Don’t let the sunshine fool you

It’s going to be another chilly night out here at the yard. I have my leather jacket on at 2:45 p.m. The Pirates are on the field taking early BP right now. Jim Tracy is giving hands-on instruction to a player I don’t recognize from this far away. I love being in big-league ballparks this time of day, hours before the game starts, when it’s so peaceful. There aren’t more than a few team employees milling about. Should be a good pitching tonight. If you add the ERAs of Ian Snell and Brad Penny together, you get 2.69. … The Dodgers reclaimed the best record in baseball with their 10-2 win last night. At 12-5, they have a percentage of .706. That’s a half-game better than Atlanta (11-5) and a full-game better than Boston and the Mets (10-5). The other 26 teams all have lost more than five games, and no other team besides the Dodgers has won as many as 12. I also find this interesting: the fifth column of the league standings shows what each team has done in its past 10 games. From the time the Dodgers played their 10th game on April 11, they have NEVER been worse than 7-3 in that column on any given day.

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