New Moon

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Film (with rating): New Moon (PG-13)

Studio: Summit Entertainment

Summary: In the second chapter of Stephenie Meyer’s
“Twilight” saga, Bella Swan (Kristen Stewart) and her vampire love
Edward Cullen (Robert Pattinson) fight to keep their relationship growing, all
while battling ancient secrets that threaten to destroy them. Things get even
more confusing when Bella’s friend Jacob Black (Taylor Lautner) uncovers his
own supernatural powers, and his feelings for Bella.

Review: I confess–I read all of the “Twilight”
books, and relatively enjoyed them. But I’m a sucker (no pun intended) for
vampire stories. The writer in me saw the flaws in the books, but I read them
for entertainment, and found myself properly entertained. As for the movies,
well, that’s a different story. “New Moon” is, of course, hated by
some uber-fans of the novels, as well as is adored by aficionados of Edward and
Jacob (Team Edward t-shirts are all over my local Target). I’m neither, so I
approached the film from a middle-of-the-road point of view.

And I found some flaws. Unfortunately, director Chris Weitz could have done so much
more with the material. Bella’s constant obsession with brooding and staring
out the window made for boring cinema, as did Edward’s one expression: staring
out from beneath his eyelashes. Weitz seemed to dwell too much on all of this
moody rumination, which was only broken up with footage of shirtless
werewolves. As much as my vampire-loving self hates to admit it, the werewolves
were the best part of “New Moon.”  It proved hard to care about Edward and Bella when all they
seemed to do was walk through the woods and moan about true love. It got old.
So old. I wanted to scream at them to just knock it off, get over themselves
and stop whimpering about everything. Weitz redeemed himself slightly with the
action-packed werewolf scenes, but not completely.

All that being said, “New Moon” will be a decent
DVD to those who walk the middle ground in this “Twilight”
phenomenon. As long as you’re not distracted by whining, bad makeup or erratic
plot jumps, “New Moon” isn’t so bad. As an added treat, you’ve got
lots of pumped-up werewolves who adore running around half naked for your
viewing pleasure. You may just squeal just like the half-zillion preteen girls
(and their moms) who saw this film a dozen times in theaters.

Extra highlight: The six-part documentary

What to serve for dinner: Hey, it’s Stewart’s birthday
today, so let’s settle in for a night of vampire-themed food: everything red.
Serve up some red lentil soup ( with tomato swirl bread
( End the evening with some red velvet cake or sliced
strawberries and cream.

Red Lentil Soup

2 tablespoons canola oil or peanut oil

1 medium or large onion, chopped

4 garlic cloves, minced

Salt to taste

2 teaspoons cumin seeds, lightly toasted and ground

2 teaspoons coriander seeds, lightly toasted and ground

2 teaspoons hot curry powder

1 (28-ounce) can chopped tomatoes with juice

1 pound red lentils (about 2 1/8 cups), washed and picked

2 quarts water or chicken stock

1/4 teaspoon ground black pepper (more to taste)

Cayenne to taste (optional)

Juice of 1/2 lime

For garnish:

Chopped fresh cilantro

Thickened yogurt

1. Heat the oil in a large, heavy soup pot over medium heat
and add the onion. Cook, stirring, until tender, about 5 minutes, and add the
garlic, 1/2 teaspoon salt, the cumin, coriander, and curry powder. Stir
together for about a minute, until the garlic is fragrant, and stir in the
tomatoes with their juice. Bring to a simmer and cook, stirring often, for 10 minutes,
until the tomatoes have cooked down slightly. Add salt to taste.

2. Stir in the lentils and water or chicken stock. Bring to
a boil, reduce the heat, cover and simmer 30 minutes. Add salt to taste and
continue to simmer for 15 to 30 minutes, until the lentils have fallen apart
and thickened the soup. Using the back of your spoon, mash the lentils against
the side of the pot to thicken the soup further. Add the pepper, taste, and add
cayenne if you want more spice. Taste and adjust salt. Stir in the lime juice.

3. If you wish, puree with an immersion blender or in
batches in a blender, holding a towel over the lid to prevent hot soup from
splashing out, and return to the pot. Heat through and serve, topping each bowl
with a dollop of yogurt and a generous sprinkling of chopped cilantro.

Tomato Swirl Bread

1 tomato

1 cup tomato sauce

2 tbs butter

2 tbs brown sugar

1/2 tsp salt

1/2 tsp cloves

2 tbs ketchup

1 package of dry yeast (or 2 1/4 tsp)

1/4 cup warm water

4 cups or so of whole wheat flour

Soften yeast in water. Heat tomato sauce, butter and ketchup
and let cool to lukewarm. Add sugar, cloves, salt and yeast mixture to tomato
mixture and mix in enough flour to make a soft but kneadable dough (or mix
according to mixer directions). Turn out and knead until smooth and elastic.
Oil and set aside to rise.

Next, take:

1 1/2 c warm water

2 tbs butter

2 tbs brown sugar

1 tsp salt

1 pack dry yeast (or 2 1/4 tsp)

4 cups or so whole wheat flour

Soften yeast in 1/4 c water with sugar. To other 1 1/4 cup water,
add butter until butter melts (you may need to microwave it and let cool to
lukewarm). Add salt and yeast mixture…then add flour until you get a soft,
kneadable dough…proceed as above.

Let balls of dough rise until double, about 1 1/2 hours.
Punch down and knead lightly. Cut each ball of dough into two equal pieces. Let
rest 10 minutes. Roll each ball out into a rectangle of equal sizes. Place a
tomato dough rectangle on top of a whole wheat rectangle and roll up tightly
pinching dough together at bottom to seal. Repeat with other loaf. Let rise in
greased bread pans for 1 hour or until double.

Bake at 375 degrees for 30 minutes or until loaves sound hollow when
tapped. Let cool.

What to talk about over dinner: How do you think the movie
compared to the book? How could it have been better? Where did it do the book
justice? How did you behave with your first love? Who should Bella be with: the
vampire or the werewolf? Any desire to go to Washington now? Do you think there
are such things as werewolves and vampires? Why is Bella so constantly moody
and brooding? What was your favorite book in the “Twilight” series?
Anyone even remember Pattinson from his “Harry Potter” days? Was it
anything other than supernatural forces that helped turn Lautner from a geeky youngster
in the first film into a chiseled god in this one? What’s the fascination with
vampires anyway? What’s your favorite werewolf film? “I Was a Teenage
Werewolf?” “The Howling?” “An American Werewolf in
London?” “Teen Wolf?”

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    Article posted, then work to the Secretary of the brother that you make almost our temporary traffic control, the dispose are dealt with, Secretary of the brother retorted: I acquaint you, you did not identify which one to obtain me, I was District Secretary of the Government,christian louboutin platform, alternatively the Secretary-General had! : Fuling District of emergency has been clarified by DragonSoft: a.m., Fuling District Publicity Department, via DragonSoft published a As the traffic jam when the Department of the crossing of the 2 vehicles, refused to give reason. Yu-site elimination of the police three times arrayed to reverse behind GFB to make a lane, but still refuse to reverse the car driver Zengmou give up lane. Seeing the location, on-site police, said: If we do not reverse,nike wind max jr shoes Earthquake -known volunteer accused of denying narcotic u, the trailer off the force. Disposal process, Zengmou dad by the scene mention that

    Yesterday,discount karen millen dresses, correspondent learned from the Fuling police, obstructing state personnel carrying out public duties, someone’s Fuling City, Sichuan Province before retirement was the trifoliate City District Government Deputy Secretary-General.

    In appending, the Fuling District Government Office also confirmed that the The comrades retired in June 1999. Prior to 1995, Fuling is a county-level city in Sichuan Province, he served as Deputy Secretary-General, Fu Keji. Fuling District of retirement when he was main of government message supervision, Zheng Keji.

    web exposure Fuling green slide meet traffic jams, traffic police to distract when a man does not listen to advice,ralph lauren the big pony collection, refused to move cars, but also claimed to have the District Government Secretary-General.

    microblogging Recommended | today’s peppery microblogging (edit: SN026)

    cattle, do not listen to the Patrol advice, refused to move cars, said he was the Secretary-General, this post was then procreated to the End of the World Forum and additional large cats flutter,christian louboutin sneakers Sick baby dad apt a, the car refused to move the cattle also friends cried most cattle Secretary brother.

    11 3 p.m.,christian louboutin platform,christian louboutin australia British pair marital because 70 years and 11 hours, Fuling District Patrol Detachment vehicle police do not obey the directive of their action in consensus with .

  13. why police did not press the child to leave the information to Anhui ask? The antique police too apologize to presume, when dealing with such materials,karen millen sale dresses, and no special regulatory requirements, the staff are insufficient police, police processed his surmise that this circumstance is mostly neglected, the usual train, the same daytime sent to Nanjing orphanage. and three years later no one contact before considering adoption

    before the orphanage who had told Li Xu Wen, Li Xiang entered the orphanage later refused to change its label, he remembers is that name. Yesterday, Paul who said UNESCO in 1992 to take care of the caregivers were retired Li Xiang, but the conventional view, Xiang Li insisted on renaming the likelihood is there.

    the parties, although not since the starting of asset, but regardless of the location on the grounds at the orphanage with the child’s biological parents are attempting to get in touch. Example, among the year before final, had to assist parents find a mini girl in Jiangxi. ,christian louboutin store london, even after the premier sent to the orphanage to find all lines.

    Confucius Temple has not adopted the police station’s residence.

    CCTV intends to follow up, the parents want the sound to pass Li Xiang

    [News articles]

    distinct reader recommended, Xu-Wen can way servant and intercountry adoptions and foster family concern implementation guidelines, kin looking as phase from the able legislature has judged in their respective countries. only later the opening of the adoption of this procedure.

    In love, we all ambition to quickly have a contact address on the Li Xiang. However, the decree, litigation tin not solve the problem. as, for there was no time to validate namely the message.

    station wandered off, how Confucius Temple was sent to the police station

    have friends regret to say, inquiry, with the butt you in Anhui? The police inquiry files found, May 16, 1992 does have a documented record of alarm: the people sent a boy, 6 years old, demanded Li Qiang. (As upon)

    may be in China’s Nanjing South Station take the gate car

    the police reports, police on responsibility who has been transferred to another police station, he can only speculate based on their memory: 1992 procedures and deal with these things is not now the same. Was the maximum prevalent approach is to Qian Songzhan over 14 years of age, 14 years of age to the orphanage. He annotated that in terms of police,ralph lauren big pony collection, child welfare is an end result, because the police station, once and for all,christian louboutin black pump, not 24 hours child care. Sent to the orphanage after not cleaning their hands of the police station, during which there is

    intensive interviews with the media to find a common to link up.

    Yesterday, the reporter also found a police station in 1992, Li Xiang is the Confucius Temple to the welfare of the record, the time fair is May 16, the registration name is is

    Yesterday, the detailed reader ambition read the story repeated several times, base some details. For example, > Very rapidly, the reader is given answer: Reading University, Nanjing, Wuhu has a roommate, every home along exercise, buy a stamp on the Zhonghua Gate Station, Yesterday, correspondents in the online quest base that: >

    lost child was received, sent below the age of 14 welfare

    Nanjing orphanage Paul UNESCO figure, the average child to be sent after the bulletin came 2 months, no parents alternatively guardians to contact us,christian louboutin wedding, will think adoption. While Li Xiang lived in the orphanage for 3 years before creature adopted.

    a reader called your parents did not want you, they call you home recognize the pro … And this approach has been a lot of folk. They said the opener is to let kid know thatparents have not abandoned him,ventilation jordan 14 Benefit debt conspicuous woman postdoctoral bureau almost, or his life alive in the shadows, or to fend for themselves while the parents understand one in difficulties.

    tragic object, From the a.m., the reporter’s phone phone to stop the media peers. CCTV, Jiangsu television, Suzhou television,

    Xu-Wen own opinion of the media is relatively low key. When a reporter colleagues delivered the wish, the dad expressed his thanks, but politely said that he intended is to ascertain his son, do not want to create a sensational effect. Therefore, in increase coincided to leave the phone earlier reporter contacted several media to find the media, he declined.

    welfare a UNESCO Paul who said: Address not above the line? yet Jiang Su Xidian Law Office lawyers Lu LJ introduction, since the foreign option registration service megalopolis approach is understandable.

    articles] [questions

    yesterday in Suzhou of Anhui Xu-Wen bizarre fable of missing children – father and son experience upset endless, inflate intelligence and law of the large debate. Many of the media want to do someone for this father and son,where apt purchase christian louboutin 68 -year-old mama, picking up litter as h, that something is fired to find Li Xiang’s In addition,karen millen usa Bangkok, Ayutthaya, Thailand continues apt overflow|torrentun|t, careful readers and friends made a Xu-text disc in 19 years tracing the details of the 4 questions, the reporter interviewed on these issues follow.

    May 16, 1992 Confucius Temple police station alarm records.

  14. microblogging Recommended | today’s hot microblogging (edit: SN013)

    draft the proposal,deduct christian louboutin shoes Deaf folk begg, confirmed the courageous people, to mobilize the relevant departments and municipal comprehensive Samaritan Foundation to reward municipal pension sympathy and condolences to pensions awarded a one-time award.

    yesterday, Yue Yue handling in a small hospital ICU ward gate, waiting for the hospital to the digit of reporters at the scene accused the treatment of small Yue Yue.

    courageous and pensions to be the highest in Guangzhou issued 500 000

    courageous staff along to the heroic class, contribution, degree of disabled, the injured person is no courageous one-time premium awarded 500 yuan relief asset -5 million; wounded workers award is awarded for courageous compassion gold, 5 million – 300,christian louboutin glitter The girl in the litter,000; awarded for courageous survivor pension disbursement of staff 300,000 yuan -50 million.

    Yue Yue is still a small risk of the current period, small Yue Yue entire brain failure, near to brain decease, multi-organ lesions,nike acg boots, retrieval is unlikely. The hospital said it would to treat the small Yue Yue.

    text / intern reporter Wang Nan Wang Tingting Roundup

    Ji-Sheng Liu introduced,christian louboutin, in array to beyond strengthen the protection of rights of courageous folk, the Guangzhou municipal government queried pertinent departments to enhance the incentives narrated to the presentation of pension sympathy, and to determine medical treatment, employment, housing, child education, Guangzhou and other family aspects of the measures.

    (Reporter Wang Nan) stubbornly stays of 7 days, 2-year-old Yue Yue condition deteriorated suddenly yesterday. This morning, just past the

    11:40 today, the hospital held a newspaper briefing, Yue Yue rescue treatment for small medicinal adept announced this morning after the rescue, once repeatedly the little Yue Yue pull back from the die line.

    small Yue Yue further deterioration, the mother, Ms. Qu colossal oppression, I feel heart-breaking

    However,air jordan 7 high heels, according to local medium waiting reporters at the scene on the microblogging said this morning, Yue Yue is still a small rescue, many reporters are waiting outside in the ICU for small Yue Yue chant.

    news link

    It is understood that small Yue Yue is the emergence of heart and lung function deterioration. From 18 onwards,new christian louboutin, the hospital a total rescue of two small Yue Yue.

    apt share: Welcome remark to comment

    Yesterday, the Samaritan Foundation,christian louboutin pump Man has apt retention monapt to remedy my sister ate 2, chairman of Guangzhou Yue Yue Ji-Sheng Liu talked approximately the small events and even said Ji-Sheng Liu said Guangzhou will be courageous and staff to strengthen incentives and conservation, a substantial addition in prize money and assist solve the medical treatment, employment, housing, children’s pedagogy.


    micro-Bo said a journalist, met this morning, look at the small Yue Yue’s home, everyone’s mood seems fairly stable.

    hospital said the condition of small Yue Yue from October 18 along has been deteriorating, physicians carried out the rescue.

    today at 11 am,christian louboutin designer, the hospital unveiled a small Yue Yue condition further deteriorated, hospital ICU doctors are fully rescue. According to the intend, the hospital was held today at 11 am briefing small Yue Yue condition, yet for of the morning small Yue Yue suddenly slows down the heartbeat, the doctor rushed to the rescue of ICU consultation, notice will be postponed.

    Guangzhou intends courageous person survivor’s pension expense up to $ 500,000 heaved.

  15. share : welcome to annotate to comment ,karen millen dresses ebay The Red Army for a ambition apt sell real possession f

    microblogging Recommended | today’s peppery microblogging

    ( Zhou Ping Yang )

    Finally , afterward consultation Quhuai Kun replied: Reporters 2:30 left the scene ,christian louboutin simple pumps, no one migrant workers to quit.

    yesterday , came ahead apt answer to hundreds of migrant laborers and workers is Ruibao Gong Zhiyuan Division vice chancellor , manager of engineering Quhuai Kun . Reporters ambition repeat the upon apt the Quhuai Kun , he will study to reflect above the situation of the potentate has no objection , and told reporters namely the company’s lawful , Chen , common director of the company because someone did no come to go . Wang will learn to tell journalists that they had phoned Chen ,louboutin mart Mother 20 years antecedent, did no return family to ascertain her, general manager of contact , merely he does not respond the call . Reporter Chen , general manager of the telephone call yesterday, did not respond.

    to discuss the fares to pay as projects and mansion materials according with Luzhou,jordan 4, Sichuan Zhiyuan Construction Limited ( Zhiyuan company) , Wang and other employees will learn . Wang will learn to tell reporters that he sent the company a special disburse talks ,deduct karen millen dresses Man crushed apt decease at a adjoin with adjoin an,moncler sale uk, and the pay talks come extra than 100 migrant workers are the company to Ruibao Gong Zhiyuan with the work of the Division . According to Wang will learn ,burberry down coats, this annual the end of June , the Secretary Ruibao Gong Zhiyuan company and signed a labor compact , commitment Ruibao Gong Division of Eupatorium in Yuanmou creation base road construction project, can repair the road almost 7 km ,ralph lauren womens polo shirts, the total cost of 10 million yuan by far merely paid them Ruibao Gong Division 15 million. About 10 million yuan for projects in the wages of migrant workers accounted for 380 million , chapter of Zhiyuan ‘s advance pay , but still owes almost $ 2 million migrant workers, wages , additional construction materials shall too owes extra than 400 million, the rest also a project profits, taxes, management fees , there are 70 million yuan deposit , are in the default account.

    yesterday morn at 8 alternatively 9 , Dianchi Lake Road and West Road at the junction of Rainbow Hotel , to the hundreds of migrant workers dressing helmets , they are to argue wages and establishing materials to construction funds .

  16. Ma reminisced namely when the baby is very macabre, just blaze the same body after the peel fell off, the mutton inside oozing out. After seeing a regional doctor said, tin not remedy this strange ailment, have to get to the huge hospital. Then they came to Qingdao Children’s Hospital.

    infected children how nice would it? Some of Tingting’s parents do not know. in a long, mouth sores,nike air max goadome acg boots black, during which my grandmother did not stop feeding, so that by feeding, grandmother of herpes simplex virus to the mouth of a child if the child has broken skin of the mouth, it would easily lead to systemic infection.

    17 days, to see from the intensive attention unit to general wards daughter, Ma anguished tears. He explained thafter all month, his daughter suddenly with a fever, let the village clinic doctor some chilly medicine, who knows her daughter’s condition has not cultivated, even the entire body began to skin down.

    chew food to feed their children damage Big deal

    reporter Wei Lili

    Wang Wendi said, after beyond diagnosis, the baby girl is suffering from exudative erythema multiforme, the disease is infrequent. set up a emancipate crew rescued the baby.

    , the skin is not long at entire, so out of danger, have been in the intensive care unit alone, until 17 am, kids blisters scab off, not longer a new rash before their migrate to the general ward.


    infection notwithstanding stopped, yet the medical staff can not relax. Wang Wendi said, the child’s skin off the eye, eyelid mucosa has been damaged, and eye secretions more, whether a long time, the president of the upper and lower eyelids attach, guide to blindness, in which circumstance, Tingting doctors proceed to give eye drops to assist her divide the upper and lower eyelids.

    a half years old girl Tingting density (a pseudonym) a sudden high fever, and soon arose strange omens, a stop down the body’s skin off, covered with oozing water, via the Children’s Hospital of Qingdao to remedy, babe eventually out of danger. November 17, reporter learned from the hospital, diagnosed after the baby is undergoing from exudative erythema multiforme. Causes of the disease was really her grandmother to the students during ulcer Tingting chewing food, his mouth herpes simplex virus to her. Doctors advise, nibble food to fared their kid pass the bacteria not only the child, the child ambition also influence the development of spoken and absorbent juice secretion.

    half annuals age girl covered in sanguinary water

    the same period,monclers, the child’s skin, the wound too much, it is effortless infection, anti-infection is too critical.

    Children’s Hospital child conservation Zhang Fenghua, deputy chief physician, the children pass through the meal. In increase, chewing food to feed a child for the child to chew meager, can not subserve the secretion of digestive juice, a long time will affect the digestive system, the food easy to eat great point nausea,burberry down coats, and children long to eat soft food, the mouth do not exercise, even affect the child after the pronunciation.

    7 days and nights destroy through three off

    Wang Wendi said,christian louboutin platforms Lovelorn lad depart, because the immune system disease, after the destruction of the immune system,louboutin sandals , children are disposed to impact, this , they ought strengthen the child’s care, anti-shock management.

    large blisters, but also oozing out,air griffey max 2, and even the pate is,karen millen dresses channel Girls riding killed w, no one can mention that the whole body a good place, but the child could not open the eyes,burberry pajama pants, lips putrid, and spirit is very sluggish.

  17. share: greet to annotate to comment

    last May, she and her son went to a General Hospital of Nanjing Military Region for kidney transplant matching checks, matching mother and successful results, Xiuzhen health arrows fully meet the requirements.

    his contradictions matching success, although they have saved but worried mother body

    Wang Quansheng in one ordinary peasant home, 4 siblings, he ranked second child. He has a 5-year-old son, sibling and sister are not marital, are going to make a living above the outside. Nearly 2 annuals of treatment,christian louboutin, has spent all of this poor family’s savings. Wang Quan said, transplant surgery takes approximately 20 million, is immediately family Dongnuexijie, to do a lend from the bank, at the loan sharks,babe ralph lauren marketing Graduates 5 months int, barely got ample of the surgery costs. This allows entire of the chief namely no also elated,louboutins online, he said, he had marital, and this the 1 for the home to assume duty for their parents, brothers and sisters at family to take care of minors, merely now it became a burden on families.

    muscular as his money, his bicycle 30 km to do dialysis

    1 am,christian louboutin, a correspondent at the hospital Suqian urban minutes I saw on a normal root to the hospital for hemodialysis King of all, deserving to suffering from uremia, now king of all dialysis 3 times a week to the hospital. remedy the whole family has spent more than ten million. To retention money, riding a cord automobile all the king rushed to the hospital from his home, about 30 km away, he takes about an hour ride.

    microblogging Recommended | today’s peppery microblogging (edit: SN029)

    , the son is a chapter of her life to her son, she tin give up anything.

    matching was successful, but there are assorted formalities to be done. National Day, should the hospital requirements, Xiuzhen Suqian and son came to donate their own notary notarized expression. Notary commanders accused the king in the entire of the ailment, its treatment requires taking into account the actual costs, not merely eliminates the notary fares, also launched a voluntary employee contribution for this special family, by far acquisition of 1,000 yuan.

    a accident,christian louboutin leopard, all the king’s mom, Zhang Xiuzhen namely handy was suffering from uremia , well in life after a kidney transplant.

    2009 In September, the king all parts factory in Suzhou, a logistics work. The final daytime of 2009,christian louboutin wedding shoes, the king all suddenly feel chest tightness, and is a fever.

    the reporter peak

    King of all the physicians for blood dialysis. Peak taken photo of mother and son. Picture provided by the parties

    51-year-old peasant matron Xiuzhen said,karen millen channel online Aug. 26 -year-old daughter sent her mama committe, and the 27-year-old son suffering from uremia Wang matching all successful kidney transplant, she was giving her son a second life.

    After studying the news, all the king’s heart was very perplexing, my life, now you ambition to give me a second life, her bounty, I can not remunerate!

    night, hospital and base his chest with water and recommended that he transferred the treatment. New Year’s Day 2010, Wang and his wife came all Luhe District, Nanjing People’s Hospital for checkup and treatment, found he was anguish from uremia, recommended that he go to the General Hospital of Nanjing Military Region. At that period, Wang whole difficulty breathing, into the Nanjing Military Region General Hospital crisis chamber treatment for a week, in settled condition,purchase christian louboutin Teachers send their students behind apt the gloriou, he chose to return home to persist treatment.

  18. China has entered the aging society. Good use of the individual believers benefit of alone aged years of life, ability to distinguish right from erroneous is not strong, self-protection awareness is meager and other disabilities, the appoint of The retired and their children in the event of a similar fraud case, be vigilant. If damage has happened, shall promptly report to authorities for help, to defend their legitimate rights and interests.

    households had finished the house, favor Chen forget a thing. 400,christian louboutin cheap,000 to purchase a house is not to say,christian louboutin mart 66 -year-old daughter apt look a medic|physiciaapt to m, even too exhausted to a standing ovation Wong Lo also wearies even start to reveal the meaning of divorce.

    new wife to ignore person

    Wong Lo this insolent awakening.

    spirited octogenarian man to marry

    Ultimately, the court gave their verdict: Chen to be the efficacious appointment of the determination among 10 days from the housing transfer back to Wong Lo name.

    Court held that a celebration or other postpone in representation of the debt can not be accomplished resulting in rift of the compact purpose, the other gathering may cancel the compact. Wong Lo and Chen, the housing is either voluntary sale and purchase agreement signed and did not violate the prohibition statutes and administrative regulations, shall be recognized as valid.

    Wang Lao is Ningbo,karen millen 2010, 80 years old this year. The old man has never married,nike dunk heels Forest Park residents reflect the exclusion of human long die t, not kid knees, lonely life.

    Eighty-man avenue encounter

    1 enter the house, Chen is very diligent aid cook, neat, merely likewise to accompany Wong Lo chat. To feel even extra Xicongtianxiang Wong Lo is surprising to him wed Chen, Wong Lo was deeply migrated, admitted.

    pillow beating air into the house hand

    this, Wong Lo is very melancholy. His relatives were yet on the marriage is not satisfied, ask around, he achieved a long time Chen gambling obsession, gambling the family’s possessions were light, and still owe a cluster of outside debt. To pay off debts, ahead her with the same means to fool the other residents.

    not pay behind the headmaster, the house must also

    small 20-year-old female

    day of May of this year, Wong Lo as usual to the harvests. Suddenly something patted his shoulder. Wong Lo a look back, is a 50-year-old women. Women enthusiastically introduced himself, said,louboutin men, her surname Chen.

    10 months,womens nike atmosphere max jr 2011 Women police as, Wong Lo Zhenhai court to require the elevating heaving and Chen signed house marketing and purchase accord.

    newspaper correspondent Chen Xiang Jiao Chuan told reporters

    achieved, she attempted, Wong Lo want to work home and sit. Wong Lo hesitated a moment and meditation no one from the normal to the house, so I agreed.

    trial, Chen proposed namely the two are husband and wife, no trading among husband and wife to pay, so she can not pay Wong Lo to buy a house.

    met after the third day, the old difference of 20-year-old Wong Lo and Chen, went to the civil happenings ministries enrolled to get married.

    share: salute to remark to annotate

    Today, Wong Lo have been from now on achieve their liabilities for the housing transfer process, Chen also ought be paid about 400,000 to buy a house. Can be on trial,karen millen purple dress, Chen made it remove that he will not pay this money, which constitutes a delay debt obligations. Thus, Wong Lo for the lifting of Housing Contracts on valid foundation.

    proposal for Chen, Wong Lo hesitate. At this time, Chen anew in Wong Lo ear hair: are husband and wife, and also concern almost anything? Thus, the two entered into a house sale and purchase agreement, agreed to transfer the house to Wong Lo Chen name, Wong Lo Chen paid $ 400,000.


    years ago, Wong Lo due to land accretion, assigned to a 70 square meter house.

    5 end of the 2 went apt the housing legislature for the attribute transmit procedures. At this point, married just 10 days.

    After marriage,discount karen millen dresses, the Who wants to end users via a This old male recovered, met a liar. Yesterday, Zhenhai Court listened this circumstance.

    microblogging Recommended | today’s peppery microblogging

    the first few days afterward marriage, Wong Lo Chen for his wife take care of the raiment appropriate perfectly posts, Wong Lo is also very satisfied with this wife.

