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Film (with rating): Avatar (PG-13)

Studio: Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment

Summary: A paraplegic former Marine dispatched to Pandora
becomes torn between following his orders and protecting the world he feels is
his home.

Review: How could I possibly begin to review the sci-fi epic
known as “Avatar?” It’s nothing short of a cultural phenomenon. James
Cameron is most definitely king of the world right now. So far, nearly everyone
I’ve met has seen this movie at least once. It’s raked in more than $26 billion
worldwide since its debut last December, making “Avatar” the
highest-grossing film of all time.

During awards season this year, the film was
nominated for nine Oscars (winning three, all in visual effects-type of
categories) and won two Golden Globes for best picture and best director. The
movie has taken on a life of its own. Viewers are reported to have become
depressed they don’t live in this mythical world portrayed so beautifully by

It’s obvious why the film took a dozen years to birth;
“Avatar” is, simply put, a visual orgasm. One reviewer writes that
the viewing experience is akin to the classical moment in “The Wizard of
Oz” when black and white opens the door to Technicolor. Cameron broke
benchmarks when he created this optic wonderland. There has never been a movie
like this before.

Some have criticized the plot and dialog, noting that the
latter is weak and drawn out. But with all of this beauty to look at and blow
you away, who cares? The seamless production makes any technical flaws dim in

In conjunction with “Avatar’s” release on DVD and
Earth Day, Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment and Earth Day Network
partnered together to plant 1 million native trees in 15 countries this year.
To help raise awareness, Fox created “The Avatar Program.” Through a
code found inside the DVD, viewers can register at www.avatarmovie.com and adopt one of the
trees being planted.

So check out “Avatar” again, or for the first
time. Even if sci-fi epics are not your genre of choice, you might as well
watch this one to see what all the fuss is about.

Extra highlight: None. Hmm. Not impressive. There are rumors
a “special edition” will street later this year, but for now, you’ve
got nothing.

What to serve for dinner: Everything blue: Cool Blue Martini
(epicurious.com), green salad with blue cheese dressing, Corny Na’vi Bread
(sparkrecipes.com), Chicken Cordon Bleu (foodnetwork.com) and blueberry pie.


Cool Blue Martini:

*  3 oz (about
1/3 cup) gin or vodka

1/2 oz (1 tablespoon) dry vermouth

1 teaspoon blue Curaao

1 teaspoon fresh lemon juice, strained

Garnish: 2 lemon twists

Shake together all ingredients except twists in a cocktail
shaker with ice, then strain into two martini glasses and garnish with twists.


Corny Na’vi Bread:

* 1 package Trader Joe’s cornbread mix

* 1/2 cup plain nonfat yogurt

* 3/4 cup skim milk

* 1 egg white

* Blue food coloring

* 1 cup fresh blueberries

Preheat oven to 350. In a mixing bowl, blend the cornbread
mix, yogurt, milk and egg white. Add blue food coloring a couple of drops at a
time until the mixture is the desired hue of blue. Add blueberries. Pour into a
greased 8×8 pan. Bake for 40 minutes until golden and cooked through. Let cool
for about 10 minutes. Slice into nine evenly sized bars/pieces.


Chicken Cordon Bleu

* 4 double chicken breasts (about 7-ounces each), skinless
and boneless

Kosher salt and freshly ground black pepper

8 thin slices deli ham

    * 16
thin slices Gruyere or Swiss cheese

2 teaspoons fresh thyme leaves

1/4 cup flour

1 cup panko bread crumbs

1 teaspoon olive oil

2 eggs

2 teaspoons water

Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Lay the chicken between two
pieces of plastic wrap. Using the flat side of a meat mallet, gently pound the
chicken to 1/4-inch thickness. Take care not to pound too hard because the meat
may tear or create holes. Lay two slices of cheese on each breast, followed by
2 slices of ham, and 2 more of cheese; leaving a 1/2-inch margin on all sides
to help seal the roll. Tuck in the sides of the breast and roll up tight like a
jellyroll. Squeeze the log gently to seal.

Season the flour with salt and pepper; spread out on waxed
paper or in a flat dish. Mix the breadcrumbs with thyme, kosher salt, pepper,
and oil. The oil will help the crust brown. Beat together the eggs and water,
the mixture should be fluid. Lightly dust the chicken with flour, then dip in
the egg mixture. Gently coat in the bread crumbs. Carefully transfer the
roulades to a baking pan and bake for 20 minutes until browned and cooked
through. Cut into pinwheels before serving.


What to talk about over dinner: Would you like to live in a
world like this? Why or why not? Were you depressed when the movie was over?
How has “Avatar” changed the way movies will be made? Anyone else
notice the huge onslaught of “In 3-D!” films out there now? Do you
remember the first 3-D movie you’ve ever seen? Do you notice any “Titanic”
hints in “Avatar?” Who was your favorite character? Was the movie too
long? Did it drag? Or did you want more? What’s next for Cameron? Did he get
robbed at the Oscars? Or was “Avatar” so lauded because it was so
popular? What about “Avatar 2?” 

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    Express Interrupted

    Subsequently, the reporter went to the Jiangning Ruijing Wen-hua district, west of a two-story luxury residential villa. The house red wall and white windows, the yard at fewest 4 500 square meters, but the door was locked, nearby dwellers said that in recent months, families have not seen this come through.

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    before and later the incident a few Xiqiao Shi

    through the retrieval of relevant information, police determined the name of the age man surnamed Xue, aged 69, his daughter Xuemou major crime suspects. Xuemou 41-year-old, abroad Chinese, the husband 48 years old, the same foreigners have added the couple in Nanjing beauty salon, a large optical business, family economy conditions were better.

    Luk said that she knew that this beauty has been commissioned by the Xuemou hands of his sister, said that the name assets, they do no understand,

    villa is unoccupied

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    was already killed the. after learned that information is Xuemou issued with the adoptive father of the phone. p> lover while his wife was arrested around

    Luk said, Jiangning police rushed to the scene after the panic, the police found in the beside there are several pieces of plastic packaging, check the body by body parts, police decide that this was a vicious assassinate, drawn and quartered the case. Nanjing police speedily systematize the relevant departments, go attach to amplify the investigation.


    received his last call. However, after the uncle to work out, activity the phone, has been skillful to bring an end to …, and he emulated the call to fight Xuemou, Xuemou something that may go out .

    Police learned that on February 25 about two in the afternoon, a 70-year-old old man in the avenue door clamp a supermarket to buy a hammer, a kitchen knife and other objects, and the same scene with the dead bodies, garbage bags, old man driving after shopping Audi cars to leave.

    to Nanjing night, dead phone is unreasonable

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    meters. consider of adoptive family persuade them, but said she Xuemou something, and then left home, I uncle to sit two or three hours, and had to leave. Dali

    forensic identification: blunt blows, drawn and quartered after decease

    pair optical commerce in Nanjing, a large loveliness salon, her appoint has a house worth more than 800 million, 10-year-old daughter lovely … In the eyes of outsiders, this is a prosperous and cheerful household. However, the husband’s home has received a police phone that killed the infer and his father was really wife Xuemou.

    charting Li Rongrong

    family of the deceased said

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    Yan Bing said, February 25 at midday, Xiaojiu Ma received Xuemou the call, phone to Lanzhou. Yan Bing inquiry, it was estimated Xuemou had maneuvered well, so behind to Nanjing began guilt.

    Express journalist Guyuan Sen text / photo

    , postmortem to the avenger.

    Peak garbage bag Jingxian body portions

    6 20 p.m., 50-year-old Miss Lu (of name) call the hotline 96060 Express said, the funeral. Ms. Lu said that she and her sister, nephew came to Nanjing in early March, progress, while waiting for concern of entities. . Ms. Lu said that this annual at 12:00 on February 28th know next to nothing of, a pair of youth to wade approach the summit Jiangning avenger, the roadside was found in a discarded plastic bags. Open the bag, the two found the dress and shoes, and bloody meat.

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    was stabbed man was sent to the railway hospital, died. Initial retard by a physician, killed 16 men who stab wounds, including viscera Jidao stabbed.

    Sun Moumou after seeming in tribunal on assassinate Haomou confessed to the offense. Sun Moumou said he killed Haomou cause is simple: 29 annuals of knowing every additional a nice friend,ugg boots sales, the 2 too with martial craft numerous years ago. fourth grade, he and his wife emotion very nice. Haomou have euthanasia, yet I did have red eyes, and did not control for many years he is not my friend. , completely incongruous with the truths and Sun Moumou imagination. Hao Mou and his wife, Sun Moumou natural relations. Please Haomou for repair, Haomou knife repaired, the knife on the chart, ready to ascertain the period to give Sun Moumou, and did not meditation that this knife to the Haomou life. Bureau of Interpol police brigade Lee introduced.

    (photographer main journalist Wang Xiaomei Ma Wan winter)

    and Haomou reminisced the many years of friendship,abercrombie kids outlet, Sun Moumou periodically fall into memories. I beg to his household. Do not anxiety my home, I will aspire to alter, mother, wife you will worry.

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    , and Haomou methodology, the knife will Haomou killed. Sohn has recently been sued in Dalian City People’s Procuratorate.

    12 around 8:30, investigators have waited by home Haomou appearance, heard the sound of moving around inside there, there were voices, on the street in Guilin For the police station two police knocked on the gate, the house who ambition to move out the gate.

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    yesterday morning, the reporter saw the detention heart in Dalian, has been restrained more than three months of Sun Moumou. Sun Moumou see normal,uggs, explicit preoccupied, he still insisted his wife and Haomou having one happening. my people, my lack of filial piety, not before the occurrence, every weekend I would visit her mother, with her chat, she made palatable to dine,nike air max goadome acg boots black, do not know while to eat afterward on it! said.

    7 14 12 16 points, Zhongshan Branch Guilin Street Police Station received a report,griffey shoes purple white black, have called in a man lying on the roadside, has been into a coma. Guilin Street Police Station Criminal Police GOLDSON and colleagues rushed to the scene immediately.

    was pierced man was annihilated, Zhongshan Branch GOLDSON request added police instantly, and we concluded that the site is not a dead man lying above the ground the premier scene, left over from the man’s brown wallet apt discern, man surnamed Hao, who lives approach the victim,climate jordan 6 lofty heels Man killed the sister, 39-year-old. >

    investigators who immediately came to Haomou lived in mansions, Haomou who lives in the 5th layer, the stairs leading to the 5th floor, floating down with some fresh blood, blood in the end it was fair Haomou’s doorstep.

    to the Nanshan Street in the mountains, high-Chen found a man down in a pond of blood, when high-minister queried my colleagues to protect the scene, meantime crying 120 crisis calls. Waiting as 120 ahead the appearance of the ambulance, Chen and colleagues base that high was stabbed man near a knife, about 80 cm, and a brown wallet.

    haughty viewpoint of the perpetrators

    male die in the avenue

  8. 10 8 a.m., Mei Jie Chen is one experienced local users posted on the website of Luoyang, rapidly caught the attention of many users. Just three days, the post has been outlooked approximately 20,000 people, up to 4 five hundred comments, users praised Chen Mei Jie as From 10 along, Luoyang, Zhengzhou, the media began to report on an progressive matter.

    internship in Shanghai, 20-year-old petticoat student to save three children seriously injured, the incident, the factory has been refused for her treatment. The girls were forced to discharge treatment deserving to insufficient funds,nike air max tn, lying alone at home in tears. Recently, Chen Mei Jie Luoyang girl’s face, causing widespread concern in the media and society.

    that this information, Chen Jie Mei cried. But she tearfully said that he understands the behavior of parents of children: They will not demand a cent. The morning of October 11, Luoyang City, the old city government for Chen Mei Jie sent 15,000 yuan relief funds.

    reporters after reiterated exertions, were incapable to adjoin the person in charge to Bell, the company recently told local media that Shanghai, hoping to solve the problem through legal outlets, along to the court’s decision to perform.

    National Day, 7 days vacation, the face of their own to save all the cold after an harm suffered in the face of money to continue treatment of the status quo, Chen Mei Jie endured the pain each daytime,air max 24/7, lying flat on a hard Chuangban Shang, the whole day in tears.

    newspaper Zhengzhou October 17 Xinhua

    waste in the Bell company was injured,hollister abercrombie and fitch Abusive police off, ought come forward to decide the stuff by the company. But Chenzhen Li said he numerous experiences of detecting the person in dictate of discussing the company, the other’s opinion has been very cold and hard: to nay to pay always remedial expenses,

    selling sesame fuel in a vegetable mall, Mei Jie Chen family’s merely source of earnings, relatively tight. Pre-treatment quickly spent all the money, September 17, Chen Mei Jie will be coerced to discharge. And this period, she even sat all Zuobu Qi,nike atmosphere griffey max 2 gd Village house as marketing 7 years afterward ap, the water should be lying down with a fodder suck. Therefore, the household had to knot her in a big embark carried long-distance car bumps along the way, Renzhaojutong back home in Luoyang a 10 square meters of rental house.

    perennial scope in the regional media afterward the belated tears of love and eventually proceed apt flock to this girl, let her back in mattress, revealing smile, but likewise won her friends to give Girls’ compliment. Although the parties to publish a certificate after the parents of youth babies, changed to veto Chen Mei Jie, life-saving push, yet the face of these, this girl tears in my eyes namely they know, do no apologize saving.

    late love is not absent

    I quickly walked over to the right hand side of the little boy pushed to 1 side, the little girl in the navel also pushed to the side. However, I was going to push the left of the little girl, when suddenly smashed down the scrap heap,abercrombie and fitch official website, straight kick on me, and I was smashed faint. the little girl’s legs smashed. Bell workman comes to go, save a few personnel take them out, and sent her to the Third Affiliated Hospital of Shanghai Jiaotong University. However, Bell’s staff did not immediately prepared for her treatment, but took her into the hospital lobby, took the child to another hospital.

    capable afflict after undergoing chilly, lying on the bed face Jie Mei Chen came to see the good-hearted people, his face finally revealed the long-lost smile.

    10 13 p.m., in Luoyang,ugg boot store, Mei Jie Chen’s home, the reporter saw a solemn spinal injury Jie Chen Mei lying flat on a hard board only bed, sucking via a straw glass of water to nectar, sallow and haggard.

    this year at 16:00 on August first or so Chen Mei Jie Bell company in the student apartment of the road leading to the next, look the pile of refractory pack has 3 children beneath the gravel-like consume in the excavate to play. Each bag weighs 1 ton of refractory wafers of code stood, piled up almost 2.5 meters lofty.

    after surgery, Chen Mei Jie, who was implanted with six fixes, three groups of steel. Jie Chen Mei was rescued three children, a little girl thigh fractures, was moved to the side of her two young children was not impaired.

    this access, because when saving a ton of stuff to be measured seriously injured spine package, Chen Mei Jie, sustained pain alone in the hospital auditorium,abercrombie and fitch adirondack jacket, emotion the biting cold. , lead vegetation in the premier rush over to pay a deposit, the hospital gave me to check and dispose. the need for surgery for presently as likely. Chen Mei Jie students received call thousands of miles away Jie Chen Mei’s father, Chen Zhenli rushed to the hospital. Because Bell still is rotating a blind eye, Chen Zhenli with the money namely not enough, Mei Jie Chen had again postponed the surgery. Later, Chen Mei Rong Jie internship source companies to come ahead repeatedly to advance 61,000 yuan, Chen Mei Jie surgery was on August 8 smoothly.

    10 11 afternoon, peregrination in Beijing, Zhengzhou City General Hospital to see Zhou Guoping Chen Mei Jie on the reports, quickly said: Zhengzhou rehabilitation exercising for free, until she removed the body to reinstate healthy nail, do not charge a penny. Chen Mei Jie consultation and exam. After a professional rehabilitation, Mei Jie Chen is anticipated to get out of bed to wade within 3 months, 5 months back removed and implanted in the three groups of six nail plate. Through effective treatment and revitalization, is expected to be as regular as she bent over to pick someone.

    Chen Mei Jie,http://www.hermes.com No driver authorization violations 201 years, said she was in Luoyang City, metallurgical manufacture, a school physical and chemical testing of professional secondary school students. December 8, 2010, she was educate teacher employ arrangements to do partition of the source Shanghai Metallurgy Material Co., Ltd. Rong internship. Go to Shanghai with dissimilar student, was assigned to Shanghai Bell Refractories Company (hereinafter referred to as Bell) internship. Because alive in a exotic land, Jie Chen Mei will work during off-duty Bell to find students to play.

    present, Luoyang City, has been created along the city’s lawful council, Luoyang School of Metallurgical Industry, City Legal Aid Center and other related elements of the Legal Aid Center of Luoyang City, some lawyers have been entrusted to Chen Mei Jie family, after the incidence of things to understand, for her legal assistance as the pertinent programs.

    after the accident, liberated two tiny girls have parents Jie Chen Mei began to write a press published proof of their life-saving truths. However, when the afterward police involved in the investigation, manuscript that the children’s parents, but denied that the

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    to save three children smashed faint

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    It is understood that one of the reasons He is the whole root spreading itself too thinly,ugg clearance, cash stream, because the city’s High Court announced final year, arrears of 4.82 million yuan. As the three-year commitment is not fulfilled,nike air griffey max 1 black blue, Chen lighting source of earnings lost because of a drug habit that has transform his life even more perplexed, and with his wife divorced. Long arrived at a digit of companies failed to query because money the whole root Hz, Chen lighting the terminal gun to slay. Chen returned to his home after the killings lighting, proposed to meet the family, parents Shangfen scalding point of periodical,purchase ugg boots Want apt kick the driver was driving gave the drivapt to stop, and thought shot himself, in the end his brother’s home appearance the district police control.

    because promises are fulfilled brothers difference

    1989, the Henan to Beijing Chen lighting, Liu Deqing, and the whole root 3 He were sworn joint attempt in Beijing. Early days,abercombi White 4 women flee afterward automobile Zhuangfei, 3 co-founded a decoration enterprise, and undertake the Department of Space,ugg channel online Protection of housing units for, a 1 million upkeep project, make a jug of gold. Around 1995, opened a canteen lighting Chen, In 2001, He set up the whole root of Long Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. Beijing, as leader, and in 2003 won the South Course, a village a land development rights, creating Yunlong home zone. In 2007, He altered the whole extension of the root to the ground, the removal of Chen Restaurant lighting and demolition shall be given alternatively promised to give Chen lighting to open a restaurant, but the end outcome of this commitment is not fulfilled a variety of causes.

    (Reporter Sun Siya) Beijing of Dragon Capital Group Corporation (hereinafter referred to as up to Dragon Company) Chairman He was in the office last year, the whole root, police control (consecutive weekly has reported.) This heap has been the city’s important media hot new progress report of the murder, the reporter was informed yesterday, the city seized a branch of intentional assassinate and unlawful estate of firearms prosecution for Chen lighting, by with co-defendant He’s the whole root, It is reported that a infer still at large.

    lighting Chen was born in 1962, Nanyang, Henan folk, junior tall educate education in 2007, was retarded 9 days Zengyin gambling. Liu Deqing Chen lighting than two years younger,ken griffey shoes 2010, is a mall County,uggs clearance sale, Henan Province. The prosecution alleged, since 2007, Chen and He light the whole root (who died was 46 years antique) a conflict due to monetary problems. Last annual at 14:00 on November 25 and more, He Chen lighting to the whole root in the mart veranda Jiugong Town, Daxing District No. 20 of Long Road Company, to Hesuo to Chen returned home lighting,nike ken griffey shoes, single-barreled shotgun out of hiding, counterfeit .

    It namely professed that Chen fled behind committing the offense lighting Jiugong Town, Daxing District, Field Road Subsequently, Liu Deqing Wang call approximately to near it (at great) with deliberate and directs others to perpetrate crimes with a shotgun Chen lighting hiding. In the police investigation, Liu Deqing deliberately conceal the truth that Chen had not looked behind the episode illumination and the use of firearms. It is understood that Chen lighting fled after committing the crime ashore November 27 in Nanyang City, Henan Province, was caught; Liu Deqing on the same day in the metropolis was collared and brought to justice.

    >> news background

  10. middle-aged widowed Zhang Hao met with Wang Jing at go and in the development of lovers. Wang Jing ‘s husband working outdoor year round ,Buy Air Jordan Force Fusion, Jing Liu with her mother are alive together . At first both men favor the knee , such as plastic ,uggs uk Li Yang , author of Crazy English wife divorced bear complaints of domes,ugg knit boots, yet suddenly Jing Hao attitude of some chilly , so Zhang Hao became suspicious . June 18,ugg clearance, 2011 during the daytime , several telephone adjoin Jing Zhang Hao unsuccessful . That night, Zhang Hao decided to go family to ascertain Jing Jing . To home and Wang Jing , Zhang Hao base its front gate locked from the outside , then over the wall into the courtyard. Came in, Hao Liu found that only an person at home . Recently, Wang Jing thought of their apathy , Hao Liu from distress that must be reasoned , we have the lust of ill rape Liu vengeance . Hao Liu of resistance regardless of the defendant , Liu pressed elbow to compel the implementation of the rape victim Liu .

    tribunal here ,cheap abercrombie and fitch, afterward hearing that the defendant Zhang Hao resort to violence rape older women ,classical short uggs Man in the metro was stabbed, his action constituted the offense of rape ,ugg bailey boots County Board of Education 35 sexu,ugg, then made the determination . ( Involving privacy of txt characters are a pseudonym )

    to share : I salute remarks Comments

    BEIJING, Oct. 12 Xinhua Suqian ( Guokui Hai Hong Kong ) suspected lover’s sweetheart and his mom apt stop dating a male Suqian even to the Seventy -year- old from rape to revenge alternatively malign . 12, the journalist from Suqian Suyu District People’s Court learned namely the defendant Zhang Hao was the 1st trial because rape sentenced to 5 annuals.

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    Guiying is to bedridden elderly watering the reporter Baishi She

    truly good because the elderly,karen millen wholesale Women bus drivers, passengers ashore a civil fatigue Rela, nursing home’s glory spread. Sent a lot of old people holding relationship.

    live here not published arrest the old man said,burberry brit coat, everyone tin not do without Dean, while she did not see the line, take a bath, shampoo, haircut, fed … thing … what are the elderly willing to detect her, do not let the other assistants. WANG Gui-ying said that occasionally he is tired,christian louboutin rolando, entire these years, she did not sleep through a Zhengsu of nap, the phone two hours set one bell timer.

    old meantime she did not watch the line

    nursing family since it opened, Guiying not shopped out shopping, not before the New Year and family.

    away 30 elderly people participated in the funeral

    Guiying, 49,jordan 6 heels, is chancellor of this old room. But everybody said she was no president,karen millen shops 97% of the body severely burned, because the old thing, she did no, as material, cilia, bath, foot, rub rub feces in urine … … she said, these old folk is their adored ones, she be they agreeable, they When the girl as she could obtain to be.

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    because the annual absence of sleep, her impact five or six times, often ashore the back there doing the job, and do not understand everything.

    36 annuals old, Gui-Ying Wang and her ex-husband divorced cab driver came to Changchun. One day, she met a traveler, 2008 New Year’s Day, a 92-year-old proposed to see at, she accelerated to take home. Elderly bed-ridden because the premier period that he went to mattress, she bite the bullet and wash up old beds, while in the bathroom to wash the filth, while silently tears.

    husband said she: In nursing homes, virtually each old family brought the bed are hung a banner.

    weekly correspondent Feng Yan

    Garden District in Changchun City in Indus,

    looked old get old,ralph lauren chino 74 -year-old son of sarcoma manipulation at family to care fo, it is Guiying often experience thing. She sent away the first old man was a 93-year-old uncle.

    informed her of old, but can not do without her

    her desire is the future, money establish a huge house, so that extra elderly people to live to her here, she has been dry until dry to and he is old … …

    the old man embrace his bed, she Louguo the elderly have six alternatively 7.

    a family, then she will never forget: upright concern.

    , in the presence of children face, the aged die in the final minute, from the small chest pocket and pulled out a gold coin, which is the old life of the babe. The old gold coins inside apt her. Later, she attended the funeral of the elderly, the gold and returned the household. her weapon peacefully away. Each old man was worked, Gui-Ying Wang are to heed the funeral of the elderly, had a absolute of 30.

    third old man,karen millen military coat, she received an old madame, old cerebellar atrophy, manic episode, loved to damn, upsets the old people to go. She rapidly base the elderly, told her: Until 1 day, she could not resist,karen millen wedding dress, to the elderly family members to cry for the first time the old man cleared the. 3 months later the family came behind and said:

  12. (Author: Simonov wrote early in the Great Patriotic War the Soviet Union)

    I am lucky that – surprise!

    with waiting until the person

    wait until something else

    You work hard to wait,

    voicelessly way I want you

    your mother’s arms

    55 years antecedent, established at all timess, unfortunately, has been eventually make up dissimilar epoch.

    2009 12 31, Liyuan Kang in the Russian citizen television with the aid of her mother and sister came to the location to live – Almaty . cider, A week’s time, Liyuan Kang’s wife led the antique man rotate over Beijing’s attractions. Great to see a large plaque on the elderly: Great Wall is not a true man. Next to the age Russian friend asked her mother how to say words in Russian. Old, frowning for a moment, suddenly jumped out saying: Liyuan Kang said.

    in the oven Huopang sitting,

    immediately, to the mother above the call and email have become Liyuan Kang happiest entity.

    2007 winter, Liyuan Kang Zhang Fei that his teacher’s son, in the Moscow branch of Huawei’s work on child care teachers with the message in the past, made on the site. In 2009, China Central Television began broadcasting Russian channels, . W Lin and her daughter Jinna the message sent to the Russian state television’s Part of the staff group stumbled, Li Yuankang message stored with the part of a team of tracing data from Kazakhstan highly loyal.

    Liyuan Kang thoughts, went via this excursion from repression to the explosion.

    they kept that –

    the late eighties of last century, Sino-Soviet narratives gradually returning to regular, Li Yuankang tracing with the mother’s lust, and finally squeezed out from the cleft.

    disappointed a thousand times, a thousand and a re-start.

    wait I not let that person

    we are well ready to receive you, my classmates in Beijing, has been in the fridge a lot of goodies ready, waiting for your arrival.

    mother below the moon

    the audience to mail txt messages, Henan Business Daily, amuse be cared about, . where a family half a century of family history.

    away from the mother’s

    disagreement, only to consult the child how to do. , and my father safely back to Shenyang. Qiaoban a telephone shriek, Qiaoban cry to Manchuria. At that station, and a home of three was stopped.

    see his mother and sister, Liyuan Kang has been satisfied – > Liyuan Kang’s family tracing experience, inextricably interlocked with the changing times.

    Hello! You write a letter yesterday to receive it? Today I have made a visa to China, I have been capable to go to China, we will soon encounter. Can you help me buy a exercise ticket to Beijing after you put the money back.

    entire elapse, children will fall aside.

    dear sister:

    Liyuan Kang for over sixty years, the gift more, can not express a mother’s love, but, in the face of them preordained to be far separately, this is probably his best path of filial .

    remember your heart messenger

    fairly chaste at that Sino-Soviet era, Liyuan Kang Li Huai Yu’s father met the girl in China, the Soviet Union to go Jinna lotus tile, fall in love.

    mama truly pick a sword and fork because the Liyuan Kang,

    I went to China, is good with a dollar, or yuan with it? From Beijing to Luoyang, how long? How much is the fare?

    miss my mother all the time, this is people nature. He in his arms, my child whether I absence that nice ah, I feel this is the happiness I desire to maternal care. We were stranded in 1955 when, after all, 55 years later, after his mother what it was like, how they live, I do not know. chair to the mother is prepared, vacations, family reunion, when the camera in a meal, how I wish, suddenly one day, the mother suddenly emerge here,christian louboutin bridal, she sat on this chair.

    Highlights 1

    quietly in the blood trickle in the care

    Unexpectedly,christian louboutin pigalle Man suffered distinct buffet until the salvage traff, Sino-Soviet relations from the a century.

    2010, at the CCTV and the help of the Russian state television, Liyuan Kang finally saw my mother again, this time, the video: Henan man and Russian mother were reunited after half a century sources: CCTV1 sets he has white-haired

    Why miss

    those who do not hope peace:

    do not join them,

    one day get up up at night, Li Yuankang see my father in Na Xiedi.

    you are at work or at rest? If you receive a letter,christian louboutin black pump, please reply.

    even get exhausted of my friends, etc.,

    in that particular era, the Soviet Union

    your Allah (Liyuan Li)

    relatives not longer wish,

    deterred – have burnout.

    founding of New China, Li Huai Yu and his wife to the northeast, and numerous Suqiao together with the construction of the new China to endow their strength.

    mother moonlight

    the background of this event is: four years of the Great Patriotic War, the Soviet Union suffered heavy losses, the Soviet Union annihilated more than 20 million people, maximum of them are youth adults. Therefore, after the warfare, the Soviet Union is extremely scarce labor resources, which with its laborious conflict happened post-war reconstruction.

    how I survived,

    make his mother smile like most

    yellow photo.

    busy elevating heaving brandy cup.

    cozy to send e-mail, posted on the keyboard Russian letters

    miracle, not everyone can wait, however, Li Yuankang mother to wait.

    waiting for me – I’ll be back,


    12 18 evening, the Sino-Russian cross-border tracing large-scale public programs – Introducing.

    However, the location in the history of changes in the event of the sun and water, it will take root, the wind known.

    sipping painful, the spirits pursue recommended … …

    wait till that distant foreign land

    no longer letter came,

    lotus Jinna mother ahead returning to Geneva, Li Yuankang acquired a diversity of Chinese specialties, award bag loaded a dozen, including jasmine tea.

    9 January 1, tiles lotus Jinna and daughter came to Luoyang. To the arrival of his mother and sister, Li Yuankang engaged three days. The mattress is a current textiles, bedspreads, coffee chart mangosteen fruit in Taiwan, wax apple. The refrigerator is the mother’s favorite bread, breast and tea … … Even so, Li Yuankang likewise has queried his daughter: , is the happiest day Liyuan Kang. Through a colossal supermarket, he let my mother discern inside the range of goods. Walked downstairs bakery, he said: naughty children.

    1956 in the fall, Li Huai Yu to the Soviet Union helped the mainland an of 156 key projects – Luoyang Mining Machinery Plant (now known as CITIC Heavy Industries) work. Liyuan Kang also told my father came to Luoyang. > the 1960s, the Sino-Soviet hostility. Meet with his wife looked hopeless, Liyuan Kang’s father remarried. At this point, Li Yuankang are school children.

    1955, the father of China Li Yuankang and the Soviet Union separated by 6-year-old mother,karen millen store, he thought this were just a week

    days of the great

    you have to wait ah!

    Liyuan Kang and his mother, sister rented a private house in Manchuria, living for a week. Father arrived in Manchuria, to discuss with the mother.

    a.m., they went to a contiguous mart.

    interview Liyuan Kang, he soaked a cup of jasmine tea.

    miss is a disease, center ailment. In particular historical period, and even depression to no mention anything!

    some folk say. Five years of age, we have seen the background of life. The experience, which some have tried.

    merely you I handed him the love

    only two people know you and I –

    Li Yuankang favor 10 knives and forks, mother and sister to Luoyang while you can use at home.

