Tonight’s lineup: Martin rests

Grady had planned before the 17-inning game yesterday to go with Russ Martin behind the plate for the 11th consecutive game. But understandably, the marathon changed that. Lieberthal catches tonight, but everyone else is back in there as usual. As a result, Wilson Betemit and his .133 average (that’s 0 for 11 from the right side) were moved up to sixth in the order.

SS Furcal — 5 for 12, 1 HR against Brandon Webb
CF Pierre — 6 for 17 off Webb
1B Nomar
2B Kent
LF Gonzo
3B Betemit
RF Ethier
C Lieberthal
LH Wolf

Day to recover

Got home at half past midnight. After a day game. That started at 1:05. Actually, part of that was my fault, as I stayed in San Diego to have dinner with a couple of friends, and it was worth it because we had a nice time. But I slept in a little this morning and managed to get a few menial chores done around the house, and here I am at the old yard, ready to watch some more ball tonight (hopefully only nine innings of it). I’m working on a freelance piece tonight and a couple of other odds and ends the next two days, so my colleague Billy Witz is going to cover the entire Snakes series for the Daily News. But I will be blogging regularly. There is a smoggy haze hanging over the park right now. The field is set up for BP, but nobody is out there yet, although one of the D-backs pitchers is throwing a side session in the visiting pen. … BTW, a couple of you have commented on this blog about the strange blue tape that Furcal was wrapping around his head yesterday. I haven’t had a chance to ask him yet, but I’ll try this afternoon.

Odds and ends

Random stuff I didn’t get into tomorrow’s paper. … The Dodgers and Pods drew 130,448 for the series, the highest attendance for any three-game series in Petco Park history, although that history only extends back to 2004. … Jeff Kent and Luis Gonzalez connected consecutively on the third inning, the first set of back-to-back homers by the Dodgers this year. They came off David Wells, against whom Gonzo is now batting .448 (13 for 29) with four homers and nine RBI, and against whom Kent is now hitting .500 (9 for 18), although this was his first homer off Wells. … This was the Dodgers’ fifth game of at least 14 innings in the past year, and it missed by five days being their sixth (they went 14 at Houston last April 25). It was their second 17-inning game in the past year, as they also went that long last June 17 at Oakland. … The Dodgers had 63 at-bats and fell one plate appearance shy of going all the way through their lineup eight times. For the mathematically challenged, that computes to 71 plate appearances. … After combining to throw 190 pitches in Saturday night’s tidy little two hour, four-minute affair, the Dodgers and Padres combined to throw 458 pitches today in a game that lasted 4:55. … I’m out. See ya tomorrow.