What to do with Betemit

That guy is really becoming a black hole. Grady moved him up to seventh tonight to try to get him started. He got hit by a pitch in the second, eventually leading to a run. But in the third, he came up with the bases loaded and none out, and control-plagued Russ Ortiz started him 3-0 after walking Russell Martin on four pitches. Ortiz came back with a strike, Betemit fouled one off for strike two, and then Betemit took a mighty hack and got nothing but air. Ethier flied out to leave the bases loaded. Dodgers lead by two, but they should be in front by four or five at this point. They have stranded five runners already, four of them in scoring position. Penny is adequate so far, but not dominating. Bonds is 1 for 2 with a single. And, we’re on pace to easily exceed three hours. Dodgers 3, Giants 1, top 4

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