Lowe sailing, offense sputtering

Derek Lowe has given up just two hits, but they came in succession, and the second was an RBI double by Rich Aurilia. Other than that, D-Lowe has retired nine of 11 batters, six of them via ground ball. Meanwhile — and this will no doubt shock you — the Dodgers haven’t scored a run yet. Russ Ortiz apparently is back to his old self, although the Dodgers aren’t mounting much of a challenge. Wilson Valdez, starting for the first time, turned a single into an all-too-easy out at second when he tried to stretch it in the first inning. And Valdez then ended the third by grounding out with runners on second and third. Dodgers have two hits off Ortiz, including a double byEthier. Giants 1, Dodgers 0, top 4

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