Hendrickson starts tomorrow

Greetings from the city and the ballpark where it all began, where I covered my first big-league ballgame for the Rocky Mountain News on Aug. 1, 1995, between the Dodgers and Rockies. I was just a prep stringer then, but they sent me out as a sidebar guy that night. Soon thereafter, I went from being a sportswriter to being a baseball writer — and there IS a difference, believe it or not, a big one. … Anyway, I am utterly shocked (sarcasm) to announce that Mark Hendrickson will start in place of Jason Schmidt tomorrow. I guess Grady didn’t want to tip off Bob Melvin that Hendrickson wasn’t available last night, hence the delay in the announcement. Hendrickson did warm up during the game, which I’m guessing was part side session and part decoy to Melvin to make him think Hendrickson was coming into the game. Still, I’m not sure why Grady still wasn’t willing to announce it after the game, especially since we all knew it was going to be Hendrickson anyway. Off to the clubhouse for me. Hasta.

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