Tonight’s lineup: Ethier, Betemit flipped

Grady said it’s just something he is trying to hopefully (finally) get Betemit started. At the very least, Betemit figures to see better pitches with Ethier hitting behind him instead of the pitcher, but Grady says Betemit has been getting pitches to hit anyway, that he just isn’t hitting them. Everybody else is the same as usual.

SS Furcal — 4 for 22 on the homestand
CF Pierre — 9-gm hitting streak (16 for 40)
1B Nomar
2B Kent
LF Gonzo — 13 for 37 with 7 bb against Russ Ortiz
C Martin — 4-gm hitting streak (6 for 13)
3B Betemit
RF Ethier — 1 for 14 on the homestand
RH Penny

Also, Kuo’s simulated game was cut to 30 pitches to avoid aggravating the blisters on his left index and middle fingers, but he’s ready to go. He’ll pitch for Vegas on Sunday against Tacoma, probably one or two innings. Matt Kemp and Yhency Brazoban start their rehab assignments with Vegas tonight.

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