Finally, a day off

Second one since the start of spring training, but the FIRST one that I don’t have to fly anywhere. I will TRY to post at least one blog entry tomorrow, but if I don’t, please forgive me. I’m going to spend most of the day getting my life back in order after spring training, something I haven’t had time to do yet. There are errands to run, bills to pay, hours of sleep to catch up on, etc. After tomorrow, Dodgers play 10 days in a row and 19 of the next 20, with 12 of those games at home. … It’s way too early in the season to use the phrase “big series” but this weekend’s three-game set with San Diego begins with the two clubs tied for second place, just a half-game behind Arizona. It also is expected to mark the return of Rafael Furcal, the first time this season the Dodgers will have their projected starting eight on the field at the same time. My guess is that this division race ultimately will come down to these two teams, and the Dodgers did lose 13 of 18 to the Pads last season, when the two ended the season tied for first. That being the case, maybe this IS a big series after all. Talk to ya Friday if not before.

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