what happens, only one drop go; behind his brother quickly jump to hear the cries of her sister pulled her sister, brother and sister were both burning the result fatally.

    sister lost two toe

    left-behind children injured in accidents more common

    The reporters asked about the situation at that time, my brother immediately cry. Associate Professor Dan Shengjun told reporters, Sometimes he was so sensible moved to tears. Just admitted to the hospital,clearance uggs boots, mother and grandmother to see Hsiao Ming’s injury, always distressed to tears, Xiao Ming in a dressing change, took the mother is crying, kinds of pain, not to mention the children, adults will not stand. donated, was particularly sad.

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    Xiaonuo Bob then began a coma, drowsiness symptoms. Brother and sister were sent to the Pearl River hospital overnight.

    rescued Xiao Na, the family members noticed severe burns Xiaoming legs, the pool from the home of a road lime, blood Xiaoming step by step, while walking, Nianman lime skin on one leg block out,

    home messengers to save girl

    brother dragged blood footprints

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    boy’s grandfather, first in right neck knife,christian louboutin peep toe pumps The feelings of men armed with knives forward, a blood, run out screaming

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    Xie, youth driving on the highway after the attack, seized by the police in the ramp. Source: Taiwan’s not to the Chinese New Year red envelopes, claims to discuss $ 1,000 (NT, the same below) also refused to buy phone cards, they take the melon knife chase grandfather died twenty; young drivers to escape after the attack,air max Tailwind, on the highway ramp was arrested.

    police investigation, Xie, mentally retarded boy’s father, and ten years ago divorced his wife of Indonesian nationality, Junior and his mother returned to Indonesia; but his mother later married Taoyuan,christian louboutin red shoes, Taiwan, handed him over in Indonesia grandparent care; boy’s father later remarried, had two children and later divorced.

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    had years ago, his first New Year in Taoyuan and mother, before the days ride back to Changhua; home, looking forward to his grandfather had come to nothing, but give a red envelope, then open to one thousand yuan to buy phone cards to play mother refused to be his grandfather, his grandfather suddenly to lay violent hands.

    than two years ago, grandparents tube does not move Xie, boy, mother took him to Taiwan to discipline his son’s grandfather, and apply for naturalization; but the boy can not adapt, the mother has sent her son back to Indonesia until last May, his grandfather thought grandchildren, draw a line back to Taiwan.

  100. hospital ward yesterday in South Africa , as usual, the show set to Li Yuzhen massage , although no tricks , but dreams of the way . Li Yuzhen arms by her husband ,Buy Air Jordan Force Fusion, to reporters his wife’s finger , his right thumb , index finger very stout ,discount ugg boots, joints thick calluses like thimble . Given to show that this long calluses slough , slough long , does not know how many times the loop .

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    Li Yuzhen said that because of ill temper his temper gradually , be her husband ‘s temper is getting better.

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  102. Since this is a country in western Hunan , Chongqing Road connection , although the road is hovering in the cliff and on , but a great traffic flow , road damage,1.5(), traffic jams occur frequently . Large vehicles , the driver cowards and excellent technology is not afraid to go to this section of the .

    Aizhai Highway road risk highest in the nation . And on this winding road is only about 6 km , but it built on the horizontal distance less than 100 meters, the vertical height of up to 440 meters, the slope of the size of 70 – 90 degrees of slope above . This particular move around the space forced the highway , turning 13 acute angle bends to form a 26 cut almost parallel , overlapping down the road . According to historical records , the construction of this road only six miles , when winds of more than 2,moncler shop,000 people to sleep a full meal workers fighting for seven months . Which killed 200 people,ken griffey shoes 2010, a small remnant of a small injury does not count .

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    eight-year war , the Xiangchuan road is the interface between Hankow , Hunan, Guangxi, southwest of money lead to the only rear channel . Xiangchuan road is a great historical mission has been responsible for .

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  103. into the bathroom with brandished a knife and knives to injure

    It is understood that no family members yesterday,air jordon 2011 (), Lin Shi Xian present in the courtroom.

    heard there to be no hands-on

    yesterday morning,ugg classic cardy, a sensational clearance Town, Dongguan City, Ha Tsuen village party secretary Lin Shi Xian knifed to death case (newspaper has reported as many times) in Dongguan City Intermediate People’s Court pronounced the verdict, Lin Shi Xian Sentenced to death, and compensate the families of victims 39 million yuan.

    Express reporter Zou Liuzhou correspondent Wang Bright

    account, according to Lin Shi Xian, February 14 17 am, he was carrying a kitchen knife to clear the village committee office building office building floor secretary, Lin Shi Xian Wang Guoping see in the tea, and asked to buy land, arrange things work, Wang Guoping said the village had no land,womens jordan heels, the work can not be arranged. Lin Shi Xian is not to say that he died, after a silent hear Wang Guoping, a matter not related to appearance, and called for other things.

    cause sleep village party secretary, against sentence.

    Lin Shi Xian, etc. twenty minutes, grew more and more angry, went into the bathroom on the trailing Wang Guoping, carry a kitchen knife from the back waist pull against Wang Guoping. Wang Guoping said, offering to do something worthy of Lin Shi, Lin Shi Xian asked again to be able to buy, said Wang Guoping, but did not offer to do the things I’m sorry Lin Shi, Lin Shi Xian said death should die together,Hermes Casual Bags, and a knife Kanxiang Wang Guoping, head. Lin Shi Guoping will offer open, out for help to the bathroom, Lin Shi Xian rushed to the front, to Wang Guoping, head, face all cut Jidao. Wang Guoping, offered a knife with both hands grasp Lin Shi Lin Shi Xian and pull the right hand, and fell in the bathroom next to the bed floor lounge. At this time,nike air max 2 cb 94 Man robbed 160 yuan fled Tibe, others rushed to the office will Linshi offer uniforms, police later arrived and arrested him.

    welcome to comment to comment

    Express reporter on the scene, the trial process, Lin Shi Xian initial attitude of indifference,air jordan heels, the presiding judge delivered his Judgement in the death penalty and asked if they want to appeal,nike air griffey max 1 white blue, claiming to be a large party secretary Lin Shi Xian Wang Guoping, the first


    microblogging Recommended | today’s hot microblogging (edit: SN017)

    Wang Guoping, 19 knives cut the final after she died.


    According to the judge introduced, Lin Shi Xian before the incident, found guilty of extortion, escape the crime of imprisonment, released from prison in May 2001 after the town was engaged in clearing motorcycle passengers. Houlin Shi repeatedly offered to buy the village homestead to Wang Guoping, party secretary Wang Guoping replied that arrangements have to wait for the village. Lin Shi Xian Wang Guoping also requested its organization of work, Wang Guoping, Lin Shi Xian attempted something like the above did not help but think that Wang Guoping, then for Wang Guoping resentment.

    It is understood that, in early 2010,discount ugg 250, when Lin Shi Xian was about 500 ml of gasoline go with Wang Guoping to die, because it will not see Wang Guoping gasoline on the stairs, go the next day when the that gasoline was gone. August 2010, Lin Shi Xian Wang Guoping go with a kitchen knife, was said Wang Guoping, but such arrangements have the land, Lin Shi offer no hands.