    Henan Chinese Commercial News journalists Jiao Sufang and Xiao Fengwei / Wen Yang Donghua / chart

    to send the best Chinese yuan. Beijing to Luoyang takes approximately eighty-nine hours, tickets about $ 30. My home is your home, my money is your money, do not consider the money thing.

    rouse your sorrow full,

    disheartened a thousand times, a thousand and a re-start.

    love you, Boris (Li Yuankang) Despite farewell, mother and child are Liangbinbanbai, but dreaming of loved ones half a century, at last reunited.

    Liyuan Kang said that his father’s relatives in Chengdu, he is a special filial who have made a pay per month to grandmother to send money, of way, not to the Soviet Union together with her mother.

    which is 50 meters, he and his mother was gone 55 years.

    concert: Mao Amin

    After the announce, from Henan Luoyang Li Yuankang tracing the story of an foreign, deeply migrated hundreds of millions of spectators. When the

    of typing expedience, he pasted on the microprocessor keyboard Russian letters.

    hint of jasmine in the room was fraught, Liyuan Kang’s face, full of happy wording.

    this unexpected revived, really a huge surprise.

    not wait that people will not understand –

    This is true, it’s true! His mother ear whisper: looking for you, ah … …

    that year began, Liyuan Kang began to find the mother of the road.

    half a tread that is the horizon Though parting

    Liyuan Kang’s wife also revealed: well, we do not have anxious about every additional, and this good. p> In Almaty some days, Liyuan Kang to return to China.


    1955 2 1 May, the Soviet Union to the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs advised the Soviet evacuation of the common program, 11 years of living in China is a two-thousand Suqiao collective restriction of the Soviet Union.

    last were still coming. The platform, holding my father’s hand to return to Shenyang Liyuan Kang, her mother holding her sister’s hand to return to the Soviet Union. Looked at the mother tears, Liyuan Kang turned shouted: will be able to meet her mother, 55 years after the recurrence. His father and mother, which is a composition of couples in distressed times, until death,7 photos for the missing man wearing late mother had spent 160,000, failed to meet again.

    reporter’s notes

    Fortunately, the Cold War came to an end, a

    I write this, you understand?

    Liyuan Kang did not expect that, in his more than 60 years old, God again at age 6 taken away all the things back to him.

    in the fire-torn battlefield,

    from the hands of death, you salvage me.

    equitable not the same as follows the others,

    baby love of my life

    < p> you are good at hard to wait.

    days career

    necrosis time and anew at my frustration!

    Authors: Tao

    childhood feeling is back

    Liyuan Kang still remember, that small northeast dorm mother to arrange bread, milk and Sausage. May miss their parents and sisters, maybe for the two long-separated husband. In 1955, W Lin Jin Nati out to return to the Soviet Union.

    Hello, letters have been received.

    Liyuan Kang’s mother saved photographs over the years, like Take a look at the mother’s time, now, the photograph of the mother is still young, but they have a gray-haired Henan Chinese Commercial News reporter Yang Donghua / photo
    every now and then He put the knife and fork to obliterate again, perhaps someday, my mother and sister also came back to live, they secondhand a knife and fork in there with, chopsticks will not used to the
    and mother, sister, the only photo photo , already yellowing, Liyuan Kang has been maintained.
    2010 1 4,karen millen red dress, in Almaty, Liyuan Kang (left) and mother (second from left) sister (second from right) in the mother’s family photo

    At the time, the country’s first Five-Year Plan period.

    days of the great

    Liyuan Kang Lin Jinna is the mother of tile in one of these Suqiao.

    wait till the snow,

    so hard to get to that heat,

    before looking at the white-haired old man, introspective

    Henan man with half a centenary after the Russian mothers reunited Source: CCTV1 sets of video

    as a half-breed, Li Yuankang students surely become the object of ridicule. Each suffered an harm to go home, Liyuan Kang will come up with his mother and sister to go before the photo shoot, tears. there may be as a spy, Such feelings are, the more depressed the more intense. In 1973, he was holding 1st child, out of tears. Day in bed seeing the day as the father, Li Yuankang suddenly fulfilled that if can not find my mother and sister, it would be his father and a lifetime of regret.

    . Always bathe seventy-eight, Li Yuankang letter written in ardent, Tuoren Dai in the past. Each news can have no point.

    With you I have a home

    creature born will be heart ache

    In fact, in another country, the mother-watt Jinna then why do not miss lotus son from afar? But the affection and thoughts, but had to temporarily buried together.

    to residence severe food deficit, the Soviet Union in Kazakhstan, Siberia, Ural, Volga and other local investment reclaiming large areas of wasteland. As the shortage of labor resources, the Soviet Union eyeing its biggest group of foreign nationals – China Suqiao.

    some time ago, under very massive rain here, the house is flooded. These days, we here the temperature gradually fell, the temperature at 24 to 27 degrees Celsius.

    this year’s December 25, CCTV Russian and Russian state TV channel large-scale tracing part Television and CCTV studio scene. On the shade to see the dawn, has 80-year-old tile lotus Jinna trembling asked: / p>

    old man suddenly shocked. Liyuan Kang went into the studio in the moment.

    dear brother,

    wastage of your waiting,

    Li Yuankang carrying hundreds of kilograms of these forks on the airplane.

    in Liyuan Kang’s memories, in Shenyang, the father was particularly busy at work.

    love long longer than their later years

    even son and mother that –

    I have passed away,

    Liyuan Kang did not anticipate that, in his more than 60 years old, God again at age 6 taken away all the asset back to him.

    cross-section of the split end of love

    have you had dress drying taste

    health and death from the other, which is more painful? Liyuan Kang think, still raw from.

    wait, even now it was such hope is gone, wait, wait for a miracle.

    few days ago, sent a recorded CCTV plate, Liyuan Kang hiding in my study, read through crying again.

    kiss you.

    Only your love is perfect

    great suffering of the people, children do not know. At that time, Li Yuankang alternatively sister to the yard every day to activity with. Years later, Li Yuankang calculate parents across the windows of a dispute, but also sadly cried.

    wait till the rain fret Sharen

    Forget it, wait in vain!

    She does not know where she gone well is not good. every minute, every second, so miss it the most suffering. In his 6 years old.

    waiting for me – I’ll be back,

    disastrous era has been created to make up another era

    wait till death, but also time and again by my frustration,karen millen westfield!

    days of the great

    Li Yuankang Quotations

    them, the official begin to write, to express the desire tracing; they began with the campaign of persons among countries, sent word aimlessly tracing; they began using the Internet and television, concerned about the globe looking for half a century of family … …

    since May this year, the Russian multinational channel of CCTV began with the Russian similarities complicated tracing the road, voyaging throughout China, Russia, extra than 30 cities and villages. Finally, to verse, , a love of the faithful adhere to extra magnificent homes of the magnificent feelings of love. Closely related districts, exotic articulation echo, wave later wave of surging passion for the affective climax of beating.

    Liyuan Kang Li Huai Yu’s father, 13 year-old tyro in a munitions factory,Four students fell into the water hand in hand to save the drowning students were swept away by rapids, and later apt do the Chengdu airfield repairman. Later, to make a alive, Li Huai Yu to Xinjiang, comprehending by the time of the Soviet Union in the hospital for a nurse girl Jinna lotus tile. Of them fall in adore marital, the eldest daughter Liyuan Li was nativity in 1947. The twelfth lunar month 23 the second year, Li Yuankang birth.

    an unanticipated long parting

    founding of New China, Li Huai Yu and his wife react to national call, with a son and daughter came to the Northeast. Li Huai Yu went to Shenyang Mining Machinery Plant, the wife went to the tile lotus Jinna Changchun, a preceptor in a secondary school.

  13. Ding Gang Ma Qin Qin correspondent Li Shanghui ,christian louboutin shoes

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    54 years,ralph lauren hoodies men, the couple never give up

    let the two kid live, can somebody care for them, let them continue to live.

    old and Wang Qiying a single alive dwelling in the College of Anhui. 55 years ago, two of them tied the node. Married,ralph lauren bodywarmer, have two sons. But they know is the eldest son of one sibling has been to extra than three years old will not even walk. The second son born to fly single-Huai, Bi Gege even more serious ailment, was born 6 months suffering from illness, can not talk, do not wade, not even to eat. After a diagnosis,karen millen cocktail dress, the results are the same, the supply of the two of them with congenital cerebellar disorders. Because of a serious imbalance in the afford of the cerebellum,christian louboutin channel Incidence of dozens of women bus, two children not merely stand up, even life completely incapable to care for themselves. Today, 54-year-old son, her youngest son has been 49 years old, still can not do without their parents eat and beverage Lazard to help nap. Many acquaintances to persuade them to the couple, their two children were shuffled down life, might for well discard away the cozy way to mail their children.

    54 long spring, in array to better care for babies with thinking palsy, the couple seethe boil red eyes pearly pate, Mountain- They missed the travel and activity in the water, the holidays visiting friends and relatives they can not withdraw. Today, the 73-year-old was base suffering from a single bladder malignancy, 69-year-old Wang Qiying too undergoing from a serious center bombard.

    old children paralyzed at rising terrors not control

    cooked to argue folk apt respond. Is such a struggle in the end the oath with a strong faith in fate, so that they never give up 54 annuals ago.

    single age and Wang Qiying is one old couple,christian louboutin sales Holding 99 men bend down apt avenue sanitation personn, and immediately they have nearly 8 years late,ebay karen millen coats Strange age matron acciden, in the face of two with congenital cerebellar disorder, life can not stand, paralyzed son in bed, , 54 years, except in nightmares they appear never experienced.

  14. old man quickly rushed to hospital.

    1319 hours it arrived by the scene, investigating officers and men nigh the terrain carefully and base that retired people trapped in a immense rock in the river ,luxury fashion, the river namely its back . As the trapped older ,christian louboutin slingback, blaze officers judged apt use safety cords , belts and other equipment as emancipate , and special arrangements because staff to stabilize trapped emotions. Ten minutes after the successful rescue workmen rescued trapped elderly.

    welcome to annotate to remark

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    Chongqing Jiulongpo successful rescue trapped fire four days of electing up the riverside cliff elderly

    It is understood , were originally trapped ashore August 18 to Dragon Temple riverside scavengers ,nike Zoom Lebron vii Graduates five months intervi, yet unfortunately stumble falling scarp , the age man underwent multiple injuries tin not push ,ventilation max nm nomo Teachers insist ashore edu, the old man huddled below a rock asylum in the peppery the sun ,ralph lauren women, the river is the merely dine so trapped in four days, but fortunately the people revelation and timely advising ,marketing ralph lauren Father city center walker s, the old people obtain the rescue.

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  15. help Hong Song, from the beginning to her sick mother, son,2010 christian louboutin, now hospitalized, she and her husband have been borrowing more than 20 million,air jordan 6 high heels, although the hospital has also opened to them a green relief channel, but immediately she and her husband does not have whichever source of income, is still incapable to patronize his son’s medical expenses.

    perturb an human working to retention the 3

    Song help Hong said that since his son has been hospitalized since a share of more than 10 million out. They hung a large trench town just Zhaotong peasants, she and her husband have no nailed job, medical expenses in order to scrape together his son, spent all their savings at home and brought the house is sold, all the friends and household to borrow money, but still unable to disburse his son’s high medical expenses. The day ahead yesterday, the hospital has to help Hong Song issued a delinquent placard that she owed the hospital now has over 3,000 yuan,christian louboutin on marketing Tourist bus after the driver rear launch omen w, the son therefore also abandoned one daytime, but she now has no money even to dine.

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    anguished son falls unconscious unawakened

    thyself narcotics is not enough dealers borrow

    Serena’s mother, Song Hong has helped to attach his son in the hospital more than 50 days, the physically and mentally labored mother said, her husband in June when diagnosed with hemangioma, July 29, she accompanied her husband to Kunming review, I did not fulfil suddenly received July 30, home call, his son in the fall when the potatoes to help Grandma action, has been sent to the town of hospital management. They rushed to the hospital, is 4 am, the son diagnosed with severe brain injury. 16 days later surgery,inexpensive louboutin shoes Microblogging college,christian louboutin pigalle, a large hospital to the cloud, but still did not get up up. The physician said only slowly, may also take months to entirely awake.

    interview, Song Hong to help out his son’s cell phone to correspondents a photograph of the mini boy wearing a shirt, holding a basket ball, smiling face sun.

    (Zuo Qian Yan Yu Jia Zhuo Liju)

    share: salute to comment to comment

    rain the next. She said that in 2006, the mommy suffering from uterine cancer, in May this annual has been diagnosed with progressive lung cancer, to her mommy and her husband’s remedial bills, her go appearance the family,very prive christian louboutin, yet she’s proceeds is 800 yuan a month is not enough only to relatives and friends borrow money to buy medicine. Mid-Autumn Festival, the mother died, but she just take care of his son in the hospital, did not penetrate my mother on the last side.

    Reporters learned that the aboriginal song to help a aggregate of over Hong and her husband, three kid,karen millen marketing 2010 Father of sick kid apply as relief hostages continue, the first died presently after birth, and after had two sons, the younger son suffering from congenital center ailment, died at age 9. Now she only Serena Williams, the son,inexpensive christian louboutin shoes, so can no longer endure the ache of losing a baby.

    12-year-old boy remained unconscious

    Williams yesterday, a massive hospital in the cloud hospital No. 1 8 F 16 F, 12-year-old boy Williams was unconscious on his bed, notwithstanding sometimes open eyes eyes open, but all around, but not feedback. Williams is Zhaotong folk, just this year the sixth grade. July 30, shipped his bicycle to assist my grandmother potatoes while he fell 20 meters of the bridge, causing caustic brain harm, more than 50 days, he has not been sober.

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    8 30, in an interview with reporters , Qiang denied blowing . August 31 , Chengdu Shi Jiaowei lawful website announced the suspension of safety supervision Qiang , Deputy Director of aspiring job qualifications; ordered the corps of administrative law enforcement , Chengdu, transmission battalion to withdraw its third position , and given administrative demerits punishment . September 1 , another by the Chengdu Evening News reporters, Qiang still denied to hit anybody, just mention because words provoked fierce . However , entities did not end there .

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    Chengdu Evening News journalist Chang Hua

    Work Safety be named Deputy Director of the Qiang , the previous involvement of relatives for of discussions arising from violations of vehicle laws , vehicle police accused of playing kick the Police Association , and was Shijiao Wei , Deputy Director of aspiring to a job qualifications halt , revoke skipper situations penalties , and executive demerits punishment. Yesterday, it was rumored namely the latest news, Qiang has been captured because obstructing statute Detention.

    yesterday p.m. ,Donald Driver jersey, the Chengdu Evening News journalist cried Chengdu Shi Jiaowei responsible person , to comprehend the publish Qiang withheld , the human said However,Kid’s Air Jordan Shoes, the specific position is not remove. Since then,Air Jordan slipper, the Chengdu Evening News correspondent visited the bureau in safety supervision while Shijiao Wei ,abercrombie dresses,ugg knightsbridge grey , Qiang companion said ,

  17. Hsiao and her mother Bai Baoqin. ,abercrombie fitch clearance Doctoral students anguish from uremia namely extende

    mother refused to give up sick daughter

    Baibao Qin insisted that the habit for a year; forty-five cup syrup to drink each day, so habit she insisted for six months. She is no for their own health, but to achieve standard kidney transplant, her kidney to save his patients to use the daughter of uremia.

    mother after kidney donation may also be dangerous

    2009 year, Bai Baoqin blood sugar really drop down. However, her urine showed high number of indicators,air max goadome acg boots, or not suitable for kidney transplant.

    Baibao Qin said: kidney, and I really ambition to replace the daughter, if only save her life,air max 2010, will be my biggest regret in life. the lesson of dispose, many people loan a helping hand to assist her, but reserve funding relating to dialysis and kidney transplants,nike air max 2009, are inadequate. Baibao Qin said: Doctors suggested that she eat bitter melon capsules hypoglycemic. She told journalists that she eat two meals a day, eat a repast bitter to eat as almost a year. Reporters rough calculation,hermes wallet 3, she ate at least 700 bitter.

    1 13, Baita District, Liaoyang City reporter in kidney specialist hospital to see a 22-year-old Hsiao. After the entrance she was diagnosed with uremia, in August 2007 started hemodialysis.

    Baibao Qin said: January 4 this annual, she once repeatedly done a urine test showed namely several had tall indicators has amended.

    looked at the exertions made at his mother, Hsiao said: catch on themselves,classic tall ugg boots, not my mother, do not know, I do not now … … donate a kidney transplant may injure the human body,

    assuming the mother Bai Baoqin tears,low ventilation max tn 92,cheap air max 95 boots, said:

    apt save her mother’s painful to eat 700 later kidney donation may likewise be hazardous

  18. insider said 30 -year-old woman died , a lot of head and body wounds . The police investigation found that the front of this car silver Jetta apparent signs of damage , recommending that the woman had been hit along the car .

    Jinsong Bridge episode near the East Third Ring Road . 2 am yesterday, more than a silver Jetta parked on side roads in the southeast turn of Jinsong Bridge ,Buy air jordan shoes, over the vehicle police ,abercrombie fitch sale, the police by the scene . This car Jetta solemn damage to the front , there are obvious cracks in the windscreen . The scene of a traffic police said they to the scene , they found the woman on the back seat Jetta has not signs of life , the driver evaporated .

    greet to annotate to comment

    yesterday morning,abercrombie and fitch outerwear , the Jetta driver surrendered to the police group . The man hit the woman confessed to pedaling , its way to the hospital and found his death , he abandoned the vehicle and escape . Currently , police are investigating the matter beyond .

    microblogging Recommended | today’s peppery microblogging ( edit : SN009)

    (Reporter Han Dapeng Zhang Jian Yu Jie ) more than 1 am yesterday ,ventilation jordan 6 rings shoe , Jinsong , Chaoyang District, close the bridge aboard the side roads , the Jetta parked ashore the roadside causing passers-by attention , passers-by then the police. Check the back seat of the car police base a female on the body ,Jordan Pro Classic, the motorcar drivers are unaccounted because. Since there are signs of break apt the front of the automobile , the police speculated namely women who have been slew car break . Yesterday morning,abercrombie and fitch shirts, the Jetta driver turned himself in ,buy air max 2009, confessed apt the premier car buffet a woman , woman found dead on his course apt hospital , and then forsook the conveyance and escape .

  19. 2011221 Day 6 pm , so and so once again came to Zhu Yan in Hefei, Tongling Road and Riverside Road, east of the intersection of open beauty salon , Zhu put forward again to the above requirements .

    2010 in the second half ,karen millen.com, Zhu Yan XX ,wholesale burberry Woman forged stamp households to complete the formalities to, and the victim met and subsequently established the relationship between male and female friends . Since then, Yan Zhu certain repeatedly to stop prostitution and to marry , but were refused.

    11 18 morning ,karen millen on sale, the city has been the case in the Court verdict to voluntary manslaughter and sentenced to life imprisonment Yan XX , deprived of political rights for life .

    Because the case during the trial,karen millen black coat, Yan with certain relatives and civil plaintiffs reached a settlement agreement on civil compensation , total compensation of $ 100,000 made the victim of her family , the court then made the decision . Our reporter Zhang University

    forensic identification , Zhu Department of sheets cutting edge sharp stab the neck , chest ,karen millen outlet shop , abdomen caused by lung , liver , intestine and other organs caused by rupture of hemorrhagic shock and death .

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    Morning News on the site do Gangjin Gong Yan fell in love with a certain beauty shop Soon after ,karen millen dresses sale, the two established a relationship between male and female friends , Yan XX also moved out from the site , and Zhu rented together. February 2011 , the number refused to marry Zhu made after a certain Yan picked up carry fruit knife, stabbing Zhu .

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    Pingyin who lives in Jinan, the octogenarian will pay only one married daughter ‘s life , he considered that the older the future with no sustenance ,louboutin discount, they pay small adoption of grandchildren living with the East . East grow up to pay , will pay for their marriage , and separation of the other too . As the wife of the East often pay with their disputes , to pay and the pay feeling increasingly alienated the East , in the end led directly to the East refused to perform their duty to pay .

  21. the plaintiff and the defendant Wang Li Laotai, six brothers and sisters, mother-child relationship between the Department, the other 19 defendants with Department of uncle and nephew relationship. In October 1951 the plaintiff and her husband, father, husband of the Third Sister, eldest daughter of five co-registered at Pak Sha Road houses. At that time, Li Laotai late mother, left a son, four daughters, the five per-capita death,prezzi moncler, the spouse of Li Laotai their five children still alive are also outside the other death. Sister left seven children, sister, leaving six children, left behind three children Third Sister, Sister leaving three children, and their equipment Li Laotai negative (ie, five younger brother) left six children. Pak Sha Road is located in the property facing demolition, relocation payments received related to the problem. Li Laotai v. inherit their father and then her husband enjoyed on Pak Sha Road, demolition of houses share of compensation payments, please pay half of the 25 defendants to their relocation compensation.

    Zhongguang Wang Ningbo News October 27 (Reporter correspondent Du Jinming Zhu Ge Ning) Recently, Ningbo Jiangbei Court heard the case with complex inheritance. Because 20 million relocation section, eight late Granny’s own children, a total of 25 children, nephew to court.

    microblogging Recommended | today’s hot microblogging (edit: SN010)

    in the original clear, the defendant involved in real estate ownership share, based on the real estate involved in the case has now been relocated due to real estate have been converted to monetary compensation, it is only on the division of property involved in the demolition proceeds split . But the amount of compensation involved in house demolition, renovation costs, relocation incentive fees in advance, temporary resettlement allowance and utilities charges shall be vested in the plaintiff Li Laotai enjoy. Involved the demolition of housing specific amount of compensation, not a case to confirm the scope of the court which are not recognized Jiangbei.

    share: welcome to comment to comment

    Jiangbei court, after hearing that the plaintiffs involved in the housing registration Li Laotai and her husband, father,christian louboutin shop,salvatore ferragamo handbag Cook shop was killed by her boyfriend was sentenced, husband of the Third Sister, eldest daughter of five name,karen millen sales Alcohol intake of waste started, according to the , should belong to the housing involved a total of five people. However, there is no evidence that the five people involved in the ownership of shares in the proportion of real estate,karen millen dresses ebay Fraud under the securiti, according to each is entitled to five people involved in real estate should be one-fifth of the ownership share. The five people, because Li Laotai father, husband and Third Sister have died, while the parties were not to give up inheritance, so the division of property involved in the total share of the division should be on the basis of the inheritance division.

    of housing involved,christian louboutin on sale, because the demolition was included in the scope of government was removed in 2010. Involved in house demolition compensation payments,christian louboutin clerance, rights were not yet obtained. Amount of compensation involved the demolition of housing, including housing compensation,moncler shop, the cost, early relocation incentive fees, temporary resettlement fees and utilities expenses. Also found involved houses were demolished until the Li Laotai live.

  22. vast time of the accident

    fine all companies that, as the elevator manufacturers,louboutin pumps, elevator car doors open knowing that the company is too small force, endanger the existence of personal and property safety of others, unreasonable risk, but also luck laissez-faire reasonable danger According to the elevator video image display, vast open the car door and the fourth to leave the car looking for means of escape when the door immediately behind the car itself off, so vast can not return the car. The fall in elevator shaft as a corollary, the elevator,ralph lauren polo shirts big pony, there are many product defects are the root cause of the accident.

    text / Correspondent Hooley

    home for dinner

    vast family found that children with the security personnel but not looking for, in the elevator shaft of the bottomless pit that vast fall dead. To maintain social stability and to reduce accidents due to this and other losses, are fine with vast family reached a settlement agreement, and pay compensation 650,000 yuan.

    5-year-old child repeatedly opened the elevator door

    Undoubtedly, the vast no time to see it burst into the elevator to the situation, leading to his fall from the fifth floor to the first floor immediately died. The vast death of the mother is still waiting for him to go home for dinner.

    2009 8 12, had just come home from Jiangxi reunited with their parents near Guangzhou, vast, all alone in the fine building elevator, unfortunately, fall into the elevator shaft death. According to the certificate description, vast neck, left knee, the back was the ground state,christian louboutin bianca, had already lost consciousness, blood pressure, heart rate, breathing lacking.

    fine all the company also said that after the accident, the Guangzhou Research Institute of Special Electrical Equipment Inspection Inspection identified, involving the elevator door device does not automatically turn off layer qualified.

    Plaintiff: automatic elevator doors closed layers failed

    However, this brings the dispute is not over yet, all buildings have been producing fine elevator company to court, claims 650,000 yuan. Liwan District Court yesterday in the case to trial, the case is complex because of the trial will continue.

    had nothing to do

    However, the elevator company’s above statement was fine in court are commissioned to refute one by one attorney. Its counsel, a deemed Although the Guangzhou Quality and Technical Supervision has made

    2009 8 12 at 11 am, the elevator involved in an accident, caused by falling shaft vast death. The video information inside the elevator, only the vast age of five in the elevator easily four times the normal operation of the elevator doors opened, the last open door,ashore marketing christian louboutin 24 -year-old son apt aid sometime inmates o, vast in the video image disappear car door immediately shut itself down.

    news playback

    lawsuit is vast in the fine are paid compensation to the families of After payment, the court specifically mentioned the Elevator to know itself as the defendant, the court did not deal with negative things,christian louboutin bridal shoes, the court carried out a special reply. The elevator company’s general comments are as follows: accident caused the death of vast,air jordan 6 high heels Woman after a fight with e, with the elevator company does not matter. The fact that according to its master, primary responsibility for their own vast, fine all the companies to bear secondary responsibility

    by the sperm are fine buildings are located in Guangzhou Industrial Co., Ltd. (asked the latter to bear the costs of litigation case. Are fine in court that in April 2001, are fine to buy the company next door to the elevator company traction-type cargo freight elevators, the elevator company are in essence building installation. Elevator use, both companies have refined the business entrusted to a qualified elevator maintenance, periodic inspection in accordance with regulations.


    5-year-old Tong Haohao (a pseudonym) fall dead Station Road,christian louboutin peep toe , Yuexiu District, Guangzhou City are building fine lift of regret, once attracted wide attention. Final compensation are building vast fine family 650,000 yuan.

    mother waiting for him

    plaintiff refers to the door edge is too small

    elevator company also stated reason that the delivery of nine years ago has been fine all companies use the elevator, at the time Lift the test is qualified. Later, the fine is the company without the elevator companies agreed to hire a third party without the elevator maintenance company, elevator had quality problems, should be the third corporate responsibility. Moreover, after the accident, the Guangzhou Municipal Quality and Technical Supervision has to report the accident identified the primary responsibility for their own vast,white christian louboutin, fine all the companies to bear secondary responsibility. And companies themselves are fine in consultation with the vast family and the payment of compensation, is without judicial process, the consequences should be conceited, have no right to recover the elevator company.

    boy’s death

  23. Tao master introduced, according to workers,air jordan 9, 25-year-old Ray the courage to return to the site on February 9,ugg adirondack, their construction is located in the middle of the river’s main pier No. 3, the design height of 209 meters, 172 meters has been completed. .

    Chutianjinbao News correspondent Raochun Wu Zhang Chen correspondent reports: Yesterday at noon, No. 3 Yangtze River Bridge in Wuhan twenty-seven construction of piers in the top 172 meters from a welder at the fall, but fortunately the way springboard event buffer,cheap ugg boots Girls rescued suicide to donate liver Rather, eventually falling 24 meters to catch to save their lives by the construction platform. After the incident, the public workers under the emergency to save the hospital. 16 workers in batches blood, help the injured.

    admissions, according to doctors, Ray Yong, chest, waist and legs and other multiple injuries,womens nike dunk heels, fatal injuries, mainly in the chest now, multiple fractures of his thoracic spine,abercrombie fitch store 14, the formation of blood pneumothorax, paraplegia may have.

    Lei Yong blood loss, blood transfusion if you do not have immediately life-threatening, the hospital can only provide a few hundred milliliters of life-saving blood. Fewer donors during the Spring Festival, Wuhan blood center’s blood stock is not much. To this end,ugg cleaner, Ray Yong six workers rushed to the Wuhan city blood bank to donate blood. I heard Ray Yong Yong Xueliang and the second batch of another 10 workers went to donate blood to meet the needs of clinical treatment.

    Fortunately, Lei Yong fall about 6 meters, he was a springboard to block a bit, and then free fall of 18 meters,abercrombie & fitch sale, construction platform falls outside the pier empty box.

    11 o’clock yesterday morning, Lei Yong is the top of cutting steel piers, operation, wearing helmets, body safety rope tied in a job move,air jordan 1 high heels 8, you need to untie the ropes re-fixed, may be this time accidentally falling from the top of the pier.

    Lei Yong father waited at the bedside

    yesterday afternoon, the reporter saw at the 161 hospitals, injured welders still in a coma Yong Lei, Lei Yong’s father just came home to take care of the new continents.

    After the incident, two workers and pottery teacher surnamed three were sitting in the basket mounted oxygen acetylene bottles, the use of crane down to the platform at 148 meters from the empty box to save Lei Yong from dying. Three workers carefully Lei Yong moved to within a basket, and fixed, then the hanging to the ground, rushed to the hospital 161 Hankou.

  24. bell rang 10 minutes later, He was flushed and ran into the teachers classroom. Asthma yet, He gave the students the teacher apologized: Therefore, before the class for his two errors from the penalty 100 squat. From this semester’s first class began,air jordan 9, He had a teacher just like the students agreed: If someone was late, who’s job does not pay, we must accept the punishment: boys do 50 push-ups,air jordan 6 heels 2510, girls do 50 squat.

    teacher and trustworthy 10 minutes late penalty from 100 squat

    square crown and bridge, said: a hand out into the corner of the podium, to support efforts to live, I discovered something wrong. did not hand in papers, in accordance with the agreed to do 50 push-ups per person. Crown and bridge is not unpopular with the teacher side,uggs classic tall, he said: Let the teacher is very impressed and feel respect for the teacher-student, learned of the integrity and responsibility. expect teachers to be punished. smiled and agreed, but he has never had its own punishment. a small thing,womens nike air griffey max 1 , but let her teacher’s words a bit disappointed.

    principal teacher appreciation to the students on a vivid lesson

    high school (20) square crown and bridge classes sat in the front row of students,ugg boots outlet sale Two young people take the same chain of pet dogs rescued d, teachers He collapsed in the moment, he first rushed to a clinging teacher, so she does not fell to the ground.

    He won the high school teacher’s behavior (20) homeroom teacher pandan teacher respect. Pandan said, He is indeed the practice of teachers and our teachers are not the same general secondary schools. For instance, we can not punish students do push-ups,hermes jewelry, fear of complaints from students and parents is corporal punishment on students, so the moral education of students more lip service, earnestly advise. A middle-aged female teacher said: Huang Li said that from the outside to hire a teacher to the students that want to accident, but for students and is a vivid lesson. can not keep promises

    done after squatting 100, HE teachers did not hold, suddenly collapsed on the podium.

    students moved to learn what is good faith and responsibility

    The first to do so much squat.

    as a teacher, it is best not easily promise to the students, but promised the students have to do things, which are basic principles, not because the object is the face of students, to relax their requirements. Equal to only communicate with the students, respect their personality, in order to win the respect of students.

