You met another and (ppppphtht) you were gone

So I just met Roy Clark, former star of HeeHaw, which ran continuously on television for 25 years. He was in town for a HeeHaw reunion and came to the Dodgers game as a guest of Dennis Gilbert, the longtime sports agent who now runs a Beverly Hills insurance firm and serves as a special assistant in the front office of the Chicago White Sox. I must admit to being a bit jaded by my daily proximity to world-famous athletes, but meeting Roy Clark is the big-time, baby. … The Jackie ceremony is just starting on the field. A large, African-American choir is walking in from the center field fence to the Jackie Robinson logo behind second base to sing the national anthem. Rumor has it that at 10 minutes past five, they’re actually going to interrupt all of this and play a baseball game. But thus far, those rumors are unconfirmed. I’m looking into it.

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