Rock on, Gold Dust Woman

Greetings from the hometown of my all-time favorite musician, the legendary Stevie Nicks, who, a month short of her 59th birthday, is still rocking on (she’ll tour this summer with Chris Isaak). Appropriately, the second verse of Gold Dust Woman begins with the words, “Rock on, Ancient Queen.” Maybe it should be changed to “Ageless Queen.” … The roof is open right now as the D-backs just finished early BP, but I’m not sure whether it will stay that way. I can’t even remember the last time I saw a game here with the roof open. … We should find out something about Jason Schmidt today, so I’ll try to update with that as soon as possible. … By the way, as the Dodgers try to complete a two-game mini-sweep of the D-backs tonight, it is worth mentioning that they come into this game with baseball’s best record (9-4), a half-game better than Atlanta (8-4) and a full game better than Boston (7-4). And the scary thing is, the boys haven’t even come CLOSE to clicking on all cylinders yet.

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