    26 4 pm, a high school in Chongqing Railway (20) classes in the classroom, class 50 a student teacher to quietly wait He Xiaoyan on the psychology class,Reggie White jersey, because she was late today.

    electrical construction and installation company in Chongqing Xinhua workers often: there are many ways to practice promise to get healthy Mo joke

    celebrate the teacher-student and trustworthy, this approach admirably. But I also feel a little worried about her approach: if a student punished fainted how to do? He could still be the teacher’s methods questionable, it is best to use other means to resolve, do not take their health joke.

    He Xiaoyan 30 years old,Jordan Pro Classic, not the establishment of railway school teacher, she was invited to the school this semester part-time psychology teacher, each week to this class to the students on three psychological counseling activities in class.

    He saw some of the students rushing to class teachers to have run sweating, stood up and said: > This is responsibility.

    Guo Juan mapping

  25. Aso yesterday condition deteriorated,cheap uggs, they need two packets of platelets. Q-rescue Aso has sent SOS group, convened an emergency blood donors. It is reported that Aso is now in the drug treatment phase, but also a half months to know whether the drug can control the disease, if not control, Aso may be bone marrow transplant treatment. It is reported that bone marrow transplantation for treatment of light it costs 700 thousand yuan of surgery. Aso is now the lowest daily medication to 3,,000 yuan,nike air griffey max 2, if the platelets lose the case, will have 7,nike sandals,000 yuan, emergency rescue when the day to spend 13,000 yuan.

    Yesterday afternoon,air jordan 6 rings boot, reporters live members of the trust, to 2,000 yuan in cash handed over intact to help female students Suwan Hua leukemia family’s hands. Mr. Su said,ugg australia sale 40, looking at the name on the envelope, help, but Aso’s condition has been unstable, have no energy to the whole family thanks you. So, would like to solemnly thank the good people Information Times.

    members named to the Information Times reporter referred to the

    write a love song of two proposals for two thousand yuan award blood cancer, college students

    Information Times (correspondent Summer He Jianhui ; Lu Jian Zhou Qiumin Linan Nan intern Limbang), Guangzhou, two are in full swing, two sessions on camera,knightsbridge ugg boots After graduating college students to stay private charit, but write out a love song. Several unnamed city CPPCC members, through the Information Times correspondent, award-winning proposal to donate a $ 2000 bonus leukemia Times reported female students.

    See astonished reporter, who solemnly pointing to the newspaper members’ life-saving leukemia Students need blood, proposal was rated our name. He then solemnly opened the two envelopes were not yet handed over the hands of reporters, the reporters saw printed on the envelope the name of the winning proposal, namely,Nike Air Max 24 7, barriers to development proposals taxi

  26. halfway sudden illness killed

    how that Zheng did not expect that riding a motorcycle yesterday his father sent her to school, her life will be among the last time. Yesterday morning, her father rushed to the school on the way, sudden onset, although well-intentioned people with the help of his father was rushed to hospital Jiangbei 324, but still He died killed, apart from the yin and yang with his family.

    yesterday morning,Hermes Wallets, the end result of Zheng’s father died a death. In this regard, the family by surprise. Zheng’s father, because in addition to hypertension, the body has always been very healthy. For the cause of death, forensic investigation is under way.

    father to send her daughter to school

    after only a few minutes,ugg boots outlet 24, my father appeared dizziness, vertigo situation. Zheng quickly dialed 120,nike air griffey max 1 black red , / p>

    because it is early in the morning, the past few vehicles, in Jiangbei red ditches the overpass, there is a young man is reading the newspaper, to see out of the situation, and quickly came for information.

    (Reporter Zhou Yang) (a pseudonym) in the eyes full of tears, accompanied by relatives and friends, waiting for the hearse to his father’s body, transported back to Jiangbei irrigation Lanxi hall built within their family.

    ambulance has not arrived,uggs 86,abercrombie and fitch outlet stores, happened to have a van from a bridge after Chang’an, the young man quickly stopped the car, the Zheng’s father helped the car and rushed to a nearby hospital.

    18-year-old Zheng is a third year high school students in the word water, is the school began, yesterday The first day, early in the morning around 7:00, worry that their child was late for school, his father would send her to school riding a motorcycle.

    name for this enthusiastic young man, Zheng and his family find out that his surname Huang, a company working in the city.

    ambulance then in turn transferred to the father of Zheng Jiangbei 324 hospitals. Arrival at the hospital, a young man and did not leave,air griffey max 1 grey, but took leave of absence to the unit to help Zheng in the hospital formalities and notify the family to come until around 12:00, a young guy before leaving.

    7 20 minutes, when the motorcycle driving to the overpass on the Jiangbei red ditches when Zheng found sitting on a motorcycle motorcycle gradually slow down,abercrombie fitch london, then they hit the overpass motorcycle on the fence.

    Zheng and his father are from the motorcycle and fell off, and she fell off from the motorcycle,ugg boots bailey button triplet sale, the father also sideways to hold her back, worried that she falls.

  27. Chongqing Morning News reporters Xu Xingtong and Xun Yuanxiao Yao

    microblogging Recommended | today’s hot microblogging

    Southwest Hospital burn unit Professor Peng Yizhi told reporters, Fei’s condition is very serious, 97% burn area of the body only has a left back is not palm skin burns, the patient life is in danger at any time . In order to save the life of Fei,womens jordan heels, only by his last remaining 3% of the skin with the mother’s scalp together, cut the skin is broken particles, implanted Fei burn site, and then covered in the above transgenic pig , play a protective role. This method is also the first time, difficulty of operation is very large, will be completed several times.

    27 days, Tang Shu-gold hair shaved in preparation for the surgery.

    doctor said>

    share: welcome to comment to comment

    Fei dusky body was too hot, even family members are not fully recognize him. Neijiang he was sent to hospital, doctors believe the injury is too heavy,abercrombie & fitch store, so he immediately transferred. So, 11 o’clock that day,hermes birkin 40cm For the girl after a fight with,air jordan 6 rings boot,uggs sale 6(), the injured father and son were sent to the Southwest Hospital burn unit.

    yesterday morning, sitting on the second floor of the southwest hospital bed burn unit,uggs boot Seventy stroke a couple of teachers with, Tang Shu King anxiously awaiting the upcoming surgery, her eyes full of concern seems to say: to save you. . 26 am, Tang Shu-Fei Jin, as usual, the son of a steel plant in Ziyang to work. Tang Shu-King said, no son after graduating from junior high school, though only 20 years old, is already a very skilled steel workers. If you do not happen this accident, which was originally a very ordinary day.

    for Tang Shu-King, since the regeneration of the human scalp are strong, and she will soon be able to grow new skin.

    Fei surgery is very difficult

    reach Southwest Hospital, the only son of Tang Shu-Jin met with both sides. 26, rushed to the hospital the same day, across the wards of the glass, Tang Shu-King’s son looked miserable,ugg knightsbridge sale, crying; yesterday morning, when his son was wheeled into the operating room, he saw lying motionless on the son, Tang Shu-King cried . And rancor between his son, and it has evaporated.

    Tang Shu Dr. Jin Cong learned, cut off his son’s body after implantation of the scalp, may be able to save his life, Tang Shu gold coin do not hesitate to nod. Yesterday, sitting in the hospital burn unit on the second floor southwest of bed, dressed in clothes of the Tang Shu-sick eyes glazed gold, this time she had shoulder-length hair had been cut. Originally scheduled in the morning of surgery, but because the operating room was too busy being postponed again and again, Tang Shu-Jin some sit still, constantly got up from the bed and sat down, occasionally went to nursing station for information.

    mother and even the heart, the son of the accident that day, Tang Shu-Jin seems well hunch, What bad thing, For which she also specifically asked him to call his son to work to pay attention to safety, but the son did to her. Son receiving the news of the accident, Tang Shu-King arrived in Chongqing from Sichuan Zigong to see her son, she has not seen his son a long time.

    had two in the afternoon yesterday , doctors successfully removed the head from the Tang Shu-gold body area equivalent to 3% of her scalp.

    mother, shoulder-length hair was cut

    a year ago, Fei had a son, due to disagreement, further deterioration of the relationship between mother and son, Tang Shu-King is very sad, she said that her son is destined not recognize their own mother. 3 months ago,Hermes Kelly Other, 39-year-old braved the danger of birth, she and her husband now birth to a son.

    mixed graft is then covered with pigskin

    But that night, but Fei fell on their most familiar positions. According to Tang Shu-King recalls the day 4:00, boiler steel screw Sisong out, spilling the hot water boiler, the ultra-high temperature steam will work in the factory and the same Fei’s father (Don Suk Kim’s ex-husband) serious burns .

    grievances between mother and child disappeared

    Tang Shu-King was born more than three months of the son to live with relatives in the care of next, and now she has to attend to, and Fei Zheng Kexin are placed in the body.

    Yesterday afternoon, Southwest Hospital burn unit, see Tang Shu-Jin and Fei son lying in bed when the heartache. Edition map / Chongqing Morning News reporters Li Bin and Tong Xunyuan Weihong Ping Tang before surgery photo
    Shu Jin. Tang Shu-Jin
    This is the first time in 39 years own a shoulder-length hair shaved off, burnished scalp irradiation in incandescent reflector out of a dark road of white light. Tang Shu-gold head piece of the scalp will not belong to her, her son to use it to save the life of only 20 years old.

    because her ex-husband in a divorce with his son at age 18, with son Don Suk Kim had a gap. Choose life with his son after her ex-husband, Don Suk Kim often called concerned about his son. In the previous two years, working in the factory when his son, Don Suk Kim odd jobs will be to find a factory job, to take this opportunity to take care of his son.

  28. , 200

    medical staff told reporters that the elderly are likely to fall due to syncope caused temporary memory disturbances, from her sense of the emergence of psychological problems among the elderly or memory problems,abercrombie fitch outlet, so you need to find a psychiatrist for further treatment. Hospitals are trying to contact the families of the elderly came, if you know the old information, please call the Post Hotline 82,888,000 links. (Reporter correspondent Huang Fei Wang Liyong photo coverage)

    hungry 60-year-old woman looks after lost out along the road near the West has been Liu Dadao Yinchuan,Hermes Birkin 40, hungry suddenly collapsed, the head of his face by a roadside grab branches full of bloodstains, crossing enthusiasts discovered immediately call 110. to the east near the Tsing Yi Fuyuan Hospital.

    sixty Granny hungry faint street

    said he regained consciousness after 23-year-old

    The old lady suddenly collapsed to

    side. Mr. Wang said, The old man looks 60 years old, wearing a jacket, pants wearing pants and a pair of shoes, curled up on the sidewalk down the road, just on the sidewalk a London plane trees pruned twigs, a large number of scattered trees branches, the old man’s cheeks, forehead and lips were cut branches,jordan heels for women 55, 110 police rushed to the scene and contact the 120 emergency personnel arrived.

    in the field asking for the elderly,new nike air griffey max 1 white black grey, the elderly can say his name,griffey shoes blue white, also said he lived in near Longshan Hotel, he was lost from home, lost all the way to come here after. However,Hermes Evelyn TPM, the police asked about 110 elderly people age, the old man’s answer was ridiculous, the elderly or the 23-year-old insists he has always refused to accept the fact that their old age. 120 emergency personnel helpless elderly carried to an ambulance,history of abercrombie and fitch 7, rushed to a nearby hospital for treatment.

  29. September 12 , Golden Book House ( right) and her mother for lunch. Xinhua News Agency reporter Guo Chenshe
    9 12,ralph lauren kids sale uk Her knees crying and regain self-mutilation want to ju, the Golden Book of home and mother in a rented cottage Zhu Jieyi vegetables , cooking . Xinhua News Agency reporter Guo Chenshe

    Jin calligrapher’s mother Zhu Jieyi said. Since 2004 his father lost annuity book at home , the gold book home to his brother ‘s sister smooth reading, take the initiative to drop out after work to support their families .

    this year , the Golden Book of the hard-working family , filial piety ,christian louboutin shoe, But the mother was afraid the book at home increase the payment burden on the universities ,christian louboutin men, who insisted on a life back home . Golden Book House has insisted that the idea .

    the 19 years old, he ‘s into this year with excellent video : newborn to care for their wheelchair-bound mother with Tong Fu University Source: Anhui TV Kim decided to take his book home again with disabilities go to school with her mother , while her mother to take care of while learning .

    now ,christian louboutin platforms, the mother and son have been opened with the help of good people in the community near the school cottage rental , the rental of simple living ,christian louboutin platform pump , simple meal a day , mother and son form a special of life . Jin calligrapher’s mother Zhu Jieyi said nothing harsh environment , they have such a filial , sensible child is their own greatest happiness .

    September 19, Hefei Xinhua news ( reporter Guo Chen ) 2004,wedding shoes christian louboutin, a sudden turn of events for a are disabled mother with his own school .

    2008 , Kim was admitted to the county high school books at home , filial piety , he put his legs with a disability since childhood,christian louboutin cheap, came to school with her mother to take care of his mother.

  30. until that day, a customer for business thrown into a box of medicine. the have to rely on her ah. With the cocoon knees crying for a long time.

    be able to press a hand to the printer,griffey shoes purple white black, every kind of programs are on hand to, it is convenient. his colleagues will not laugh at me, but after all, have their own pool of living, I am sorry to trouble others always. just started working really not used to kneeling, shows that the military atmosphere, he looks like TV series

    Road 179.


    his distressed

    It was his wife Han Li club attendant.

    rely on her ah.

    Automobile Industry Development Zone over the road. Yesterday, the old telephone call to the newspaper, not for their own thing, as is a bank, and let her keep in mind the young man.

    Bank of outstanding party members the title, as a general teller, he is the only one to receive this honor in person.

    3 years, he established two consecutive third class. Three years later, he chose to change jobs, the military wanted to test, but was assigned to work in Changchun. lying on the ground for a long time, and later experienced a surgery.

    (intern reporter Li Yan Tao Bin / report field / photo)

    I first met the young man, is more than a month ago. the rest, he laughed and said to hold on.

    Li Haifeng never had a moment to give up studying, he always kept to enrich himself,Nike Air Max 95, he felt Zuosa have to do a good job.

    microblogging Recommended | Today, hot microblogging

    spring branch president Tian also lap dog eat dog, every time he sneezes,womens nike heels, or by hand should be against the wall to support the table, even though doctors warned his day time sitting no more than two hours, but he never followed through.

    times reddish, while the reporter is also his story several times moved to tears.

    Li Haifeng always work in the spine straight, smiling.
    said his wife, Li Haifeng lap dog eat dog.

    he moved to leadership

    or kneeling,abercrombie and fitch outlet Family care for disabled living alone 10 years, or smiling, smiling faces Li Haifeng, is the city’s most sincere expression.

    a secret,

    he is suffering from lumbar disc herniation, can only take two hours per day; he had been a soldier, is a party, determined to fight for the honor; he never leave, a day is 2332 one hundred customers to conduct business … …

    he was optimistic by nature

    welcome to comment to comment

    he deserves

    end of the interview, Li Haifeng immediately back positions,Nike Air Max Zenyth 7, with classes being thanked colleagues.


    to humane people, so he always insisted. Moreover, Li Haifeng never felt that he kneeling work is a violation of dignity. Once, three years after joining the army demobilized. Admitted to the bank that year, he ranked fourth. Lapse of six years, the bones of the sense of momentum Li Haifeng never diminished, although the lumbar disc herniation torture Debu light. So, take out the pad, kneeling on the ground, remain in office.

    to see reporters,women ugg boots, he seemed surprised, but soon laughed. He said that he himself is a very optimistic person, the relationship may be of military origin. p> He always

    noon, the bank lobby at least a hundred people. Staff told reporters that the longest line is the No. 1 Li Haifeng working the counter window. Dozens of people standing on the team came in last, the reporter saw the glass counter in the knees Li Haifeng indeed work. White shirt without any folds, spine straight, smiling, did not see the slack and anxiety.

    number of windows is the most busy business window, in addition to paying for water, electricity, gas, heating fees business, as well as online banking service. To 7:30 am, 18:00 to go, from work to go to the hospital massage, go to the U Shield customer service guidance to do.

    three children, he is the boss. Entrance that year,ugg button bailey, he chose Xi’an Jiaotong University, 3 poor results not admitted. Ultimately, he chose to join the army, armed police as a.

    p> A

    put on a quilt, the quilt is white.

  31. recently, when Xiaotao duty room with their parents came to this newspaper,womens nike air griffey max shoes, the reporter who is also wearing a pigtail strange eyes, wearing a light colored suit coat is also no stranger sense of distance. Their parents, the

    hope caring people from the disease early can help Xiaotao trouble,air yeezy glow in The dark , but he really the man named. Love people with the newspaper press Xiaotao hotline 96677 or contact the parents, phone:; 15,Woman’s Air Jordan Shoes,185,125,cheap uggs online 1.3(),096.

    However, the out. Due to family financial difficulties, the parents did not dare to Xiaotao go for anal surgery.

    9-year-old boy is not p> Jinqianzaixian hearing what Mr. yin and yang, if not . However, until now, Xiaotao only sporting a waist-long pigtail, looks just like a girl, nine years has been made with the disease resistance.

    home after surgery, Xiaotao has been crying forever,Nike Air Max Woman, and some feudal superstition,air griffey max 1 black red , Mr. Yin and Yang’s parents then invited to view exactly. Mr. Yin and Yang are a few that Xiaotao to repair the world’s cut off. Was since then has been Xiaotao keep hair, now is the waist-long, often wearing a pigtail rolled in his head, like a

    2001 March Xiaotao Nayong born in a peasant family, as is the family’s eldest son, Xiaotao birth to bring home incomparable joy. However, a few hours after birth, the mother’s body in view Xiaotao found that Xiaotao the anus is closed, anxious parents will be sent the next day Xiaotao to a hospital for anal Bijie separation surgery.

    Hospital for treatment, but doctors still the possibility that treatment can be too small to be transferred to better hospitals outside the province.

    until last September,kids ugg boots, Xiaotao can not stand the pain of each bowel movement, Bijie parents sent him to a private hospital surgery,nike air 1/2 half cent penny, was diagnosed with congenital absence of right kidney, left side of the testicular dysgenesis. Then experienced a decline in testicular, intestinal diversion, rectal repair and other surgery. However, until October of this year, Xiaotao’s condition has not improved, currently only open from the belly of a small port on the urine drainage.

    9-year-old boy can only drain urine from the stomach opening

  32. now not only focus on training parents the child’s IQ, emotional intelligence, but also focus on fostering children’s financial business. Song Shiying approach is not wrong, but there is nothing wrong with. Children through labor, you can also get paid, but not necessarily money, this way, let the children know that the effort to complete their own ideals, to make yourself happy. In this process, to cultivate children’s concept of money, knowing the money hard to come by, also know find the money to complete their aspirations.

    East Yuzhong solution three small language teacher Hussin

    I have something to say

    until a small army school, Song Shiying from pocket money on things to ask. Son’s response to her surprise –

    see beggars, Song Shiying on his son, said, reading is not hard, just like him later, could not find the money, street, licking the plate. Song Shiying son’s achievements and awards will be linked to test 100 on the award of 2 million, was admitted to a dollar reward 95 points, 90 points if the score is not on, pocket money deducted $ 1.

    and students Yesterday, the reporter group in the mortal mind to investigate for 40 users, including 32-bit users,cheap hermes, said the students did not think the students will do Six had heard, two said their children had encountered such a thing.

    quite surprised to discover that his son

    Later, other students know that homework can help a small army, but also willing to

    Reporters survey

    part-time, monthly income of only 2,000 yuan,nike air griffey max 1 black blue , the economy is very tight, usually very saving, spending each family are considered clearly. Now think of all of life is to eat no loss of culture, especially their sons to learn, the ability to find a good job in the city. Therefore,Hermes Scarf, the education her son used his analogy,griffey shoes red white, with money to encourage.

    experts say

    giving, I never gave.

    parents too utilitarian understanding of learning, into the errors. Students in school, learning not only professional knowledge but also learn how to behave. It only emphasizes the parents to learn professional knowledge, the knowledge to quantify, ignoring the character of the child’s education, so education is very easy for children to quick success, let the children use money to measure the relationship between people. The child will gradually lose the good things in human nature, such as sympathy, compassion, compassion.

    children can have a pecuniary sense, and that such awareness is not harmful to others interests. Xiaojun someone else do their homework, get paid, in the process, he deprived of the rights of other students to learn on and causing injury to others.

    Small army in the homework

    son recently she found a bit strange: it will find every weekend before she thirty-five yuan pocket money, can not be the last two weeks, and her weekends, also forgot to pocket money thing . However,abercrombie womens fur hoodies Green girls fall fr, several times, she found her son out altogether from the bag surface or lollipop.

    Yuzhong guihuayuan community YUAN Hong-mei

    understanding of learning too utilitarian

    / p>

    now my mother is very worried about

    to find a lot of money to learn,ugg sale clearance, study wrong direction. Reflect the value of work is a way to make money if the study is entirely the children in learning to appreciate the joy of knowledge can not, life would be missing.

    find the money is not the ultimate goal of

    correspondent Chen photo coverage

    how suddenly become so.

    7-year-old Army (a pseudonym) has suddenly snacks. One asked, had a small army to start a business – to help students do their homework, a charge of a dollar.

    . He Xiaoyu (a pseudonym) is that he played with the best students, family and good conditions. On one occasion, He Xiaoyu do not want to do their homework, ask the small army to help him do,abercrombie coat 78, the small army think they play well, so I agreed. The next day, He Xiaoyu take the initiative to give him a dollar to thank him.

    Kay Road Equipment Co., Ltd. Chen Chuan

    in fact not so serious. My elementary school,hermes bracelets, but also to help students do their homework, they also give me the money or ask me to eat. Now I am 27 years old, I did not put money into all the kind people, good karma.

    Now, son, young age school with money, Song Shiying was not happy.

    two weeks, to find two or three small army of people doing their homework, find him a week to eight to ten dollars.

    mental health education and Chongqing University Consulting Center, Ren Wanghao

    Central China Normal University, pre-professional graduate students, Chongqing is currently Chief Operating Officer, Early Learning Center Gymboree King Yin Yan

  33. July 20, Yuejin Yang died Fair invited to participate in

    Yang Yuejin mention gas a hook to complete the Reporters Gonglei She

    intern reporter Huang Jing Yu Yang

    News newspaper on November 18 4:30 to get up ,ugg online, with a 30 -pound pen to write on the ground in the park 600 characters ; morning with a 20 -pound pen and paper 20 to practice on a large print ; 17:00 ,kelly bag,ugg outlet (), continue to play Mexico in Lotus Square . Changsha has a calligrapher Yang Yuejin ,Traced to the police station responded with a model due to the shortage of policemen standing guard ,short uggs, with 30 pounds of copper brush to play with like , I heard not long ago just attended Expo

    lift heavy pen began to write after ,nike Zoom Lebron, Yuejin Yang smiled and said : began writing pen with a metal pole ,womens nike dunk heels,nike air max Lebron viii , he will write for 32 years.

  34. second block, third block, fourth block … … until the eighth block access to the surgery to meet the needs of the entire operation before announcing the end to take the skin.

    It is understood, the body cut off from the Li Huining skin was successfully transplanted to Xiaoyu’s head, limbs and other parts. Xiaoyu’s hair is growing, the injured limb wounds were soon healed. cut into several small pieces of skin, while patients with necrosis of the skin removed and cut several small pieces of skin as ‘seeding’ the same spread to the necrotic tissue to the skin, then wait for it to take root, sprout, until the health the growth. , the current conditions have been met for further surgery. However, faced with high medical costs, Xiaoyu surgery had Newspaper this appeal to the community, please reach out your hands to help this unfortunate child!

    deprive the body of 6% of the skin he is the most strong family members of patients

    Lihui Ning (hereinafter referred to as Lee): ah, the specific time I remember not very clear. Just remember, I was very anxious, obsessed to keep the child’s life. In fact,cheap air max nm nomo, if able to save the child, let me do anything like, cut the skin to the point of this is not what his son.

    Lee: Yes. Second operation is under local anesthesia, pain, and just like last time.

    6% of the total area of the body’s skin is amputated, the doctors say he is the strongest families of patients; % burn Xiaoyu,ken griffey shoes , the health of the skin can not Father Li Huining twice to save the child from her skin cut. Cut the skin behind the two, what are touching things? Face of the cold knife cut the skin, he had a fear? How does he endure pain of it? Reporters recently had a conversation and Lihui Ning.

    Lee: pain, is a real pain! In fact, I feel no difference between cut skin and flesh. However, I do not think how afraid. Really,ugg boots sales 62000 , my brain thought to save the children of light. To tell the truth, and his son than I have this pain by nothing.

    in mind: an operation hurt? Are you afraid of?

    Xiaoyu grow hair after skin grafting

    Lee: belief in it. I think this thing no matter what the parents who put in would do. The parents are the same the world would hesitate to do.

    What was the mood?

    However, after matching the blood test, blood type does not match because my wife had to give up, I do, then are lucky – the indicators are in line with surgery.

    mind: Ten days later,uggs clearance, received a second surgery?

    focus, according to the doctor in charge Xiaoyu by Indian director, said the hospital had to do all the preparations before surgery, Xiaoyu do the surgery sooner the better, not out of the skin can not sweat, the body will not sweat itching, this will greatly affect the future Xiaoyu rehabilitation. All relatives, friends, that we have borrowed borrowed, really worried to death a person! (Reporter Wang Fengwei intern Wang Jie)

    in mind: two skin surgery, how you cut

    October 26, coke by two Indian doctors and Shilong Jie Li Huining skin graft surgery for the first time. To save money, he asked a doctor under local anesthesia. Due to take place at Lihui Ning leather thigh, so you can only take the knife in leather thigh Li Huining take 4 centimeters wide, 20 cm long skin. In order to alleviate the suffering of Li Huining doctors, each time with the fastest speed to take. Nevertheless, the first piece of skin taken off, Li Huining on sweating the.

    Lee: I love than I am anxious miles,ugg adirondack boots! In order to do the skin graft surgery to his son, and I love also been some dispute, I want to give the children something. Son had been such a great sin,nike air max 24-7, and we really do not have the heart to let him suffer.

    thumbs again and again,abercrombie & fitch, he said, he encountered the strongest family members of patients. In the case of local anesthesia, two operations, nearly an hour before and after taking away Lihui Ning 6% of the total area of the body skin, sweating despite the pain each time, but he simply did not say anything.

    remember: when you love how you think?

  35. Brain Hospital,abercrombie and fitch application online, according to three Bo Woo, vice president of analysis, leading to weight Yuan Li jumped 90 pounds a year the caused by a variety of causes of high cortisol clinical syndrome characterized by hyperlipidemia, mainly,hermes handbags 2011, and Yuan Li is basically the same symptoms, the most direct reason is because my mind a long pituitary tumor, this build-up is small, it is called as Pituitary gland is responsible for the secretion of growth hormone,

    Last night in the hospital for medical treatment Xiaoyuan force out rent,Hermes Birkin 40, the reporter saw the Yuan Li and his parents. Rental,abercrombie and fitch outlet online , Yuan Li holding the laptop sitting on the bed, his face Yuan Li said he likes to play basketball, keen martial arts series, cure disease after he wanted to immediately go back to school, he missed the students and teachers.

    very fact Yuan Li’s mother, Yuan Li childhood like sports, but her character is more introverted. Early last year, she found the son had just started on a rapid growth in weight and height, also quite happy to be three or four months, the child’s weight has increased by 30 kilograms, height is ten centimeters long. She suddenly realized that something was amiss. Since then, she started to pay attention Yuan Li’s body, and found his occasional tremor, legs,abercrombie and fitch outlet store, speech and other symptoms are not clear, who often groggy the whole. Then Ms. Zhang took the children in the local hospital,abercrombieandfitch.com, but did not diagnose the results. She told reporters that year,abercrombie fitch free shipping code Props newspapers across the U.S. drama 19 y, Yuan Li of the body of a lot of At the same time, Yuan Li’s height from the original 1.61 m to 1.83 m jump fierce, long weighing from 120 pounds to 210 pounds soared. Earlier this month, she and her husband came to Beijing with his son Bo brain three hospitals for treatment.

    present, the hospital has been basically established the cause Xiaoyuan force, but also to further discuss how to do surgery, the surgery several times before the Yuan Li also checked to ensure foolproof operation.

    WASHINGTON (intern reporter Zheng Lei) Yuan Li (pseudonym) was originally a handsome young sun,ugg outlet online 16, like playing basketball, keen martial arts series. However, the past year, his body is not subject to their control, increase in height of 22 cm, weight 90 pounds more surge. Recently, the 12-year-old with his parents from Henan to Beijing for treatment.

  36. March 17 this year, Yunnan stones hospital patients with gallstones She has implemented a security gall stone surgery, from her gall bladder removed a total of 11 688 stones,(), called calculi record. May in yesterday, this record is refreshed,Nike Air Max Skyline, Ms. Geng Chenggong had gallstones in the hospital, The number of points clear of gravel.

    stones,Buy Air Jordan Fusion, had surgery a few years ago, also did not think his wife even had the same disease. Early treatment is necessary to think ill recently, he accompanied his wife to the hospital clinic stones.

    Ms. Geng Chenggong, who lives in rural areas, 50-year-old six months ago, she suddenly felt the abdomen,Hermes Birkin Bags, chest pain department, has been in good physical condition, she did not care too much. .

    (Lang, Qian Chen Xiaowei)

    through a number of medical examination, Ms. Geng lay down on the operating table, the doctor cut the gallbladder Ms. Geng, which covered a number of pieces of different sizes of stones. Immediately,20, the doctors use sets of stone net absorption to take to make stone tools and other stone, remove the stones enough to have a surgical tray. After more than an hour of breakdown, a total of more than 12,000 of these stone tablets. Big cat, such as beans, small as a small grain of rice.

    welcome to comment to comment

    to the surgery, Ms. Geng Li Yingcan Director introduced,ugg kensington, for the present,hermes briefcase, Paul is now 12 000 stone surgery gall stone the largest number. . Yunnan stones for stone recurrence in the hospital on a lot of research,Paul Hornung jersey Chinese American men called, can now be targeted for stone recurrence after surgery to take appropriate measures. And the implementation of the

    microblogging Recommended | today’s hot microblogging

  37. Therefore , the court of intentional assault,ralph lauren coat, sentenced Li Zongxi life imprisonment and deprivation of political rights for life ; and sentenced Li Zongxi in a legally effective decision within thirty days following the date of award with civil plaintiffs compensation for death ,karen millen sale coats, funeral expenses and other Total 699,744.34 yuan .

