Wind tunnel

As if Fort Lauderdale Stadium didn’t have enough problems already, there is enough wind blowing straight in from center field today to wreak havoc on a baseball game. The two clubs have combined to commit six errors in the first three innings (four by the Orioles), and even a throw from Dodgers catcher Russell Martin to second base on a stolen base attempt got caught up in the breeze and blown off to the left of shortstop Tony Abreu covering the bag and into center field for an error. Randy Wolf is pitching fairly well, with four K’s through three innings. But Andre Ethier is 0 for 2 with a strikeout, running his hitless streak officially to 20 at-bats and unofficially to 21 (the additional one came in a game that was rained out). Dodgers 1, Orioles 1, top 4

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