    >> alert

  19. villagers while their loved ones, and forever attach to

    this course,polo ralph lauren t shirts 300 feet, 39 -year-old students apt elder dad called,karen millen black coat, Gluten-chi every day to escape upstairs, two downstairs. However, the blog Gluten morbid wife is too above stroke hospitalization. Home to take care of his wife, but one old couple received a call call and went downstairs to a standing ovation two retired human.

    2002, the Zhou Renhua lived in Shop Street to the demolition gun, get the wage. Henan’s relatives listened the newspaper came to Xiangfan, they elected up. house to stay.

    Sports Network (AFP) news reporter Wei Peng a sixtieth old male, his wife of this on the feeble and sickly, but not blood ties with their two oldest elderly care in every likely way. Although the old one passed away,karen millen buy online, but she has no regrets, for she had to experience the world love. The label of truth old man called Gluten-chi, who lives in the former auto enterprise Jiashu Daqing Road.

    old unhappy, somebody to care for

    concern and fasten in the coffin, two is not effortless

    Zhou Renhua youth body is not very agreeable,burberry raincoats Man buffet at automobile trying, Gluten Chi frequented his house, aid with household chores. Zhou Renhua has not been husband and wife have babies, adopted a son and a daughter, yet later 2 married children grow up to the field, rarely home.

    Gluten-chih, said Zhou Renhua home in Henan, is a companion with his mama, who often encounter two years ago. His educate, we often work to Zhou Renhua home to play.

    even worse, Zhang Guiyun tin not care for themselves had been. ZHAO Chang-chi carrying a woman on the restroom,karen millen bridal Man later the divorce to take, a bath to help the old couple, give them cooking. When it is also engaged to let her daughter to take care of his wife, their two home altogether to live in, slumber next to them, . A few days ago,karen millen shoes online, Gluten-chi to help reclaim the Zhanggui Yun Zhou Renhua the funeral, then he was also busy looking for a cemetery.

    2004 One day in late at night, Zhang Guiyun phone to the Gluten-chi, said the nanny walk away and discontinue. Early next morn, put the old couple received their own Gluten Chi house linger downstairs.

    yesterday afternoon, the journalist saw 66-year-old Xiangyang People’s Hospital of Gluten-chi,christian louboutin decollete, he is to take care of seriously ill wife. Because his wife had a stroke, Gluten-chi actually get away. He has been taken care of at the 85-year-old Zhou Renhua received along his sibling Zhongxiang temporary settlement.

    At namely time, Zhou Renhua wife Zhang Guiyun body is getting worse,ralph lauren big pony hoodie, every few days to the hospital. Gluten-chi constantly carrying Zhang Guiyun apt the hospital, sometimes in the second family in the living, for fear of chances. Later invited a nanny, cook each day apt the age couple.

  20. share: welcome to remark to comment

    Recently, a Li Yanping fast jump red network, sought after by friends for

    punishment secretary Lu Jianguo Xiaoyi City Civil Affairs Bureau said: the child’s list not been decided, we gave our Civil Affairs falls. favor her so many years to attach to a person to adopt so many orphans and disabled children, really not easy. name, but a unified name

    Yan-ping told reporters, as the initial sent kids, their general support to the two-year-old on Fenyang City, convey to the local orphanage, but was not sent because an away sad time, my center can not stand. Now Li Yanping option of a total of 13 children, has grown to a maximum of 18 years of age.

    Li Yanping accept their 1st child in 1989. That year she gave birth to his son shortly behind her husband from the outside which saved an abandoned infant. Careful Li Yanping base that this namely not a regular child, but out of compassion or the child she stayed. But long ahead Li Yanping and her husband base a very practical question: As the breast shortage, and penniless by home,ugg cache australia , in whichever case can not support 2 children.

    microblogging Recommended | today’s peppery microblogging (edit: SN009)

    Yan-ping said: , can not be darted into the avenue right, it is not equal to this child’s life, I really would break the soul! son to give to somebody else,ugg sydney (), because the child is healthy,nike air max griffey shoes, human willing to adopt. To this end, Li Yanping undergoing friends and family of the informed, but many villagers around the village but will kas long asYan-ping is a good-hearted people, kind-heartedness.

    since lost its cardinal source of income, Li Yanping and children’s lives worse. Although the local civil affairs departments for definite grants, community contributions sometimes have agreeable people,ugg mini, but a person’s life still flies very impoverished. 14 people live in two ruined bungalows, four children sleeping in one Tukang, 20 greenbacks a month fair to purchase the beef, a food most people eat is cabbage. In Li Yanping home, the most valuable thing is a 29-inch TV and a small refrigerator, are son to buy, not a chaste counting to the furniture.

    entities [essence] square meters of farm yard, here is the 49-year-old Li Yanping and her adopted home of 13 orphans and disabled children. Most of these children are mentally retarded children and deformed children, eat and drink Lazard nap a whole depends aboard Li Yanping care. 22 years, Li Yanping has adopted more than 80 such orphans and disabled children.

    web posts likewise eminent that absence of normal source of earnings,83, Yan-ping solo pull so numerous orphans and weakened babies more laborious, extra than 20 annuals and even her own children do not understand and assist her, merely Li Yanping but never choose apt give up, but determined apt clutch up a whole

    the net posts to fame after the publish of Li Yanping network, users who have moved to express a message, mentioning that it is the reality version of mother Friends said: Loving Mother It seems from the outside, Li Yanping looked very haggard look, this is more than a dozen children dine and drink in her left Lazard jot. Li Yanping home yard full of colossal and small nigh the drying clothes, showing this unique small plough courtyard.

    [Further reading of the road very difficult phone for community support help

    Yao Po Village in Xiaoyi City, Li Yanping in the laundry. Xinhua News Agency reporters Lv Meng and Qi She
    Li Yanping teach a 11-month-old baby learning to hike. Xinhua News Agency reporters Lv Meng and Qi She
    Li Yanping take the kids from school. Xinhua News Agency reporters Lv Meng and Qi She
    Li Yanping in the laundromat for the children, which she did every day Xinhua News Agency journalists Lv Meng and Qi She

    Although Internet users is a recognition of the Yan-ping, but the eldest son of Li Yanping, but do not understand. Yan-ping said: time,uggs clearance sale, feel sorrowful and guilty.

    Since then, Li Yanping door constantly emerge to be abandoned babies. Some of the local civilian businesses divisions will also be abandoned in Li Yanping foster home, and give some favour. In this course, a absolute of 22 years, Li Yanping has adopted more than 80 orphans and disabled children, most of them have a kind of physical failings, not cerebral problems, is a congenital malformation.

    adopted in the Yan-ping inside more than 80 orphans, 18-year-old country and the country show filial fidelity are two healthy children Kai, Xiaoyi two vocational schools in Reading High School, which is most arrogant of Li Yanping. Thus, however he is very hard, but Li Yanping but never let them aid themselves in the family,nike aina chukka, but to empower them to condense on perusing, for to be able to work to institute. Yan-ping said: The country and the country show filial fidelity Kay also very competitive and accomplishment are in the best in the class. Show filial fidelity or monitor sister country and language English class representatives. In an interview with reporters, the country show filial piety can not quell his tears. She said: . Yan-ping said that his greatest hope is to flee an orphanage, the children afterward in life that can be assured, and their children have been able to live together, never apart.

    Xinhua Taiyuan, September 5 (Xinhua): (Chinese Wang Shi moved 2011) Shanxi ],[authentic Road farmers, cheap income, middle-aged widowed. But 22 years she has transform more than 80 orphans and disabled children’s mother, played with scene a reality version of

    Although life was hard, but Yan-ping every time I listen the children crying around their

    7 years antecedent,2010 uggs, her husband’s necrosis on the Yan-ping is a mammoth blow, because the kin almost to lose a pillar, since she had a children’s lives were put on his shoulders.

  21. vast family’s misfortune in the community post open, he got a lot of good people to help. Special arrangements linshu Town celebration leading of the town twinning helping them, and give money and assistance. The vast number of well-meaning people also came to the local home, bring clothes, edible delivery points, among its power to help.

    likewise at her. Inside and out number one, the penniless child early masters.

    Worse wby far to come, vast grandparents also died, was a severe beat to the Juzhen Long condition deteriorated, and afterward was diagnosed with liver and kidney syndrome, fear of chilly fear of the air,uggs marketing X, bedridden.

    3 6, the reporter went to vast family. At first glance, the vast startle people in front, chapters of the face beneath the eye and left ear burns, lower lips eversion, saliva will speak out. Left virtually no five finger, right hand there are assorted degrees of burns, a very rowdy hands. Ring Guhao Hao’s home, not a chaste thing. Court house stood a bed, with a few pieces of broken wood barricaded, bed quilt, have not see the incipient color.

    -year-old – for most children, parents also weapon favor a child. Lang may Linshu linshu town chap with disabilities Nishimura vast, they are lying sick attach to either parents extra than 2 years bedridden … …

    Vast fed in to the father.
    weakness vast hands, still insist aboard act their assignment.

    vast uncle Ju Zhenmin told reporters that since Juzhen Long after exacerbations, often suddenly collapsed, and immediately this year’s New Year’s Day, has been out of the hospital 4 alternatively 5 times, each period thousands of greenbacks of costing, not only his brother, who uses all their savings, but also six or 7 million of debt owed.

    in school, so vast is the most sorrowful and he namely not willing apt students by the same chart, with activity games. Vast that the scar on his face because the students are afraid of him, avert him. Because hideous face, and even some mischievous children often bullied him, pointing to the raiment on the vast cavity was tear through, said:

    sensible kid living unattended and his classmates do not absence to play most looking ahead to the burns healed

    , came from a year-old child’s mouth. Lunch time arrived, the regional administration sent out vast egg, fried on the stove for a small-cap egg. Reporters famous that this dish is not chopped green onion eggs, no salt. Vast annotated that his father’s cancer can not be salt and exciting entities, the elapse two years has been the case. Then begin to parents fed vast, one a quite patient.

    interview has been for several days, and In our harmonious society, we have not reason not to help this strong tiny boy it? Let us act attach to help the helpless child, so he is not longer on the road of life alone.

    every morning,uggs clearance sale, get up vast 7, down sordid water, health furnace, serving parents, clothing, eating, 7:30 to work thirty-four achieved in a small lake outdoor of high school, at noon and then return to home cooking, wait on their parents for dinner. Winter to warm to his dad, vast and went out to pick the leaves, wood, corn stalks.

    a strong and helpless children, a painful and the children have a imagine. When a reporter after the interview, while to quit the small house vast. When you look the entrance to the village he had been standing waving and waving, Reporters tears flowing down, could not, share the sensibilities beyond words.

    home in the vast walls, near to the one on the ,abercrombie and fitch san francisco 14 -year-old computer girls flee later creat,abercrombie and fitch credit card, the family’s television is broken, do not know what the students often mention

    disastrous one behind April was connate full severe cerebral disorders by stimulating the mama burns

    yet one accident changed entire that. Four months of the child, the vast holding grandson of Grandma cooking and found no water at home,ken griffey shoes 2011, and put straw on the vast on the pantry, to the neighbor’s house to scoop the water, falling wood burning stove in the jaws on the floor, lit the firewood stacked, and additional home members found, the vast has a small solemn burns. The hospital,Nike Air Max 95, the child’s life is saved, can be has changed dramatically. Old son looked at pictures of vast spiritual mother has been hit hard. Since then, becomes insane and outrageous language, mental disorders.

    paper / membrane the reporter Duguo Wen Kui Huan weekly journalist constant high high

    39-year-old Juzhen Long said, choking back tears, since his condition worsened, the family burden on all pressure in the vast body only old, cooking, laundromat, side side of urine feces, but also care for mentally ill mothers, young-year-old body with vast aiding the family.

    vast Juzhen Long’s father, told reporters approximately the family’s misadventure, he was analyzed with liver disease early on, has not busy in heavy physical fatigue, weird jobs to acquire a living only by RBI. Introduced, and a neighboring village girl he fashioned a family. In 2000, the vast birth send home a lot of mirth,

    This is a strong boy. Two years, the merely year-old disabled boy a filial fidelity with their own, a true love, and insistence to serve two terminally ill father and mother, had a moving spectrum on the filial love of the old Song of the pro, the fact is moving, the rare globe love.

    When a reporter queried what vast desires, has been hiding in the foot of the bed playing with stationery, he has thrown the light eyes, , can be like other children.

    This is a helpless boy. Only a year-old boy,wind max 24/7 (), this should be in the arms of their parents to enjoy their grandchildren,ken griffey shoes women, this should be fun to learn in school, after school should enjoy playing the nice life through childhood. However, the boy is solitary, the students do not even play with him, did not know what happiness is.

    ponderous burden to catch on their parents cook and feces-side end 10-year-old boy Han live in urine are dry

    If you have sympathy for this strong boy, would like to dedicate a vast love for small, amuse adjoin with the reporter:.

    a year-old boy with physical disabilities face paralyzed in mattress mentally ill father and mother, with their youth elbows propped up the house. This in the end is how one unfortunate family, but also how strong a boy? March 6, the reporter came to the old boy Linshu linshu town where Lang Village.

    Reporter’s notes: Let’s help this poor child

  22. fishermen over the island , said namely if it were not for the children to save , Yang Kaibin no killed.

    due to drowning too long ,cheap cardy uggs, despite the crisis rescue , Yang Kaibin not not opened his eyes .

    Sports Network (AFP reporter Zhou Peng Chen and micro intern with Hong Xi ) the day before yesterday nightfall , approach the sea ,air jordan, Beihai, Guangxi Weizhou ( located in the northern Bay ) , Wuhan inhabitants Yang Kaibin withstand storms , threw herself into the sea rescued 3 , No. 4 in save while killed .

    present,atmosphere max nm nomo 40,ugg boots button,ugg 5815 920, Yang Kaibin ‘s body has been transported to the Beihai City , local administration ,ugg uk sale, the tourism sector have been comprised in the aftermath.

    yesterday , the wife of Liu Ying Yang Kaibin introduced her husband , 41, is the Wuhan Iron and Steel Henderson Land Development Co.,Hermes Victoria Bags , Ltd. Senior Engineer . The day ahead yesterday a.m., with a 10 -year-old daughter xuan They , and Weizhou friends to play .

    hat present to see her husband come back , Liu Ying is very restless . Together with their friends nigh to look for lifeguards.

    It is reported that Yang Kaibin where the enterprise were arranged to fly to the North Sea ,ugg outlet, to help catch on things . Source: Metropolis Daily

    6:30 final night agreed , they came to a coast . At premier, the shore is quite shallow water , a family of three playing in the water for a moment . Suddenly, a storm comes up, and Hsuan-Hsuan Liu Ying mommy and daughter were involved in the water. Water well Yangkai Bin first mother and daughter saved up and sent to the shore .

    Subsequently , Yang Kaibin rescued an variant into the water . Then he listened a baby shrieking Yang Kaibin said something to his wife,

  23. pay for ALICE colleagues are not satisfied with the ,karen millen reviews

    microblogging Recommended | today’s hot microblogging ( edit : SN009)

    ‘s Court after the statutory appeal period,karen millen evening dresses, the original defendant, both parties have not appealed. September 1 ,discount louboutin shoes, the case decision has come into effect .

    court that Lee as a person with full civil capacity , and many organizations, participate in outdoor activities,ralph lauren wimbledon, knowing the risks of the activity , and voluntary participation , indicating its willingness to bear the resulting the consequences. Lee accidental death , the defendant in the case of no fault ,christian louboutin london store Drunken man stabbed and wounded three police of, not only to fulfill the duty of assistance , but they love money paid ,sell rolex watch Deaf woman was raped in the toile, the plaintiff then asked the defendant to pay costs associated with the lack of factual and legal basis , the court shall make a decision : rejected the plaintiff’s the claim .

    Xinhua in Zhengzhou ,ferragamo sneaker, September 4 (by Lili Jing , Xiong Xiaohui ) By the Zhengzhou City , Henan from this court ,

    Court found , July 21, 2010 , Zhengzhou Mix with Chen about the Internet posting Tours , after posting several times to remind the relevant considerations. In the same year on August 13 ,karen millen pony coat Teachers molesting seven st, 15 starting with the defendant and Lee began Walks August 17 , Lingchuan County, Shanxi Province, through the ancient rural village horse Wu Zhaicun After the accident, 15 accused were donated to the Lee family 8,000 yuan love money .

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  24. frail mother after discharge, a little moving about on asthma, Zhi Tang sweating. Golden must go back every weekend to visit his aunt or uncle living in the home of her mother, as mothers, lack of exercise,nike boots 15 -year-old girl with caustic mental p, she was the first thing to go home to his mother’s feet, wipe, wash clothes.

    in the winter just past, in order to earn money to my mother to buy fruit, Jinhua Qianjiang City Pacific Kong to work in a restaurant, half done, because restaurants closed on New Year, she only received 250 yuan money. She’s such wages to my mother bought the whole fruit.

    to go to school for Golden, has not yet come out from the pain of the mother, came to the area south of the main city of working in a restaurant, the monthly wages of $ 800.

    distressed to blame the Golden Flower, launch-grade students in private donations to her. Meanwhile, he issued the Golden Flower ‘death order': meal card on time each month to recharge 120, must be left to eat the minute.

    this semester, the school tuition-free to the Golden Flower, teachers and students are concerned about her life, she continues to

    Zhou Jinhua agreed to the request,Hermes Evelyn GM Patrol lead the patient water to hot friend, the two arm in arm to the canteen.

    moved: their love for her students

    She pulled to the canteen.

    In desperation, Jane Su informed the students exposed a secret.

    China Golden China to mothers fed fruit

    Secret: sick mother to save money to buy fruit

    last semester, the Golden suddenly start a diet, eating one meal times a day, sometimes two meals a day to eat, and rarely eat meat dish. At first, thought she was a sister hostel diet, did not care. Seeing that Golden had overweight losing weight, with individual dorm sisters envy, but also personally praised Golden weight loss success. In this regard, Golden barely laugh.

    she was a sophomore student from last semester,black uggs, she’s meal card always The meal card with only 159 yuan.

    Until there is a gym class she constantly retching, meal card

    secret: 159 yuan to eat for three months

    that Golden’s experience, Jane Su holding Golden wept. Since then, whenever I see Golden does not eat, or eat a meal of bread, when, from rural poor families to put their play Jane millet dish sub-half to her.

    few days later, when the student representative to the students of 4000 yuan donation to the Golden, the Golden spot Ku Cheng tears. Students contributions, this is to make Golden subsidies for life, carrying students, yet the Golden Flower for Mother chemotherapy of all donations.

    Golden China 18 years old, seven to Qianjiang District National Middle School High School students.

    last August 30, mother to the hospital due to illness, was found suffering from cervical cancer. After crying, the mother decided to abandon the treatment without the knowledge of the disease, the money they save for the Golden Flower school. Unexpectedly, Golden knew, forced her hospitalization. Hospital a few months, this will no fixed abode of the mother and daughter, and 50,000 yuan in debt.

    why diet? Teacher Wang Jinhua Teng’s meal card was a check, shocked: 3 months, with her meal card was 159 yuan.

    Golden’s mother, who is the declared end of Tong Fong neighborhood streets west of Qianjiang District 6 group of people,nike air griffey max 1 Qs metallic platinum black, 16 years old trafficked to remote rural areas of Hebei Wei County, a few years later, with the Golden Flower. Two years ago, Golden’s father died in a car accident in the local helpless mother, had to seek refuge with her grandmother back to Qianjiang. No shelter, she and her mother, aunt and uncle only two family settled, one who lives 10 days half, times change.

    to implement, Wang Jinhua teacher to supervise the task to be good students Xin Zhou, Jinhua urged her three meals a day.

    Golden pinching meal card, went straight to the ready meal window, together with Zhou played seven hair a cabbage, and then one person in a rice 7 hair,cheap ken griffey shoes Nurses talk about the drowning to do artificial respirat, brush the card, the two hard to find a corner to eat. All told, this meal, gold flower 1.05 yuan.

    China Jinhua not interested in dragging in the final classroom,abercrombie & fitch outlet stores, she hesitated: noon to eat do not eat this meal in the end? Because the day is Friday, adhere to the hungry at school, her aunt can return to the outskirts of full meal.

    complain,ugg adirondack tall, Golden tense, almost begging to say.

    mother was discharged back to the Qianjiang, the doctor said my mother should eat more fruits and alkaline food, living expenses in savings from the Golden Flower, and then to my mother to buy fruit. Each weekend, Golden living on savings to his mother with a buy apples, bananas and so on.

    correspondent reported to the Army photography

    Jane Golden millet is to be a good sister, last semester, Jane Golden millet often seen hiding in the corner of the campus to cry, and once, she inadvertently see the Golden diary: I can not lose my mother if her mother can cure the disease, I would rather replace it with his life … … had to tell the truth.

    once, Golden gym class, large amount of exercise, adhere to the class, she alone go to the playground outside, leaning on the wall constantly retching, pale. Classmates thought she was sick,ugg knightsbridge grey, to help her dormitory to rest, eat the students to end the meal, she had nothing had happened. We understand: This is the Golden Flower dieting results.

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    Banmei upper half-naked mermaid conservationists to protest against fishing for food and sport fish kill .
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  26. It will not wear, a little anxious Chen began Wawataijiao.

    listen to the experts say, 3 years to 5 years old child was only appropriate to learn skating. Yesterday, Ms Wong said the child’s mother, now do not give Chen a small pulley slip, and so grown up talk.

    Skating genius newspaper correspondent Wang Biao small photo

    Half an hour later, Chen actually taking advantage of the inertia of a small slip up, although the action is still crooked.

    half an hour on the broke away to her mother’s hand, stood quivering. On one side to watch the people have applauded,ugg 5803 bailey button boots, Chen little more exciting, and began to walk up crooked, also directed at you swing the shape.

    Wenzhou,jordanshoes 3, 19-month-old child, speech can only be called a Skating coach their children’s photos on the Internet, a small network of Chen immediately became the Reds.

    skate shop broke into the children, holding the shoes will not go away

    Ms. Wong said that his son is very naughty at home, it also would say that a Son’s talent in sports is very pleased to Ms Wong,nike air max 2010, but she worried about her son too young to learn at this age do not know skating is not appropriate.

    correspondent consulted experts on this issue. Second Affiliated Hospital of Wenzhou Medical College, pediatric orthopedic experts say, the children are skating should not be too early. Child growth and development period, the bones,abercrombie and fitch hoodies, muscles and ligaments less stable, balance is relatively low. A few years ago,buy uggs online 1810, when popular urban skating, skating children because there are many cases of fracture,ugg boots sale, when one day up to five children to the hospital for a fracture cast.

    gold coach also said that children in the system under the guidance of professional coaches to learn skating, skating shoes,nike air max 24-7, choose the right size, but also learn safety knowledge, equipped with protective equipment.

    newspaper correspondent in Wenzhou in particular Peas newspaper reporter Tony Lina

    Chen anxious not to speak a little wah-wah whining and mother knew that he would like to put on skating.

    have a good time for small Chen, and finally wearing roller shoes are a wonderful reflection of her mother at home.

    5 17 8 40 minutes, the city of Wenzhou, a city in Europe there are many kids skate shop slip in the pulley. Then broke into a skating shop boys, perhaps to see other kids have fun, he picked up the smallest size of roller shoes and ran, Hutouhunao very cute.

    gold coach said, he taught for seven years, roller skating, roller skating in such a short time to put on shoes and independent stop the baby, but it is the first time I saw,

    Ms Wong was helpless, the request for a small store of gold coach Chen try.

    the Ms Wong said that night was the son of the first wheel slip.

    Some parents worry that children skating will result in abnormal bone development, resulting in walking For this argument, experts said, the lack of scientific basis.

    pediatric orthopedic specialists: children learn skating should not be too soon

    then appropriate age at which children learn skating then? Experts answer, in general, suitable for 3 years to 5 years old to learn skating. But children learn skating, parents need to strengthen the protection of safety.

    view,abercrombie & fitch outlet stores Man claiming to, this

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  28. five years, every noon, Wang Qiang (a pseudonym) on the shuttle in Zhangjiakou City, urban high looking for Differ slightly from each other as long as he has beaten with a stone or a knife to women victims, and the obscene.

    text / reporter Li Yuan correspondent Xuwen Min Wang Jian

    railway bridge near the obscene number of women

    revived, Lee climbed out of the culvert, was rescued pedestrian to the hospital. Things over the years, she knew that her people are obscene Wang Qiang.

    Xiaomou multiple resistance,christian louboutin pumps on sale , Wang Qiang, a knife will Xiaomou hands, neck scratches, and stole her cell phone.

    nine years in jail not repent

    Recently, Zhangjiakou Shiqiao Eastern People’s Court ruling according to law, so that the villain has been duly punished. Found guilty of intentional homicide (attempt),ralph lauren paint, intentional assault,louboutin pigalle, forced lewd women, robbery, Wang was sentenced to 20 years.

    reporters learned,christian louboutins aboard bargain , Wang Qiang, when committing the crime are chosen each time the railway bridge near the victim is not from a little, he would resort to violence, injury, or stone or a knife to kill women who are victims. Achieve the purpose of indecency,buy christian louboutin shoes, he will carry away the victim’s property.

    46-year-old Wang Qiang is an ordinary farmer Zhangjiakou City in 1993, found guilty of hooliganism, robbery and was sentenced to nine years deprivation of political rights three years.

    she did not have time to see each other look like, it was the other force obscene. She refused, on the other side picked up a stone to pound her left forehead, until she lost her ability to resist. Subsequently, she glimpses the other side of her was obscene, and then hit her with a heavy stone.

    Xiaomou Qiang took the opportunity to open the escape of the toilet,christian louboutin shoes as bargain , help passers-by the police. Wang Qiang, changed clothes in front of the toilet, is preparing to escape when police officers arrested him.

    2002 2 released from prison, Wang Qiang, not only did not repent, but intensified. 2003 to 2008, he repeatedly commit crimes,christian louboutin 2010, take threats, intimidation and other means to forcibly molested, robbed at knife more than women, and caused three people were slightly injured, one seriously injured.

    11 pm the same day, after her walk near a railway bridge, suddenly dragged under the bridge culvert.

    court that Wang Qiang to extreme measures to force lewd women, the personal health of citizens of intentional injury, robbery and illegal possession for the purpose of the legitimate property of citizens, their actions constituted intentional homicide (attempt), intentional injury crime, forced indecency women,pink christian louboutin, robbery, then made the decision.

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    microblogging Recommended | today’s hot microblogging (edit: SN021)

    Zhang disagreed wake up take the chicken loop, then put the workers off. For the son of ignorance, the mother is very angry, to reprove some of Zhang.

    After the trial, the court announced that select a sentencing date.

    Zhang atrocities infuriated crowd of neighbors, and everyone rushed into the living room, together with the police and will Xieqin Zhang uniforms.

    allows the mother did not expect is that Zhang’s lesson for the mother was angry,shoes by christian louboutin Year 4 newborn baby g,air max tn, he returned by Jiujin house, picked up a bamboo stick on the back to the Yuanba, facing the mother Fan Cookin.

    later, his mother called sad son and daughter to cry. Zhang and his brother have not even played his mother! This brother and sister so angry. Gege Ti mother came home with a shovel, my sister called 110 after the police station came to the mother’s home. Seeing such a big fuss, Zhang not to mention the living room with bamboo sticks stand out, and he shouted: Who dares to break into houses, whose life he will.

    (Reporter Wang Jue) an unworthy son by a minor and assault elderly mother, his brother and sister learned about this, call 110, and with the police one back home. Unexpectedly, on the police to persuade the mediation process, the police and the man actually turn Xieqin wounded. The day before yesterday,christian louboutin platforms,ralph lauren womens polo shirts His dad smashed police motorcar theft, resisting, the man arrested for the crime of obstruction of official business, in the south district court for trial.

    Later, police identified the injury as slight injury,christian louboutins low , and Zhang also arrested for the crime of obstruction of official business, was south of District Prosecutor’s Office filed the indictment.

    seeing the police at the door with Xieqin mediation,moncler store, but nothing can listen Zhang. Frustration, the police had entered the house, can be just a step into the house, Zhang carrying bamboo sticks on the opening play, and ultimately,christian louboutin white, the police and Xieqin both were injured.

    the day before yesterday, the South Bank district court hearing the case. Contractor to produce a great deal of evidence prosecutors and testimony to prove that Zhang lazy all day, doing nothing, and even pocket money are looking for the mother usually ask for the facts. Can face the fact that Zhang has become not agree,buy karen millen dresses online, the mother of the wreck things appear righteous, not the slightest remorse, and even his own confession and the police beating in front of things, he also completely deny deny.

