Predictably, Betemit sits

Haven’t seen tonight’s lineup yet, but I do know Ramon Martinez is starting at 3B, meaning Wilson Betemit is out against lefty Noah Lowry. Makes perfect sense. Betemit is 0 for 10 against lefties this season, and he hit .189 against them last year. Makes you wonder if he shouldn’t stop switch-hitting and just bat lefty, even though he’s naturally right-handed. I’m going to GUESS that Andre Ethier will be out, too, since he hasn’t started against a lefty all year and is 1 for 6 facing them later in games. … Had a great lunch down in Long Beach today at a place called the Fish Tale. Went there with Chris Haft, who covers the Giants for, and Marc Lancaster, who covers the Devil Rays for the Tampa Tribune (the Rays are playing the Angels), and Long Beach was about halfway between us and Marc, who is staying Costa Mesa. The three of us used to cover the Cincinnati Reds together, so we’re all great friends from way back. Anyway, they had an extensive menu, it was affordable, and the food was solid. It’s at the corner of Bellflower and, ummmmmm, can’t remember, but it’s in that shopping center on Bellflower a few blocks south of the 405.

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