Cold night, hot team

The boys just exploded on Tony Armas, who was pitching in a game for just the second time this season because he is the Pirates’ fifth starter and has been skipped several times because of off-days and rainouts. Dodgers scored five in the third to break open the game and send Armas to the showers. Thanks to a charitable official scorer who didn’t give Adam LaRoche an error on a play that should have been made, Juan Pierre already has his fifth consecutive multi-hit game. It was that one-out single that started that third-inning rally, and it was followed by a walk to Nomar. The Dodgers’ two-run rally in the first also began with a leadoff walk to Furcal. It’s amazing to me how many big innings either begin with a walk or are spurred on by one. The pitch that earned Armas the rest of the night off was a first-pitch double by Randy Wolf that droe in Russell Martin, whom Armas had hit on the left forearm, and Wilson Betemit, giving the Dodgers a seven-run cushion. Wolf’s hit, his first of the season, was what I like to call a scorecard wrecker: it brought Furcal to the plate for the second time in the inning, which throws off the scorecard for the rest of the game. Everyone handles that differently, but I like to minimize the damage by simply entering the results in the spaces provided for the following inning, then drawing a box around those extra at-bats to separate them from the ones that actually take place in the following inning. Pierre just got his THIRD hit of the game, giving him 11 in his past five games. Dodgers 8, Buccos 1, bottom 4

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