These two might meet again

The Dodgers and Tigers played to a 3-3 tie today and won’t see each other during the regular season. But they might see each other again. When the Daily News’ baseball preview comes out tomorrow, you will see that your humble correspondent has predicted that the two will square off in the World Series. I picked the Tigers to win, but that’s just a guess, because the postseason has become such a crap shoot with so many teams now in it. But this Detroit team reminds me a lot of the Oakland club that lost to the Dodgers in the ’88 Series. The A’s were supposed to win that series handily, but thanks to Kirk Gibson and Orel Hershiser, they got steamrolled — eerily similar to what happened to the Tigers last fall against a clearly inferior St. Louis club, which won that series in five games. The A’s went back in ’89 and, sandwiched around the Bay Area earthquake, swept the Giants in the World Series. For now, I’m predicting a similar rebound for the Motor City Kitties.

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