Perfect day by the Bay

Too bad they can’t start the game right now. It’s partly cloudy, but brilliantly sunny at 10 a.m. The field is sunsplashed, with the shadow of one of the light towers falling across center field. After parking in media lot D, three of us were held up slightly as the Lefty O’Doul Bridge was raised to let a sailboat pass underneath. Yesterday morning, you couldn’t see the East Bay for the fog. Today, you can even see the mountains beyond the East Bay. It’s enough to put me in a semi-decent mood, even though I haven’t had breakfast yet. And best of all, the Sippy Cups AREN’T here today. I’m off to the clubhouse to see the boys, who are going for a three-game sweep of Los Gigantes today. Home opener tomorrow at 1:10. Later.

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