Los Gigantes 6, Los Dodgers 4

First three-game losing streak of the season for the boys, whose one-game lead in the division stayed intact when Trevor Hoffman blew a ninth-inning lead at Arizona. Still, the pressure is on the Dodgers tomorrow night to avoid a three-game sweep, which would completely neutralize their three-game sweep of the Giants earlier this month and make those six games a wash in the standings. Tomorrow night’s game is sold out — it’s Nomar bobblehead night, you know. … One thing I failed to get into my game story tonight was that Randy Wolf fanned his 1,000th strikeout victim tonight. Derek Lowe is two shy of that same plateau. … Andre Ethier went 0 for 3 against Noah Lowry in his first start this season against a lefty. Grady sent Olmedo Saenz to pinch hit for him in the eighth inning against lefty reliever Jack Taschner. Ethier now is 1 for 9 for the season against LH’ers. … It has now been two days since I mentioned in this blog how much I liked the fact they were playing Twisted Sister’s We’re Not Gonna Take It whenever the Dodgers went to the bottom of the ninth inning trailing. Well, since that entry, the Dodgers have twice gone to the bottom of the ninth inning trailing, and they HAVEN’T PLAYED THE SONG. … Although the team is bussing to San Diego for this weekend’s series, those busses will leave after the game tomorrow night to meet MLB’s requirement that teams arrive in the city of each road series the night before the first game. They should arrive at the hotel around 1:30 a.m., by my rough estimation. I myself am going to do the sensible thing and wait until about noon Friday to drive down, go straight to the park when I get there and wait to check into my hotel until after the game. I will check OUT of my hotel Sunday morning, cover that day’s game, then immediately jump in my car and drive back home. No 3 a.m. wakeup calls, and best of all, NO AIRPLANES. Why can’t every trip be this easy? … Dodgers fall to 13-8.

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