Walks will haunt

Derek Lowe began the seventh by walking Geoff Blum on four pitches. The same Geoff Blum who came into the day batting .074. He eventually scored the tying run on Marcus Giles’ single, which chased Lowe from the game. Don’t know about you, but I had the feeling at that point the Dodgers were done, and they have done nothing since that point to prove otherwise. Brady Clark led off the ninth with a walk, but Grady went by the book and had Ramon Martinez bunt him over. Hey, I have nothing against the proverbial book, other than the fact that it usually doesn’t work. The next two batters went out quickly, and Clark never got off second. Meanwhile, after the Dodgers got their first two runners on in the 10th, Cla Meredith retired the next two on a fly ball and a popup, at which point he had thrown a TOTAL of six pitches to those first four batters. Russell Martin then grounded out. Dodgers 4, Padres 4, bottom 10


No, that’s not somebody’s personalized license plate. Derek Lowe actually recorded his 1,000th career strikeout when he got Mike Cameron looking to start the bottom of the fourth. Since giving up those three straight hits to begin the third, he has given up just one and has now retired 10 of 11 batters. But the Dodgers are doing little to take the pressure off. Doug Brocail relieved David Wells to start the sixth and retired the side on four pitches — the last one a badly place bunt by Lowe that Adrian Gonzalez turned into a 3-6-4 DP to end the inning. Brocail already has thrown nine pitches to ONE BATTER in the seventh. Dodgers 4, Padres 3, top 7

Franken-friar is alive and well, but I’m not so sure about the Dodgers

Franken-friar and regular Friar were dancing up a storm along the first-base line during the last between-innings break, so cancel the missing mascot report. Meanwhile, Derek Lowe apparently isn’t comfortable pitching with anything more than a one-run lead. Dodgers score two in the top of the first, Padres get one back in the bottom half and leave the tying run on third. Dodgers score two in the top of the third — back to back homers by Jeff Kent (it’s about time) and Gonzo — and the Padres come back with two in their half, this time leaving the tying run on second when Lowe, who had missed the strike zone with eight of his previous nine pitches, got Josh Bard to ground back to the mound for an inning-ending DP. Dodgers 4, Padres 3, top 4