  104. close to the students’ examination room ‘of the school is the students’ school. Reporters saw that the British called the primary school education of parents is, indeed, as between the Men Lianfang formed by the dozen.

    not covered because of the new classrooms, oral Town Xingtang a private school called Yuk Ying School will hire a dozen oral Men Lianfang town dates wholesale as a classroom, causing parents to question. Yesterday afternoon, when the reporter went to interview the school found the school of nearly 200 pupils in the classroom out of the conduct of examinations, many students smoking nose, rubbed his hands. A school teacher said the school doing to prevent student cheating.

    parents received a rebellion, reporters rushed to the parents, said yesterday the school. The school is located in a town called Xingtang oral oral jujube commercial port in North China’s market. 15:30, the reporter found to enter the market, the market where most of the shops are closed in the state, occasionally sub-three horses, trucks and other out of the market.

    reporters the situation to the Xingtang Department of Education, the council said a staff report will lead to resolve the matter as soon as possible.

    the president said, Yuk Ying School before school in the vicinity, the market moved in the last year, hiring more than a dozen Men Lianfang as classroom instruction. He said the school north of where they bought 50 acres of land, ready to spring next year will build a new school, to the time the students will have a good school environment.

    our reporter Li Yin any book on text / map

    microblogging Recommended | today’s hot microblogging

    local education bureau said it would resolve the matter

    correspondent softly asked a primary school is doing, he whispered, the cold. see the main three to sixth grade students. A fourth-grade students told reporters that they are also in the morning outside the classroom for the exam, he felt cold, specially in the afternoon when they go to school wearing thick clothes.

    Nearly 200 students are open-air test

    hundreds of students in open-air test

    a fifth-grade students said they started at 14 o’clock on the exam, until now. He just started squatting on the ground, feeling numb legs sitting on the ground simply answer. Reporters on the scene about ten minutes to be constantly hear the voice of the students smoke nose, also see some of the students from time to time under the hands and then rub the answer.

    core tips

    recently, parents of a student newspaper to reflect a town called Xingtang oral English primary school education private schools are more than a year hire a dozen Men Lianfang in class,hermes , student safety and school environment,hermes scarf, parents were very worried.

    According to him,nike air max griffey fury 2012, Yuk Ying School grades 1 to 6 have the students come from surrounding villages, there are nearly 300. He also said that most students live in school dormitories also Men Lianfang.

    reporter saw these In the second grade

    Yesterday, reporter learned that Xingtang minimum temperature reached 11 , and in the mountain town of oral temperature is lower. Many parents told reporters that British primary school education so that they are very worried about the environment so the child’s safety and learning environment, more distressed children’s body. A parent said, has become increasingly cold weather,uggs discount, but also in the mountain town of oral temperature is particularly low, he hoped the education sector as soon as possible Xingtang tube a this thing,abercrombie london, you can coordinate Yuk Ying School to find a suitable school place, not to let these children suffer.

    an examiner at the scene said the teacher, the school once a month which is the test in the morning has been a test, at the second door test.

    for why outdoor test, the teacher said because the large space outside the classroom, students sit the far point, you can prevent students from cheating. Reporters asked the teacher was cold cold cold days, students do not worry about it? The teacher did not answer reporters’ questions, and walked away.

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    students holding cups warm

    When a reporter is preparing to take camera to take pictures, a man suddenly appeared. The man said it was the private school’s principal, said the reporter is looking to sell off the business date up to their conversation.

    east as a reporter in the market to find Yuk Ying School to see in the market suddenly appeared on the streets of many students. These students were divided into three columns,ugg sale, some sitting on the ground to a paper on the bench, some sitting on the bench will be a work of this paper underlay on the knee. While on the road in the market, hardly a whisper of these primary phenomenon. In the middle of these students,hermes birkin handbags , several teachers are constantly walking.

  105. in the trial ,hermes 2010, the suspect Liu account glue will seal the ATM out of money ,womens jordan high heels, and then one that read,nike boots in black, 25 Lie main thing this phone consultation,abercrombie fitch kids Newly married couple both carbon monoxide poisoning, and then the money to their account.

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    Express News correspondent correspondent Xiong Xiaofei Zhou compliance reports in broad daylight ,nike air griffey max 1 white blue, under the supervision of the camera ,womens nike air max griffey max 1, even with a teller a note 502 glue to plug the mouth , making Recently, , a Robber Zhaoqing ATM early in the morning in a crime in this way before , was arrested by patrol .

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  106. month 25 at 12 am,buy ugg boots, they carry shotguns, driving the car to rob a bank near the Shunyi District, premeditated robbery, police found and arrested on the spot to start. At that time, two of resisting arrest, Xie Bin Wang in the car and shot the police to fight cause severe injury, Cheng Haibo fled.

    microblogging Recommended | today’s hot microblogging (edit: SN034)

    1 o’clock in the afternoon, to get rid of the police chase,cheap air max nm nomo, two car sneaked into the whole Zhao Ying Town, Shunyi District, armed robbery and a value of 9500 yuan of the bus. Xiaotangshan line to the town of Changping District,hermes berkin,nike dunks heels 5 , two and armed robbery of a value of $ 7.4 million passenger cars, and then want another car when the robbery did not succeed, Cheng Haibo shot to the other car shot. At night 11 o’clock, Cheng Haibo was arrested in a cafe Huairou. Two days later, Xie Bin, Chengde in Hebei arrested.

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    prosecution that should be robbery, intentional assault,abercrombie sweaters, illegal possession of firearms held Cheng Haibo of criminal responsibility; for robbery and intentional assault investigate the criminal responsibility of Bin Xie; to illegal possession of firearms pay the criminal offense investigated Ji.

    28-year-old Cheng Haibo, Xie Bin, who were due to theft, robbery and sentenced to over punishment, before the incident premeditated robbery. Prosecutor accused, January 22, Cheng Haibo, Xie Bin lie in Miyun County,abercrombie outlets uk Lovelorn man stealing underwear detained female students, rent a woman driving a black car, and Development Partners in Miyun County, killing the driver postmortem, stole cars and cash worth a total of 7.5 million million.

    (Reporter Liu Wei) Huairou farmers Cheng Haibo, Xie Bin allegedly robbed and killed after a female black truck driver, driving a stolen car holding shotguns ready to Shunyi robbery, police arrested the results are squat. Escape, they wounded an armed Interpol, and robbed two cars on the way again. Recently, Cheng Haibo, Xie Bin, respectively,abercrombie and fitch las vegas, on suspicion of robbery, intentional assault, illegal possession of firearms indicted to the Second City Court.

    The case is under further investigation.

    investigation, Cheng Haibo held shotgun from the hands of Huairou District,Nike heels , to pay farmers Ji borrowed. Ji-Fu has been illegal since 1996, holding the rifle, hidden in the home. Cheng Haibo in 2008 to take the gun away. Cheng Haibo armed robbery the day after the payment of the gun returned to Ji. Liu then be hidden in a crevice inside.

  107. implementation of pre-fund regulation, the most immediate result is the development of corporate cash flow is limited,Hermes Victoria Bags , the most important reason is that the project construction costs are key regulators, the key nodes can only work out of use.

    Hefei remind the housing sector, the property market is not good, buy a house owners to keep their eyes open. Developer of the For the occurrence of price cuts, who will prove how compensation should clearly. The reporter

    two real estate to open a

    Nanjing last year, a real estate sign It is understood that this way of selling real estate to take is when the developer is only temporary income houses Jiucheng housing fund, and promised a year later when submitted to the same if the quality of real estate prices fall, buyers did not pay 10% of the room models can be exempted. Now, when buyers around the same type of evidence submitted before the real estate prices are already down when the developer is its lack of authority and does not endorse, and insist on paying back the buyers pay the full amount until after the delivery room.

    to share: I welcome comments Comments

    developer of the

    transit on the left bank in October has been advertised price 1000 yuan per square meter. Now, check the record of real estate, opened in July,cheap air max 24/7 for sale Men against female traffic wardens traffic managemen, thousands of housing units in two buildings,griffey shoes purple white black, one is already included in the sale of financial supervision, but only record a dozen of the residential portion and commercial portion is not very impressive.

    check the properties found in the sale of the eight units high, the average price of 8400 yuan / square meters. Now purchase a one-time payment discount is 97% off,ugg bailey boots, 98 off the mortgage.

    explained by the developer, 100 million of the house if the price reduction, then the developer will buy back 120% of the price, that is 1.2 million yuan buy this house.

    particular note is Article V: enter into hedge agreements, if real estate prices are lower than the latter part of this special sales, the developer will compensate the owners of all losses.

