Today’s lineup

Nomar is out, but Grady said several days ago that would happen. Andre Ethier, who still hasn’t started against a lefty, also is out, as it Wilson Betemit, who doesn’t hit lefties much at all.
SS Furcal hitless in past 8 AB
CF Pierre 6-gm hitting streak (12-27)
1B Saenz hitless in past 7 AB
2B Kent 4-gm hit streak (11 for 16)
LF Gonzo
C Martin leads all ML catchers with 14 runs scored
RF Clark
3B Valdez
RH Tomko

I guess I was wrong about that 2-1 pitch to LaRoche. Brad Penny found a sheet of paper at his locker this morning. It was a photo copy of the cover of umpire Joe West’s country CD, Blue Cowboy, with a note that read, “Brad, Sorry I missed one, Joe.” It ended up in the trash can.

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