Master of the House

Wolf was done after six, having struck out 10 batters for the 10th time in his career and the first time in almost five years. He allowed just a run on six hits in a superb effort. … Nancy Bea played Master of the House a couple of innings ago, the song from Les Miserables that years ago was the signature song she always played for Orel Hershiser. I haven’t asked her, but my guess is she played it because ol’ No. 55, the Bulldog himself, is actually IN the house tonight. I saw him in the media dining room before the game. … Clear evidence that this game has been drained of every last ounce of intensity: Olmedo Saenz went in defensively at 1B in the top of the seventh. While warming up before the inning, he not only greeted, but hugged Pirates 1B coach John Shelby, who filled the same role with Jim Tracy’s Dodgers in Saenz’s first two seasons with the club, 2004 and 2005. … The Diamondback lost, but the Dodgers still will gain only a half-game in the standings because San Diego rolled over Colorado and will overtake Arizona for second place, two games back of the boys. Still, it’s the Dodgers’ biggest lead of the season so far. … Dodgers 10, Pirates 1, top 8

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