    Yaohai Parkway Town Square launched 6680 yuan / 10 sets of special rooms, color page in its publicity, played straight down 1200 yuan per square meter,abercrombie sales, a price of 6680 yuan per square meter slogans.

    industry believes that, with the price surge intensified, real estate finance companies in the chain of high-pressure end of the market downturn, the credit channel narrowing difficulties, markdowns or transfer the project to return the funds will be the only choice. But for the launch of

    this phenomenon a few weeks ago for those who purchase the real estate owners who feel more indignant, and between developers and buyers as the most direct channels – sales office, so met with the old owners unprecedented

    This situation also occurred in the South of the transit Yaohai Tongling left bank, the real estate owners will buy 120% of the hedge agreement entered into.

    order to increase the push plate, the reporter learned that, recently, the city also began to follow the example of developers Nanjing,discount uggs, Shanghai and other practices, launched the

    reporters, however, the Real Estate Board log in Hefei, the official website shows Yaohai Parkway sold two buildings in the city square, respectively, In the opening end of August and September, of which up to now has not sold a thing and the other a record of only two,Paul Hornung jersey 2 , and both buildings have been included in the sale of financial regulation.

    reporter learned from the market, not just Shanghai real estate out there, It is understood that this is the first time in Hefei developer to open a

    markdowns or return of capital only option

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    preservation agreement in the end tube regardless of use? If a problem occurs,hermes bracelet, the developer how to compensate property owners losses?

  108. two in the afternoon yesterday, the provincial child protection held a press conference to announce the hospital to rescue niu the latest developments.

    It was introduced from July 1 to 4, the hospital received a total of 300 cases of children by accident.

    mother: father and mother send you to school, listen, ah,buy christian louboutin shoes, niu. Refueling, to hold on, niu very brave. Is the mother of a small kiss, baby, is not it ah?

    had, on to kindergarten in September niu a

    mother: niu, how do you introduce yourself, ah? Hello, everyone, my name is Zhang niu, my ox, and three years old. Is not ah? Father’s name ah? Dad called the chapter of Chinese, my mother What is the name ah? Mother told Li Lingdi right ah? What is the name Grandpa ah? Niu wake up, to call Mom and Dad, okay?

    niu Chinese father named Zhang, 33, Jiande people do plastic track of sales. Mom called Liling Di, is the Fourth People’s Hospital of Hangzhou, physicians, Shaoxing. Doctors fear the situation will stimulate the child to see them, so they temporarily stay with their children around. hold back the hearts, with bloodshot eyes from tears to flow down.

    Intensive Care Center Renzhang Chen Mei said: There are other organ dysfunction cases. we want to save this little life back, but the child is still in deep coma, pain and other stimuli of the outside world no response, no spontaneous breathing. It now appears that, in the case of brain damage increase, brought the child to drink plenty of water the first day will say ‘water’, the next day there are reactions to external stimuli, no response today, we are most worried about is the child’s brain damage,moncler down jacket 13, brain death is the worst. children observation period is still need to observe the week or so, the trend in order to clear.

    Mom: Oh, Mom and Dad are here, you are not afraid, mother hug, hug my father. Oh hear my mother sing a song for you: Swallow, (father combined) through hanai, mid-spring, come here … … niu also sang a bar! Grass returned to you sing … … … …

    mother: niu,karen millen outlet stores, come on! Mother’s.

    mother: niu is not to say, to carry two pocketed carry, with the lady to Macau to play it? Is not ah? Niu, to be strong, ah, Mom and Dad take you to Hong Kong to Macau to play,karen millen wedding dresses , OK? You must be strong, know? We are not afraid,

    Dad: niu Come on! Dad hold. Niu, refueling, are not afraid!

    father: Dad stood at the side, Hu Lulu,christian louboutin sandals Daughter to school for self-employed scavengers have! Dad holding niu Mian Mian, together with Hu Lulu! Hold firmly to my father, my mother also hold firmly, and Hu Lulu sleep sleep! Afraid of the niu, afraid Awu!

    provincial child protection notification: niu brain injuries aggravated

    intensive care room, niu parents recorded a 9 minutes and 12 seconds of audio to encourage his daughter

    niu afraid, Mom and Dad you sing the Now, her condition is improved? When it can out of danger? Yesterday, we once again came to the provincial child protection.

    father: fear, my father would play lovemaking, lovemaking playing grandfather, grandfather also played lovemaking,christian heels, afraid of

    … …

    … …

    mother: not afraid ah niu, my parents are nearby, come on! Come on! Come on,nike heels for women!

    audio excerpt

    welcome to comment to comment

    side niu aunt saw it all: tears

    mother: niu ah, you have not heard my mother’s voice? Niu, the sound you hear, you opened my eyes to remember Oh, look at my mother, my mother on the side Oh! Dad stood at the side!

    facing the recording pen, niu mother’s voice is particularly nice, soft and warm, it is a mother’s love and miss their children, although with a cry, but still so gentle. The presence of all infected by this scene, wiping away tears after another. There have been friends and unit leader, colleague came to visit them. Concern for society, tolerate the grief niu father said: p>

    coma niu, I hope you sense the world of deep love and cherish you, and hope you can use your little life, return to this world as a miracle.

    provincial child protection door of the intensive care unit filled with a sadness in the air.

    niu yet out of danger, a situation aggravated by brain injury

    … …

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    accident is too fast, too cruel, this young couple playing completely Mongolia.

    to encourage niu, niu’s parents decided to record a recording, then bring the niu listen to the intensive care unit. Their efforts to control emotions, no tears, recorded some 9 minutes and 12 seconds to speak.

    niu mother sitting in a chair off and sobbed,ralph lauren uk online shop, his hands cover the face, either relying niu father, almost no effort to support her own chair. Baby face niu dad is closely around her, two people cling to each other.

  109. 21 5, the police and Mr. Han was persuaded by a friend, Mr. Han gave himself up to Binxian traffic police and admitted the incident escape the fact. According to Mr. Han said that he and his friends in the tea that night chat show, after wandering alone on the road driving. 10:00 am, when reaching the front range of the public schools, to a girl to hit. Mr. Han said, because there was no street lights,cheap hermes 150, he did not see how a man driven to, did not dare stop for fear,nike heels for women, they kept the car going forward. To Yongshou to stop the car, he did not find the girl knocked on the trunk of his car.

    night, police investigators divided the hunt all the way to Yongshou car accident, all the way to an acquaintance with Mr. Han in Binxian to contact them as soon as possible to persuade Han surrendered. 21 at 2 pm, police found in front of the car accident Yong Shouxian hospital,hermes sale, and in the car trunk, knocked the girl’s body found. Girl face down tummy, the car has a lot of blood, broken car windshield after the pressure in the body, the driver is not in the car.

    body from the crime to find the girl of four hours,nike goadome acg, in the end what happened? Yesterday,sale ugg, according to police investigators introduced Bo, because the scene close to the traffic police, the evening of 20 Alarm, the police will arrive within 5 minutes at the scene found a large number of scattered red patent leather and automotive parts. According to eyewitnesses, the accident vehicle as a red car, knocked range of public high school who is one (1) Tianmou class girls, going to night classes to cross the road when the next car accident. Car butt along the route west to east wind Bin fled,nike air max tn, and Tianmou pushed gone. 43-year-old owner Mr. Han, now a coal mine Binxian do business.

