Today’s lineup: Ethier sits against David Wells

Ethier still has started just once against a lefty this year. Betemit is feeling better, but Grady wants to give him one more day. Grady DID say Betemit will play tomorrow night, for some reason. And Russell Martin is in there even though it’s a day game after a night game.

SS Furcal
CF Pierre
1B Nomar
2B Kent 7 for 15, but 0 HR against Wells
LF Gonzo 12 for 27 with 3 HR and 8 RBI against Wells
C Martin
RF Clark
3B Martinez 3 for 8 with a homer against Wells
RH Lowe

Hong-Chih Kuo makes his first rehab start at Vegas today. Yhency Brazoban, also rehabbing, will come in behind Kuo. … Larry Bigbie, who isn’t playing much because of all the younger OFs at Vegas, went 3 for 3 in last night’s loss to Tacoma and is hitting .436.

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