Masterful performance

Derek Lowe has gotten through six innings on less than 85 pitches and has retired 18 of 22 batters, 12 of them on ground balls. This is D-Lowe at his finest, and he’s going to go deep into this game, which is what Grady loves. Meanwhile, Wilson Valdez has made three NICE plays behind Lowe, including going deep in the hole for a grounder and still throwing out the speedy Dave Roberts to start the bottom of the sixth. Valdez also singled with one out in the fifth to start a rally that was keyed around Jeff Kent’s two-run double down the leftfield line. Russ Ortiz is long gone, having given up three runs on seven hits over five innings, and in a refreshing twist, the Dodgers worked him for 95 pitches. Valdez just came up with his third hit of the game, putting runners on the corners with one out against Kevin Correia and giving Valdez a .600 average (3 for 5) for the season. Dodgers 3, Giants 1, top 7

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