    Police investigate hit and run driver has been drinking

    10 20 evening 10:02, Binxian range of public school students in seeing the students crossing the road by a car Zhuangfei can blink of an eye, causing car disappeared, pushed the girl also 4 hours after the accident vehicle was found in Yongshou, police in the car trunk and found the 16-year-old high school girl face down Tianmou tummy, have not breathing.

    girl left the scene and a pair of red shoes bags

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    caught, the driver is an outrage which, if he does not escape, sent in time to rescue the girl, baby chances are there to save it. households after the accident the driver fled the evil away the victim, said he was indignant. But in the face, and a pair of women’s red shoes, and cars and people are gone.

    the trunk of the vehicle fled to neighboring counties to find the body

    specific reasons for the accident, the police still being investigated.

    the reporter to reveal AIDS text / map

    According to the police, Han Mouzhao thing is true escape,jordan heels 1, but gave the driver, Mr. Han knew exactly when the girl in his car to wait for further investigation before a conclusion. Situation from the scene, could be tentatively concluded that Tianmou was driving was hit by Mr. Han, the body flying forward, just drop it in a moving car accident on the windshield, then into the trunk . Han Mouzhao advance has been drinking.

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  110. According to reports, the defendant and the victim were all Yuanyang xinjiezhen Chen village village stay will be the end of 2009 the defendant Li Weixiang home from a wonderful reflection of a small hen uncle kept,nike dunk high heels, after the work outside the home because they put a small hen entrusted to the victim Li Gaofu feeding. February 9th, 2011 at 20 am, the village high daughter After the wedding, Jane Lee, the defendant and the victim Ligao Fu Liwei Xiang and Li Qing Wan Li Gaofu, who gathered at the home drinking, during which the defendant Li Weixiang see Li Gaofu home of a hen and four chicks, on the Li Gaofu that hen is entrusted to your care, and now has hatched four chicks, hens should go I kill to eat, both for the hen ownership of the problem violent quarrel. Argument, the victim hit the defendant Ligao Fu Liwei Xiang grabbed the hen’s foot, was the presence of Li Qing Wan, who advised on, the defendant Li Weixiang have back home, there was a resentment of the victim Li Gaofu mind,cheap ralph lauren polo shirts uk,cheap louboutins shoes 5 -year-old man injured by the CIA for 16 years after bei, chasing family judge to Li Weixiang . When the victim accused Liwei Xiang Li Gaofu tracked home on the second floor stairs, the defendant filed its own Li Weixiang victim Li Gaofu a kitchen knife slashed the face, behind closed doors after hiding in their own house.

    2011 2 10, was accused Li Weixiang Yuanyang County Public Security Bureau arrested the police station New Street. Defendant Li Weixiang justice after they confessed to the crime. Identified by the Yuanyang County Public Security Bureau, the extent of injury to the victim Li Gaofu injuries.

    when the court ruling to declare the defendant, the defendant obey the ruling Liwei Xiang said, shed tears of remorse, as a hen to pay such a heavy price,air griffey 1, this is impulsive, reckless and unwise behavior caused harm not only themselves, but also harm others. (Parties to the case are not his real name)

    to share: I welcome comments Comments

    2011 7 21,christian louboutin platforms 7 late old man hacked to death two relatives becau, this Court prosecutor to prosecute the crime of intentional injury to investigate the defendant’s criminal responsibility.

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    court that the defendant intentionally causing bodily harm,cheap christian louboutin pumps, Liwei Xiang, Li Gaofu injuries caused by the victim, their behavior has violated the criminal law, intentional assault, the prosecutor accused the defendant guilty of intentional assault Li Weixiang convicted, clear facts, sufficient evidence should be investigated for the crime of intentional injury to the criminal defendant Liwei Xiang, Department of neighborhood disputes, but in view of the case lead to social harm is relatively small, while the defendant Li Weixiang system first-time offenders to justice after a good attitude, discretion dealt with leniently. Combination of public prosecutor’s sentencing recommendation and, based on the defendant’s criminal facts,jordan women boots Man allegedly armed with a knif, circumstances and extent of social harm. Accordance with the

    Yunnan Network (Reporter Yang Hui Long correspondent there) because of a quarrel hen ownership of the problem, with a kitchen knife will be seriously injured,boys ralph lauren polo shirts, in exchange for sentences of three years. Recently, Yuanyang County People’s Court sentenced the defendant to the crime of intentional injury Liwei Xiang three years imprisonment and four months.

  111. be dead … but I do not hesitate,abercrombie and fitch clothes, now think about that kind of risk is indeed very crazy. enough to make him fall to pieces at the height of playing

    Eiger is one of the peaks of the Alps in Switzerland, is due to precipitous mountain adventurers known as In particular,buy air jordan 3, the steep side, sharp as a knife cliff and even snow can not live accumulation. The Dean in the summer of 2008 as the world’s first use of low-altitude mountaineering and BASE jump freestyle way to conquer the Eiger warriors.

    Video: American adventurer hand peak of 3900 meters above sea level

    friend and photographer Bei Yate Cameron Randall each of his adventures are recorded with the camera down, Dean had planned to hold the exhibition to Europe in April, he let the audience feel encountered in the course of the danger of climbing and at the top to experience the infinite beauty. However, due to volcanic eruptions in Iceland for the European airline industry almost paralyzed, the trip had to give up,nike air max, Dean intends to do later this year. He does not know where to turn next adventure staged? China Daily

    American Dean Potter does not have any rope protection in case of a steep bare board Eiger in Switzerland, at an altitude of 3,Ms. gallbladder stones were removed 1532,900 meters peak, toting his parachute jump jump as a free-flying eagle toward the vast green fields of Europe. British Cameron Randall friend and photographer Bei Yate each of his adventures with the camera recorded.

    Dean, who in the process of climbing without any protective measures. Source: International Online
    American adventurer hand peak of 3900 meters above sea level. Source: International Online
    Dean was wearing a jump from the mountains loaded wings. Source: International Online
    Dean loves extreme sports, has been installed from the mountains wearing jump wings. Source: International Online

    However, despite the parachute of body, but this has been called the impossible task of peer is still extremely dangerous, in several dangerous situations occur when climbing almost to Dean died.

    is the so-called freestyle mountain climbing without the use of any protective devices, and low-altitude BASE jump parachute refers to a portable high-rise buildings in the roof,Jordan Pro Strong 700(),Hermes Paris Bombay Bags, or bridge to jump off the mountain. As the normal parachute 14 pounds (about 6.34 kg), when bound to affect mountain climbing, 38-year-old Dean designed a weight of only 2.7 kg parachute, just be folded into the backpack. not thought of highly. Finally in that year on August 6, he tied the ropes without first case of the summit from the north side of the hand, then jumped on the use of parachute down from the Eiger,ugg tall boot (),cheap ugg boots, and return safely to the ground.

  112. 31-year-old Huang Cuilan told reporters that her due date is December 22. 6 am, she and her husband to take the 5 bus ride back home to Golden Bridge station, but just faint on the train on the pain in the stomach up,abercrombie clothing, ate breakfast ride she thought caused the reaction,cheap jordan sandals 36(), so not too concerned about. 9:17 or so, when the car driving to the Bridge of Yong Jiang a time, Huang Cuilan more stomach pain, pain she can not even sit the bench also had to squat down. At this time, she felt the water broke,Jordan Pro Classic, the water streaming down her pants down.

    NANNING, December 7 (Reporter to Gordon) suddenly appeared in the bus women in labor symptoms,ugg women boots, critical when the bus turned, temporary delivery room. Relay final 15 minutes of love making mother and child. Recently, Nanning, Guangxi,ugg australia boots 10, staged a touching scene.

    The Yong moved to say.

    Obstetrician Huang Sijia receive emergency room notice, immediately run to the emergency department,cheap air max 2009, she saw the baby has birth out of the head about 7 cm,hermes delivery, they immediately put a tight delivery work. and observation.

