Snakes 9, Dodgers 1

The boys went up against one of the best pitchers in the league tonight and got schooled. But they let Brandon Webb get through seven innings on 90 pitches. Same old story, so don’t get me started. But for a pitcher who didn’t need any help, the Dodgers hitters made it awfully easy. Meanwhile, Randy Wolf was off from the start, and the obviously tired bullpen showed signs of wear, even though Joe Beimel retired all four batters he faced at garbage time. Tomko WAS held back from his side session, as I predicted, so he could pitch an inning in lieu of a side. But true to form, he didn’t make it through that inning, walking two batters, giving up three hits and allowing two earned runs in two-thirds of an inning. When Grady came out of the dugout to get him, Tomko picked up the rosin bag and heaved it to the ground in frustration. Kind of summed up the Dodgers’ entire evening. … The boys fall to 15-11 and trail the now-first place Snakes by a half-game. Nighty-night.

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