Billingsley’s adjustment … or lack thereof

I wasn’t in the clubhouse after the game today, but Matt Kredell, who is covering the game for tomorrow’s Daily News, told me that Chad Billingsley did admit that he is struggling to adjust to pitching out of the pen. By no means was he trying to make the case for a starting job. He was simply saying that he hasn’t made the adjustment as quickly as he would have liked. The bottom line is, he is trying, and his heart is in it. But he also is a career starter, and you have to wonder if he wouldn’t be better off doing that, even if it means going to the minors. The flip side is that unless he can pitch out of the pen, there doesn’t seem to be another spot available to him in the majors for now. Even if Jason Schmidt doesn’t come back for a while, Grady has given that rotation spot to Mark Hendrickson for the time being. And there is no compelling reason (not yet, anyway) to take Brett Tomko out of the rotation. … I really like the song they’re playing at Dodger Stadium this year when the Dodgers go to the bottom of the ninth trailing. The song is Twisted Sister’s We’re Not Gonna Take It, which I believe was released in about 1984 because I went into my senior year of high school that fall and we used to drive around campus at lunch time with the windows rolled down and that song just blasting on the stereo. Cassettes, of course. Talk about fond memories. I went to the same high school in Arkansas that more recently produced Mitch Mustain, the hot shot QB who appears to be transferring to USC from Arkansas.

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