    , he asked the nurse to immediately notify the obstetrician down admissions.

    the driver concentrate on driving is to hear everyone’s talking about Leichun Jiang. Pregnant women should produce, rescue deal, I first sent her to the nearest hospital’We should hurry to go to work the time, did not even propose to get off or let our own taxi to the hospital. enter Nanning First People’s Hospital, Lei Chunjiang stuck his head shouted: . See pregnant women, it is safe to the hospital, Lei Chunjiang immediately drove back.

  113. banks should bear the payment obligation of funds

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    filing has been two years, it seems that no progress. Zhang and Zheng Xiaoping reflect daisy said: unclear The council, said propaganda officials Zhuguan Qi: Bo said the case was under investigation stage, refused to introduce any circumstances. Wushao Xiang said that the court has passed Zhenjiang Municipal Committee to coordinate the public security organs should pay close attention to the investigation concluded that the investigation if it does not go on archival materials should be returned to the court, the court reopened.

    depositors need to protect the password, U Shield and other data security

    According to reports, in June 2008, Zhejiang Zhang Chrysanthemum Industrial and Commercial Bank of China branch Yangzhong deposit $ 9 million. The end of 2008, Zhang found himself chrysanthemum actually 900 million deposit was missing.

    this, ICBC Jiangsu Branch official said in an interview: the bank in the matter very seriously, and never will buck should bear legal responsibility. ICBC also very anxious, hoping to bring the matter to depositors and the public an explanation.

    legal experts said the court transcripts from the content, the depositors in the bank for deposit counter to normal procedure, teller’s behavior is the office workplace behavior. The U shield from the teller to others, which prove fault in the bank. There is no need to identify the depositor in the bank handed over to the workplace U shield the identity of who He Weihua.

    things from the bank to court and then go to public security, Zhang chrysanthemum into more than two years of long waiting.

    wait two inconclusive

    large amounts of deposits were missing, the bank should bear the responsibility?

    2009 September, Zhenjiang Zhang chrysanthemum to the bank branch court, requiring banks to payment of principal and interest on their deposits.

    Express News, according to the still no results. Why strange lost large amounts of deposits? Who should take responsibility? This reporter conducted an investigation.

    experts say

    Jiangsu Liuwan Fu Liu Wanfu attorney law firm, said: relevant as long as depositors have legitimate certificates of deposit, their criminal acts and there is no gross negligence, the natural relationship between the two sides set up deposit, the bank should bear the payment obligation of funds. No, the bank should bear the responsibility of how much impact?

    I make deposits, bank teller puts U Shield to others

    speak for a

    understood by the parties, Zhang chrysanthemum that their deposits were $ 9 million branch of the former Industrial and Commercial Bank Yangzhong He Weihua, director of business through the use of U Shield go online bank transfer.

    correspondents on issues related to ICBC branches in Zhenjiang confirmation, Sun Tao Director of the Office of the Bank insisted that the decision is May 7, 2008 made. As of June 20, the decision how to interpret, Sun Tao did not respond positively.

    2009 9 14, Yangzhong ICBC branch in the city of Xiangyang Public Security Bureau, said this in client funds to be an outsider fraud suspects. September 19 that year, Zhenjiang Municipal Public Security Bureau decided to investigation. Zhenjiang Intermediate People’s Court case involving economic crimes, then ground to suspend the trial, the case was transferred to the Zhenjiang city public security departments.

    employees already operating with illegal labor contracts

    who bear responsibility for lost large sums of money?

    court to suspend the trial, police said the case was under investigation stage

    Jiangsu Zhenjiang Intermediate People’s Court accepted the case. According to the court to the parties, the bank handled Zhang Zhenjiang branch teller Hongbo Zhang chrysanthemum deposits talking about, June 2, 2008, He Weihua Zhang chrysanthemum to make deposits with the business, Hongbo Zhang in the process did not end after the deposit to the U-Shield sheets chrysanthemum , but to an acquaintance He Weihua Wang Cheng,karen millen halter neck dress , Wang Cheng will surrender the He Weihua.

    banking industry that,karen millen outlet shop, to avoid occurrence of such cases is the key to the bank first in the industry standard for conducting business under the strict guidance; depositors if online banking, the risk must be informed as clearly as possible the terms, especially for online banking are not familiar with the crowd, but also to take the initiative to try to notification obligation.

    Liu Wanfu According to counsel, hearing the case, whether the parties concerned should bear civil liability and civil liability according to the size of timely identification and treatment. Specific to this case, the court should be able to continue the trial.

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    900 million deposit missing

    Hongbo chapter in the court transcripts of the conversation said, > He Weihua Zhang also by writing to the agent admitted Chrysanthemum: Chrysanthemum U Zhang Hongbo Zhang is to shield the king way, way over by the king himself.

    Zhenjiang Intermediate People’s Court of China two Tribunal Wu Shaoxiang explained, taking into account the case may be related to criminal, civil and criminal court concerned if dealt with separately,nike air griffey max 1 all black, may result in ill-defined, and thus affect the outcome, decided to the case transferred to public security organs.

    Liuwan Fu said,christian louboutin shop , as banks should be exempted from liability, unless there is evidence that the deposit is lost entirely the fault of the depositor, for example, U is the intention to shield depositors and password to He Weihua, and this is He Weihua departure or no relationship.

    However, Zhenjiang Branch of ICBC has refused payment on the grounds that: In 2008 Zhang chrysanthemum June 2-year deposits before May 7, the bank has lifted the labor contract with He Weihua. He Weihua Zhang chrysanthemum deposit loss is caused by individual behavior,karen millen usa 7,rolex watch retailers, with the bank does not matter. However, on the bank issued a document claiming to lift and He Weihua labor contract after June 20, the bank has issued a document to give He Weihua administrative sanction of expulsion.

    fact seems clear. Zhang chrysanthemum that bank staff errors led to her loss of 900 million yuan deposit, the bank should pay her economic losses.

    also remind the professionals, in order to avoid financial risk, depositors must have a certain amount of security and self-protection awareness. Concerned with the case, depositors should take the initiative to understand the potential risks online banking, but also to protect passwords and other information U shield security,rolex cheap watches, and prevent economic losses caused by careless individuals. Of course, depositors and the banks taking into account the reciprocal nature of the information, if there is malicious or negligent disclosure of bank depositors staff safety information is of course up to the banks shall be held accountable.

    someone’s bank refused payment

    professionals that, in accordance with industry regulations, U safe shield such items directly related to account to depositors only, the counter sales on behalf of people can not keep, but not forwarded to others. If the case is indeed Hongxing teller handed over to the U shield others,christian louboutin suede pumps, such behavior is clearly illegal, bank deposits lost things in the course be held responsible.

  114. welcome to comment to comment ,abercrombie and fitch san francisco

    post,abercrombie fitch sale,Hermes Jewelry Longevity elderly with 20,008 kinds of writing will be written, but also details of relevant services, including generation of delivery items,womens nike air max griffey shoes, on behalf of the exploration of patients, agency services and other routine services. The service charge by time, within half an hour $ 10 1 hour $ 15, and so on. Buyers pay including time costs + transportation costs (bus fee) + shopping costs a few parts.

    Jiang Zhihui, born in 1987. In 2009, she graduated from Hunan City University, she worked in several institutions to work, but she was not at all like the

    Jiang Zhihui like to do business, there are many entrepreneurs in the college experience. She investment of 800 million yuan to open a salon, but the lack of management experience and loss. Later, she and her classmates more than 10 million invested into the building materials market, but also losses.

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    conversation with reporters,abercrombie & fitch clothing Launch in the UK fash, her unconventional behavior may have industry, Yibin in this area is still

    heart idea: start from the bottom

    kinds of routine services for reward.

    Posted reasons: study In 2008, Chen Xiao opened a shop dedicated to selling their time and energy to public purchasing, agency services and other services, a significant influence.

