Crowded clubhouse

The home clubhouse at Dodger Stadium, whch is cramped anyway, is even moreso this weekend because of all the players the Dodgers brought to the Freeway Series — some of whom were never in big-league camp in the first place. The Dodgers took what might have been the longest session of pregame batting practice in the history of baseball just to give everyone a chance in the cage. But if you want to glimpse the future, this weekend would be a good time. Ivan DeJesus Jr. is here, although you probably will be able to see him this summer at Inland Empire in San Bernardino. Tony Abreu is here, as well. Those two could form the Dodgers’ middle infield for years to come, although Chin-lung Hu has been Abreu’s DP partner all the way through the minors. With several of their long-awaited prospects now blossoming in the big leagues, the Dodgers are done looking to the future. But even if they aren’t looking, the future still looks pretty bright.

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