Tonight’s lineup

It’s the usual again.
SS Furcal 1 for 13 on the homestand
CF Pierre 7 gm hitting streak (14 for 32)
1B Nomar 4 for 8 on homestand
2B Kent
LF Gonzo 5 gm hitting streak (6 for 15)
C Martin leads all ML catchers in runs (14)
RF Ethier
3B Betemit leads team with 10 walks
RH Lowe

Grady spent the off-day riding his new motorcycle, the one Juan Pierre bought for him from Jeff Kent’s dealership for Grady giving up No. 9 to Pierre. Rode all over the place, he said, with his wife on the back holding onto him He said she held on a lot more tightly whenever they were on Mulholland. … Matt Kemp could resume his minor-league rehab as soon as tomorrow. … Hong-Chih Kuo will pitch a simulated game tomorrow, probably four innings and 60 pitches. … Nothing new on Jason Schmidt, who is still in Phoenix with his wife and new son.

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