    It is understood that this year’s 40-year-old Zhang has been single, he and his 70-year-old mother living in the rural south area Longzhen welcome. One day in April this year, Zhang drink in the house to sleep, her mother sent for workers outside the house ready to take on a chicken Yuanba circle.

  30. Zhu took the money the same day arrived in Suzhou, returned to the creditor 8000 dollars. At this point, he thought Cai for their good,dresses karen millen , they regret stealing the money. In the afternoon, Zhu Cai sent a message to say he would raise the money back to her. Day night, Zhu back from Suzhou, Changzhou, captured by police in the cafe door.

    a few days before the incident, Zhu family suddenly received a phone call, said people often come to the threat of gambling debts. Zhu, with only a few hundred dollars, I know a few days ago Cai helped him get the money to the bank. 11:30 the same day the incident, see Cai Zhu laundry outside, then slipped into her room, take away the 11,800 yuan in cash in the wallet. Zhu Cai see in the laundry look right, then back to the house look and found more than 10,000 pieces of the cash was gone. Cai then called the police.

    Zhu and Cai, each of whom have families, through the network actually developed after the lovers. For gambling debts, Zhu Cai will be a thief reaches for the purse lover, stole his 11,christian louboutin patent pump 38,800 yuan. Yesterday, the new District Court hearing of the case. Cai present in the courtroom, unexpectedly, Cai has been called

    microblogging Recommended | today’s hot microblogging (edit: SN034)

    yesterday morning,sale christian louboutin shoes, the court case for Zhu court verdict. The court held that the defendant for the purpose of illegal possession Zhu, by secret means to steal other people’s property,burberry coat sale, a huge amount, its actions constituted theft. Defendant Zhu true account of his crimes, according to a lighter punishment. According to Zhu circumstances of the crime and the defendant show repentance for probation without further harm to society,buy christian louboutins 49781.46,karen millen dresses cheap, can be applied to probation. Court as follows: the defendant Zhu theft, sentenced to three years imprisonment, suspended for four years and a fine. (Text characters as a pseudonym)

    corrected himself and said the victim Unexpectedly, Cai has been in an interview with reporters, said money, I would not go to the police had. She also said that if she asked Zhu to borrow money, she will lend him.

    Zhu, 30, has been working in Suzhou. Through online chat, he met in Changzhou shop Cai. March this year,louboutins discount, Changzhou and Cai Zhu to meet. Although both families, but they still remain lovers. Later, Zhu decided to stay in Changzhou job development. They rented a house,moncler women, one floor, one on the second floor.

    for the gambling debts of $ 10,000 to steal a lover

    Xin Yuan Liu Guoqing

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  31. , the particular two accomplices were arrested , but fled out particular has been , and are online pursuit. September of this year , particular to the Changping Public Security Bureau gave himself up.

    microblogging Recommended | today’s hot microblogging ( edit : SN047)

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    cases in 1996 occurred on March 30 . Day, and two others with a particular meal , certain that no money is spent , the proposed make some money . Three get a kitchen knife ,karen millen dresses outlet, a dagger , a knife . 8 o’clock that night , three on the road in a cut-off Changping a taxi , on a particular claim to the Asian Games Village . In around a circle, also known as going to a particular Lishuiqiao . Drivers look in the rearview mirror to see three strange , aware of the danger ,karen millen buy online 21, it is not an excuse too dark to the north open . At this time, the driver went off a particular door , the driver was asked to give money. Just roll down the driver door glass ,christian louboutin stores, a particular grabbed the driver’s hair , the other two accomplices have also come up with the driver to withstand weapon ,ebay karen millen dresses, threatening its going forward . When you drive to a remote village side ,air max Tailwind Muscle man running one hundred kilometers dissolved Xiansang Mi, the three get off , the driver wore a knife began to search , but, to search only 68 dollars. Certain furious , brandished a knife Kanxiang driver’s head , chasing the other accomplices also stabbed . In particular , when the driver cut with a kitchen knife ,karen millen cocktail dress, accidentally cut off his left index finger , as anxious to see hands , three people give up .

    (Reporter Yuan Guoli ) together with others to rob a particular taxi driver ,christian louboutin shoes uk , it will be chopped and grabbed the driver $ 68 during the virtues of his fingers cut off . In fled 15 years later,uk christian louboutin shoes, certain recently gave himself up. Reporters learned yesterday from the Changping District Procuratorate , a particular suspicion of robbery Changping procuratorate approved the arrest .

  32. Holding the cable

    WASHINGTON Xicihutong on the article entitled Internet and media celebrities, he is eight unit four traffic police squadron commander Luo Xinglong. Reporters on Google search for Luo Xinglong this seemingly ordinary in one fell swoop, but left too many people moving, remember in the interview Luoxing Long Shique accident, that he has video: hand-held fell to the ground cable to facilitate traffic police vehicle in the past popular network Source: Oriental broadband a rescued 5 people rescued from the river.

    Reporters from eight brigade instructor Jinyun Tao had learned, in fact, Luo Xinglong was a floating in the river, indeed, the situation is very critical. Luo Xinglong while running, while off the uniform, quickly jumped into the icy river, struggling to swim to the vehicle fell into the water. 4 minutes, Luo Xinglong from 6 meters deep in the river has successfully rescued four rescued from the river, when he dragged his exhausted body ready to go ashore, but that there is one person still in the water. Searchlight by car ferry, he found another who fell into the river by the rapid flow of water toward the center, about five sixty meters from the shore. Luo Xinglong has clearly tired, but he did not hesitate to return again to the river in the cold,air max shop, hard swim 100 meters, finally caught a drowning person gradually drift away. As the drowning person is unconscious, Luo Xinglong not a little bit physical,ugg boots mini,discount uggs Owners will be hit crossing and advance his daughter to hospital f, and together they sank, in this life and death moment, ferry rescue boats arrived, the crowd has almost no drag on the perception of two people.

    traffic police held hands fell to the ground cable to facilitate traffic in the past popular network Source: Oriental broadband video

    as the first May live at the ceremony, he still Luo Xinglong rushing a stride, the crowd, under the eyes of astonishment,red ugg boots, that the thief on the spot will be uniform. When Luo Xinglong raised thief’s hand was still clutching the phone, the scene with the people applauded. (Guo Yipeng)

    Police rushed to the scene to dispose of Wu dry. Because of the group involved in the power line,Buy air max 95 boots, mobile and China Unicom and many other communications companies lines, Luo Xinglong difficult to take into account the companies disposed of in a short scene, and telecommunications cables may not be broken, rolling the vehicle can not be, or else. Thus, a seemingly ordinary, but it touched many people move there. have alternately with their own hands, but also retired and sit hand command vehicles. Luo Xinglong This move is just a scene photographed friends, accompanied by text after Sina, WASHINGTON-peer networks were posted, many Internet users have posted a heated debate on the matter, and praised his dedication. A netizen posted in this evaluation Luoxing Long: The traffic police seem small and ordinary act,bailey button ugg, but a reflection of his dedication, as one of the high quality of the people,Nike Air Max 2010 Bamboo boy was five hours into the rescue of the heart ( Figur, he used his hands the sky,griffey 2 shoes !

  33. suffering from sepsis amputated legs

    May 4, the Taihang Mountains in the barren depths of power, war veterans who lost his legs 10 years of planting more than 3,000 trees,abercrombie and fitch sweater 15 , the lush hills dress. Recently, this 62-year-old retired on disability, Hebei Jingxing little video veteran Umazo website was widely reproduced, causing great concern to Internet users.

    >> Video

    also owe a debt. but can not have been so useless down in 2001 I saw on television a farmer in Shandong plant trees in the mountains of the story,ugg adirondack, which inspired me. force training. So,ugg knightsbridge 8 10, when you press a small Masan saplings price of one dollar bought 50 Young seedlings started to grow. Since then, his career will no longer interruption trees.

    Umazo Small was born in 1949, 20 years old to join the army unit in Fujian Province, due to agriculture activities in an infection had sepsis, he retired in 1974 to go home, and soon formed his own family . After the reforms, Masan small business to start selling animals,hermes china, life that was rich.

    Umazo small deeds in the network and media disclosure, many enthusiastic users, enterprises and institutions of the community and he had a donor. He has donated a wheelchair users to have companies donated pumps, water pipes and other irrigation equipment, Forestry Jingxing free now sponsor trees for each year he planted.

    Recently, friends, barren trees, planting trees touched the provincial capital of more than 3,000 people, In the video, Masan small get up at 5 every morning, ready to pack up the mountain after the departure, in case of steep uphill or downhill, Masan put the prosthesis removed a small, hands touch the ground creeping forward. On arrival, Masan carry out a small pickaxe, shovel, sit on the ground began to dig pits, and then seedlings into the pit, and then carefully compacted earth. Both seasons, regardless of wind and rain, he did not break.

    >> about

    April 26,air jordan ,air jordan 11 high heels, Masan valley before climbing down off a small limb, the stump wearing thick intercropping. Intercropping to ensure that these body parts from injury when he was crawling. According to Xinhua News Agency Xinhua News Agency issued

    legless veteran of 10 years of tree planting

    Umazo small deeds disclosure, many netizens expressed their respect for him.

    1984, the Umazo small recurrent sepsis, leading to his right leg suffered obliterans, the situation continued to deteriorate in the second year he had to amputate the lower half of the right limb. In June 2004, Masan small left lower limb amputation because of the same illness. In August 2005, he also injured his right hand little finger amputated. Ten years he was seven on the operating table.

    On the network transmission of high moral character of his obligations to the topic of tree planting, Masan little stressed: trees to get rich, but then a lot of people know my thing,abercrombie fitch, I have some contributions, and now the treatment of our veterans is getting better, I was determined not to sell a tree, just to improve the ecological environment,ugg cardy, Let more and more green mountain. demobilized soldiers on a regular basis in the old town of quantitative benefits Jinling evidence,

    Recently, the reporter went to the Town of Hebei Jingxing show horses Village as villages within the major groove The Masan small home, which is built in a row of three-bedroom hillside cottage, the house next to the many species of poplar, straight trunk erect, lush green foliage. Masan novels, most of these trees are of his own species, more trees in the valley in the distance.

    (edit: SN021)

    It is understood that Umazo small trees near his home place is barren wild beach. The spring of 2011, he has planted more than 3300 strains of poplar, most survived the early years of tree planting has now lush, bare hills changed the face of the past. More valuable is Umazo small trees do not plan personal rewards, has failed to sell one.

    began planting trees for their livelihood

    Umazo novels, Internet users and the community to encourage and recognition, is the highest praise for his future he will continue to plant trees, green mountains and rivers of the motherland.

  34. share: welcome to comment to comment

    because of the company’s housing fund to pay the amount of dissatisfaction, he left the company after the forged certificate and seal, defrauding the company back to his housing fund, but also with his father’s identity card accounts to defraud withdrawal of the fund, the amount of up to 88,200 yuan. However, a liar when not

    2008 October to May 2010, an electrical equipment company in Hangzhou,Hermes Totes Bags 90,Hermes Wallets, Ganghwa work, that the company paid to employees of the housing provident fund amount is too low, specifically looking for company leaders do not communicate the results.

    . Back to Hangzhou, he used his father’s name to Hangzhou for the registration of provident fund management center, the father April 2011 during the housing fund, $ 300 per month, a total of 51,000 yuan.

    2010 November Jianghua through the small ads poles, contact the shop a false seal, made an official seal and the original company very much like the false seal. December 2010, he followed the original procedure, once again forged material, and covered with fake seals, but also to the housing provident fund management center in Hangzhou for the fund back registration business, so in its own back from January 2003 to 2007 In February the fund, the amount of $ 600 per month, a total of $ 30,uggs classic short 13,000.

    Sure enough, a few days later he was at the web to the provident fund management center has been designated from the company’s provident fund account of 3 million to his personal account. Succeed Jiang Mouxin hi endless, take the money out quickly.

    microblogging Recommended | today’s hot microblogging


    in order to prevent the original companies and find that the amount of provident fund account does not, try to be smart to think that Jiang Hua, the company’s money in the account level, and would not arouse suspicion, and that they can rely on this a lifetime.

    procedures, the success of defrauding the company 2 years back housing fund,australia ugg boots, approximately $ 72 million.

    Yesterday, the Riverside District People’s Procuratorate to fund fraud for obtaining high Ganghwa (a pseudonym) for prosecution.

    perceived wrong, June 21,air jordan 6 rings boot, the former personnel director of the company’s housing fund to pay the month printed list, see the clues quickly to reflect the situation fund management center in Hangzhou. After verification, Hangzhou Provident Fund Management Center notified the police.

    tasted the sweetness of Jiangmou stop. In February, the money to do business with almost the same, Jiangmou decided to get money.

    first cheat on so smoothly, so Jianghua greed renewed. After leaving,nike heels women , Jianghua to start his own company, because of lack of funds,abercrombie and fitch t shirts, he again got the idea to the housing fund this

    June 1,ugg boot, so he made a false material, stop paying for the fund had a colleague of procedures, to balance the company’s provident fund account balance of payments, did not envisage that this behavior so that he exposed a fox tail.

    7 January, when the fund management center Ganghwa ready again to extract the individual account assigned to the father of 5.1 million, was arrested by police.

    disgruntled Jianghua started to follow company procedures for payment of provident fund, provident fund back on moving from a distorted brains.

    2010 May 8 Jianghua resignation, he took the leave certificate and forged materials, to Hangzhou fund management centers of the company before the fund to pay for his 4,500 yuan, and obtaining access to back 7200 dollars.

  35. passers-by approached to sell the He came in the store to buy near the halogen material encountered two men speaking foreign accent. He struck up a conversation with the other initiative,jorden shoes, said they dug up from a site filled with a Zhang took out the other side has a red seal issued by the bank’s The documents printed with the following: the provisions of paragraph 12 of Article III: now be seized, if the parties agree with the prosecution in the people’s court within fifteen days overdue ignore. ingot Identification results show that broke off the high purity of gold bullion. Wei boss move the heart, after some bargaining, Wei boss brought out of 39,000 yuan each in cash to the bank, bought a five lion-shaped Good time to talk about the price of 4 million, but the boss Wei could not scrape together a moment that $ 1000, it owes the other $ 1,000. Each other left, Wei boss was the heart of doubt: will be golden? Suddenly realized he was made to local police station.

    Prosecutors introduced according to the contractor,ugg australia melbourne, this gang of crooks fraud previously belonged to different gangs, who have received criminal punishment. After his release, they re They dug the Usually a small piece of the body filled with real gold,Third party stabbed her lover original wife jailed for 5 years, if the object does not believe that fraud,hermes jewellery , they used pliers from the Victims are often confused by this last resort, thus deceived. Prosecutor reminded the public to be alert in case of such things, timely warning, do not be deceived.

    Justice Network Fujian August 11 (by correspondent LIN Yu) 3 Fujian sky man,uggs australia, fake When dug with gold ingots, gold lion jar, for fear of being confiscated cultural relics department, like cheap shot for money. They use this old-fashioned trick, actually in Zhangpu,ugg tall classic, Dongshan and other eight were continuously succeeded crime, involving up to 304,000 yuan. Recently, the fraud gang three suspects were arrested Zhangpu County Procuratorate.

    Crime with a fake gold ingots and other props.

    city under the control of fraud borrow

    received a report, the public security organs immediately arrange for police to learn more about the victim and the suspects cheated through the clothing characteristics. According to the victim provided police investigating the case, the transfer of the victim when the routes of the city cheated surveillance video, the suspicious persons search, found this group of fraudsters, according to the suspect later fled the hotel along the route search video surveillance, found the suspect and the identity of the rental of hotel registration information. Investigation by police as registration information,Hermes Plume Bags, follow it to determine the three suspects. July 1, Zhangpu police through careful organization, being in Dongshan County Wu Moushou suspect fraud,air jordan heels , Caimou Qin, Cai Moude captured. After a review of three suspects, suspects truthful account of their crimes.

    prosecutors reveal the modus operandi of fraud

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  36. According to British Na Young hot Lie Buzuo baby season in the park recently to capture a mischievous squirrel looking for nuts almost to be stuck in the camera lens hood in the wonderful photos. Only bright eyes,uggs boot 160(,ugg boots bailey, long tail of visitors to the possession of a good squirrel nuts after he ‘s on Tatyana became interested in a camera . Tatiana said:

    ( source : China Daily Chen Rong )

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    Squirrel in the head into the lens hood to find nuts ,air griffey max 2,ugg kensington 4521(, the result was stuck
    boss squirrel took a hammer and finally his head pulled out , it can not break,abercrombie and fitch shorts ,abercrombie and fitch promo, and front paws outstretched, trying to lift the camera to
    squirrel sparkling eyes opened wide ,buy ken griffey, the camera on the left to see the right Chou Chou,Buy cheap air max 95, seems not to give up the idea of looking for nuts

  37. It represents the red corner, is Xianxue Ran into martyrs. Each team should wear it and love it, as it adds new honor.

    microblogging Recommended | today’s hot microblogging (edit: SN026)

    Article: 7 years of age to all children 14 years of age,buy uggs, willing to participate in the Young Pioneers, teams are willing to comply with chapter,ugg sale boots, apply to the school the Young Pioneers organization, upon approval,bailey button uggs , can become a member.

    Xu Jianguo, president of Xi’an Institute of Education believes that wearing the scarf is a serious and sacred act,ugg sale clearance, despite wearing the green scarf The starting point is to inspire children grow up, but the red scarf, green scarf on campus there are not conducive to children’s awareness and respect for the red scarf. Although it is not green scarf identity of poor students, the objective has been divided in disguise to the children and other times, it is easy for the mind of young children have an inferiority complex, is not conducive to mental health. The reporter Song Feihong video correspondent Li Jianli

    green scarf does not meet the requirements of foreign practice has been stopped

    strengthen education and training of children, with reference to the practice of some schools overseas, also taking into account the special requirements of some parents, students and not intended to distinguish between good and poor students.

    It is understood, Shanghai, Beijing, Wuhan some places have appeared in But the red scarf has a specific meaning, the two had not the same thing, these practices have been halted.

    Feng teacher explains, not all first-year students also joined the Young Pioneers, generally divided into two semesters to complete. Excellent progress is certainly among the first children to learn, ideological and moral performance of the less fortunate students do not have a red scarf, some parents have raised their children to go home happy, hope that teachers can consider other alternative ways to help education. Students who do not have into the team. School more than 90 first-year students, about half of the people wearing green scarf. School responsible person, as an educational exploration, this approach has not been reported to higher authorities, schools,ugg boots discount, students in this part referred to as If parents feel inappropriate, teachers and parents can consider consultation to find a proper solution, not the children affected.

    Family, a child riding a bicycle, they put a green scarf come off. Half of our reporter Zhang Jieshe
    child wearing a bright red scarf, the other child is wearing a green scarf. Our reporter Zhang Jieshe
    put a child out of school green scarf off in the hand. Some children this reporter Zhangjie She
    green scarf chest is particularly loud in the crowd. Our reporter Zhang Jieshe

    School: In order to encourage progress, not discrimination

    scarf, the teacher asked to go to school, school can not solve, or criticized in class. Reporters noted that many children out of school on the green scarf scarf off quickly put into the bag. .

    children: I is the real red scarf …

    According to media reports, the Communist Youth League Central in 2004, the country has begun to trace the

    yesterday afternoon after school, outside school Weiyang the first experiment, some of the children’s green scarf chest is particularly loud in the crowd told reporters Zhangjie She noon as the school bell rings, pupils Under the guidance of the teacher line up to go home. Best video: Primary requirements for the poor students to wear green scarves incentive motivated Yin Zhengyi Source: Huashang out of school is a first-grade students, the team naturally scarf worn by their color is divided into two categories: half of a child wearing a bright red scarf, Another part of the child is wearing a green scarf. [Photo: poor primary school students to wear green scarves teacher called to encourage them to make progress]

    watch over the daughter’s first grade, she said the children reading, writing very seriously,ugg online, that is, some slow reaction, results in general. On Friday, he was wearing a green scarf on her home, she felt particularly strange, her daughter said it was sent to her teacher,ugg kensington The elderly into nursing home 1 wee, the class wearing a green scarf nearly half of the students.

    that schools allow students to wear the green scarf to try, the provincial Work Committee staff said,air jordan heels 4, chapter

    starting point is to encourage the children draw a covert objective and other times

    Survey: How do you see primary school students to learn to wear the green scarf bad?

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  38. hit a manhole cover ,uggs classic

    last night, in Nanjing Hongwu Nan Road and White Road intersection, a strange sound issued the following Yinjing , Is mine was? The crowd more and more, all the talk has become iffy up: What is more, that haunted the band before, two years ago, a young woman jumped into the Yinjing lovelorn suicide, not a ghost in it trouble you?

    issued a strange sound

    Yinjing following

    we can not be opened in Yinjing mystery sound when a scene of police officers called the Municipal Public Utility Bureau on the phone. After 10 minutes, Nanjing Municipal Public Utility Bureau, an expert came to the scene. Coincidentally enough, on the experts to the scene, manhole cover under the re-issue sound. After carefully listening to the experts, a smile that he knew the reason, it is certainly not the sound of hand percussion sound,nike ken griffey shoes red white, but the sound of air pressure.

    the experts said, Hexi area sewerage pipes installed are new,Hermes Plume 32 5, large capacity, air flow will be very large, frequent air crash set off a manhole cover manhole cover and the phenomenon, such as recently occurred Higher Education in the west near the apartment of a number of manhole cover overnight stay away from the wellhead concerned, is the wellhead pressure flow out of the manhole cover.

    Is the sound of this manhole cover under the public feel the following people, and invited the police.

    According to the Nanjing Morning Post

    police immediately cordoned off the area and once again forced open the manhole cover, the result is still nothing. Alarms that were at this time professor to speak: Two minutes later, the traffic police rushed to the scene, and transfer to a bus grinding roll manhole cover, the result is no sound.

    pass the night terror beat sound

    nothing> >> Expert Secret pressure air sound

    pressure air sound

    hit a manhole cover

    The old man hesitated a moment, quickly took out his mobile phone rang alarm: Many people can hear this sound, much like the voice of palm tapping manhole cover, it was definitely below Yinjing! / p>


    >>> Expert Secret

    >>> go down the search in addition to water sound

    According to the experts,cheap nike heels for women, the night before the next municipal authorities launched a White Road area sewer sewerage operations, repair of the sewage pumping station as the new power of larger, older urban areas sewer capacity is small, the water flow , prone to pressure flow, but the pressure of urban stream water pipes smaller, just hit a manhole cover, as the palm of your hand will be issued a beating sound.

    few minutes later, a police car sped to. The crowd at this time more and more,hermes online store, all the talk has become iffy up: What is more, that haunted the band before,hermes designer, two years ago, a young woman jumped into the Yinjing lovelorn suicide, not a ghost in it trouble you?

    few minutes later, there is no underground movement in the confirmation, the police cover a manhole cover. At this point another Yinjing east side tens of meters away, a woman suddenly came the shouts: rushed past, and she also came below the manhole cover hand tapping sound.

    9:30 last night, Nanjing Road,ugg sale Owner online sellers one yuan per square centimeter as comfort users (, White Road intersection with the Hongwu Nan, an old man in a manhole cover from time to time before the move. Squat while listening to old people, while tapping his hand manhole cover, his move has attracted so many Late Homecomers. Altogether a young man lying on the floor,ugg boots cheap 86, above the ear to the manhole cover.

    uproar of discussion for the residents, the police side of comfort, he opened a manhole cover, and found that there is a water pipe to climb at the footprints. Suddenly we heart sank, the water pipes that certain someone. To open the probe light when the police search, and found that underground water in addition to the sound of nothing.

    Nanjing, a manhole cover

    >>> mine was?

  39. prosecutors say

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    2011end of May, in order to give his sister surgery , Zhang took this book to fake bank teller , bank outlets to determine the false certificates of deposit certificates of deposit after the alarm . Upon inquiry ,, Liang was summoned for questioning.

    2010 October day,nike heels for women,air jordan 9 Elite female university graduates acc, Ms Leung and her husband plan to couple sellers Zhang received 160,000 yuan in the bank , bank for many people that day , two failed to deposit .

    present, Liang suspicion of the crime of forgery financial ticket from Fangshan of Fangshan ‘s Procuratorate to the Court.

    correspondent was informed the morning , on suspicion of the crime of forgery financial bills , Fangshan Procuratorate Liang filed a prosecution .

    after her husband Zhang Liang will make money in the bank . But Liang was carrying her husband own this 160,000 yuan into the cement business. Zhang found her husband in order to avoid quarrels over the truth , Liang produced from the Internet to find fake bills to the staff , produced a fake book to her husband.

    Fangshan ‘s Procuratorate prosecutor Huang Xuhui that case, Liang although not personally forged bank certificates of deposit,hermes us, but the counterfeiting of its initiative to contact the staff to provide the other system leave the specific information required , and the composition of a common criminal counterfeiting , forgery of financial bills should be held criminally responsible .

    (Reporter Hong snow ) in order to use the money without telling her husband ,abercrombie&fitch,ugg sale clearance 2, the wife actually find someone to create fake books . Without the knowledge of her husband took the book to the bank money ,ugg sale, the bank staff on the spot to the police.

    Liang earned money from other businesses had intended to immediately put the money to save her husband , and not with the subjective intent to commit the crime . But Liang ‘s violations of the object is a national financial order ,Buy cheap air yeezy for sale, her objective has disturbed the financial order.

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  40. sun consumer single

    (Reporter Li Shuang) because of Singles relationship with the number On November 11, you encounter a number of Yesterday, 16 people called and sent photos, drying their encounter a number of

    11 minutes and 11 seconds is 31 The time to buy lottery tickets just at 11:11:11 on November 11th,Hermes Watches, 2011. 11 buy 11:11:11 a lottery that may coincidence. Mr. Wang received a sentence at the time: Subsequently, Mr. Wang went out to a nearby station to buy lottery tickets,cheap air yeezy, the result is really just at 11:11:11 on November 11th, 2011 to buy a piece.

    happened 11 minutes and 11 seconds 12 ,ugg australia, what a coincidence, is at 11:11:11 on November 11th, 2011. He simply looked at,ugg australia sydney 623(), did not care, and later found time to ship 12

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    Changchun, member of the public still buy

    sun lottery

    in the end who hit the

    yesterday to see the collection of newspaper, look at the small ticket, find the top six

    Yesterday,abercrombie fitch clearance, this reporter saw the lottery, above a total of 31

    News Playback: November 11, 2011, to be friends once in a century as the In this day, you have not encountered with the 6 If you have contact with us soon and let us mark this special day.

    sun INVOICE

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    restaurant for dinner encounter eight 1. , so called dry in the sun.

    drying small ticket

    bread small ticket six above 6 Mr. Ma,uggs outlet, 62, bachelor day he went to two areas near the East Railway Station, a ten person committee supermarket to buy bread. At first,cheap air jordan online , he did not look carefully,air jordan 23 high heels 215, check the ticket on a good small home.

  41. three men riding a motorcycle intercepted the two woman , forced to pull to within Li Zhilin of rape . Yesterday , reporter learned from the police Maoming , Maoming City, and recently Maonan two police investigators swiftly and cracked this case by the Guangdong Provincial Public Security Department supervise the handling of major cases of rape , arrested all three suspects involved .

    Express News correspondent correspondent Yang Zhenwen Haisheng reported

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    1021 evening 8 pm, the woman Wu , Cai 2 , Guanghua Road in the urban areas were the same men riding a red motorcycle intercepted the three men , forced to 2 to bring motorcycle ,karen millen coats 2009, pulled up to the town of Tower Hill Maonan shochu village near the village of Tan nest within a Li Zhilin , despite resistance 2 , respectively,womens jordan high heels, the implementation of the rape. About 11 pm that night , before the two release . After Wu , Cai 2 hit 110. Police officers rounded up the scene immediately after the search . After the incident , the provincial Public Security Department attaches great importance to the leadership and supervise the handling of the Criminal Investigation Bureau instructed ministries and agencies . As Mopai work place , the police quickly locked Luomou , Zhongmou , Lee three men suspected of committing the crime . October 26 , 27 , suspects involved Luomou ,christian louboutin platform pump, Lee has two people arrested in the urban areas . 31 suspects involved in the Maonan Mountain House town Zhongmou arrested.

    microblogging Recommended | today’s hot microblogging

    Upon review, the suspect Luomou (male, 28 years old,nike heels for women, Maoming city people) ,nike air max jr shoes, Zhongmou (male, 31 years old, Maonan Mountain House town ),karen millen trench coat Song Mountain wood suspected of rape, second-instance a, Lee (male, 27 years old,christian louboutin wedding shoes Man fled after d, Mao Gangqu claw town in 2003,nike Zoom Lebron v 50 , was sentenced to three years for robbery , released in 2006 , this time the power of prayer ) , the three people suspected of committing the crime confessed to the crime of rape . The case is still under investigation .

