Film (with rating): Spider-Man (PG-13)


Studio: Sony
Pictures  Home Entertainment


After nerdy high school photographer Peter Parker meets up with a radioactive
spider, he obtains superpowers, which he must use to battle evil after tragedy
hits his family.


Review: In
honor of the studio’s newly released Blu-Ray version of this film and in
preparation of the highly anticipated “The Amazing Spider-Man” in
theaters July 3, let’s get our Spidey Sense on. In the first movie of the
franchise, we meet Peter (played brilliantly by the wide-eyed Tobey Maguire),
who morphs from geek to hero with just one bite from a genetically altered
spider. The casting is spot-on. Kirsten Dunst is the perfect Mary Jane Watson,
and Willem Dafoe is just about the nastiest Green Goblin imaginable. His
portrayal of Norman Osborne/Green Goblin is, hands-down, one of the best
villains in recent cinema. “Spider-Man” is an extremely successful
and impressive comic-book-to-big-screen transition. It set the bar for all of
the many that followed. Even those who are not fans of Marvel Comics or even
comic books and superheroes in general will have no problem enjoying
“Spider-Man.” The human-interest component and the romance between
Peter/Spidey and Mary Jane give this movie enough substance for nearly any
viewer to grab hold of. The CGI can be a bit over the top, but the movie’s
strong points allow most viewers to forgive any missteps along the way.


Extra highlight:   “Spider-Man: The Mythology of the 21st Century”


What to serve for dinner: Mini pizzas and a side green salad.


Whole-wheat pita bread (one for each person)

Pizza or spaghetti sauce

String cheese (one for each pizza, or more depending on


Spoon sauce over each whole-wheat pita. Arrange pieces of
string cheese in a web-like pattern on the muffins. Put in the oven at 350
degrees until the cheese melts. Keep an eye on the pizzas so they don’t burn.



What to talk about over dinner: What was your favorite part of the movie? What do
you think of Tobey as Peter/Spidey? Who is your favorite comic book hero? What
do you think about the newest “Spider-Man” movie out this summer?
Will you see it opening weekend? What was your favorite “Spider-Man”
installment so far? What did you think of the action sequences? Too much, or
just right? Who is your favorite comic book villain? If you had superpowers,
what would they be and why? I’m kind of fond of Superman’s flying because why
wouldn’t that be cool? What was your favorite Spider-Man-themed quote?
“With great power comes great responsibility” perhaps? How cool was that upside-down kiss scene? And how funny were the spoofs that followed?