Buntin practice

Juan Pierre, who has just one bunt single through seven games, is taking bunting practice with Maury Wills on the field. Wilson Valdez also is taking some. It’s another beautiful day here, even better than yesterday because you can actually see the San Gabriels today. But it’s a night game, so you won’t see them for long. Pitching matchup MIGHT favor the Rockies, even though Rodrigo Lopez the A.L. with 18 losses for Baltimore last year while posting a 5.90 ERA. Fact is, to lose that many games, you have to be a good pitcher, as strange as that sounds. You have to be good enough that your manager keeps sending you back out there every fifth day. Meanwhile, Brett Tomko hasn’t pitched in a game since the Freeway Series finale on March 31. But as they say, there is a reason why you play the games and they aren’t won on paper. … Heading downstairs to get an update on Matt Kemp. Will try to post again during BP.

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