Tonight’s lineup: Ethier IN

Andre Ethier gets his first start against a lefty this year. Although he is just 1 for 6 against them this year, he hit .351 against them last year, albeit with just one of his 11 homers. Other than Martinez playing for Betemit, it’s the usual lineup. Talked with both Grady and Betemit before the game, neither one thinks there is any reason for Betemit to give up switch-hitting at this point. My guess is they would be more alarmed if he were struggling left-handed, because right-handed is his natural side. Anywhere, here’s tonight’s alignment

SS Furcal — 7 for 19 against Noah Lowry
CF Pierre — 8G hitting streak (15-36)
1B Nomar — 8 for 20 against Lowry
2B Kent — 5 for 15 with 3 HR against Lowry
LF Gonzo — 6G hitting sreak (7 for 19)
C Martin — 3G hit streak (4 for 10)
RF Ethier — 1 for 11 on homestand
3B Martinez 4 for 12 against Lowry
LH Randy Wolf — Bonds is 3 for 17 with 1 HR against him

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