Today’s lineup: Kent-less

Russell Martin is batting cleanup, and Tony Abreu is playing second base, where he played most of the time at Las Vegas. Probably has something to do with the fact Kent is 6 for 27, with 11 strikeouts, against Carlos Zambrano. Meanwhile, even though it’s a day game after a night game, Mike Lieberthal continues to gather dust.

SS Furcal — 12gm hitting streak and 25 hits in last 50 ABs
CF Pierre — 3-19 (.158) against Zambrano
1B Nomar — 20-47 with RISP
C Martin — hitting .422 with RISP
LF Gonzo — 4gm hit streak (6-14)
3B Betemit
RF Ethier
2B Abreu
LH Hendrickson — facing Cubs for first time in his career

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