Tomko again

The Dodgers scratched out two runs in the bottom of the fourth when Gorzelanny suddenly lost the strike zone, but Tomko gave them back in the sixth. Adam LaRoche homered, breaking a streak of 63 consecutive innings in which Dodgers pitchers hadn’t given up a long ball. Jose Bautista then got a gift double on a fly ball that fell in left-center between Gonzo and Pierre. Pierre picked up the ball and appeared to have a shot at Bautista coming into second, but Jeff Kent didn’t get the tag down before Bautista, sliding headfirst, caught the bag with his fingertips. Bautista then scored on Nate McLouth’s single. Olmedo Saenz homered leading off the sixth. Tomko is gone now, having allowed five runs (three earned) on eight hits over six innings. Billingsley in. … Pierre has a new intro song when he comes to the plate. It’s Deja Vu, by Jay-Z and Beyonce, and it includes the lyrics, “I used to run the bases like Juan Pierre.” … Pirates 5, Dodgers 3, top 7

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