    BEIJING , Guangzhou, June 22 ( cable promising Xi Wanting ) Guangzhou Intermediate People’s Court 22,nike Zoom Lebron vii ps, stabbed to death by the director of the Guangzhou workers Li Zongxi first instance verdict ,ralph lauren jumpers 2 truck drivers, traffic acci, intentional assault and sentenced to life imprisonment , deprivation of political rights life , and sentenced Li Zongxi compensation incidental civil plaintiff compensation for death , funeral expenses and other Total 699,744.34 yuan .

    During sentencing ,pre owned rolex watches Man entered the home lover lover to kill her husband dis, Li Zongxi bow has remained silent , when the judge asked whether the verdict of their views, Li Zongxi that no opinion, then continue down to remain silent .

    welcome to comment to comment

    Court found Li Zongxi a white victim , former director of a company of any employees . In early January 2010 , Li Zongxi that white one in the workshop meeting , said the insult to his words , easy to resign on 23 February the same year from the plant. As a white vent their anger retaliation , Li Zongxi on February 26, 2010 17 am to return the company to carry a tool waiting near the door , until 18 o’clock to see the emergence of a white , shouted in its wake , then rushed to use before take a half pound white brick of a Ministry of waist and legs , followed with a prepared hit the front of a white one iron pipe , resulting in a white right arm , right chest and right thigh after she died after . After the incident,christian louboutin shops , Li Zongxi left at the scene to the public security organs .

    court that Li Zongxi intentionally causing bodily harm ,christian louboutin discount, causing one death , his behavior constituted intentional assault. Given it has voluntarily surrendered themselves, the Department first offense ,christian louboutin peep toe, coupled with the case was due to disputes caused by the work , is different from other base motives based on the implementation of acts of intentional injury , and Li Zongxi let other family members to raise some funds as compensation to the families of the victims , but also that they have a certain of repentance, it was decided to be lenient punishment for Li Zongxi .

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  38. Chongqing Morning News reporters Zai Xuanzhuan and Pai Zhouwei visits found that no one knows when this is up billboards here, do not know what people are up, but many people are around the Seto River Bridge is full of angry environmental health.

    [966,966] provide clues to thank Mr. Zhou

    Although the plants on the river side, are more or less rubbish, but most concentrated on both sides of the bridge. Residents say the content of billboards on a bit out of line, but it is really quite upset. But billboards established nearly a month,ralph lauren online 28(), the effect is not obvious. litter units and individuals,millen dress, they can only do patient work, and the establishment of waste pits in the vicinity as soon as possible, to prevent people littering behavior.

    Reporters stared from billboards around the recent housing, are separated by a street. And this two billboards are fixed with cement column in the ground, leaving the eye-catching bag of cement.

    Long Otto Township residents, just from here. But lie on the sidewalk billboards, blocking his way. The large-scale environmental billboards. Nearly 2 meters high, 2 meters wide, along the 1.2 m from the ground. The whole block a tightly sidewalk.

    Chongqing Academy summer counsel law firm, China’s as a civil body, also has a legal personality, enjoys the same reputation. The incident, if indeed identified under the guise of households near the behalf of the Government secretly set up insulting language billboards, and resulting in a more adverse social impact, the Government has the power to the courts to require relevant actors liable.

    government Leiren Xuan Chuan card The bridge has been there for decades, Seto River slowly flowing water from the bridge.

    Chongqing Long Township government environmental write billboards , its contents turned out to be: Friends said to promote environmental awareness of the error-free, but the Government is squalling, would be too too much.

    welcome to comment to comment

    government wronged: not our doing

    Reporters saw billboards of this background is water and grass, red writing, very smart. As the billboards just face Seto River Bridge, so from the bridge after pedestrians and vehicles, it is easy to see.

    correspondent saw the bridge, in addition to the sewage discharged into the Seto River,wholesale ralph lauren polo shirts ,karen millen buy, a variety of garbage everywhere. Plastic bags are floating on the water,rolex sports watches, turned red watermelon rind rotting flesh. A Unit of smell from floating on the river, the river becomes a little dark color.

    Chongqing Morning News reporters found that Long Township government denied that the billboards is that they are established. And that the billboards on some of the sharp language, seriously damaged the image of the government,christian louboutin shoes cheap, will soon be removed.

    microblogging Recommended | today’s hot microblogging ( edit: SN056)

    Mada Hong said that after investigation, the billboards is likely to be near the Seto River Bridge, established residents, behalf of the government under the guise of a license may be in order to more prestigious.

    in the Seto River Bridge bridge, there is a Chang Chau Street, extending along the Seto River shore. Temporary bridge is a taxi stop point, many taxis are queuing up here waiting for customers. But few taxi drivers found on the sidewalk along the river, there is a promotional card.

    municipal office secretary Mada Hong very frustrated,louboutin wedding shoes, slogan ridiculous, but also block the sidewalk.

    Leiren Xuan Chuan brand effect is not obvious

    on this sidewalk, the same billboards have two, but 50 m apart. The same size,karen millen pink dress 94, same background and writing, but another piece of billboards content relative Even the slogans written on this ridiculous billboards, and its contents back normal: prohibit aerial parabolic upstairs tenants, littering, the consequences will be punished by the law!

    nearby residents said that people often throw garbage here, , but still repeated.

    content as billboards alleged insult people, and is inscribed in the town government, therefore Mada Hong think that this has seriously damaged the image of the government, through research, will be removed in the last two days.

    as billboards of the inscription is

  39. addition to sun exposure, wind comes up the struggle, the winter is the most difficult time. Love the winter here, the wind is strong, time because of the reservoir can not sail, then usually need to To Kangshang four or five kilograms of parcels. a county publicity department have a few people take him beam, the results stop and go. mouth, he said a slippery ice, he kept stumble along the way, where high mountains and wide, sparsely populated, a radius of 85 square kilometers, only 1,300 population live in scattered, distributed in 4 acres of water ring around the reservoir area the size of turnout in the ditch, and many of the ditch a few miles only to live long a family, the reservoir water are up and down in many places and there is no fixed road, living out here has become a major problem in the.

    an hour and twenty minutes later, Liu Bao toward successfully reaching two terminals. Abandoned boat landing,Hermes Plume 28, carry the bike, get reported to the pocket, Liu Bao push toward the edge while riding 13 miles away to the town post offices Luo fled Taiwan.

    leave a small estuary village, Liu Bao toward the delivery point to the most dense monolithic Gou Xiang Swallow Village as the location. the way a fellow to act alone Shigou boat, on the road towards the other side asking Liu Bao some things about fish.

    welcome to comment to comment

    After more than an hour of busy, more than 80 newspapers, more than 20 letters order is completed. Liu did not hurry journey home towards Paul, as he completed only half its job.

    6 less than 6 am Tuesday When the child who lives in Blue Flag monolithic Gou Xiang Liu Bao village postman begins towards their own out of pocket newspaper draped over his shoulders, walked quickly along the trail came from the hillside on the edge of the reservoir. Pushing 12 years old with his rusty bicycle, lying on the shore safely, and it’s also a companion anchor. Paul Liu to span the bike toward the skilled iron boat, anchor, shake open diesel engines, boat sailed more than 30 miles away Panjiakou reservoir two terminals.

    for their own future plans, the DPRK said Paul Liu will insist on this email on the road to retirement. district is most familiar with, for the others can not do anything, could not find people doing this work too hard.

    son of the county on the first day very sensible, young age to understand the home to reduce the burden on reporters to two days before, the son of Liu Bao excessive worship toward home, back to school, Paul North Korea asked: Some parcels have to take.

    need to protect the DPRK Liu delivered a total of more than 80 newspapers. Because of the distance, mostly residents of the reservoir area household as a unit, scattered in the reservoir or the mountains. He is responsible for 87 square kilometers within the 19 fixed delivery point, monolithic Gou Xiang covering all six villages, and the other two sets of Garo villages. This requires him busy for three and a half hours to complete the delivery, so if you do not encounter special circumstances, the DPRK Liu Bao to post offices every five days to one,discount abercrombie, regardless of weekends.

    8 o’clock point, Liu Bao toward the destination, began to organize themselves to take the newspaper and mail.

    Yanzhao Metropolis Daily reporter Zhang Wei Ya Chen Baoyun text / map

    last summer, a move to take Paul Liu reported back to pull out of three school children, the results met fishing government departments that overload, the result fined $ 200, this is close to one-third of his salary when the villagers to give him when Minato was his firm stand back. is not easy. arrival, the wife of Li Yuejuan Shao Baozhong hillside in front of the house half hellos’ cousin is coming. , put in the usual rush to greet her will continue to take packages and daily necessities, she knew Paul climbed the hill toward the sweat every time, put down something left, even the saliva are too busy to drink. who asked him if something can not accomplish nothing, like the coils of small things that make him to take along, nothing do not rely on him. / p>

    reporters left back across Shao Baozhong Liu Bao asked his daughter purpura towards the treatment of kidney disease, I heard from a hospital in Changchun, send medicine over, walked on the boat toward the back of Liu Bao said: not lost, I’ll pick one to drugs. respect him! For many years, villagers can not do without him! .

    2, an iron ship, an old bike hold up the postal routes

    correspondents face to face with the DPRK Liu Bao calculations. From his home to the post office has more than 20 km, newspapers and parcels back home, and other supplies, delivered to the farthest Jia Temple Village, 20 km, together with other delivery points, the total mileage of at least 50-60 km, a full Take newspaper delivery, and from the less than 100 km. Cycle, 5 days a cycle, 6 cycles a month. In other words, towards the month of nonstop Liu Bao, by the most primitive mode of transportation, to walk 600 km of postal routes. 12-year pinch calculation, never less than 8 miles.

    in Manchu Autonomous County Panjiakou there is a water reservoir Postman, a 44-year-old black-faced man, by a diesel engine and an old iron ship rusty bicycles, quietly asked Chengde City, the only play of this water Postman. With him, scattered among the mountains in the reservoir area folks can use a letter home, a postal packet and the outside world to catch the line, with him, folks can get the newspaper and social development message, so as not to throw off by the outside world beyond. 12 set Hanlaishuwang, a man’s golden age in the poor and lonely stick spent.

    Water Postman Paul Liu Kuan towards

    toward said Paul Liu, W County is rich in mineral resources, in recent years, a number of local start-up mining companies house, go out and get a job is not difficult. there are three people, they are out working in the mine, bought a house on the outside now, and now we have got left this valley where a person. the rest of the clothes to wear. Children are big, have a beauty of the heart, can not complain that they have a worthless father? his own image in the eyes of children. They stopped a car, the driver asked if they are someone’s child. When they heard Paul Liu towards the child, they got in the car driver, car driver told them, ‘your dad is a good man’, the children just like we say this thing home, I hear people say that the child’s evaluation, so that they proud of it. 600 yuan, rose to 1,400 yuan per month, also on the pension, medical and other insurance.

    a fellow family members working outside the mail received 5,000 yuan money order, ask him to take the money out, the deposit to the bank card; a fly swatter bad folks home,ugg boots online 7820(), call let him buy a new fly swatter in the town; a family to ask people to eat, you need a box of liquor bottles of beverages … …

    thirty-four days after Paul Liu is still towards the delivery time.

    Liu Bao now has a car accident towards the brother died, honest and upright towards Paul Liu’s share has been entrusted to forget the big brother. Big Brother then, when it hopes to find the eyes, as if one can see with eyes closed. Paul Liu to work towards just, the brother gave him a big twenty-eight style with beams bike,ken griffey shoes blak grey 17(, and now with his years, this car after the wind and sun, rusty bicycles, is in addition to the piece of iron ships, the DPRK Liu Bao most important get transport. Away from the boat landing, Liu Bao toward the one hand will unconsciously groping rusty bicycle bells. He could not bear to lose it, not only economic reasons, he has deep feelings it.

    12 30 pm, he finally returned home. The weather is very hot reservoir, after lunch, Liu Bao toward the rest at home for an hour and 15 formally starting. One to two to half a day later, and so busy working that day, home has 19 o’clock. After dinner, 21 am, Liu Bao Shangkang towards the rest. Now is the time because of heat, Liu Bao-chao, get up earlier delivery newspaper letters to cool more!

    microblogging Recommended | today’s hot microblogging (edit: SN056)

    1, 12 years as a rural postal day crafts

    but every day, just out from home, Liu Bao will forget all the unpleasant towards; began to smile the face of heavy villagers trust that this smile is sincere, because he has been in harmony with the villagers. Although to retirement, this may be the way to go hard for 12 years.

    doors, sail, ride takes nearly hundred dollars, who can afford ah! , less than his actual annual oil for half the money, but never to the DPRK Liu Bao villagers to once money.

    reservoir landscape in the reporter appears to be pleasant, lush vegetation, mountainous Emerald, waterways roundabout. However,uggs sale, Liu Bao time to appreciate the view towards, revealed on his face was black with a stern solemn, which is carved traces of weathered sun. A person 10 years of repeating the same lines, coupled with drastic changes in the reservoir area of the weather, the scenery is no longer in his eyes scenery,abercrombie fitch outlet online, on the contrary only add to the invasion of loneliness.

    11 hours, Liu Bao toward the newspaper letters, goods, bicycles, hastily fitted with iron boat, home to catch Ganjin Wang. On the way back, he also completed the first delivery mission, location is a boat moored in the lake, no one on board, but some people will come to take.

    1999 years, which is the only one of Chengde City Water Postman did a postman. Because of the distance, the postal routes this difficult for many people stay away. reason to put off!

    10 when 30 minutes, finally something folks need to purchase all together. Liu Bao bike ride quickly toward, rushed to the two terminals, car care a lot, kicking up some difficult, but over the years, he has used to this feeling of struggling to move forward.


    We want to take your boat. villagers themselves and their feelings toward Paul Liu smiling. talking about his wife and children, his face of guilt. In order to prevent interruption of postal routes water to the villagers share of the trust, Liu Paul has not left toward the work. This makes him and his family has lived a poor life.

    2002, the daughter suffered allergic purpura kidney, in order to cure his daughter,air jordan heels, he used a day or two to complete the task free delivery, four Xunyiwenyao for her daughter. , according to the economic situation decided to let them go home when conservative treatment, she could not restrain tears of bitterness, followed by Yao Guanzi daughter for several years to maintain the treatment.

    swing up. Secretary said Boy where’s the surge of winds. Seemingly calm surface of the water reservoir, and sometimes say as they please. August 2003 One afternoon, Liu Bao screen wall toward the boat went around the mountain, to see the dark clouds roll, from experience, he knew the storm was coming, drove quickly accelerated toward the shore. However, happens at this time, diesel oil pipe burst. Stormy waves rolled up to the moment and, the boat lost power, leaving the mercy of winds and waves, could capsize at any time. At this time, Liu Paul can do is move quickly to seal parcels on the bow cabin, and then stop with the waves of turbulence into the cabin to scoop out the water. After the storms, vessel has been blowing 2 km after the cabin filled with water, the water picked up as people generally, but not wet is the only ship parcels.

    morning of the reservoir area was shrouded in thick mist, not far from the mountains can only see a vague outline, scattered among the villagers in the mountains mostly still asleep.

  40. Dajiang News correspondent reports: July 28 morning, the reporter learned from Jiangxi Power Company , 27 pm, National Grid power company Northeast Jiangxi eight employees in the implementation of flood protection Yugan power tasks,louboutins, employees Fei accidentally fell into the water , accompanied by five colleagues have jumped into the water struggling to rescue the Fei rescued ashore. However, due to risk of acute water depth , with everyone who bear a heavy industrial equipment, five rescue workers ,louboutin shoes, in addition to Luo Zhen in danger , the other four people died , the youngest only 23 years old.

    After the incident ,air max 24 7, Yugan county government and power companies in northeastern Jiangxi immediately launched the emergency plan , organize public security , fire , traffic, safety supervision, maritime , civil ,cheap ugg boots Yichang, Hubei poor school girl with paralyzed mother ( Figure ), power , and other jade Tingzhen side force , rushed to the scene , all-out rescue , because the larger waters , search and rescue very difficult. 15:47 , the first rescue workers recovered the remains of a Zouji Bo , after 2 hours of intense search and rescue , Oasis , Yuwen Qing , Zhu Xin Zhou ‘s body have also been salvaged ,birkin bag, after doctors confirmed that four employees were killed to save power . They were salvaged , also wearing a helmet , who tied a seat belt.

    According to reports, affected by the floods , drainage Yugan take the 110 kV power outage damaged dry copper . Power Company transmission line in northeastern Jiangxi Branch Yu Wenqing other eight employees receiving the mission, the scene at noon on the 27th repair . 13:55 , they wade river tributary to the letter is located in Yu- Ting Zhen Cheng Jiazhou 110 kV tower repair dry copper wire No. 60 on the way , spending jobs interns Fei accidentally slip into the water , followed later in the Zou Jibo shouted , However, due to water depth, water emergency , underwater situation is complex,nike air max jr shoes ,hermes us, together with all five people who are charged with baggage , in addition to Luo Zhen in danger , the other four people were tired , and soon engulfed by the flood .

    When the rain

  41. Lei Yong blood loss, blood transfusion if you do not have immediately life-threatening, the hospital can only provide a few hundred milliliters of life-saving blood. Fewer donors during the Spring Festival, Wuhan blood center’s blood stock is not much. To this end, Ray Yong six workers rushed to the Wuhan city blood bank to donate blood. I heard Ray Yong Yong Xueliang and the second batch of another 10 workers went to donate blood to meet the needs of clinical treatment.

    admissions,ugg knightsbridge grey, according to doctors, Ray Yong, chest, waist and legs and other multiple injuries, fatal injuries,buy uggs, mainly in the chest now, multiple fractures of his thoracic spine, the formation of blood pneumothorax, paraplegia may have.

    After the incident, two workers and pottery teacher surnamed three were sitting in the basket mounted oxygen acetylene bottles, the use of crane down to the platform at 148 meters from the empty box to save Lei Yong from dying. Three workers carefully Lei Yong moved to within a basket, and fixed,ugg boots bailey button triplet sale 47 -year-old wife, kidney failure, kidney d, then the hanging to the ground, rushed to the hospital 161 Hankou.

    Chutianjinbao News correspondent Raochun Wu Zhang Chen correspondent reports: Yesterday at noon, No. 3 Yangtze River Bridge in Wuhan twenty-seven construction of piers in the top 172 meters from a welder at the fall, but fortunately the way springboard event buffer, eventually falling 24 meters to catch to save their lives by the construction platform. After the incident, the public workers under the emergency to save the hospital. 16 workers in batches blood, help the injured.

    11 o’clock yesterday morning, Lei Yong is the top of cutting steel piers, operation, wearing helmets,ugg boot discount, body safety rope tied in a job move,12,hermes birkin 35cm, you need to untie the ropes re-fixed, may be this time accidentally falling from the top of the pier.

    yesterday afternoon, the reporter saw at the 161 hospitals, injured welders still in a coma Yong Lei, Lei Yong’s father just came home to take care of the new continents.

    Lei Yong father waited at the bedside

    Fortunately, Lei Yong fall about 6 meters, he was a springboard to block a bit, and then free fall of 18 meters, construction platform falls outside the pier empty box.

    Tao master introduced, according to workers, 25-year-old Ray the courage to return to the site on February 9,a&f sale, their construction is located in the middle of the river’s main pier No. 3, the design height of 209 meters, 172 meters has been completed. .

  42. next day, Lee County, Union League came to the Admissions Office, found that there are several students in the process of the same procedures which do have done, she was safely back home.

    mountains old epilepsy: Let us see how to help micro-Bo Li Union League to achieve a reversal of fate … but have to say, this is a small probability event.

    favorite water fairy: online speech may not represent public opinion, can not even represent the people, but it is an effective means of punishing evil and promoting good so we should correctly understand and use the Internet, instead of spending a large segment of time to give vent to angry youth, it would take a few minutes to help forward the information – better than some kind of help people give vent to the joy of accomplishment.

    August 16, Lee Union League stood their own side of the wall, grinding his teeth,christian louboutin sale, trying not to cry. She took the test 565 points, a line beyond science 13 points, but so far did not get the admission notice.

    Event Description

    admissions office staff forgot to pay the voluntary cause girls entrance exam Source: Shandong TV

    Henan Normal University Enrollment, beginning from July 8,mens rolex watches for sale Crew chief to save a c, August 12,Junior girls diagnosed with liver cancer has been, the admission of Japan Branch batch work all over 7 months, Lee Union League query to Internet cafes, without their own admission. August,genuine rolex watches, with lower grades than her classmates, two have received the admission notice she’s still not to the Lee Union League on the recommendation of the teacher , came to Kaifeng County Admissions Office to ask the situation. Query result was: Zhang, a deputy director, said the Union League Lee did not apply for voluntary submission, but did not upload, he said, a man named Sun Honggang before the County Admissions (sound) and also deputy director of special account, the Lee Union League high test scores, computer workers Li Wenyi also attached great importance to the Union League Lee Lock separate application form in the drawer, gave a nervous forgot.

    admissions exam scores mistakes girl

    miracle finally happened, attracted tens of thousands of cheering friends Universal collar, magic scarf,christian louboutin stores, justice of the collar, the collar there is love, Lee Union League hundred percent can go to college! I sigh Lee Union League is unfortunate, could have been her own choice, and she is lucky, because with microblogging network media she can finally go to college … …

    2010, entrance examination in Henan Province to implement online registration, online voluntary reporting, voluntary reporting known points in the first year. June 30-July 4,jordan pro strong, completing the online undergraduate a second groups of volunteers. June 30, Lee Union League came to the village cafe, fill the undergraduate a second groups of volunteer table. a first choice, Zhengzhou University; two first choice, Henan University of Economics and Law Since she rarely online, operation flow, and volunteer form not submitted on the class teacher and Chang-chi to the county for her the next day for filing admissions procedures.

    Video: Admissions Office staff forgot to pay the entrance exam female volunteers caused Source: Shandong TV p> do respond, the matter not be processed! Lee Union League in rural children drop out of school to work for their sister school, his father broke his leg work. on the net posts have a claim to the Union League Lee for help, I sent the letter. The letter said, years in the steel leg has not taken out. sister had to drop out of school to work for me . responsible too much injustice in this matter. be forwarded twenty thousand times, more than 4,000 comments. news release, more than media attention, including People, Sina.com, more than 30 media. Then, friends, Party Secretary Lu Zhangong of a micro-letters p> As of yesterday, the reporter by Sina Bo rough statistical data on more than 100,000 users of the microblogging forwarding, more than 20,cheap louboutin shoes,000 users were on the original blog comment. In addition, there are 16,000 users participated in the , friends, requirements,wedding shoes christian louboutin 633 , work procedures do not meet the case, without receiving the candidates materials, and to the student’s application materials stored separately, resulting in the student’s voluntary confirmation forget upload due. and have made the punishment of the responsible person, the provincial move contact the college office also actively address the resulting problems. At present, Li Mengmeng has been the accounting profession, Henan University of Economics and Law admitted.

    (Reporters Lijun Yan) said after admission. However, in a few days ago, her father, together with the University of things on the run around. Because the County Admissions dereliction of duty, high scores in the entrance almost with Lee Union League college campuses have long wanted to miss.

  43. Mr. Zhu recalled that the car would mean a bad one a few days, rough calculation, the time to buy a car more than a year, at least 70 times less than repair large and small, time, I shop from Changzhou and Zhenjiang inspection station 4S consumption of fuel costs have had enough to buy him some wheels!

    Mr. Zhu desperation to find help consumer associations Changzhou in Changzhou help consumer associations, 4S shop has agreed to the price of 6.5 million recovery of the car, and Mr. Zhu had to buy it wide range of vehicles and other costs spent 90,000 yuan a difference of more than 30,000, which makes Mr. Zhu afford to lose too much feel, and ultimately did not agree, Mr. Zhu felt: buy new cars. Mr. Zhu said, is itself long distances, and now driving the car on the street side effects side effects end, how safe is that?

    a car spare parts are bad from start to finish, but also on the speed brake deviation

    recently, Mr. Zhu, who lives in Danyang City, complained to the newspaper: last year in Changzhou City, east Fang Shengxuan Zhengzhou Nissan Motor Company purchased a Shuaike car, has more than a year, this car car problem after another, large and small, has been revised 70 times. Mr. Zhu says with a smile, which made him go to 4S car repair shop, 4S shop than this work is also hard working employees.

    yesterday afternoon, Changzhou City Manager Yang Dong Fang Shengxuan Motor Company told reporters interview, Mr. Zhu’s car there are indeed many problems, but he frequently is largely caused by high speed vehicles. But this car problems, Yang sure that they have been very active in the factory to be repaired and to claim. But Mr. Zhu said the number of repairs, the Yang said a bit exaggerated, computer records, they will probably four or five times.

    Reporters involved in the investigation

    for the replacement of a new car, Yang finally said, Mr. Zhu first car can be open to the 4S shop, 4S shop by appraisers to assess the vehicle for Mr. Zhu,Ryan Grant jersey, the appropriate subsidies and then only Mr. Zhu a fee,Air Jordan Shoes 12(), you can help Mr. Zhu for a new car. Reporter’s decision to Yang told Mr. Zhu, Mr. Zhu felt 4S shop and before the reply given attitude is no different, ,abercrombie and fitch adirondack jacket ,hermes birkin handbags, because the car I did not want to open, but can not open; As Yang said the problem lies in my car to run on high speed,ugg boots discount, then I have to ask, the production of high-speed vehicles can not run it is also called the car? , Mr. Zhu said angrily. As for Mr. Zhu vehicle maintenance records within a year, Mr. Zhu noted that only three of five 4S shop maintenance records, the more substantial comments that followed all the maintenance records will collect good single,christian louboutin cheap , it has to Zhengzhou Nissan 4S shops and have a say. For this newspaper will continue to focus on.

    Mr. Zhu told reporters provide a thick stack of vehicle maintenance services EIR, one of the most outrageous display a list of there 15 needs repair. Li Haiyong photo

    to buy this car, the company’s sales department at each of the offerings, said Yang,cheap ken griffey shoes, You do not regret, are the most classic configuration, Who is who knows! Figure auspicious, the first few days on this problem! to change. Mr. Zhu was trying to find a highly recommended him to buy the car Yang, the other has been Bierbuxian.

    Mr. Zhu, who lives in Danyang, because some of the business requires frequent hand car, so on April 6 last year, spent 7.9 million in Changzhou bought a diamond silver Zhengzhou Nissan Shuaike car.

    According to Mr. Zhu said, the car has airbags ring appeared abnormal, unusual instrumentation ring, instrument subsidence, wiper machine burst, shock absorber damage,ugg outlet, broken muffler, brake failure and other issues, almost as long as the car The parts have a bad start to finish, and some part of it is to complete a bad, bad to repair, are continuing to emerge during the same time new problems.

    intern Zhu Zhen, the reporter Li Haiyong

    microblogging Recommended | today’s hot microblogging (edit: SN021)

    service 70 times, how a tired Zile

    welcome to comment to comment

    in The next use,

    claim to be a good car, repair is not to change, recommended to buy a car manager Bierbuxian

    During this period, Mr. Zhu is the most helpless, drive the truck to a larger Zhenjiang 4S shop, through to do a comprehensive inspection of the car, got the test results make him even more silent : / p>

    emerging issues facing this car the car, Mr. Zhu is a lot of trouble, he had thought of the Internet and used-car market to sell the car, but Mr. Zhu then sold to someone else feel like this car, is not responsible for the next home.

    4S store only a few computer maintenance records

  44. walk in the park ,hermes so kelly, but in Melbourne, Australia 53 -year-old women Wei Jiluo holding her pet out for a walk ,cheap air max 95, they often scared passers-by ,ken griffey shoes 8(),discount uggs,ken griffey shoes 2011 15, ,abercrombie fitch 556449,Nike Ken Griffey Jr 2.5! Nicknamed often and Andrew However,http://www.hermes.com, although the three crocodiles and wiki mother as close as impact because they have scared off any number of Andrew’s girlfriend . ( Jinling )

  45. now wonder if this guy is the name of the apartment owner , or special cleaners .

    Information Times reported for the United Arab Emirates Dubai , tower the 34 -story high ledge outside Cachuang Hu ,abercrombie & fitch outlet, the only

    British media reported that in the United Arab Emirates , the safety of foreign workers in Dubai has been one of the topics discussed .

    According to British media reported on September 30 , Dubai, Jumeirah Beach high-rise apartment to a neighbor accidentally shot ,buy uggs , a small group of apartments across the 34 -story bay windows are standing outside Cachuang Hu . I saw this name guy topless ,abercrombie and fitch san francisco, bare feet ,christian louboutins Pumps The elderly can be trained to reduce agility clothes, one hand clutching the window along , one hand holding a rubber broom ,ugg boots shop,Nike Air Max 95 (), hard to clean the window glass .

    Red circle is 34 -storey window to do the cleaning work can be seen from Figure
    guy guy did not take any security measures , topless window cleaning

    neighbors expressed , general cleaners are equipped with high-rise buildings helmet ,abercrombie & fitch discount, safety cables and hangers ,uggs wholesale, etc. to protect the personal safety tools to avoid when cleaning high-rise building falls and other accidents. However, this

  46. all the evidence shows, is from 2006, Hong Kong was sentenced to probation period, the This is, from the frequency of crime even further evident. According to the survey, the hole was red most of the harmful effects of female high school students also occurred during this period.

    Soon, the daughter of Chen Guanlan still in junior high to the parents of a sudden, Liu Xianglian was no more thought,

    11 April, the China Youth Daily reporter went to town Yanguoxia Yongjing County Civil village his residence, trying to restore this fuzzy face.

    Chen Guanlan missing.

    once, Xu Peipei thought of death,wholesale rolex watches, almost on the Yellow River to commit suicide several times.

    Police said the gang members present there are still four people at large. Police are still full pursuit.

    Louder is his nickname

    insider told reporters back in 2003, the son of the red hole was in contradiction with the students Kwak, red hole that was stuck in school on the road after Kwak, beating caused the eardrum.

    incident report

    in the victim’s attorney law firm in Guangdong Jun Liu Hui made law seems: the defendant in this case the hole was red from 2009 to February 2011 period, has allegedly raped three female students at the school, the consequences of extremely serious nature of the very poor. And the hole was red and are repeat offenders, according to the law may be sentenced to life imprisonment or death. According to

    from her last home appearance, has over the past 6 months. 61-year-old mother, Liu Xianglian clearly remember, this is the one sixth lunar month. That day, she went to a temple incense. Two people happen to miss. Daughter left on the table only a cooked chicken, a few bananas. After they

    After listening to her daughter’s tears, she decided for her daughter and the girl victims to seek justice. Since then, Ms. Xu began a persistent network reporting, and ultimately alerted the governor of Gansu Province.

    insider told reporters in Hong Kong was at 10:00 on April 24th, 2011 Yongjing County Public Security Bureau was arrested, inform the family members because of possession of firearms. It is reported that, in order to prevent accidents, the hole was red and the main gang members have been remanded into custody Linxia Detention Center.

    newspaper on November 8, Gansu Yongjing power

    February 9 this year, Liu Weiping given instructions: Since then, Gansu Provincial Public Security Corps involved in undercover investigations. The case after the police as a Principal culprits red hole was quickly into the police perspective, the

    microblogging Recommended | today’s hot microblogging (edit: SN029)

    after the November 5, 2005, on suspicion of committing the crime of gambling, the hole was red Yongjing County Public Security Bureau was released on bail.

    only read the evening of the rural women Liuxiang Lian had no idea how his daughter would be subjected to even the legendary

    season of tears

    woke up, Xu Peipei found himself lying on a car Yishanbuzheng co-pilot position, she realized she had been raped.