    Jiang Zhihui said, before her family had also asked a number of domestic workers,cheap louboutin, but they are not very professional, the services provided unsatisfying. She said they have long noted that the situation on the market of Yibin, so would like to try,hermes lindy More than half of the family village in Anhui everlasting cancer,Hermes Evelyn GM, harvest experience points.

  115. investigation by the prosecution , from November 2009 to October 2011 ,nike dunk heels, the suspect Wangmou Yi , Zhao Mouqing , He Chao ( involving other crimes , has been dealt with) a partner in the two Towns in Dongguan Huang has set up a food company , food company one day , without obtaining the business license ,very prive christian louboutin, food production licenses valid license in the case of production of counterfeit food and peanut oil,ferragamo outlet, peanut oil has been tested and these fake recognized as unqualified the product .

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    sold millions three suspects were arrested

    (Reporter correspondent Zhongda Wen Yi Deng , Hon-Man Chan ) have caught up a waste oil dealer . Reporter yesterday from the People’s Procuratorate of Dongguan City,karen millen pony coat Family Planning Commission Director bold talk of holidays, the first city was informed that the hospital has on the suspects Wangmou Yi , Zhao Mouqing , Xiong Mouhua 3 implementation of the arrest, the charges of It is reported that the supervision of the Ministry of Public Security case is the second installment of people ,christian louboutin bridal shoes, harm family , social harm ,pink christian louboutin Net jobs were female coll, harm state

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    Wangmou Yi He a super- procurement or edible oil , about 50 tons of Criminal gangs in the oil bottle bottle labeled According to the suspect confessed ,thomas burberry, the illegal sales of 500 million to 600 million.

  116. Villagers: banner not to, but he go ahead

    hard, has a strong ability to work, the area many difficult cases are solved by his mediation.

    to 19 o’clock at night, put me to sleep for two days without food good Wang Zengqiang suddenly speechless, could not move his right hand, and Wang Zhiwei Liu Hongsheng and Xieqin people rushed him to the Linjiang hospital for treatment. As the stroke, Wang Zengqiang never to wake up.

    Wang Miao said:

    9 At 1036 hours the reporter went to Yishui County funeral home, funeral home in alley access, Wang Zengqiang colleagues lined up to greet him during his lifetime. Each police face are hung tears, and some police have been crying eyes red and swollen. Wang Zengqiang’s body was transported to the funeral home, his colleagues are to conceal sorrow, Wang Zengqiang’s family also came to the funeral home early, wait for see Wang Zengqiang last time. Morning and afternoon, Wang Zengqiang funeral, memorial service were held.

    Wang Zengqiang 11-year-old daughter, Miao Wang did not know my father had sacrificed the beginning of the message, her grandma grandpa has been told her father in the field investigators, has not come back.

    daughters: in fact, does not like his father’s work

    worked at Wang Zengqiang where colleagues affectionately called him

    Huangxing Feng Wang Zengqiang clothes to pack when Wang Miao has been holding a Treasure, she said, she and her mother go to Shanghai World Expo to see the time to buy.

    Huangxing Feng said that since her daughter moved into new home after the summer holidays, Wang Zengqiang time to live at home do not add up to a month.

    Then Wang Zengqiang body home, my colleagues burst into tears. Wang Photography

    Yishui County Public Security Bureau police station director Zhang Yun Chong Quan said that although Wang Zengqiang transferred Springs Village police station just a few months, but working from a few months, he found that Wang Zengqiang a

    the news that Wang Zengqiang sacrifice, Zhang Yan shocked, he said, had either Wang Zengqiang, two people do not know what would be labeled. Ordinary people and everyday life should be as expensive, Wang Zengqiang the mediation work done to their hearts. > wife: the last meal did not let him eat

    as demolition, they did not find Zhang, who asked to have a go Riverside County, Shandong, Wang Zengqiang and his comrades regardless of fatigue and get on the bus rushed to Riverside, and at day 18 arrived at Riverside.

    11 4 11 when 30 minutes,nike foamposite acg boots, the wife of Huangxing Feng Wang Zengqiang parents came home to see his daughter father one last time. Know my father sacrificed, Wang Miao lying on her mother’s arms crying together.

    8 46 points, three police cars and a car containing the remains of Wang Zengqiang exit from the highway. As sad over several days, Wang Zengqiang wife Huang Xingfeng can no longer walk properly, and the crowd’s arm, she reluctantly towards the former. Subsequently, Wang Zengqiang’s body was sent to Yishui County Funeral Home.

    July of this year, spring village Zhangzhuang Village area has two neighbors Zhang and Yang, build houses for the dispute over left dripping, two to each other, eventually playing together, Yang was hospitalized.

    although parents grew up favorite son, the leadership, the eyes of colleagues, Wang Zengqiang has been working seriously, good hard working colleagues. He had worked five years with the Bo said that once he went to Qingdao on business, his father suddenly feel unwell, to the police station he was met not find Wang Zengqiang. Wang Zengqiang said nothing to his father to the hospital, after watching his father sent home sick.

    now, Zhang’s house has been basically completed. Zhang Yan to Wang Zengqiang working towards a silk banner, but did not expect, banners has not yet sent,air jordan hydro v sandals, Wang Zengqiang but go first.

    26 yuan to eat dinner. Zhang clues.

    11 4 8 43 points, the reporter went to Jinan-Qingdao Zhuge export, road sides lined up to greet Wang Zengqiang have the police, Wang Zengqiang’s family also came to the highway exit take him home. At this point the sky is also inundated with rain, like a hero in and say goodbye.

    newspaper reporter November 6 (Reporter Wang correspondent Calocedrus formosana) at 8:00 on November 4 and more, go online looking for fugitive Jilin Province,karen millen fashions, overwork, unfortunately at the expense of the Yi Water County Public Security Bureau police Wang Zengqiang’s body was escorted back home in the afternoon, Yishui County held a grand memorial service. Wang Zengqiang former comrades in arms and more than a thousand people spontaneously rushed to the local people, nostalgia, mourning a hero,duplicate rolex watches Suspects at large after the surrender with his girlfrien, and the scene is very moving.

    aware of this matter, the Wang Zengqiang two families were to do the work, and from two dozen times, and ultimately to Zhang Yang apology and compensation for all medical expenses, Zhang Yang agreed continue to build a house, the two also crash and burn.

    Troop death, although there are no arrangements for the auxiliary police to attend his memorial service, but two dozen city police station has worked in the auxiliary police are gone, each person’s face hung with tears.

    turned the two men’s wedding album, Huangxing Feng said he sometimes confused and sometimes these days are always sober, he was just confused when that had a dream,ken griffey jr jersey, wake up until he came back . Will be realized only when sober, he had never left their Niangliang, and never come back.

    and Wang Zengqiang go hunt down fugitives Jilin Wang Zhiwei,christian louboutin store london Woman , whose son does not want to jump his son, told reporters that police, in order to save money, they are at 14:20 on October 29th take the bus from starting Yishui, arrived in Jinan was already 19:30 , only three of them spent 23 yuan Chile Dun dinner. 23:26, they boarded a train bound for Changchun, in order to save the cost of a meal on the train, they spent 32 yuan on the roadside to buy a ham and instant noodles to eat.

    Huangxing Feng said these at the time, seems to recall her and her husband married a decade, bit by bit,karen millen top, I think of her and her husband to visit his parents every weekend to the scene, I think of her husband caught criminals after the phone came the voice of joy and excitement, remembering her husband’s bedside in the middle of the night after hours of talking. Immersed in the memories of Huangxing Feng has been thin and her husband have been talking about her life. have the opportunity, I will still marry him! to see her husband one last time, did not give her husband the last to do a good meal, has become her forever regret. Reporters Wang Xiao Mengjun

    just moved into new houses as soon, Wang Zengqiang some home looks empty, the TV still intact in plastic film attached to the top , also stood on the floor of the bedroom and Huangxing Feng Wang Zengqiang the wedding.

    the special nature of the work as Wang Zengqiang Wang Miao rarely able to meet him, but father and daughter’s feelings very well. Huangxing Feng said, it may be because they can not always accompany her daughter, her husband of her daughter obedience. Wang Miao said that sometimes she can only see my father two or three times a month.

