Angels 6, Dodgers 1 … and likely opening-day lineup

Grady Little just said that if Rafael Furcal can’t go in Monday’s opener at Milwaukee, Juan Pierre will lead off, with Russell Martin batting second. Wilson Betemit then will hit sixth behind Luis Gonzalez, with Andre Ethier batting seventh. Ramon Martinez, and not Wilson Valdez, will play shortstop and bat eighth because Grady says he wants to go with the veteran player in an opening-day game, although that could change for Game 2 on Tuesday night. Plus, there still is no guarantee Valdez will even be on the team. Grady also said he still hasn’t decided how to slot Betemit and Ethier into the seven and eight holes when everyone is healthy. He said earlier in camp that he is leaning toward Ethier seventh and Betemit eighth, but it was the other way around on Friday night. … Meanwhile, no one seems too upset over Nick Gorneault plowing into Mike Lieberthal in the eighth inning, even though it was a meaningless exhibition game. “That’s the way you play baseball on the field, no matter when it is,” Little said. … Dodgers fell to 16-15-1 for the spring, and they still haven’t won a Freeway Series game since 2003.

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