  42. Zhoujian Jiang said that in the test report came out, Wujin District, EPA will work with relevant departments, to look at the scene, to develop a treatment program, the Pan Jiawei treatment of these wastes, such as steel, incineration, to the formal landfill, buried and so on. In addition, the environmental protection department will be in Wujin mud yard is often used as key areas to carry out a comprehensive investigation.

    Wujin District Environmental Protection Bureau deputy director Zhou Jianjiang told reporters, August 2, after receiving reports from the public, EPA staff will be the same day Qianhuang environmental section to the site view, that I wish Hedong Village Pan Jiawei Wing there side of a large number of unknown sludge ponds, visual accumulation area of about 5 to 6 acres.

    has been an investigation, inspection reports did not come out as not to sound processing.

    sludge come from?

    solid waste dumping cases refractory

    mud, sludge sampling on the spot.

    First, investigate the source of sludge is difficult

    microblogging Recommended | today’s hot microblogging (edit: SN021)

    Zhoujian Jiang said, the standard index of less than hazardous waste, the waste does not mean no harm. 2.1 can not be characterized as ‘dangerous’, although obviously has caused pollution. can not be characterized as hazardous waste, public security departments can not be forced to arrest people. basis, than it would cause harm to humans and the environment. Almost no standard test data points, the overall difference between harmful and will not be great, but not the same treatment standards. Environmental Protection Agency have jointly Changzhou Changzhou Intermediate People’s Court, Procuratorate, Changzhou City,griffey shoes red white Usury man sentenced to more than 300 million profit the, Changzhou City Public Security Bureau, to develop a force involved in the investigation department in advance, which will deal with environmental cases is very favorable.

    Black and yellow and white sludge is unknown,ralph lauren online, an area of foot football field next to the pond also darkened

    Mr. Zhou said, in July, when, where early morning a ship down to the mud, we thought it was the planting of river mud, and later bursts in the village will be able to smell the stench,shop ferragamo, especially under high temperature and rainy day. Some villagers said that their own well water has an odor, they suspect water has seeped into groundwater and rivers.

    about 500 meters from the village on a piece of abandoned fields, filled with black and yellow and white sludge, a full the size of a football field. A gust of wind blowing, sending out a disgusting smell carrion, sludge next to the reed has black, withered, rotting … … on Sunday, Wujin District, Changzhou, before reporters in the Village Pan Jiawei Huang Zhen wish to see the scene, shocking. , no argument.

    According to Zhou Jianjiang introduced in recent years, solid waste dumping cases increased year by year, the first half of this year alone, has received 10 cases of such complaints, environmental protection departments in dealing with such cases on the face many difficulties.

    correspondent visits

    wish Canal Village Pan Jiawei and the Wing is too confluence, involving four groups of villagers. This reporter has learned that in 2009 when the River Training Wing, the town government will flow down this space,karen millen leather Internet users reflect the official father died suddenly in, as the dredging sludge depot, after the end of Wing River dredging, pile on the no sludge.

    welcome to comment to comment

    three environmental cases dealing with difficult

    live situation?

    currently do?

    Wujin District, Environmental Protection Agency as soon as a major case investigation and complaint cases, contact a qualified appraisal unit for sludge samples for testing. In addition, to investigate sludge Qianhuang government sources.

    According to the EPA and the town government survey,nike air griffey max 2, the dumping of sludge is transported by ships from the south to the previous Huang Zhen, the illegal dumping of landfill, a total of 23 ships, namely, 1150 cubic meters, A total of thousands of tons. Because it is remote, the local village and surrounding residents did not discover. Villagers, sludge source direction for the South, on board Pan Jiawei place about 2 hours away from the boat, according to the boat to determine the initial direction of the sludge from Wuxi. phone has been shut down so far could not be contacted. grasp the Henan people, we do not know whether these sludge is from where. Dumping is the case with people of Henan Province, most of them driving a boat without a license without a license in the middle of the night or early morning for illegal dumping, also know little about their situation. In recent years, solid waste dumping cases increased year by year, the first half of this year alone, 10 cases had received such complaints. But the environmental protection departments are facing a dilemma: the entire Jiangsu province with no qualification testing of hazardous waste identification unit. Shanghai web search to find a unit, the sample submission. and other preparatory work, the current testing has not yet been completed. However, EPA was informed by telephone identification unit, several of these important indicators of sludge did not reach hazardous waste standards.

    may come from the Yixing town government, said a preliminary analysis of the chemical waste, has been censored.

    three difficulty

    8 month, villagers in the town government to reflect this. According to local media reports,burberry coupon, the former is responsible for environmental protection work of Shen Huang Zhen, Assistant Village sludge wish about something, look very carefully, p> He then introduced and said: river silt,karen millen dresses on ebay, and later found work loading and unloading incredibly smelly, and asked the people on board, said board is pig. More than 20 days, about 1,000 tons. Preliminary analysis of the chemical waste, as to whether it is hazardous waste, said Shen, Assistant to the Shanghai environmental protection departments have been sampled to detect,cheap rolex watches men , and what component is unclear, the specific circumstances of the best and Wujin District, contact the Environmental Protection Agency.

    sludge pond next to black, withered reeds. Villagers said the family has well water smell.

    28 around 10 am, Chow came to the reporters to follow the informants from the village of Wing 500 meters west of the river embankment, I saw an area of about 5 acres on abandoned fields filled with sludge, a a row of yellow cloth with black regularly, and was a contrast to the surrounding land. Reporters found that the sludge next to a small pond had turned black, which has withered reeds rot.

  43. share : welcome to comment to comment ,rolex online retailer

    a statement , according to Chu , he was ready to get married before the audience about the prospective mother , is to send copies of a decent gift, he came to the seafood shop . The prosecution alleged that this year at 21:00 on February 19 , Chu a store in the West Area in Dalian sea cucumber ,air jordan hydro v sandals, while the owner is not prepared, stealing a box of dried sea cucumber ( 40 / 500 grams, worth 2500 yuan ) . Chu was found after an escape ,buy karen millen dresses online 17, and his use of violence assault arrest people Tianmou et al.

    microblogging Recommended | today’s hot microblogging ( edit : SN047)

    (Reporter Wang Lina ) a guy Chu prospective mother-in audience in preparation for marriage , as a gift goes to a decent ,karen millen leather, Chu a steal in seafood shop after the first rush . Yesterday, reporter learned that a Chu for robbery ,air jordan hydro v sandals ,jordan 1, was sentenced to two years imprisonment West half ,how much do rolex watches cost,rolex watches ebay Man picked up the key to open t, and was fined 5,000 yuan.

    West Side Court found that Chu for the purpose of illegal possession of a secret to steal other people’s property and the amount is larger, its use of violence to resist arrest on the spot act constituted the crime of robbery .

  44. 9. (And I love the people,womens nike air griffey max 1, or people who love me) embrace.

    6. Sitting in the sun (where are sitting in rows).

    In addition, 38% of people feel happier Saturday than other days, especially on Saturday morning woke up, suddenly found the weekend.

    5. The sun is good go for a walk.

    4. Swimming in the sea.

    29. Eat chocolate.

    7. Suddenly received a gift or flowers.

    30. Eat dessert.

    no matter what, happiness does not always follow us. The week, the average person can feel happiness about half a week. After experiencing the worst day, I heard the boss’s approval will be given a greater sense of happiness too,nike air griffey max 1 black Teachers make student! In the pockets of old jeans found 10 pounds.

    24. To quiet moment alone.

    10. Receive a thank you card.

    sun is an important element of people happy. In most of the 30 British happy little things, on the list of, and the sun will have the option 3, as No. 5: the sun is good go for a walk; No. 6: sat sun the sun (where both sat lines); and 12: sunny to roll down the window when you ride.

    2. Vacation.

    to find those that occur in our lives,karen millen online, but most ordinary people happy little things, the British company called

    13. Lottery 10.

    16. Amoy to bargain.

    21. Hear a song can make people remember the past.

    19. In the company promotion.

    and respondents in the course of conversation, the researchers found that just reading these happy little things already feel happy. Because when you read them, it already took a pleasant way.

    happiness must work too hard

    20. (And wife together) spend a romantic night.

    majority of respondents said that in the real sense of generosity from others when they will feel particularly happy. This is from the good people and tolerant of human desire,christian louboutin shoes online, when you get there, do not expect anything from others, or when other people do not afford to dream,nike air griffey max 2 gd, the sudden generosity and tolerance, people can instantly feel the warmth, which is a happy feeling. In the bus, the train to the old seat, but this seemingly simple actions make a lot of people feel the warmth – the elderly,christian louboutin pumps sale , people and seat around the people who witnessed the act.

    14. Finalizing a holiday.

    happiness from the generous and warm

    3. Lying just clean the blanket.

    23. Handed a new friend.

    15. Hear their favorite songs.

    28. The morning after getting up,christian louboutin gold, suddenly realized that today is the weekend!

    12. Roll down the window when sunny to ride.

    25. Just walk in the countryside.

    8. From there, received a warm love SMS.

    18. A picnic in the park.

    pleasant reading is happy

    27. And sisters to go out dating.

    survey, the researchers listed 50 different options, so that the 3000 respondents VGH. Among them, the

    22. Look at old photos.

    26. Hear the baby’s laughter.

    microblogging Recommended | today’s hot microblogging (edit: SN009)

    11. Saw a pair of old people walking together arm in arm.

    17. Meet old friends not seen in a long time.

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    One pair of Siamese girls in the United States, the Philippines, a California hospital separation surgery .

    surgery is expected to be 8-9 hours ,acrombie, six hours for physical separation , and the remaining 2-3 hours for the body repair. This will be the attending physician to do the first six cases of Hartmann Siamese separation operation . The last time the hospital to do the same type of surgery in 2007 , when the operation was a success . Hartmann expressed optimism for the surgery .

    the chest and abdomen of girls connected , but independent of the heart,Buy Air Jordan Max Fusion, brain, kidney , stomach and intestinal tract. Surgery ,ugg boots shoes,air griffey max 2 11, according to the Palo Alto,abercrombie womens down vest, California children Lucy Packard Children’s Hospital , said surgery is the most dangerous part of the liver separation of the two girls .

    It is reported that only 25% survival rate of conjoined twins , an annual average of six cases of separation surgery in the United States implemented .

    BEIJING, Oct. 11 , according to foreign reports , a pair of two year old Siamese girl will be 1,buy air max 2009 , the Philippines ,cheap louboutin, California, USA accept the separation surgery .

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  46. addition to the corruption allegations, the prosecution also accused Liu Guobin, Zhou and students suspected of embezzlement $ 2 million. Two in March 1998 to September, will be 200 yuan of public funds go to the secret of the ten accounts, the deposit for three months on a regular basis, and interest is 1.4 million yuan, and then they will return the money.

    in court, Liu Guobin recognized all the allegations, but said, this is better as a unit development. He said that public funds do not fall into their own pockets, just the name of the unit to open the account, the level of public funds after the account went into hiding.

    Therefore,nike air max 2010, the court appeared on a rare case – as the defendant’s Liu Guobin, in answer to the prosecution’s question,ralph lauren polo shirts for men , are fluent. In answering lawyers’ questions,cheap air yeezy for sale , frowning lawyer forced to improve tone, repeatedly stressed him telling the truth.

    weeks and students on account opening, transfer and other questions, and Liu Guobin describe almost the same, only difference is that with Liu Guobin, he has said: hid the money. But the prosecution’s evidence suggests that the general manager was unaware of, and there is no relevant evidence that Liu Guobin is the

    In addition, the prosecution also accused Liu Guobin alone in May 1998, the 300 yuan of public funds go to the Friends of the stock control account Wie, Wie for personal use. Liu Guobin will be flat after the account the funds,new adidas running collection, illegal possession.

    lawyer said the defendant made a scapegoat

    case will choose a sentencing date.

    operation, the unit has not been aware of the existence of money, so he could not confirm their actions to the public sector.

    argued for the unit development

    Liu Guobin left to right for the week, and students. The reporter Ouyang Xiao-fei photo

    share: welcome to comment to comment

    indictment, in March and April 1998, Zhou and Liu Guobin and health, when he was Beijing Bureau of Mines integrated geological engineering company (Beijing Coal subsidiary of Geological Exploration Team) Planning and Finance Section, Deputy Chief . Both accounts without the company’s 3 million transferred out of public funds for the purchase of government bonds. Then, turn the money into two accounts within the kangaroo, and illegal possession of funds after the account level; 1998 11, 12, both of them directly to the company’s 1.7 million public funds and 60 million of public funds into private set up an account and account level. In addition, the two had in December 2000, the company’s 300 yuan of public funds go to the China Securities Co., Ltd. Beijing Dongzhimen South Street securities business department, for the purchase of Chinese railway construction bonds. After the duo will be transferred to secret accounts in the funds, and illegal possession after the account level.

    argued that counsel for the defendant made a scapegoat unit involved in the development of accounts for many years after exposure

    However, Liu Guobin’s lawyer insists that led Liu Guobin made a He read out Liu Guobin on June 22 last year during testimony at the preliminary hearing, said Liu Guobin admit that he is at the back of the blame for others.

    together former colleagues of corruption

    Liu Guobin’s lawyer, said Liu Guobin name of the unit to open an account, you need including the legal representative of the company ID card, financial chapter, unit of account that other 7 procedures, Liu Guobin in addition to master one of the financial chapter, the other is relevant departments and units need to go through the leadership, so he can have no knowledge in the case of units set up accounts, transfer money and a lot of money out of self-control. To confirm this, Liu Guobin’s lawyers in court on several key issues repeatedly asked Liu Guobin. However, Liu Guobin answer is secretive, the majority of answers are difficult to justify. For example,griffey shoes red white, Liu Guobin first account that was first established, the bank in order to conduct business, without the transfer of business license, then they change the statement said,christian louboutins for cheap Junior high school students shot and killed outsi, for which account is opened.

    10:00, 61-year-old Liu Guobin and Week and Health, 59, was brought into court. The two former colleagues and old, had worked hard together in the same department more than a decade, and is now standing in the defendant sitting side by side.

    microblogging Recommended | today’s hot microblogging (edit: SN047)

    edition have written the reporter Sun Siya

    prosecutors told reporters that evidence that units do not know Liu Guobin and weeks and Health kangaroo account,buy christian louboutin shoes, they will be disassembled to other companies money and profit from as much profit, because time is too long, the current has been difficult to investigate, but these do not affect the characterization of two corruption. The reason why the case for many years without incident, because of Liu, Zhou has been in control of the account at the end of unit audit, the accounts is flat, it has not been found. Since then, the two Department of Finance Division has not worked. Reconciliation at the end, because the unit no one knows these accounts, so there is no relevant personnel to the bank reconciliation, bank call telephone inquiries, the matter was exposed. This can also be fully described,karen millen 2011, an account both of the units has not been agreed. Last May, the prosecution will be taken away by Liu Guobin and weeks and Health Survey.

    trial involving corruption chief denied as morning, the Beijing Coal Geological Exploration Team Audit Section Chief Liu Guobin and former Deputy Chief of weeks and students, on suspicion of embezzlement in the hospital in the city to stand trial, involving more than ten million. At the preliminary hearing was originally claimed to be leading a

  47. this way, he saved a total of 40 people.

    trapped busy parents can not be contacted from

    Rescued more than 160 police wish good light

    wish the light of this distress is not the first time to save the.

    and Liu Lei, Li Shouxin with drowning

    he rushed into the house with people

    he insisted not to go

    police had left far down on the peak. A big wave called,jordan 14, police cars flooded in the water put out the fire. Urgency of the situation, I wish the light emerging village reminds residents of the home has 4 community a big tricycle, went to the launch of the residents of the home from the car, to the safety zone evacuation, evacuation of residents along the way found on board.

    result of the flooding, many of the corn stalks down the river, the river formed a hill in the same floating debris. When the assault boats traveling to a new village 6 Town community pull waters, unfortunately touch on a floating pile of corn stalks, corn stalks and debris wrapped around the propeller, the assault boats out of control, roll in the flood,rolex watch cheap, I wish the light and three People’s Liberation Army soldiers were swept away by rapids.

    5 o’clock,ralph lauren wholesale, I wish the light found a new village called Zhang first 6 community and the elderly his wife trapped by flooding in the house. Zhang first year is 91 years old,ralph lauren black label , suffering from cerebral thrombosis, mobility. His wife 92 years old, paralyzed, completely unable to act.

    are scared. water, but the mind is very clear. He knows that the surface of the floating debris is too thick, too wide an area, after being rushed to a difficult chance of survival. Think of here, he choked a gas bar Mengzi swim upstream, and we have to wait any longer to emerge. Shore rescue workers saw him, immediately threw a long rope in the past. / p>

    swim up more than ten meters away, I wish the light head above water again. At this point, people on shore to a bamboo pole with a hook handed over. Good light,burberry new york, raising his hand, did not seize the bamboo,quilted burberry jacket (), but bamboo will be caught in the armpit. Bamboo root through this life-saving, he reluctantly supported in the water for a while, go back to the shore. He shook his head and said: I wish the light under the guidance of the nearby villagers, and soldiers, the police search was washed away along with the other two People’s Liberation Army soldier Lei Liu, Li Shouxin. However, 16 am, in the downstream waters are found the remains of two soldiers.

    as of August 2, I wish the light to rescue more than 160 people, more than 1,000 people evacuated, no one injured. Rescued by his infinite gratitude of the people said: Secretary Li Haibin of considerable personal risk, save lives in the flood light I wish the people spoke highly of the police, called for a global police to learn from him. Our reporter Li Yang

    7 28 days 4 am, when I wish the light that floods the news is about to arrive, immediately organized the villagers to evacuate. 4:30, 4 in the new village community, an evacuation of the villagers on the wish of light, said: situation – Wang Hongli is cerebral, his wife is a vegetative state, if not rescued, after the flood diffuse certain death. So he, his co-officers of the police station recorded Wei Xin said: >

    3 people hurried to Wang Hongli home Ben. But having just a few steps, the water is no neck, and three people had returned. I wish just say: mod, see if I can touch the Wang Hongli home. At this point, the yard has no waist deep water. 3 to go quickly flung open the door to the house,shop christian louboutin 2010, I saw lying on the kang Wang Hongli desperate couple, seeing it is imperative to the flood drowned them.

    police, must stick to their posts.

    seeing the flood would come in, and Zhang refused to follow the first, but how I wish the light to go. Deadlock two minutes later, Zhang first splash knees: Just then, Wish Upon seeing the light, and quickly take up Zhang first, let Wei Xin Zhang first record of carrying his wife, ran out together. At this point, already waist-deep flood.

    At this time, come to assist a pull Creek station director Han Kun drive a police vehicle arrived, everyone on the bus, quickly emerging Dongshan to the direction of the high-lying evacuation.

    the couple saw the flooded

    7 29 7 pm, after learning that 16 Town and pull the masses of cadres trapped by the flood, when the Wang Zhuncun, I wish the light and the officers and soldiers volunteered with the rescue. Assault boats on a total of eight people, wearing only his own life jacket.

    Mengzi he survived two tie

    he rescued more than 160 people in Kut

    elderly do not want to hurt his

    wish light one after the soldiers who raised Wang Hongli, recorded her own co-Wei Xin, Wang Hongli officer’s wife, Wang Chu down to the road when the red. However, to the time but also extraordinary, blink of the work, the water waist-deep in the. Several people ran out of breath more than 1,000 meters,air jordan 9, tired out of breath, it could run.

  48. In the letter, Steve wrote: ‘roommate. This letter is addressed to you … if you can tell me her contact information, or ask her to contact me, I would be grateful. with government systems looking for He then wrote: letter was quickly forwarded to other government agencies, including the Prime Minister’s Office,christian louboutin helmut, the Justice Department and other departments have received the message. Many people worry that he would rather lose their jobs because of this letter. 16, the immigration spokeswoman said that Steve was not dismissed, the civil service act and the value of the guidance department is investigating, after completion of the investigation will deal with Steve.

    praised by friends as On the Internet, while Steve has been a burst of applause, friends praised him is a

    e-mail sent to the Prime Minister’s Office

    side of the border after the obsession

    The courage to look for This is the Australian media in recent days, the most popular topic. The cause is the capital of Canberra a Love at first sight to find the

    11 13,christian louboutin,, Steve participated in a gathering in Canberra when faced with a girl, black hair. Steve said that Olivia left a

    story of the heroine has not yet appeared. But Steve may make heart-breaking is a Melbourne radio station ,burberry pants, But it is said, are some of Olivia’s friends persuaded her to meet Steve,nike nomos,christian louboutin collection (), Newspaper Roundup Qiao Yanbin

    They did not say a few words, conversation was interrupted by others, but Steve has not had time to ask Olivia’s contact information. After the meeting,ralph lauren cheap polo shirts More than 10 emerge, Steve has been obsessed with. Two days later, he bravely decided to use e-mail to all my colleagues in Canberra,shoes by christian louboutin, immigration help.

  49. our reporter Li Jie

    of the bribery, the next bribery, internal corruption, the former model and now because of alleged labor three sins become a prisoner. October 19, Lanzhou section of highway total red section of the original ancient highway management section chief Jin Xiangbiao suspicion of corruption, bribery, bribery trial. The trial, Jinxiang Biao said in addition to some details open to question, the prosecution alleged basic truth. The case will be regularly pronounced.

    Buhuozhinian Jin Xiangbiao now passed, the crime section of the former total of Lanzhou Road, the ancient highway management section of the red section chief, was awarded In 2011, the total section of State Highway Inspection Fang Duilan series of corruption cases investigated, the Jin Xiangbiao sacked, March 14, 2011,christian louboutin flats 490 10, Lanzhou City Procuratorate his detention on corruption charges.

    for the next on the bribery bribery

    trial in court, Jin Xiangbiao logical thinking, clear, calm words, the basic allegations of the prosecution confessed, but said the fact that many are taking public funds proposed by others, they only echoed. According to the prosecution evidence, Jinxiang Biao, who embezzle public funds is through a large number of account.

    taking public funds spoils 500 000

    According to the prosecution alleged,burberry factory outlet, in January 2006,ralph lauren sweaters, the total section of road in Lanzhou at the office of Jinxiang Biao, part-time Jiayuguan to Anxi highway subgrade ten, vice president of project tenders. In the meantime, the Ministry of the project when he was 3 people immediately find the person in charge of the construction team Yang, FAN, let them false statement of material in the project settlement money. By Yang, FAN’s Among them, Jin Xiangbiao share $ 200,karen millen maxi dresses,000,christian louboutins uk , when the end of the year, again by three contractors Zhang Quanlin Yongdeng membership (handled separately) sets out 90 million,shop rolex watches, Jinxiang Biao again share $ 300,000.

    share: welcome to comment to comment

    in corruption, embezzle public funds at the same time, Jin Xiangbiao but often get promoted,karen millen reviews, successively promoted to the Lanzhou section of highway, Deputy Director General, Health Pro high-speed highway project manager. With more and more power, some of the contractors after another, take the initiative to find Jin Xiangbiao help. 2007 to 2010 during the Spring Festival, by health and other temporary highway project manager job, Jin Xiangbiao labor force has charged four people Zhangquan Lin, who is responsible for a total of 3 million yuan commissions. Jinxiang Biao was arrested in March 2011 after the prosecution investigation found that as early as 2005, which is a good relationship with the leadership to make career flat, also took the initiative to the Lanzhou section of highway at the party secretary general Bai Union (already tried) offer 40,000 yuan commission.

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  50. Lin will teach all the manufacturing processes of new and Li Yan Yao, Xin Yao, Li Yan, A meta-three in Lee, Yao made a new home will belong to that part of raw materials for processing. Yao new things during this period due to back Shunde, Shunde in his back during the period, Li Yan put his two hydroxy imine 50 kg completed the first procedure to generate semi-finished products. Drug-drug ketamine processed into semi-finished about 21 kg. November 29, Yao drove his new car to the Maoming, the next night to catch the three processes, namely, bleaching, end alkali, crystallized. In the manufacturing process of some of the problems encountered when asked to call the new Yao Lin, Lin remote to guide its manufacturing.

    these work well after the advance party, but with Yao Lin discuss new drug manufacturing sites. Lin said, words to live in Maoming, Lianhua Cun, where remoteness, economic underdevelopment. Yao Li went to see the new words to discuss the matter,karen millen dresses on ebay, words do not agree with Lee at first, but only in the Li Yao said a new drug one or two words at home, Li Yan was agreed.

    true-account of the public security organs, yuan or so, he said, and Dongguan, South China Sea to sell customers, ask them any money over,ralph lauren wiki 306(, then we Ronggui side transactions, so that some relatively safe, but customers in Dongguan South China Sea and I have not seen. >

    10 end of the month, Lin said, really the right path to start (drug delivery) has. So find your own way is also really good friend of unemployment TANG help people talk about things that drug trafficking, and called TANG together, agreed to sell the course of more than two earned divided into 64, Tang agreed . From two people want to make some difference in the trafficking process. After the public security organs will be true-and TANG captured.

    Lin said in an interview the author said: I knew I would be today, but I do not regret, because I owe a huge debt to his father are paid off,nike air griffey max 1 4122 1.5, I have no worries! , a drug dealer in the end of life actually reveal the voice of these so-called filial piety he is really awkward!

    2009 a May night, the road really met Lin, Xin Yao, Lin Fan, A fat, orange Wang et al. Lin was summoned to his side, mysteriously, Lin went on to say, promised,

    2008 In October the new Lin and Yao, who went to the first beach to play in Maoming,nike Zoom Lebron, Guangdong, during which the new depressed Yao, Lin asked him how, Xin Yao tells the truth. Two years ago, Yao money owed to others due to the new, looking for their big brother Lin Fan Ching-Ho Lin Lin by Foshan City, Guangdong Province Shunde streets of the deed as collateral for credit loans to $ 250,000, interest on the loan due to insufficient funds, Yao has been worried about the new. ! Lin said, the. Xin Yao said,

    So Lin built a web account, use this account to the people about the Internet four manufacturing techniques and raw materials needed for manufacturing, technology and really it was to lay the raw materials needed to tell him, This allows Lin ecstatic. Next, use the Internet to contact Lin and drug trafficking were raw materials, and ultimately determine the Shenzhen called provide raw materials for manufacturing hydroxyl imine.

    orange Wang Lin’s sister refused to admit that he was arrested for her husband and brother-informed regarding the drug, true-arrest for the police and the prosecution said, talk about the market price of ketamine, for example, to 20,000 yuan to 25,000 yuan price to sell, not sell too low. , which said, We are doing drugs.

    made in Ching-Ho Lin Li Xin Yao, when the third drug involved. He played the greed of the drug from Lin made in them to steal a bag of about 1 kg of ketamine hidden in the cupboard in his room, after the police found.

    addition to delivery to help Lin Tsai Arco Jiangmen, the true-but also delivery (drug) gave a Jiao Eling Zhuhai sister, the girl speak Cantonese, 25 years old, the first trading is the end of June when the true-and she made an appointment at the South Town, Zhongshan intersection transactions, real time way to send a 1 kg of ketamine to her, and received her 10,000 yuan. The second transaction is in early July, when an appointment is in Nantou town, Zhongshan intersection, the road really get 2 kg of ketamine to her, and received her 20,000 yuan. Since its first sale of K powder, as long as the next home to K powder, true-getting goods will be called to ask Lin to Lin in July to help sell a total of 10 times, totaling about 5.5 kilograms of drugs ketamine. Total profit four or five thousand yuan.

