More leftfield adventures

The sun was almost down by the time the game started, and it certainly was down by the second inning, when Milwaukee’s Johnny Estrada hit a catchable fly ball to left-center that Gonzo ran to but somehow failed to catch. It rolled to the wall for a double. Then, Bill Hall hit what looked like a routine single to left in the third inning, but turned it into a double simply because he knew Gonzo didn’t have the arm to throw him out at second. The throw came in to the third-base side, and Hall slid in easily. Gonzo’s a great guy, and I’m glad he’s here. But there is no way around it: his first two games have been an adventure out there. He’s also 0 for 5, but that’s nothing unique on this team, at least not so far. Meanwhile, Randy Wolf has been shaky, walking one, hitting two and giving up an opposite-field bomb to Prince Fielder. Dodgers 2, Brewers 2, top 4

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