Tonight’s lineup, and other stuff

It’s the usual, third game in a row
SS Furcal 4 for 28 since going 2 for 5 in his first game back
CF Pierre 11 for 22 in past five games
1B Nomar
2B Kent
LF Gonzo
C Martin
RF Ethier .417 (10 for 24) with 2 homers in past 7 games
3B Betemit
RHP Penny

Hong-Chih Kuo threw a 45-pitch simulated game and came out it fine. He’ll throw a 60-pitch one either Wed or Thurs, then probably go on a rehab. … Matt Kemp was one of the batters that faced Kuo. Kemp said his right shoulder feels fine. He played light catch. But no one has a timetable for restarting his rehab assignment. … Nothing new on Jason Schmidt

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