More LOBs than a tennis match

Going back to the final three innings of last night’s debacle, the Dodgers have now stranded 11 runners in their past six innings, including the bases loaded twice and a total of six runners in scoring position. None of that really matters in a 9-1 loss to Brandon Webb. But tonight, when the Dodgers are clinging to a one-run lead over the only team ahead of them in the standings, it could come back to bite them in the glutes. On the other side, while Penny has shut out the Snakes through four, he has had runners on in every inning and already has three walks, including back-to-back freebies with two outs in the fourth. The Dodgers could use an easy, cakewalk victory. It doesn’t appear they’re going to get it tonight. Dodgers 1, D-backs 0, bottom 4

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