    4 pm, and Wang Zengqiang together to hunt down fugitives Zhiwei Jilin Jilin back from Yishui. Wang Zhiwei told reporters that 37-year-old Wang Zengqiang lifetime health has been good, this should happen, is caused by over-exertion. > microblogging Recommended | today’s hot microblogging (edit: SN026)

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    of someone who is a university graduate, police said temporarily unable to filing


    civil servants to play their parents after the incident, Guangming District, Shenzhen Financial Bureau leadership development and said he was surprised and sad, said the unit will make every effort to contact him, to grasp the situation, for his criticism and education. If a violation of civil service rules, the unit will be punished in accordance with relevant laws and regulations.

    Bin memories Liaomou little about his family in private, but some time ago after the birth, he had complained Liaomou, husband and wife They were the nature of the relationship between children’s time than his wife Liaomou long. The Liaomou rarely talked about his wife, but said his wife, a teacher at a primary school. When a reporter asked Liaomou treatment issues, development and Guangming District,2010 uggs, Shenzhen Finance Bureau staff was unwilling to disclose the details.

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    It is understood that Liaomou a minor celebrity in the school, alumni are known as the However, after obtaining the civil service, as still in trial period, the unit did not give specific job Liaomou arrangements, so Liaomou to handle the daily work-based back office, Chen Bin said, his eyes almost Liaomou and others, did not feel any outstanding areas, never in conflict with anyone, steady man, treat people well.

    as civil servants, but also Peking University graduate, was father to report the day before the parents are often beaten. His father, when the Shenzhen police, shows several wounds on the body. Reporters interviewed the parties informed Liaomou unit, in the eyes of colleagues, he is a warm personality, polite gentle man. Yesterday, according to the relevant departments revealed that Liaomou son has

    Express reporter was informed yesterday, Liaomou is the development and Guangming District, Shenzhen Development and Reform Bureau of Finance Department staff, the arrival in April of this year, yet one year of probation. Liaomou two days training for civil servants are participating in Shenzhen, did not come to work. But day before yesterday, the unit suddenly lost contact with him, although the opening Liaomou phone,abercrombie and fitch discount, but my colleagues to call him not answer, send text messages do not return, and yesterday he did not as usual to attend the training.

    day before yesterday, nearly six years late in the Liao Xiangguang to the Eastern Zhou Guangming District, Shenzhen police station, said his son Liaomou its abuse assault, Liao Xiangguang of clothes were torn his son, who has multiple injuries, was the son of the left arm more bite bled. Liao Xiangguang also said his son on a special trip to the deep Liaomou also help take care of their mother went out, my sister also who have been Liaomou Liaoai Li fan face. Eastern Zhou Guangming New District,griffey shoes purple white black , this current has been involved in the investigation the police station.

    yesterday evening, the New Express reporter went to live in the bright New Liaomou Autumn Garden Villas. Downstairs security,hermes leather Man threatened to bomb fake bomb ja,christian louboutin shoe, told reporters two days before a lot of people have come over Liaomou,nike ken griffey shoes 15 -year-old child caused by an electric shock to the own, but failed to find, many people are struck his house no one answered the door,ugg button bailey, it is estimated Liaomou has left home. Reporters in the security guidelines down to the door of his home,ugg boots, knocked nearly a minute later still no one answers the door, and nearby residents in an interview with reporters, also said people do not know this for Liaomou.

    Express reporter trainee reporter Shay-Min Huang Dai Xiaoxiao Zhang Guofeng interns Zheng Yanhong

    father reported his son was beaten

    According to the Shenzhen Guangming New District Public Security Bureau, responsible person, in accordance with relevant laws, in the absence of the victim clear criminal batterers must be held before, under normal circumstances the police will not intervene ahead of schedule. According to the current situation, including the police included, are not contact Liaomou his son, the event has yet to file the case.

    just the top students in attendance

    son lost to hard to follow their duties


    complain about kids more than his wife

    try to contact according to the law

    Yesterday, the reporter interviewed the party unit, his or her Zhang Guofeng / photo

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    The same as the > Xie Lan WCC reporter Yaomao Jiang

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    owners responded:

    three cars did not verify the reported decks, but has the same number plate hanging at different times

    friends broke Mianyang decks have three luxury cars, are linked to owners

    microblogging Recommended | today’s hot microblogging

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    hang license plates with , which in the end is how is it? One is parked in the cell door, vehicle license plate is license plate or

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    microblogging Recommended | today’s hot microblogging

    , news, Wenzhou speculators active again some time ago appeared frequently, but most are exploratory ship, and this phenomenon also occurs in Hangzhou court, the market has seen a lot in the back stall.

    Wang told reporters, Wenzhou speculators move, should be hand tight on funds. Quxian Sheng told reporters,ralph lauren boxers Relatives after the death of man whose body was cremated to, some time ago, there are many sellers in the Shanghai market in Wenzhou, a large number of hand to sell,

    Chow said a senior collector, 1999, the State decided to cancel the issuance of RMB 2 yuan denomination. After years of two yuan, In this case, the circulation of 2 yuan less and less, so the various versions of two yuan in the collection of the market have both been rising.

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    Zhejiang Online on November 11 hearing

    face the future market trend, Wang said,watches Honorary President of Taiwan Association o, this year the price of paper money collection has gone up a lot, prices at record highs, then re-enter the market,nike ken griffey shoes, collectors and investors need to exercise caution.

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    Wenzhou speculators high shipping

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  122. boy 4 at noon had been transferred to Foshan City MCH to continue treatment, currently in good condition, treatment costs will be fully borne by the Red Cross Hospital,buy christian louboutin, Nanhai District. 4 night, the baby’s father, Wang Zhang said in an interview with reporters,wedding shoes christian louboutin, the results of this relatively satisfied, the next step will be based on the child’s treatment, and then decide whether to further investigate the hospital’s responsibility.

    concern the Red Cross hospital in the South China Sea area off the event in preterm children 4 Progress has been made. Reporters learned that the accident investigation team has investigated the reasons for the hospital, a vice president, Medical Services chief and director of obstetrics and gynecology has been removed from office, the person directly responsible Jo, Xuemou, Ma received a suspension continues the investigation.

    accident hospitals bear all medical expenses

    Premature baby boy has been transferred.

    investigation team also found that there are sections of the South China Sea area Red Cross Hospital Professional staffing shortage, and management not in place.

    investigation team that the doctors failed to diagnosis and treatment of obstetric high-risk pregnancy, maternal and fetal infant standard treatment and found that premature birth, the midwife did not promptly notify the delivery room and neonatal practitioners the scene, nor the baby post-natal checks and take rescue measures, did not consult Dr. Xiang Shangji report.

    related processing has been made

    responsible people have been dealing with. 4 pm, Nanhai District Health and Population, Family Planning Council released a report on the Red Cross Hospital, the South China Sea area and the relevant persons responsible for leading the results: yellow for the implementation of the president admonishing remarks, whose mandate was to make in-depth review; removed from leaders in charge of Yin A vice president of the office; Chief of Medical Services, replacing Huang, director of obstetrics and gynecology Lee positions (according to management authority processing); directly responsible Jo, Xuemou, Ma continued suspension of a survey. Subject to specific filing penalty decision,2010 christian louboutin Back to the hospital after falls am, evidence and hearings take appropriate legal procedures. According to

    chapter, according to Wang, Foshan City,new rolex watch Workers installing building insulation board accidentally trapped in the middle of t, MCH doctor has to check the baby’s physical condition, Reporters learned that the Maternal and Child Health Hospital of Foshan City, 4 for the baby to do a whole body routine inspection, found that infant cardiac membranous ventricular septal defect 2.7 mm, congenital heart defects, self-healing, no serious problem to health. In addition, the head examination showed

    cause of the accident has been investigated to determine their own two nursing infant deaths

    4 am, Nanhai District Health and Population, Family Planning Bureau, Nanhai District Women’s Federation of Red Cross hospitals and to rout the streets Hai Zhang, Dong-Mei Liu home to comfort his wife,ralph lauren outlet online, the incident brought to their families and the community impact apologize, that will handle the event according to the law,nike Zoom Lebron iv, those responsible for violations not hesitate, and help families deal with the follow-up. Red Cross Hospital, Nanhai District,karen millen cheap 30,nike air max 95, Dong-Mei Liu yellow bow to apologize for, and that should bear the responsibility.

