Dodgers: Topsy turvy

One of these years, I’m going to learn to stop coming down here with preconceived notions of what the roster is going to look like. Five weeks ago, I believed the Dodgers’ opening-day roster was largely set if the club had a relatively injury-free camp, which it has. Several veterans were locked into place, and only a couple of minor issues were left to be resolved. As recently as 72 hours ago, I was convinced the fifth starter’s job was Hong-Chih Kuo’s to lose. But all of that now appears to have been shot to smithereens, and it now looks like Kuo might be headed to the minors. Meanwhile, James Loney’s place on the roster, which seemed secure just a few days ago, now looks non-existent despite the fact he is having a great spring. For now, it looks like Wilson Valdez is going to get Loney’s spot while Loney goes to the minors to defend his PCL batting title. It also looks like Brett Tomko will be the fifth starter, although Grady says that is a decision that doesn’t HAVE to be made until April 7 or 8, and Kuo will go to Vegas, leaving a roster spot for Rudy Seanez, whose contract can be easily purchased because the Dodgers have an open 40-man spot. But this could all change in a heartbeat, so don’t write any of it down in permanent ink.

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