Meet the new lineup, same as the old lineup

Except that Furcal, as Grady promised, is back in the leadoff spot against Nats lefty Mike Bacsik. Other than that, no reason to change after scoring 10 runs on 16 hits last night. That means Abreu is back in at third.

SS Furcal — 14gm hitting streak
CF Pierre
1B Nomar — hitting .442 w/RISP
2B Kent
LF Gonzo — 7gm hitting streak, 10-25
C Martin — hitting .426 w/RISP
RF Ethier
3B Abreu — hitting .313 in six ML games
RH Lowe

Hotter than blazes here in the District. Throw in the humidity, and it’s like a sauna every time you walk out of your hotel here — although this wretched press box at RFK is like a meat locker. I always forget how much people who live in humid climates LOVE air conditioning. Several of the Dodgers players visited wounded soldiers at Walter Reed Medical Center today, and a group is going to tour the Pentagon tomorrow.

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