Cubs 4, Dodgers 2

Dodgers tried to rally in the eighth and then again in the ninth. But Jeff Kent, pich hitting for Gonzo, took a called third strike with the bases loaded to end the eighth, and Olmedo Saenz GIDP’s with two on and one out to end the game. Dodgers went 1 for 9 with RISP and lost by two runs. But the good news was that not only did Billingsley have a good outing, he also threw 40 pitches and ate three innings behind the shaky Hendrickson. That could put Billingsley in a position to start next Saturday at Pittsburgh, which is the next time the Dodgers need a fifth starter, or even sooner if Grady decides to push Hendrickson into the fifth spot (or replace him in the rotation with Kuo). Should be an interesting week. Dodgers fall to 28-21, and the Pods will tie them for first place if they beat the Brewers tonight. … One more night in my own bed. This 17-day stretch at home (two six-game homestands bookended around a three-gamer in Anaheim) has been OUTSTANDING. Most importantly, for me. But it has been good for the Dodgers, as well. They are 8-6 on that stretch, with one more game to go tomorrow, and with Randy Wolf going, they have a semi-favorable pitching matchup even though Rich Hill has pitched well for the Cubs. And don’t forget, this 10-game road trip starts with three in DC and four in Pittsburgh, where the Nats and Buccos are a combined 16 games under .500. And then, a three-game showdown with the Pods at Petco.

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