    2011 10 7, Yongjing County People’s Procuratorate to check Xingsu Wing (2011) 51 rape, illegal possession of firearms, accused Ma Guoqing guilty of illegal possession of firearms.

    families of the victims reported the hole in the Gansu provincial government Web site was more than the red middle school girls raped, to be Governor of Gansu Province, Liu Weiping attention.

    police also verified, the end of 2000, Hong Kong was bought from a shotgun at one of Zhang. It was identified that the double-barreled shotgun has some lethal.

    Liu Hui said that they had jurisdiction to issue a special Yongjing County Court, prosecutors submitted written comments, but the courts and prosecutors have not yet received a reply for the jurisdictional issues.

    China Youth Daily reporter was informed, nicknamed

    2008 December Liujiaxia town in the multiple injuries.

    interview, the China Youth Daily reporter found that several of the respondents how many girls are victims of a more distant relationship with their parents. One of the girl’s parents long in the field, the basic communication with her daughter by phone, the year with little time to together. The remaining two victims girls parents in the tragedy of her daughter, even knowing.

    was still on the third year of her friends to sing karaoke Xiao Shufang to the King, met in the box He told the waiter asked for a bottle of milk, Xu Peipei finish, the feeling of

    Some girls were victims of rape,2, resulting in weariness, the idea of dropping out of school, and some even give up.

    girl robbed

    of these female students who are at the flowering season, was the Today, Wang Dan is still all day long to live in

    red hole was also during this period, awareness and then gathered some of his associates.

    Do not worry, while I send you home.

    According to police investigators revealed that only the public security agencies in the investigation into the hole was allegedly raped the girls on the red up to about 10 people, mostly girls in school, and when the majority of victims under 18 years of age.

    China’s penalty of sin, are repeat offenders should be punished severely.

    Liu Rong appears in the affected girls, the reason why the hole was red students will choose to start, because the

    Court finally ruled that the red hole was guilty of intentional assault, sentenced to one year imprisonment, suspended for two years. Informed sources, the court was considering the hole was red and gave himself up to the plot.

    According to the victim Xupei Pei recalls: At the time, the hole was red and threatened her, Agency to you, you would not know. in the end that I raped you, or you lure me? you do not sue me, sue, then you’re welcome for your family. Hong Kong was heard saying: She was drinking tea in the suspect was under the drugged. Since then, Xupei Pei and Xiao Shufen against each other,nike Zoom Lebron iii, no exchanges.

    can be traced back to the hole of the He loans run from the ferrosilicon plant, previously have had Jinxin carbide plant, with himself as director. Since then, the hole was red began to penetrate other industries: do karaoke, casino, business entertainment clubs. In the meantime, he several times a fight, cause trouble and cause injuries.

    share: welcome to comment to comment

    after a lapse of two years, Xu Peipei still hard to forget that night in December 2009 to bring her lifelong fear.

    newspaper Yongjing November 8, Gansu Electric

    Wang Dan recalled to reporters, was still in junior high school, she and another girl from the conflict. The girls immediately called in the hole was red. Soon, the hole was red with a group of young men came, threatened her,

    2009 summer, dropping out of school in the near Wang Dan King shaking it slowly once again encountered the hole was red.

    is worth noting that the law failed to stop the hole punishment was light red to crime. Why is this criminal gang for several years there is no exposure? As many cases the incident has been for many years, most direct evidence has been destroyed, has highlighted the problem of insufficient evidence.

    display information from the police: the hole was red Yongjing originating in Gansu, Han, July 20, 1963 students, high school education.

    2006 March Yongjing County People’s Court made the final decision: the red commit gambling hole was sentenced to two years imprisonment, suspended for three years and fined 30,000 yuan.

    a neighbor told reporters: young, the hole was due to have enough to be too red rice. Fortune before the hole was too red vegetable market in town Yanguoxia sold vegetables, put the case over billiards.

    Put down phone, Ms. Xu Yongjing emergency back from her red mouth that the hole was repeatedly raped over the fact that female students.

    hole was red for the first time into the police perspective, can be traced back at least 1998. China Youth Daily reporter on hand to grasp the residence revenge, and with a kitchen knife Zhang injury.

    investigation, according to China Youth Daily reporter, under normal circumstances, the hole was red after the rape the girls, often used for living expenses, invited him to dinner, send mobile phones and other way to win over these girls.

    Liu Xianglian that, beginning this year, suddenly began to draw her eyebrows, make-up, clamoring to buy new clothes. The mother now regret not cope, the daughter who had not noticed these changes, and ultimately led to this tragedy of life.

    reporter has learned, Gansu Province Public Security Department has objected to this, specifically from Yongjing County Court at the time of the transfer of files.

    Recently, a growing sense of foreboding made her uneasy. Since 41 years old gave birth to the daughter, mother and son is the first time such a long separation.

    After more than a year’s time, Xu Peipei never able to get rid of control. In the meantime, she got pregnant twice, have done a medical abortion procedure. When the second surgery, she found herself infected with a serious sexually transmitted diseases. The doctor told her that the disease can easily relapse is difficult to completely cure.

    Liu Xianglian no way of knowing, as early as eight months ago, her daughter had been hurt. February 14, Valentine’s Day, 18-year-old Chen Guanlan shake it at first to be drunk slowly, after being raped. After over a month, Chen Guanlan the same person has been raped several times.

    from Yanguoxia to Liujiaxia, the hole was red fortune is started, a criminal gang of the road began to take shape.

    2006 In May, Liu operated in the hole was red mountain disco Liujiaxia Town Meeting, and the hole was red because of a trivial altercation,jordan high heels, after the hole was beat red and others injured.

    recently learned Yongjing County People’s Court will be hearing the case recently, the China Youth Daily reporter rushed to the local investigation.

    Youth Daily reporter said.

    2011 8 21, Yongjing County Public Security Bureau to get the red hole, Kongde Jun, Ma Guoqing and the others suspected of intentional injury, trouble, rape, illegal possession of firearms and other charges transferred to the people of Yongjing County Procuratorate for examination and prosecution.

    … …

    alleged that the police arrested the hole was red, the players found a number of drugs, cash than 6000 yuan. He was driving in a vehicle trunk, found in possession of shotgun shells, binoculars, machetes and other tools.

    letter in the report, to report known as the threats, coercion, rape girls in school,discounted burberry, and the use of ignorance shy quiet girl a violation of the psychological, as well as threats to family security and other means, girls continue to suffer persecution for their Yin Yue, and even adopt various means to the development of its female victims accomplice, for identifying, lured other girls.

    quite puzzling is that the hole was red again sentenced to probation.

    informants working in the field for many years Ms. Xu told China Youth Daily reporter, due to enrollment issues, the daughter has been home to school, the grandparents take care of, One day, suddenly to call her daughter: daughter and grandparents had a small friction of life,most expensive rolex watches , only to enlighten her daughter not to worry. Until a year later,cheap air yeezy for sale, her relatives found her and the hole was wandering in the streets and red.

  47. there are gaps in the legal

    administrative appeal of the road a dead end, into the Guangdong Branch decided to use legal means to enforce the patent rights. Happened in 2005, they found that the company will sell the allegedly infringing products into the Guangdong Branch of the old customers. Then in 2006, the Wuhan City Intermediate People’s Court, after several trials, Hubei Higher People’s Court on March 6, 2009 to make final judgments in civil, found the company infringed. But the company refused to accept the application for reconsideration brought to the Supreme Court, Supreme People’s Court on October 29, 2009 dismissed the application.

    microblogging Recommended | today’s hot microblogging

    root of the problem is that you apply for a patent, he repeated declaration of your patent is invalid.

    Yangcheng Evening News reporter Kwong Sui Xiong, Ping Luo reports: administrative complaint, legal proceedings, the Patent Reexamination … … Trade and Industry Bureau, Patent Office, the Intermediate People’s Court, Higher People’s Court,christianlouboutin.com, Supreme People’s Court … … 8 years, the Guangdong Branch into the nylon pipe Co., Ltd. (Guangdong Branch into) in order to maintain a 10-year period of only patented product innovation, human rights activists to embark on a never-ending road.

    Guangdong Provincial Intellectual Property Office of Enforcement Department official said that a product’s appearance, utility model patent protection period of 10 years, but in recent years there have been some patent protection in a product for the same period of continued for rights. The official admitted that at present,burberry on sales, China’s utility model patent laws and regulations,christian louboutin wedding shoes, still unable to protect the safety of the product patent. Relevant laws and regulations are still gaps in the sound as soon as possible.

    infringement the defendant did not insist. It is understood that due to the relatively unstable product patent rights,womens nike dunk sb high heels 75 -year-old pill trafficking Sent, the court shall suspend infringement proceedings, the patent is valid in the final decision process is ongoing.

    located in Chaozhou, Guangdong scientific progress is a company specializing in nylon polymer materials research, production and sales of high-tech enterprises, is China’s first MC nylon pipe manufacturers, only the last ten years on the application of 23 inventions, utility models, industrial design patent. MC nylon developed to enhance their products back in 1993 was included in the national high pH, high corrosion industry.

    lawsuit this point, should carry out effective verdict. Unfortunately, eight years,cheap karen millen Woman, brandished a sword plus,ebay rolex watches, the Guangdong Branch rights lawsuit into the size of about 30 games. From central to local, from Guangdong to more than 10 provinces, not the legitimate rights and interests are duly protected. Guangdong Branch into in such proceedings has put a lot of manpower, material and financial resources, market share has continued to be infringers

    infringement eight years without results

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    2003 summer,karen millen outlet dresses, the Guangdong Branch into a national professional journals in the Zhenjiang, Jiangsu Province found a company published This is not only against the Guangdong Branch, respectively, into the Intellectual Property Office of Jiangsu Province and Jiangsu Province Administration for Industry presented the survey process the request, were rejected.

  48. 1 o’clock in the afternoon, Zhang aunt cheerfully got up to go home to cook. Keep posted a note under the umbrella of the bread box, filled with coins hanging next to, paper towels plastic bags. This is cheap. November 5 (Reporter Zhang) Today, domestic and foreign users of Jilin Province, Changchun City, the story of a bowl of hot ravioli attention is still unabated. 5,karen millen cocktail dress 6, the owner Liu Dajun, told reporters in a number of friends and the media’s help, after a family of three small family meeting

    According to reports, these days, Liu Dajun of wonton shop business is great, but because the store is too small,griffey 2 shoes Network transmission Xinyang the d, and sometimes even have customers lined up, the couple put up these days is

    From time to time passers-by with her waving greeting, smiling, teasing her children run around the floor. Da Niangshui,rolex watches models, life can be interesting, both day and night stay by her. Tired, they go home and rest for a while, according to selling bread.

    note is the son of printing, nearby residents were familiar will help her take care of empty stalls.

    days,ferragamo collection, Liu Dajun of wonton shop frequented by beggars as an elderly often the wrong game currency such as coins to buy the ravioli to eat, but the store never expose the elderly, still to the elderly ravioli, be friends

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    November 4, Zhang Jingzhen Tanqian waiting for customers in the bread. Xinhua News Agency reporter Li Anshe

    Zhang aunt paying attention, although there is leg pain problems,karen millen cheap, but rode steadily Dangdang purchase a tricycle, turning U-turn movements are very skilled. Daily 8 am and 4 pm, she went to ride a few miles outside the village into two trips Nie goods. The day she can sell sixty to seventy bags of bread, a bag of bread a dollar, earn a dime.

    According to Xinhua News Agency,christian louboutin shoe sale , Zhengzhou,ralph lauren clothing, November 5 (Reporter Shuang Rui) – leave money. People are eager to pass proposed,air jordan 1, over seventy years, she sold bread do not keep sharing, only to stall rest home to eat a put down, the customer took bread money to stay natural. White foam box posted a note: the bags of bread. Not afraid of people took the bread does not give money?

  49. early November ,uggs australia, police anti-drug brigade Ludian County Public Security Bureau to get clues , there is a scattered suburban drug dens . Police further Mopai dens actually found a village in the county side of the chicken farm .

    1110 evening, the police will be under way in Ludian County Lee captured the drug trade , and then search for the farm shed . In this simple shed of 10 square meters within the bed, bedding ,air griffey max 1 grey, bed wood cracks , cement bricks ,uggs outlet (), lime powder bag door ,Appointed temporary head of the town party committee elected village director suspected of overhead, seized a large number of massive, fragmented like heroin suspicious objects .

    Currently, Lee has been arrested for drug trafficking Ludian County Public Security Bureau Detention.

    Zhou Ji peak <

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    run a chicken farm , chicken farm ,hermes jewellery, but for other transactions within the camp : drug trafficking. Recently,Hermes Picotin PM, Lee XingJu women .

    Lee argued that the police are suspicious of extract of the drug farm disinfectant . However, after testing determined that the suspicious objects seized a total of 1687 grams of heroin together ,air jordan 13 high heels, the evidence in front of the suspect had confessed the truth.

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  50. police prosecutors together evidence from a number of cities, the suspect finally caught

    secret and the fat man out of a police station after the fat man suspected of extortion by police, arrived at their hotel stay a secret understanding of the situation, just tell the truth a secret. Police initially identified the fat man suspected of extortion, the Public Security Bureau reported to the airport, then the Bureau of Interpol investigation detachment of the fat man.

    Huangheng Jiang and Public Security Bureau of Interpol police officers and returned to the airport in Shenyang, the handling team decided to close the net. Upon inquiry, the police learned that on June 12 beam plane wave from Shenyang to Shanghai, they mobilized police to Shenyang Tao Xian airport, in one fell swoop would be prepared to take advantage of the beam wave captured. The full face of conclusive evidence, confessed to their crime wave beam.

    Subsequently, Huang Hengjiang Public Security Bureau of Interpol and the airport police officers and work together,christian louboutin black pump, first went to Shandong, looking for victims to understand Sohn situation.

    Airport Public Security Bureau, attached great importance to the case, requested Dongling District Prosecutor’s Office sent the work involved in the detection of cases, the hospital then sent to participate in the investigation and supervision chief Huang Hengjiang handling group. After handling group study to determine the direction of the investigation: the beam wave airports in transit to or issued by the Public Security Bureau Xiechatongbao, check whether similar incidents.

    Second, careful to avoid any loopholes. As the case involves a wide range of evidence collection more difficult, the detection process should be meticulous in-depth, focus on collecting the parties transcripts, audio and video recording, payment certificates and other documentary evidence, physical evidence; attention to the collection,ralph lauren dressing gown 101.2, review of the parties and evidence of important witnesses of the words, so that a complete chain of evidence , fully conclusive.

    after filing, the police took the opportunity through the transfer of the fat man’s records and found the man called Liang Bo, Shenyang, aged 39 years old, individual operators, travel by air more than 100 times a year, take advantage of relatively fixed routes, mostly starting from Shenyang to Beijing, Xi’an, Shanghai, Jinan, Guizhou and other places. Police think it is very normal, but also through access to public security organs residence network, find beam wave Zengyin extortion and fraud has been sentenced to four times more suspicion on the plane

    separated for a while, the secret of a fat man pulled next to his seat, deliberately exposing the scar and the tattoo on his body, and a secretary, said: leg surgery done before, very serious, I watch you on the diamonds have been knocked, very valuable, is to a public or compounding? fear, offered to give him a few thousand dollars trouble, but too little fat man, ton of bricks, but also to Is no way a secret, had promised to pay to the fat man 1.5 million. At this time, a flight attendant baggage to get in the way of a secret grounds, called him to the rear of the cabin, to remind him that could be extorted, to indicate the alarm. But a secret fear, dared the police.

    microblogging Recommended | today’s hot microblogging (edit: SN021)
    Sina exclusive manuscript statement: This work (text, images, graphics and audio and video) for Sina to use, without authorization, any media, and individuals may in whole or in part.

    was scared of a secret, like the plane to switch to other aircraft. Seeing fat man said to him:

    welcome to comment to comment

    Public Security Bureau was soon the airport, police investigators were surprised to find that since the end of 2009, the National Public Security Bureau, the airport handled a similar number of passengers and passengers between the physical collision claims cases, the basic situation the same: not the watch was knocked on the diamond, the body is pushed, in order to ask for high compensation.

    Huangheng Jiang told reporters that Sohn and his family were very co-Sohn’s father, said: Sohn and his family that in order to fight crime, not to beam waves against the other passengers and then, as the victim, Sohn should stand out, to identify crime wave beam. After repeated ideological work, Sohn finally made a record.

    for the arrival of investigators, secret of a great conflict. Faced with this situation, Huang Hengjiang and police officers out of work permits to see a secret, a secret note to come again to testify his extortion money Liang Bo importance. Finally, a secretary said:

    Huangheng Jiang and airport police officers and Interpol has from the Public Security Bureau in Jinan, Shanghai, Nanjing, Xi’an and other cities, the transfer of the five victims (including an airport baggage service department officers) the record of inquiry, 4 witness testimony. After investigation found that in November 2009 to March this year, Liang Bo has 4 times in Zhengzhou, Jinan, Xi’an, Guiyang airport check-in and other places, after a secret with the other 4 passengers in dispute to the other side step their feet, false a diamond drill table is knocked the ground, abusive,ralph lauren romance, threatening each other, a total of 4 people 29,christian louboutin crystal,000 yuan in cash extortion, blackmail mobile phone.

    third parties and witnesses to do the work, strive to get first-hand materials. Evidence collection process, the majority of victims due to fear, unwilling to cooperate with taking note; Most witnesses for In this case, should take the initiative with the victims and their families, witnesses and other parties to communicate, get their trust, so that they can provide detailed first-hand evidence.

    after the aircraft arrived in Shenyang, did not think of a secret, fat man even alarm, and police to keep her to the airport in Liaoning Province Public Security Bureau Public Security Bureau police station. One to the police station,ralph lauren online store, the fat man to blame, insisted that the secret of a foot was trampled, the leg is the secret of a trolley hit, diamond inlay on the watch has been knocked, and made a $ 20,000 high compensation. Worry about the fat man a secret revenge, not say a word, the final reluctantly 1.5 million out of trouble.

    fat man Shenyang, Zhengzhou and flew to a tolerance. He pulled into the cabin trolley case came to their seats just next to the front cabin on rushing from a fat man. Fat man shouted at him: front of him, cursing his side kick trolley,air max 95 Shaanxi, a rule is not overcrowded beca, after the crew opened.

    the same time, police also found a number of luggage at the airport Hattori has experienced passenger checked luggage to be worn, damaged the grounds,cost of rolex watches , the case of high claims, claimants are actually beam wave. Although these events caused the attention of the Public Security Bureau of the airport, but in such cases resembles civil disputes,womens nike heels, there is no evidence that the beam wave in the implementation of extortion, it is difficult over the airport public security bureau of criminal processing.

    In addition, the beam wave also in November 2009 to September 2010, has three times to check the suitcase was worn, damaged the ground, posing as Hattori luggage at the Xi’an branch, China Eastern Airlines Northwest Branch to Hattori Luggage Office, Office of Transportation Services Hainan Airlines Nanjing total of 17,200 yuan in cash.

    First, to permit a conviction to avoid estoppel. Liang Bo repeatedly commit crimes, extortion, Department of recidivism, with a strong anti-detection capabilities. The initiative report, claiming that the conflict between the Department and passengers of civil disputes, criminal acts clearly intended to cover up; cut its active touch with the passengers on a separate control threat to the passengers, crew staff so that passengers are willing to hidden. Therefore, the detection process, to avoid the first wave head-on collision with the beam, the first investigation, to a strong objective evidence of a conviction.

    invited according to prosecutors involved in the investigation, three opinions to guide evidence

    then, Huang Hengjiang Public Security Bureau of Interpol and the airport police and rushed to the detachment of Shanghai, to find a secret to verify the situation.

    on the plane

    In response, Huang Hengjiang proposed transfer of evidence collected should be fully considered in three aspects –

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    issue that the people who posted messages claiming to be a field in Hunan school freshmen. Posted by readme: September 11, he and three classmates boarded the bus. Not long after starting car, next to a 35-year-old, about 1.75 m tall man off, a black sports bag forgotten in the seat.

    and Wangping E says that, pharmaceutical companies to provide sponsorship for the academic activities is a

    parties: pharmaceutical companies have sponsored academic activities

    intern reporter to Derek Ching Yang Shao Ping Huaihua also reported

    According to another hospital CLC, they have to report the matter Huaihua City Commission for Discipline Inspection. Huaihua City Commission for Discipline Inspection Office for Rectifying staff,christian louboutin sale uk, told reporters that the leaders in charge have not been given instructions, so the investigation procedures have not yet started.

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    microblogging Recommended | today’s hot microblogging (edit: SN021)

    Huaihua City Health Bureau, said the discipline inspection team leader WU Jian-bo, Huaihua City People’s Hospital is the first division level unit, to punish acts of its discipline should be responsible for Huaihua City Commission for Discipline Inspection,nike boots, Health Bureau, as the industry department, can only operational guidance. Yesterday afternoon, the Health Bureau held a meeting of heads of relevant hospital discipline,abercrombie and fitch clearance 9, urged the hospital for self-correction.

    Hospital: Net posts above false

    Fu said he did not receive a rebate is being framed. Operator of a recall, before the issue of the net posts, she had received a woman’s phone. I hope she can use some other drugs, People’s Hospital for the drug companies had given their financial support of academic activities, but the character of a direct contact that they never had the cash, company-sponsored conference or accommodation reception way.

    Wangping E said that they found the hospital sold a total of 5654 In addition, Xiemou, Nie, Hemou three were respiratory physicians, Hwang,abercrombie coat, Liaomou as gastroenterologists, Song of hematology doctors per capita of the six such drugs are not sold. These can be in the hospital’s computer records to verify.

    for academic activities sponsored by pharmaceutical companies, WU Jian-bo said that the city has expressly prohibited the hospital sponsorship, First People’s Hospital of Huaihua City, behavior contrary to the request, should be criticized.

    users upload photos show, received a total of 35 doctors called Least 35 doctors took $ 70, most took 4970 yuan,nike charles barkley shoes, the total amount of rebate of 47,992 yuan.

    open the bag was found inside a black U-disk. Back to school found a excel file open, the contents of the First People’s Hospital of Huaihua City,ugg boots sale uk Primary school girls were killed when the toilet was found dea, drug rebates received a list of doctors.

    First People’s Hospital of Huaihua City Commission for Discipline Inspection Wang Pinge said, the hospital on September 21 evening found the net posts,hermes international , then head to the hospital’s vice president Zhang Yi drugs autumn report. Doctors have also been reported to accept the hospital’s remarks.

    Recently, a suspected First People’s Hospital of Huaihua City a list of doctors receiving kickbacks in Red Net voice of the people, the paper lists 35 doctors kickbacks in the number and amount of drugs. Caused by users of discussion posts, as of yesterday afternoon, the net post click rate exceeded 2 million times.

    correspondent from Huaihua City, First People’s Hospital confirmed that the doctors involved have listed most of the net posts for the general practitioner hospital infection.

    First People’s Hospital of Huaihua City, and party discipline inspection official, told reporters that doctors were yesterday, the net post content is not real. Hospital party has reported the matter to the Huaihua City Commission for Discipline Inspection.

    35 doctors kickbacks?

    users listed in 35 out of them.

    Wangping E introduction, the hospital found during self-examination, may or may not be used for Hospital side has sent a letter to ask the seller pharmaceutical Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. and Hunan reggae producers thoroughly investigate the contents of the net posts above. Currently, the First People’s Hospital of Huaihua City has stopped selling

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    At the forum, Xiaogan University College to the field of new technology and strong 8000 yuan nutrition grants . Qiang Tian immediately that money donated to his nutritional stuff to cure , and commissioned Xiaogan University Party Committee, Discipline Committee Zhao is to help him forward . Yesterday afternoon ,karen millen ltd, Qiang Tian told reporters that he is now a good physical recovery , family members already know and understand the behavior of his bone marrow donation ,air jordan 3,karen millen 2011 (), p>

    It is understood that field strength is Xiaogan City, the first successful bone marrow donor community , Xiaogan City Communist Youth League Committee awarded him

    (Reporter intern reporter Mei Lei Jun Sky ) to save a 12 -year-old suffering from leukemia,ralph lauren tops, Shanghai boy stuff ( a pseudonym ) , Xiaogan College sophomore strong field without telling his family ,air jordan 11 , donated blood twice in Beijing stem cells ( newspaper reported July 9 ) . The day before yesterday ,long sleeve ralph lauren polo shirts 4S(), giving the school received 8,000 yuan supplements , the field strength on the spot that you want to donate money to transfer stuff .

    7 8 and 9, the field strength at the Air Force General Hospital, a total of 115 ml taken twice hematopoietic stem cells. Day, hematopoietic stem cells injected into the stuff he incurs the body . It is understood that stuff condition after bone marrow transplant has improved ,karen millen black coat, has been restored hematopoiesis .

    to Xuanchuan Tian strong deeds , the day before yesterday morning, the Academy held in Xiaogan Xiaogan to model Tan ‘s flat and

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  53. Justice Network Hainan August 15 (Reporter correspondent Zhong Zhenjiang Li Li Xuan Fu Ying-kui) Hainan Danzhou village that a large town that ye love Figure village election irregularities involving the project, once in local sensation, ultimately, in this village, $ 30,ralph lauren gillet,000, a total of 660,000 yuan bribe. August 11, the developer Chen was sentenced to imprisonment for 1 year Danzhou.

    is in January, August, respectively, on different occasions,air jordan sandals, the developer gave Chen Chen Shuji 30,000 yuan, 50,000 yuan, 10 yuan.

    In addition, to get clear the relationship between care, Chen also gave it a large town, the former deputy mayor Chen $ 30,christian louboutin rolando ,000.

    microblogging Recommended | today’s hot microblogging

    later, Chen and labor through the love of a village group plans, in turn 102.49 acres of land planning, to the relevant units and departments for the same land Phase II reconstruction project.

    2009 January, Chen asked former Town Committee Chen Shuji Danzhou that great love Figure in a reconstruction project in the village to take care of, Chen Shuji said they would support.

    2010 3 10, Danzhou large town people’s government that the people’s government reported to the Danzhou

    2010 January, Chen Shuji in Haikou City, the provincial People’s Congress meeting, proposed to get 300,000 yuan Chen work, Chen raised enough 300,karen millen clearance,000 yuan in Haikou City,air jordan 6 rings high heels, sent a large hotel entrance to Chen Shuji.

    identified by the court,ralph lauren baseball jacket, January 6,, 2009, Chen and employees took over the Danzhou that a large town that ye love of Figure village village reconstruction project, groups of villagers and love chart signed a foreign sales of the remaining profit, completely changed the nature and purpose of the land.

    in love Figure village bribery.

    Danzhou People’s Court held that the defendant Chen to obtain improper benefits, bribes to the staff of state organs,air griffey 2 Gambling officials posing as family nanny more, the amount of 66 million, his acts constituted the crime of bribery, then according to law the decision.

    welcome to comment to comment

    such City People’s Government for approval. This case, Chen and co-workers developed a love map still transform a project in the name of the village, the homestead will be sold without planning to seek a huge illegal profits.

    In February, Chen asked Chen Shuji Figure village two love as soon as possible reconstruction project will discuss the agreement on the application materials submitted Danzhou government approval, and gave Chen Shuji $ 150,000.

  54. welcome to comment to comment

    Subsequently, a group of people driving a truck, loyal to the night in the street, but there is no other vehicle to stop, give them hands-on opportunities. Until the next morning, they decided to give up.

    Ma Hongting Interpol with a 5 V in the corn, motionless. Everyone is waiting for construction of the house opposite the signal.

    honey in the security escort Valley way back in Anshan, he described the experience of 14 years of exile … …

    This is not filming movies and television, but in the August 17 this year, the real scene.

    at the moment, the child in Liaoyang City, Tower Ridge is home Ke repair yard, wiping away the valley lime honey feel safe in my heart always panic. He determined to finish the hands of a few repair manual labor to build a house, one on the north to get the wages of Jilin.

    2000, the Xiaoshan district pull package freight competition, Google can not touch the public security organs Ann honey, live to fight face to grab things, always swallow. So he decided to leave Zhejiang, try again on the beach.

    8 16, quietly entered the tower sub Zhuabu Zu Ling Weng village, had laid an ambush near the shed. 1 hour, 2 hours,griffey shoes red white, 3 hours, did not think Google security workers honey and his first time ever, did not come back to rest, but continue in the field after lunch rush. Command headquarters immediately,ralph lauren shop online, all withdraw. Failure of the second arrest.

    two sights Ke home from time to time, which saw five or six Jingzhuang man holding a shovel, shovel blade was working.

    introduction, Valley An honey to Wenzhou, false, Two or three years time, actually made a three to four million.

    see, honey Valley Ann’s face white.

    to Xiaoshan, do pull the package freight cargo terminal business.

    disappointing watching a few He understands that if you do not help them, that two murder two years ago will be shaking out.

    significant in view of the value clue, Li Shan, Zhu Lixin Interpol brigade commander and the deputy head of the Ma Hongting personally into battle, they put cement adhesion and big pants T-shirt, Slop two-shoes, unkempt, driving a old motorcycles, quietly into the Liaoyang City, Wat Ling.

    done blind Zhao’s Daughter of Darkness, he removed the long preparation. run tolls

    microblogging Recommended | today’s hot microblogging

    determine the direction of crime: first, grab a truck, go looting goods.

    5 meters, 4 meters, three meters from the front … they are repairing a house closer to farmers, even the voices of migrant workers which can be clearly heard.

    Over the years, Valley Security honey on edge, there is a sense, get out immediately. Even as long as the dream police, they immediately fled … …

    action, Ke Zhu Lixin neighborhood make-up once again came to the investigation, the results left him surprised. No construction of the Ke family. Failure of the first arrest.

    4 days later, news, Google does not alert security honey escape, but to Wat Ong Ka Ling’s work went to another farmhouse. All long sigh of relief.

    By this time, blinded by greed, he has involuntarily.

    street in the shade of a tree, a team of police is moving slowly and without sound, faster and faster,nike air griffey max 1 grey, the moment the construction of the house into the front courtyard.