    2009 6 1 May, 9,ken griffey jr jersey,ladies rolex watches prices 56, 15, Arco, respectively, to the goods to the Lin 8 kg, 8 kg, 11 kg, according to the old prices, a total of 24 million yuan. As the huge amount of the transaction, the two sides together in a postal savings bank by the Arco way to transfer, will import 24 million yuan Lin postal savings accounts, and then by Arab buildings in the old place, and Lin, or true-for the transfer.

    on dividing the spoils, Lin says, , his first points after less than 2 million to me the second time, he gave me 5000 yuan Chinese New Year, I feel less isolated, took a eight (8 kg) K powder. drug earned about 40 million, I divided the 20 million Ah Yu and Ah Fat has about 11 million sub. >

    2009 In early November Lin, Yao agreed a new two were invested 150,000 yuan and 115,000 yuan manufacturing partner K powder. This time they bought a total of five barrels of hydrochloric acid hydroxy imine, a barrel 25 kg, a total of 125 kilograms, of which two barrels are new to pay for Yao, three barrels of money to buy by Lin. Starting from November 24, Lin, Xin Yao, A Yu, A fat, Li Yan Li made in the home manufacture of drugs K pink. November 24 morning, Lin personally pitched operation, he will hydroxy imine all raw materials for manufacturing process after the completion of the first process, then that part of their own drugs, semi-finished products back home Ronggui follow-up manufacturing (the reason for Li made by the first manufacturing process, because the first process to stimulate the taste of the biggest). To December 1, Lin produced a total of 53.22 kg of ketamine drug, which finished 3.8 kg, 49.42 kg semi-finished products. These have not yet finished and semi-finished products sold to the public security authorities seized.

    drug in the course of the new system Yao, Li Yan, Ah Yuan in the whole process, Jinhua Yao’s wife in the new manufacturing process involved in the final screening of K powder, that is fine sieve powder K sieve out, she did about half an hour. Li Yan is responsible for weighing and packaging. Yao K new packed powder will be put into black bags and Yi Bao pure tank, its also the drugs together with the A element onto the car. Subsequently, the A element to drive open in front, followed by Yao a new car, sitting in the car co-pilot position Jinhua. Who knows just home front,christian louboutin studded, he was arrested,christian louboutin lady peep, the police took from the new black bag Yao and Yi Bao seized 16 kilograms of pure water tank in the K powder.

    Lin in Ronggui K powder manufactured home during the Gege Lin Fan, Ah Yu and Ah buddies fat in the side to help. After the incident, Lin explained, ; my sister king orange responsible for purchasing gas stove, gas cylinders, bags, folders and other materials throat; A Yu is responsible for buying beaker, filter paper, stainless steel pot, ice and other items, has sold two (2 kg) K powder ; A fat do I create K on the powder’s deputy, dry cleaning utensils and other chores.

    in decoration, true-TANG always smell to the room and heard bursts of unpleasant pungent smell. In mid-November 2008, an evening, the road is really sleeping and was awakened TANG, Lin joined them downstairs to help move things, they bleary-eyed downstairs to see the house has three large cardboard boxes, paper box with the words They help him to Lin called these True-many times before in trying to help Lin inquire before the delivery of drugs had come from where, but suspicious and Lin Bu Zhisheng, also true that the right path, feel they are in manufacturing. On one occasion, Lin said something really touches with the way the truth, .

    family together into battle, mad to poison the system

    Foshan City, Jiangmen City Public Security Bureau Public Security Bureau received the transfer of clues, there is a drug trafficking gang in Shunde area of activity, after investigation, found to Ching-Ho Lin Yao led the gang suspected of a new system of drug products, 2009 December 1, Foshan City police arrested 10 people Lin, and captured the scene in a number of drugs were seized. October 8, 2010, by the prosecution to prosecute, Foshan Intermediate People’s Court of First Instance sentenced Lin to death, others were also given due punishment. Among them, Wang Jinhua orange and did not participate in their own drug, he is an accomplice to Lin Fan, Tang is not clear the drug in their own grounds to the Guangdong Provincial Higher People’s Court of Appeal. April 2011, the case of second instance in Foshan Intermediate People’s Court.

    welcome to comment to comment

    on the case

    true-Lin is mainly to help out some of the bulk (drugs), normally is not empty when Lin himself, to help him be called true-delivery, usually a very large number of transactions, he will not called true-to help him delivery.

    first drug, the contact Shenzhen Lin, Lin will come online technology eleven drug test and found that the drug produced very good fineness, usually called to play more with their Three in Maoming City Lianhua Cun Li Yao made the new brother in law to create the home of about 50 kg of drugs K pink, sold separately from the Ching-Ho Lin Xin Yao.

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    Sina exclusive manuscript statement: This work (text, images, graphics and audio and video) for Sina to use, without authorization, any media, and individuals may in whole or in part.

    In this case, part of proceeds of crime seized.
    seized part of the proceeds of crime.
    case uncovered part of the proceeds of crime.
    part of the proceeds of crime show.

    drug trafficking huge amount of customers all over the southern Guangdong

    2009 January Arco Guangdong Jiangmen people call Lin, . Arco replied, Lin K to the A Building 3 kg powder, these K powder is sealed with a transparent bag, the bag 1 kg, a total of 3 bags are packed in a black shoe box inside. Early April 2009, contact Lin Arco called again, this time he wanted to buy 2 kg K powder, or the price of 9,000 yuan per kilogram, a total of 1.8 million. Buildings in the old place by the A and Lin transactions.

    second time was in January 2009, also funded by the new Yao, Lin Shenzhen through Internet links, Lin made the master, Ah Yu and Ah fat along the way, Lee made the home manufacture about 23 kg of drugs K pink, the same were sold by the Ching-Ho Lin Xin Yao. During this period, Lin also used the first and second drug of the

  51. Chengde County Public Security Bureau deputy director,karen millen dresses outlet, according to Zhao Min Court introduced the driver Jiang Guangping (male, Born 1958) is a county project manager, to accept the police inquiry did not tell the whole process of traffic accidents. Allegedly, after the first crash, his mind went blank, no sense of a sudden.

    preliminary police investigation,womens nike air max jr 2011, 17 am, Jiang Guangping to the county with their friends on the Valley Township Goddess damiaocun picking, at noon at a friend’s house for dinner, then drink a lot of wine. The way back, his sister worried that he drank too much,lady rolex watches, as he drove Tai village hospitals platform. Subsequently, Jiang Guangping they drove themselves to the county’s second elementary school friends at the alley entrance, in a series of accidents caused by on his way home.

    Zhao Min Court, said the scene Jiang Guangping was caught, according to the prevailing blood tests, the alcohol concentration 186mg/100ml, more than drunk driving more than twice the standard 80mg/100ml. After the scene, Jiang Guangping drive a vehicle in less than 250 meters distance, which caused a dead 6 injured, two of them seriously. In addition, direct or indirect damage caused by vehicles, 18 (Taiwan).

    BEIJING, September 18, Chengde (by Zhang Fan Chan Kwok-fai) 17 pm,nike air griffey max 1 red 600, downtown Chengde County, Hebei Province, a major traffic accident occurred, a black Hyundai sport utility vehicle in less than 250 meters of the road, a continuous multi-vehicle crash automobile, motorcycle, killing one person was killed and six people were injured, two seriously. Chengde County, Hebei Province, said 18 traffic police department, according to police findings, the Department of drunk driver driving the vehicle, now suspected of the crime of endangering public safety in a dangerous manner XingJu.

    the scene,cheap louboutin shoes, according to witnesses, at 14:30 on the 17th or so, Chengde County Primary School alley, a black Hyundai Tucson sport utility vehicle will be riding a bike knocked two women teachers , and then along Main Street from west to east city board fast forward, rear-end collision with a black Santana,christian louboutin shoes australia 7, Santana knocked cross in the center, and car collided with a black flag. The vehicle moved on, mother and three people hit the street after street railway in which they were hit near the mouth of a cleaner and an old man picking up. Off-road vehicles at this time still did not stop,christian louboutin sneakers, but the process forward and collided with a motorcycle across the road, the car a 39-year-old woman died on the spot. Subsequently, the retrograde direction toward the vehicle left the sidewalk, knocked down two more than 20 cm diameter tree across the landscape rather than a tree, turn on the sidewalk waiting for repair of five motorcycles Zhuangfei, until the vehicle hit a repair of three-wheeled motorcycle parked before being finally stopped in front of an advertising company. (End)

    after the accident, the county officials and relevant departments attach great importance to the major,nike air griffey max 1 grey Man convicted of sexua, active families of the victims do ideological work, frozen Jiang Guangping the property of the company name. The injured are being Chengde Chengde County Hospital and County Hospital for treatment.

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  52. According to reports, Yang Yang,nike air griffey max 1 blue 108, and yesterday a total of more than a dozen volunteers distributed 999 Yangyang said city people increased the pressure has become a problem faced by the community, through his hair,

    dear, take good care of your side of those who, because of love may be only temporary, but friendship is for life.

    Yesterday, Yangjiaping pedestrian street, volunteers Yang Yang (right) distributed in the streets, Correspondent photo

    Mission City Volunteer Department said the staff working on the surface it sounds, 55 million figure is not small, but the proportion of the population of the city, this volume also appeared to be very thin. There is also a most pressing problem is the city or even a well-established domestic supply failed docking platform, resulting in voluntary service For this situation, the city is considering the establishment of a network management system for registration, the city’s volunteer online registration can be fully realized.

    dear, never embarrassed himself, such as not eating, crying,abercrombie online, self esteem, depression, these are a fool to do.

    dear, do not be too low-key,cheap jordan heels, and sometimes a little tough, being bullied, they must not bear grudges, tolerance will make you noble.


    dear, you disappointed but not despair, you should always believe Tomorrow is another day.

    Australia and coming back from a female boss who said Zhang Yi, Chongqing own business is often physically and emotionally drained, she accidentally discovered in the QQ group on this activity, you take the initiative to participate in,Hermes Picotin PM, to relieve the pressure.

    dear, do not seize the memories hold the kite off the line, let it fly,abercrombie outlet Two men were stabbed to death by a rose ( Figure ), let it, but let their own.

    Banan straw assistance center for four years to help 2850 people < / p>

    (Reporter intern Houqi Lin Yang Cai Wenpei) December 4, International Volunteer Day at dawn, Banan District, the town of straw pillar aid volunteers donations pillar town government in place pillar of the town-site enterprises and institutions to donate more than 40 million caring for charity. It is understood that, as the city’s first non-governmental aid agencies helping the poor, from its inception in 2006, straw assistance service centers to raise a total $ 620,000, assisted 2850 people, grant aid payments totaling 41 million yuan.

    love your friends Yangyang

    When you open this letter, you know, I am looking for you for a long, long time waiting for you. And you and I, both strange and familiar, because I know you, 5, like you know me.


    dear, from today, for their own pride (to) live it, love yourself.

    I have been afraid to show you that their minds, it is because I have not enough courage, we have many times passing, we have all around as easily on (around) the person turn a blind eye or something.

    dragon in the whole (Reporter Yang Xingyun) Young distributed her letter. Ms. Tien read to this It turned out that yesterday was International Volunteer Day, this handsome young Chongqing Institute of Technology senior students, volunteers, Yang Yang, he and his companions wrote 999

    this, Chongqing Yan Zhao Qing, director of psychological consultation grid that way a lot of people decompression, Yangyang passed pressure to serve as a warning, should be promoted.

    Qu Hua Jieshao pillar deputy mayor of the town, said residents need financial help if you encounter difficulties, to the service center to apply for assistance, straw, upon approval, you can receive assistance.

    Zhao Qing also said that the pressure of life in common, everyone more or less. Feel the pressure of the pressure of their own people to make the right judgments, identify the source of stress, symptomatic relief, should not be overly negative view if everything around, or severe blindly blame the leadership, colleagues around the bad, bad working conditions, etc. essentially the pressure to find ourselves.

    Yang Yang said, To awaken people’s memories,

    yesterday morning, Mr. Cheng to work in foreign companies also received to this Mr. Cheng is planning to do the work, up to the year, the important work after another, the pressure to let him know what to do, Cheng said it was

    group, according to Municipal Committee and Chongqing Municipal Youth Volunteers Association, Zhang Jijun said, the city was established in 1994 since the City Volunteer Association, this year, the city’s number of volunteers has reached 55 million, they come from all walks of life, old and disabled to help cover services,hermes purses, child care, poverty alleviation and development, environmental protection, anti-drug AIDS prevention, fitness,cheap hermes handbags, community support, legal aid and other aspects.

  53. newspaper recently reported a high-speed traffic police corps, Wenzhou, Zhejiang, deputy head of detachment Humou, drunken driving in a car accident, Station Road, Wenzhou city,discount christian louboutin, causing damage to two car accidents (see the newspaper on June 13 Japanese A8 version). Yesterday afternoon, Wenzhou open court hearing of this drunk driving case. Court verdict: guilty of dangerous driving Humou sentenced to detention for three months and fined 3,000 RMB. It is understood that this is from May 1 this year, drunk driving into the first sentence after the Zhejiang jailed for drunk driving traffic police.

    5 16, Fenghua Zhou was sentenced to detention for three months the court, and fined 1,000 yuan.

    [case playback] drunk driving hit traffic a taxi

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    after the accident, the scene of a taxi driver called the police. Humou then was taken away for investigation, identification of evidence of Wenzhou Municipal Public Security Bureau arrested for drink driving Humou extract of the blood was tested, the detection Humou blood alcohol content 127.8mg/100ml, is drunk driving, then Humou been Jingfangxingju.

    June 11 morning, driving after drinking Humou a yellow Ford sedan, Wenzhou City, along the road from the station traveling north to south.

    Humou in court yesterday for drunk driving confessed.

    welcome to comment to comment

    5 19, Cai was Longwan court sentenced five months of detention, and fined 5,000 yuan.

    6 16, Lucheng’s Procuratorate to the crime of dangerous driving Humou prosecution.

    Humou in the final statement said: I’m sorry my leadership, I am sorry that their teachings and culture, this case one means the end of my police career and I hope you to me as a warning! road traffic regulations,nike air max 2011, drunk driving motor vehicle on a road, his behavior constituted the crime of dangerous driving. In view of justice after Humou truthfully confessed his crime, and can voluntarily pleaded guilty and has to compensate the victims of the economic losses, can be given a lighter punishment. Then the above verdict of Humou.

    Zhejiang industrial area in a road accident, five people were affected by slight injury. Tangxia squadron of police arrived, the scene of the accident, leaving only a black Toyota Corolla sedan and a rollover on the ground of three-wheeled motorcycle. The driver of Anhui Province Lixin County Humou,watch Driver injured girls buffet the onlookers pr,on sale christian louboutin, male, born in 1976. He was not injured in the accident, but the identification results show that Humou blood alcohol content of 121mg/100ml,rolexes watches, confirm its composition drunken driving.

    5 8 Humou be sentenced to prison for three months and fined 2,000 yuan.

    0:32 Xu, Jinxiu and Station Road car passing through the intersection, the rear-end hit the same lane in front of the taxi to wait for a red light,karen millen dresses ebay, causing damage to two vehicles, according to the day responsible for the trailer staff, taxi rear serious injury, Humou driving a yellow Ford hit the front hood lift, serious damage to the front, two car airbags were open.


    Ningbo by employers to the hotel to celebrate. 7:40 that night, drank five bottles of beer after the Zhou driving more than an ordinary two motorcycles left. When you drive to the West Bank Road,christian louboutin men 23.6, Fenghua Jinping Street Bridge Road intersection with the benefits administration occurred with the car scratch. Identified, Zhou blood alcohol concentration reached 191mg/100ml.

    Zhejiang Expressway The Honda City car ready to drive brand HG71 Pingyang. Cai vehicle after driving through highway toll station Ruian Shen highway into the G15, the car stopped on the hard shoulder of the highway. 0:50 Xu, police officers will patrol to the defendant Cai captured here. Identified, Cai’s blood alcohol concentration of 172mg/100ml.

    [the court] detention for three months fine of 3,000 yuan

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    2007 August, the wife of Zhao Changping,, a food stand in the morning to buy tofu brain ,mens christian louboutin, we found that a fly . The next day,ralph lauren shop online Diesel sudden break for b, she found the stall Hemou requirements refund. Because they do not give money back , she called her husband Zhao ,http://www.rolex, and the phone seems to cry,discounted christian louboutin, Zhao rushed to the scene . Hemou flies does not recognize his tofu brain , and asked curd flies were found why no rebate . Then had a heated argument , Zhao picked up a stool and walked over toward Hemou are Hemou the knife section of rushing . They tussle together,karen millen red dress , Hemou forward a flutter, Zhao will step backward . Behind the cooked ravioli is due to their pot , the pot was knocked over , Zhao also fell to the ground , the pot of hot water thrown back in later .

    share : welcome to comment to comment

    (Reporter Yuan Guoli ) because there is a fly in the curd , customers and stall holders went out, and bloodshed , the customer then cut Zhao was burned twice in . According to Reporters learned yesterday , has escaped an arrest Hemou stall , and was Changping Procuratorate approved the arrest on suspicion of intentional assault .

    microblogging Recommended | today’s hot microblogging ( edit : SN056)

    Zhao stood up , the two continue to fight . Zhao ‘s left foot cut the wrist of the knife . After the forensic, Zhao ‘s injury constitutes a minor injury . After the incident,karen millen website, Hemou fled Beijing . Recently, police arrested and brought to Hemou .

  55. Jiao Kuo day yesterday the state is not good, especially back pain, one seems to be particularly haggard ,cheap christian louboutins, no reporter saw her a few days ago when the relaxed state. walking the streets in Nanjing, Jiao Kuo was very nervous, has been clinging to her husband’s hand tightly. lunch,burberry brit jackets , Jiao Kuo a point to drink soup,christian louboutin flat, is inflation, could not eat, ate a painkiller, grateful to these good people, she said:

    careful medical history and view some exchanges later, Professor Liu Baorui recommend or return Jiao Kuo Yangzhou treatment, and provides direction about the treatment. Professor Liu said, Jiao Kuo stage before treatment is effective, the next step how to treat the specific needs further examination, and this in a few Yangzhou hospitals can be done, back to Yangzhou treatment one can save money, the other close to home but also conducive to patient recovery.

    readers call the newspaper would like for her contributions to

    nothing exciting life with you, through twists and turns, it will certainly safely and smoothly! is a great little woman. do not know how to say to you, on a bar: Come on, great little woman. look forward to see you one day overcome the disease. ! moving! yesterday’s newspaper also ringing hotline 02596096, dozens of readers to call that as Jiao Kuo impressed by the strong and optimistic, enthusiastic as some readers Weapon Jiao Kuo how to treat, and some well-meaning people that are willing to contribute, so that through Jiao Kuo the storm.

    Every mother’s son to kiss the cheek of cancer.
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    newspaper reported yesterday the story of cancer after her mother Jiao Kuo, hundreds of sites nationwide reproduced this news, CCTV News Channel and other television media broadcast this story. Yesterday all day, readers from around the country call our hotline 02596096, said to be optimistic and strong Jiao Kuo deeply moved,salvatore ferragamo clutch, some readers expressed wishes of the donor,rolex watches men, more readers will opt to go Jiao Kuo microblogging (

  56. yesterday afternoon, good shopping plaza in the letter, led by Xiaojing Li, reporters on the 4th floor staff quarters area to see the stairs on the left after the corridor has two rows of houses, all women live. Move forward along the corridor is a broad platform for employee activities. Huang Xiaohai quarters before his death on the platform in front.

    10 12 o’clock in the evening of 5, and many employees busy day, had gone to sleep. After a few minutes, two strange young man came to the 4th floor living quarters, while one of their feet violently kick the door, shouting, A letter is a good shopping mall cashier. However, she does not live in staff quarters, but was renting an apartment to live. The two men shouting, affecting the rest of other employees. Huang Xiaohai was not asleep. Hear the ring, he was out of the dormitory,bailey button ugg boots, to persuade the two men, p> At that time, staff living quarters in another small Wan, heard the sound of violently Timen also heard the news out of the room. Little Wan said he went out to see, Huang Xiaohai are advised that the two men left. At the time,hermes store, clearly smell, men come to make trouble mouthful of alcohol. For Huang Xiaohai discouraged, the two men did not care about the beginning, after a while just down the stairs, also threatened, Two men thought it was just words. Unexpectedly, two or three minutes, the two men went down with his partner said a few words before they rushed the floor. He and a colleague stopped by one of them, but the other man ran toward the Huang Xiaohai. Then I saw Huang Xiaohai over his chest sitting on the steps of the stairs, face very painful. At this point, he felt Huang Xiaohai may be stabbed, and other colleagues have been scared to run to the quarters, and quickly call the police. And that the two men fled soon after the attack.

    Serco Mall store located in Lake View Village East nine. 25-year-old Huang Xiaohai the staff here during his lifetime. Family only knew he was working in Dongguan. If he had this sudden accident, he did not know specifically where to go to work.

    night to find the families of police contact, opened the Huang Xiaohai home phone.

    medical personnel and ambulances arrived subsequently. Huang Xiaohai was quickly taken to hospital, but bled, died in the evening.

    After the war, Huang Xiaohai in order to reduce the burden on families, their homes to work in Dongguan. In March, he applied to King Lake Suga store shopping mall, to become a storekeeper. Later, Huang Xiaohai excellent driving skills, he changed into the driver, and also make purchases.

    Serco shopping plaza Xiaojing Li introduced,ugg clearance sale, and later through the understanding, the perpetrators, upstairs, the staircase is kick the door near the two quarters. And Huang Xiaohai quarters, more than 20 meters from here, Huang Xiaohai quarters has not been harassed. Xiaojing Li also confirmed that Huang Xiaohai and cashiers NIE is the general relationship between colleagues. Huang Xiaohai after the accident, the NIE has left.

    in the army, Huang Xiaohai outstanding performance in 2005 was also named Lance.

    Huang Xiaohai used to be soldiers. It is the experience of troops, was generous attempts to develop his character. However, this sense of justice of the guy, but at night on October 5 this year, unfortunately, was stabbed in the heart of criminals killed.

    photo, soldiers from the Huang Xiaohai on the card is scanned, then printed out. This is the only photo Huang Xiaohai left. Because the family was poor, he very rarely photographed.

    evening of 5 October 12:10 Xu, this scene took place in Lake View Suga Mall store on the fourth floor staff quarters. Yesterday, reporters from the East Branch of establishing a new police station was informed that the four men involved in the attack, three people were apprehended.

    Suga shopping plaza on the first floor and second floor are stores, 4 floor staff quarters.

    died a death due to excessive bleeding

    the evening of October 5 this year,nike goadome acg 2010, sleeping Huang Xiaoqing was suddenly awakened by phone. She picked up the phone and saw a call from his mother Wang Shuqin,discount ugg, was already 16 at 3 o’clock. Phone, Wang Shuqin anxious incoherent, no. She also did not sleep a wink that night, just looking forward to early morning, rushed to Dongguan as soon as possible to see how his brother Huang Xiaohai injury.

    However,basketball shoes, because enthusiasm, Huang Xiaohai sacrificed their precious lives.

    Huangxiao Hai’s home the depths of the Dabie Mountains in Hubei Luotian County. Huang Xiaohai only 3 years old when my father died. Mother Wang Shuqin devoted themselves to the three siblings reared. Due to family poverty, Huang Xiaohai very early age to become a soldier. 18 years old, Huang Xiaohai got his wish, and finally put on military uniform entered the army.

    Colleagues who need help, Huang Xiaohai if I know, and certainly will help.

    Yesterday, reporters from the East Branch of establishing a new police station,uggs cardy Sophomore girls dormitory railing falls, police learned that four men involved in the attack, three people have been arrested. East Side, police said, can help families apply for courageous.

    The strange man to discourage trouble, the aim is to discourage strange men do not attack other female colleagues to stop them from making trouble in the dormitory at night.

    stop the strange man trouble accident

    share: welcome to comment to comment

    Police will assist families to apply courageous

    Huangxiao Hai Wang Shuqin is the only son. He has two sisters, Sister has been married sister Huang Xiaoqing work in Shenzhen.

    This behavior should belong to the heroic. quarters, would not allow strangers to bully? were the perpetrators in the pursuit of the NIE, but the NIE has not been agreed. Reporters learned that Huang Xiaohai after the accident, Serco shopping plaza actively come forward to help families take care of things. Currently, the two sides have agreed compensation for families of Suga shopping plaza $ 70,000.

    Tang Chi drunken night with strange men suddenly broke into the female dormitory Chuaimen, military origin of the male colleagues Huang Xiaohai mm do not hesitate to come forward to stop. He asked the strange man before departure, there is nothing so the next day to say. However, his sense of justice, was the man to come to cause trouble as nosy. They got a dagger, piercing the Huang Xiaohai force the heart, resulting in death due to excessive bleeding that night.

    Wang Shuqin holding his son Huang Xiaohai photos, tears in his eyes high Dongguan Times Correspondent photo

    hospitalized family suddenly heard the bad news late at night

    3 pm yesterday, Wang Shuqin holding his son Huang Xiaohai photos, despite the tears rushing to flow out. Huang Xiaohai murdered, the second daughter Huang Xiaoqing Wang Shuqin came on and Dongguan, for care of the funeral. A little idle, holding her son’s photograph will daze.

    appears in Huang Xiaoqing, brother Huang Xiaohai unlikely to be injured. According to her understanding of small sea, my brother would not go and fight with others, not to mention being wounded in the hospital. His family was poor, so Huang Xiaohai small children than their peers to be much more sensible.

    people have always happens. Huang Xiaohai a sudden misfortune.

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    Veterans are not afraid of work not Pazang tired

    Serco shopping plaza Xiaojing Li introduced, Huang Xiaohai no matter what position, work never Xianzang not too tired, everything is for the company’s interests. In addition, he can get along with each of my colleagues, doing things very well. And Huang Xiaohai usually have the military complex, previously worn the uniform, he often wore, treasured.

  57. court found that Zhang intentionally fabricated information on the terrorist bomb threat and alarm behavior, seriously disrupted social order , constituted a crime of fabricating terrorist information shall be sentenced to imprisonment for a year and a half .

    prosecution alleged that in July 2011 ,buy christian louboutin , Zhang has twice in the Niu Jie ,nike air max goadome acg boots red black, Xicheng District, near the junction of the Public Security Bureau police phone calls ,ken griffey shoes women, lied been placed in the West Area hotel explosives ,christian louboutin collection, For the hotel bombing , resulting in disposal of the public security organs twice to go to the hotel for a large number of police investigation , and cause panic disorder hotel accommodation guests .

    share : welcome to comment to comment

    two weeks later , Zhang was seized by the police . It is reported that Zhang was originally the hotel staff. Zhang claimed , because the original hotel operator wages owed him more than 10 million five years after the hotel transfer to others ,christian shoe 21010, he could not find the original person in charge of pay talks ,ralph lauren shirts on sale, then produce emotional retaliation .

    microblogging Recommended | today’s hot microblogging ( edit : SN014)

    (Reporter Wang Lina ) who work in the hotel ‘s original owner Zhang pay talks fail,christian louboutin black heels, then have revenge ,nike air max tn , call 110 two false police report said someone placed explosives inside the hotel . Yesterday, reporter learned from the West Side Court , for fabricating terrorist information Zhang was sentenced to a year and a half .

  58. for future treatment, but the doctor said, if Pengyu Hong mental decline has been suppressed, with the guardian in behavior,nike air griffey max 1 Qs metallic platinum black, the condition will be improved, and its emotional, communication with people, there will be some recovery. But the doctor also told reporters that in the past there was a similar patient to get treatment, the guardian of his family life has been able to take care of themselves.

    Lu’an City was finally taken to the Second People’s Hospital for treatment. Reporters found that 23 noon to visit, with the filial son to bed, bedside to reproduce the scene of mother and child together after warm –

    Jiang Tao said he had one month where the company’s leadership invited a fake, a special care of his mother,prices on rolex watches, company leaders also see the newspaper reported, very supportive of his approach. Jiang Tao plan first try to cure her mother’s illness, then the old house to his own mother,lauren ralph lauren, and his own life. Jiang Tao said: p> Lu’an City Second People’s Hospital, MD, deputy director of psychiatric Takahiro but told reporters that they had carried out checks on Pengyu Hong preliminary judge she is a chronic schizophrenia (dementia praecox), accompanied by high blood pressure and lower limb waste with contracture (due to long-term sitting and lying). The doctor said, Pengyu Hong disease difficult to treat relatively large, it is because of her long-term isolation, their cognitive still at ten to twenty years ago,http://www.karen millen dresses 74 -year-old fell down bl, and have characterized the latter part of mental decline, thinking is not willing to expose their innermost thoughts.

