Dodgers 6, Astros, oh wait, no, those were the Diamondbacks 4

D-backs wore their solid red jerseys tonight. With white pants. In a retractable roof stadium. Houston, we have an imitator. … Some stuff I didn’t get in tomorrow’s paper because there were too many other things going on that HAD to get in: Russell Martin extended his hitting streak to nine games, during which he is batting .433. Nomar extended his to seven games, during which he is hitting .429. Juan Pierre went 4 for 9 in this series, with a double, triple and five runs scored. And even though he occasionally takes weird routes to fly balls, he did have nine putouts in the two games. … More important than the Dodgers 10-4 record, which is the best in baseball, is the fact they are 9-2 against NL West teams. While on paper every win and every loss counts the same, in reality, every win and every loss within your division represents a two-game swing against that particular opponent. For instance, this two-game sweep counts not only as two wins for the Dodgers, but as two losses for the Diamondbacks. Thus, if the Dodgers end up in a late-season, two-team fight with the Snakes, even this little two-game series could loom large — whereas a split would have been a wash for both teams and wouldn’t have factored at all into a two-team race later in the season.

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