    14 provinces six years of hiding to flee the city

    lived in Shanghai for 10 days only,salvatore 18, cash-strapped, he was forced to leave the high rent, high consumption of Shanghai and onward north, return to Liaoning, Qingyuan County, Fushun City, came, to the A few years later, he was contracted by the local hills back, he’s relying on the well-known Because of his craft, but also a certain wrist, quickly organized a group of idle workers in the local accumulation of an extensive network of contacts, a lot of people know there is a small contractor So far, Valley Ann settled here honey, as long as 10 years.

    month later, the Valley An honey tens of thousands of the latest contact information in the data, gradually emerge.

    the crime after failing safety Valley honey the first thing to do is four preparations for a million dollars, so any time after the incident, The money, he had never dared to touch.

    the action, they killed Zhao and his blind woman, another man, but only little to grab the 8,000 and jewelry.

    Valley An honey know that this must be escaped. Spoils, he just had a gold bracelet. Subsequently, he began a desperate 14-year career.

    carry six lives fugitive .

    family in this house,christian louboutin, hidden so that successive Anshan City, Liaoning Province’s Public Security Bureau and Interpol are a nightmare for 14 years, 3 bear murder and armed robbery from the lives of the large 6-line fugitive – Valley Security honey.

    graying temples inscribed with the years honed for 14 years, then could not find his face rape owl gas, dictates that only opponents of workers, the party was fleeting emergence.

    no one will find that this time is six Interpol, close to the ground, in the corn slowly creeping forward.

    Secretary Li Shen Min Shan Public Security Bureau said: It is sensible to give up because of the valley An investigation honey rental places, and it did not make him alert.

    1995 5 6, he led a four rented an empty truck. Valley Honey wanted to make the driver lost security in remote place, but how could not find a suitable site. To avoid exposure, associates brutally strangled the driver. When the Valley An honey own hands buried the body in the street, he understood, in this life no turning back.

    Mahong Ting took over the case,ferragamo handbag , said: >

    Based on this idea, Ma Hongting program and task force to hunt down They do not have access to Valley Security honey sloppy relatives, but may expose Valley judged repeatedly filtered honey whereabouts of tens of thousands of security information society.

    not far from the Fang Ji, and suddenly appeared two heavily armed special police. A slender black barrel out slowly, slowly point that rural households.

    arrested several times missed

    because in a few days ago, he dreamed of two police officers come. Awakened, he did not like the old days, like work every day, but a telescope, climbed the hill opposite his residence, facing the small village of hiding their own, full observation of the day, but did not find any raw and foreign vehicles.

    August summer, hot, hot and harder and harder. Liaoyang City, Liaoning Province, Weng Village of a corn, leaves slightly drag, quiet as usual.

    8 17, Li-Shan Branch deputy director in charge of criminal investigation work longer than the groups personally led Zhuabu Zu, again sneaked into Aung Village. honey and his workers did not return to camp or rest really. So, the secret police began to surround the construction site, staged at the beginning of that scene.

    corn almost simultaneously in six leaps from the window behind the house just jumped into it.

    8 15, Li-Xin Zhu and Ma Hongting arrested two men and a second location, set away from the Dion Village construction site across the street from the rest camp. time.

    Consequently, do not get the money, but lose a life debt, which makes the valley has always been self-sufficient security honey unwilling. A month later, he found Zhao blind.

    crime twice failed to Valley Security honey disheartened. Two years, not the end of his possession of the first contraction of any move.

    task force at work was informed that Valley Honey is safe to use their craft of bricklaying construction contracting activity. Zhu Lixin and Ma Hongting disguised as plain clothes, on August 11, cleverly found a valley honey is safe to work, Ke neighborhood.

    14 years, five other co-perpetrators of all arrested and sentenced to death, and organized and planned safe Honey Valley has always been heard from since.

    But he did not notice, it was his unusual calm, in stark contrast with other people.

    Honey Project Zhuibu Zu

    trial, Zhu Lixin, An honey eyes stare Valley, said: Then, Zhu Lixin out a form, the above shocking Valley Honey recent operations security track record,bianca christian louboutin, and even when to go out every day, went to where, what people have seen, points to eat fresh.

    8 11, police found the whereabouts of Honey Valley An information point less than 15 km away from the city of Anshan, Liaoyang City tower sub-Ling.

    a knife.

    next morning, a team of special police, Interpol and police dog teams consisting of 40 Zhuabu Zu, Ling secretly entered the tower son, gathered in an abandoned factory.

    reason the incident: the police screening tens of thousands of community information, find the whereabouts of fugitives fled 14 years

    1997 years, Ann worked with the Valley Honey crime of Anshan police did not expect to be solved in one fell swoop, and captured one of them. Panic a few

    newspaper reporter Huo Shiming Zhang Guoqiang

    to give her courage, before committing the crime, he made a special trip to the local famous Zhao obtained blind in

    place is: Anshan, Liaoning Province

    6 4, they are committing the crime again in the same way, but was the driver of fierce resistance. In desperation, Valley An armed accomplices killed the driver make honey, and fire burned his body to cover his tracks.

    14 years ago, the total grain security around a few friends around honey brother and called him Travel extensively to do business in the valley safe hands of possession of three honey gun, did not turn two is the he

    back home, he would leave the body pulls out from the fortune-telling book, deduction Dream.

    14 years, Anshan secret Interpol manhunt has organized more than ten times, all kinds of clues and accumulation Zhuoan files over high-profit size.

    the one said: Anshan

    newspaper on August 28 Xinhua

    Valley An honey lime being pinned down, he thought to myself: This collection completed, you can get 3000 yuan wages. Tomorrow will be the ticket to Jilin.

  55. every household in the village day by day the wealthy, and built a tower, only the four walls of their home or small house. Sun Road, the right a little bit of resentment on her husband’s marital relationship with the accumulation of cracks appeared. Sun Road, bear right to end the lives of her husband’s beatings anguish fled the Zhejiang Sun Road are just a few days left to catch up with the right to the traditional Dragon Boat Festival, according to the custom of Zhejiang, is a family reunion reunion happy days, Xing Xianping father and daughter but also how to not be happy , two steamed dumplings eaten two to put down. Xingxian Ping Sun said that the right is gone, but also herself and her daughter live. Xingxian Ping and her daughter also looking forward to the Sun Road, right back to them that much to say to the right of the Sun Road.

    this guy does not know what the reason is set over the Sun Road and did not come back right after the Sun Road go right to carry her husband, then husband and wife far apart on the moment lost contact, the other is fifteen years. 1996, April 28th Sun Road is the right unforgettable day, a man claiming to Xingmou get back to her hometown in rural areas Xingmou since she became the wife. Sun Road, the right to say that in these fifteen years, she has not had a single day enjoyable day, but there is no day without thoughts of Sichuan’s son, as long as the thought of his son Sun Road, the right to the heart like a knife, fifteen-year yearning finally made her day set foot on the way home.

    accident on his way to work lost

    Sun Road, Chongqing police the right to know the circumstances of very great importance abducted the one hand,christian louboutin shoes sale, she arranged for the accommodation of a female police specially arranged with her other hand and quickly made contact with the police to communicate Zhejiang situation. At the same time, Sun said that the right of the Chongqing police difficult decision to send her family situation and their families, back home for the night right Sun Road is undoubtedly the most tough night, she took the hand of the police chatted one night she said she thought very excited and very very worried about fear.

    microblogging Recommended | today’s hot microblogging (edit: SN002)

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    This is Xingxian Ping Sun Road, Shengzhou husband the right to play broken up by unemployed workers live, he told reporters at the Sun Road is the right to lie, he did not abuse her imprisonment. Know we had come Xingxian Ping seemed very excited, from his mouth, we heard another version of fifteen years, fifteen years in which husband and wife although occasionally quarrel, quarrel that is normal,louboutin sale , he does not understand Why Sun Road, so there is no sign right away. After having a daughter of the last ten years according to Xingxian Ping Sun Road say the right has not been raised in Sichuan there is also a home.

    Sun Road is not only the right to family care folks have such a doubt, this period of fifteen years living in the Sun Road, right in the end what kind of environment, is it inside that fifteen years had no chance to escape it? If you have the opportunity why should she wait until fifteen years later. With this question the reporter also went to the Sun Road, abducted the right home in Zhejiang Shengzhou, Shengzhou, Shaoxing, Zhejiang is located in the first economic opening of China’s city of Shaoxing is the birthplace of China’s traditional drama is well-known hometown of overseas Chinese Shaoxing opera, while the Sun Road right 15 years of experience took place here. As the complexity of the case a long time span, we first came to Shengzhou City Public Security Bureau to understand the situation. Sun Road is a right that she who called Xing Xianping away and fifteen years imprisonment, then the Xingxian Ping is likely to charges of illegal detention, but to understand the situation in Zhejiang after the police but have many questions.

    sudden accident ignited the idea of escape

    daughter’s right to a car accident so that the spirit of Sun Road, a sudden collapse, and ten years of a foreign country the right to life Sun Road, the heart is not easy, on the one hand to take care of the whole family here, but also worried about the other side Sichuan’s son, accompanied by her daughter in the hospital a few days, Sun said that the right to cry night after night, perhaps the daughter of the accident reminded her son that far in Sichuan, the right sad Sun Road, a decision being made ten years should secret to tell her daughter that he has a home in Sichuan and a son over there.

    Sun Road Source: CCTV Chongqing, gray day, Zhang Yang is a Patrol Jiangbei District, this day, as usual,air jordan 13, he inspected a woman caught his attention. Sun said that fifteen years ago, she went right to work, Zhejiang,ralph lauren jumpers, lost her husband at the station after the encounter with a man surnamed Xing, the other to recruitment on the grounds of her fool Shengzhou place called the past 15 years she has been imprisoned at home. ultimately depend on the accumulation of two hundred dollars fled to Chongqing.

    by Sun Road, the right to say she is because of unbearable domestic violence and escape, and Xing Xianping argument is not the case, he said the family of the Sun Road,christian louboutin platform pumps Suspected of killing brother, sister, little, the right is very good, but the family money by the Sun Road, the right management Moreover, there is a teenage daughter, she is no reason to flee, then in the end what happened to Sun Road, the right to choose to leave.

    Sun Road, right at home in less than three hours from Chongqing City, Sichuan Luzhou protect the country and town, saw the police heard a familiar accent and talk about what happened fifteen years of this right to marvel at Sun Road. Sun said the husband the right leg with a disability against a local school possessor of a small salary five people, while the Sun Road, the right to health reasons but also because no way to do farm work, so seeing the couple to discuss the day over the more difficult to earn Zhejiang defected relatives working some money to cure, and his family’s opposition at the time the couple or set foot on the road of Zhejiang, the year their son less than eight years old. Way to earn money the couple is still looking forward to the day after the good who know their fate and a joke. They had no money to buy a ticket for walking to think of ways, do not know how far to go all the way to run around with fatigue hunger Sun Road, right no longer walk, then there is a right to change the Sun Road, a destiny.

    right back to his hometown of Sun Road, said what do not want to return to Zhejiang, and she has been immersed in the joy of reunion with his parents in his son. Even chatting with the villagers also took his son around. Sun Road will be reminded occasionally the right home in Shengzhou,christian louboutin sale shoes, Zhejiang thought that only 15 years old daughter. Sun Road, said right after the return of Xing Xianping has been to call her, but returned home to his family, she seems to do not have such fear, and before things she did not want to go to pursue his daughter can take as long as Xingxian Ping brought up on the line .

    the help of the police in Chongqing Sun Road, the right to set foot on the way home that day happens to be June 1 International Children’s Day, Sun said that the right to leave the house five years ago after never seen his son , not to his son worked on what the holiday, a flash, his son has grown into young people from youth, this year there should be twenty-three, the mother felt very unworthy to him,cheapest rolex watch, that day early Sun Road right up her only The stack of the stack a few pieces of clothes, his mouth kept talking about the grown up son still does not know my mother does not recognize recognize, of course, also give parents the gift was ready early.

    the verge of leaving for home broken

    Figure: the parties the right to

    whole way home This day she waited for fifteen years, while the Sun Road, the town is also the right of family members anxiously waiting for. Ten years in the Sun Road, the right of the mother so often stood gazing at distant end of the village looking forward to the day her daughter to come back. Finally see at night and think of her son’s performance so that the right to the heart of the Sun Road, a stone off the ground. The news that his wife back far in Guangdong, Sichuan husband back immediately, and the right home in the Sun Road, the next day to see a long-lost husband, she said that fifteen years have been living in his wife’s guilt lost in every day Sun Road is to the right of the still living in this world there is no suffering.

  56. think may be published in the third book,abercrombie womens, the sisters have to look forward to. They hope to raise some of the royalties, paid the rent next year.

    Writing a book publication, a life in the hands of the sisters help sisters Xinhua News Agency published a book (right) reporter Da promise to visit them _ although often seriously ill, the sisters still beauty _

    doctors predicted they only live to 30 years old, but they did not give up life, but the record book of life, and a race against time.

    experienced despair, even suicidal impulses, Manman sisters gradually calm. They began to spend time on writing, it seems that the only sustenance.

    because their father died early, can only be brought by the mother. Since childhood, they are on and others do not like to walk often stumble, sit instability, and later, my mother took them to hospital in Shenyang, was diagnosed with The disease difficult to cure, so,abercrombie outlet, without telling her mother has two sisters.

    these thirty years, the sisters of my mother every day 5:00 get up, give them clothes,australia uggs, would they hold a wheelchair. Even sleep, the mother must also be one hour wake up once, stand up for the sisters.

    The sisters called the Spring Man, Heart Man, born thirty years, they are inseparable, but no way to touch each other’s cheeks,air griffey max 1 8(), comb a comb each other’s hair a mess. Called

    change after the opening of the soul despair hotline

    because of money, when their heart pain with a few rock sugar, then eat Suxiaojiuxin Pill pain.

    many people read their words, to write them. But because they are not even hold a pen is very difficult, but can not afford stamps, Manman sisters have every letter there is no way back. At this time, they have open minds hotline idea.

    2000 9 12, my mother back to a telephone, this in the future to bring spiritual comfort to the tens of thousands of hot, on the night that the opening of the Mid-Autumn Festival.

    know more people’s lives, their lives and experienced a lot. The idea of writing a book jumped out, they want to record their life before the age of 20,uggs knightsbridge, those painful years, the dark night of despair, walked the streets, saw the cloud, meet people, they have been recorded.

    now,air jordan 6 high heels, they have broken the doctor’s predictions. Spring 36-year-old sister and 34-year-old sister, Man Man is still the heart inscribed wonderful way of life. Recently, the reporter walked into their home in Beijing.

    2005, the debut of their

    sister 21 years old that year, because the love of her repeatedly in the essay writing competitions, Manman sister’s story was published in the newspaper, issued on house details of their condition, but they still can not accept this fact.

    next year, they rented a house about to expire, the Red Cross Foundation on their rent subsidy ends. Think of these, Manman sisters some frustration.

    They also want their own autobiographical novel made into a TV series, he starred actress; want to see your favorite star Pu Cunxin; would like to have a floor to ceiling windows in the new room … These aspirations, it now appears like this luxury, because they do not know their own lives much longer.

    of a residence in the Shijingshan, the daily 10 pm to 11 pm, a pair of sisters will keep by the phone, waiting for the bell rings. This is a public service counseling hotline, from Heilongjiang to Beijing over the past decade received a total of 45,000 calls, never stopped.

    record book of life touched thousands of readers

    In fact, for them, even typing that sparse usual things, but also all-consuming effort, often to write and go.

    until one day, they found the mother at home, possession of a good medical certificate, they sent secretly to Beijing this certificate, a research institute, consulting the detailed status of the disease. Research says in reply:

    edition text / Correspondent Xutian She / Correspondent black gram

    years because her mother worked hard, got rheumatism, must move to a warmer place to live,, in 2008, they will be home to sell the house, went to Beijing together.

    barely, to help me get what handset you?

    coming next year to raise royalties paid rent

    36 years ago, the spring force Iron Man was born in Heilongjiang, a bungalow in the city, two years later, my sister heart Man was born.

    certificate I discovered the disease to see seriously ill

    get the second book in royalties, the first thing they did three years to pay off all debts, returned to her mother to buy a heater.

    years, Manman sister got good people funding. Reporters saw in their home, valuable things from other people’s donations, including televisions, wheelchairs, computers and so on. Currently, people are relying on her mother’s family pension to live.

    Subsequently,ugg stores , Manman sisters learned that there is a big promise of the Xinhua News Agency reporters called Zhang to help many people with disabilities write a book. They found the Da Snow removed the phone, in the persistent attempts, finally contacted him, and under his guidance, began a second book, In 2008, this book was published, touched thousands of readers.

    they always remember the first phone call to the boy, said: Two years later, the boy married, and had children.

  57. since 1979 was invited back to teach school now, 32 years old living alone in Haikou City, King Shan District slope town school a large slope more than ten square meters of dormitory rooms.

    2010 year, from Yin to Chen Ying Wu and more proposals in the large slope town of scholarships, to encourage and help more children to college. In the Chen Lao initiated and driven by the large slope Education Development Association was established in July that year, Chen Lao donated 100,abercrombie fitch clothing,000 yuan savings, August 22, he again will be 5 million in grants into the donation box inside.

    friends whether the person’s charity society as a whole can really inspire the kind? influx of donations to schools. People have been inspired in his donations to schools to join the ranks.

    Xinhua News Agency, adhere to boil rice with carrots, live, monthly living cost is less than $ 50, but in 10 years, donations of more than 30 million to develop home education.

    housing is small, but full of honors, awards and honors of a total of 39 certificates. He taught from 1979 onwards, many times by Hainan Administrative Region of the Department of Education, King Shan county as the advanced workers, have been awarded Hainan Province, Haikou City,hermes birkins, the title of outstanding party members.

    and many awards hanging together, the elderly hand-written calligraphy brush, also described his life creed. > steep slopes school’s former president Chen has promised that he works much their lives, even after retirement in 1986 free of charge to outstanding students adhere to special treatment. Slope of the current large multi-Ying Wu Secondary School is one of the beneficiaries, many Ying Wu recalled, also 10 years like a day to help schools engage in green school until 81 years old; 2001, he donated 100,000 yuan to build the library after work and gave themselves a one day free of charge to help the school management books, but also continue to take the deposits, to increase the school library books.


    So, what is faith sustained several decades old, Xinhua News Agency,

    slope of these people have become the talk of big, big slope town vice mayor Wang Haifu said Chen Lao is a large slope of wealth, education is Haikou City of wealth. Teacher’s Day last year, Chen Yin from the deeds were made into a television report in Haikou City tour and early this year, King Shan district government study called the region every town large slope town of experience to set up education and Development Association, to form donations to the long-term mechanism to prevent students from each college can not enter.

    Wu Ying said more, read carefully to see the children of the figure, and students exchanges, Chen Lao is the most fun thing.

    Recently, a large slope slope town of Haikou City,air jordon 2011 (), retired high school physics teacher from Chen Yin’s story sparked heated debate on the network. Users believe that the spirit of selfless dedication Chen Lao is the wealth of society as a whole,hermes outlet, it is worth the whole society to learn from him.

    ? ? He is a has been thrifty, generous people of the frugality to the extent of demanding.

    share: welcome to comment to comment

    for the elderly will be separated into two houses, in between the bed, the outside into a small hall. His living room is the only one old TV appliances,ugg classic boots Caesarean baby infected with AID, this is the school to the.

    the love of his life dedicated to education

    Haikou, Xinhua, September 9 (Xinhua): (Chinese Wang Shi moved 2011) two radish degree day, 30 million student son – Hainan 87-year-old student moved to the poor old teacher generous network

    more Wu Ying said Chen monthly retirement pay around $ 3,400, if he can spend a fraction of his body, physical condition will be better than it is now, but he was never willing to, in any case persuasion, he stubbornly insisted eating only carrots cook porridge. Daily

    microblogging Recommended | today’s hot microblogging (edit: SN034)

    from Yin Chen with honors in 1953, graduated from South China Normal University. July 1, 1984, sixty-year term from the Yin Chen honor to join the Communist Party of China. He said that the day of his life was the happiest day.

    reason just do not want to trouble others, including his daughter. He told reporters that, because of differences in lifestyle, living in his daughter that he always sleep well.

    children spend money. out, to convince him to go see a doctor, have not worn more than taking.

    his spirit infected the network led us

    Chen believes that over the years, my father doing things, the persistent dedication to education, from his lofty mind the belief that he was a Communist, a descendant of revolutionary martyrs .

    his own harsh, is unusually generous in helping others. Chen had dropped out of school because of family difficulties, Chen discovered from Xian decided to close their adopted daughter,abercrombie and fitch ny, support her to complete secondary school. like the same supervisor, hands behind the pleasant looking library building up day by day. Slope of this year’s Education Foundation grant to open the second meeting, Chen Lao intended to contribute $ 100,000, more than one member in the Association of persuasion, he agreed to the first $ 50,000 in donations.

    correspondent in the large slope town were asked about a dozen passers-by, we all exclaimed in unison: His hard work and savings of his life dedicated to education, this spirit should be promoted. Large slope town residents Chen Guangsheng, said he visited Chen Lao quarters, see Chen Lao have been excluded using the spoon a hole,hermes kelly handbag Motor car accident killed his son to the instantaneous fath, is said to have spent 20 years off his slippers to help, he could not bear to buy new,abercrombie fitch outlet, with a fine wire tie to wear … …

    Chen Yin’s father, Chen Ji industry since 1926 after graduating from college back to Joan joined the revolution and the revolutionary armed forces and bases Qiongya founder of Feng Baiju joined the Chinese Communist Party over the same period, after having been betrayed by a traitor, killed in January 1928, when Chen Yin from less than 4 years of age.

    large slope town of Educational Development Association president Zheng Bao said he and several of the town’s young people, spiritual inspiration is only under the Chen Lao returned home run from the Education Development Association, Chen Lao great wealth of society as a young young man, they will continue to carry forward the spirit of Chen Lao contributions to society, education for the home contribute more power.

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    afternoon,louboutins shoes 372, reporters rushed to the scene in the Plaza East , 120 girls have been picked up by ambulance , only to see the vehicle being towed away by traffic police . Witnesses Mr. Wang told reporters: Finally stopped when a 20 -year-old girl was crushed under the wheels can not move .

    Nanchang newspaper (Reporter Cai Yinghui ) Recently, the Guangdong Foshan, a small girl was crushed cars , pedestrians ignore the news caused a cold storm . October 19 15 am, a similar accident also occurred in Nanchang , fortunately,air jordan 11, when the Nanchang girls ,ugg boots cheap, like the little girl and Foshan were suppressed after the wheel , crossing the masses,30104, roadside store owner immediately lend a helping hand , we work together lift up the car ,Hermes Evelyn PM, has won valuable time for the rescue .

    roadside tea shop owner named Wu said: how to save the girl . A woman took the girl’s hand to talk to her ,cheap air max 95 boots , encourage her to persist , do not fall asleep . Long-term Dunshou Square East intersection of a group of migrant workers to drive over the master , apart from anything else ,buy hermes birkin, with passers- hand with the public ,jordon air, work together to a loud shout , he just lifted the car up next to the girl who immediately dragged from under the car out . Xiao Wu recalled the scene just happened still excited : rescued , everyone applauded , there are people applauding , watching this scene , I was moved to these ordinary people owed tears ! the investigation. The injured girl as relief in a timely manner , not life threatening.

  59. Pak police have not received the report

    microblogging Recommended | today’s hot microblogging

    she and her classmates did not come out too Chen Baisha County schools educating new gate,ralph lauren baby clothes Hainan branch network tr, but unharmed. think that the news division of the University of the sea,buy karen millen dress, white sands new county high school education, to support education of students in the school’s students are an invisible influence and hurt, she felt the need to post is to restore the truth. She came to the post teaching new secondary school education to support education, got the local school leaders, teachers care, the work and life are liking.

    Haikou, South China Sea Network News,used rolex watches prices, November 13 (South China Sea net correspondent Gao) November 12 morning,karen millen dresses ebay Junior high school girl, a reproduced. November 12, the South China Sea net correspondent was informed by the Baisha County Public Security Bureau, the Bureau from November 11 has not received the case from the police. November 13, a female student in the South Sea Normal Network Sunny Isles community post to clarify. Hainan Normal University, said the school should be investigated for legal responsibility Posted.

    Dinggang Hainan Normal University, responsible for organizing activities to support education officials said Dean, the school in the evening of November 12 that students were drunk gang, After a thorough investigation, online rumors of rumors! School students is currently being calm; the same time, the teacher asked each resident to enhance support for the teaching post teaching students discipline and management. School Founder fully cooperate with the local public security organs of white sand to investigate the matter, strongly called for the prosecution Posted liability.

    11 12 more than 2 am, one called raped Subsequently, the micro-Bo has been widely reproduced. Reproduced friends have asked relevant departments to respond and hope that the media follow-up.

    11 13 morning, titled have not been raped, Fang Liang farmhouse called the place to eat, about 9:30, when,christian louboutin shoes sale, after dinner, school leaders consider security issues, call the school with two teachers were white Shaya Deng motorcycles to take us to the hotel stay, that Liang Wei the teacher a good one to help us (room),christian louboutin wedding shoe, put me and Mr Chan back to the room after, not so serious as we imagine. The next morning, we send back to the hotel’s two teachers also invited us to eat breakfast.

    share: welcome to comment to comment

    11 12 during the day,karen millen website, the South China Sea net correspondent to the police station to learn more Baisha County, police have said they have not received that from the police. Baisha County Committee, the Public Security Bureau told the South China Sea, Sun long network correspondent, he learned the news from the Internet immediately after the inspection of the response alarm records and each police station, contact the vice squad, were not found on the case of any alarm. Pak police have been involved, and also find the parties, the parties said they have not received against the police are in-depth investigation.

    Posted strongly called for the prosecution of legal liability

    transmission network to support education of female students were drunk and raped

    students post to clarify the

  60. Ali Ya pants and wet

    daughter, a move the body, the old couple would like to play power jump,rolex watch prices canada, holding her urine,air griffey max 2, Urine on the exchange, and began to wash.

    Ali Ya only 10 years old, the strong Han Chinese girls are not afraid of crazy homework and even wet his pants, she was cheerful, and love to laugh.

    noon eat a crusty, drank a bowl of water, up to now, Ali Ya addition of water will empty stomach, the stomach is already in growling, Ali Ya is not stopped writing, looked at the strong focus on children, Sun Yonghui tears quietly wetting eyes, she could not bear to break Ali Ya.

    half past six, Ali Ya cast leg bag was back to the home run, her hungry, want to go home and then ate half a small Nang. Thirty-nine days, bleak, cold drilled straight crotch, Chen Liya came to understand himself and wet his pants, the crotch in the cool, very uncomfortable, she did not want Sun Yonghui know, hard to run home.

    Asian Heart Network (Reporter Pan piano) every hour, to be run to the toilet, Ali Ya afraid. Can not jump rope, not sports,womens nike air max griffey shoes, Ali Ya cry. Only Nang and instant noodles every day, Ali Ya do not cry hard … …

    A Liya and father

    because Ali Ya surrounded Uighur love her adoptive parents, the father is willing to treat her family borrowing odd disease, disability, her mother is willing to sleep a full 10 years without sleep.

    just ran into a dozen square meters of rental housing, Ali Ya and urine, and she quickly took off his pants skillfully, soak in the tub inside.

    night, Ali Ya sleeping when Ebabaike force and his wife, the most intense, ten years, the old couple almost did not dare to sleep a whole feel, Ali Ya every one or two hour must pee.

    to give Ali Ya treatment, Ababaike force and his wife arrived in Urumqi Wensu from Akzo struggling to survive, 52-year-old Ababaike force has disabled leg, had to walk with Po husband, the wife of disability, although some light, age is not small, standing in a restaurant every 12 hours, soak in cold water hand washing. A person’s body heat is the day a few Nang and two packs of instant noodles.

    p> 5:00, Urumqi Erdaoqiao double celebration Lane community office, community leaders Sun Yonghui counseling is to concentrate on winter operations for the Ali Ya, Ali Ya very hard, work in each question in this she must seriously be the best , math calculations have two or three times.

    a few months old when Ali Ya on urinary incontinence,(), basically have to urinate every hour a day, a memory of the day, accompanied by Ali Ya is the urine tank, she can not as easily as a normal child learning and activity.

    that night, Ebabaike force in the next two years a small piece of meat, instant noodles, the community sent a while back, he could not bear to eat the whole folder to the daughter of the bowl. Ali Ya cheek hard Xiliu drum bowl poor oil slick,ken griffey shoes 2010, Ababaike force will no longer hold back the tears.

    an hour! ! Sun Yonghui nervously watching Ali Ya, she would like to remind Ali Ya go to the toilet, but it was too late. A heat mixed with the urine smell infiltrated Ali Ya noise of trousers, jacket instantly soaked, Ali Ya failed to stop the hands of the pen.

    That day, my father Ebabaike force was not at home,11 -year-old boy on the streets singing mother to earn money to cure cancer, my mother Amina dry dishes in a restaurant near the job, income can be used to pay rent.

    … rental housing small,karen millen factory outlet, dark, Ali Ya is the old couple in the sun, saw her smile, the old couple to laugh, Ali Ya like to say that his father happy thing, worry about the thing.

    ten minutes,christian louboutin pink 6-year peasant woman sell, twenty minutes, half an hour, 45 minutes, one hour … … operation of the pen becomes dense in A Liya.

    family, no national boundaries.

  61. Shengli Li said that in this party, this small wine company committed to Cheng Zhen agents contributions 10 million for treatment. Shengli Li said at the time also came to power a small collar of the Order of Pegasus donation card. Shengli Li said afterwards, this $ 100,000 donation has not landed. To fast for the New Year, when she called to the agents, the agents promised years ago to 30,airjordan Woman for the past six months, the daily bed fee provincial child walk,000 years to 70,ugg button bailey,000, and then the agent’s cell phone to get through. Shengli Li said she gave birth to second son, has always been to umbilical cord blood transplant to save the life of a small order of Pegasus. Because no money can be on hand, until now.

    Shengli Li said, and now his son would take blood once a week lose 2,350 yuan, a month to eat traditional Chinese medicine to spend 2,400 yuan, the couple went to a small business for a living, low income was barely enough living,

    Shengli Li said, fortunately, a Beijing-based cultural transmission company later donated by individuals bearing Zhen 100,000 small dollars. It was with this money, Shengli Li and seek relatives and friends, to raise a total of 20 million, after the Dragon Boat Festival last year, the couple with a small order of Pegasus,christian louboutin pump, and is still nursing infants, went to the Tianjin treatment.

    Shengli Li said his son was suffering from an acute severe aplastic anemia, leukemia, is a more terrible than the disease.

    Suqian experiments in the sixth grade in the 12-year-old boy Wang after a car accident, was seriously injured and taken to hospital after the amputation. Subsequently, the boy received many well-meaning donations, including a teacher from the school donation of $ 200 transferred to Wang attracted the attention of his father, the teacher told him that this is a leukemia child care his father sent. Wang Wang’s father, deeply moved, he was removed by school teachers in touch with the severe multi-child’s father, yesterday afternoon, Mr. Wang Jin-Gang Wang from Shanghai with his son the couple checked back Suqian, it came to children with severe Wu Chengzhen home, and sent Wang for his own selection of four children’s books, 200 yuan in cash and some food.

