Schmidt out, Polish wins

Jason Schmidt only lasted five innings, throwing 95 pitches, but he did fine until there were two outs in the fifth, when he promptly walked the next three guys. He did manage to get out of that jam by getting Prince Fielder to pop up, leaving Schmidt in line for the win. Grady then doubleswitched Joe Beimel and Matt Kemp (RF) into the game, although he forgot to call the press box first to ask us what we thought he should do. The Dodgers continue to swing at first pitches with alarming regularity against Jeff Suppan, but it worked for Kemp — he led off the seventh with a double and is now on third after Pierre’s sacrifice. Brewers infield is in. … Polish won the sausage race, creating a three-way tie atop the standings as Polish, Italian and Chorizo all have one win apiece for the season. … Dodgers 2, Brewers 1, top 7

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