    Reporters learned that the investigation team has investigated the accident. The incident investigation team from Foshan First People’s Hospital, Maternal and Child Health Hospital of Foshan City, Nanhai District People’s Hospital, Nanhai District, MCH and other seven experts, find out the reason has been clear about the nature of the illegal acts of persons treatment , what is negative for the medical, treatment of the end of the baby needed to be in the future by experts clearly the existence of injuries, to apply for medical or forensic identification.

    president, vice president of the review to be removed

    premature baby has been transferred

    in what is a doctor or nurse on duty concluded that themselves whether the child died; and, mistaken for the remains of the baby and placenta temporarily placed in the disposal room toilet, also a violation of relevant regulations.

  123. microblogging Recommended | hot microblogging today (edit: SN017)

    May this year, since the Judged by combing, Liu’s family in recent years, frequently in contact with the Suzhou, Suzhou, investigators quickly rushed to investigate, through detailed investigation, the only valuable clues to this end has been denied.

    he fled 29 years no news

    after the incident,air max 24-7 Drug delivery vehicle sunroof clip wa, Nantong Police immediately set up task force to quickly lock the robbery Liu and Chao murder suspect, and was July 24, 1982 issued Xiechatongbao. August 2, 1982, Chao commune in the North Shore Jiangdu arrested for theft,original rolex watches, public security organs to explain his own vessel in Yancheng theft, robbery and murder crimes in Rugao. August 10, 1982, Jiangsu Provincial Public Security Department issued arrest warrant for a province-wide for Liu wanted. August 29, 1983, after public hearing, Nantong Municipal Intermediate People’s Court sentenced Chao guilty of robbery and murder to death immediately.

    killing the crew postmortem river

    when it comes to flight when 29 years of experience, Liu said, In the street outside. , two sisters and a brother, but their names I do not want up. has been walked toward the northwest. After nearly two years in exile in the northwest, Liu Zhengzhou feel more suited to their hiding, so he went to Zhengzhou, and in a small brick in the remote and began the coolies live. Early September this year,karen millen buy online, Liu cold cough and cold, he vaguely felt this fear to die, so a strong desire to go home together.

    29 years ago, 18 years old, he and fellow crew members will be a cruel killed. Shortly after the incident, associates were arrested and sentenced to death, and he fled away. October 26, the occasion of his serious illness back home in Yancheng, gave himself up to the local public security organ, a few days later, suffering from lung cancer and died.

    suffering from lung cancer

    correspondent Su Jinan Chen Peng Huang Tsui

    late, from the home of Liu Yancheng Zhengzhou back into qinnan police station,christian louboutin pumps, gave himself up to the local police. After appearing in court, then the theft of boats Liu, robbery and murder confessed to the crime.

    the names of seven brothers and sisters forgot all

    Recently,ralph lauren sizing, the 47-year-old Liu condition deteriorated due to lung cancer, a hospital in Yancheng after she died. Since the death of the suspect Liu, Rugao Police on November 14 according to the cancellation of the case.

    surrendered a few days later died

    Liu Yancheng, 1982 July 12 night, 18-year-old and 17-year-old Liu The Chao steal from a local oil and grease plant linked to a seven tons pulp vessels, they intend to do transportation business partner to the south.

    Liu and Chao immediately ready to rope, masks and other items on the other side of the ship, asking for a light smoke in the grounds of Liu and Zhang talking. In both smoke, Chao Zhang sneaking around to behind, and one after Liu Zhang force to strangle, and the body dropped the river.

    Since then, Nantong Police launched a hunt for another of Liu’s actions, the results are delivered. The case files in 29 years with the changes in area of responsibility has repeatedly changed hands.

    justice, died a few days later due to disease progression

    accomplices were arrested

    Express correspondent Mr Chan River

    they will ship more than 20 kg bucket of diesel to grab a hand,ralph lauren clothing uk , immediately after the launch stolen boats continue to travel east. I did not expect, just ahead more than 1,600 meters, the ship hit the river in the nets. When the fishermen found trapped vessels, Liu and Chao Huangbuzelu to jump ship and flee. After landing, the two to Taizhou Xinghua, soon became separated.

    share: Welcome Post comments I want to comment

    as much diesel fuel on board,christian louboutin sale uk, the ship was traveling to the river in front of Rugao Yuan Qiaoxiang government can not be before the line. At that time, there is a dock where the cement ship. That night, Liu and Chao find each other people on the boat to go ashore to see the film, leaving only a boat called Zhang to look older, so they negotiate the first to grab the oil after the killings.

    the local police station will be very ill for Liu rushed to hospital for treatment,best deal on rolex watches , after examination, the final diagnosis of lung cancer. things clear with the police. October 27, due to suffering from serious illness, according to the law on police bail Liu took coercive measures.

    (people involved in this article are his real name)

    to grab diesel

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    share : welcome to comment to comment

    then the police arrived on the scene ,karen millen tops Claiming educator Lin Handa gran, set up a blue tent to cover the man falls ,christian louboutin shoes, medical personnel to the scene to confirm that the man was dead before leaving . According to the 5th floor of a neighborhood that is likely to live in the man upstairs .

    Nanfang Daily (microblogging) (Reporter / Tang Kaifeng intern / Xiao Gui to ) man falling more than a dozen floor ,christian louboutin boots, almost hit the open on the 5th floor balcony of the neighborhood . Yesterday 14:15 or so , the residents of north and south plaza behind the building ,buy christian louboutin , a man was killed falling from a height .

    It was on the 5th floor balcony of the Arbour said the incident occurred , he was as usual , sitting beside the coffee table drinking tea ,nike high heels Woman tied to the house to save those who narrowly escaped rape, watching the stock , a man suddenly fell from the sky , the parasol on the balcony , flowers pots , coffee table were smashed , Arbour pointed to the coffee table at one end , are still quite in shock.

    microblogging Recommended | today’s hot microblogging ( edit : SN026)

  125. Province, two in front of hospital intensive care unit, the reporter saw just out of the Lele.

    Lele recently

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    by the provinces and two hospital staff two heart surgery a few days on the careful treatment and care aroused much public concern Cardiac surgery, said hospital director Chen Ziying, at present, Lele has been completely out of danger, and the basic conditions to achieve discharged.

    Lele smooth transition to the isolation ward. The reporter Liqing She

    expected discharged

    Lele accepted the Qinjian Rui said: , energy is extremely abundant, of course, would fall to his own favorite, the original can not be done, must all do down. place in Beijing Tiananmen Square.

    Heart transplants are unique, they decided to let the children admitted to the isolation ward for about two weeks of observation.

    intern Wang Jie

    Chen Ziying also disclosed that they will Le held a special

    discharge would like to see Tiananmen Square

    correspondent found to accept the With Lele own words,

    bruising of the lips become red a

    our reporter Wang Fengwei

    accepted the His normal diet and sleep with you … … issues of concern to readers, this reporter conducted an interview yesterday.

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    Post journalist Huang Yao Lu Lan Xi Photography

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