    Shengli Li said his son’s illness episodes in the summer of 2008, when the small bearing Zhen just finished first grade, one night, the couple are busy, the son of a sudden nose bleeding. The couple went to the hospital with his son, the doctor suggested a bone marrow examination,herms (), the results of suspected myelodysplastic syndrome (MDS). After a week of treatment,ugg on sale, small contractors attain a stable condition, Shengli Li wife with his son went to Suzhou, the doctor diagnosed as severe aplastic anemia. According to the doctor’s introduction,Hermes Totes Bags, heavy regeneration anemia is a very frightening disease, this complete loss of hematopoietic function in patients of all blood cells decreased when the internal and external organs will not platelet bleeding, the human immune system will be reduced to zero, will be a slight bacterial infection with fever, unable to control it will die, the probability of this disease, 0.7 per 100,000.

    Maling’s son came to the Park Gate Suqian city, where the mother Shengli Li and Wu Chengzhen met. Shengli Li said, because she and her husband is busy, a weekend, 9-year-old son back to the north of the grandfather’s house.

    with the Shengli Li, Wang wife and son went to a secluded alley located within the Wu Chengzhen grandfather home, 9-year-old Cheng Zhen is less than 2 years of age and younger brother to play with. Mr. Wang to bring drinks, food down after he took out 200 yuan in cash, reluctantly accept it.

    Shengli Li said that when she was still pregnant, a wine company Suqian regional agent promised to help her one. Two months later, this agency has undertaken a large charity event, when many other media sites to Xinhua, express wishes to Wu Chengzhen. The purpose of organizing this evening to help poor families, including children with leukemia Wu Chengzhen.

    consistent matching blood type to donate marrow to save the mother want children

    mother gave birth to second son makes stronger prescriptions eldest son lives

    12-year-old Wang and 9-year-old Wu Chengzhen although not met, but the two quickly become familiar with up and down the side of the table and played chess. Wang’s father Wang told reporters that Wang’s teacher referred to him 200 yuan in cash, he even sent this money over who do not know, homeroom teacher only told him that this is a severe disease with leukemia Let the father of the child to school. Mr. Wang a, and he was disturbed, the children they are suffering from serious illness, but also giving the Wang,ugg sundance boots, we must find the child suffering from severe, he and his family to express their gratitude to the heart.

    doctor said the best treatment is a bone marrow transplant, and suggested Shengli Li pregnancy, another baby, because flesh and blood between compatriots in the bone marrow matching higher chance of success. August 2009, Shengli Li gave birth to second son, named Wu Chengtai.

    in Tianjin, the doctor checks by matching bone marrow, bone marrow found in Shengli Li contrast with her newborn baby is more suitable for transplantation to attain a small commitment. During three months in Tianjin, doctors had little bearing Zhen conservative treatment, but the effect is not obvious, brought the money to spend almost finished. Shengli Li couple returned to the helplessness and Suqian home with his son.

    9-year-old son, Cheng Zhen Although more than two years did not go to school, but he heard the news of Wang amputated after a car accident, you and Dad Kun Wu said, can not donate money to him? Wu Kun Cheng Zhen wanted to go with a small, but because he rarely went out, the other weekdays are afraid to go out wearing a mask infection, and ultimately he did not go with his son, but the 200 dollars to a familiar school teacher hands.

  62. (Reporter Long Kun ) the day before yesterday 19:20 , Madame Chiang continued to call for holding the Presbyterian husband , but the Presbyterian has been unconscious . This is live in Luohu District Wo Hang Village 36 Xiangruyimo couple separated Yin and Yang . Because the bathroom water heater leakage , electric shock and being the wife of showers call for help , her husband came screeching wife , he was electrocuted.

    Wo Hang Village in Luohu District,uggs outlet, near 36 , the police had rushed to the scene, luogang hospital emergency doctors are on a middle-aged man lying on the ground for emergency treatment , 20 minutes later , the man linear state pulse and heartbeat , the doctor announced the man died . Husband,jorden shoes, wife, Madame Chiang sitting next to the body to cry , can take away its body current, which is used in rural areas of the old way,cardy ugg boots, but Ch’en has failed to wake up .

    neighbors said the water heater is Ch’en bought four years ago . They are currently waiting for the police department to do to identify , and then look for water heater manufacturer accountability.

    Distraught wife .

    Lao Chen’s friend and colleague Mr. Wang said that Presbyterian has done years of work of members of the press release ,air jordan 1 Offering a reward of ten thousand yuan restaurant owners find lost, sent his wife to help him get the newspaper . Presbyterian lived in a room only more than 10 square meters. Reporters arrived at the scene , again, for fear of leakage , the house lights did not open , dark . The bathroom door had been kicked down the wall hung an old water heater,nike heels for women 2, water heater nozzle vertically off the floor. Mr. Wang said , the night before 7 pm , Ms. Jiang shower in the bathroom and suddenly felt his hand nozzle leakage ,christian louboutin mens, call her husband to come . Presbyterian ran to save his wife ,hermes purses, he flung open the bathroom door . However, due to panic , his wife will not disconnect the power to pull away. His wife was pulled to the side , Ch’en was shock , fell in the bathroom .

    neighbors who heard the call for help immediately after the alarm and informed the landlord . Building Building the landlord all the power off .

  63. Luo told a small enthusiastic lady, in any case to be strong.

    many office workers are a small network that Luo’s deeds, working hours call greeting, the very fact that Beijing is one of them. Ms. Wang also identify with the North Sea, she has a young and small, like Luo’s son. She said: Many, in order to place their love as soon as possible, many people make time to go to work for small banks Luo contributions.

    a reluctant readers Express unnamed local told reporters: condition, not to disturb her to go the hospital recuperating,christian louboutins evening , wish to participate in donations.

    Note: donations please specify Tel.

    warmth No. 105

    public microblogging:

    Bank: Guangzhou Charity Association (the account through bank counters and online bank transfer, such as selection online bank transfer, bank account numbers in the above preceded by 44.)

    htp : / / shequ.10086.cn/XKB-shuoke

    love check website: love.999brain.com

    day yesterday, only the reporter’s phone had been received from across the country hundreds of little concern Luo Luo and mother of text messages and phone. An unnamed Shanghai girl just refused to read the report, was a small Luo walk over 340 kilometers to save the mother’s filial piety moved. She opened up phone calls from reporters, when the reporter handed the phone and little Luo,nike air max 2009, he comforted the girl from:

    text / map: Express correspondent Zhang Binglu

    Express reported that a small addition to the arrangement Luo deeds, but also opened up specially for his love hotline, hotline phone calls yesterday, the reporter received hundreds of text messages and phone. A reader on the 8 o’clock yesterday morning, to inquire, as far as the reader donations from Heilongjiang, Inner Mongolia, Xinjiang.

    just one day, the website, microblogging rapid dissemination of information, so affectionate a mother and relief operations across the country suddenly transformed into a love passing action, just received a morning enthusiastic people donated 1 million yuan, yesterday at 20:30, Brain Hospital, Guangdong thirty-nine account of love to raise 16.067666 million hospital that will be used specially for mother Luo Luo Wei subjects such as Johnson’s medical assistance to go. Luo mother partial tumor resection in this afternoon.

    sister would like to read the teachers, but like the small Luo technical schools, he said: bad, bad family cell phone showed him to repair, the results from bad to worse.

    Luo moved filial small country enthusiasts

    donations through the hospital account

    means 1


    commitment to support small like Luo and her sister reading a lot of readers. Yesterday afternoon, when reporters will be conveyed to the Luojia two of these eleven siblings, the children kept saying

    brother, sister,ugg boots clearance, teachers want to read like car repair

    way 2

    Donation Account:

    Hospital Tel:

    newspaper public service hotline:

    kb_gongyi@163.com welfare lobbyists:

    press time last night, reporter learned that, due to serious illness should not be delayed, the mother of a small Luo Luo Jiao scheduled Monday as part of the tumor surgery will be rescheduled to this afternoon.

    this action by the public charity, Guangzhou, Guangdong, Guangzhou Branch of China Mobile, Express, China Mobile customers co-sponsored by

    microblogging Recommended | today’s hot microblogging (edit: SN003)

    As of 8:30 last night, the hospital announced the public accounts,air jordan 11, such as Jiao Luo received the love of the donor money 16.017666 million. At the same time, Beijing Ms. Liu worry readers,


    Contact Express Reporter:

    have donations

    Beneficiary: Brain Hospital, Guangdong thirty-nine

    Luo bag lady to a small, adult milk powder inside a can and bottle, is ready to Luo’s mother, also a fitted rich envelope,burberry clearance 200, to use a small Luo school. The elderly to encourage small Luo to be strong,

    holding a reporter’s cell phone, the phone had to comfort the crying of a 22-year-old Shanghai girl.

    enthusiastic people willing to help siblings to school

    Express News 13-year-old boy walking Luo Wei Branch 340 km to Guangzhou shoe, raise money to treat seriously ill mother. His deeds caused the concern of enthusiastic people, after a detailed report in yesterday’s newspaper (see June 10 A8 version), his filial piety moved more enthusiasts. 2 o’clock yesterday afternoon, a gray-haired lady carrying a bag, hobbled into the small room where her mother Luo. Luo saw a small, elderly voice choked with sobs, her small Luo said: into his arms, tears. This year more than 70 years old lady, hot day, turn three times the bus came from the Yuexiu District Hospital,

    Bank: Bank of China branch in Guangzhou Avenue (to be specified purpose: Luo Wei Branch)

    sure to fax the bank transfer receipt to Express (Fax:), the newspaper details by fax shall prevail.

    Guangxi,ugg boot discount Police chase drug traffickers co, Shanghai girl cry for his mother to give him donations

    newspaper account two kinds of contributions to start caring ways simultaneously

    sister Luoqian Ping Luo said.

    Luo in response to rescue the mother at the same time,abercrombie and fitch catalog, Express yesterday launched a Call of enthusiastic readers, there are many people expressed the hope that even a small student Luo Luo little sister’s wish.

    newspaper > Beneficiary: Yuexiu Branch of Agricultural Bank of China,

    < p>,ugg boots outlet,

    public service QQ: 800082020 E-mail Community

    welcome to comment to comment

    included in love accounts.

    to spread love, easy money long-term monitoring, and reasonable for the child’s future learning and life, the newspaper for the small Luo start

  64. in Yunnan, Tian Jie star into account along with the Secretary leprosy village, Secretary Jay casually asked a total rehabilitation of the elderly, will recognize field stars. Elderly people immediately get excited:

    If you can do anything, what would you do

    . Graduates to return home during the first year the Spring Festival, 8 am New Year’s Day off, seven uncles arrive in the New Year his family’s small cottage. They asked the nephew of the nature of the work after some sat on the bench chat soon turned into a

    share: welcome to comment to comment

    p> a few simple information, the mother idea in mind. She said something in earnest: the train. Soon, the old couple in her rented a house near the office, but also let her move to live with them.

    he graduated nearly 10 years, a bunch of college buddies to get to know the children, many of whom have now married, and lived a typical middle-class life, with two friends in Dianchi Lake near senior apartment purchase the property. The Division continued to account for outstanding rent the house in Kunming, perpetual license to ride an old bicycle.

    December 9 last year, in Kunming, and together they walk after dinner. Division accounted for free throws Jay a question: Accounting firm in two years, she looked around colleagues’ efforts, sincere, willing to fight,

    infected with leprosy, healed left the forced isolation of leprosy village, the villagers because of discrimination and can not return home. Over the past 30 years, his long home alone, a whole slice of corn farming.

    In the dorm room, cook noodles bar, crowded around the TV watching the Science Channel CCTV days.

    Parents had also angrily called to Kunming, leaving the sentence: to cry. Parents can be extremely frustrating,karen millen black dress , but finally hung up the phone.

    Division accounted for Benjamin White, which is equal to suggest, a steady income … … , four for dinner, the field star’s father bluntly declared: Radio and TV University. After graduation his father in a small factory as a mechanical engineer, his mother taught there. This is the era suffered waves of parents, and my heart always have regrets, so looking forward to the children over to

    that an activity is to organize some of the patients body better to Beijing tourism. First met in Tiananmen Square 12 leprosy patients, although read data, field stars feel the shock or beyond her original thought: the disease destroy their face and body, so that they and the surrounding alien,nike air max goadome acg boots red black, was to cover mutilated fingers, kept his hands inside the sleeves to shrink.

    in the accounting firm, she fell in love with life on life goals and meaning of the book. In a book, she read a professor at Harvard Business School’s speech to the graduating students:

    31 years ago, the debate about life value and significance of the Social evolution, which presents contemporary look young outlook on life? How the fruits of the spirit of love passed between generations? Introduction to the macro may be difficult, but we believe that the true story of individuals buried some representative answers. Young people in real life, real choices, life is bound to touch fundamental ethical proposition, which bloom to our sincere tribute and courage.

    third way. The joy of his heart, since their choice that can be called

    in order to gain their understanding, the Secretary go out into the total outstanding Gesanchawu call home, to help themselves such as Lee Optical leprosy patients to tell their parents to listen to the story. In 2006, he even put his mother into a leprosy village, she watched his work.

    Editor’s note:

    Village, uncles often explicitly or implicitly, the nephew did not go as a powerful official, the New Year to open a car Fengfengguangguang back, which makes Division home incompetent.

    Since that time, the care and attention gradually become a burden. Tin Star I remember about third grade, his mother began to inquire about her teacher in class ranking. Although the school did not then open to student performance rankings, but she was afraid to let his mother down, or constantly asked myself, Freshman, she was eager to do a tutor, an independent money, parents strongly opposed. Tin Star eventually give up, but my mind was always kept.

    such expectations not only among friends. . He reasoned, the nephew if I had entered the Municipal Intermediate People’s Court,

    in the Township as a teacher, taught physics Tetra Division accounted for the most outstanding pleased specially to hire a projector, a place in the village open-air movies. After the screening, sponsored a reception. A few glasses of wine you’ll feel talkative father asked his son the sentence: He learned in Kunming, lawyers Spring home, he boldly guaranteed to parents: worked hard to move forward, while they found my heart always echoed another voice: hard to carry out Accidentally learned Gejiu a small village near the student life difficulties,jordan 9, he and his bedroom, the man child out of 10 yuan per person per month, five people together to fund a child to complete their studies. Junior year, he went to a home that the child understand the situation. Know where the family generally poor, he began to contact friends and support the village more children.

    Jie and Tian Star Division accounted for in Xishuangbanna.
    Yunnan to the leprosy patients in Tiananmen Square.
    field star, accounting for Jay and his colleagues, visited the Division of Yunnan villages.

    Kunming tokens of love, the field star is still to return to work in Beijing.

    attitude to face. He tangled with the understanding girlfriend hesitation. Participate in a gathering of her colleagues, he quietly observed the side, thinking if the field stars continue to work after a few years can become a bigger way,

    on Monday, anxiety, field star from childhood. Elementary school Sunday night, play day, she with her parents take a bus home. . Sometimes in bed at night, she could not help but cry quilt covered.

    practice of parents gradually began to care about these afflicted people, and his son on the phone often asked about the current situation of patients. Can blame their son, but did not stop.

    mother understand that relatives feel He was always protective of his son outside, To return home, she could not help but worry for her son: I fear there will be, at least now, I have food to eat. Parents did not get his way, can only sigh:

    I am out of control, but I still love you

    graduated from Beijing University, the first job did not give her settled status. Today, the identity of returnees to give her the opportunity again. In March, she began according to procedures, but it is complicated, and is expected until next year to put all the good summer.

    but that two thousand people in the home village, his parents were suspected of

    in the week-long trip to Beijing and Yunnan reciprocal event the following month, the same was born in the early 1980s, two young men slowly close.

    just graduated had never been seen, the difference was seen. Jie then the monthly wages of the Division accounted for $ 800 classmates about his birthday dinner, we do not let him pay.

    Jie mouth hanging on the total words. In order to stand in the fork’s girlfriend more support, this summer, he deliberately applied to Peking University to participate in a five-month study.

    years, she was most concerned about contact with male

    Tetra even as he developed a remedy: estimates,real rolex watches for sale, wages.

    Helpless, wrote an outstanding Division accounted million words on the letter, sent to parents with EMS. He tried to use language familiar to parents to explain their work Many years later, the son of his mother still remember the letter in the sentence: can not withdraw to leave. At that time, he volunteers as the county’s rural areas to visit Kunming Yiliang leprosy patients. In the wilderness a ramshackle house before the soil, wearing a straw hat, dressed in old blue cloth tunic of the elderly to stay standing in the rain.

    her parents to open their own little inner world. North received an admission notice, the parents carefully research the side, her heart was just Years later, when she sat in the Beijing International Trade office building with large windows of time, come to understand, When she learned more and more professional conflict, but added at the university from time to participate in review Aixin enthusiasm into a free early education for poor children of the public service training institutions.

    Jie began to contact the Division accounted for mayor and prestigious village, over and over again to explain leprosy patients are not contagious. He also admitted to Lee Optical son home, close to mobilize to persuade. However, the most effective or He often together with the optical Li village, talking and laughing with the old stand on another hook back. More than a year later, the old man finally get back to the village settled down.

    5 mid-May, aware of the Tin Star parents greeted him warmly to the house. The beginning of a meal, the mother could not help but spoke up: Let’s talk. In advance, they go online to research the Division accounted for a lot of work outstanding.

    addition to emphasize his After the Spring Festival, his mood dark to return to Kunming.

    until the age of 28, Tin Star was the first time his own life onto the fork,buy karen millen online, while in Beijing, foreign, decent life , on the other side leading to Kunming, love, unknown life.

    the other side of the network, activity organizers are looking at Tian Jie Division accounted for the resume star guilty of confused, and sometimes did not get to know who the initials represent the company. Since 2002 after graduating from Yunnan University Law School, the young man from rural Henan return backcountry, he traveled more than 30 leprosy villages of Yunnan and the hundreds of natural villages, trying to be leprosy patients and their families Villagers readmission.

    Earlier this year, in order to make a more professional service, outstanding Division accounted for some of my colleagues left the original with the agency, founded a new charity organization.

    from the money,

    order soon reunited with her boyfriend, Tin Star thought of giving up accounts directly leave to resign, but think of his work for so many years in Beijing, and to settle old scores.

    in the eyes of friends, Division accounted Jie In 2007, he received the Ford Foundation scholarship, went to Columbia University to study social work degree. Graduated return, arrived in Kunming the day, a group of man child driving a car,rolex watches price 12 23, to shoot straight at the train station to pick him up, then

    University roommates remember cattle being brave, outstanding accounts when the Secretary is their Division accounts for everyone often ran Jay rented house, playing in a ground floor Nocturne, people talk to the workplace worry, Division accounted Jay said that he met in the rural areas of various underlying story.

    Division accounted for in Jay’s life, reunions are entirely different.

    when she came back from the States, a friend introduced her to a charity volunteer. Tin Star readily agreed down. Other activities until the information came, she was unconscious earthquake moment: had a drama, the heroine illness, the village people have advocated her death.

    few people can understand, you really want, want what is

    microblogging Recommended | today’s hot microblogging (edit: SN047)

    return on the bus,jordan 13 The late Hollywood actress chest X-ray b, we pass each other to eat a bag of jujube, Tin Star dilemma.

    life of the way forward

    along a Until last fall, she met a trajectory of his life with the opposite person.

    She came to Beijing this year is the 10th year. In 2001, she was admitted to Peking University, Guiyang Accounting from home, after graduating first in the consulting industry, the latter switched to an internationally recognized accounting firm, then a master’s degree in Accounting in America to study, to do right now to a foreign financial management.

    year and a half later, the Secretary go to another outstanding public accounting organizations, to establish a more specific direction – to be forgotten by society of leprosy patients live with greater dignity.

    other uncles followed criticism: make a greater contribution to national thing. p> In the home, the Secretary is not a small total outstanding reputation. In 1998, his standard score 769 points to win the county’s arts Tongxu first name, the village became the first in 20 years a college student, lifted the whole family.

    now, the choice of field star which has entered the sixties to the parents full of disappointment. did not stop too.

    she used to, so the reality compromises the sound mind. A high school senior, she was fascinated by science selected San Mao’s words, hope to live The whole school year more than 800 people, she can always squeeze in every exams top 20, go north end successfully.

    Division accounted for a big moment Jie, brother accidental death. He became the family’s only son, also carries the expectations of all parents.

    and she herself has been a lack of courage to do so. When she chose the accounting profession, only to steadily admitted to Beijing University, to pick up in a popular science students. Went to college, although she found that she did not like this business, can we say well, said that

    New Year’s In Tetra’s eyes, this has been proud of his nephew embark on a dishonest,

    night under the star field leisurely to say they are familiar with the answer.

    arrived in Beijing the day, happens to be July 27, Tin Star’s birthday. Mother called and asked her daughter how to celebrate. Often separated by off-site with their children, mothers always worry about her daughter’s birthday too lonely.

    learning in the United States, an accounting professor’s advice to the Secretary Jay was impressed:

    all this, parents know little about. They just feel they are getting far away from her daughter. A nagging little things of life to her father,christian louboutin pumps uk, Tian top of a star impatiently: This makes field star fell into a tangle, another field star said: almost all the savings of money equivalent to their parents abroad, the field star was thought among the treatment after returning to attractive investment bank, the full return of their parents. But now she began to find their life to meet with the parents, p> Tin Star know, to choose to follow the inner life, the resistance is not only from parents.

    daughter had just graduated when they sold the two properties of Guiyang, the future for her to prepare to study abroad. They expect their children to a higher level after the returnees, to find a more The marriage of her daughter, who was introduced to spend time with her

    Last month, she was on leave back to Guiyang, the mother casually said one:

    blame for this, deeply felt by the Secretary outstanding accounts. His father, after graduating from high school training, became a country doctor. Mother in the farm work while the family clinics along the way. In order for him to college, the family spent back and forth five or six million.

    move forward, and very few people can understand, you really want, want to do that; and understand, and will really do, even less.

    In fact, this huge city, there is not much love of field stars. She had outstanding accounts with the Division to discuss, before the end of this year moved to Kunming, to prove that he is for

    available to him of love, has become out of reach.

    you get the hell? This work is not in!

    At the same time, she was more and more aware, now is not the way she wants to go to. When she first entered university, the department head on the whole class p> Tin Star can not learn. She could not bear to face the table all day long, repetitive bookkeeping work. Every Sunday night, she felt depressed. The company had presented to each employee dedicated belief about the book,

    with the Soong Ching Ling, Sun Yat-sen revolution, is to suffer

    Somewhere in my heart that this girl has no worries about food and clothing has the same concerns with their parents.

    go, because then you are probably in the most difficult time, and your classmates, most of the big companies are into the elite. Similarly, the 10th anniversary party, you do not go, but the reunion 20 years later, You can go, you will see that those who insist on a dream, and those who follow the crowd of people, life will be any different. job of. In this gathering, she received some

    in college, he read the economic law. School year, students in an orderly manner into the various units within the system, the most common choice is to enter the state-owned banks, some people continue to graduate school. He has engaged a company called

    he came to understand, their most valued, in fact, is How can achieve this ideal? Division accounts for the specific way Jay did not understand at first, until the eve of graduation, he inadvertently from the Internet,

    He admitted that he is not sure the road in front of the chosen, in the end there. He just wants to encourage field star – he loved people, try to listen to inner voice.

    our reporter Chen Qian children

    p> love sudden, field stars fell into silence. Silent all the way two people, walking for half an hour, she finally nodded.

    quickly, gathering in the form has changed. When cattle are brave civil service after graduate school. Another roommate meteoric rise in the banking system, has now become a branch vice president. Where students meet, gradually shifted to upscale hotels and KTV. Apart from eating, we habitually round a clink toast.

    can go every weekend to visit his parents, listening to them constantly expressed When she lay in the crib, the mother with a red string, connection with her little hands and hang a small toy in the bed frame. As long as hands flashed, she will notice colorful things. a variety of interests. There are times, Guiyang suddenly under heavy snow, the noon recess, this together with the parents at work in the school gate.

    she began to try to overcome their fears. In Tiananmen Square photo, she let his shoulder close to the shoulder with patients. The next day to climb the Great Wall, she recovered all the way to holding an arm.

    this signal begins with a simple denial. Although the rent from her own house to go to work takes more than an hour, or let their star field,

    Until recently, the field star was first choice independent of the parents. This matter in love, she tried to send a signal to parents – his

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    2007 In September, the World Bank published a report in New York before 9’s one, the second is almost three times the amount of corruption. In addition,christian louboutin on line, the flight of a long list of corrupt members of the Government of Indonesia’s list, topped the bank’s former vice president of Surya class Pang. He embezzled up to 1.5 trillion rupiah bank working assistance payment, the Government of Indonesia in November 2002 he was tried in absentia and sentenced him to life imprisonment.

    Indonesia Corruption, of government, corruption is more serious than before. The survey also found that 91% of Indonesians believe that corruption exists in all government departments; 86% of those surveyed believe that corruption in the commercial sector.

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    newspaper feature articles, according to Indonesia’s media reported on July 28, Indonesia’s Constitutional Court on the muffle at a legal seminar, said that corrupt officials may not be very afraid of legal penalties, to treat these people They should be locked up in

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  68. Qiu star: We take care of him, cooking, laundry, Chuibei, help him walk, my sister and I are capable.

    See siblings silent, Qiu said the right to say: Uncle touched the hand of siblings that introduced by well-meaning people, the city has a real estate owner Dianjiang want to adopt them … …

    Peng Yu,cheap air max 95 boots, Chongqing Evening News Correspondent photo coverage

    Chiu Road, who lives in the right pad Pu Jiang County town along Yuejin Village 7 group, Qiu three brothers, he is the boss, said Qiu Qiu Lin Chi is the father of her second child. Qiu poor, still crowded in the four low earth room.

    siblings, or say, Qiu star turned, tears flow. Qiu said the right to say, they really do not want the child to give, but this disease … …

    Home from home to my mother only half an hour away, then siblings like her mother, and went together to see her.

    kinds of eggplant, planted corn, rice income, siblings competing uncle helped work. Slowly, Qiu said the right hand can not do without these two children, will no longer mention something to give as gifts.

    like siblings to her mother, but also do something for them to eat, though not the mouth. But to go five or six times, Qiu Lin and his brother found a new father is not so welcome. Is less trouble to her mother, siblings rarely see the mother. Qiu Lin said that they had been almost half a year did not see her mother,uggs knightsbridge sale, her mother must be very much like her brother.

    in the hospital, Uncle Lin Qiu end of the water given medicines in the morning get up early to feed the street to buy bread buns uncle; transfusion, she would quietly accompany the side, a slight mistake to look for nurse aunt; evening, and uncle’s hand holding to walk outdoors.

    good care of seriously ill uncle

    siblings very sensible

    Chiu Road, right is suffering heart disease, emphysema, uremia, has been hospitalized three times this year. Two daughters to work in Guangdong,abercrombie and fitch las vegas Mother daughter al, has divorced his wife last week, Qiu Lin leave one week to take care of him, he back to school. Children’s day off, Qiu Lin siblings went to the hospital to stay with him.

    Lunar New Year in February last year, Qiu said Chi died due to advanced cirrhosis. Qiu Lin said, my father died a few days, my mother was introduced to married people. Later, they adopted was to come. Qiu Lin said that although the parents did, but still their home, she and her brother refused to leave. Siblings begging uncle, and finally stayed.

    very much like my mother < / p>

    Qiu Lin: I did not father and mother, and do not want to lose my brother, uncle … …

    mother has just remarried, they have a sense of relief, the presence of the town work home dad, sister and brother have to buy the chicken back.

    the face of broken families, Qiu Lin siblings Why could not bear to leave the house?

    seek in their uncle left

    Reporter: Why do not want to be adopt a child?

    Qiu Lin uncle in the hospital care.
    siblings at home in the laundry.

    status for the family, the town Pu Wei Shun said, uncle Chiu Road has been implemented guaranteeing the right, two children have been the focus of the town as a helping aid object. The town of Jinhua Primary School Libi Huai said Qiu Lin siblings are in school to school, a fourth-grade study, a second grade outstanding, the school had relief of their study costs, the next step of the way managed care plans to take two a child.

    yesterday, Children’s Day. Disease in the uncle said, give them a holiday gift, give as gifts to them. Siblings cried.

    Correspondent: uncle was seriously ill, can no longer take care of you.

    microblogging Recommended | today’s hot microblogging (edit: SN047)

    Chiu Road, right, said Qiu Lin and his brother are very stubborn, but they really worried about their future. Qiu said the right of the three sister Zhou Yizhen who work for many years, now go home to take care of the whole family. She said, Qiu Lin siblings really cute and naive, but do not drag anyone to the house really is not gone, her home or land tile, 26-year-old son not settle down … …

    Correspondent: Today is Children’s Day, what you most want what?

    home without bell, a call every morning cock, siblings get up, light a fire brother, sister vegetables cook, serve uncle go out into the school finished in time; uncle only had one hand washing the old is bent, lower back pain a long time, Qiu star on quickly to his Chuibei. Later,ken griffey sneakers 2011 Boy by 10 -ton coal trucks grind off survivors after t, Qiu Lin bag of clothes to wash the family, younger brother on the side to help.

    Chiu Road, in fact, the right to life is also very difficult,christian louboutins sneaker, an accident in 1987, his right arm was not a gunpowder explosion, also Xunde blind eyes, and later his wife also divorced; two married daughters grow up and has been working away, did not come home for nine years. Qiu said the right to rely on work to explore food and clothing, he can feed this child?

    the face. Uncle said, people do have money, food and clothing have no worries about the future, but also to send siblings to university.

    father died, Today, the uncle has suffered from heart disease, emphysema, several diseases such as uremia, siblings waiting at the uncle beside well, look forward to his stand up again.

    old man named Qiu said the right to 62-year-old, two children, the children of his younger brother, older sister, Qiu Lin, 10-year-old brother called Qiu star, 7 years old. Last year, the younger brother died,ugg boots shop 8 nonagenarian alone through mountain forest park ranger for 33 y, sister remarried, had two children Chiu Road just right.

    father weep remarried

    Qiu Lin said, her mother remarried, the family quiet for some time, but over time, or some would like, always feel that even if it is a crazy mother, better than nothing. Later, relatives and siblings listen to Liu Ji said on behalf of the mother in the new home right on shouting: Qiu Lin, Mao children, rattle home to eat (meat) it!

    Qiu star: sister drink sour milk, she also ate the uncle of sour milk.

    We drink sour milk

    the patient’s family Deng Development Bank said that the two cute kids, no one would like to receive home feeding. 25, local business meeting Qiulin Cong Ming Chi skin, and capable, but also particularly sensible, intend to adopt this poor little girl. Qiu Lin, after that the kindness rejected skin aunt, says she will not uncle, brother separated.

    Qiu Lin said, told her father before he died,birkin bag hermes, uncle eyes, hands are not convenient, but also around to borrow money to help him see the doctor, less than 20,000 yuan of debt, ask them to remember the uncle of my father Well, take good care of uncle.

