Dodgers: Kuo out of the running

Dodgers lefty Hong-Chih Kuo has found himself in Grady Little’s dog house — and probably off Grady Little’s team, at least to start the season — by failing to tell Little or anyone else that his shoulder was bothering him after that rain-shortened disaster against the Bosox last Friday. Instead, apparently due to not wanting to lose his place in the competition for the fifth spot in the rotation, Kuo kept his mouth shut and went out and pitched another game two nights ago against the New York Mets, when he walked four batters and threw four wild pitches in three innings. It was after that game that Kuo finally told the training staff that his shoulder was bothering. Asked if this takes Kuo out of the running for the fifth spot, Little said, “We don’t have a time frame on (his return) yet. But the days are getting a little bit short to think he fits into that right now.”

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