Dodgers 4, Giants 1

Lowe went seven innings, gave up just four hits and recorded 15 groundball outs. Wilson Valdez, who went 3 for 4, had nine assists in his first start at shortstop. Grady Little said Valdez will start at short again tomorrow, with Ramon Martinez at third. That means Wilson Betemit, who drove in the tying run with a bases-loaded walk in the fourth inning but otherwise went 0 for 3 with two strikeouts, will sit. Betemit, who last year’ couldn’t hit lefties, can’t seem to hit righties either this year. He is 1 for 15 overall (0 for 6 right-handed and 1 for 9 left-handed). Dodgers creep above the .500 mark (3-2) for the first time this season with their third win in a row, all of which have been saved by Takashi Saito.

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