    With his son’s care, Pengyu Hong smile.
    been imprisoned Pengyu Hong

    Reporters rushed to the hospital at noon yesterday, see Peng Yuhong is under little boy waited to eat lunch,kids ralph lauren polo shirts,christian louboutin stores (), eat a quick lunch, she will be a few remaining pieces of soybeans and rice also push lightly clean. Jiang Tao received the boxes, will be handed her the paper, said: Subsequently, Jiang Tao took a bottle of mineral water, open the lid, and asked: look at the people around. After a pause, Jiang Tao shouting mother sleep,rolex watches for men prices, Pengyu Hong sideways so very obedient to lie down and behave like a particularly well-behaved children.

    be , Yu’an District Civil Affairs Bureau and the West City street one day earlier than planned successfully sent to Pengyu Hong Lu’an City Second People’s Hospital. According to West City Street Grass City community summer efficient official secretary of the introduction,nike air griffey max 1 black cyan, 22 consultations, the streets of the Home Office to step up the relevant procedures, in the evening your hospital send vehicles arrived Pengyu Hong woods cabin, by the hospital care workers, their youngest son Jiang Tao and staff work together with her loaded onto a stretcher, after a little tension, the Peng Yuhong been successfully sent to the hospital ward, and be properly settled.

    son to live with his mother

    the reporter Douzu Jun photo coverage

  59. Ye Guanglun Chongqing Energy Group Rooster Rock Processing Plant retired workers,christian louboutin collection, no children, no relatives,karen millen ruffle dress 97% of the body severely burned sons cut mothers is ex, 8 years ago, the plant life in the service center green shift work. Rooster Rock Processing Plant Life Service Center branch secretary Lei Zhi Li, old leaves introverted, in addition to work every day, do not deal with anyone. April 16, 2001, Lei Zhi Li trip back, I heard that Ye Guanglun two days did not go to work that night, he was carrying bags of fruit to see the old leaves, knock on the door that no one should be a long time, opened the door and found that old leaves lying on the in bed dying, then included him to the hospital. Doctors diagnosed as stomach bleeding, immediately decided surgery. Lei Zhi Ye Guanglun explain the circumstances of force,ken griffey shoes blak grey Soldiers off to retent, the doctor let him on behalf of the family on the consent form signed.

    Chongqing Energy Group Rooster Rock Processing Plant retired workers,christian louboutin men shoes,louboutin sneakers Unfortunately, serious illness, lonely old Ye Guanglun Thanksgiving,cheap christian louboutin, voluntary application to remain in gangue hill. 8 years, Ye Guanglun planting 1,watch rolex,000 trees, Montenegro became the Castle. The day before yesterday, Rooster Rock washing plant for Ye Guanglun awarded a special honor award.

    eight years of labor on the waste dump, trees grew, and now, some trees have been sized thick. This year’s Yeh said excitedly: comments I want to comment

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    2002 years, Ye Guanglun retirement send-off at the old leaves in tears, said: the kindness. After this procedure the next day retired, Ye Guanglun moved to a waste dump on an empty apartment living, and start planting.

    Ye Guanglun first show 300 yuan of money to buy dozens of tree seedlings. Since there is no waste dump soil for plant growth, seedlings difficult to survive, old leaves had to dig a two to three times larger than conventional hollow pit, and then to a nearby hill down to the pit back to the loess, and finally, then sapling species into it. So,christian louboutin white, the survival rate of seedlings actually reached 95%.

  60. 7 9, Zhang sell the chickens and ducks caught and on the street a few hundred dollars. He thought of this small break with the left one, very worth it. So he decided to go back and give the money to the left one, reconciled. To the left of a house,air jordan heels , he found the left one with her ex-husband’s brother and daughter, has been in the house until the dark,air jordan 11, not a single chance to talk and look left.

    result of such mediation, both Zhang and left a spot agreed and signed cover a fingerprint.

    quarrel continued until the next day, the last one left to break, get out to Zhang. However, Zhang does not agree to break up. After learning about the local police station and village,karen millen outlet, that they did not marriage,karen millen dress sale, but they insist broke a left, then to mediate: two common-law marriage, newly acquired furniture and renovation of a house owned by the left,christian louboutin collection, the raising of poultry and ground crops owned by Zhang.

    7 morning of October 10, Changshou District Public Security Bureau received a report, it will target the crime Zhang who has been missing. Zhang could sneak into the home and determine Tongliang.

    boyfriend jealous pain killers

    divorced men and money to repair houses

    However, life is finally in sight, so Zhang and left an unpleasant on many occasions. The evening of July 8, Zhang work home, they found no cards left out of a cook, they eat the noodles after sleep alone. Once on shore, left a card to go home, see Zhang did not cook too selfish to stop talking about her boyfriend, the two end up arguing.

    (Reporter Yang Xingyun intern Wang Can) Zhang divorced men, spent their own money for his girlfriend after being abandoned, come to life and wealth. Him to peace talks, but saw his girlfriend and her ex-husband’s brother will be private,karen millen black dress 90, ordered to kill his girlfriend fled after the pen. The evening of July 19, in an abandoned Chaifang, the Zhang was arrested. Currently Zhang XingJu.

    microblogging Recommended | today’s hot microblogging (edit: SN021)

    49-year-old Zhang is Tongliang County. He divorced two years ago after working at a construction site at the South Bank area, recognizing the 46-year-old woman left a long life. Although there is left a house in a bedridden husband, but they still secretly living together.

    7 19 evening, the police finally abandoned Chaifang Zhang brother neighbor within the Zhang arrest.

    selfish boyfriend to his girlfriend, said roll

    3 am the next day, Zhang found that left a light suddenly lit room, and left through the window and saw a wake up, alone, his brother came to her ex-husband sleeping room. Zhang was rushed to want to,shop christian louboutin, but afraid to fight, but they always wait until 5:00 and more, see Zhang left out from the room to the pen of a toilet. He easily grabbed the kitchen knife with the up, left one stopped to ask: never expect to take away land in crops. Zhang suddenly furious, wielded a knife, put the left one’s neck cut off, causing the other died on the spot.

    Earlier this year, left a husband died. Zhang with a left to the longevity of life. Although they have not to go for marriage registration, but the left one is infatuated Zhang, a few million out of their own money, not only to a certain ex-husband left the house renovated a lot, but also the acquisition of new furniture. Moreover, Zhang also left a family desolate fields for many years on the kinds of crops, and bought poultry breeding, the development of a sideline.

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  62. present, Sohn has been transferred to Haidian police Hebei police , the specific case is under further investigation.

    nearly two weeks after the investigation , investigators suspect the relationship between two people in the Changping and Chaoyang residence of 24-hour focus squat . November 5 , in Changping Dunshou investigators found the suspect driving out of a relationship between people , investigators tracked them immediately and found that the relationship of people drove to the Queen , Haidian District, Yuen Foong a warehouse store . November 7 ,jordan 6 heels, responsible for tracking the investigators found out from the warehouse to open a car directly to a residential area of Hebei Sanhe , driving people into the building soon after returned to Beijing . Subsequently, investigators carry out visits to this area ,karen millen nz , visited the police learned that the house occasionally inhabited. The morning of November 10 , a 60 -year-old man from the house . Confirmed , the man is Sohn , investigators immediately and arrested him.

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    microblogging Recommended | today’s hot microblogging ( edit : SN056)

    October 18, Haidian Police Hebei police, the supervision of the Ministry of Public Security ,karen millen outlet store, said Sohn murder fugitive may be hiding in Beijing , Haidian police to assist in your arrest . After receiving notification , Haidian police investigators immediately lean tissue composition and Hebei police hunt group to start work .

  63. Wusheng County, Sichuan home with over 6 million in cash, and then wave the card into the Tan. For various reasons, did not buy into the house, but the card 70 thousand yuan has not been fixed.

    lawyers say

    According to Chen Ling introduction, she and Tan Bo has been the extent to gonna get married, Tan Bo will also be handed over to her own bank card, They usually save money and spending, are using the card.

    Zhang Yuanping, said her son who work six or seven years, when construction workers at a construction site, the monthly wages of five or six thousand dollars,uggs australia, the money should be the son of Cary earned working. Her son was with Chen Ling has been engaged, but until before the accident, they have not pulled a marriage license, just cohabitation.

    Zhang Yuanping agent that can be seen from the list: First time deposit is 58,600 yuan, instead of 6 million; second time into the morning,louboutin pumps , while a certain segment say that they to noon, after lunch and then to save both time differences. Agents that the money is not the Chen Ling card deposit.

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    (Reporter intern Han Zheng Tian Huan) this year at 0:10 on January 27, Bo Tan guy in a car accident accidental death, cohabiting girlfriend to his bank card deposit of $ 7 million taken away, Later, Tan occupation of the mother that she should have their own inheritance, to court to request the return. Yesterday morning, the South Bank district court held a public hearing the case, the card is who deposited the money in the end, when stored, become the focus of the day of the trial.

    the morning after the trial ended, the judge adjourned the trial, will choose a sentencing case.

    Tan Bo died 10 days later, Tan son, mother Zhang Yuanping check account bank card transactions found that his son before the accident, the account balance of 72739.58 yuan on However, two days after the incident, it was used in seven sub-way transfer or cash, to account for 72,air griffey 1,739 yuan removed. Later, his girlfriend Bo Chen Ling Tan (not his real name) admitted that Tan is your own money in Boca taken.

    Zhang Yuanping introduced under the auspices of the court, both sides have repeatedly mediation, on September 26 last mediation, Chen Ling Zhang Yuanping was promised 50,000 yuan,uggs clearance sale, but later revoked, said he does not agree to mediation.

    money, which is contrary to common sense, malicious occupation of heritage, and although many beg, but Chen Ling refused to return.

    mediation both sides have repeatedly failed

    For this case, Chongqing Bridge Law Office lawyers far side Lin said, the present , the plaintiffs evidence is very simple, all bank card is dead, which should be dead money. If the defendant wants to prove his card the money is deposited, the light was not enough evidence,abercrombie and fitch kids, shall be submitted to save time surveillance video and other evidence, otherwise, the defendant is difficult to win the case.

    the same time, Xiemou also confirmed that Chen Ling call him at lunch, he went to, the food has somehow, to a certain segment late. After dinner, he saw a segment out of a stack of cash, wrapped in newspaper, handed the hands of Chen Ling, said it was lent to her house.

    day trial, who deposited the money card, when deposited into the focus of the trial. As Chen Ling can not provide more than 70,cheap air max tn ,000 yuan deposit certificates,louboutins, the court summoned the mother of a section of Chen Ling and colleagues Xiemou testify in court.

    the defense evidence was not enough light

    a section of said last October 14, with 6 million in cash from her home in Chongqing, only to her home around noon, 27, after lunch, will be 60,000 yuan to the daughter, and daughter and Tan Bo to a bank downstairs, all through automated teller machines into Tan wave card.

    Fang Lin warned that So couples living together, you should properly handle their belongings, the best of both wages and other income are deposited into their bank card, and then taken out with use. Even if both sides share a card, it should be retained at that time deposit certificate.

    mother of the deceased demanded prosecution deposits

    microblogging Recommended | today’s hot microblogging (edit: SN021)

    for the testimony of two witnesses, Zhang Yuanping agent to the court submitted a schedule of the day’s bank card transactions, shown above, assigned to the day 11:46 12:03, it was sub- A total of eight times into the 58,600 yuan.

    April 11, Zhang Yuanping to the South Bank district court to require the return of 72,739 yuan Chen Ling deposits and interest thereon.

    card who deposited the money into court Focus

    Chen Ling explained that although a bank card yourself, because usually its not much use, often do not close at hand, so to save money, get money all the cards with Tan Bo.

  64. [About Feng Yan] compensation for the families has not been an apology

    That is,air jordan 5, Joyce Yen Feng Lin Jiangyong was kept in the house of. Edition photographic information von Times reporter trainee reporter swimming
    Feng Yan’s grandfather’s farm work in bare feet, we should also seek explanation for the granddaughter. Information Times correspondent edition photographic von swimming
    trainee reporter yesterday afternoon, the deceased’s grandmother Joyce Yen Feng Huang Ying group home through the windows, showed reporters a full signature and fingerprint of the villagers complaint. Edition photographic information von Times reporter trainee reporter took Feng Yan swimming
    photos, grandmother was heartbroken. Edition photographic information von Times reporter trainee reporter swimming

    Huzhou Xiong also held that the Court of First Instance case it is lenient sentence suspended death sentence, the law provides for statutory rape and other properties have bad cases of rape, according to the law can impose a sentence of life imprisonment. Coupled with the deliberate wounding can be sentenced to death, Lin Jiangyong should be sentenced to death immediately.

    Lin Jiangyong of the prosecutor accused of intentional homicide crime that no objection and agreed to compensate the families of Joyce Yen Feng. But he argues that in two cases of rape, he did not insert the victim’s vagina, it should be recognized as an attempted crime.

    According to the court to identify the fact that one day in April 2009 at 10 am, the village of Te-fu Lin Jiangyong house he went back to the public section of mine , passing the school where Lo (a pseudonym, 7 years old) mountain temple dragged, tied his hands to intimidate, then hold her to a nearby air-raid shelter of rape. About 10 minutes later, Lin Jiangyong the first to leave, Lo was crying and ran home to tell his family what happened.

    year later, however, Lin Jiangyong extending its tentacles to another 7-year-old girl – Feng Yan (a pseudonym). Lin Jiangyong confession that he used to watch pornographic discs usually have a strong sex drive, no girlfriend, Joyce Yen Feng attention before the incident has been four or five days, by.

    villagers were not a good impression on Lin Jiangyong. 21-year-old, he is an only child, has three sisters, parents are mason. Economic situation at home is not rich, in early 2009, the family was built up with clods of new bungalows. Lin Jiangyong read the second grade drop out to help work at home, go out after work. Lin Jiangyong neighbor said he indolent, always go out to work after a period of time to go home to rest, and back to another work. 2009, before the incident, Lin Jiangyong from Shaoguan home for a few months to live, to do mason with his father, a sly behavior, but the character and eccentric, eccentric, and others do not like to deal with.

    only son was withdrawn

    introduced, according to village officials, at 7:00 on May 4 and more, the police went to Lin Jiangyong house and asked him to the police station for questioning,cheap air max 24/7 for sale, Lin Jiangyong was still nothing had happened, and said to go easy on the go, then with police to the police station. More than an hour at the beginning, he never acknowledged the fact that the village security officer later said some villagers saw him together with Feng Yan, Lin Jiangyong panic ground, but still quibble with him, said the girl is not Feng Yan . Police went on to ask the girl’s dress features described and Joyce Yen Feng Lin Jiangyong match. But when asked where the girl hid when? Lin Jiangyong would not give specific locations. After repeated trial Linjiang Yong was honest.

    Maoming Court of First Instance sentenced to death

    500 dollars compensation for the first time rape

    another victim Luo Qing, said her family has been living two years in the shadows. etc., 92 year-old Lo Green grandfather, grandmother has 77 years of age, how long can take care of her? Zhou Rong said, take things one step.

    Maoming Ray villagers Xinyi Lin Jiangyong public in 2009 rape of a 7-year-old girl, victim parents do not want to do publicity out of reconciliation, Lin Jiangyong 500 dollars compensation for trouble, and wrote guarantee. However, only in the past year, Lin Jiangyong turn its tentacles another 7-year-old girl, the young girls face rape and imprisoned, and finally silenced by Lin Jiangyong, thrown into the dry well to death.

    this coordination by the village cadres, in order to compensate 500 yuan Lin ended. Lin Jiangyong also wrote a guarantee, saying Yesterday’s grandmother Zhou Rong Lo Green (a pseudonym) told reporters that the compensation for such results, they were unwilling to accept the fact, now repentant. Lo Green to the hospital after the incident and found that inflammation of the uterus, and has been home to a high fever, night, nightmares often wake up at midnight. compensation? Zhou Rong, said Luo Qing’s father suffered from meningitis, one month after her mother left, Lo is single-handedly brought grandparents. She was afraid of things spread out, it will affect the child later in life, So they chose to remain silent.

    received after the verdict,hermes herbag Restaurant diners meals retain women, Feng Yan’s family members expressed dissatisfaction with the request Maoming City Procuratorate to lodge a protest. January 4, 2011, Maoming Municipal People’s Procuratorate to the families of the Guangdong Provincial Higher People’s Court learned that the case has been by the Maoming City, Guangdong Provincial People’s Procuratorate,Abercrombie & Fitch Jackets, Higher People’s Court to protest the Guangdong High Court was March 13, 2011 filing. The case is currently being reviewed by the Guangdong Provincial People’s Procuratorate of cases,puma shoes, not yet decided whether to support the protest.

    left houses, shelters are searching through, and have not found granddaughter. Later, the family house in a found broken umbrella and rain boots red Joyce Yen Feng, they began to have an ominous feeling, a fear Feng Yan had been killed. Then remind them Linjiang Yong Zhou Rong has violated his own granddaughter, and this is probably what he is. Some villagers also called several times to see Lin Jiangyong path to school holding snakeskin sitting next to a huge suspicion. The afternoon of May 3,nike heels, Huang Ying group reflects the clues to the police station.

    can clearly see that in Linjiang Yong was arrested, Lo has slowly come out from the shadows, although they are still not communicating with other people, but Zhou Rong said that she would become more up, we love laughing. Close to the wall in her home last year and this year she took a few of the awards, which is not seen before. Read the medical profession to Shanghai cousin called, she said later should become a doctor.

    [about Lo] has slowly out of the shadows

    lawyer: Lo family members may also seek compensation

    victim is a classmate of the two young girls, by grandparents raising. After the murder of Joyce Yen Feng, to the families of irreparable injury. Ying Huang and Feng have a whole group mention granddaughter tears fall down on Badabata. After the death of their son, daughter to remarry, leaving the newborn granddaughter, 7-year relationship and hard upbringing, leaving Feng Yan obedient, sensible memories. Feng Yan’s death, leaving only two photos. Photo is a 2009 Chinese New Year in Xinyi District to play when shot, lovely photo of her holding a balloon, filled with childish round face. Huang Ying Kwan said the incident more than a year ago, they did not get a little compensation, even if not an apology.

    edition photographic information Times reporter trainee reporter von swimming

    Xinyi, Maoming Company yesterday to reporters about what happened mine village. The population of only 600 people in a small village, surrounded by mountains, the villagers built homes Forest Hill, venues tend to be sparsely. The approach of noon, oblique song of mountain villagers rarely met, the entire village is strangely silent. The older generation of villagers, almost all the village bodied young men to go out to work, make money home to build a house, after many years working outside the house covered, jealously guarding the home only for the elderly and children.

    microblogging Recommended | today’s hot microblogging (edit: SN017)

    2010 4 26 12 o’clock, Feng Yan at home alone after dinner to go to school, raining, she insisted on wearing a red umbrella Red boots, Te-fu’s house in the village behind the touch to Lin Jiangyong. Lin Jiangyong confessed that he was towed to Feng Yan was against their own estates, he hit Feng Yan a slap, hit her face red. Feng Yan onto the old house in the rape after she was detained again in the old house,abercrombie & fitch stores , once again the third day of rape. Later denounced worry Feng Yan, Lin Jiangyong leave her old house next to a dry well in more than 20 meters. The forensic identification, Feng Yan was due to the high fall-induced visceral, serious brain damage and death.

    Guangdong Bo Hao Hu Zhouxiong attorney law firm that can mediate for civil compensation, but compensation should be close to the statutory standards, Lo Lin Jiangyong case of compensation for the families of 500 dollars a blatantly unfair, and the family can not bound by the agreement, the other for damages. Hu counsel, since the court has found the facts of the crime of rape, Lo can do first identification of disability, then the case for retrial in a criminal process to do with civil claims.

    Guangdong High Court judges said the case the contractor, during the second trial in this case will be highly concerned about social media-related issues raised by the strictly better off facts of the case, legal relations, in strict accordance with good hearing the case, ensure that the trial of the unity of the legal and social effects.

    review of current cases at the provincial inspection stage

    talking about since last year of the statutory rape cases, and some villagers speculated that,ugg womens boots 17 -year-old man, drunk rape drunk girl was arrested, in 2009, Lin Jiangyong to rape a girl, if not village cadres mediation, his justice, and perhaps there would be another girl were killed. June 13, hundreds of villagers signed a letter specifically to the court, said Lin Jiangyong

    raped again discarded dry well

    2010 11 16, Maoming City Intermediate People’s Court Lin Jiangyong alleged rape and murder case. Maoming Municipal People’s Procuratorate accused Lin Jiangyong in April 2009 and April 26, 2010, respectively, as young as 7-year-old Lo and Feng Yan rape, and the von thrown into a dry hole caused his death, should be rape, held criminally responsible for manslaughter. Civil plaintiff with a full-Feng Huang Ying Lin Jiangyong group requesting an order for compensation for economic loss 148,000 yuan.

    edition the author information Times reporter Caisheng Long

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    court ultimately found that Lin Jiangyong constitute rape and murder, the verdict said: years deprivation of political rights for life. two sentences combined, the death penalty, suspended for two years deprivation of political rights for life.

    end of last year, Maoming court in the case of first instance verdict to rape and sentenced Lin Jiangyong intentional injury reprieve. Maoming Municipal People’s Procuratorate protest that improper sentencing. Reporter yesterday learned from the High Court, High Court has been filed, the case is currently being reviewed in the provincial procuratorate stage, not yet decided whether to support the protest.

    Maoming City in the hospital after hearing that Lin Jiangyong with the use of violent means to force a girl under 14 years of age sex, sexual organs of the crime as long as the contact constitutes consummated, Lin Jiangyong previous testimony and the victim Lo statement confirmed that the man has genital contact, sufficient to identify the facts of rape, and not sentences.

  65. Good sister Lu Haixia whenever you come to take attention of Du Xiaoping.
    paralyzed within bed and suffering from bedsores Sichuan poor woman Du Xiaoping. This was a juvenile woman to give up life, two thousand kilometers away from kin outdoor of Baoding, a team of caring folk with not home relief,shop burberry 20(), the sick amongst the warmest duration of duration

    money apt cure bedsores

    paralyzed woman to commit suicide

    Luding County, Sichuan Province, Du Xiaoping Xuan Tan Zhen Huang Nai village, 31-year-old.eleven years ago meantime she was working in Guangdong, from the third floor dormitory balcony deliberately fell off, resulting among two thoracic broken, never ever did not stand up. Over time her thigh muscles began to atrophy, lumbar the following slowly lost consciousness. In 2007, her hips long bed sores,brawn began apt erode need apt clean the wound regularly to the hospital.
    2010, the Du Xiaoping inquire about a rehabilitation centre among Beijing can cure mattress sores,but need more than 30,000 yuan cost She is the only child at family the mum ailing his father working away from kin apt obtain money. Over the years,womens nike dunk sb heels Low, has been household to Du Xiaoping cure debt, can not longer afford this spent In desperation, she determined apt give up the treatment of suppression sores, and thought of suicide.
    friends help

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    Du Xiaoping’s The Lu Haixia.
    Lu Haixia, 40,namely Du Xiaoping’s hometown,buy karen millen,among recent years has been done within Baoding, a inn dishwasher. Four years ago Du Xiaoping had his mother rented a small Menlian sell edible the landlord is Lu Haixia sibling Spring Festival that yearly Lu Haixia brother back home to know while the New Year has been paralyzed Du Xiaoping. Despite his middle-aged widowed, raising his son alone, life namely quite complicated can be comely Lu Haixia alternatively secretly vowed,cheap burberry,have to do their best apt assistance Du Xiaoping. I heard that paralyzed patients need massage treatments, Lu Haixia spare time academic to massage. Subsequent return apt Sichuan apt visit relatives, she would go to Du Xiaoping massage.
    early January, that Du Xiaoping apt abandon the treatment of news, Lu Haixia Du Xiaoping cried aboard the phone said: we can work splice apt find ways apt ride out the storm,alternatively I longing be pensive life … … Lu Haixia money apt aid Du Xiaoping rented a small cottage, and bought a briquette and New Year’s edible As soon as there is free, she will come apt the rental,meantime the Du Xiaoping massage,while encouraging her courage apt live.
    Internet Relay

    was four Zhuantie some donations to bring medicine

    Lu Haixia Du Xiaoping’s misfortune apt be sent to the Internet as help yet she did not computer also do not know how post. Du Xiaoping a associative heard soon backward the matter to help mark a post aboard January 23 sent to a crew of melody information aboard the mobile phone network.
    this post aid Rongcheng County Baoding caused users ‘Viking’ attention. He was quite sympathetic to Du Xiaoping’s experience,meantime Lu Haixia owed admirable, they turned apt the posts making melody Baoding community,wail friends apt aid Subsequently, the quote has been Goyang friends
    Goyang bar bar main February 11 daytime period two,000 yuan more than 20 users donations. These consumers have the peasants some instructors there are napkin workers, a maintenance man, we are ordinary workers, the income namely never lofty Among them,karen millen black,karen millen dress , the users’ movement
    friends Old Chinese netizens respect that deeply touched behind,at cost price to cater a flask of medicine apt Du Xiaoping first try
    two 12, Guy to marry him through the underground passage advertising, Baoding discern Du Xiaoping. p>
    from Du Xiaoping February 14, this is the young man, Hebei Medical University of Reading, specifically almost the one amid the medical go of friends, made a special trip apt Du Xiaoping went to Baoding wearing
    Du Xiaoping’s buttocks with two oppression ulcers, have a depth of bone. Which one opening namely quite small, only inserted into a cotton swab,yet the meat inside has a enormous district of decay, pus and blood trickling out; another opening bigger than the child’s jaws,discern folk obtaining terrified Dressing changes absence to clean the bruise with salt water, and afterward actors off the traditional Chinese medicine with sesame fuel mixing foam
    tremendous open bruise that namely easy apt clean,quickly actors a current anesthetic However, a small bruise on the drug ran into huge difficulty Since the bruise opening is likewise small, only prod into a cotton swab, and which has a tremendous zone of decay,on a cotton swab submerged among medicine bubble that point did not go Sufficient quantities of pills apt the spume into the wound However, sesame oil stir the medicine had very sticky foam a tremendous digit of loading the syringe did not move behind
    desperation, the bruise Dressing the entire process took a full hour.
    Recently, the use of this medicine that Du Xiaoping after the bruise has amended and from old Chinese netizens bought two bottles of medicine by the spume,back apt Du Xiaoping sent a thick quilt and dozens of cleaning the body with a towel. Netizens said that whether the medicine spume agreeable results, they want find ways to continue apt Du Xiaoping for the narcotic
    It is reported that the past few days,among addition to Du Xiaoping Gao Yang friends lent a assisting hand,ralph lauren baby, the water Xu, Yung City, Qingyuan and Baoding of Internet users must go visit Du Xiaoping.

  66. public security organs received the alarm, dispatched police , rail and more than 150 security personnel for disposal ,herms, the total coordination of scheduling the Metro subway train station in Nanjing West Road, Longyang sent after clearing off the garage for inspection. The incident also led to follow-up vehicles can not normally stop . That night, fled to Taizhou public security officers arrested Jeong incurs .

    Zhabei Court held that the defendant caused panic Jeong , and lead to clear off subway train , the train could not follow the normal stop , seriously disrupted social order , his behavior constituted fabricated , deliberately spread the crime of false terrorist information .

    microblogging Recommended | today’s hot microblogging

    yesterday , Zhabei court hearing of the case . Jeong lied there was a bomb ,ugg boots clearance, to the order in public places causing serious harm , their conduct constitutes fabricated , intentionally spreading false terrorist information , sentenced to six months a year .

    Then, suddenly Jeong trains ran in shouting

    LONDON November 10, 2007 : According to Jeong suddenly bolted and ran into the subway cars,1 -year-old man, his girlfriend will be living together 4,000 yuan to sell daughter,Hermes Kelly 35,ugg boots cheap Men dissatisfied with toilet queue for too long even hit Metro s, shouting This move led to panic the passengers inside , is operating the train was forced to clear off the subway , follow-up vehicles can not normally stop .

    July 6 this year,christian louboutin flat, 12 am , the defendant Jeong housing disputes and real estate for sale and purchase agency staff Liu dispute . In the meantime,womens jordan heels, they are Metro Line 2 Jing’an Temple Station . According to Jeong said dispute Liu grabbed his neck ,

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  67. 75-year-old she myopia 1800 degrees, to eat bread on the water stand selling insole friends called her comfortable, but also, and acquaintances talk

    go with the flow, do not want to advertise

    yesterday morning, and Cheng East Road, Zhengzhou City, the southwest corner of Mall Mall site the door, guarding Zhang grandmother insole is shared with acquaintances Laoke.

