Pierre to wear No. 42, Grady ticked off

Commissioner Bud Selig, at the request of Cincinnati center fielder Ken Griffey Jr., has unretired Jackie Robinson’s No. 42 for one day only, that being the April 15 celebration of the 60th anniversary of Robinson’s breaking baseball’s color barrier. Teams have the option of participating, and the Dodgers have chosen to do so. Griffey will wear No. 42 that day, as will Dodgers center fielder Juan Pierre. No word on whether any other clubs will participate. … Grady Little didn’t take kindly to being question in print this morning about his decision to let Randy Wolf hit for himself in the sixth inning last night, when the Dodgers had a chance to break open a game they led by one run and eventually lost by one run. He cut his pregame media session after providing curt answers to three questions, one of which was about whether he planned to try to get Saito into a game soon. “Whenever there is a decision to be made on a pitcher, I’ll call upstairs and see what you guys think I should do first.” … Grady also chose not to start Brady Clark tonight, despite the fact Clark is 10 for 30 with two homers against Jeff Suppan. Asked why, Little said, “Because I’m the manager.” Which is EXACTLY the reason he’s going to be criticized from time to time.

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