Opening Day Part III

There was the season opener in Milwaukee and the hope opener last Monday. But with today being Jackie Robinson Day at Dodger Stadium, this is the biggest event of the three. Bud Selig is here, Rachel Robinson is here, a whole bunch of MLB poobahs are here, and there is bunting all over the stadium, even though this time it’s not red white and blue, it’s gold, white and two shades of blue. The old yard is on the national stage tonight, and the Dodgers have put their best foot forward. This time, they appear to have actually done things right. But I’m not sure how this thing with everyone wearing No. 42 is going to work. For those of us who are here every day, we should be able to figure out who is who because we know these players on sight, even from up high in the press box. But to those who aren’t here every day — and believe me, there are a LOT of those people here tonight. This is going to be a great, fitting tribute to a great man. … BTW, if you’re coming out, come out early. The Dodgers are opening the gates at 2:40, a half-hour earlier than usual.

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