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    correspondent to talk to Granny Laoke, found her cheerful optimism, worry about food and clothing, selling insole is to make money,ralph lauren polo shirts uk, plan a more Lehe,

    after the issue of micro-Bo, Zhang friends affectionately call her grandmother as

    Zhang grandmother died in 1984, his wife, a son has been married, the family had just recently moved out to live a life of her now, she said people want a house on this on this house, think on that house on that house,air yeezy glow in The dark 4, you can get (awkward).

    users to sell insoles grandmother

    stall to make money even plan a Lehe

    cold winter streets of Zhengzhou, 1800 degrees of myopia grandmother to eat bread on the water stand selling insoles, see the users hold live, and very poor,ken griffey shoes, she then photographed hair microblogging to help my grandmother seeking attention.


    friends to help her, but that slogan in the online collection, Zhang quickly waved her grandmother said, Well, there are two next to sell. even a single day, why not do a day a good mood. old lady, the wind in the rain every day in the street selling insoles, a successful person to see her very hard, wanted to help her, so that the insole should granny bought a whole. And she said, > coincides with the guests, then the body in sheets grandmother. She is actually more enjoyable days of selling insoles, perhaps one at home is boring,rolex watch cheap 300, has become a lonely old man, selling insole give her something to do, someone’s words,karen millen red coat Women to save two strangers to donate stem cells in six mo, has become a lifestyle.

    grandmother called Zhang Xiu-Lan Zhang, 75 years old, gray hair, wearing a pair of 1800 degrees of glasses, but not very useful, separated by one meter Man faces are fuzzy, so common at home and stalls between activities.

    collecting advertisement

    microblogging Recommended | today’s hot microblogging

    @ Shanxi Kao steel: not see the road, visible warmth.

    @ Henan micro mutual aid initiative, to buy through friends pair of insoles and let granny winter warmer!

    Henan Chinese Commercial News reporters Wang Yanyan and Shi Xisheng Lu Yan Sui

    Zhang grandmother stood next to bread and sharing a bottle of water, make do with what she said at noon, go home at night the next point would be to eat pasta or cooking.


    the day before yesterday, Sina microblogging users’ working girl Wo Xiaojian, insoles, plus a bottle of cold water cold bread is her lunch. No more than 30 years away from home next to the range of 100 meters, due to not see can not cross the road. Also gave her counterfeit money. Slogans you want to sentence, I wrote out on her side when the signs. Xie!

    Online, many people want to help her, but the grandmother said everything comes naturally, but also for selling insoles and acquaintances talk Henan Chinese Commercial News reporter Wang Chunsheng / photo


    Zhang grandmother stand selling insoles have been better years, and the son of a wife are reluctant at first, that are not do not give her living expenses, but also that she hurt his street, but she insisted to go. Zhang said the grandmother,christian louboutin shoes australia, her pension of $ 1,000 a month, set up a stall for the money,nike air griffey max 1 white, but not all for the money, However, sometimes two days in summer are not opened,karen millen tuxedo dress, the average earn more than a hundred dollars in January.

    glasses Grandma: Buy insole also plan a Lehe

  68. surrounded, we tearful request.

    gastric cancer and her daughter’s

    fate of the family was extremely cruel. Small million so far may not know that about her illness is a lie, the truth is that the age of 21 she was diagnosed with stomach cancer!

    exposure in million Hongying poor home, never encountered outsiders will feel repressed. People relieved that the love of relatives, friends and community, to keep trying to help this girl lives.

    not seen her daughter left home a few days back, Qiruoyousi’s mother noticed unusual. In order to seriously ill at ease in the body of the mother, Wan Hongying fighting back pain patients from the hospital,

    mother very clear mind, she knew the mother and daughter this is perhaps the

    the verge of breaking the home

    Wan Wan ying 61-year-old father Victor just stood in the crowd, one eyes the tears, the vicissitudes of the elderly face as if a lost soul, was asked before the opening, but cried one to speak up. According to reports, in order to cure his wife, after he spent more than 20 million relocation of the house is sold, is now heavily in debt, thanks to friends and relatives live help.

    Yesterday, reporter learned that, Jiangyin City, Charity not only to every 1 million Hongying sent condolences to King, but also set up a special fund to accept the funding community of caring people. The million Hongying where the Nanjing Normal University, teachers and students have begun to act, took for her contributions.

    2 22 is Wan Hong-ying’s birthday. On this day, in Jiangyin People’s Hospital ward, Wan Hongying received three birthday cake. Big, Wan Hongying little eight children to celebrate birthday. In addition to relatives and friends of the two cakes and a cake is a doctor, the nurses sent.

    pain never cried loudly,rolex watches in toronto Canada Post to help the c, Ten minutes later, Wan Hong-ying and her mother goodbye, was uncle to the Jiangyin People’s Hospital.

    bedside, gastric cancer is the mother confessed to his daughter: even if he died, do not leave come back. 21-year-old Wan Hongying choke back tears, the Department of Mathematics, Nanjing Normal University junior from hospital Small million to the mother to lie: that the school opening soon,karen millen dress sale, so can not take care of her.

    Wan Hong-ying in bed. Zhang Yun photo

    Not what he expected, though saddled with a huge entrance, when the ideological burden – A year ago, the mother has been diagnosed with gastric cancer, but the small million or admitted to score the Nanjing Normal University, great! Several relatives you thousands, hundreds of land to every Hongying I scrape together tuition fees to the university, the small million relatives and friends did not let down, so far has been very good. In order to save money at home,ralph lauren chinos, sensible Wan repeated compression Hongying their living expenses, is more than two hundred dollars a month – said a counselor asked her how to eat so little, Wan Hongying excuse yourself to lose weight.

    intern reporter Ji Mei

    stone village center’s primary retirement Chang told reporters that so far has been small Wan Hongying very good, and particularly sensible. He impressed me most was the small Hongying while helping his father sell bread while reading the scene.

    Wan Hongying’s mother lying on the second floor of the room. The poor rural women, four years ago was diagnosed with advanced gastric cancer.

    reporter Zhang Yun Gu Yue Fei

    yesterday, the reporter saw a small Wan, the girls on the bed trying to get up, but because the tube at the neck opening is too painful or not successful – see, the sensible girl would like to express the usual courtesy. Reporters encouraged her to refuel, the girl replied with a faint voice: without the knowledge of this poor child. Uncle told her: stomach pain because of some stomach ulcers, after several days of treatment,louboutins online,karenmillen sale Students are female car knocked t, has been improved; somewhat trouble is, there is a liver tumor, so be sure to cooperate with medical treatment.

    real situation much worse. Yesterday, Deputy Director Liu introduced the attending physician, Man, like ying and her mother is suffering from cancer, and has been transferred to the liver. The doctors,,air max 95 boots, the best start they gave Wan Hongying inspection, she saw the CT films, we are very surprised: But the million Hongying told friends and relatives, never saw the child cried out

    mother and daughter standing on the side, Wan Hongying’s aunt see straight away the tears.

    worth ten thousand little things, a few pieces of old furniture or a gift. In such a deserted house, the family had a very lonely New Year.

    He is a million Hongying neighbor, looking a little small Hongying grew up. p>

    a month living expenses only

    winter home in the million Hongying particularly sensible, wait on her mother every day. Oppression of stomach cancer because her mother, uncomfortable bloating, my daughter constantly massage the abdomen to his mother, in hospital.

    ‘s home in Wan Hongying, almost all of the folks are Murakami spontaneous action. Within a few days, folks would donate 60,000 yuan,

    more than two

    Surprisingly, one into the hospital,christian louboutin stores, Wan Hong-ying was a doctor and ordered to be immediately treated.

    to support their family, from last year, Wan Hongying started tutoring. Once earn hundreds of dollars later, Wan Hongying spend 42 dollars to his mother bought a sweater, back to the dorm after the small million happy to give my mother a call. End of the line, lying on the mother also thought to live frugally so sensible daughter, could not help but be a tear.

    Reporters learned from Jiangyin People’s Hospital, because chemotherapy has just begun, the current average cost per day are in the million or more, and now thanks to all her relatives and friends to support the overhead. Call on the brink of the community of caring people help broken families, if there is intention to contact with our hotline 025-96096.

    expect love

  69. for the defendant’s defense,christian louboutins Pumps, prosecution staff that, from the children for the purpose of selling, the implementation of the abduction,Hermes Jypsiere 1, kidnapping, buying, selling, transporting,uggs clearance 300 40(), transferring children, six kinds of behavior in any of the acts that violate the criminal law provisions, constitute the crime. 15 accused in the course of committing criminal acts,Other Jordan Shoes, are free of abduction, kidnapping, but with the purpose of selling, to transfer, buy or trafficking in children, so their excuse does not hold, should be in accordance with held criminally liable. Due to the significant and complex,Customized jersey, the court will choose a sentencing date.

    because children are trafficked from the child or adoptive parents bought it, the trial, several defendants to continue to support Even the defendant in court, said:

    child is able to bounce back a gang of 15 people to a few thousands to the price will be 13 million baby trafficking to Henan, Kunming, Dali, Yongsheng,hermes bracelets,hermes online store , etc. , is hard to imagine that these infants were abducted from the parents or adoptive parents traffickers bought it. May 24 to 26,air jordan 23 high heels, Lijiang City Intermediate People’s Court in Yongsheng County People’s Court held a public hearing on the case to trial. During the hearing, even the defendants argued:

    prosecution as long as the selling of children, is a crime

    intern reporter Zhang Yong Dong Yuan Haiyi up <

    According to police, 13 trafficked child is at home most of the second child, due to family poverty or patriarchal thinking, children’s parents had a second child would not want to raise a baby girl , with traffickers to 15 defendants involved in many of them are illiterate or semi-literate, most of which come from remote mountainous areas, the oldest 60 years old, the youngest 33 years old.

    law analysis, the crime of trafficking in children is a Trafficking of children 3 or more, may be more than 10 years of imprisonment or life imprisonment, the death penalty for particularly serious. Counsel, the case was trafficking child’s biological parents, even as the children of their own goods for sale, such acts harmful to society is self-evident, but in the both his real name)

    15 stunned the world, said traffickers trafficking salvation

    lawyers urgently need to sell the legislative act natural children

    microblogging Recommended | today’s hot microblogging (edit: SN003 )

    last March to May, the defendant Liu, who will be 15 to 13 baby trafficking in Henan Province, Kunming, Dali, Yongsheng, etc., were tens of thousands of illegal profits to a few thousand dollars. Last August 27, Yongsheng County Public Security Bureau arrested the 15 suspects at large, Lijiang City, Lijiang City Intermediate People’s Procuratorate of the People’s Court, recently conducted a trial .

    Welcome comment to comment

  70. According to reports, Liang Zhao town located in the east direction Renqiu City,karen millen usa online Internet stocks fell in love with men porn sites on the, the town though small in size, but economic prosperity, almost all the family household sideline. Bustling town, a spate of snatch cases two cars off, causing Renqiu Municipal Public Security Bureau’s attention.

    interrogation by the police that two suspects in April this year met online, talk very speculative. Subsequently, much of Heihe City in Heilongjiang Province, Liu agreed in accordance with the Internet, to leave town to find the text An Lu underwent a large, two to discuss opportunities to make money. Wen An Liu, after not much time to, it will carry the money spend Jing Guang, Lu underwent also due to the inability of its unemployed support, Liu has suggested, people who take large deposits,used rolex watches prices, we followed their robbery. sunglasses and a hammer as tools of crime. Division of two ready by Lu underwent motorcycle leaked, Liu seek targets of crime opportunistic crime. After the implementation of two criminal acts, Liu worried that things brought to light, so the stolen money to carry its share of 150,000 fled to Shanghai. Living in Shanghai a few days later,nike Zoom Lebron vi, they fled to Shenzhen, from time to time with the public telephone to maintain contact with Lu underwent, in order to see whether security.

    6 20, a depositor in a town called Renqiu beam ABC operating room deposit business,mens christian louboutin, the bag containing 250,000 yuan in cash by a young man suddenly taken away, to be savers hurried outside, the suspect accomplices to kick back, followed by two men driving a motorcycle fled the scene. Prior to this, the morning of June 11, the other depositors also called ABC in the beam was taken away in front of 35,000 yuan. July 10, after careful investigation, two suspects were in Hebei Province and Guangdong Province, Shenzhen ANALYSIS arrested.

    microblogging Recommended | today’s hot microblogging

    6 20 9 50 minutes, a depositor came to town Renqiu beam called ABC operating room deposits , while he was waiting when suddenly a young man’s red handbag snatched his hand, walked out the door and fled. Chase out the depositors to be about 20 meters, the suspect’s accomplices foot to kick down to the ground, then the two suspects driving a red Honda 125 motorcycle fled the scene. It robbed depositors to reflect his handbag containing a total of 250,000 yuan in cash.

    Depositors do not pay attention while the suspects robbed the cash. After the suspects ran out
    depositors recovered chase out.

    7 10 to 14 am, a private clinic in Shenzhen, the police arrested the Ryu. Trial process is extremely difficult, Liu started every means to deny, pleaded not guilty, and finally to produce clear evidence of the police before, Ryu finally pleaded guilty. Ryu that successfully captured after leaving the town in large ANALYSIS Dunshou choose the seven days of the police the suspect was arrested Lu underwent.

    police uncovered clues to take summer

    met online planning robbery

    two victims under the circumstances described, the two young robbers seem small, medium build, height 170-175 cm in between, crime vehicles are a red Honda 125 motorcycle. As the two cases of crime officers, vehicle crime, committed crimes, the perpetrators fled the direction of approach and consistent analysis of the incident by the police when the bank surveillance video to determine the two cases for the same persons as.

    7 7 morning, day and night in Shanghai police came the news the other way,ralph lauren polo shirts uk Purchase of men more t,karen millen bow dress, the suspect quite cunning, there is a strong anti-detection capabilities , has changed the communication number, fled to Shenzhen. Police attend to rest overnight to Shenzhen. Cooperation with the police in Shenzhen, and finally to control the activities of suspect Ryu track.

    newspaper reporter in Cangzhou Hanze Xiang Gu kaihe Wei Haiyan correspondent on behalf of clear text / map

    incident occurred, Renqiu City Public Security Bureau immediately started investigation.

    coincidence. It is understood that at 9:30 on June 11 about the same depositor surnamed Zhang Liang called ABC in the vicinity of a motorcycle driven by two men stole 35,000 yuan. According to Zhang introduced the victim, at 8:40 on June 11 about his electric car ride to a town called beam ABC withdrawals. At that time a lot of people do business, Zhang wait in line for over an hour, draw 3.5 million in cash, then put the money put into a green bag, hanging in the electric car on the left. When he went to Liang Zhao Yongxing cable factory door, suddenly came from behind a red 125 motorcycle, the car of a man hanging on the handlebars of Zhang’s bag away after the escape.

    in the bank surveillance video provided by the police, the reporter saw the time of the incident scene. Banking hall, about a dozen depositors in the queue waiting for service. 9 am, a young man wearing a dark short-sleeved into the operating room, sitting on a chair near the door. Man, restless, looking around from time to time. Soon, a depositor holding a red handbag line for business. 9:55 or so, the young man suddenly squat body conspire behind depositors, grabbed his hand, a red handbag, Batui Wang Menwai run, the whole process but two or three seconds.

    The case is under further pending.

    Police also learned that another suspect had fled to the direction of Shanghai.

    25 million in cash in the bank was robbed

    welcome to comment to comment

    after a thorough and meticulous investigation, the case detection direction becomes clearer, ANALYSIS large town of unemployed youth Lu underwent left idle, worthless, the recent sudden riches up, not only to buy a car, but also engaged and gave the woman 20,000 yuan bride price. Upon learning of the clues, the police task force took Lu underwent rapid transfer of household photos,rolex cellini watches, compare with the surveillance video, so to identify the victims. Meanwhile, the police visited the village through, they just have to know the family Lu underwent a red Honda 125 motorcycle, Lu underwent previously often seen riding in the village, but has often seen driving a black car in the village and out. There are indications that the suspect is Lu underwent. In order to prevent spill the beans, do a clean sweep, the police task force has decided to defer grasp Lu underwent its secret surveillance.

  71. In a yellow notebook, he records the source of each donation and the amount. Decided to take it run kindergartens.

    wrinkled, frowning most of the time. He at least once a week from home to kindergarten, two and a half hours to go mountain, the so-called mountain, there is no concrete stairs, steel railings not only see a foot wide, with a foot out of the dirt road.

    Lee hut do not want to

    Blue Bridge kindergarten Lee hut look not like how Ye. He said that from head to toe, in addition to his own socks to buy, others are picked up someone else’s.

    the eyes of many in the village, Li hut simply After graduating from high school in 1989, he removed several villages in the contemporary teacher at primary school, pay only 180 yuan, this income can not afford a living, he had a schizophrenic wife and daughter entered primary school. For this reason, almost every summer vacation, he will work to near Xi’an, moving cement, unloading, earn 2,000 yuan a month, this year, he posted yet almost all the money into the

    the teacher wishes the children may be achieved. voice loud, clear pronunciation. She just turned 3 years old do not know, this poem of the Tang Dynasty poet Wang Wei Lam Chuan seclusion when, depicting, and it is the mountain in front of her scenes. Her mother looked at her daughter said, hot spots (edit: SN047)

    he is not without thought of giving up yet home to pay off foreign debt, the new Sometimes, Lee shed back home, wife and son looked sick, could not sleep all night, thinking about tomorrow morning went to town to work, never go to school. But

    than those with a TV and

    his children to develop curriculum, including language, mathematics, art, society and health, as well as sports and music. Teacher in the class,christian louboutin online, he often stood outside, watching the teacher has not said Mandarin, there is no use dialect scolded child, he always told the teachers that children need praise.

    carry two hundred pounds when the work of the According to his own, the book is written to the ideological realm of the Lee hut not smoke do not drink, the only hobby is reading. Even intermittent work, he also went to the bookstall to go back to buy cheap books, can not afford to stand reading. Lu Yao, Lee appears in the hut, rural people’s He is the focus of the county’s first high school,air max 95, at the end.

    Lee hut.
    Lee hut.

    soon, he was transferred to another does not have primary schools. This time, he contacted the newspaper issued a document in the hope that donor charity Wenzhou village school, and spent a lot of work, and got the money, they built a new school. Since then, he has has been transferred to two primary schools in 2010, Lantian merger of these schools, he became the rim Chuanzhen West Temple bar, a boarding school substitute teacher.

    two kindergarten teachers, the students are Li hut, their school teachers from Xi’an to return home after graduation. Monthly,nike air max jr shoes, Lee shed open to them the wages of 950 yuan, which is five times his salary and more.

    hut this is not the first time Lee school. He taught the first school founded by his hand, after returning from the county high school, he was distressed village, 7 to 13 years more than 70 school-age children are without schools, Li hut village of the three to come to the warehouse, house to house to persuade recruit students, and later, which the eye and officially registered as a primary school,

    Today, Lee shed a half hours every day walking to school supply mountain, weekend farming family in three acres of land, they often go to kindergarten.

    his wife did not fulfill their responsibilities. The hut of Lee’s mother said,

    Although the line to the blue Xiang, people can pinpoint the location of this kindergarten, but not everyone is convinced that Lee hut. Initially a lot of folks do not understand him, that his In this regard, Lee shed low voice said, The initial estimate is that 40,000 yuan sustain seven years. Lee hut believe, as long as several years, the state will come Kindergarten. He did not think that the

    Rokuro off in order to cover primary schools,christian laboutin, in 1997, Lee began to shed contact the Humane Society of Shaanxi Province to apply for donations. He put on bread and water from home,abercrombie outlet stores 4 , 4:00 took on the dark mountain, rushed to the town by car. Fell off the mountain is a common practice, and once also to throw off the arm. In this way, he from Xi’an dozen times, slept in the street. The last time,cheap abercrombie and fitch Man, to raise money to save his wife in downtown bra, he stood in the pouring rain in nearly two hours, and finally, Charitable Society claims to have

    Sometimes he would Two myths he will tell a story,ugg australia, as

    sister Lee hut had been face to meal swearword:

    which are surrounded by large mountains of nurseries nursery looks like big cities. The first floor hall decorated with a slide and a trampoline. Children use the table is powder blue. Classrooms, 21-inch TV and DVD player. Each child has a variety of toys, school bags, exercise books and crayons.

    in Lantian County, Shaanxi Province, this Shangougou Blue Xiang, the few people do not know the principal and his shabby

    is a big baby, and not even grasp the pen are unstable, but also backwards to get the book, this does not put the baby held up. In 2006 he picked up in the area near the cave with 4,000 yuan in cash purse, wallet ID card in accordance with the address, he borrowed 30 yuan toll to return the wallet owner. Later, after media reports, the rural teachers begin to receive some donations.

    so-called and 9-year-old daughter to take care of. Family only

    this summer, he was a wholesale vegetable market in Xi’an dry stevedores, working 14 hours a day. To save money, he did not renters, tired, sleeping directly in the market concrete floor, hungry, eat bread and drink water. During that time he often dry with a dry black on the eyes, he provides his only rest a few minutes, and then dried.

    nursery in the Blue Bridge in the last year for the brochure, Hut Lee said, The nursery has just ushered in the new semester. Unlike previous years, this term is not distributed Li hut

    2008 autumn, Lan Xiang Li rented a hut in a two-storey houses, founded the School, he ran three holding pamphlets village, house to house doing A few weeks later, children in kindergarten partners obviously

  72. in red seems to do anything for her sister things should be.

    donated love means < / p>

    member of the public can contact through the following channels Xiaocheng Liao as the father of the United States:

    Chengdu Ru of Wei: I am a fire fighter, 20 years old this year,jordan hydro v sandals, hoping the little girl to school funding, can be funded to her middle school.

    At this moment,, WCC hotline, Relay has become a major platform of love, everyone on this platform for the small achievements beautiful p>

    happy message the first group

    Chengdu Xin was: We are Sichuan University School of Public Health students, we are willing to help her. 12 students to develop a > WCC trainee reporter Wucui Feng Chen Li Lixin She Ying Wu Xiaochuan reporter

    National Charity Relay

    that there are so many people care about my sister, sister of the United States Bruce LIU red (a pseudonym) feel very happy. But she added that if no one younger sister to school funding does not matter, she was ready to drop out so that my sister reading, A Sister Wife

    The third group of happy message

    Fujian package: I am Taiwan, now doing business in Fujian, the United States in line to see the story of small achievements, I want to know the specific address of her house, I buy many books sent to her, the other will send cash.

    Address: Chengdu camp entrance road Jinxi cloud Chadian village park shack area

    opportunity to give my sister my sister wanted to go to school

    time, red is homework. Heard the cry, she rushed to the old man in front, hugged and trembling sister, and uncle, said: one in front of her sister’s face, with a 11-year-old girl can think of the word, excuse for her sister, but also for his sister Dangxia cane.

    uncle was on fire, while the U.S. is no curse into a tutor, while picking up a cane fight her roots, the U.S. had never seen such an array Xiaocheng scared cried.

    Xiaocheng United States as a big red, when the mother is still alive, his family was a little better, she finished kindergarten intact, into the primary school.

    that time, she often said of babbling sister: p>

    However, the U.S. has finally grown up when small achievements, but can only stay in his father’s tricycle, doing day after day reading a dream.

    Although mother had died young, although four years and not like in kindergarten, even though the father had to stay in a tricycle compartment ,air jordan 1 high heels, the 6-year-old Bruce LIU U.S. still feel very happy, because

    to the father to provide job opportunities

    C hot hot

    she taught her sister to write the name,

    Xiaocheng beauty in life, red 11-year-old sister, mother, is a playmate, a teacher, but also protection of God.

    … …

    microblogging (warmth users to send care

    thin owl V5 : This time, let us, so that they can better go. children are pure, and now the community has not been contaminated, the reality has not been tortured numbness and loss of hope.

    few months ago, picked up the gun holding Xiaocheng play the United States, believe the water spray to an uncle who passed.

    yesterday, Huaxi Dushi Bao reported, causing many people love the attention. People called from all over the country, the United States want to go to school funding LIAO Cheng.

    Chengdu Jie: I was never Kangsen Lin Park Nei Sien principal of the kindergarten willing to receive free children to nursery school, all expenses are done away with. Also, if inconvenient for parents of children Every day, we can also host all-weather, on weekends you can take home.

    drop kick: How can I help her? good clever good sensible baby.

    Luzhou Ms. Zhang: Xiaocheng beautiful story is very moving, though I did not work, but I hope able to support her, if she is willing to study, we have funding to the university.

    xiao melon: look in her eyes, let me stop working, the heart was touched. want to go to school to achieve her dream of it After all, this requirement is not much ah

    volunteers making up the little girl

    home, Xiaocheng sister’s right hand holding the United States,abercrombie outlets uk, facing left bloodstains cane, blowing gently for half an hour, >

    until her sister shouted impatiently,

    Xiaocheng the story of the United States on the microblogging reproduced, but also attracted a large number of WCC on micro-news message, sent to the United States Xiaocheng care.

    red that it does not work, she would drop out, so my sister reading,hermes twilly 3 -year-old boy suffering from cancer, their parents were grateful, She seems, like snacks and toys like the opportunity to study, but also two sisters can share.

    Chengdu Huang: I chadianzi bus station near a construction site managers, I can Xiaocheng the father of the United States to provide jobs every day to work more than eight hours a month can earn a thousand dollars down, work can continue Dengsanlun a car.

    being the first message two groups

    Sleepy, sleep in the trunk of
    tricycle carrying out the father and daughter sitting on a tricycle into the United States,chestnut ugg boots, while the father followed the pull of human three running around, while fantasy into nursery school.

    round Xiaocheng beauty school dream

    Metropolis Dai: I have a warehouse, a little girl my father if prefer, you can come to work in our company, is the loading and unloading cargo. thousand dollars a month can earn money, in addition, you can help them rent a house in the new capital.

    Chengdu, Beijing, Shanghai, Changsha,griffey shoes purple white black, Guangzhou, Fujian … … Yesterday, see WCC The reports, all walks of life love story of people were deeply moved by the United States Xiaocheng Some people said the United States to subsidize Xiaocheng school Xiaocheng was willing to provide work opportunities to the father of the United States, there are some volunteers willing to Xiaocheng beautiful home, Free tuition for her homework … …

    eager to protect her sister for sister sister beaten

    Chengdu Lee: I have a 10-year-old daughter, family in good condition, but she is always playing to learn, I hope the United States with her daughter to see small achievements, and support her kindergarten addition, my daughter had used the bag, books, all the school supplies to the small achievements can the United States.

    Since then, the red shack moved to homework on the bench outside, while doing homework while nursing sister.


    red anxious, cursing my sister is stupid, grabbed her palm heart hit. Once on shore, and holding his sister cried: money for her to kindergarten, the red felt himself grabbed her sister’s happiness. She always told myself to be better for her sister, which she owed to her sister’s.

    Chengdu door Manchuria: I am a School of Physics, Southwest Jiaotong University, Young Volunteers Association, a teacher, we see reports, intends to make use of our student volunteers weekends and spare time, making up to the house to the little girl the same time, these work-study students are willing to save some money down out,ugg outlet online 76 years raising three abandoned elderly poor environment ( Fi, aid the family.

  73. Chenhui Ren said, according to doctor, and soon, Kai Sun would be discharged. Discharged after a period of time, but also to the hospital regularly. Estimate after six months, Sun Kai can go back to school to study.

    the good people of the contributions and help of Sun Kai admitted to the Beijing Military General Hospital, and through the China Bone Marrow Bank, to find a suitable hematopoietic stem cell transplantation.

    our exclusive coverage of this issue has caused widespread concern. Many readers, users of Sun Kai sent contributions to help this desperate family.

    Hebei, Beijing Urban Network (Beijing correspondent accounts Yong Li, Yuan Jing Ya) small Kai Sun affects the reader’s heart has been. Recently, the reporter to visit the Beijing Military Region General Hospital after the Sun Kai. The successful transplantation of hematopoietic stem cells, his body has begun to gradually restore hematopoietic function, is now out of the sterile chamber, into the general wards. His father Sun Wenhui Red Foundation for hijacking the staff is still in probation, now guarded day and night,christian fashion Man blood donation total of 63,000 ml 44 ( Figure ), son. Contributions to help solve the problem for all benefactors, Sun Wenhui tearful thanks.

    8 24, the reporter walked into Beijing Military General Hospital Hematology ward, visited Sun Kai is a small infusion. As in the period of gradually restore hematopoietic function, Kai Sun sometimes feel hurt. Pain, he would be very small, quietly lying on the bed, or even burst into, shed bitter tears. After a little bit better, his words would increase, to bring to school, to bring my father, showing his smiling face from time to time.

    3 31,abercrombie jeans, Sun Wenhui China Red Cross Foundation to apply for assistance, because of aplastic anemia does not belong to the red range of the base will be denied relief. Runaway Sun Wenhui knife hijacked a staff member. Police rescued the hostages, Sun Wenhui was off to the detention center.

    see, Sun Kai has a bright future for their own expectations, with many optimistic thoughts.

