Checking in on the off-day

Greetings from one of my all-time favorite hotels, the historic Westin St. Francis, where the Dodgers are no longer boarding this season. They moved across the street to the Hotel Nikko. Nothing personal against the boys, but it’s always nice when they stay somewhere other than where I stay, and I’m sure the feeling is mutual. The Giants finally beat the Padres tonight, just in time to renew their rivalry with the Dodgers this weekend, with both teams coming in with 1-2 records. Ironically, although it’s not nearly as cold here as it was in Milwaukee, the cold could play a much bigger role in this weekend’s series. Saturday’s high isn’t expected to get out of the 50s, and AT&T Park is wide open, not like Miller Park, where the roof was closed for all three games. That’s all I got for today. Hasta manana.

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