    Qiu Lin: We did not drink milk, sour milk, we drink, but most do not want is uncle to us as gifts.

    Qiu Lin said uncle was sick, his two sisters went to a dozen phone,Hermes Constance, every time they say home In this regard, she asked the reporter: You say, my brother and uncle are now able to leave it?

    holiday River County Second District People’s Hospital of God within the Department of Respiratory ward 22 8. An old man was blind, not a right arm, lying quietly in bed; bed two children, the girl was sitting on the bench to concentrate on homework, the boy is not jumping in a quiet bed.

    this year, Qiu said the right condition worsen, May 3, was admitted to the Dianjiang County People’s Hospital Qiu Lin wait leave town along with uncle. 22, Qiu said the disease has made the right are wheat harvest of Qiu Lin, and uncle followed into the city wait a week.

    Every time I hear singing, siblings know uncle disease, they think it will help him ease the pain.

    second child 43 years old Chi Chiu Road was married to a mentally ill Bi book bag, and then there Qiu Lin siblings.

    Qiu star was kept climbing uncle’s bedside holding his left hand, right hand holding a towel to wipe the sweat from his forehead.

    welcome to comment to comment

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    2006 July, sacrifice of love, she became excited. August 21, 2006, after several rounds of written tests and interviews and other selection, Sun Ying from more than 80 volunteers signed up to win. When she excitedly told his family the news will be when the parents can not help much at home worried for her daughter: >



    So she decided to launch more people to help these children in the mountains. Sun shadow began in the online blog, contact the community to actively seek help. Sun Ying’s first When to get the logistics company in Shenzhen Security Junda Zhu Guanhua, general manager of the $ 200,ugg classic argyle,000 donation after school funds, know nothing about the Sun on the impact of construction start and masonry, carpentry, masonry deal, while teaching side when the supervisor.

    day! Some people said I was too stupid, in fact, they do not know the joy that comes from the mind what kind of taste! then take the train to switch cars motorcycles, rickshaws, and finally came to her support education destination – Bijie generous County Water District, Anshan school. Sun shadow will never forget the first time when the share of primary school into the Anshan bleak: no gates, fences already in disrepair, leaving only a few off the mound. Seems to have some of the crumbling school buildings, dilapidated doors and windows … …

    intern reporter Sun Haitao / reports

    Liaoyuan an ordinary girl, four years ago,burbury , deep in the mountains alone to support Guizhou taught, began a period of almost isolated mountain life; Sun Ying, an extraordinary 80 girls, to give up paid work, gave up a young girl to enjoy life, enjoy the love of good times, with weak shoulders of children in the mountains take up the heavy dream. Some people called her Because the Sun shadow hearts, and always adhere to a belief, so that more children can be out of the mountains, to complete their ideals.


    year later, the new building was finally successfully put into use, more than 180 students bid farewell to the question will have spent 40 years of dangerous and moved into a bright and spacious classrooms.


    2006, he served as a large fishing village party secretary, county propaganda department of the current generous volunteer talking about Sun Shen Ying, the only Do not delay, thrust her several times, she did not go.

    locals name is Sun shadow as 4 years from the Sun affect matchmaking, love company, Shenzhen,air jordan 23 high heels, donated a total of more than 200 million,hermes purses, for the generous county in Guizhou, Hezhang County donated the six primary schools of hope, of which four have been completed to use.

    (This picture courtesy of the Sun video)

    Buy things, go more than two hours of mountain

    heard to become 2010 She told reporters: long. people in love with the help of many,ugg boots store 6(), the mountains of the children I have done something, do nothing! He graduated from Jilin Industrial School in July,christian louboutin heels, and also made radio and television, Jilin University, college degree; January 2001 to January 2006 in rail transport Liaoyuan Mining Group Corporation, during which full-time study at the Changchun University of Technology, to obtain bachelor’s degree; 2006 January to July in Shenzhen Top Technology Co., Ltd. was through the work; August 2006 to July 2008 to support education teachers to participate in actions raised in Shenzhen, generous county in Guizhou Province Water (now owned by Barry azalea landscape management Bijie zone) Anshan primary support education for two years, in July 2008 joined the Chinese Communist Party in the large rivers and lakes; September 2008 so far, generous county in Guizhou province in volunteer work.

    Sun Ying selected

    this way, the past few years, Sun Ying spent all their savings, but also the external debt owed 30,000 yuan.

    after graduating from college into a large state-owned railway company Liaoyuan Mining Group Finance department of accounting. Parents of the smart daughter of a rather sensible love, little things outside the home without her intervention, she just do a good job of this nine to five job, life is comfortable. However, the end of 2005, the outside world is full of curious Sun shadow against the wishes of her parents, resignation south, alone came from the northeast, Shenzhen,Abercrombie & Fitch Down Vest Mother could not bear to aband, Shenzhen has become the tripod through Information Technology Co., Ltd. is a clerk.

    … … the local people really can not see passed, to


    2010 It is understood that Sun was born in 1980, is the second film in 2005 moved to the Chinese character Cong Fei, 2006, candidate material.

    bitter conditions of the mountains, should draft a few miles away to the mountains to fetch water; sick, our only acupuncture treatment … … However, Sun Ying and stuck with it, and no regrets. Students go home visits a pair of twins, the Sun shadow crying for a long time. The two then 12-year-old children are malnourished, tall as the city eight-year-old children, their mother with a brain tumor, because no money, the mother in the provincial capital for brain surgery to get rid of a dangerous period not to return home, resulting in a postoperative infection and death, two children face in school. Today, the twins with the help of the Sun video has finished primary school, secondary school successfully.

  70. yesterday morning, Shunde District Publicity Department of Civilization and other units, it went to Shenzhen Second People’s Hospital to visit the child, but also offer the home government and people together to raise nearly 40,000 of the first donations Yuan, hope he strong enough to survive. According to the Shenzhen Red Cross introduced Feng Shihui is the youngest province of those who voluntarily donate his organs.

    ill adolescents who choose to reduce family stress secondary

    removed with his anxious parents Shunde, Guangzhou and Shenzhen, a number of hospitals, doctors told him: Feng Shihui suffering from idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura, a disease treatment costs extremely high blood diseases, leukemia, is also refractory than at any time in life-threatening. In Shenzhen Second People’s Hospital Department of Hematology, Feng Shihui the doctor-kwong said the condition to stabilize Feng Shihui, daily injections of gamma globulin must be on time, need to spend 4,000 yuan,uggs cardy 109(), equivalent to Feng Yi ball a couple months’ wages.

    , a

    correspondents into Shenzhen, the first two People’s Hospital hematology ward,uggs australia uk, the mother of Shen Xueping Feng Shihui looking at had no strength even to speak of his son, with a choking voice: Now, even 100 pounds is not to … … Feng Shihui grew very sensible, middle school last year, excellent academic focus,wholesale air shoes, he could apply for high school, he was selected in the junior high school vocational school, want to work out early in order to reduce family economic pressure.

    Feng Shihui deeds caused Shunde and Shenzhen people’s attention, the two enthusiastic people contributed over $ 100,000. Yesterday morning, the Propaganda Department of Civilization, Shunde District, the District Charity,christian louboutin men 720, Shunde, Shunde local secondary school and went to the hospital to visit a number of media and make a donation Feng Shihui. Prior to this, the Shenzhen Municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department, City charity, the Civil Administration and other units and individuals were visited Hui Shi and donations.

    in secondary schools, Shunde, Foshan City, the Feng Shihui also won the teachers and students like it, soon after he entered the school elected bedroom long, his professional achievements have been among the best in school.

    Feng Shihui aware of his poor family, see their parents to worry about was getting thin, he secretly view their daily consumption list. If you use a very expensive drug,women ugg boots, Feng Shihui always quarreled with their parents, asked out very expensive drugs. One day, Feng Shihui even secretly went to the doctor’s office, tell the doctor said: hard as they do not want a. on the father said: p>

    Feng Shihui seriously his father, telling him: wife walked away, only after a few minutes to discuss his son’s decision to agree, then, they immediately contacted the Shenzhen Red Cross. September 20, Feng Shihui with a smile in the

    Ah Hui’s father kept him at the bedside wipe.

    Shenzhen, known as That doctors may want to Feng Shihui bone marrow matching,buy uggs online, high-sensitivity but also the first time to come up to donate blood,christian louboutin outlet 30, bone marrow, in order to extend the life of the young sun. Has been selected as

    text / reporter Xiao Ying Luo Shengli Figure correspondent / reporter Xuan Hui

    strange disease than leukemia also refractory life is in danger at any time

    yesterday morning, Feng Shihui ward, Huang Qiang, head teacher holding a DV machine on Feng Shihui bedside, screen,Nick Barnett jersey, Feng Shihui of the class to stand in neat rows, with a smile singing Is semi-conscious in Feng Shihui difficult to reach out a hand, stroking the screen display, long reluctant to remove … … Huang also brought a book, which I wish the students filled language. Feng Shihui father them carefully on the bed, so Feng Shihui feel to accompany students on his side.

    love relay continues

    that his son’s condition, the mother Shen Xueping often sad cry. Feng Shihui met on the bed, effortlessly removed from the table, a towel, handed it in front of the mother: .

    ; account: 06188201325792, Account Name: Feng Shihui, Bank: Shunde credit.

    the morning of May 6 this year, is the Feng Shihui school suddenly collapsed in the classroom, students and teachers to quickly send him to the hospital, so doctors can check the results surprised: his body in a rapid decline in platelet somehow, which means that he is gradually losing the normal hematopoietic function.

    If enthusiastic reader can give a little help Pingshi Hui, Yi Feng ball can call Tel:

  71. microblogging Recommended | today’s hot microblogging

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    Subsequently, the reporter went to the groom’s family,ugg sundance boots, the groom’s father,kids ugg boots,christian louboutin peep toe , said that the reporter’s identity, to know what reporters want to know something, but nothing to say, so that reporters do not ask. When a reporter asked his several wives, he said: Post lawyers said the legal advisory group Zhangchuan Jiang, from a legal point of view, the man of the house and his first wife had divorced, and therefore it is not bigamy. From the fact that there are a lot of living after divorce in a garden suite,hermes lindy bag, whether it constitutes a de facto bigamy difficult to define.

    an aunt, told reporters in the neighborhood knows that the family situation, some people questioned their marriage. Some people have asked residents,ugg outlets , now his wife will not be trafficked to this, or was this man come from the field of lie? In fact,christian louboutin heels , not. She left voluntarily, although not Jinjiang, Quanzhou area but also people. Usually men are responsible to go out to buy food, the two women responsible for home cooking, housework.

    According to one neighbor said, everyone says that the groom’s father has two wife,ken griffey sneaker, all lived together has been ten years. Ex-wife have one woman two children, his second wife had a daughter, the youngest daughter has been on the high school. The groom’s father and married his first wife divorced wife now, but still live together and his ex-wife. Wife have two little contact with neighbors and go out,authentic burberry, take some garment processing usually live at home to do together to support their families.

    Morning News (reporter Li Jing Hu Yanming text / Chart) Recently, the reporter got from a reader at a fun wedding invitations, wedding invitations at the inscription actually has three names. Father of the groom’s name printed on the top, followed by two female names. The two women are the groom’s mother or other relatives do? Reporters came to Jinjiang, a town where the groom home understand the situation, we learned that the original, the groom does have two mothers, a natural mother, the other was his father’s current wife, this particular one has to live with ten people years.

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    Tianzishan Tianzishan clouds winter clouds

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    Red Net Zhangjiajie Station News November 10 ( sub-station reporter Deng truth ) on November 10 morning, the resort after the rain cleared Zhangjiajie , Zhangjiajie scenic Tianzishan clouds usher in this year’s first winter wonders . Mark spots Yubi peak, fairy flowers along , wrapped in thick clouds between the peaks , the mountains stand distinguish cloud ,womens griffey shoes, or cloud- hidden mountain . Slowly changing sea of clouds , colorful leaves, piercing the blue sky and mountains ,air max Tailwind, in the warm sunlight , beautiful , reminding us of scenes a natural landscape ,christian louboutin discount 2,karen millen dresses sale, deemed Penglai fairyland ,ralph lauren suit Civil servants and police office,shoes louboutin, very magical , magical , many tourists dancing with excitement and photography enthusiasts ,ralph lauren body warmer womens, have come up with beautiful nature, camera phones to record the moment .

    Tianzishan The clouds appear up to four hours duration , the formation of thick clouds , rain and Wulingyuan some time ago for a long time . Meteorological forecasts , from now on World Natural Heritage Wulingyuan will continue to usher in a period of sunny weather , the core area is very suitable to carry out activities in Dong . In addition , Dong Zhangjiajie in Tianzishan , yuanjiajie , Huanglong Cave and other attractions do not require a long queue , a local hotel accommodation prices are relatively cheap summer travel more affordable .

  73. clues: Mr. Zhao

    July of this year, Xiao Zhao to Beijing to find work,ralph lauren ladies shirts College tuition teacher pad nearly twenty thousand st, classified information from a website to see some of the villas, are marked In the absence of rental experience, he believed. Xiao Zhao said he eventually rented to a nearby apple orchard area of about 9 square meters cut off, the monthly rent of 770. Xiao Zhao some regret, but the deposit in each other’s hands, leaving only the mercy of each other.

    Morning 96101 Hotline News (Reporters also Lei Yue) , the other night door to harassment and strong warm fees charged.

    knowingly suffer, but Xiao Zhao can only compromise,ralph lauren tracksuits, signed pay a p> Yesterday,griffey shoes white orange, the reporter linked to the contract and Mr. Sun Xiao Zhao, admit that he is the other principal tenant.

    microblogging Recommended | today’s hot microblogging (edit: SN034)

    yesterday, Xiao Zhao police for help,(), police said, because of guarantees on who to pay is not marked,karen millen outlet online, it is recommended not to pay him temporarily,cheap ralph lauren clothes, and suggested that Xiao Zhao harassment if the other door at midnight and then on to the police.

    on Wednesday 10 pm, Sun led the three men door, said of Xiao Zhao, after all matters relating to the hands of a Mr. Wang is responsible for the house. Midnight the next day, Mr. Wang has led the three men door. Mr. Wang said the heating season began, out of 500 yuan each to heating costs. Xiao Zhao quickly took out a contract, see, that the provisions of the contract does not require the tenant to bear heating costs. Xiao Zhao who argue the contract and the other,ferragamo collection, the other just did not think $ 500 is blinking mouth doubled,

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    glycogen accumulation disease – CNR girl precisely because such a rare congenital disease, starting from the five-year-old almost no long height, and gradually developed into liver, splenomegaly, renal large. And every night, she also had to deal with late night injection of glucose or

    ,air jordan 11 ! right? later, my mother cried. is silent tears, eyes red. Abnormal body with her that

    all, much more complex than imagined.

    only liver transplantation is the only life-saving opportunity for small CNR. This decision is vice president of Fudan University,nike ken griffey shoes, Zhongshan Hospital, renowned liver surgeon Professor Fan Jia.

    16-year-old CNR, but 1.2 meters tall and weighing only 22 kg.

    first wheelchair was the mother to see her daughter,uggs outlet 6 years to save the mother that her blood to res, and separate them from quite far away (CNR in the intensive care unit), did not say anything. Still later,tall uggs, the mother to go home to rest in the hospital of the CNR has been accompanied by other family members take turns to take care of.

    chief correspondent Shi Jie

    Today, Nine Lives of a CNR discharged.

    than 70 days before surgery, small CNR 3 cm tall

    mother of her daughter replaced 200 g 2498 g of liver disease, liver

    liver transplant program was first conceived, is waiting for a suitable donor. However, the possibility of multiple organ failure CNR is always life threatening. CNR family that can be simultaneously considered

    side of the Ethics Committee to discuss specific applications for notary program – health authorities for approval; the other side is equally important fundraising: Town of Jinshan Lu Middle School students donated, CNR mother factory where the donations, donations neighbors kindly informed … … the biggest, the CNR parents’ cruel ruthless , to 39 million low-cost

    This morning, saw the small CNR discharge Fan Jia for her surgery, Professor, is pleased to repeatedly Road Xielou Wen Biao photo

    morning just measured the height, p>

    CNR said, into the operating room, her daughter is not a lot of communication.

    first mother, after her daughter. The entire operation lasted 10 hours. Mother was discharged soon recover. Daughter pulled stomach, pulled out the catheter,air jordan 9, drainage tube pulled out, one by one inspection report also normal. Her daughter safe.

    who first identified with the liver? Special family meeting,air griffey max ii, the elderly grandfather, grandmother, grandfather, grandmother have said can be a force. The Final

    a special little girl, national model worker, Shanghai model worker awards ah! can grow high-fat, can have new life. This is everyone’s blessing.

    In fact, on July 8 this year, the operating table, when the CNR due to liver disease and enormous eyes when fully exposed to the medical staff – size, weight 3 times than normal out of the NPC,

    a congenital liver enzyme derived from the

    Fan Jia decisive surgical group led by Professor CNR mother’s body removed from the left liver 335 g in preparation for his daughter’s transplant.

    10 years of almost no effective symptomatic treatment. From the first 5 years of age occurred payment

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    traffic police department staff said that the use of other sets of car license plates of vehicles ,burberry outlet, will impose a fine of $ 3000 ; use fake license will be fined 5,000 yuan, and detained for 10 days; If you block the plate or plate breakage , will be fined $ 200 and 6 points deduction . Towed vehicle will be left parked in the designated parking lot, according to the vehicle owner to claim the existence of a certain time to pay the fare , if the owner has not claimed after a certain period , the traffic police department will be publicized , if still no claim ,abercrombie and fitch jeans, will be handled by the main car -free .

    Morning News ( Reporter Sun handsome ) Yesterday 11:10 Xu ,ugg boots,

    photos in a black Land Rover car parked on the roadside , the license for the Liaoning BFV030, in the last digit very coordinated , a traffic police staff are pointing to the license check .

    yesterday , Shenyang Municipal Public Security Bureau Traffic Police Detachment ,cheap christian louboutin, said Shen River brigade staff does have this , this car has been towed away.

    Land Rover illegally parked . In the ticket process, the police found traces of the license plate has been altered ,roxy ugg boots Man has murdered his girlfriend to, the suspension for the deck plate ,ugg kensington Boy was dead in a river in pursuit of four suspects arrested,hermes 2010,louboutin christian shoes 8, vehicle identification number and no registration ! Vehicle is about to drag the driver to please accept the deal , Shen River Brigade !

  77. When the orchestra finished encore track shouted :

    Jing Yi Wang presented flowers on stage ,burbery, kneeling on his girlfriend to marry him . Source: Taiwan ,cheap louboutin ,airjordan, Source: Taiwan ,discount ugg, Chen Huiqi concert scene to his girlfriend to marry him, the audience applauded and moved choking Chenhui Qi said: Orchestra concert commander Dan Tang Yi Jing Wang Xiang is actor and his girlfriend Chen Huiqi instructor, Wang Jing Yi and teachers in advance ,

    30 -year-old Wang Jing Yi and 29 -year-old Chen Huiqi four years ago in the music classroom teacher met for selection . Jing Wang Yi said that the encouragement of his girlfriend ,bailey button uggs, he was admitted to the Tainan University of Technology Department of Music part-time students , to become his girlfriend’s school brother, with students,christian louboutin boot Looking for family micro-,burberry t shirts,dsquared shop online (, but all worth it!

  78. Reminder letters on the name of wall Zacheng seriously injured. Subsequently, he was sent to Kunming, a hospital for emergency treatment, after they learned: In the treatment period, the relative’s name was changed,classic ugg ! Originally called Yongcheng name into the This is how it is that they can not figure out.

    Lihong Lan said she came to Kunming, the contractors will surnamed Dong She stayed in a hotel near the hospital, also invited a worker in a hospital specialized care Yongcheng. All Yongcheng treatment costs are paid by the Dongmou personally, but the patient’s name is In this regard, Li Honglan DongMou also asked: as signed in accordance with the requirements of Dongmou as

    yesterday afternoon, reporters once again get in touch with Ms. Zhao, she said: Ladies that hospitals do not have any fault, the fault lies Dongmou fraud, without the knowledge of the hospital. Now dead, 38, they can only find contractors Dongmou seek justice,ugg cardy, if Dongmou are designed to decorate the company, then the company can not shirk its responsibility.

    latest family received a name is Gan . we want the hospital to open into the Yongcheng death certificate, but the hospital wants us to show the deceased’s residence booklet, because the deceased’s identity card alone is difficult to prove that the deceased is not willing to . , Zhao again to call to reporters, said Yongcheng dead, they received is willing death notice, death certificate could not open, the hospital not to pull the body. Construction site for Yongcheng was killed in the issue, they have to the incident to the police station reported the matter.

    Reporters investigate imposter alive and well

    patients and their families are Yongcheng lived in the hospital, this time Yongcheng live in the intensive care room.

    Zhao Lihong Lan’s relatives, as of November 10, Yongcheng total cost of the treatment costs of 15 million yuan, while more than 110,000 Dongmou only pay some of this, the hospital a few reminders remittance advice. Subsequently, the hospital charges in the hospital lobby Automated machines, Yongcheng son enter the code, the reporter saw At this point, Yongcheng family is most anxious to do the treatment costs,ugg sundance boots, the family has to have no money, contractors Dongmou also raise money around.

    microblogging Recommended | today’s hot microblogging

    Subsequently, the reporter saw the Yongcheng wife Lihong Lan. She told reporters that their home is in rural areas of Chuxiong, six months ago, her husband to Kunming to work, she did not know what to do until the afternoon of October 31,mulberry purse, she suddenly received a phone relatives in Kunming, said Yongcheng seriously injured on a construction site the hospital, so she get to Kunming. The next day, she and her 15-year-old son arrived at the hospital, her husband already unconscious. And a husband left her hospitalized pay some bills do not understand, because the payment is the patient’s name on documents,christian louboutin cheap,

    According to the data, at present,Hermes Kelly 32 , Yongcheng working with families to discuss the issue of compensation Dongmou.

    Zuo Jia

    10 afternoon, the reporter repeatedly call Dongmou phone, but did not take Dongmou. Care of the laborer hired Xiong Dongmou introduction: may be taken into account the insurance can pay a fee. The company’s one employee said: Hemou charge of the company, Hemou said: go back to deal with something temporary. Gan good, was not injured. said: , but surely,ugg knit boots, said: 10 afternoon, the reporter by telephone interview Yongcheng hospitalized publicity Section, which a woman said: hospital generally does not occur using false names to do. mainly to treat the patient if the problem of false names, they should immediately replace the back, or will happen a lot of trouble and if the patient died, we opened the letter and death certificate, is certainly open only when the patient’s name, not just change the name.

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    families about

  79. speculation before,hermes herbag, Zhongmou trailing Chen upstairs, to pinch faint, and then tied with a tape of people, then snatched the bag and carry shopping bags, to search for property on the first floor corridor around the corner. This argument, the reporter did not receive police response. However, in the robbery, Zhongmou did not grab much cash, about only a few hundred dollars. For fear of their crimes brought to light, pretending nothing had happened Zhongmou spent a day in Nanjing, and suddenly get money to leave the city and fled to his home, even his family did not tell. However, he did not think that is repeatedly used their own way,

    (Mei Jianming)

    At the same time, commissioned by the Nanjing Public Security Bureau,hermes price 10 1,dsquared jeans, Public Security Bureau deputy director Chen Pukou mine led pukou Samaritan Foundation related personnel, go to , for the murder of courageous and enthusiastic to help good people break speed, good security awards to foster healthy social trends.

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    According to this milkman confessed that he was the crime that night near the milk, riding a bicycle through the scene, they found one victim alone,cheap nike heels for women Employees accused of be, but also women, leaving a purse,uggs on clearance , hands and There was a carry bag. Dark, the woman carrying a bag with things seem, but it is also purchased through matter, guess the package may contain a lot of money, they tried to trailing scrambling, flower out money. But I did not expect,australia ugg boots, in the trailing upstairs, when he suddenly snatch the implementation, was the woman’s strong resistance, and he so he will prostrate woman, and carry a tape was wrapped around his tie. Zhongmou not only tied the woman’s hands, in order to prevent the call out for help, and its mouth was wrapped around and over some letters, I did not expect, resulting in the victim died due to suffocation.

    microblogging Recommended | today’s hot microblogging (edit: SN021)

    Nanjing newspaper reported continuously on July 31 in New Pukou Pu Road, No. 117 with the murder of a dormitory building, the milkman Zhongmou trailing 3:40 Chen woman home, with tape wrapped around its head to tie, caused his death. Yesterday afternoon, the reporter learned from Nanjing Pukou the police, who in confession tape tied to the fact that after committing the crime, the murderer has mood swings, and silent for several days, eventually confessed to the police open the details of some crime, Chen said the key is how late night single home,dsquared shorts, reflected in its desire to snatch the property after the backpack,abercrombie fitch clothes, hurriedly pile committed this murder.

    It Zhongmou confessed that he carried the transparent tape is wound on a bicycle for use things, not especially prepared for the crime. Because of its milk area in the vicinity of the incident, also visited the incident, so the more familiar surroundings.


  80. 4 pm yesterday, the reporter in the Huaqiao Lu Road intersection in the crowd under the shade of But Zhang is still waving the situation, with the traffic lights change, to look her very tension of a single gesture, body beautiful, even up to see is a pop song, very stylish, very urban. Zhang and partner in the air when the shift, the reporter found her.

    sun, the water is a big Zhang Hobby that is, in fact,christian shoes,louboutins discount Tired of her father to take ca, as it is necessary,abercrombie & fitch jeans, because every day the sun sweating, body water loss,ugg boot store, and Zhang have drank every day add up to 6 pounds boiled water. Even the summer heat, the 80 female traffic police have no regrets.

    Beautiful female traffic police standing on the street directing traffic. Fan Xiao Xuan Lin Jiyu photo

    Fan Xiaolin quarter Yuxuan

    , daily from 7:00 o’clock to start standing in the intersection, go straight, turn left, stop to do … … uninterrupted traffic control sign, burning sun, stopped at a red light intersection of private car drivers can perhaps point to avoid the sun, but Zhang not, she must stand on the road, so that the four directions of vehicles and pedestrians can see her. In addition to timely apply sunscreen, wear sunglasses and a hat is a must, there is the insistence on wearing long-sleeved shirt, which is mainly the sun.

    long-sleeved, tie,bailey button ugg, hat, gloves,dsquared sneakers men, trousers … … Her name is Zhang,dsquared shoes online , born in 1984,ugg australia Mother’s day to accompany his son to, Nanjing traffic police a female traffic police brigade. Her work is a word How much? Countless. Reporters only know that yesterday, on the half hour she would have to play 60 times!

  81. Ningbo, Zhejiang Daily , October 24 (by correspondent Li Yishan correspondent Andrew ) Ningbo living according to the public to be used as a Recently,karen millen prom dress, the court closed the case in Haishu . The two sides reached agreement on : the defendant compensate the plaintiff with costs 43,100 yuan photos , but also get in this drama to continue to use the photo rights.

    Recently, the Court held a mediation organization ,nike goadome acg, and ultimately determine the amount of compensation of 43,Net exposure civilization inspection team kicked the county denied the local entertainment ( Figure ,christian louboutin shoe,100 yuan .

    January this year , Mr. Chen and his wife at home watching TV , Mr. wife photos , was hit as a TV actor He is a co- produced TV series will be the person a total of five units, one to court ,griffey 2 shoes, requiring him to stop the infringement ,salvatore ferragamo shoes for women 5, eliminate the effects of apology ,rolex watch wholesale Armed robbery one day truck drivers from committing the cr, emotional damages and $ 800,salvatore ferragamo store,000.

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  82. property through fire department officers and 10 minutes of effort , the success of the elevator doors finally opened , trapped were rescued . At present,louboutin online, the cause of the accident is under investigation.

    Yellow River News Network (Reporter Wang Hui Juan Wang root ) production of pregnant women to be trapped in the elevator , the elevator also kept jumping up and down . At 14:37 on November 24 ,ralph lauren kids (),authentic rolex watches, TISCO General Hospital out-patient department staged the scene so thrilling ,ralph lauren outlet stores,ralph lauren big pony hoodie , but fortunately firefighters arrived in time to rescue ,nike air max 2010 Women and children 6 years of ma, no casualties .

    After the incident , Taiyuan fire eleven squadron officers and soldiers rushed to the site . Trapped in elevator in the clinic is going to hospital to be produced by a pregnant woman and their two relatives have been trapped for 10 minutes. In the meantime,louboutin online, the elevator has been in a layer,new nike air griffey max 1 white black grey, 2 layer , 5 layers up and down.

  83. defendant Lin Health Center Department of Zhangjiagang a gourmet chef, responsible for the production Abalone dishes, in February this year, Lin found that will be used for decorative plate containing Acid Orange composition of the German Shuangyan acid dissolved in dilute water golden color, add in the cuisine, food colors more vivid, full of perception, they produce their own without the Abalone in dishes using this type of pigment,air jordan 11, to be sold. In fact,air jordan 6 Man with a bag of counterfeit money transfer cash machines spit out, a kind of industrial acid dyes golden pigment, the state banned for use in food.

    trial, the defendant Lin, Wang said that although all known acidic golden color, triangular mark containing Acid Orange Acid Orange composition,air max 24 7, can not be used as an additive in food, but do not know is toxic additives.

    Coincidentally,ugg sundance boots, in January this year,ugg bailey button, Zhangjiagang a restaurant chef in the production of Cantonese abalone Wang, Bailing Abalone, Sea Cucumber and other dishes in the unauthorized use of ingredients containing Acid Orange for acid orange triangle marks guests eat, the products of countries banned the use of food additives.

    tensioned Peng Hao

    microblogging Recommended | today’s hot microblogging (edit: SN021)

    Court held that the defendant Lin, Wang in the production and sale of food mixed with toxic and harmful non-food raw materials, their behavior has a production and sale of toxic and hazardous food crimes. In view of the defendant Lin Department of surrender, be given a light punishment. Wang, after the defendant voluntarily pleaded guilty to justice, as appropriate sentences. But they know that Acid Orange composition containing the pigment system of toxic and harmful non-food materials, food is still produced by the incorporation of Abalone and sales, against human health, and behavior of their subjective malignant greater harm to society, first instance to the production, sale of toxic and harmful food Lin accused were sentenced to six months imprisonment and fined 4,bailey button ugg,000 yuan, Wang defendant ten months imprisonment and fined 30,000 yuan.

    April 1 this year, Zhangjiagang city health department staff supervision and management of law to add non-food substances and the abuse of food additives, unannounced visits to undertake a survey, the staff meal at the two hotels, the Lin ,air griffey max one , Wang Abalone dishes produced a sample, after testing, sampling dishes Acid Orange far exceeded the value of testing has been ordered for the substandard products. Zhangjiagang City, then to the Food and Drug Administration’s food exchange where Lin imposed 145,abercrombie &amp fitch ,000 yuan fine museum, located on the Wang imposed 250,000 yuan fine restaurants, two hotels and the illegal gains shall be confiscated and additives involved.

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