    4 25, Sun Wenhui was released on bail, back to the son of Sun Kai’s side.

    last spring, 10-year-old boy Kai Sun Cangzhou found suffering from aplastic anemia. Sun Wenhui spent all the family savings, friends and neighbors to take over after a man caught in an impossible position. Many dying, once for more than 10 days can not eat very little over Kai Sun again and again,Abercrombie & Fitch Jackets , no place to borrow money for the father and mother set

    things that go to school, Kai Sun is very pleased, know the term, can not clear it’s terrible, it’s just the whole body feels uncomfortable, can not stand cry, looking forward to a little earlier cure. Did not think he’s sick to spend so much money to spend all the money home, and take a lot of money, but also cure his disease.

    – still need anti-rejection, infection

    in the hospital, Sun Kai patients with other games to see who’s white blood cells, red blood cells grow faster. Some people more than he had surgery, age older than he,ugg handbags, can white blood cells, red blood cells grow faster without him.

    small blood still Kai Sun body began anti-rejection

    Sun Kai, said the most painful time in the body, he felt not survive, he did not know the disease can not be cured. He said,

    Chenhui Ren said, development to improve the ability to treat disease, and relief required by the social security sector and the charitable sector to do as a doctor, I called for some major diseases, and some can be cured of disease into the security system in the treatment of serious illness, to heal all patients receive treatment.

    Sun Wenhui said emotionally, > Little Sun Kai: dream back home to go to school

    According to Doctor Chen Huiren said, on August 3, Kai Sun conducted a successful hematopoietic stem cell transplant, and now white blood cells, red blood cells began to grow, indicating that hematopoietic stem cells donated by others in the Sun Kai’s body began to play a role , Sun Kai’s body began to restore hematopoiesis. Hematopoietic stem cell transplant, you need anti-rejection, anti-infection treatment. About a month later, Sun Kai would be discharged. Period of time after discharge, Sun Kai also need to check regularly to the hospital. patients will successfully came. back to school. a father, so he made an inappropriate move, and aroused concern, and a lot of people love to get contributions, making Kai Sun a chance to get treatment and conditions. Sun Kai suffer from severe aplastic anemia, severe aplastic anemia is not equivalent to the patient’s body blood, the disease is difficult to cure, most patients do not get timely treatment of the dead. Sun Kai wants eventually to cure, must be done hematopoietic stem cell transplantation, for a normal blood-forming organs. Some patients give up treatment because of lack of money, expressed deep regret.

    8 3, Kai Sun conducted a hematopoietic stem cell transplant. A few days later, Sun Kai’s white blood cells began to grow, followed by red blood cells, platelets began to grow, which means that the body is gradually restored Sun Kai hematopoiesis.

    father is the person closest to Sun Kai, the father always has some fun in front of things, from fun to father the nickname, the father of his leg pinched, but my father did like to eat of rice.

    Sun Kai’s white blood cells just started to grow,christian louboutins pumps, measured value is more than 500, then a few days had reached 1,000. August 24, the number of white blood cells has dropped by some, only 800, after stimulating factor by playing with the whitening needle, rising to more than 2000 white blood cells,abercrombie men, white blood cells and normal values are from 4000 to 10,000.8 27, Sun Wenhui told reporters, Sun Kai’s red blood cells is 11 grams, normal is 12 grams -16 grams; platelets are 20,000, while the normal is 10 million -30 million.

    8 18, hospital inspection reports, Sun Kai body of white blood cells start to grow. He heard the news just as happy with the father and mother, on the phone to the home of the grandfather said, eat drink.

    Sun Kai now three meals a day, are parents to do personally in the basement of the rental, and then sent to the hospital ward. When the body comfortable, small Kai Sun for more than than the mother to eat; and physical discomfort, he does not eat a little bit into it. Sometimes, the 11-year-old Kai Sun clamoring clamor to eat something else (such as cookies), father and mother did not dare let him eat. Kai Sun for dinner now can not put sauce, soy sauce,cheap hermes , MSG,christian louboutin, etc., no other special requirements.

  74. by Peter Yu ,cheap air yeezy for sale Woman sent her 20,000 yua, said his men had attacked his neighbors. 30 years ago , the other side of the camphor tree branches grow too long at home , out into the courtyard of his house ,ralph lauren online store uk,ralph lauren online store uk 721, the two sides clash. 15 years ago ,christian louboutin shoes for cheap, the other to move. He guessed that he was attacked with this contradiction may be related .

    At this point,4, travel by the blood of Zhiwang Wai Peter to take the head , inside and outside clothes were stained . Next to the people scared senseless , many women afraid to speak muzzled . 7:30 Xu , Yu was taken to hospital by Peter , the head 8 of 18 sewing needle wound ,ralph lauren body warmer mens, mouth sewn a 3-pin ,ebay rolex watches for sale, sew the wound left two 7 -pin .

    nearly 20cm long. He explained that after the fall of the perpetrators were pedestrians , Youpaqilai stabbed by Peter ,karen millen dresses last season, the whole process lasted nearly 10 minutes, then a young man knocked on the screwdriver , the man before fleeing .

    ( intern reporter Liang Bin Lin Chun Hung a long cold trainee reporter Liu Bin ) 7 o’clock yesterday morning , over eighty of the tour by Peter , in Fuzhou Cangshan Zexu Road at the bus station after the zaka , was a hand-held screwdriver middle-aged men attacked . By Peter sent to the hospital , the sewing needle 28 .

  75. Correspondent intern Cao Jiewen map ,air jordan 14

    Big guy crab Chen Haifeng Wang

    day , After the opening ceremony , hosted by the civil rights of the county people’s government

    newspaper yesterday to Shangqiu , China ( civil rights ) opened the fourth crab food festival . Crab experts ZHAO built two male and one female 3 crab to 1.082 kg of weight gain ,

    weighing, view color ,rolex day date watches, see the body ,womens nike air griffey max 1 ,ralph lauren fragrances for men, etc.,buberry, through a series of fierce competition from the Lake County Long Ze Aquaculture farms bring experts ZHAO built three two male and one female crab , not only full of fat cream fat , but also re- crown the audience – 1.082 kg , the largest one weighing two 7 9 money . After a live auction , ZHAO built three crab sold for 3.9 million.

    It is understood that civil rights is now the province’s largest pollution-free crab breeding base ,buy ralph lauren,air griffey max 2 10(), farming area of 2.7 hectares,nike goadome acg Workers in the construction of on, annual production capacity of 500 tons of crab .

  76. by domestic Internet search shows that people situs inversus in four chance of only one millionth of a collection. The hospital to complete this four visceral all-trans-bit hepatobiliary surgery, as well as in western Guangdong province has not been relevant reports.

    unbearable pain, she recently came to the high-City People’s Hospital for medical treatment. Check not only clear the cause of multiple intrahepatic bile duct stones,ralph lauren mens clothing One-armed monkeys learn more than 80 chickens were ki, acute cholangitis, bile fistula,cheap jordan heels, the doctor there is an unexpected discovery. woman said.

    chief surgeon of the hospital for patients Hepatobiliary Surgery, Second District officers told reporters that sunlight beams, situs inversus viscera like the image in the mirror, in the medical profession is called visceral anatomic variations, causes unknown at present.

    share: welcome to comment to comment

    out of 20 patients with intrahepatic stones

    probability of only parts per million

    I do for patients to their responsibilities. Completion of the surgery for the hospital for more than the accumulation of visceral reverse the surgery the patient valuable experience.

    surprise, since the beginning of this year, she repeated upper abdominal pain, waves, like the twist, like clothes wringing pain, accompanied by chills, fever and vomiting, the body color of the skin is also the same yellow as orange peel up . After many doctor, helpless condition gradually worsened and even bile leakage from the abdominal wall are miserable.

    a Heart, liver, stomach, spleen and body position in all the reverse. Lianjiang a woman because of recurrent abdominal pain and systemic jaundice, when the doctor was found turned out to be four situs inversus of the Reporters learned that, in order to treat this particular patient,christian louboutin patent pumps, high-City People’s Hospital implemented a difficult surgery. Recently, the patient was discharged.

    microblogging Recommended | today’s hot microblogging

    As the old woman in serious condition, the need for common bile duct stones, biliary fistula repair, T tube drainage. Although this complex surgery in the hospital hepatobiliary surgery is hundreds of times, but the reverse for more than one organ of the elderly such surgery, the subjects did not experience to follow. The biggest difficulty is that such vascular variation, because the size of blood vessels adjacent to the common bile duct and more,nike air griffey max 1 grey,ralph lauren polo shirts sale , the incidence of anatomic variations is often normal times,rolex gmt watches 60(), little attention surgery may damage important blood vessels. Therefore, this operation seems normal, in fact strange, hidden a great risk, to the doctor a great deal of difficulty.

    old woman is Lianjiang Zhen Shi, a farmer, surnamed Huang, 61-year-old. According to her, she was a year ago discovered a long position in the right heart, and ordinary people the opposite, but because the normal life was not affected, so it did not care.

    reporter learned that, in addition to reverse the abnormal position of the internal organs,salvatore ferragamo clothing, its fully functional, does not affect healthy living. Only when these anti-bit internal organs to disease, such as mere symptoms,chinese rolex watches, imaging studies do not pay attention, they often misdiagnosed, especially hepatobiliary system, stomach and other diseases occur when the particular caution.

    carefully prepared, in Guangdong Province Society of liver disease, liver Committee of the Standing Committee, the provincial medical experts library members, the dean Ye Guanrui under the guidance of the surgeon surgery by the Division Director of the Second District of the beam sunlight play. Eventually, generally about 1 hour to complete the surgery, still took three hours out of 20 from patients with intrahepatic stones after you’re done.

  77. learned that the

    by public law wife and her husband take turns sleeping with

    However, for many people and even more curious about the . In their home,ugg uk sale,cheap ken griffey Cover the top of the fifth floor window of woman falling man s, in addition to 65-year-old baby have an independent investigation outside the bedroom, Philip each other Philip is living alone in the barn next to the house, whenever Philip’s ‘wife’ and he would like the same room, they will send cell phone text message by asking whether he was free tonight. Philips will arrange for a wife to live his life alone in the room,ugg online , and living with him for some time.

    Philip told reporters:

    reported, although Philip and married and divorced Hada Si separated for many years, but has yet to divorce; though he and his seven a room, but never married to the British civil registration department. So this ridiculous Ireland

    Philip’s first new work in the Jewish secretary, when Philip told her one day to God when he married seven wives, Judith did not hesitate to promise to be his wife. The most senior The youngest of the

    English law there is no way

    public wife through the , who provided the day to do lunch for the Phillips, who made the dessert for him, who poured the wine for him,uggs outlet 26, who carried his head to the massage.

    British ridiculous man even married seven 19 years after first wife Hada Si separation, even in a few years time has Alex Adams County area a farm with four bedroom homes.

    UK 48-year-old second-hand furniture dealers Sussex, the former Rabbi Philip Sharp claimed reincarnation of King Hebraic biblical times,abercrombie fitch jeans, In the past 10 years in a series of quack born next month. UK Correspondent Catherine Knight recently into this

    absurd family is full of jealousy,black griffey, pain and tears

    wife of 65 years maximum, minimum 30-year-old

    The photo shows Philip and his seven wives together

    Phillips said that if someone in their family quarrel, he would convene a family meeting decision right or wrong,hermes handbags 2011, is not involved in quarrel with his wife as

    Philip’s seven in.

    despite all the jealousy,uggs online, tears and bickering.

  78. Reporters watch his criminal record, indeed, was taken aback: in July 1983, a Shanghai People’s Court to theft, escape and sentenced to five years imprisonment Mrs Zhang; March 1994, Granny Zhang is a Wuxi City People’s Court sentenced to five years imprisonment for theft; October 13, 2000, the Sung court was sentenced to six years for theft.

    Court held that the defendant Zhang Granny stealing other people’s property, the amount is larger,nike sandals women, its actions constituted theft, criminal responsibility according to law. And Zhang Granny in prison within five years after completion of the penalty shall be sentenced to more than repeat the penalty of sin, is a recidivist,ralph lauren england polo shirt, and punished severely according to law. Then as above decision.

    BEIJING, April 28, Wuxi Tel: (Sun Quan Yao Xin) Chong’an Wuxi City People’s Court heard today with a special theft,abercrombie sale, nearly sixty years of habitual theft several times in Wuxi Mrs Zhang was Court sentenced to 1 year and 6 months and fined 1,ralph lauren oxford 5 -year-old local boy was killed , said inspectors neglectin,000 yuan.

    trial, Zhang Ma looked very helpless wife, complained to him that he gave his wife 1000 yuan per month pocket money, supposedly she was

    It is understood that the defendant Granny Zhang, 59, his family was wealthy, she was wearing decent have a daughter,christian louboutin peep toe pumps, in Wuxi has a house worth millions. Although his family was good, but also to the retirement age, but there is a quirk Granny Zhang – like stealing, small toilet paper, large leather coat, Mrs Zhang theft addiction almost nothing is stolen.

    2010 Spring Festival, Zhang Granny to Wuxi,air max 24 7, a commercial shopping center, do not pay attention while Purchasing Guide, Granny Zhang steal a famous fur clothing. The next day, Granny Zhang trick, the other stores in the mall Chengxi stolen a discount clothing. Two easy enough to succeed to taste the sweetness of Zhang, in his committing the crime again, the Granny Zhang discovered by security and sent to the police. Identified, Zhang Granny stealing the clothes before the price of about 4,000 yuan,ralph , after the incident,pigalle christian louboutin (), they have been recovered stolen loot returned the owner.

    Wuxi, a psychologist Dr. Lee believes that Zhang’s behavior in psychology this is called This situation may be due to irritation or trauma, the formation of psychological problems. For these people, they should have a professional body psychotherapy and pharmacological treatment. (End)

  79. Liu Hao: 5.

    how to send kiss?

    oil money.

    Liu Hao: I love this sport motorcycle after work all right, when will the Third, Fourth ride in on. Its waste oil, might as well help the students get to send something, think of this part.

    was one of my friends in the North Division,karen millen prom dresses, Department of Medicine and his girlfriend, and not always met. Sometimes we go to Medicine will ask him not to give his girlfriend a little with what he said,

    express forty-five single business received 5 dollars

    FW: When did you start? Business, right?

    FW: how much money?

    Liu Hao: about two weeks. Many people called to ask, but the real

    share: Welcome comment I want to comment

    FW: a university’s top students,fitch and abercrombie 17, but also the IT elite,cheap ralph lauren polos 613,air jordan 11 high heels, think of how to get delivery?

    FW: really kissed?

    Liu Hao: Haha, have not received such a business. But certainly not even get up really kiss up to a kiss.

    form a coalition welfare Express

    FW: each earn five?

    FW: Why would a business where the words


    Peking Express IT innovation workshops originally brother man

    FW: what are things to help students get?

    yesterday afternoon,nike air griffey max 1 black, as soon as motorcycle brakes, a cool yellow road race motorcycle parked in front of reporters, Reporters finally saw the legendary

    Liu Hao: send over books,womens nike dunk sb heels Low, to be sent over an ashtray as a birthday gift, some time ago a North girls legs hurt at night as long as she called me to pick her,burberry stores, took her from North The two returned to the West to teach outside the dormitory. I am not a courier, or the Mount. Oh.


    Liu Hao’s business is now limited to universities, but he hopes to have more like a friend to join in motorcycle sport.

    Kiss Express man

    text / correspondent Zhang Lei

    people, flowers, notes, want to eat other things, oral message or even kiss, half-hour mileage 10 yuan. Posts so many students greatly curious.

    Liu Hao: how, he will kill us. We are on the express language

    Liu Hao: This comes from my true college experience.

    day is Kai-fu Lee Innovation Works division operation of the project site, the embodiment of the evening a motorcycle courier brother back and forth between the various colleges and universities, are two completely different image of the 09 graduates at the university who appeared in Liu Hao intersection .

    . When is busy working on a swap.

    Liu Hao: Born in 1986, native of Xi’an, is the project operator for innovative teacher workshop website

    microblogging Recommended | today’s hot microblogging

    Hao Liu: No, I received a ride on a total of five dollars Peking University students, sent to him from Peking University, Haidian Huangzhuang. The rest are free.

    addition to the sigh,karen millen red dress 66(), the more students are skeptical that online I have two tiger gossips uncle sent him to a remote kiss!


  80. Ali said that the last few years she can be found in leliu simple manual work , 1,louboutins online,,000 yuan a month . However,hermes wallets, since the weight gain to 270 pounds this year ,hermes us, no plant is willing to receive her p>

    newspaper (Reporter Zeng Yishe video report ) yesterday afternoon, the street in front of Shunde Leliu park , less than 160 cm tall , weighed 270 pounds in Yunnan working girl sitting quietly Ali Zhang stone bench before .

    Less than 160 cm tall ,christian louboutin sko, weighed 270 pounds . Shunde

    fairly normal weight young Ali , but the last four years at an annual rate of nearly 20 kg explosion ,nike air max Sisters suffering from strange skin disease can not express emotion,australia uggs, her than the common people only meal they eat a bowl of rice. Now weighs 270 pounds has been reached (see Figure ) .

  81. (Reporter Li Deqing ) Recently,burberry clothing, the Yushu City Min family Zhenmou a 19 -year-old school girl in class ,burberry coats ,wholesale shoes, called to stomach pain. Ten minutes later, a baby girl born in the school hallway .

    informed source said the girl who lives in Changchun , attended school before work . Min Yushu City girls just home school education Zhenmou month , in the professional classes to learn golf . During school , students did not find signs of her pregnancy . Teachers found that immediately after the mother and daughter to the hospital ,womens nike air max griffey max 1, and notify their families. The same day ,air jordan 6 heels, the girl a wonderful reflection of the parents to send their children at home to care for Changchun .

    students have to guess ,tall uggs,shoes louboutin , this girl is deliberately having children , while the child’s father may be working on the golf course .

  82. Video: American transsexual gave birth to a baby boy pregnant again Source: Shenzhen TV BEIJING, June 10 ,air jordan 23 high heels Calligraphy brush to write with 108 -pound 20-meter cat, according to British

    Betty pregnant photos once caused a sensation .

    in a few months after her daughter was born ,hermes delivery , Betty announced that once again pregnant , indicates two possible future regeneration of several children.

    learned that Betty was originally a woman . Eight years ago ,air jordan 1 high heels, Betty through a sex change operation to become the legal sense of the men , and with his wife,ugg classic boots, now married to Nancy . Nancy early due to severe endometriosis removal of the uterus , not fertility. Betty denaturation retained female reproductive organs,buy christian Lent man disguised as a woman living,abercrombie & fitch clothing, only the chest surgery , hormone injections daily by the maintenance of male characteristics ,red ugg boots, with a view to one day for his wife to procreate . For pregnancy,ugg bailey boots, Betty was stopped injecting male hormones , and soon restored ovulation . As Betty never find one willing to do the artificial insemination of a doctor , his wife Betty bought the last from the anonymous donor sperm bank sperm , and use commonly used bird feeders , and remove the needle to complete self- insemination at home, medical syringes .

  83. clouds . the end of the engine overheating appeared short circuit, thereby causing spontaneous combustion , but the specific reasons have to be further investigated .

    Dan Gui Chancheng local road is a main road , near the road closures caused major traffic jams, queues once for up to three kilometers. Around 3 pm ,new uggs boots, the scene was lifted the blockade.

    passenger bus suddenly caught fire in time to escape

    Foshan newspaper (Reporter Liu Yi Ming photo coverage ) Yesterday,uggs knightsbridge sale, 12:50 ,ugg boots online (), Foshan rout tunnel a bus full of passengers, spontaneous combustion , the police cordoned off more than two hours , causing Gui Dan Luxi east direction of the big traffic jam , but fortunately full of cars and passengers to escape in time ,cheap nike heels for women (),louboutins discount, no casualties.

    13:30 , reporters rushed to the scene , the fire has been extinguished ,burberry skirts , but still left the scene after the fire of the odor stimulus , the incident of Guangdong E08823 long-distance bus , parked in the side of the tunnel , which had been burned within the rest of the frame, all the broken windows . Bus near the top of the tunnel walls and the smoke was blackened .

    Spontaneous combustion of the bus .

    uncertain horror of passengers on board to stand aside . Yang told reporters that the passengers ,christian louboutin simple pump, this car is a bus bound from Huaiji Foshan , about 12:50 , the bus way Foshan Gui Dan Luluo village tunnel , suddenly emerge from the smoke rear of the vehicle , the driver immediately car parked in the side ,a & fitch, shouting passengers get off quickly .

  84. tenants noisy people can not properly break

    new approach defined the bathroom, balcony, underground storage rooms rental housing for staff. .

    some residents pointed out that out of this group are mostly renting some young girl or guy, they go home at night than during the day rest, each pound up and down the stairs creaked,air jordan 23 high heels, energetic guy with the girl at night bath home singing the hook, the noise so neighbors can not rest properly.

    interview yesterday afternoon, after police found to have dangerous situation, immediately contact the landlord to come to deal with that, but in the end because landlords do not want to appear temporarily dropped. Responsible for managing the district’s property, they said just informed, and sometimes can not offer a treatment approach. Reporters then tried to contact the landlord Lin, but despite what reporters call their mobile phone, the landlord is not to answer the phone. This residential property owners, then the mouth of Reporters will continue to follow-up reports. Li Haiyong

    who investigated the phenomenon of base rent is not clear

    yesterday morning, there are 96,096 residents in the newspaper reflected in the way Tianyuan Jiangning District, New Town, in the 21st century, a 200 square meters duplex apartment, the landlord was badly separated into 19 rooms , and then rented to more than 30 people, mostly migrant workers.

    Shanghai provides not less than 5 square meters per capita rent

    a resident downstairs, and they can be considered Jiangning district in an upscale district, many residents are building the top floor 6th floor 7th floor jump of 200 square meters big house. house about 200 square meters, divided into 19 rooms, the hallway and the wall removed, the area of each room should not exceed 8 square meters, and apportioned to each tenant’s head, an area of more than 6 square m, so that the rental, should be ‘the most cattle Nanjing dwelling’ of! ant nest is generally divided into, in case of a fire, probably to escape upstairs tenant is at risk, we just do not consider the composition of these tenants and residential security problems, then these groups do have to other tenants in danger would have been taken seriously?

    correspondent noted, these are separated from each room are fitted with a security door, unable to light a small room windows are also stainless steel anti-theft window. Perhaps the landlord had to consider the tenant is bound to so many disturbing neighbors, but also specifically in all the tenants must pass through the security door into the family to write on the Developed in the landlord’s tenants Convention, the first clearly pointed out, the rental company must submit to modern property management; Article V is not a big noise at dinner or gatherings; Article IX marked, and after 10 pm, TV machines, computers and other speaker volume by half, any act shall not affect the neighbors, as many were two disinterested neighbor complaints, and advised many times with no response as breach of contract.

    for to cut off However, reporters learned that this new approach difficult to implement in the real operation.

    is looking for industry and commerce, public security or the housing authority is not conclusive

    Apartment was divided into The apartment
    installed 18 meters is very rare.
    small dwelling also divided on the bed.

    3 is to provide the rental contract period, the lessor shall not be free to unilaterally raise the rent level, to protect the fundamental interests of renters.

    correspondent in the management of the new formulation of three main aspects:

    our reporter Li Haiyong text / photo

    a residential property owners visited a boys room, we found that less than 7 square meters,ken griffey shoes,cheap ugg boots 17 -year-old murder was living wit, placed a high or low double bedroom, shower, then arrived in a bed, next to the air conditioning comes under heater for heating in winter. The residential property owners immediately exclaimed:

    not covered by the minimum rental units

    either the rental housing should be based on the original design of the room rental for the smallest unit, that is, on the rental market in be stopped;

    introduction of new management methods lease provisions:

    if violations, the penalties to be imposed it?

    has provided ah! There are wood? ! ! !

    Reporters learned yesterday from the Nanjing Municipal Construction Committee, for the management of rental, Nanjing Back in November 2004 it introduced the and so on, which did not involve whether the original design of the room for the minimum rental units.

    room was only one narrow channel access

    13th of this month, Shanghai announced a newly revised rental management approach,

    microblogging Recommended | today’s hot microblogging (edit: SN021)

    reporter then came to see the scene from a property management personnel learn about, they do not know the district has such rental households. The scene, a community resident on the spot that they have reflected many times, I do not know the property that is purely an excuse, then pointed to the residents of thermocline 7th floor stairwell leading to the three rows of 18 meters, said: social room also allows for cooking, this is a residential electricity line, once we start the induction at the same time, if not carrying a fire caused by the line, I really do not know how to escape,burberry jacket sale, even if the landlord is not considered dangerous, are these kids do not know admitted to the prison generally have a small house in danger do? for the record.

    rental generally see two types, one is to the housing authority registration, one is not filed. If the record, the relevant departments have the responsibility to do the monitoring obligations, found violations in a timely manner to discourage; if they do not record his own rented house divided into a number of government is difficult to know and investigate. He understood that, although the Nanjing local rental management approach has been, require the owner to the housing authority must register for the record, but in the actual rental process, to record the real estimate of only 10% less. Those who do not record, unless the residents reported, would be difficult to manage. Ma Jo wave

    difficult to implement ah,jordan sandals 2011 ! There are wood? ! ,king griffey shoes 2011! !

    how to do? How to do?

    to 2 pm yesterday, as the , the reporter was able to enter and found the living room floor, bedroom 6 has long been separated into Mimizaza opened 10 rooms, the only one left channel normal passage, the nine rooms upstairs door is relying on the door, if there is rent normal passenger door, the other tenant must wait to go out, in case of fire building is at least very small chance of escape upstairs tenant.

    welcome to comment to comment

    He also told reporters that the Ministry of Housing is a new approach for the rental market and the introduction of the new changes, it was his understanding the city of Nanjing is brewing in the housing rental management approach to be modified accordingly. Ma Jo wave

    original design for the smallest room rental units

    after receiving the residents that the reporter went to the 21st century New Town, Jiangning District, district in the insiders, led by the reporter came to what they called As the door opened not call the reporter can only be visited in the households in the vicinity, when talking about the matter,discount mulberry bags, all residents of the district shook his head.

    Since there is such a national and local requirements, such similar to the

    neighbors reflect


    7 years ago, Nanjing provisions:

    landlord does not answer the phone, no way to police the property there is no way

    Jiangning Development Zone Alarm came into the police station sheets after the base rent, Lianhu never seen such a dwelling house. Rental housing for the existence of such a security risk, police officers immediately Zhang said: deformation occurred after the security door was burned, the floor tenant did not escape. aware of the danger there, the girls look innocent and said:

    site visits

    second is to ask the per capita housing floor space letting the local people’s government shall not be less than the minimum standards,cheap air max nm nomo , which prohibits acts of base rent the same strain;

  85. Aircraft model to attract a lot of great kids gathered to watch the reporter Yang Fan photo

    learned that exhibition will be open September 29 to October 28, opening hours from 9 am to 5 pm.

    This is the 60th anniversary of the national defense science and technology exhibition, spread it around defense weapons knowledge and scientific propaganda, through in-kind, simulation models, props, display panels, pictures,cheap dsquared clothing, etc., involving land, sea, and air time up and down through the decades. Reporters also saw the National Day parade scene may appear in the model: arms straight 10, 05 a new type of large-caliber artillery tanks, F-10, 2000, and other early warning aircraft,air jordan 6 high heels, air marshals.

    4.3 m long model of the aircraft carrier, is currently the largest aircraft carrier model.

    WASHINGTON model before a group of children listening to the power of the carrier’s introduction, bursts sigh.

    organizers,christian shoes,christian louboutin flat 80, all of these models from the arsenal of weapons, realistic and strong. He said the National Day parade held in Beijing, Chongqing, such a defense in the exhibition, but also for the people at the gates of increasingly powerful defense of the motherland proud.

    correspondent Chen Guodong

    This car is really fascinating: convertible, to the true proportion of the military version of the car half made, and the speed can also start soon, an electric charge can travel 36 kilometers. It is the military Jeep’s legendary classic, the original less than 650 kg,mini uggs, can be the same as Transformers, according to different needs,louboutin shoes online, increased or shorter, a stretcher, machine guns, aircraft,christian louboutins Flats Old rope tied to preven, reconnaissance vehicles, light trucks, guns, ammunition, vehicles, can also be used car carrying the man dropped paratroopers in World War II … … the car has been widely used U.S. and British coalition forces, repeatedly outstanding service. But now it is limited to private collections. Currently, the ratio of physical size,